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Accldent Happened on First
Day of Fair, Which Accounts
for Her Not Driving
.nra.liruir cur
pS W or* PHIe^rt faded'tT drive
horses at the State Fair horse
j # * ! a V. u
was terminated yesterday, when it was]
learned that Miss dul ont was kicked
by on«* of h«*r own colts on the nrat dsy
■ the show, and received a fractured
The accident occurreil in the tin Pont
•table quarters at the fair grounds. She
was hurried to one of the duPont auto
mobiles snd taken to her home.
Miss duPont was entirely composed
following the accident, and directed her
removal to the duPont machine. She
appeared at the horse show Thursday
and yesterday and verified the report
of the acculent.
Mias duPont is a prominent figure in
the horse show world and owns many
high-class horses, and has repeatedly
exhibited her horses at the Bryn Mawr
and Devon shows. The accident will
keep her from the saddle for several
months. She declared yesterday that
the occurrence would in no way affect
her future appearances on the tan bark.
The fracture ia doing nicely, she s
out marriace licenses st hls office In
" .! m
Elkton. these are the lat ,st.
Galley A. Reynolds, of Peters Creek,
Pa-, and Lena M. Hill, of Rising Sun,
ELKTON, Md . Sept. 13.—The clerk
of the circuit court continues tn grind
William Samuel Gettshall. of Earle
vllle. Md.. and Margaret Safferen, of
Baltimore, Md.
Richard Roekw-ood and Mabel Wyre,
both of North Elast, Md,
Jonas A. Ott and Mayme Koenig,
both of Allentown. Pa.
Charles Johnson and Emma Aberle,
both of Philadelphia, Pa.
- Thomas Frederick Harrison and
Etta May Detrick, both of Philadelphia,
Andrew J. Roberts, of Manayunk.
Pa., and Freda H- Wagner, of Rox
borough. Pa.
George W. Fritze and Katherine
Hennessy. both of Philadelphia, Pa.
John H. Shank and Anna Violet
Hoeffer, both of Lancaster. Pa.
William L. Mcssenkop. of Lancaster.
Pa., and Clara M. Olschewski. of Dun
cannon. Pa
Alvin Frederick and Cora Diehl, both
of Allentown, Pa.
William J. Fernald and Edith Lorena
Vernon, both of Chester. Pa. /
Henry M. Parfllt and Anna Mav,
Cowroy. both of Philadelphia. Pa.
J. Paul Brown, of Philadelphia, and
Pearl L. Coburn, of South Norwalk,
Raymond H. Bailey and Helen
Louise Finnegan, both of Philadelphia,
John Harvey Meyers and Lorna
Doonc Anderson, both of Philadelphia,
Paul Mundy Gerhart and Lydia
Claire Richardson, both of Philadel
phia. Pa.
Stanly M. Heath and Steiia Leoia
Eagle, both of Reading, Pa.
George E. Anderson, of Titusville,
Pa., and Dorothy M. West, of Wash
ington's Crossing. N. J.
Harman Yerkes Vanaman, Jr., of
Manayunk, and May Mower, of Rox
borough, Pa.
Louis 8. Silverman and Lena
Thomas, both of Philadelphia, Pa
Evan Lawrence John and Hazel
Walker Kirk, both of Coatesville. Pa.
John Cargan and Florence Court
ney, both of Philadelphia. Pa.
Frederick Kafetz and Rotta Shivery,
both of Philadelphia, Pa.
Charles Lee and Harriet Dutton,
both of Philadelphia. Pa.
Walter James Loekcrnian and
Louise Stauss.
B. Franklin Hendricks and Mamie
K. Msyer, both of Perkasie, Pa.
Harvey K. Hutchins, of Marydel and
Emma G. Stafford, of Sudlersvllle, Md.
John Keppol and Edith Corcoran,
both of Philadelphia. Pa
Harvey J. Hosfield. of Albany, Pa.,
and Saille R. Levan, of Mountain. Pa.
