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Churches of the City Will Resume Their Fall Worhsip Schedules Tomorrow
. NEED $5,000
Sllverbrook Congregation Has
Outgrown the Present
To give room to the increasing Sun
day school attendaace
Methodist Church must add to its pres
ent building as every room in the build
ing is occupied and no place to conduct
the adult class work. After considéra
tion the official board of the church
and congregation has determined to
back a movement or request coming
from the young men and women of the
church and community taken as their
slogan, "a new Sunday school and rec
reation hall in 1913-14," and are mak
mg every effort to raise $3000, by
Sunday, September 28, 1913, which will
mark the twentieth anniversary of the
dedication of the present building
The proposed plan is to erect a suit
able building on property now owned
by and adjoining the church, the e n
tire building to be fitted up for ad
vanced church and Sunday school work,
with the basement as a recreation cen
ter for the young people. For several
years the young men of the church have
been endeavoring to get this movement
under way, and by serving as sexton
of the church, working overtime, and
personal gifts have paid into the treas
ury $500. Recentlv offers of donations
from friends of $500, $200, $100 are
made if a fund of $5,000 be raised by
Bcptember 28. To accomplish this pur
pose, it will mean aid from friends out
side of the church and neighborhood as
well as those directly benehted. It has
been considered feasible to commence
operations upon receipt « if $8,000.
Tuesday evening, September 9 will
rtports WÜ1 8 be re a ceived P of^hat has
been done, and to acknowledge favors
and encouragement for the wrok. Any
one desiring to help a worthy cause,
and inspire a people willing to do their
best according to their ability and
means will confer a favor by notifying
the pastor, the Rev. W. E. Greenfield,
The pastor has returned from his va
cation and will conduct the services to
morrow at 11 o'clock and 7 o'clock.
Suuday school will be held at 10
The healing demulcent qualities
of Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
are not duplicated In any other medi
cine for coughs and colds. Any sub
■mute offered you is an inferior
article. Refuse to accept It for It
can not produce the healing and
soothing effect of /Foley's Honey and
Tar Compound. Insist upon the
genuine, which contains no opiates.—
N. B. Danforth, Market and
Sts., Wilmington, Del.—Adv.
At the Smyrna U. A. M. E. Church
tomorrow the Rev. Albert Price will
preach a sermon on "Life Eternal or
tho Future Existence," at the morning
Sunday school services will be held
at 30 o'clock
There will be a Young Peoples meet
At the evening
ing at 6.30 o'clock,
service at 7.30 o'clock, the subject o
the sermon will be "The Broad and
Narrow Ways" or the Index to the Two
Roads. There will be special music
by the choir in the evening.
Professor McCue Gives Inter
esting' Facts Resulting
From Experiment
NEWARK, Sept. 6.—Prof. Charles A.
.. .
McCue, horticulturist at the Delaware
College Experiment Station, has an
nounced the result of some interesting
experiments with fertilizers on a section
of the young peach orchard at the col
lege farm. The picking of the crop of
fine Alberta peaches was concluded this
week. The crop of Georgia Belle was
destroyed by the late frosts last
It was on the plot of six acres
Alberta variety containing 600 trees
that the experiments were made. From
this six acre orchard this year the total
number of baskets picked was 1050, for
which the college received $1 per basket.
These trees are six years old and bore
a crop for the first time last year. While
he has not
of the
f t ten up the exact figures of
Professor McCue said he
was under the impression that the reve
nue from the two crops would just about
equal the total expense of the orchard,
including trees, labor, spraying, fertil
izers and every other cost for the six
years that they have been in the ground.
Professor McCue, in talking of fertil
izer experiments, said; '"The orchard of
800 Alberta trees Is divided into 24
plots, and there have been 18 different
fertilizer treatments. These plots have
yielded all the way from nothing per
acre to 521 baskets per acre. The most
striking thing about the experiments
was in two plots side by side. On one
plot where no fertilizer whatever had
been used since the trees were put in
the ground, the average yield was 34
baskets per acre, while the adjoining
plot that had been fertilized yielded 521
baskets per acre.
