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28.—At the last session of the
Delaware Legislature in 1911, a
•pedal Child Labor Commission
was appointed to , investigate con
ditions throughout the State, and
to report, in a complete child labor
law or laws at this session. The mein
bers of. the Commission w r ere to be
chosen by the Superior Court. The
Osurt appointed; HenryThompson
a Mr * C « cl > Fu ' ton '. ? anle i
M. Corbit, S. Harrington Messick, and
Miss Emily P. Uissell.
The main points of the two bills
forming a complete whole are: First,
the provision for a permanent Child'..
t <> ix/-»*». „uiu
labnr In». h f. nli d;
iw-iJ â? P ,?ri«..î h b U '«I urfta?
SÎuÏhJÎ.*- P oî^i ***« ! J f ft n p "™ plel *
} 808afcK,I " rdl1,8 ? f
ci < fpr m fnH >n the t nrovismif 'of' hTaj««
cat s. and the prov ision of badges
and permits for children In ,,re ? 1
trades, 3rd, the safeguarding of clnl
Uren in injur ous and dangerous oc -1
The hours are the same as in the
At tiie last session of the
Delaware Child Labor Law at pres
ent, and in its general contents the
law is not greatly changed.
This child labor law, being framed
and reported by a special State Com
mission and relating to children only.
has no connection in gny way with
the ten hour law for women, which
is also to be introduced at this ses
Legislature, the woman's labor bill
and the child labor law became very
lators, and the results were disastrous
for both. ' The present child labor
law', standing absolutely by Itself, will
not be subject to any such misconcep
The bill, as introduced In the House
yesterday by Dr. Cooper, follows:
An act to regulate the employment
of children and to make uniform the
laws relating thereto.
He it enacted by the Senate and
House of Représentatives of the State
of Delaware in General Assembly
Section 1. No child under twelve
years of age shall be employed, per
mitted or suffered to w-ork tn, about
or in connection with any canning or
packing establishment other than
those engaged in canning or packing
perishable fruits and vegetables.
Section 2 No child under fourteen
years of age shall be employed, per
mitted or suffered to work in, about
or tn connection with any mill, fac
tory, workshop, mercantile or me
chanical establishment. tenement
house, manufactory or workshop, of
fice office building, restaurant, board
ing house, bakery, barber shop, hotel,
apartment house, bootblack stand or
establishment, publie stable, garage,
laundry, or as a driver, or In any
brick or lumber yard, or in the con
struction or repair of buildings, or
in the transmission of massages.
Section 3. It shall be unlawful for
any person, firm or corporation to
employ, permit or suffer to w T ork any
child under fourteen years of age in
any business or service whatever dur
ing any of the hours when the public
sehoois of the district in which the
child resides are In session under the
provisions of any compulsory school
a *4 S v* te Min a ♦*> r
ti0n p 4 ;A°s C M^under the age of
tio'fT years _ 8 ^ a l 1 be eroP'oj ed- P pr "
mitted or suffered to work at any of
the following occupations or In any of
the -fv; owing position«? Adjusting^
any belt to any machinery; sewing or
lacing machine belts In any workshop
or factory: oiling, wiping or cleaning
crating or assisting in operating any j
of the following machines; Circular
or band saws, wood shapers, wmod
Joiners, planers, sandpaper or wood-I
polishing machinery, wood turning or
boring machinery, picker machines or
machlne used In picking wool, cotton.
hair or any other material; carding
machines, paper-lace machines, leath
. er-burnisbing machines, job or cylin
der printing presses operated by
power other than foot power, boring
or drill presse«, stamping machines
used in- slmet-metal and tinware or ill
paper and leather manufacturing, or
In washer and nut factories; mut^il or
paper cutting machines, corner staylfig
machines Id paper box factories, cor-j
rugating rolls, such a« are used In
corrugated paper, rooting or wash
board factories, steam boilers, dough
brakes or cracker machinery of any
description, wire or iron straighten- ;
Ing or drawing machinery, rolling mill
machinery power punches or shea.-a.
washing, grinding or mixing
ery, calendar ro Is tn paper and run
her manufacturing. laundering ma- .
chinery. or in proximity to any n" 1 - i
ardous or unguarded belts, machinery
or gearing 1 or upon any railroad.
whether steam, electric or hydraull^;
or upon any vessel or boat engaged In
navigation or commerce within the
Jurisdiction ot this state.
