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■At » meeting of the Board of Health
yesterday afternoon the members of the
board, two members of City Council and
a representative of each newspaper ot
the city were invited to go with the
Board of Health to Trenton next Thurs
day to inspect the system of collecting
garbage in that dty. The trip will not
be in the nature of a junket, the ,mera
k»ra of the board paying thei.^vpeM-cs.
A committee consisting of Dr. H. W.
Briggs and J. Austin t-iuton recently re
turned from Trenton where they inspect
ed the system of collecting garbage
and they are firm in the belief that
sh°"ld a like system be adopted here the
present unsatisfactory garbage condi
ttons in this city would ue none away
■with and the householder* would expert
ejice no further trouble in having their
Jhrbagc collected. In addition it I»
pointçd out that the city would be saved
several thousands of dollars yearly. This
lias been the experience of the city ot
'I rentoti, which up to -day of mis yeni
hail the same system of collecting gar
Imge as is in vogue in Wilmington and
tjie Bo.ntl of Health of that cuy canid
dp fcothyig to remedy the t millions
until the jre.-enl plan was adopted. It
Is for the purpose of further inspecting
nd Becoming iml .ar with
it that the members of City Council
and the ncusp.i|ci repreaei.tatl .es have
been invited to .mile the ti:p. the mat
iei talked ovei with City Council at
a meeting of the committee of the whole
and the Council favored the investlga
? The report of the committee that
made the trip was received at the
beard meeting yesterday afternoon.
It painted the system in use in glorl
ous colors and recommended that the
if. ., »tin bo auopted here.
' In Trenton the householders are
Required t'o place the garbage In bags
and papers and deposit It on the side
walk for collection. The garbage
llay be placed In cans but it must
HP wrapped in papers If this is done
although It Is not necessary to tie
the packages. The garbage is col
keted by the city anti not by a con
tractor. The collections are made
flour times a week and since the
system was started on "May 1 of this
war there have been but a nominal
number ot complaints.
* Trenton owns 1C own crematory. Hi
& operated by the city and the ex
flense of collecting the garbage and
ashes amounts to about $32.000. In
Wilmington under the present sys
tint it cost's abcut $40,000.
„ Alexander J. Taylor, city engineer
asked Mr Ellison what would be;
<ttme It Wilmington householder« re
ffesed to wrap tnolr garbage properly
dhd it became unslghllv on the
streets, or what would be done If the
ordinance was violated lu any
{Banner. Mr. Ellison replied chat In
City Bsard of Health Thinks
Plan Would Work Well
t. 1-, i.UU' il
ÿenton for such violations the
Householder is fined $1 and costs. It
Is the Idea of the City Health Board;
«at If City Council sees fit to pass
s like ordinance a provision for a j
j&nalty should be embodied in it. It
ÎÏ held that there also should be a
jH-ovislon in the ordinance fixing a
Snalty, should the contractors not '■
collect the garbage. As the matter
si'ands the hoard can do nothing
garbage is not collected here,
Ellison said he had talked with
the city garbage contractors who seem i
ed to favor the Trenton plan and lie;
thought that a new ordnance providing
for bettor condition» lor all partie»
would be welcomed by the contractors.
Ihe time ol the present garlmgc i
contract doe-, not expire until 1 lo.
I,ciward 1 otter ol No. 411 «est Ihtr
ty second street complained t<i the
bosid about filth am waste matt r th t
.. being allowed to run through hi"
■k yard. He »aid the matter came
il I 7 11^1 fr ? ,»!îi l with tué
'ii M L ih "' L h' e
tîl.k T» nronûel ti s
P tUl8
■ a I Ivin» .* Vr. ice. F,.I Fiftl.
atreet asked pe. mi»sin to have »topped
hr work ot sewer connecting in the
Mlise in which »he live», until »lie cun
Xs<»s.e» fi i Vi i . I .... I
sto\e out of the house. The btuud wi*l
W' h, r " u ' .. . " |
If the
Although the summer months still
linger Eden Lodge. No. 34, I. O. O. F.,
Is already receiving Invitations to do
degree work during the autumn. Usu
ally this famous staff goes to tho Sov- '
crelgn Grand Lodge session In Sep
tember, but will not make the trip
this year.