"The fertilizers have cost about
$17 per year per acre which would
make the fertilizer cosi' for the six
years ibe trees have been. In $112
per acre. With the fruit bringthg $1
a basket, the plot that yielded an
average of 621 baskets per acre
brought in a revenue this year of
$409 above the cost of the fertilizer
for the six years and a gain of $376
per acre in fruit in excess of the $112
for fertilizer as compared with the
plot that yielded but 34 baskets or
$34 per acre.
"The fertilizer that seemed to have
the most influence In producing a
profitable crop of peaches was, first,
potash and second, nitrogen. While
phosphoric acid seems to be neces
sary for the proper health of the
tree, It .Is apparent that It plays only
a minor part in profitable peach pro
duction and In fact when used
Mr. Crawford Choses Appro
priate Subject for Sunday
Sermon at Central
All the regular services will be re
sumed tomorrow In Central Presby
terian Church. The summer sched
, ,|p . , ,
ule is ended and the pastor, the Rev.
J H. Crawford, will occupy his pul
pit both morning and evening. At
10.30 o'clock he will preach on the
appropriate subject, "The Opening
Note," and In the evening his sub
jget w dj be "Christ and Life."
The g unday School and Adult BI
b j e c i ags e s a i go will resume their
worl{ at j2 o'clock. All teachers and
scbo ] arg are expected In their respec
the new year's
work together with a vim.
p ... , .
The Vu ; C ' ,, W i
't 8 " 8 "» 1 hour of meeting, 6.45 o clock,
8 nd will be led by Miss Corrlne
Jacobs, while the evening service will
begin at 7.46 o clock,
The following will be the musical
program for the day : 10.30 o'clock—
i Organ prelude, Prlerre, Wely;
them, "Exalt Him All Ye People."
Hanscom; offertory, "O Come to My
Heart, Lord Jesus," Ambrose; or
ga n postlude. Regent Square. 7.46
o'clock—Organ prelude, "Largo,"
Handel; anthem, "Dreams of Gali
jee," Morrison; offertory. "Babylon,"
Watson ; organ postlude, "Aurelia."
q- b i s program will be rendered by
^ be member8 0 { the choir, which Is
c 08ed of Mrg . 0 M Osborne, alto;
Marguerite Fulton, soprano;
R basso; Clarence
Hume tenor, and Norris C. Morgan,
[ organ'st and choirm a ster.
'can aflord to have kidney trouble, nor
aepd he f par 8U D C ^, a rpmp<ly a »
h aad f 8 Foley Kidney P Ils. An honest
1 medicine safe and reliable, costing
! »«le but doing much good. Foley Kid
pi > 8 eliminate backache and
rheumatism, tone up the system and
restore normal action of kidneys and
bladder.— N. B. Danforth, Market and
Second Sts., Wilmington, Del.—Adv.
No man with a family to support
4 At Rfchardson Park M. B. Church
tomorrow, the fall schedule of ser
T 1 « 8 ^ >1 go Into effect. Class meet
Î tng _wlll be held at 9.30 o clock, led
by Charles Sapp; at 10.4a oclock
there will be administration of Holy
Communion; Sunday school at 2
o'clock; Epworth League at 7 o'clock,
land preaching at 7.45 o'clock.
above Eighth tomorrow, at the morn
* a F service, Rev. Frederick
Hinckley will speak on the subject
1 A S a ' n -' The subject is a par
1 t'ltalany ap; ropnate one, as church
vices 'will be resumed for the first
i tlme att ®r the summer vacation.
At the Unitarian Church, West street
Baltimore & Ohio, Sunday. Sept, 14.
Special train will leave Wilmington
8 a. m. Children half-fare.—Adv.
In Zion Lutheran Church tomorrow
morning, the Rev. S. Von Bosse will
preach in German, and at 7.30 o'clock in
English. Sunday school will be held at
9.30 o'clock. A Bible hour will be held in
the church on Tuesday evening, to be
followed by a meeting of the Young
People's Society.
