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. Continued From First. Page,
the city had been raised several fee» I
and while much money had been spent
there was not a breath of scandal at
tached to It, The commissioners were j
suhservient to the people and It was
possible lo hold them responsible for
the present debt.
Other cities working under the com
mission form of government referred
to were Houston. Texas, Austin, Dal
las, and the only crlticlam heard,
Mr. Woodruff said, was from those
who were prevented from working off
their schemes.
The commission form, the speaker
said, was not ideal by any means, but
it Is a marked Improvement over the
nid method In this reaped the speak
er dwelt on the present method of
shirting responsibility from one city
department to another while under j
the nrw form responsibility would i
rest on the five commissioners who I
would always he responsive to the
people. In other words the old man-i
ner of government scattered the eggs
In the Imskei Mr. Woodruff said, while
the commission form tends to hold
them together where 1aPy Pan bf!
watched. Of the many advantages
under the commission form of govern
ment, Mr. Woodruff said It tended to
a reduction In indebtness or In the
i tax rate, or a reduction of expendl
: lures, all tending to efficiency.
In the abolition of ward lines and
, tho election of the five commissiun
; ers from the city at large, Mr. Wood
I ruff claimed that all men elected
' would then be answerable to all the
I people which was a great advantage.
( In some Instances, tho old line polit
1 lefans become the best commlsslon
I ers as was the esse tn Des Moines.
Thc proposed act which was based
Jon th* Walsh act, of New Jersey, Mr
iWooduff said was permissive and
! not mandatory which he thought right
. as It meant home rule for the people
I and they could say whether they
i wanted It or not. After Mr. Wood
1 ruff had ceased speaking of the
j workings of the new method of gov
ernment he took up a number of
j questions which had been submitted
1 One of these read
, "Do you think that the building of
(political machlnea would lie possible
under the Commission form of gov
Replying. Mr. Woodruff said:
"Righteousness Is not attained
through the acts of legislators; if It
x^ere we would all be righteous hul
thc commissioners would he respon
sive to the will of tho people."
In reply to another question rela
tive to the workings of the Initiative
and Referendum, thc speaker said
these measures had never been abus
ed tu the commission governed cities,
l lir measures were regarded as a
Another question asked was "What
type of men are elected under the
comtnlcalon form?" and the answer
was, "Higher grade, always."
Numerous other questions were ask
ed and at the conclusion William P.
Kurtz, a member of the commission
thin drafted the charter which was
defeated at the election last June, ws»
asked to speak on the subject. Mr.
Kurtz declared that ho had talked un
til he was blue In the taco and that
u w ih time to atop talking and do
Chamber of Commerce should assist
In having this enabling act passed by
tin- Legislature. He said they expect
ed to Improve and go ahead, hul he
could not see how they could expect
it to move unless (hey gave It some
thing to move with.
Seteral other persons urged that
the Legislature he asked to pass the
hill enabling the city to pass a new
He declared that "the
Irving Warner made a motion that,
the Chamber of Commerce ne urged
to use I!» Influence with the Legis
The vote was
ture to pass Ute bill,
unanimous In fator of the motion.
Mr, Woodruff was entertained at a
luncheon given in the grill room of
the DuPont Hotel by a committee of
tin' Civic Association and Chamber of
Commerce prior to the meeting.
Wild Fowl Sirat Into Town, But Are
Protected hy Statute.
MILFORD. Del.. Fell. XT .—Much ex
citement »as caused In the eastern
section of Milford on Sunday evening
when a large flock of wild geese mad»
their appearance. Just about dark
the birds, which evidently had lost
their way. started to fly through the
town. The electric street lights
blinded them, causing them lo dodge
among the light and telephone wire«.*
hut, owing lo the day being Sunday,
none of the birds was killed. One.
w hich had broken a w ing, was caught
by Frank Jones, hut the.othors finally
left, taking a southerly
Friends' School will go to K- nnett
Square tomonow to battle with the
High School laddies encamped there.
The local Quakers hav«
i wo
games left, and^will try to make It a
clean bweep and finish a successful
jiar. 'i ay lor, Curtis, Lay fluid. Grooms,
Bi- ! and Heaid will be the standard
hearers for the Blue and White,
The Wilmington C. K. Union will
meet on Monday evening in Hanover
Presbyterian Church, to elect officers
The Rev. J. H. Straughn of laurel
will deliver an address.
#1 |T*
'' *■
It increases
human strength and
Council Committee Takes This
View of Washington Trouble
and Company Gets Money
Members of City Council in com
nilttee meeting last night sustained
the contention of the Washington Fire
Company that It could use Its own
Judgment ae to whether its apparatus
should or should not be sent to tiros
outside the city.