Section i. No child under the age i
of sixteen years shall lie
employed permitted, or suffered
to work In any capacity tn.
about. or In connection with miy pro- I
cesses in which dangerous or poison
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a h £JSTJS Mr T
■*!""Jtl " l T h
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her i« wonderful.
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Grape-Nuts an a food after our re
markable experience,'' Name given
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AVellvIlle',, tn pkgs. "There's a Reas
ous acids are used; nor in the rftaitu
facture or packing of paints, colors,
white or red lead; nor lu occupa
tious causing dust in injurious quail
titles; nor in the manufacture or use
of dangerous or poisonous dyes; nor
in the manufacture or preparation of
compositions with dangerous or pois
onous cases nor in the manufacture
^use 5 "o™UIot. of ly^ n whteh
ntlt> thereof 1« Injurious to
health, nor on scaffolding; nor in
heavy work in the building trades nor
h yTunn or ezcRv« fo . . or lu
abo„, or "n con^cDon with knv mine
P oM hSLker coke ^
« n «Âiortine mauufac luring or
n01 ln Mwriing, manu lacm ring ur
l>ackiug tobacco: nor In operatlnR a,iy
automobile, motor car or truck; nor
iu a bowling alley; nor in a pool or
billiard room; nor in any other occu
pation dangerous to the life and limb
or injurious to the health or morals of,
such child; nor shall any child under
f bp | d
u *° u , ; _ ._, ' ,
upon the stage of any theatre or con
<, ® rt llR "- or *" connection wl ti a ly
'theatrical performance çr other exhl
bitlon or show, provided, however, that
the State Child l^bor inspector may
permit allowing a child under
,o appear in connection with
performancea or oilier exh
billon* or shows for a period no ex
cecdlng two weeks, when in his opln
ion. such permit ia Justified by the
evidence presented to him.
Section ti. The slate board of
health may. from time to time, after
issue a
such age
cr or not any particular trade, pro
cobs of manufacture or occupation, in
which the employment of children
under the age of sixteen years is not
already forbidden by law, oi any pai_
ticular method of carrying on sue
trade process of manufacture or o u
pation is sufficient dangerous to
• vea or „(" .kiMrnn imiliT
«utnen °Jciirs off ice to iiistlfv thcit i
exchislon therefrom. No child under
sixteen years of age shall be employ
cd. permitted or suffered to work in
any occupation thus determined to
be dangerous or injurious to such
children, provided, however, that any
person, firm or corporation engaged I
in such trade, process, manufacture
occupation, so determined by the
board of health to be dangerous to
the lives or limbs or injurious to the
health or morals of children under
sixteen years of age, shall have the
right of appeal from said determin
ation to the Superior Court of the
State of Delaware in and for either
county thereof.
Sr B _ p r B ' d ^u%?r n is e tinder""*htee r n
£ a a f of a " d " «pToyed ln or for aucS
PRtab ii PbnlPn t or in such occupation,
^ on flJe and one conspicuously
posted near the principal entrance
% , he plaPp or PBtab lishme..t It.
which such children are employed :
Bnd un j PBB ga qh employment, per
„i, BB , on or sufferance to work in,
about or in connection with said es
i a blishment or occupations shall be
i„ accordance with the terms and re-,
gulatlond laid down for said employ
ment certificates as hereinafter pro
ages of ail bovTundeTsixteen""years!