Fred Gradwohl has been elected the
church secretary.
A well attended meeting of the Day
WtM Bible Class, of Wesley M- E.
Church was held Tuesday evening.
Arrangements were made for the fall
and winter work and the class will
make a special effort this year to In
crease the membership. C. W, Heinal
Is president of the class, which has
a present membership of about 36.
There will be a meeting for divine
worship at the Friends' Meeting
House, Fourth and West streets, on
First Day, at 11 o'clock. The evening
service on fifth day, will be followed
by reading. Members of the first day
class In reading will meet at 10
On next Friday evening, September 12,
a union Methodist love feast will be
held at Asbury M. E. Church, to which
all members of the church and the pas
tors of the city are invited. The Rev.
E. L. Hoffecker, district superintendent,
will preside.
The modern housewife depends upon
ths Wants to provide capable home
excessive quanltles Is detrimental.
Nitrogen also becomes detrimental
when used heavily in excess over
tillzed with 160 pounds of actual
potash, 60 pounds of actual phos
phoric acid and 60 pounds of actual
nitrogen gave a return of $516 to the
acre based on $1 per basket, w-hlle
the adjacent plot fertilized with 50
pounds of potash, 50 pounds of phos
phoric acid and 150 pounds of nitro
gen, gave a return of only $180 per
A nearby plot fertilized with
60 pounds of potash, 60 pounds of
nitrogen and 160 pounds of phos
phoric acid gave a return of but $2
per acre, thus showing the detri
For example, a plot fer
in|in the same orchard.
mental effect of large amounts of
phosphoric acid. Again, referring to
the benefits of potash a block fer
tillzed with 100 pounds of potash
alone gave a return of $333 per acre.
while a plot next to It that had never
been fertilized gave only $88 per
"hf.ll experiment, only comme,.
el.*," tSlSf 'u. 0 ,T Professor
McCe. XII continue bi. expeimenr.
%q jv
.God's Convenant with Israel at Mt.
Sinai was that If they should keep
perfectly the Decalogue—the Tan
Commandments—they would thereby
demonstrate that they were perfect
men, worthy of everlasting life. Then
It would be possible for them to ob
tain the chief blessing under the
Abrahamlc Covenant—to become the
Splrltual Seed of Abraham, through
whom God promised to bless the
St. Paul represents to us the spirit
Exodus 20iMl—Sept 7.
"Thou shall lore the Lord my God
with all thy heart, and with all thy
soul, and with all thy strength, and
witli all thy mind-"—Lnhe 10.27.
of the worthiest of the Jews, anxious
to do God's will and to obtain the
blessing, as erving out in anguish,
"O wretched man that I am. who
shall deliver me from this dead body!"
Their minds were certainly alive to
the promises and prospects, hut their
flesh was imperfect, depraved through
Adam's fall-like that of all others.
"Ye cannot do the things that ye
would '—Galatians 5:17.
Meaning Not Seen on the Surface.
Bible students look In amazement
at the simplicity of the Decalogue.
Zt .
d .If T l wondpr * hich of 118 fPat *
ures thé Jews and others were unable
to perform satisfactorily The mat
ter seems very simple, just as it did
to the Jews, until we perceive that
God s wonderful Law represented in
the Ten Commandments, has a depth
of ri? ea !? I1 ?, g not S i eeD 8urJace '
The full meaning of this Law was
apparently seen by none until Jesus
"magnified and made It hon
orable." He says that hatred toward
a brother Is Incipient murder, and
that adulterous desire In the heart Is
a violation of the Seventh Command
ment. This throws a light on the
whole matter, and explains why no
one has been able to keep this Law,
except Jesus, since Adam's fall.
The great Teacher also explains
that the first table of the Law, ap
pertaining to man's duties toward his
Creator, means much more than mere
ly to avoid Image worship and pro
fanlty. It means that the true God
shall have first place in the human
heart Any division of heart or
strength or mind or soul violates
this commandment
God's Original Law to Man.
God's Law to man was not original
ly given at Mt Sinai. Indeed, the
The Sunday school classes of Harri
son Street M. E. Church will meet
tomorrow morning at 9.45 o'clock.