Mayor Howell had directed that the
company# semi-annual appropriation
be held up because the company had
refused to send Its chemical appartua
to Rehobeth on last Saturday when
a« directed by the fire nhlef. Mayor
Howell brought the matter officially
to the attention of the fire committee
0 f Connell in a communication to that
pody last night. After considering the
question the committee concluded
ih a t the fire companies tn the WII
mlngton Department are restricted to
drp duty within the city limits and are
under contract with the city lo that
( ,(j Pct »|'b e Councllmen also felt that
waB B n)a tt Pr 0 f courtesy only that
companies respond to appeals for help
f rom outside the city and they need
not send their fire apparatus on auch
runa if they did not feel so Inclined,
The committee directed that the
check due the Washington Fire Com
pany be turned over to that organiza
tion. This was done today by Clerk
of Council McManus.
Mayor Howell aaid today that he
dl(I_not bear any III feeling toward the
Washington Fire Company but
thought the refusal of thc company
to send apparatus to a fire upon being
directed to by the chief of the depart
ment was In his opinion, sn Infraction
of the fire ordinances of the city and
should be brought to the attention of
the fire committee of Council. He said
It was up to that body to dispose of
Ih* matter and the conclusion It
reached was satisfactory tn him.
Second Assistant Fire Chief Wil
liam J. Rayley whom a morning n*> s
paper states ordered the Washington
Fire Company to send Its chemical
apparatus to Hehohoth wishes to makr
a denial. Chief Ainscow ordered the
companies to send apparatus to the
Hehohoth fire and Mr. Halley says ho
had nothing whatever to do with the
Curtis, Edmund. Roger of Sicily and
the Normans in Ixiwer Italy.
Engels, Frederick. Socialism, utop
ian and scientific.
Knock, C. R. Secret of the Pacific.
car equipment with pilces of labor ,
and material
J helps, W. L. 1 caching school anti j
Saxelby, F. O A 7 nomas Hardy
Shaw, W, N. Forecasting weather,
Snell. F. J. Age of Alfred. 064-1154.
Stelze, Charles. Hoys of thp atreet
Irvine, Leigh Hadley. Irvine's die
tlonary of titles.
Bullock, E. D. Selected articles on
compulsory Insurance.
Asplnall, A. E. British West In
dies. »
Blbhona, Stanley. Priced catalogue
of stamps of the British empire.
Gould, M. P. Where have my pro
fits gone?
Harr, Jas. R, Principles of direct
current electrical engineering.
Barrett, John. Panama canal, what
it Is. what It means.
Kaliffol. Pierce. Credibility of the
gospel. "Orpheus" et l 'évangile.
Brown, A. S, Brown's Madeira,
Canary Island and Azores.
Brown, K. H. Philippa at Halcyon,
Browning, P. E. Introduction to
the rarer elements.
(.arson, L. M. Canute the Great
996 (clrc.1-1035 and the rise of Danish
imperialism during the viking age.
Longford, J. IL The story of Korea.
- - - Japan of the Japanese.
• Muller, J. P, My system for child
Ollivicr. Kmllle. Franco-Prussian
war and Its hidden causes.
Perry, H. M. Repairs of railway
Warrark. John. Creek sculpture,
Tchaikovsky, P. 1. Forty songs ed.
by James Huneker for high voice. 1
Schubert. Franz Selection plano I
com posit Ions; ed. by August Spanuth. |
Carmer's Son Kail, lo See liiinrned
Tools In Ham
IOOIS in narn. ,
MILFORD, Del.. Feb. 27.-Everett,
son of Theodore Hall, a retired farm
<■, » IWrjl ...» afternoon
?.r«Ä , S" , S.ÄÄ*
Ing his father's cows and noticed that
ä n. t*.. ä stxss
partition, ne fell squarely upon tnej,
upturned potnls of a pair of PDeh -1
forks which be had failed to see. Phy
slcians worked for a leng time to atop
the flow Of blood
in the Cathedral on Tuesday even
ing the Rev. Anthony Orlando, of Bris
tol, Pa., preached In Italian to a large
congregation. It was the first of a
series of Lenten Instructions. The
next sermon will he preached on next
Tuesday evening,
A musicale and literary entertain
ment will be given in the church this
evening for the benefit of Kingswood
M. E. Church
pleasing one.
Thp program Is a

• *
a a
1. Because time beats all men but
a drummer beats time.
2. Entrance.
3. Lucille (loose heel).
4. Wet.
8. At-ten-u-ate.
1. Fill the blanks In the following
sentence with the same word differ
ently accented: "Sometimes ntcnl
.... travelers fainting in a
2. Find five letters capable of be
ing transposed into five different
words; two nouns, two adjectives and
a verb?
3. When does the weather resem
ble a lawyer?
4 What is the political character
of an automobile wheel?
5. What is the biggest thing
[has ever pul down?