Charles E. Flnter and Elizabeth M.
Burgstabler. both of Philadelphia. Pa.
Carman Ciatello and Rose Lofazio,
both of Wilmington. Del.
Aaron Van Dealer and Bessie E.
Ray. both of Camden. N. J.
Andrew J. Dunn and Alice Albert
son. both of Philadelphia. Pa.
John D. Mizzerelll and Loraine G.
Myers, both of Philadelphia, Pa.
Herbert Edmunds and Lillian Greas
ing. both of Jantaqua, Pa.
■' The Holy Name Societies of this eity
will make the second visit to the three
churches on the first Sunday of Octo
ber. This is one of the obligations re
quired to make the jubilee. The pro
cession will he several square« long.
St Mary's, the Cathedral and St.
Anne's Church will be visited. In each
ehufch an alms is given for relief of
the poor of the parish where the church
is located.
Governor t harles R. Miller is ex
pected on Tuesday after an extensive
trip fhrouph the west. Governor Mil
1er left here several weeks ago to at
tend the Conference of Governors-which
was held in Colorado Springs. Cyl„ and
after the convention he took a business
and pleasure trip through the west, vis
Ming Governor West of Oregon, who >*
of his personal friends. Mrs. Miller
■ accompanying him on part of the
«rip. *
Judge Edward O. Bradford, who
has been visiting various sections of
Europe during the summer months,
is expected to return to hls home
some time between the 20lh and 25th
of this month.
Mr. anil Mr?. Edward Tyndall and
Miss Blanche Rogers, of Georgetown,
have been »pending this week with Mies
Helen \\. .lochen, No. 609 West Fifth
Mrs. Joseph Pyle. Jr., of Kennett
Square, is viMtmc tnonds in thi** city.
John A. Lengel has returned from
Europe, where be had been for .ever.l
month». »
Captain Thomas D. Seliellenger, mayor 1
of Lewe», und one of the Delaware river 1
amlhav pilot» for tiftv-six years, was a
icruo.t thur«lav evening »( Mr .;>•] Mr«
Pewit, P. Kaust, in this city. Captain
Sehellenger is captain this week of the
pilot boat Harry J. Edmunds.
Leonard ti. ilagnor, w ho has been
spending the summer vacation at hi«]
hori^m* «n this city. returned to Dickinson
j »«)'■£ hJdbuîyhas been spending .ev
| eral davs w ith friends at Dow ningtown.
,\||>. * Miriam A let and daughter,
I Mabel, are guests of friends at Parkes
j jur „
Russel Boyd is visiting his parents at
Mrs. John M. Truax and Mrs. L. H.
Merrihew, of this city, are spending a
week ns guests of Mrs. J. Harvey Sprn
anee at her slimmer home at Wildwood
Crest, N. J.
Chief Justice and Mr*, lames Prune
will motored up to Wilmington from
Dover yesterday morning to attend the
Slut.- l air
L. Irving Handy, who has been travel
mjtf in Knropf, h«* returned home.
H. H. Hiliany, who spent the summer
months along the coast of Maine, has
returned Home.
Mi-s. William F. Metten und daughter.
Elisabeth, were recent guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander Metten, of Middletown.
John Dawson Clark, of Camden. was
a visitor here this week.
Miss Bietla M. Emerson and mother,
Mrs. L. W. Emerson, of Baltimore, are
vi-iting Mrs. Emerson's son
street. I.ast week they wer«' entertained
by the Misses Addie and Lillie Williams,
of Mnrshallton
professor John B, Riehie has returned
from Rehohoth, where he spent some
Mrs. Charles G. Cann. of Middletown,
is spending the month of September
W ith Mr. and Mrs. E. D Hartman, at
William H.
\o. .*,01 West Thirteenth
Forest Park, Baltimore. Md
)o h n Ahem, of West Chester, was a
j v isitor lore this week and attended the
State Fair.
Mrs. Crethia Lofland and daughter arc
visiting Dr. Harold lavfland, at Kennett
Square, this week. „ , „ .