Following this service there will be
a celebration of the Sacrament of the
Lord's Supper at 10.45 o'clock. Mem
bers will be received Into the church
at this service.
Epworth League will hold a rally
service, at which it Is desired that
Philadelphia Conference, will preach
at the evening service in the church,
su^rtntanden^of 1 the "junior* Depart* 1
ZtWrtktoflU ^ 4cancy Caused
by the death of J. Walter France.
At 6.46 o'clock, the
every member will be present to
answer roll call.
The Rev, W. E. Harkness, of the
Mrs. Hubert A. Roop has been elect-I
ed superintendent of the Primary De
partaient to succeed Mrs. Dayatt.
At the morning service In St
Stephen's Lutheran Church, tomor
row the Rev Frederic Doerr will
nreach on "Blessed Seeking" The
subject of the evening sermon at
7 30 o'clock will be "An Important
Question" Beginning wlta Sunday
the evening services, which have been
omitted for a number of weeks will
be resumed. Sunday School and
continue at
ThJ «».1 mor.lM ••••Ion o| Ep
noon sessions will be resumed. Mr.
Booker's class will meet at 9 o'clock
hours for a number
morning service
and at 10 o'clock the Sunday School
session will be held There will be
a sermon by ilie pastor, the Rev. 54.
L. 8. Murray at the 11.00 o'clock ser
vice. At 7 o clock there will be an
Bpworth League Rally with special
address by Prof. E. L. Cross and
special music.
At Mt. Salem Church tomorrow,
Rev. S. M. Morgan, will preach in
The two Sunday
the morning.
Schools, Mt. Salem and
Memorial will hold their sessions at
the usual hour. Twilight service will
be held from 7 to 8 o'clock under the
auspices of ibe Epworth League, the
pastor making a short address.
After a prolonged absence from
the ciCy, William L. Pettinglll pastor
of North Baptist Church has return
ed home, and will occupy his pulpit
at both services tomorrow. His morn
ing theme will be a meditation In
connection with Che Lord's supper,
on "The Gift that is In Thee." The
evening subject Is "The Renunciation
of Right in the Realm of the Lawful."
Morning service will be held at
11.00 o'clock on Sunday, In the First
Church of Christ, Scientist, VanBuren
street, opposite Park Place. The sub
ject of the sermon will be, "Man."
Sunday School services will be held
at 9.45 o'clock. The usual mid week
service will be held on Wednesday
evening at' 8 o'clock.
. . Tk y. rurDPii srPYirrs
At Second M. P. Church tomorrow,
the pastor G. F. Farrlng will preach
a brief sermon at the morning ser
«ST'lMÏ'SmïimWi* ."ae'«"«".
The ev.nl.j, servie. .Ill b, 1..M ..
Mt. Sinai statement of the Law was ]
glven. not to mankind in general,
to the Jewish nation alone—as a !
statement of the terms upon which
they might become God s Royal Priest
hood tor the blessing of all nations.
God s original Law to man was
given In Eden, written In Adam a
heart, in the sense that he was créât
ed in the Divine image—with attrlb
utes of mind and heart fully in ac
cord with his Creator. He loved
righteousness. and would have
hated iniquity, had there been any to
hate. But up to that time there was
After Adam's fall the work of de
generacy progressed so rapidly that
Adam's first-born son, Cain, became
a murderer. Doubtless the chagrin
° f Mother Eve In the loss of Eden
and * n battling with the thorns and
thistles of the earth under the curse
embittered her mind, arousing anger
and resentment, which marked her
child. From then till now the course
has been downward in general, with
occasionally a well-born child less
88rloU8 * y marked b ?' f , n~ lp | 88 ( . dP P rav -
tl J p Scriptures Inform us
^ hat „ Thpre is nonp righteous, no. not
2," p - „ - .. - - „
" v
8and yeayB forWd *° * hat
any could commend himself to God
upon the terms of human perfection
and abJmy and willingness to keep
the Dlvlne Law JeRU8 alonp ha8 kpp *,
that Law, and He because His life
wa0 not derived from Adam—His life
being from the Heavenly Father dl
re ctly. by a change of nature. Be
cause He was begotten miraculously.