Iri such occupation,
osted near the principal entrance
eut, per
Section 7. No child under sixteen
years of age shall he employed, per
mitted or suffered to work In, about
In connection with any establish
ment or occupation named in Sections
1, 2 and 3, unless the person, firm or
corporation employing
procures or keeps on file, and acces
sible to the State Child Labor In
spector the employment rertificate
as hereinafter provided. Issued to
said child; and keeps two complete)
lists of the names, together with thq
vided, which employment certificates
and llata ah^l ^ produc^ for Inapcc
lion of the State Child laibor Inspec
»or at all reasonable times upon n'" ;
re ^ pi, o f terminBtion of 1
Mjtioni tt un te nination o ^
of aw the employment certTfi
', a f p lBBued 8 t 0 BUPb cbild 8ha ii b e ra
turned b . registered mail by the cm
p1o y e r to the official issuing the same
witbin twenty-four hours if said re
turn is dpmandpd t, y said child and
otherwise within fifteen days of the
termination of said employment, and
the official to whom said certificate
j 8 B0 returned shall file said certifi
cate and preserve the same, and on
the return of said certificate shall
notify the State Child Labor Inspcc- ;
tor. Any chlld whose employment j
certificate has been returned as aliovc )
provided -shall be entitled to a new
certificate without re-okani nation ex
eept a physicians cert Hiçai let hat tU
' f ^/ a , lic h ''he new certifi
t , a(0 j B to be issued, and such re-isiiic
Qf a certlflcate sha „ b . ., ubjPCt to
K jj tb<1 cond ui 0 | lB aB to recording and
reporting governing the original
iB8Ue •
flection 9. An employment certl
fleate shall be issued either by the
superintendent .of public schools of
t he city of Wilmington or one of the!
'superintendent« of the public schools
of either of the counties of this State,
ipr by some person designated in writ,
Ting by oue of said superintendents.
Such designation in writing may be
revoked by the superintendent giving
the same at any time at his pleasure.
The said superintendents upon de
signaling in writing an authority to
««me other person to issue said era
ployment certificates, shall
said designation, immediately notify
the State Child Labor Inspector of
said designation, and upon revoking
an „ sucb designation, said superin
tPt ; dpnt sba n immediately notify the
statp (; b n d Labor Inspector qf said
revocation. The State Child Labor
inspector shall at all times keep on
b i P j tl b i B office a list of all persons
designated in writing by any of said],
superintendents as having authority
to issue said employment certificates
and of the revocations of said desig-!
nation. Tho employment certificate
shall bc issued only upon the appUca.
tion in person of the parent, guardian
or legal custodian of the child desir
ing such employment, or if said child
have no parent, guardian or legal
custodian. th p f 1 by next friend, but no
certificate shat be Issued by any per
f » r * ny . tth " d ' bpn ' or nbou '
H-nt" X" employment of e ™ P flrm
or corporation, of which said P cr
^ js R mcmbPr . offl(;Pri or
Employment certificate«
General em
ployment certificates and vacation em
ployment certificates. General em
ployment certificates shall entitle the
child lo work during the entire year:
vacation employment certificates shall
entitle the child to work during the
year, excepting such days
thereof as said ehlld is required to
attend public or private schools un
der the provisions of the laws now
. j,i force, or hereafter to be enacted,
i flection 10. The person authorized
to issue an employment certificate
[shall not issue such certificate until
shall be of two classes;
he ha« received, examined, approved
and filed the following papers, duly!
executed, viz:
1. The school record of such child
properly filled out and signed, as pro-'
vided in this act.
2. A certificate signed by a physt
cian appointed by the public school
board or committee of the district
"herein said child resides, stating
that such child ha« been exsmlnedhy
him and. in his opinion, has
the normal development of a child of
< t8 , a P' and J 8 in sufficiently sound
I h f al,1 i and P hy *' c "" y able ,0 be em '
! l ' loycd ln |* ny '."' i h * 0C u r "P a, ' O . n * ° r
* >r0 ® eMe * J n *'kloh • between
j twelve and sixteen year® of ago may
be legally employed,
j 3 Evidence of age allowing that
1 tbp (;b n d Ib twelve yetra old or up
wards, which shall consist of one of
the following proofs of age and shall
be required in the order herein de
signaled as follows;
nttesied transcript c f
,a * A aul > atteaien tianscript or
the blrth certificate filed according
to | aw w ith a Hoard of Health or
other Hoard or officer charged with
tbc du ty of recording births, which
cortlfloate shall he prima facte evl
denco of the a ge of such child.