The staff has invitations on hand
from lodges In Philadelphia. Reading,
Balem, N. J.. and Georgetown. Del.,
and In order to be in shape for the
Work a special meeting of the degree
•taff will be held Thursday, August
tl. in the lodge room.
In the absence of the Chicks on Sat
urday the Highland and Bancroft teams
of the All-Wilmington League will play
gt Front and Union street? There wifi
be two games beginning at 2 o'clock.
Highland is now leading the league by a
one and a half game margin and is play
ing a fine article of ball. It will be a
good afternoon of sport in the absence
of the Chicks.
The Delaware State Fair this year
will offer a number of great outdoor
attractions which will be shown on
the newly-erected stage In front of
the grand stand. All of these arts
will be shown twice dally and are
absolutely free. The headline feature
of the bill will be Mlle. Ce' Dora, the
Girl In the Golden Globe, one the
most marvelous acts ever shown to
the public in any country. Mlle. Ce'
Dora la seen riding a motor cycle.
Inside of a gigantic golden globe, at
the rate of fifty miles an hour. Mile.
Cc' Dora cornea here direct from the
exhibition at Toronto, Canada.
Summit Camp Ends
With The Walkaround
Continued From First Page.
all the other ministers In turn were
called upon and responded appro
priately, hearty cheers greeting their
remarks. The newspaper corres
pondents also were serenaded.
During the serenading of Aubrey
Vandever, the children's leader, the
hymn "Jesus Loves The Little Chil
dren." was sung, it beng the favorite
hymn at the children's meetings.
T. H. Husbands, superintendent of
the grounds, was serenaded and pre
sented with a bouquet of straw.
Chorlster Crowell was called upon
and responded with a dialect version
of "Barbara Frletchle."
The Rev. John Watchorn, when call
ed upon, told a number of amusing
stories, and he was presented with a
bouquet of long grass and artificial
flowers; The cornetlst. Charles
Cleaver, was Introduced as the whole;
brass band," and he told the sernad
ers that he was "all blown out" and
could not make a speech. Revs. Gal
lagher and Wright with their wives
were given a hearty ovation and re-1
After the serenades the crowd dis
persed. and although the song was
"Good Night Ladies," it was nearer
"Good Morning" when the last tent
door on the camp ground was finally
At the evening service, the Rev.
John Watchorn, of Frankford, whoso
sermons have proven a big drawing
card, was the principal speaker and
gave a stirring address on "The Des
tiny of Nations." His text was taken
'from Romans 3. 1:2. "What odvan
tage then hath the Jew? Much, every
way. because unto them God hath
del vered the oracles "
At the Young People's Service
there was special singing, with a
farewell address by Rev. B. 9. »Lat
The collections taken at at! these
services have amounted to $125.
The final children's service was
[featured by a "walk around" at the
close, In which more than fifty chll
drftn participated. The chalk talk
Was based on the word "Homeward."
in which eight engines were repre
gented. the headlight of each engine
bearing a letter—making the word
"Homeward," which Is the children's
nex t move. The collections of all
meetings amounted to $130, which is
just the sum asked for by the chll
dren , Miss Caroline Vandever sang a
B0 lo- Charles Cleaver played a cor
net g0 i 0

Piercing screams alarmed the cot
tagera on Asbury aveuue at 2 o'clock
yesterday-morning, and one man,
thinking there were robbers around,
hunted up his gun, but before the gun
went off the trouble was located at
Hie cottage occupied by the Rev. and
jMrg g g Wright. One of the oc-1
|cupants of the tent was subject to
nightmares and uttered the screams
j while In the throes of a thrilling
dream. Mr. Wright went to her and
s h 0 ok her to awaken her. She
promptly screamed louder, until she
finally was aroused, but not until
i many of the campers had gotten up.