He was "holy, harmless, undeflled,
geparate from sinners."
God refuses to grant everlasting life to
any except the perfect who will Reep Hi»
Law willingly and gladly. What hope
then 1« there for our race? There 1» one
hope for the world in general and an^
rtfier different hope for the Church of
Christ instituted at Pentecost. Tha hope
for the world is that God will in His
own due time establish the Mesoianle
Kingdom. It will he a righteous king
dom. its rulers and judges being the
Royal Priesthood.
This Messianic Kingdom will begin by
deposing Satan, binding him for a thou
*and years. Speedily the iniquities of
earth will be ?et aside, and the rule of
the "rod of iron" will begin. Every*
thing opposed to righteousness will be
dashed to pieces Instead of darkness,
ignorance, superstition, doubt and fear,
will come the light of the knowledge of
the glory of God. Soon it will till the
The Rev. George White Dawson,
pastor of Asbury M. E. Church, will
occupy the pulpit at both the morn
ing and evening services tomorrow.
There will be prayer and praise ser
vice at 9 o'clock- Morning service
will be held at 10 30 o'clock, with ser
mon, on the subject, "Jesus Christ,
the Same Forever. ' The Sacrament
of the Lord's Supper will be observed
An Epw-orth League service will be
held at 6.45 o'clock, the theme of
*y Sou. .0
I "Im-Be Jubilant My Feet."
I At thp evening service the subject
of the sermon will be "Lot and His
j Tent."
at the morning service.
James I. Cooper, the organ
1st and chorister. Is planning for a
splendid musical program during An
niversarv Week October 12 to 19
e* T . „ . . .
In St James Episcopal Church,
! Stanton . morning prayer will be held
i tomorrow at 11 o'clock, with sermon
by the rector, the Rev. John E. Parka.
U being the first Sunday of the month,
I there will be a celebration of the Holy
1 Eucharist at the service. Mr. Parks
will also conduct cervices at St. Bar
■ nabas' Church, Marshallton. The Holy
Eucharlst will be celebrated at 9.30
o'clock. Sunday School services will
be held at 2 30 o'clock and there will
J? "»'», prw.r .«vice „ • 3«
The congregation of Brandywine
M E Church will resume Its winter
| schedule of services tomorrow. The
Sunday Schools will meet at 9.30
o'clock and 2 o'clock. The Epworth
League service will be held at 6.30
: o'clock. The monthly communion
1 service will be celebrated ai' 10 SO
/o'clock and in the evening at 7.30
[o'clock the pastor will preach on the
1 subject, "The Practical Lesson From
j the Parable of the Rich Man and
j Lazarus."
The Rev. J. Ross Stoneslfer, has
returned from his vacatlo
conduct ibe morning an
and will
d 1
worship at the First Presbyterian
Church tomorrow. The morning ser
vice beginning at 10.30 o'clock will
have for the sermon subject, "A
Church With a Soul", and In the
evening at 7.45 o'clock the pastor
will give an account of the North
field Conference which he attended.
The chorus will be on hand morning
and evening, rendering an anthem at
each service.
The usual order of services will be
observed by the Rev. G. H. Dole In
the Church of the New Jerusalem, cor
ner Delaware avenue and Washington
Sabbath School
street, tomorrow,
services will be held In the morning
at 9.45 o'clock. Members of the Bible
class will meet at 10 o'clock. This
will be followed by morning service
at 10.45 o'clock.
"Mediocrity In Life" will be the
subject of the Rev. George H. Uhler's
s.-bject tomorrow at the morning ser
vice In Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.
i " the evenln«„""Ke. »e eubjeet ol
| J» «J.»