Mis, Eleanor Read, of N'o. 821 dnPcnt
street i« spending three weeks with her
aunt. Mrs. Harry Kelly, in Burlington,
N. T.
Mra. James Bkelton. of No. ta* L.
Twcnty-fourlh street, has returned
home from a *w-o weeks' vacation.
visiting Baltimore and Washington en
Ambrose and Willie Killen were
guests of James L. Cohee while attend
! birthday.
n0 r. Celia Connor. Mary
(Josephine Hutchinson. Pauline Col
| ) on , Madallne Mundell, Mildred Mun
dell. Harry Mundell, Mart Connor,
Kiddie Hutchison. John Hutchison.
isadore Click. Sammle Click. Ruby
Ing the State Fair.
Evelyn Clements, of Dover, is speml
In the week-end with Charlotte Cohee.
Mrs. and J- W. Killen, of Felton.
to Minneapolis with the
have gone
Odd Fellows.
A surprise party was given Mar
1 tin Donlin in honor of his seventh
Misses Katherine Connor, Rose Con
onck, Abbie Oliek. Mr. and Mrs. Ma
honey. Mr. and Mrs. McMonlgal and
son. Mrs. A. Glenn. Mrs. A. Ennis.
Miss Katie Sweeney, Frank
John Long. Martin Donlin, Sr.. Mrs.
W. E. Blackiston, Abie Rlttenhouse,
George Rlttenhouse.
Establishment of James Young
_ .... . A , # r J *
O Son Wiped UUt Of txist
cif^k Tim»
eOCe TOT girtn lime
POCOMOKE CITY, Md.. Sept. 13.—
mill of
Th«« large saw and lumber
James T. Young & Sou, situated at the
front of Walnut street, on the Poco
moke River, this eity, was destroyed
by fire last evening. The alarm
given about 7.30 o'clock by G. Edgar
Schoolfield, of this city, who saw the
smoke and flames Issuing through the
windows as he was going dow ntown
from hls house.
The Volunteer Fire Department ar
rived quickly on the scene an ° * n
minutes after the sounding of the
alarm, had five streams of water play
ing on the flames. The pw ire struc
ture, however, valued a< $5.0' ,n - wa *
a mass of debris In leas than 1»
mtnutes. The highly inflammable ma
ferlai, consisting principally of dry
shavings, rendering the efforts of the
firemen futile, as far as saving the
building was concerned.
Several thousands dollars' worth of
lumber were scattered In piles around
the large yard and these were saved
from destruction by the herioc efforts
of the firemen and citizens. A new
boiler, recently installed by the firm
at a cost of $1.509. also escaped with
out material damage, but the pipes and
belts which were a part of the mill
machinery wer« considerably damaged.
*Only a light breeze was blowing at the
I time of the fire and this fact alone
saved the large plant of the Pocomoke
lee and Electric Company and large
canning establishments along tho
shore of the river from (lestruetion. as
" etlon^ôf^t'hw'b^'WliiÏs 'from* the
- rh e conflagration last night was the
j n tb e history of the firm, of
which James T. Young is the senior
p Hr t ngr ', All of them started on the
g |te and resulted, in every case,
j n a |most total demolition of their
milling; establishment. The first of
these was In 1882. the name of the
j firm then being Young K- Coulbourn,
an ^ the last previous to last night was
The cause of the fire is unknown,
but rumors of incendiarism are rife.
Many believe that the mill was inten
ttonallv fired. The total loss Is esti
mated at $7.500. with practically no
Insurance, the rates demanded on the
structure by the insurance company
since the conflagration In 1905 being
high as to be prohibitive.
cf the Wesleyan
^ .. .. ... . I
College Alumnae will be held ln the
Hotel DuPon on November b. The
» session will last all day. Luncheon
1 8er ' e ^ a * 1 o clock. The morning
1 will be devoted to business and af
I ter luncheon the afternoon will be
; spent in reminiscences, old songs and
: a general good time. The reunion
| committee is composed of fourteen]
members selected from the classes |
between the years 1854 and 1884, cov- .