(b) A , ja . Hport or . duty aU V .ed
transcript of a certificate of baptism!
gho wj n g ,h 0 date of birth and place
Qf baptl>m of Buch ( , blld .
(c) , n t . BBp none of tbg abov ,
proofs of -iac can be produced other
documentary e^cnce'orHge wLkh
Bball apl , ear , 0 bc satisfactory to
tbe officer issuing the certificate
( BB i dr from the school record of such 1
cb j| d or lbp affidavit of parent. |
guardian or custodian), may be ac
copte „ jn ]lpu thereof KUf . h oaM
a s ,. boo | census or enumeration rcc
ord ^ duly a ttoBteci. may be used as
proof of ftge j n tbr direction of the
officer issuing the certificate.
,dl In caHf> no Uoruiiieulary proof
of of all >' hind ran be
' hp P p "° n <« uin K the certificate may
receive and file an application signed
by the parent, guardian or custodian
of the child for physician* certiti
cates. Such application shall con
lain the name, alleged age, place and
date of birth, and present residence
of the child, together with such fur
ther facta as may be of assistance
ip detennnlng the age of such child,
and shall contain a statement cert!
in writing' thaTüiey have aepartel>
examined such child and. that in
their opinion, such child is at least
twelve years of age or i. at least
! fourteen y er® of age a« the cane may
be. such officer shall accept such err
i tlflcale as euffli lent proof of the age
of such child for thd purposes of this
i section. In case the opinions of such
physicians do not concur, the child
shall be examined by a third physl
c)iin and the concurring opinions
| „hall be sufficient for the purpose of
tying that the parent, guardian or
custodian signing such application is
tillable to produce any of the docu
mentary proofs of ago specified in
the preceding subdivision of this sec
tion. Such application shall be tiled
for not less than thirty days for an
examination to he made of th" state
ments contained therein, and in case
no facts appear within such period
or by such examination tending to
discredit or contradict any material
statement of such application, the
person issuing the certificate may di
rect such child to appear thereafter
for physical examination before two
physicians appointed by the school
hoard or committee, as aforesaid, and
1 " ca«e such physicians shall certify
' n writing that they have separtely
' child and, that In
their opinion, such child is at least
twelve years of age or is nt least
fourteen .vers of age ag the ease may
be, such officer shall accept such cer
j tlflcate as sufficient proof of the age
! of such child for the purposes of this
t as ago
Tht person issuing the certificate
shalI requ i rp tbp evidence of age
specified in subdivision (a) in pref
erence to that specified in any sub
BP(|U cnt subdivision and shall not ac
pe P' thp p ' ide ?'" of ^ ^rwitted by
H,iy subsequent subdlvisiow unless he i
si's" receive and file in addition
thereto an affidavit of the parent.
guardian or custodian showing that
no evidence of age specified In any
preceding subdivision or subdlrl
sions of this section can be pro
dneed. Such affidavit slia 1 con
tain the^ age. dale and place o f
birth, and prwnt residence of suen
child, which affidavit must be taken
before the officer issuing the employ
ment certificate, who is hereby au
thorized and« required to adiiiniistcr
such oath and who shall not demand
or receive a fee therefor ÎIJ
Sap tlon ^11.^ CPr .y
?„ questldl. has personsly appafrcdl^*:
before and been examined by the per
Bon Issuing the certificate, nor until
such person, after making such ex - -
amination, lias signed an 1 filed in
blS { ,(ji 0P „ statement that the child
can read Intelligently und write leg
i b | y simple sentences in the English
Section 12. Every such employ
ment certificate shall state the nanu,
sex, the date and place of birth and
the place of residence of the child.
and describe the color of the hair ana
eyes, the height and weight and any.
distinguishing facial marks qf such
child, and shall contain s, statement.
of tho proof of age accepted and shall
certify that the papers required
the precedng sections have
duly t examined. „ "PP™"«* ■"«>
and that the child nanied n such m
t fleate has appeared before the nm
cer issuing the certificate and has
been examined.