_ , - , „
Yesterday was play day for a
' n J ,I J ll er °[ ,h * ministers, and a party
of them went on an mushroom hunt.
lîjl l ,ar '>' I er * * ev ,
atchorn. the Rev. E. C. \\ right, the
Hot. Blair S. Latshaw, and the Rev.
Amos Crowell.
Returning from the hunt . with a
fine lot of mushrooms. Dr. Watchorn
surprised his friends by displaying
culinary abilities and cooking the
toothsome dainties. Not satisfied with
the glory gained by this feat, Dr.
Watchorn proceeded to run a hundred
yard dash with T. H. Husbands,
which was won by him--and then he
won a game of tennis from the camp
That some one pilfered articles
f rom teams and automobiles during
the "Big Sunday" celebration was
learned last night, when Joseph Rog
jers, who lives near the camp, report
losing an Infant's coat and cap*
Automobile tool ktt^ also were en
tend, and yesterday mornlm; a ma
chlnist'» rule was found on the road.
R bore tho name o{ Janles p 0 lnaett.
u , not known whether It fell or had
been tak#n from thp mkchlne
llt xl|> M r Walker's on
were Mrs. M. Dailev. Miss Lew
rtt " K Dailey, of Kennen S^are, P«.;
Mr-. J. M. ilcnzcr, Homer C, Boozer,
, ll, " >noe Moore of Wilmington, Mrs.
Laura Slaughter. Miss Edith VNarren. of
'VHroington, were visitors at the cottage
yesterday, ami Miss Until Blacklmrn was
J vi , itu /f or à t>NV dnvs .
M George Drayton'« guests vester
■ » * tJ .. •
nax nere Mrs. Anna B. Price. Mrs. ( ass
w* « .. . .. | 4 , ...
iô£"7vÂ, M -
Guests at Mr». Wilson's cottage yes
terday were Mr?. M. J. McCullough, Wil
mington, Mrs. W. A. Wilson, Gyencourt.
Harvey Bonrell, of Colingdale was
• I
I Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich.
Enclosed find 2c stamp for postage on trial tin of Instant Z

• Postum.
Grocer's Name
I • I
• I
I • I
If You Are a Coffee Drinker
and suffer as many coffee drinkers do from indiges-'
tion, heart flutter, nervousness or sleeplessness, fill out
the above 'and enclose with 2c stamp l(for postage)
and we will promptly mail you free a 5-cup trial tin of
Instant Postum
Thousands of former coffee drinkers now use this new food-drink and have
back their old-time pleasure and comfort
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'• «t
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Send noto fer sample, r Trial tells —
There*s a Reason** for POSTUM
visitor at Mrs. John Husoands' cottage
Mrs. Prank Hanby and daughter, and
Mrs. H. A. Hanby of Talleyville visited
the Rev. and Mrs. B. S. Latshow yester
a week with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Schaf
f er
„ „ . . . .. , ...
Henry V. Armstrong spent the day with
Aubrey Vandever.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Vandyke entertain
^ and y| rR Harry Layton of Wil
■ . :'.
Mr. and Mrs. John Carver, who have
been occupying Hill Top cottage
e( j ] 10rtle yesterday,
In ^ onor of t j, e anniversary of their
marri two In0n , lls llR „ Mr ; and Mrs.
, Xf „ „. 0 * 0r , vl0 i
'Charles M. Utatherhy gave a wnterrael
on party last night. Those present
| \) r . and Mrs. Walter Sawdon, Miss Ma
Hoi Poinsett, Miss Myrtle Gillespie, Al
j fieil Willing, Miss Mildred Vandyke,
Misses Ella and Elva Frederick, Charles
cleaver and Frank Buck,
Ralph Cooper was a guest at Mrs.