XU •• uftSoS
Concord avenue and Madison street.
entire earth. Under its influence every
but]thing sinful will be discouraged by
chastening«, and everything righteous
will bp encouraged by blessings. The
j udgmpntg of thp t/ird wiU bp a Wa d in
,he earth, and the inhabitants of the
W orld will learn righteousness.—Isaiah,
20 9.
evprv kriPP will bow to God and
pvpl . y tongue confess His praise. But all
vvilfully rebellious lovers of sin, will be
destroyed in the Second Death—"ever
lnstin p destruction." Under that admin
(„tration, the world will again reach the
condition of human perfection from
privilege thus to
f God. with His
which Adam fell. The
return to the image o
Law rewritten in their hearta, was se
cured for all by the sacrifice at Calvary.
"Jesus Christ, by the grace of God,
how far short of perfection she Is In
the flesh, and sees, additionally, how
,. he graoe of the Lord Jesus Christ
covers her fleshly imperfections,
So fully Is this true that the Apos
tie declares that "the righteousness
of the Law (the true Import, or spirit
0 f that law) Is fulfilled In us. who
walk not after the flesh, hut after
the Spirit."—Romans 8:4.
In other words those who con
gpcral - p their lives to follow Jesus,
8acrlflo i ng a n of their earthly rights
( order to do the will of God axe
„ , more than thp Law could dP .
J The ^ required no man to
hlB u fe for another, but
tasted death for 'every man."
The Church and the Law.
The Church of Christ Is selected
from mankind, who were born in sin.
The members of the Church are not
under the Law of Sinai In the sense
of being required to keep It perfectly
In order to get eternal life. "Ye are
not under the Law, but' under grace."
(Romans 6:141
Law- Is very precious to the Church,
for, looking at the spirit of that Law,
she sees what she ought to be If per
fect, sees what she ought to strive
for to the best of her ability, sees
Nevertheless, the
,, b im.
™ T ■ „ . t the rhnrch
8 H _, nv .„ rr i
" alkla B i",«,» " îu. né
, Pe ' ftte fulnlung q ■
]> p «* thp "f"' * "
though in the flean of the Chur .
r ause of Inherited weaknesses tnere
i8 °° perfection.
These having sacrificed the earthly
nature are dealt with by tee Father
as New' Creatures, and Judged, not
i according to the flesh, but according
to the spirit—according to their
! heart intentions.
The Rev. Henry Cunningham, past
or of Eastlake Presbyterian Church
| bag returned from his vacailon and
, preach at both services In the
cburcb tomorrow. At 10 o'clock the
Sunday School and Adult Bible Class
will meet. At 11 o'clock the sermon
theme will be, "In the School of
Christ." Mrs. Cunningham will sing
j a chrtsttan Endeavor meeting
W jjj be be ] d a t 7 o'clock the topic
| will be, "The Ideal Christian, His
Faith," Miss Martha Ramsey will
I } ead - At J- 4B o ,p l of- k there will be a
1 ,r g ^ t and kpar ';' gos ?. e B ,?m C? n
' ™%£ Ä' ï Te" S S
will be a special feature. The choir
and soloists will sing.
rftw , V rj
and d » 11
v,ces tomorrow whlch > 8 38 follows:
Class meeting 9.30 o'clock under the
service at 10.30 o clock in charge
the pastor; Sunday School at 2
o'clock; Epworth League 6.46 o'clock
and public service aC 7.30 o'clock,
Miss M. A. Taggart of Chicago, will
speak at the evening service tomor
Sunday Sept. 14 will be Home Com
l n B Day when the sermons, music
aa <l all will be appropriate to the oc
lca8 * on - Dr. Corkran is arranging a
j Program for the fall Including
■ ® rBt a1 ' a series of revival meet
J M i. TboZ."
JJ p - . . ^ b r P „H. b
! and Kr00mP 8trPP t,. tomorrow the ev Pn
) j d f prvi( . p w *„ b Vresumed, the pastor,
thp Rpv T ? i„ nP prpn chin2 at 7 45
] oV | ock . H ig theme will be "Vision and
Aooomplishment." At the morning ser
T i ce the Rev. D. M. Cleland who has
returned to Wilmington to pursue hia
W ork in behalf of the citizens' aehool for
|adult foreigners, will preach, taking as
j his theme "Three Pairs of Certainties.''