Waterfront Bill Goes
to the Legislature
... , .... i ....
lh<n en att« nipt was made to glte 111
eil> two building lots on the ground ,
to be made between the present low |
water mark and the bulkhead and this
0 .t r i. sUDDo"sed re tha C . tC the l.ttoral own
erl of thP^r front land wl l now
evert everv ^ dXat the bin
exert every effort to defeat tne j
sent to Dover today. The laSuenc.
behind the measure, however, will be
fnlîïl.» UÎ SflL ,o
Äm.™« lor sraÄ
to do other than pass It. The bill loi
The bill was read before the mem
hers of Council In committee meeting
last night, but as It did not come up
until late it was not discussed to any
extent. Should it be'presented in
the House at Dover today. Colonel
Stover will bring the matter to the
attention of Council at the regular
meeting tonight, in order to get that
body's approval of the measure.
The bill, whloh is not yet ready for
presentations in the Legislature. I« lo
provide „ way for the city to obtain
ter mark o'thc bnlkhcad and for 'll"
i(*r mar« to top miiKneaa ana inr nx
Continued From First, Page,
pact with the littoral owners. At first
the city was offered stock In the W r il
to the
mlngton Terminal Company
amount of $60.000. This offer so
shocked the members of Cl Cy Council
nnd the citizens In general that It was
never again brought up In Council.
An act to amend Chapter 2. Vol
ume 22, Laws of Delaware, en
titled, "An act to establish bulk
head wharf and pier lines on the
Delaware River In front of I he
city of Wilmington and vicinity."
Be It Enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the
State of Delaware In General As
sembly met: •
Section 1. Thm Chapter 2, Volume
22, Lavs of Delaware, entitled,
"An Act to Establish Bulkhead
Wharf and Pier Lines on the Del
aware River In Front of the City
of Wilmington and Vicinity," he
and the same is hereby amended
by striking out Section 6,. Section
6 aud Section 7. of said Act.
tVui 2. That Section 8 of said
Chapter 2. Volume 22. Laws of
Delaware, shall hereafter he
known ns Section 5.
ess rx* wa'ter bv condemnntlo C n
cess tq the water by condemnation
I here are many In favor of the bill
that went to Dover today, and minier
ous expressions of opinion favorable
m * rm <£"v r 08 '* 1
„7" tV\ m in*,nn „„„
J e wnrX'iX y So-olt n. »l y
.ii.Ir J
C L»' P !' „ , !,
ihl, ° - * nü • lnte " t ! 0 " of
......loliv ~ 8 .t„rfr„I!i a '
»harfaen un.1 shinmnv farlliiies an«
dlaclosed and Reiterated in the oulek
and immediate^ »PDroval of he netl
.tlon submitted to Cltv Council last
Time 'was too short to permit of
Its general circulation, and many
who would immediately have added
their names and Interest and co-op
erstion could not bo seen.
Among those seen whose signa
turcs were sent to City Council there
wore, of courae. many views of dif
ferent couraeH of action and devcl
opinent, but the approval of the kcr
nel of the matter. "Get the Delaware
Rlverfront," was overwhelming.
One ex-Mayor said:
"Of course' I'll sign that. The city
ought to have the waterfront."
One of the best posted of our citl
sens on Delaware river business and
improvements, who has represented
the city's w ater transportation inter
eats, said: "That's one thing I'll sign
An ex-Clty Treasurer said: "I'll
do anythlnK to hel „ tUat u - 8 a good
'public movement.",
A former Councilman—"The city
ought to have that land. If nothing
P i 8P b e done for the city, to get a
riverfront park Is worth all the ef
fort to be made to get It."
Another former Councilman said:
"I can't sign that petition to repeal
part of the Bulkhead set. Bring me a
petition simply to repeal the entire
1 Bulkhead Act »t 1901, and wipe it out
I entirely and I'll sign It, Then let
| the city get the land, rs it ought U»
have it " .
A former Street and Sewer Com
mlfcijionor who ha» don* much active
I»Xw X. . n ° ard of . Trad e In he
half of the Delaware riverfront; 111
, sign and do alt I can lb help the ef
fort. There's a bundle of papers."
(taking them out of his desk!, "and
- ttf , • t I»«.
... "
° nP of lhp brightest Market street
rr*œr , «sr.!ïfi?
t Th arp 8hrpwd and think thev
. : . . .. . ,. .,
ar * ^°L , ' K J 0 C( bB *„ le '. 0 gPt 1*' ....
'» . "
rJ ,ho "■«." r 1 a U " i
,s lho reason T opposed and took in
Merest in the fight before Council last
i spring, against the agreement Council
w as asked to accept and endorse."
One of the largest manufacturers,
and a former city official, said: "1 11
' h *' Ti "' io ,i
merce member thorouahlv nostert on
merce memper, morougnij posted on
Delaware riverfront affairs said: "1
can t sign that, and on second glance,
To take any action to secure to the
city of Wilmington the Delaware river
front'; >'68. I will sign that. That
river front has been a nightmaie with
One of the city's keenest and moat
alert real estate men said. "I'm with
that; those fellows have no right to
that land."
A bright, clear-headed lawyer, active
for the eliy's advancement, exclaimed :i
"1 can sign that willingly and hope the
city will get IL"
A manufacturer of high standing
j who hag added much to Wilmington's
reputation as a high-grade manufac
turing city, said: "I don't take much
Interest in political' movements
this is a business matter. .I'm glad to
approve It."