Every such certificate *jh®H he «lat
ed Hie date of Us issue and shall be
signed by the child «n whose name
it is issued in the presence of the
The super
person issuing the same,
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. rs
It Is the most
I intendant issuing said certificate shi^Il
place and keep on file In hie office a
duplicate thereof and
other than the superintendent issuing
«tich employment certificate shall 1m
mediately upon issuing the same, lot
ward a duplicate thereof to tho sup
erintendent authorizing such person
to Issue such certificate and said du
! P l«tes shall be placed and kept on
."ame^^Vr ^certlficatM I."
Lued l™ Him " ' B

Section IS. The school record re
qu ' rpd bv ,' h v * shall be filled out
a " d *, i ,* ned J? y th l P I*5 C i P f Ä
such child has laat attended, and shall
be furnished to a child who. «fer
due examination and investigation.
may be entitled thereto.
It shall contain a statement cerll
fylng that the child has regularly
attended the public schools or school»
equivalent thereto or parochial
' 8C bools for not less than one hundred
thirtv dais either diirinn thv
Devious to arriving
tb ^ twelve H-ars or during
) f.' Î^We monlhHnrevronBio annh
, ( for HU( , b Bt .hool record and la
( f. . . i n (niii Mn fi v in,i wriie
, w[U slmplcsentcnce.lnU.c È.îg
i jSS"unÄ *
Such school record shall also give
I the name, date of birth and residence
Lf jhc child aa shown on the records
1 0 f the school and the name of the
i parent or guardliiii or cuslodinn
I Incase a* child has a.têl.ded more
I than one school during the twelve
any person
months previous to arriving at the
age of twelve years or during the
twelve months previous to applying
for such school record, the principal
or chief executive officer of each
school shall separately certify to ihoi
numbers of days attended by the
child in such school dut'ing such
period, and no employment certifl
cate alia 11 be issued to such child
unlea« the total of the daya so sttend
ed shall be at least one hundred and
tlilrty dayn,
Section 14, The blank certificates
and other papers required in the is
suing of employment certificates
shall he formulated by the State
Child Labor Commission and printed
by the State Child Labor Inspector
and furnished by him to the County'
Superintendents or other boards or
committees requiring the tiec of the
™rk änd wh«e emplo'ymenTcmificai;
i* not filed a* required by this act. that
BU( , b employer shall either furnish
hlpl . * U hln ten days. saUaf.etory evl
deuce that euch child is In fart n* er
8UtPcn years of nge, or shall <'<'«*<'
fo employ or permit or suffer such
c .li|ld to work in such place or estab
. Ushment. The State Child Labor In
| Be potor shall require from such era
p i oyer the same evidence of age of
BUCh ohi i d BB | 8 required upon the
lBmware of atl employment eerlifi-j
P inpioyer in or aoour wnose piarr or
establishment a child apparently tin
j dPr the age of sixteen years la Mil
i ployed, or permitted, or suffered to
work and whoso employment certificate
Seohon 15. The superintendents
of pubi c schools «liai transmit be-:
P ?w , k * .? ll n , û h , *T h
month to the State Child Labor In
specter upon blanks to be furnished
by him, . list of the names of the
children to whom certificate« have
been issued, such lists shall give the
■mine and address of the prospective
emplojer and the nature of tho oceu-|°'J*
pation the child intends to engage in
if such intention is known.
Section 16. The Stale Cbild Labor
Inspector may make demand on any
employer In or about whose plare or
cMe and tbt , employer furnishing
evidence shall not he required
to fllrnteh anv further evidence of
lbp 0 of (bp b)]d
section 17 in case any employer,
aha „ fall t i produ ,.e and' deliver'to
lbe SUltp chlld ,^ bor , nsp eefor wlth
t01l daVB after dPmand raadp pHr . I
suant - to 8ecttm , 16 of thl „ lU .,. lb e 1
pv ( dpn( > e 0 f agP therein required, and I
Rba „ thPrt , aft( . r continue to employ;
BUPh rblld or pprmi t 0 r suffer
BUCb child t0 work in BUrb pIuce or
establishment, proof of the making
Q j BUPb d ntnand and of such failure I
to plodu( . e and fi) e fcUPb evidence!
sba u be pr i ma f ac j e evidence of the
,,i p J employment of «uch child in!