1 r r McCaulley's cottage yesterday.
i jj r _ and Mr». M. F. Alexander enter
j talnod Mrs. Clifford Mecannnn, John An.
derson, Edgar Dllaba umL)
Wilmington yesterday. W
I around the grounds Mrs. Mecannon had
11 1( . misfortune to lose her watch, but
before she bad time to miss it, it was
returned to her by Mrs. Alfred Smith,
Master Charles Ernest Gifford was the
host yesterday at a birthday party
given in honor bf his approaching fifth
birthday on August 28. A tine birth
day cake with candles occupied a prom
inent place on the dining table and there
was ice cream and cake, too, for each
little guest. The party was given
the cottage of Mrs. J. D. C. Hanna, who
is Charles' grandmother and the little
guests were Misses Elizabeth Alexander,
Emily McKee, Claude Strong
Robinson and Robert Tod Beauchamp,
Miss Elsie Smith, who was unlucky
; enough to lose her clasq pin on Sunday,
was fortunate enough to find it yestcr
Mrs. Mina Latshaw left yesterday for
Pine Bluffs, N. C., to spend several
Mrs. Jennie H. Patterson, who has
been staying with Mrs, L. B. McCaulley
for some time, left yesterday for At
lantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Chandler and!
i daughter, Miss Reba Chandler, who have
'prominent cottagers here, will go
1 to Asbury Park this week,
j Miss Edna Smith, secretary, who has
heen visiting her mother. Mrs. Brinton
i Smith on st - Paul's avenue, will, in
1 {ew days, leave for « trip on the west
i «'"J «""»t wi »h her father.
. In honor of the twenty-third birth
**ay anniversary of William Hower,
watermelon party was given last even
Jîÿ nt Mrs. George Drayton's cottage.
Those present were: Mrs. George Dray
ton, Mrs. Ella Semple, Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Ely. Miss Emma Palmer, Mrs.
Brinton Smith, Miss Elsie Smith, Miss
p 0 lly Smith Mr. and Mrs. W. J. W
H " nc *' E, y
Mrs. Delilah Bcadenkopf, who was
a a un day visitor at camp, has gone
Guests at Mrs. John Booth's cottage
were Mrs. Retta Pierce, of Wilmington;
Misses Julia and Margaret Pyle, of
Mr. and Mr». Edwin Foulke will »pend
Mi»» Caroline Vandever and Master
» i'll 1
Mr. Jeffcr» of
hile strolling
, Edith
on an automobile trip to Florida,
where she will spend the winter.
Mia» Emily L. Pennington left the
camp Sunday for a trip to the Thous
and Islands
Mrs. S. Wilkins entertained a num
her of friends at the comp over Sun
day. Among them were Miss Ola
Pennington, of Collingswood. N. .1.;
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Derrickson, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Cornbrooks and daughter,
l .Mrs. Harvey Ball. Mr. and Mrs. Lydia
Derrickson. of Wilmington,
Mrs. James W. Shaffer entertained
on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson
Slaughter, Misses Sarah and Margaret
Slaughter, George Sharpless, Mrs. J.
H. Slaughter, Miss Mary Slaughter.
1° reccognltion of kindnesses
t en dod during the camp season, Mrs.
Samuel H. Baynard and Mrs. Charles
j Banks presented to Mrs. Thomas
! H - Husbands, wife of the camp sup
erlntendent, a cm' glass dish. Miss
E1,a Haley, who was In charge of the
r » I "P telephone, received a bracelet
from Mrs - Baynard and Mrs. Banks.
Miss Beatrice Baynard, a grand
daughter of Mrs. Baynard. presented
a nut bowl to Miss Haley.
A special collection was taken last
night for the Rev. Dr. Watchorn and
Mr. Husbands.
Harry Burris of Bear station has
sold forty-eight Ford automobiles.
During the past week Mr. Burris sold
cars to George Whitfield, Edward
Sutton, William McMullen and Del
bert Johnson.

dark Imperial sprinkled with gray.
u„ is a scientist anrt man of himl
Officer Watson, of the Board of]
durlmr a recent insnertlon ot
'J' 61 " durlnK recent inspection of
! tIie flsl1 and nieat places.