A most active Chamber of Coin
me. I want to see the city get It"
A well-known lawyer, keen for
movement» for the city's ad\anccmeiit
and e»x>ocement, »«Id,
that. buT 1
signed by some of these lawyer friends
of the altorncvs interested In the land
you won't get it
One of the most prominent Chamber
of Commerce active spirits exclsimed:
"I willingly sign that, to help get the,
river front, anyway."
Two prominent jewelers;
will sign that io get the riverfront
anyway; but get It."
A large Market street mâchant;
"Yea, get the river front."
A w.ili-know u physician, after read
lug carefully-: ''I think I'll sign that
at once." .
A former official' and Street and
Sewer Director. !
"Yes, I'll sign that. The city ought i
(0 have BI1( J Improve the whole river- .
front Bcct |„n. One thing the Street
.., d s w . ncuartmcnl should do a:'
0 nce is to plot and mark the street I
l' tU ' 8 , a, ' th,0UKh ^
Marsh, to prevent anybody building
?w er 1,nPB I*"' 1 lhPrpbyp » u « la f
the city to pay damages for the re
moval of such building, when, later,
8trpe , Hne , should be drawn."
. A 'ÎT" '" r ' " '"I " " 1 " r, '
à'r'mairir.'.ii 'TS.'r ss
(hat The eltv should have the
"*n in«, in« Lily siiomu nave in»
riverfront It was an outrage to pass
tbat law t 0> give that land to those
speculators. ,
A . f ° rme . r coun,y . °Tii a |' T,.* at 8
one thing can and will sign. J hose
fellows are not entitled to any con
sidération. Ihey liave never fulfilled
their obligations. .
® Pn - e f* ° r . rm °* of
\\ ilmlngton s largest mercantile es,
tabllshments looked at each other:
\Vhat do you think? VVhv hats
nght we can sign that If that will
hdp In any way for the city to get
the Riverfront improvements."
The pressnt manager of one oft"
oldest of Market street store«: <c er
talnly III sign that. 1 he city ""Pit 1
to have that State land. Those 'and
aires some of these days.
One of the sharpest, brightest King
street merchants. '- urp tlle c,ty
ou ,f| » t0 RPt the andl 1 " lBh you
"„• , .. ,. . ... . ._
"'.J!,. ' ... Û
' a a , lt
u iA.?\ho
imin....., ..i., n.V«J nt Ihn
8 r,erulators " P
1 Al f ,. n . f r
mprce; aln Pnt i ro i v wiiiihc t n «id
fhat j h|ivp lo| , K holpr'd the effoil
<0 gpt thP Riverfront improvement and
hope w^shiu gertt soon "
J fonnpr ('oîücllman: "I'll sign
".'h' am ' 8 î nd 5,0,1 £ lrai *!V , t0 an0 ' her
0 j^ Counrilman. who will be just as
î' le!,8P,i '° 8iK ° " Thpy °"* Ut not
| lavp „ of t |,at land. The city
ought lo have all of it."
Thpy both signed.
One of the city's oldest oitizens. a
f orm ,. r Councilman and a former offl
<laI bpfore many now living were
horn, was heartily in favor. "1 hope
th * city can get the land." he said.
A WHntinfton-horn boy, w ho has
had ra u ph experience In shipping:
"That looks al! right, and it certainly
looks as If the city should have It."
Another former Councilman, like
Medin a old Delaware county polltl
c,Rn - Ü1C late Thomas O. Cooper, "red
hcadcd ! ' n,, Hopcrul." said- The city
ou * bt * p| and K pt H a)l uow an<l
do 11 rl * h,; bllt ,ook out for thp **•»*>
«P pc u' ators ' representatives before
tlu '' LeBlslature.' .
^ former Ma>or said: '1 heartily
pn "°rsc this movement for the city to
1 1 8 0Ild lbl8 c ** y or fbe
. 5 ( -°' inc U ought to charter a spe
, al : ra , 11 u " ! ,IV ,. a 1 p,t J zpn8
Xvw?»iit« , t0 tl J°
city * rights and opportunities, to to
J ,OVPr aa 'l demonstrate to the Legis
,a *dr p that the city wants and de
manda the legislation to protect and
conserve tho city's interests in (he
Hclaware riverfront lauds in front of
Wilraiifgton. * ,
H nP former City Solicitor said : "I
always thought the Bulkhead Act of
l p,, l never should have been passed;
but. while City Solicitor, I think I gave
one or more w ritten opinions and ad
vice on that act. and 1 could not signj
Hi® petition without looking up that
correspondence. "
Qne former City Councilman
t'oughtfully said: "I don't (hink
ought to sign that petition. I have
an Indistinct, -Onemory that the Bulk-1
head An of 1901 was passed while or
about the lime I was In Council, and
that there were charges made that
the Council was deceived by state
iiients made about that Act. and pos
elbly my signing might put me in
position of acknowledging that I had
neglected my duty as Councilman in
not having opposed and helped lo de
fpat thp pi)8f! ., gp of thnt Bulkhead Act
of 1901 by the Legislature, for I re
member thc Law Committee asked to
kept posted on all Acts before the
legislature affecting Wilmington."