#ny prOBef , ut ion brought therefor,
g p{ tlon 18. No chlld under the ag"
of elghtee|l ycara „[jhH be employed,
d or Bllfrerpd to work i n ,
' bout or in connection with blast fur- j
na c«*. docks, or wharves; in the out-'
Bide erection and repair of electric
«" running
elevators. "f t8 or hoisting ma
or dynamos; In oiling or
.cleaning machinery in motion; In the
operation of emery wheels or any
abrasive, polishing or buffing wheel
where articles of the baser metals
or iridium are manufactured; at.
switch lending: gate tending; track)
repairing ; or as brakeman. firemen,'
engineers, motormen or conductors)
upon railroads; or as railroad tele
graph operators; as pilots, firemen or
engineers upon boats and vessels;
or in or abou , establishments where
in nitroglycerine, dynamite, dutvlln.
guncottoIlj BU , ipo wder or other high.
0| . danKrro us explosives are manii-
fac tu r ed. compounded or stored
said establishments are insured
under the approval of the board of
underwriters of the dl«
' . ,. . ... . .
tnct where said establishment is sit
Ua L Pd . . . ,
Section 19. The State board of
healUt may. from time to time, after
hearing duly had. determine whether
or not any particular trade, process
of manufacture or occupation, in
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bladder: and pnt* 'the kidneys and
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use iL
No plilld undcr eighteen jeara of
age shall be employed,-permitted or
suffered to work in any occupation
thu , dPtPrlnlnPd t0 b e dangerous or
, 1urloui to Bllcb children. provided,
however, that any person, firm or cor
poraiion engaged in such trade, pro
i* P8 ' 1 t h T b„,m « H™hh n.
V î*" " Pd , by î b .u» hvm nr UmiV.
b " ÎsI'k .LVsh* .fJmh
ol . il L* u „ 8 !" H ,be ^® a p b
'' a _ ch Bb d .i h ..." d , h ... Î " *
** ' f. P „*!*, ,i in o^*...
" d d - b "ll f at f .
a V u k?/ I « ^v mV ,r "
8nd for either county thereof.
Section 20. No person under twen
«>'* 0,,p year» of age shall bo employed,
permitted or suffered to work In,
about or in connection with any
saloon or bar-room where Intoxicating
''Quora are sold
Action 21. No girl under eighteen
y ear » Of age shall be employed, per
m it ted or suffered to work In any
capacity where such employment com
; l"-ls her to remain standing constantly.
Section 22. No boy under the nge
of sixteen and no girl undcr .he age
of eighteen years shall be employed,
which the employment of children
undcr eighteen yar s of age is not
already forbidden by law, or any par
ticular method of carrying on auch
trade, process of manufacture or oc
cupation, is sufficiently dangerous to
the live« or limbs or injurious to tho
health or morals of children under
elghteeu year, of age to Justify their
exclusion therefrom
*boul or In connection with any °*'
tabllshnieiit or occupatittn named In
Section - (1) for more than six "»ys
H""/ on 1 * we *^ ,2> nor n»»e than |
f,y '. foul hours in any one week, (..ij
omploymenl therein,
8p( , t i on 2 3. Every child employed
undor , hp provisions of this act shall
be entitled to thirtv minutes for meal
timR between the hours of twelve
o'clock noon and one o'clock in the
Section 24. In all cities having a
population of twenty thousand or over,
no person under the age of eighteen
nor more than nine hours in any ona
day; (4) or before the hour of seven I
o'clock in the morning or after tho I
hour of six o'clock In the evening. '
The presence of such child in any I
establishment during working hours |
shall be prima facie .evidence of Its
ap ^ v r pr on a,,plUi,Uon of any au,U
""Än « No boy under twelve
1 ' f .........