«ring thirty years of the college his
tory. The members are anxious to j
make the affair a memorlahle occa
sion and one which will act the stan
dard of similar affairs which will fol
Fourteen members of the Delaware
Grand Array of the Republic, some |
wlves , m wlir taH , ve an foî? Chattai,,!^
m , . Lnatianooga.
Tenn., this evening to attend the na
tmnal encampment of the O. A. R.,
j which w ill be held In that city he
ginning September 15. Some of the
j Delaware party will leave by way of i
Southern Railway at 6.22 oclock to-)
I night, the other members of the d«*le-1
gallon will go by way of the Sea
| hoard Air Line and will leave the |
French street station at 6.12 o'clock
• hls afternoon.
as bridesmaid,
At the Second M. P. Church, on
Thursday afternoon, the marriage of
Miss Florence Stevens and James
Armstrong was solemnized by the
j Rev. F. G. Fairing- The bride, who
jwas gow ned in white silk and carried
red roses, was attended hy Mra. Fred
Wollender as matron of honor, and
Miss Bessie Stevens
After the ceremony an Informal recep
tion was held at the bride and groom's
new home. No. 16 E. Thirty-fourth
Those who W-111 make the trip are:
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Hancock. Mr.
and Mrs. William Mcndlnhall, Colonel
and Mrs. Enoch Moore, Mr. and Mrs.
J. S. Litzenhurg. General W. A. Reilly,
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse K. Baylls. Mr. and
Mrs. William J. Ball, Mr. and Mrs.
David R. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Thom
as Holt. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Miller.
J. H. Horn, J. P. Riley and John Tur
Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, accompa
nied hy Mr. and Mrs- Wollender start
on their wedding trip last evening,
They will go to New York, then up
the Hudson to Glen Falls. They will
be at home after September 24
; Mr. Armstrong is familiarly known
]to his friends as "Red" Armstrong. The
' Irish-Ameriean Association w ish for
him and his bride all happiness.
Among those present at the wedding
were: The bride's father. George
Stevens, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jo
seph Barren, Mr. and Mrs. Yens Ped
erson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lucas,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wollender, Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert Skinner. Mr. and Mrs.
George Cockerlll, and family, Mr
and Mrs. Moffitt, and niece, Mrs.
Fryer, Miss
Nicolson. Mlgp Edith
Mary Scanncll, Ed
Roily, of Panama; William Cook, of
Detroit. Mich.
E. S. R. Butler of Wilmington, the
oldest business man in this eity, quietly
celebrated bis 87th birthday yesterday
af his cottage on Rehohoth Beach. His
three sisters ef Georgetown
Mary B. Maul), Mrs. Harrie B. Niven
and Miss Bailie Butler—spent the day
with him.
I party f«k visitors.
Master William C. Walker, of
Lawrence. Mass., who. with his grand
mother. Is visiting his uncle and aunt.
an( j ^j rg A c. Patterson, of No.
1618 Lincoln street, celebrated hia
j fifth birthday on Thursday, and en
joyed a fine birthday party given in
[his honor.
Sages, Margaret
Master Walker guests included Ethel
Patterson, Edna Doyle, Grace Simp
son. Lillian Robinson, Marian Morti
mer, Catherine
Magee, William E. Walker, Charles
Shafer, Ira Jones, Victor Doyle and
Carver Sages.
j n ( oma | d anl .p given at Vernon's
Grove a h ove this city, by Carl F. Zoch
I agt night, was an enjoyable affair.