__ .
„ , va8 | ParllP d todav that former
Receher of Taxes Rotiert M Hums
ÄV'pÄT'SSi " "Ct
5» s;r5,"s,;CÄ
L a Terminal Comnanv for ' èo. nfv
Ä zæ&Tmrsi
. company s river front property
is taxed at $29.12 a year, and the three
rears makes a iota of $72 30
Ti.e „.it was brought before Magis
'rate Thomas H. Buckley, and the
| .»ui i}P ,
\' of th romD a nv nrobablv The
I oase Vtn come before Mngistmrn
Buckley at 10 o'clock on Monday.
j r was learned today that all'the
other liltcrol owners have paid their
"^ä^ä.'S2;5s i ' co *
-« M'
NEWARK, Del., Fch. 27—At a meet
ing of the Aetna Fire Company last
evening the purchase of an automo
I bl, S flre a PP ara,UB waB considered
i Hll d a lommltlee reported that an
! order for a machine had been placed
with the United States Fire Apparatus
Company of Wilmington. The uia
chine, which is to be a duplicate of
, the second apparatus purchased by
the Reliance Fire Company of Wil
mlngton will be a combination hose
and pumping machine, capable of
pumping (00 gallons of water. It will
he equipped with an engine having
ninety horse power capacity.
The new apparatus w ill cost $9000
and Is to be delivered within ninety
, Burns said he had no other thought
! in mind when l\e brought the suit than
j to gel the taxes due the county, the
| same as he would do in the case of
Hny other delinquent.
An important meeting of the nient
hers of th< Brotherhood of St. Paul's
j Church w ill he held In the church this
Continued From First Page.
contain errors recorded during the
pa#t ,wo year *
House amendment to House bill to
correct flaw- in providing for com
mission L condemn property for Del
„ , , , h ,
I.".*?, '
* «It»* G Daj Recess.
Doth branches this morning I
ad °P ,Pd a r - 8 " ,utlon ,01 ' a rete88 of 1
thp Legislature from February 28 to
March 6 while the members are in
Washington attending the inaneura
t V 0 " of President^lwR Wilson
, n th e House a Protest was read
'rim th, W.« EM.
sr 1 ,*rr
* he enactment of a law to legalize
hoxlng, and similar protests were re
ce i ved from members of several Wll
mlngton churcheB . I
Jlills passed by the House during
the morning included the following: I
Representative Phillips' bill requlr
j ng owner8 of birds, poultry or ani
ma i„ that die of contageoua diseases
to have the carcasses burled or de
stroyed within twenty-four hours In
or der to prevent the spread of hog
cholera and other diseases.
m.ptuftnn IM IP II
U U »J 111 LrtJwJ IlIL/ll
VV Als 1 vil 1 1V
VMM ntnum uvi.i
The Mercantile Association of Wil
mlngton. which is comprised of many
of the most prominent merchants in
the city, will bold a public meeting
In its rooms. No. 702 Market street,
tomorrow evening, to discuss and pro
b « l,ly takp *ctlon upon the Delaware
River front project, a movement be
ing on foot to provide a way for t'_.
p lly to obtain ownership of the filled
,n »found between the present low
w "t pr mark and the bulkhead, which
' bp Government started to build and
then quit, when it was learned thc
th« ^ 1 "° ' nt,>re8t th * ' and
tho ri\er.
Ja ™ e f i C ' ° Rident of the
association, and the understanding
is that there exists in the body a very
strong sentlmcnl In favor of the as
sociation placing Itself on record for
municipal ownership and control of
the state land along the Delaware
river. •
Mr. O'Neal, tn speaking of the pos
sibilfly of the city's development by
th» aid of a water front, said: "I
believe we should have the river front
and as our Slate Legislature was so
kind as to gront us our request for
a Joint municipal and county building,
I am glad to know that there are
many live wires at work.
"With these improvements 1 see a
great future for Wilmington. Wo have
stores second to none in the country,
our manufacturies arp of the largest
and we want more and as n taxpayer
and property owner of this city. 1
would like to see s wator fron 1 , which
would be owned by the ciij and a
credit to us nil." i
l\r,lYi I ll\ I
NEWPORT, Del.. Feb.
Laides' Aid Society of the
j Church will- begin a series of hakes
j to be held for the benefit of the
i church. The firsi one will he held
j tomorrow ln thc W. C. T. U. head
' quarters.
Personal:—David Moyer has re -1
turned from a short vlsli with friends
1 lu New York-H. V. Berg spent Mon
! ay In Philadelphia—Mr. and Mrs. M.