t^n wea,. of w«o «hîll In unv cpi
* havinic n population of twenty thou*
«„d "? oviM- dU.rlbiite seU oximse or
n ,, r fm . Halp of U e Wh .,ai)rrs maau
z j nPB C r periodicals in anv street or
|lllbl | 0
flection 27 No bov under fourteen
i years of age and no girl under six
i | PP11 vt ,ars of age shall in anv city
years shall be employed, permitted or
suffered to work ns a messenger for
telegraph, telephone or messenger
i C0 .'T ' i i dl8 rlbut ' 0n ' ,ran8 -
mission or del very of goods or mes
sages before six o clock in Hie morn
| Ing or after ten o'clock in the even
; Ing of any day
«section 26. Every employer shall
post and keep posted in a eonaplcu
P lacr ln «' er > ' ,atal,llshmcn M
wherein an) person under the age of
ssa t z
sections of this act relating to hours
of labor. Such copies shall be forniu-]
lated by the Htate Child I,abor Com
niissinii and shall bo printed and fur
ntshed bv Hie State Child Labor
Credit Talks:
Have you ever stopped to consider the advantages gained
in buying your Wearing Apparel at LIVINGSTON'S.
Do You Know
That hundreds of pleased individuals and families have
been getting their CLOTHING from us for the paw two
Our Prices
In marking our merchandise, we figure in giving the con
sumcr clothing at prices that we defy any other store in
this city to duplicate, for merchandise of the same grade
and make.
Do Not Compare
When making comparisons, please do not classify us as a
credit store, the system of extending credit, as we employ
it, is not the kind that so-called credit stores are using.
The Methods
Used by other merchants in issuing credit is not tolerated
here; we use no red tape In giving you credit, we ask
no unnecessary questions, no reference or security, we do
not go to your employer or neighbor for reference—YOUR
PERSONAL PROMISE TO PAY is all we require.
We Give You
Value for your money—one dollar's worth for every dollac
you pay—no matter whether it takes you ten days or six
months to pay your bill contracted with us, the price to all
is just the same, and the same courtesy extended to one
and all alike.
î mf /1

No Matter
What your occupation may he, no matter what your weekly
or monthly salary is. we will open A charge account with
you, allow you to select all the CLOTHING you or your
family may need, and let you make your own terms in
paying for them.
At Present
Everything in our store is reduced from one-third to one
half its former price.
Ladies' Suits, Ladies' Coats, Raincoats, and all Children s
Wearing Apparel can he had at the most ridiculously low
prices We need the room for Spring goods that will soon
be coming in; we contemplate several large improvements
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amount of winter goods, we have decided to place these
extraordinary prices on alt remaining winter goods and
OPEN CREDIT ACCOUNTS at these prevailing prices.
Men's Suits. Men's Overcoats.
426 Market St.
periodic»!«, or work lu any of the
"•«dea or oooupatlona mentioned in,
Section 27, unless he or she compiles
with all of the legal requirement* con-!
earning school ationdance, and unleas;
!■ permit and badge as hereinafter
provid'd shall have been isaued to him
bv ,he «nperlntendent of public.
u,.hunt« nf ,{,« ru. nf wiimin»!«.
" h " ,a cLmvlnwhicTTÙch.him
g ,. hv some ucra.m designated
the* aiinllcattnn in^nerson of
LI, r ,i ( „ __ .ii nn
bp nermtt.nd
jj^SS saïdchUdha.no
p uront _ guardian or custodian, then
, , pon ,i 1(< application of his or her
„{£, fr | pndi b ,. tn g an «dulf
flection Hueh permit and badge
in.». 11 anfl afl *
.h» Il not »e issued
' np Rumc * na " n -'' p «^P'vea.
having a population of twenty tbous -1
and or over, be employed or per
mitted or suffered to work at any
time as bootblack, or In any other '
trade or occupation performed in any i
street or public place, or In the dis- '
trlbution of hand hills or circulars,
or any other articles except news-.
papers n.ag„, n es and periodica), as
hereinafter provided.