:. * v
>£AWP PUKE alexahper;
NEW YORK. Aug. 19.—The Grand
Duke Alexander Michaelovitch, bus
band of the Czar's oldest sister, the
Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna,
Is in America as the guest of Badclay
Warbtrrton of Philadelphia,
stands more than six feet In height,
is forty-seven years old and wears a
The grand duke said he was
here for a rest. He had been here be
fore, he said. "Was he going to the
Rockies to shoot?" "Yes." Mr. War
burton said the grand- duke's visit
was purely a social affair.
Renters, buyers, builders are quickly
and thoroughly satisfied with the in
valuable service rendered them by the
Want Columns.—Adv.
Meat Inspector Ford and Executive
Health, made a report to the board
yesterday of the conditions found by
Two fish markets and a meat stall
were reported as being unclean.
Notices were ordered sent to these
places. The board announced that
all persons violating the health laws
will be brought before the health
The members of the board will In
spect alleged defective drainage on
Madison street between Thirty-third
and Thirty-fourth streets.
The First United Presbyterian In- |
termediate Christian Endeavor Society !
will give a lawn fete at Third and
Broome streets, Thursday -and Friday
A reunion of the senior members
and friends of the West End Reading
Room will be held at the reading
room on Friday evening. A dance and
garden party will add to the enjoy
ment of the evening.
• I
1. When they are paired.
2. Jim before the fall.
3. When no one will take It.
4. Ashes,
1. became he makes both ends meet.
Why is a vain young lady like a j
confirmed drunkard? /
2. Why is a watch like a river?
3. How did the whale that swallowed
Jonah obey the divine law?
4. What roof covers the most noisy
5. When may two people be said to
be half-witted?
GEORGETOWN, Del.. Aug. 19.—
The Georgetown schools will reopen
on Tuesday, September 2. The school
faculty for the term will be: Princi
pal, Fred L. Andrus; high school,
Misses Rosalie R. Martin. Mabel M.
Keiser, Lucy H. Ellmaker; gram
mar department. Misses Linda M.
Hudson, Laura S. Richards, Olive T.
Marsh, Emma Penuel; primary de
partment, Misses Etta Layfleld, Elea
nor Evans, Anita George, Eklith Rich
ards; commercial department, Miss
Ethel M. Solloway.
The Board of Education have se
lected the following committees:
Education, Colonel Robert Q. Hous
ton, Thomas B. Pepper. Cyrus Hat
'field; finance, G. R. Messlck, Harry
E. Hudson, Thomas B. Pepper; prop
erty, George W. Hatfield, Dr. O. D.
Robinson, Joseph G. Green; commer
cial department. Harry E. Hudson,
Col. R. G. Houston. G. R. Messlck;
visiting committees, Drs. O. D. Robin
son. O. Frank Jones and Col. R. Q.
Houston, for September; G. R, Mes
sick, Cyrus Hatfield, Joseph O. Green,
for October: Harry E. Hudson,
Thomas B. Pepper, George W. Hat
field, for November; Dr. O. D. Rob
inson, Col. Houston, Dr. G. F. Jones,
for December.
The enrollment this year la ex
pected to be the largest In the history
of the schools. The school has the
only commercial course in the county.
This Sale is Making Us
a Host of New Friends

The fifteen days ol this sale just past have been the most successful in volume oi busi
ness we have ever experienced.
Two factors are responsible: the Furniture is right in quality and variety and the prices
are astonishingly low.
The next two weeks should he even better as practically all the new
Fall stock will be
on our floors today and can be bought at the sale prices
100—$9.00 Felt Maîtresses at $ 6.00
There is considerable
advantage in placing
your order for recover
ing worn furniture, as
we make no charge ex
cept the cost of the ma
Purchases made dur
ing this sale are held
for future delivery if
■f -
• i
'.V s
These Mattresses are 50 lbs.
weight, full esize, in two parts,
and contain only pure white
layer felt.