UM. Owhigs and Miss Alice Cooper |
! spent Wednesday in Philadelphia—Mr.
and Mrs. James Calloway have taken ;
possession of William Washington's (
house on Justis street—The Rev. Mrs.
J. Emory Parks Is entertaining her
sister, Miss Florence Smith, of Dover
Mrs Elijah Bartlett, who has been
very 111 with pneumonia. Is Improv
ing .
DOVER. Del.. Feb 27.—Superior
Court convened hern yesterday to
hoar concluding argument In the Bos
tic divorce < ase. The Court reserved
I Hei-iBion
a ___Onions,
rill H( H si I'PI If
A Jr ,,S " .o', In ,h. rh.p.l
- A ÄKÄ! m '£"chnf?h
evenl, ' B A dalnty al,d tempting menu,
' r ' ... ..
_ ,
i ngl j i.u.. -. «i.i, <
(,0 " d »""'«r Keturns Dlih ( hange to
_ rro,,er ^ 0<1 '
uiaay yPar8 5 ^ a8 8 constant
. sufferer from indigestion and ner-1
vousness, amounting almost to pros-tl
f a tl<»n." writes a Montana man x 1
"M y blrtod was impoverished, the
vlB,0 . n " a8 blurred aud weak, with
rnov, "K spots before my eyes This
üa sssä ;.r.ô
îïïT LrihX SZS iss
/aotorily. 1 can't describe my suf
"Nothing T ate agreed with me. till
one day I happened to notice 'Grape
Nuts in a grocery store, and bought
a package out of curiosity to know
what It was.
"I liked the food from the very
first, eating It with cream, and now
I buy It by the case and use It daily.
I soon found that Grape-Nuts food
was supplying brain and nerve force
a8 nothing In the drug line ever had
d 0np or cou id do.
-jt wasn't long before I was re
8to red to health, comfort and happl
"Through the use of Grape-Nuts
f 0(H i m> digestion has been restored,
my nerves are steadv once more, my
cye-aight la good again, my mental
faculties are clear and acute, and I
have become so good-natured that
my f r j Pn ds are truly astonished at
^he change. I feel'-eounger and bet-j
tPr (lla n | have for 20 years. No
■ amount of money would Induce me to
i surrender what Î have gained through
, t h e use of Grape-Nuts food." Name
| givPn h v Postum Co.. Battle Creek.
I Mich. "There'» % reason." Read the
little hook "The Road to Well ville,"
M. E.
: In nkgs. "
Fier read thc «bore lett»rl t new
î one appear* from time to lime. They
| are ceVuiiiir. (rue. and full of hitman
House Speaker Gets Mallet of
Walnut From New Castle
g„ et j a ] to EVENING JOURNAL.
DOVER Dei Feb.* ;
S. Rodney,
came to Dover tnilav and In the oi
em" ôf Inlegsaor" 0 DremMU^d
„ e , ..w .. ° r8 ' Pf P8eluen
Hcdeotab a* block walnut gaveF which
"Äf^VÄS Hornthe
Rodney sqid;
"Mr. Speaker it is my privilege to
appear for certain citizens of the
city of New Castle and trespass upon
the time of your Honorable House for
a few moments this afternoon.
"Back In the by-gone years, so far
back that the mind of inan runneth
not to the contrary, there was hulld
ed , n g ic cltv of New Ca8tle a 8 truc
ture which was long the seal of Jus
tice for what Is now the State of
"There' William Penn and his Dep
uty Governors presided over the Col
onial Councils and Assemblies and
there our Delaware Legislatures met
sü. ää
"From wood from this building
ther* ha8 bepn tlirnpd R gavel whk . h
i now desire to present to you—Mr.
"If wood could speak this small
portion could tell us an interesting
and eloquent story of the Colonial
days and the stirring time| of the
Revolution 'when men s soflls were
tried and blood swept like wlld-flro,
through their veins.'
rt ,8 a. soxirce of pride to me that
Court House
mayor of New Castle.
old Court House in New Castle.
Speak»r Holcomb has for raauy
years lived' iu New Castle and has
been elected as Representative from
that hundred several times,
gavel was turned from a piece of
black walnut by A. 8. Boyce and is
beautifully polished.
House was built in 1707, and was
used as the Slate Capitol until 1777.