Twenty-five couples from Wilmington
! participated. Charles Manuel's Or
r h PS f ra furnished the music. There
„ere several Interesting features iu
^ wav of dances; principal among
them, the Japanese Tango by Mr. and
Mrs A Su1IJvan
_ „ -
The marriage of Miss Lillian Dono
van. daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Wilfred
B. Donovan, of near Milford, and Wll-1
Ham G. Jones, an engineer on the
Delaware railroad, took place on
Wednesday at the home of the bride's
parents The Rev. Mr. Taylor, of Mil
ton. was the officiating clergyman.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones will he at home
after September 18. at No. 226 West
Mrs. John Vaughn, of No. 617 West
Twenty-fifth street, will be the hos
tess on Tuesday evening next for
members of the Delaware Division of
the Sunshine Society, who will hold
their first fall meeting at her home
on that evening
formerly Miss Elsie Kirby, whose
I marriage took place this summer, and
this is the first meeting of the society
In her new home.
Mrs. Vaughn was
Mrs. George W. Ltorsey. Jr . stats
president of the Delaware Division of
the International Sunshine Society,
will entertain the members of Old
Swedes branch next Thursday even-
ing at her home. 2001 Jefferson street.
At the home of Mrs. Charles C.
Kurtz. Claymont, there will be given
this evening a benefit supper for the
Ladies Aid Society, of St. Stephens
Lutbern Church. Supper
served from 5 to 8 o'clock and a Empf
ing menu has been prepared.
ill be
Members of the Women's Home
Missionary Society and the Women's
Members of Foreign and Home
Societies of Grace Are Guests
Mrs. Field
Mrs. .Icannie R. Weld at her home.
Kenlraere, yeaterday afternoon, the
Foreign Missionary Society of Grace
M. K. Church were entertained by
occasion being the September meet-j
Ing of the Societies when it Is an
annual custom for them to be the'*
guest« of Mrs Field
Mlta Susan C. Lodge, of I-an»
8U«»t honor and made an address
..... mu« txidce bus
B ' ....
been the personal guest of Mrs. H. S.
Goldey while In Wilmington.
-phe flrgt pBrt of thp p roRram was
R ( V en up to the work of the Women'a
, ,,
down«, president of the Wilmington
Branch of the W. F. M. S.. was the
Mrs N.
M Hrowne conducted the d«Vollonal
services and Miss Lodge led In prayer.
Mrs. Irvine M. FHnn. the new presi
dent, presided at the meeting «fieri
having been introduced by Mrs.]
Mrs. Roy J. Fields; the recording
secretary, read the minutes of the
June meeting. The treasurer, Mrs.
Smith Cooper, reported total receipts
$4.20, and gave a brief account of
the work of the year.
Two new members reported were
Mrs. M. B. Morrison and Mrs. T. L.
Four members were lost by death,

and four hy removal.. The present j
membership is ninety.
Mrs. George E. Reed, in presenting]
a report of the Home Society's work. I
announced the annual meeting of the
Home Missionary Society to be J»eld |
In Grace Church. November IS mid 14 |
Mrs. C. W. Weldln announced that all j
the conference pledges, amounting to j
the sum of $1.710. were met during!
the past year.
A letter of appreciation from Miss!
M. Grace Quigg. for flowers sent at f
the time of her mother's death, was]
read. A letter of greeting from both |
societies was sent tn Miss Quigg.
The meeting of the Women's For
eign Missionary Society followijd '
closely upon the Hrsl meeting. Mrs ,
Jennnie I'. Fields, the president, pre- j
sided. Mrs. Levin Melson sang a |
solo. "One Sweetly Solemn Thought," j
and the minutes of the last meeting
were read hy Mrs. A. A Wlltnot, I
Miss Mary Wheeler Is delegate to the 11
Philadelphia branch meeting which j|
will be held in Scranton. October 8,
9 and 10. A letter was read from Miss
Quigg thanking the members for 1
Ell !
for the j
total collections $54.52. !
flow ers. The treasurer. Mrs.