The Christian Endeavor prayer meeting
will be held at 7 o'clock. The commun
ion service will be held on Sunday morn
ing, September 14, with preparatory ser
vice on Friday evening.
At Hanover Presbyterian Church
tomorrow, the Rev. R. L. Jackson will
, p rea ch at the morning service on
i "xhe Honor of Work." The evening
, gPr vlce will be held In the church edl
1 flce and will b6gtn at 7 0 - c i 0ck . ln .
gtead of 7 45 0 > c i 0ck . and wiu i ast one
hQur There w , n bp a brlef 8erv i ce
before the sermon. The sub
of B Mr JackBOn . g evenlng 8ermon
will be "Napoleon Bonaparte's Mis
Makes Hairy Growths
Vanish From the Skin
(Aids to Beauty)
It is now such an easy matter to
banish hair not wanted that no woman
need longer tolerate
growths on chin. Up or cheek,
thick paste made with a little pow
dered delatone and water and spread
on the hairy surface 2 minutes, then
ribbed off, takes the hairs with it,
and after it is washed to remove the
remaining delatone it will be free
from spot or blemish. To avoid die
appointment, get the delatone in an
original package,
Preparations are In progress for the
forty-third annual meeting of the
Philadelphia branch (of which the
Wilmington Conference Is a part )of
the Woman's Foreign Missionary oS
elety of the M. E. Church, which will
be held In Elm Park Methodist Epis
copal Church. Scranton. Pa., on Octo
ber 8, 9 and 10.
The delegate from the Wilmington
district is Mrs. Sarah Qentleu. of ML
Salem Church.
Mrs. John Hamilton, of the same
Chuch, Is the alternate.
It Is probable that quite a number
of the Wilmington missionary women
will attend the sessions which are al
ways Interesting.
Miss Susan C. Lodge, the president
of the Philadelphia branch, will pre
side. and a fine program is being pre
pared for the occasion.
■ j
At the
Rodney street the
vices will be resumed tomorrow.
In the absence of the minister, the
services tomorrow will be In charge
of the Dr. Frank B. Bverltt of Allen
town, Pa., who will preach morning
and evening. Special music will be
sung by the choir. The attention of
parents Is directed to ihe Kinder
garten which meets at the time of
the morning service.
The Sabbath School will meet at
noon. Graded lessons are used. At
7 o'clock the Y. P. S. C. E., will hold
Westminster Presbyterian
Pennsylvania avenue and
regular ser
p a j t h.
Regular services will be held In
Bet l>any Baptist Church, Elm and
Jackson streets, tomorrow. The Rev.
J. 5; Hunsberger has returned from
his vacation and will preach at the
morning and evening hours of wor
The theme for the discourse at
1030 o'clock will be "The Christ of
Experience." The monthly com
mun ion will be observed at the close
0 f the morning service. The subject
f or tbe evening sermon will be, "The
Its monthly consecration meeting In
the chapel. The topic to be consider
ed Is, "The Ideal Christian; His
" The leader will he Miss
Theresa Seller. The personnel of
the choir which did such good work
lost year, remains the same; Alton K.
Dougherty, organist and choir
master; Mrs. Howard C. Clark, so
prano; Mrs. Lillian Thomas Hahn,
contralto; J. Frank Ayres, tenor and
Frank Ford Palmer, baritone.
Attractive Power of Christ" The
Bible school will meet at 2 o'clock.
The monthly meeting of the Ml«-1
elon Circles will he held In the Beth
any Chapel Monday evening at «
o clock.
The Rev. J. B. StL. Isaacs will oc
cupy the pulpit of Gilbert Presbyter
ian Church tomorrow morning and
will preach from the theme "Prepar
ation For the Temple." The junior
choir, under the leadership of Miss
C. Mae Brooks, will sing at this ser
vice. Beginning from this Sunday the
Sunday School will convene at 2.30
o'clock, instead of at the former hour,
under the superintendency of Luke B.