In making the presentation
The old CoCurl
™y ancestor. Rodney, was
tbp n f 8t Sp ^ ak .f r of t,1P HelSVare
Assembly and t is a pleasure for
a ^"^"townsman the ^Utcst
s l' Pakp r of the House,' a symbol of
authority from the same bulldlne in
Xle h theîlXt Spkear perform^ We
a hors
. <M Jt p h j means
of furtherance of* ths llbcrtl es of our
p CO pie and as It crashes on the block
may jt to the ears of men elected
by THE PEOPLE, under a govern
ment OF THE PEOPLE, sound the
passage of laws, not for special In
terests, nor for partisan purposes,
but the passage of statutes enactad
"I would Indeed have little feeling
if 1 did not accept this with the great
eat pleasure" said Speaker Holcomb,
"i am indeed surprised and it almost
makes a man swell up and burst Into
tears to receive such a token from ray
f e n ow townamen. It Is all the more
so w f, Pn ) 8PP )n thp delegation from
m y own town two men whom I had
th' e honor, but not the pleasure, to
defeat for representative. I simply
can 't gay any more."
f n the delegation beside Mr. Rodney
were William Leeeh. John E. Taylor,
W-illlam H. Cooper. Jr., and Albert 8.
tnf . al MID y rT niiATiTmur
Strawberries.36c to 40c
Tomatoes, crate .$2.60 to $3.60
Pineapples, crate .$2.50 to $3.00
Apples, basket.60c to 80c
Apples, barrel. lo
Lemons, box .$5.50 to $6.00
Oranges (Californiat box * 2.25 lo $ 2.50
Oranges (Florida) box $2.50 to $2.751
Potatoes, barrel .12 00;
Potatoes, basket ._.40c,
Potatoes bushel ......... ,73c to 85o
Sweets, barrel .$2.50 to $3.75
l> a8k et •.... (.80c to 85c
Çzbbaz«, basket .. .. .5c
,, a ?? a * e * " arie * . ' oC . *] -J
^"u!' a f P ' ny a n X. , H eW «'t!
l a ^ ak îl u " d d .13,00 to $3.50
Onions, crate .$1.3v
While swinging from the end of a
coal wagon on Tuesday evening, at]
Eighth and Rodney streets, a son of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, of No.
606 Rodney St., caught his leg In the
spoke« of a wheel. The limb, while
not broken, was badly mashed and the
child is suffering much pain.
basket .. .40c
Celery, dozen ..35c to 6«c
«gSÄ*»*" . "£
Kggs. flirt, and Md ) dozen 24c to 25c
«sä . ii; ;î
Ducks, dressed ..16c to 18c
Ducks live i},.
V 00 "' .. lap
Turkevs dressed ' ' ' '.26c
Türke «. dressed ..6c
nvft •••*.
P iT r î lu " ftrea #OA _
Shad, per hundred .$200 to $22t,
,vm Loc ... 35#
A mal. Cop . 68
Am Smelt 68>j
Am Sug. Co 115
a. T * 8 F 101# Sou. Ry. Co 25#
B 4 O. ....100# Union Pac. 155#
Brook R T. 88# U. 8 St Co. 62#
Con T oath 27# U. 9. St Pf 108
C ft 0. 73 V Wabash Pf . 9#
Dan. ft R. U 1«#. West. Union 67#
Kilo Com . 27# 1 As Com. ... 38#
Erie 1st Pfd *3# Cam. Steel,
IaiuIb. ft N. 132# Eiec. of Am 93#
Mo. Pae .... 3« Lehigh Nav S8L
M K. ft T N 25#, Lehigh. Val. 155 #
N. T. Cen 106# j North Con. 122
North. Pac 115# pb'.la. R T. 25#
Norf. A Wes 106# ph;ia Co .. 44
Peo, Gas .. 109# phlla. Elec. 22#
I'euu. 119'? ; u. (Jns. Dn 88#
Readlus ..
May July.
93# 91#
. $4.00
By The United Press.
NEW YORK, Feb. 27.—The stock
market opened quiet and steady.
C. I. Hudson & Co., say:
"Would buy only when stocks are
very weak."
F. D. Lackey ft Co., say:
"A two to five point rally from the
prices, scored this morning may be
seen. As the short Interest is believed
to be quite extensive."
Reported Dally oy F- D. Lackey A
Co., broker«« and bankers, member*
Philadelphia atock Exchau*s. 842
Market S^eet.
Closing Quotations.
Rock .s ... 22tJ
8t. Paul ...108#
Sou. Pae ... 10O#
50 L
15b ■.
53 #
Julv. May July
54# 34# 34#
Both State and Federal
ih» tnn*.r.l Mrri«. >wm|f (in
J," rd \y' a f t « r „ #0 n. Miwch «. •' * •Vleck in
,, Hiirerbronk c»met»rj, •
urcHARDflON—At M*r*h»llten.
uTauNoth je.* ''
KeUiir»». friend, .nd member, o ( rneneb
, hip i.„d*e, N«. a ^-f"
'''ÿ. fIt Km! ï.r
i>ei. on Sunday a/ufo
? "" S *' 1 '"■ lo, ' k ctay
üre.k É^
, l4r »;_ Kr L "
j if Ci-"
H^iitivr., fn.nd«. w.Immr I.odgr, No s.
No tot < om-ord .-m. on s.ind.y
swssjcjm: . . .
ft.iativ». »nd friond* «ro imite« to .(tond
ibo fnnor»i »orTk-o« m th» r»>id»nt» of hi«
îth.r .um« N. s»»i. No. 937 rin. iir„.,
nn FHd * y * f, ~ . .. -' i '' " J
to Board Incoming Ships
at Marcus Hook
Displacing the system of two quar
antine examinations for vessels en
tering the port of Philadelphia. Slate
aud national health bffielals have ar
ranged that, beginning next Saturday,
both the Pennsylvania and Federal
quarantine Inspections of incoming
ships shall be made at Marcus Hook,
two hours away from the city's docks.