_ os
' O S
t R'
ÿ'0 1 00
This Dresser in quartered oak
or genuine mahogany; 42-inch
top and large plate mirror.
Chiffonier to match.
$26. Sale price.
& V T
Three piace loose cushion Suite with spring seats.
Frames of close grain northern birch. Value $53.00. Sale
An excellent as
sortment of Daven
ports and Sofa Beds
with oak or mahog
I any frames and
' choice of coverings
at a saving of one
third this month.
[ n 1 c=o=< " j
Iron Beds
Almost every style
of Bed is represent
Full size Brass Bed, in bright finish, ed in this splendid
guaranteed lacquer, 2-inch continuous showing. They range
posts and heavy fillers, real worth $42. i n price from $3.75
to $18. All under
Many other patterns at similar re- valued a third or
Large Library Rocker
in genuine leather; deep spring
seat. Real worth $30; sale
price, $22.
Wilmington Furniture Company
Ninth and King Streets.
The Store of Certain Satisfaction.
S<*SS^ , ag5
When You Save Trading Stamps—
Save The One That Is
Worth the Most
y ;gg. !. gg .! .g5l
Most every Trading Stamp in this city is worth 3 per cent.—some considerably less—one
considerably more. That one is the BLUE RIB BON TRADING STAMP, redeemable at the new
Ross Store for $5.00 worth of merchandise. ,
Secure this stamp at your grocer, butcher shop and tea store; be sure YOUR
chant gives them. They cost him no more.
Tomorrow we will give to each caller a new collection book containing $3.00 worth of
BLUE RIBBON STAMPS. These are actually worth 15c when the book is completed.
Get your 30 Free Stamps tomorrow.

206, 208 ,210
Market Street
I D. Ross & Son, Inc
Governor Miller is preparing to attend
the Conference of Governors which will
open in Colorado Springs on August 26,
to continue several days. Governor Mil
ler will not be accompanied by any
other Delaware official. Most of the
states will be represented by their Chief
Executive at the conference.
William Holten was driving Vo town
by way of Cedar Lane Road on Mon
day afternoon, his horse became
frightened at an automobile, and
turning suddenly, overturned the
carriage, throwing Mr. Holten out.
Fortunately Mr. Holten was not
hurt', the only damage being some
broken harness. The auto belonged
to W. Harmon Reynolds, of Town
send, and was occupied by several of
his repair men. They at once went,
to Mr. Holten's assistance and
started him on his way to town.
As Charles and Thomas Roberts
were driving into town on Monday,
an auto ran against' a wheel of the
carriage, knocking out several
MIDDLETOWN. Del., Aug. 19.—As
In the hope of regaining his health,
Harry E. Walters of No. 407 East Tenth
street has gone to New Mexico. He was
employed for several years in the office
of the superintendent of the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company, this city.
The Rev. Wilbur F. Corkran, pas
tor of Union M. E. Church, of this
city, accompanied Arthur Cunning
ham and Miss Sadie Fisher, both of
Chatham, Pa., to Elkton, yesterday,
and, after the couple had procured
the marriage license, tied the knot in
the 3udge ' s library ' The couplc had
caled on Dr c °rkran In Wilmington
and desired him to marry them. As
they wished to be wedded without de
lav whlch coM not be done ln Dela .
* ... r.
are w,thln ninety-two hours. Dr.
Corkran agreed to go .with them to
Elkton to officiate at the ceremony,
While the Wilmington clergyman
and the Chatham couple were en
route to this tow r n they met another
couple, Harrison E. Freer« and Miss
Verna Henninger, both of Shamokin,
Pa., who were on their way here to
be married. Dr. Corkran also made
them man and wife shortly after he
performed the first ceremony.
Word has been received from Port
land, Ore., that the effort to recall Judge
George M. Davis, formerly of this city,
has failed. Certain persons in Oregon
were offended by Judge Davis and an
effort to recall him was made for a

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