Stafford. The Christian Endeavor So
ciety has been reorganized and will
meet at 7.16 o'clock with Edward Wig
gins ae leader. The topic for Sunday
is "The Ideal Christian." In the
evening the pastor will preach on the
subject, "The Necessity of Personal
After a vacation of six weeks, the
Sunday school classes of St. John's P
E Church . w,l l w , ork * om . or '
row n ' orn ^ n $ a4 ® Bd o clock. During
the absence of the choir, the volun
teer choir of young women and girls
! nd you ° B jr pn has been ably con
of,ducted by Thomas Kilvlngton. The
members of the choir have about all
returned now and will start In on the
fall work tomorrow.
There will be two celebrations of
the Holy Communion, one at 7.30 and
one at 11 o'clock, with a sermon,
Evening services will be held at 7.45
In Scott M. E. Church, Seventh and
Spruce streets, tomorrow, class meet
ing will be held at 9.16 o'clock. Ad
ministration of the Lord's Supper and
reception of member^, either by letter
or on probation, will he open at 10.30
o'clock. Sunday School will meet a» 2
o'clock. Twilight service will be held
at 6.30 o'clock.
Services for the Fall and Winter at
Cookman will be as follow«: Class at
9 45 o'clock, E. W. White, leader;
preaching at 10.30 o'clock by the
Rev. J. P. Outten; Sunday School at
2.15 o'clock. Epworth League at 6.45
the pastor.
Preaching at 7.45 o'clock by
Removed to
S3 R C P d New York
Baltimore and Ohio
Sunday, September 14
Tickets good only on
Leaving Wilmington 8 a.m. Returning, leaves Twenty-third
street terminal 6.50 p. m.. Liberty street terminal 7 p. m.. Jersey
City 7.15 p. m.
Children between 6 and 12 years, half fare.
Friday and Saturday preceding excursion at
Tickets on sale
City Ticket Office, 814 Market street, and Station
HA. Miller, T. P. A.. Wilmington
Regular Fail Order of Servlcei
to be Resumed There
In West Presbyterian Churoh tomots
row all the regular service» will be hold
at the. regular hours. Dr. Smiley will
he in the pulpit at both services and will
preach. His theme at the 10.30 o'cloel|
sendee will be "The Evidence of Things
Not Seen."
The theme of his evening diseou
will he "Rent Day.
will assemble at 2 o'clock.
Miss Stoppard will teach the womens
class. The pastor will meet the tnen'4
class in the church auditorium and teaoll
the lesson. The Christian Endeavor Sod
ciety will hold its first fall meeting af
0.45 o'clock. The choir, with Professoj
Clyrmr in charge, and Will M. S. Brown
at the organ, will be in their places and
give the following mnsicalprograms:
Morning service—Prelude, "Moders tod
Lente," by Rousseari; anthem, "Oud
Light and Salvation," bv Judson; offer'!
tory soprano solo selected, by Misdf
Edith Robb; postlude, "March Rolorvd
nelle," by Loud.
Evening service—Prelude, "Melody W
The Bible sch
-rhe > nmP . 0 f Wilmington Person^
V ÿ „ v „
Who are the witnesses?
They are Wilmington people
Residents of Wilmington who havd
bad kidney backache, kidney Ills*
bladder Ills* who have used Doan
Kldnev Pills These witnesses e
rt nn
! L. nniminttMi resident
WUmln g ton re 8 ldent
Ransom ' of S0B
,aays Mr Ransom: "I had
I attack8 0 f rheumatic palna that
j jumped from my hips to my ehoul
i der«. I wasn't able to walk down
The kidney secretions wera
E Elat," by Brown; anthem, "Sun of M«
Soul," by Turner; offertory, "Calvary,rt
by Rodey; postlude, "March in D," by]
Members of McCabe Memorial Chute
congregation will hold services tomor
roe at No. flftt West Second street. j
There will be sermons by the pastol
at the morning and evening services at
10.30 o'clock and 7.30 o'clock. Sundajj
school classes will meet at noon.

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