Soçtlon 38. Nn hoy under fourteen
years of age and no girl under slx
teen years of age. shall. In any city
having a population of twenty thous
and or over, distribute, sell, expose ot
offer for sale In any street or public
place anv newspapers, magazines, or
Healthy Baby is
Precious Blessing
ln •!>*»** of the greatest personal
care and the moat intelligent attention
<o diet, babies and children will be
come constipated, and it ia a fact that
constipation and indigestion have
wrecked many a poung life. To »tan
w * ,b a good digestive apparatus is to
start life without handicap,
„ . ..
To hake It Healthy and Keep It
Healthy Use n Reliable llahy
workl bowplB WP muBt do the next
b t , h f and a( . l|ulrP theni . or , rai „
them to become lieaithy.
bp dunB by thp uae of a uxatlve-fonlc
h |_ b i v recommended bv a xroai
^■ .'Xhers The remedv Is call«!
Dr, Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin and hss
, |ppn on (hp mHrkpt for two RPnPr .
. |t , on# v , f pan b() bo „ ah , , onvcnlent-|
tv at anv drug store for fifty cents or
I oltB rfo n ar „ bo tHe. sod those who are
s~g, rnr* ■" . . .* -
np ,,7 8 ' , ..
,,a mildness makes it the ideal meal«
i ( '' ne for children, and it is slso very
Pleasant, to the taste. if is sure in its
an *« genuinely harmless. \ery
! little of It is required and Its frequent
! use does not cause it to lose Its effect,
us is the case with so many other
' remedies.
But as we cannot alt have perfect
This can
Thousands can testify to its merits
in constipation, indigestion, bilious
ness. sick headaches, etc., among them
reliable people like Mrs. M. Johnson,
762 Duv ton St., Kenosha. Wis She is
the mother of little Dorothy Johnson
who was always in delicate health tin
HI lier mother guw r her Dr Caldwell'«)
Syrup Pepsin.
Mrs. Johnson says;
development of a 1 h d of Its age and
aPX und *• physically and mentally
{*'■ f ® r employment and that it
'* a *? lp ,0 w do such work besides the
rP * u f , 8 ' school work required by law.
* ftcr billing received, examined
'and placed on file such papers, the
P^son shall Issue to the child a per
m,t and bailee, provided, that in the
case of s child between the ages of
fourteel1 a| td sixteen UaMug an em
ploymnnt certificate, auch certificate
aba " be accepted by the person *iasu
P*«it and badge in lieu of
a, 'y " th cr requirements
. J ,* ,B ,,f j P ? ln ?n lB a and j > w d *." , ( * h ,u
b ® for, J ardrd - ,llod and kept in the
f lî. h *th!. ^» r ! ,1 nr n, l.^. t n. 0f wb h Jr2
schools in the city or county where
1 aupb boy r - ldPa '» tbp aa « p «' ann01 '
examined, approved and filed the fol
lowing papers, duly executed, viz:
M th« case may be. Such evidence
of age shall consist of the proof of
H ge required tor the issuing of an em
p , oympnt certifloatP aB Bprc , fled 1B
flection 10. subdivision CL, of thie
ar ,
Evidence that such child is of
the age required by flection 27 or
The written statement of the
principal or chief executive officer of
the school which the child Is attend
tendant at such school with the grade
such child aliall have attained, and
that, he or she has reached the normal
Ing, stating that such child is an at
(Continued on Pag« Eleven).
. . . „ ,
sin is a wonderful remedy and I shall
—« - . . « *** .
keep Ur. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin con->
gtsnt.iy in the house, for every roem
bpr 0 f t bP family can uso it from in
| fancy to old
y/j* ±
< .
v „
- ■
"I never saw such rapid Improvement!
In the health of anyone. Syrup Pep
The users of
Syrup Pepsin have teamed to avoid
catharl tes,
pills and other harsh remedies
they do but temporary good and are a
shock lo any delicate system
if no member of your family lias
ever used Syrup PepsUi and you would
like to make, a personal trial of It bc
j fore.buying it in tho regular way of V
| a druggist, send your address— iv- ^w is«
I tal will do—to Dr. W. B. Caldwell,
417 Washington Sl„ Montlceilo, III.,
and a free sample bottle will be mail
i ed you.

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