At present ships hound up the
Delaware are stopped and boarded at
Reedy Island, sometimes at midnight
by the Federal physicians, who give
each passenger a rigid examination.
Two hours later the ship is again
stopped at Marcus Hook, where the
examining process is repeated by the
State surgeons.
Surgeon General Blue, of the United
States Public Health Service, has
written to the Pennsylvania State
Health .officials saying that the Sec
retary of the Treasury has approved
the plan for consolidating the in
Mother« who valu» their own comfort «nd
the w»lf»ro of their children, «honld never b«
without a box of Mother Gray'« Sweet Pow
der« tor Children, for use thriiurhuut the»»e«
»on. They break up Cold», Relieve Feverish
, Constipation, Teething Disorders. Heed
e.-he and ■Hiomach Troubles. Used by Moth
ers for 22 years. THESK POWDERS NEVER
FAIL. Sold by all Drug Stores, 25c.
accept any eubetitute. Sample mailed FREE.
Addree, A. 8. Olmsted, Le Roy, X. Y.
W« wish to tlmnk
the benotifni flowers
oiir dear mother, Mra. Joaeplt M. 1'irrc«, wlio
Mu parted thU Ufa February 21, lfm.
Children. *
many Manda for
l to t.*ia fnnoral of
! Prominent Doctor's Best Prescrip
tion Easily Mixed at Home.
Thia simpla and harmlaaa formula hm
worked won dar» for all who bara Mad it,
qnlfkly earing chronic and
tlsm tnd btchnche,
let one oubn >>f Tori» compound (in original
Wiled padkaffa) and ona ounce of*»rrup of
^radiant» h
of good whiakay.
a tibiftipoonfol before aarh
tima." tiood raaull» coma aftar the flrat faw
dears. If r«mr druggist does not har« Torit
compound In »lock bo will get it for you in
h faw hour» from hi» whole»»)« house. Don't
be influanrad to take a patant medicine In
stead of thia. Tn»i«l on having th» genuin«
Tori» compound in th« original
»aalad rallow package. Hundreds of th« wor»|
c»»o» har« hav« b«an cured by this in a
«hört tima.
St. Benedict Kidney Tablet« Give Imme
diate Relief.
acute rhaunin
your druggist
and put them in a half pint
Shake th« bottle
Take these two in
d tak«
aal and at bad*
forts. No. SOS W«t 81. fsblT lm.
4 -
For Coughs, Grip, Croup,
Catharrh, Qyick Consumption,
Typhoid and contagious dis
never failed or lost a case, as it
50c and $1.00.
| Eighth St. near TahsalL
> Flowers and Funeral Designs
I s 8D eclalty
0 Ä s M 71 Delmnrrfa 17««.
William W»l«h.
Louisa N. Shr.rp.
Chari«» L. S««l.
Mary Bennett.
Jam»» T. Blchsrdson.
Ann* Tue well.
TZEWELL—In this city,
on EeFriinry 2<t.
Klwnnd T»re*vclt,
■ r
Idia. Anns,
ini 11 vF«r».
Ketetives «nil friends ere invited to »tie,id
id«no« of hrr
. M
this city, on February 25
«rit» of John Bennett. e«»o
MEOEAR—In Smyrna. Del., on February ^
Daniel and Esther Megcar. ag«d 7R year«.
Relative« and friend« are invited to attend
the funeral service» at hia residence, Smyrna.
Thursday afternoon, at 2 o'clock.
. Del.
In this city, on Fehroary 25. IP 14,
William W«l«h.
Relatives and «friend, are invited to attend
the fun«ral from hts late residence, No. 95S
West Saeond etreel, on
9 o'clock. Requi
church. Interoient at Cathedral cemeferv.
SHARP—In this city, on February 25, 1913,
Louisa N. Sharp.
Relative«, friends, members of Fslestina
Sisterhood. No. 25, D. of M.. Welcome I,edge,
Ne. 3, O. of St, of R . »nd Crusaders Temple.
No. II. L. O F . «re invited ,to sttond tha
funeral serriecs at her late residence.
70S Franklin street, on Friday afternoon,
at 3 o'elock. Interment at Silrerhruok
Tntermenl Rmy
Friitav morning, at
81. Paul'«
»»ft Ut
James T. Chandler
212 and 211 1
y W. Ninth St, g
Telephone» ]
Undertaker and Emhalmer,
D. ft A Phone. 1612A.
814 King St.
H. Herbet HirzelJ
Funeral Director
'•Elegance Withont Fxlravatranco,"
Graduate Enthalnirr.
D. and A Phone 347TD. ■
Aulorantic 3486.

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