Mendinhall, reported dues
month $15,
total for thank offering, $43.15 and j
total for mite box. $30.66,
It was announced that at the be
ginning of the year there were, 108
members, four have been lost by
death, four by removal and two by,
withdrawal. The secretary will send
a let'.er to the Rev. Wesley John-1
son. who has been 111 for several
weeks. Mrs. W. H. Helndle reported
32 members (or the Missionary
Friend. It w as announced that the
next meeting of the Reading Circle
will be held af the home of Miss
Dora McLeod the first Monday in
Mrs. H. S. Goldey reported 40 mem
hers for the King's Heralds and con-j
siderable interest on the part of the
young people.
Miss Lodge's address was much en
joyed. The working facilities of the
church here and In heathen lands
were contrasts by her. She gave a
personal message to each officer of
the society.
Wilmington, she said, was hon- 1
ored by having the names of three of j
her representatives on the program j
for the branch meeting.
Miss Lodge briefly reviewed the
new study book, "The King's Busi
ness." and Mrs. O. Donald's book—
"Our Work for the World." Mrs.
Field spoke of the home mission
books, "America, God's Melting Pot,"
and "The Study In Immigration."
The joint meeting was closed with
a hymn, and a prayer by Mrs. M. R
Lincoln, after which there was
pleasant social time.
In the dining room refresh
ments were served by the following
committee; Mrs. Joseph H. Jones,
chairman; Mrs. B. Denver t'oppage,
Mrs. Samuel G. Cleaver. Mrs. A. J.
Taylor and Mrs. H. G. Strickland. The I
color scheme was red. A beautiful ]
effect was made by electric light i
bulbs hidden In the center of red |
ros« i 8, and shaded candelabra en
hanced the charm. Floral decora
tions of red dahlias completed the
color scheme.
The marriage of Miss Margaret Tur
per. of Kirkwood, and Woodall J. j
Sheafs, of Porter, took place at the l
M. E- parsonage at Red Lion on I
Thursday evening, September 11. at 8 |
o'clock. The Rev. J. M. Llndale offl
leiated at the,ceremony.
Sluggish Bowels cause Gases, Indigestion
and Food Fermentation.
Get a Iff cent box now.
Thpf awful smirne«?, belching of acid
and foul gase»; that pain in the pit of |
the stomach, the heartburn, nervous- j
iie-s, nausea, bloating after eatiug, diz
ziness and aick hea«lache, mean? a disor
dered stomach, which cannot be regu
lated until voit remove the eau-e. It
isn't your stomach's fault. Your stom
ach L? ns good as any.
Try Casoarets: they -immediately
cleanse the stomach, remove the »our,
undigested and tannent ing food and foul
ga«es; take the execs» bile from the
liver and cany off the constipated waste
matter and poison from the bowels.
Then your stomach trouble is ended. A
C'ascsret tonight will straighten you out
by morning- a 10-oent box from any
drug store will keep your stomach
sweet, liver and bowel» regular for
month». Don't forget the children- -
their little insidfa need a good, gentle
cleansing, too. ,
The members of the fire comntiUee
of City Connell together with the tire 1
chief? and building Inapeetor, aetlng
under Instructions from City Council.
this afternoon will start their Investi
gallon of all the manufacturing plants, i
lor,,« I... nni.nl. ., rt men I « hmme« '
Mores, tenements, apartments hous
and other sueh buildings In which n
nlimiter of Uvea would be endaugored !
in ease of fire In this city.
To deter
. .... , ,, , ,_I
mlne the condition of all such places
with respect to the danger In case of
I lire, will be the object of the investlga
| ' , ... lh
| The object In view in visiting t
manufacturing plats will be to find I
(whether they are sufficiently equipped 1
1 »» 1 "" escapes, emergency exits j
laud lhe malter ln whllh liv, ' H of
to see that no Inflammable malerlala I
!*re allowed to He around In the cellars :
or basements. ;
| -ph r wbo | ( , nb jp C t ( ,f the Investigation
ifi , n p rPV ent a catastrophe ln (lila
jrlty. such as have occured In other
jellies throughout the country recently,
those employed there are protected. I
^ K ... . ... , . I
|1P other places will he visited for
practically the same reason, and also |
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•ecu re
grand jury yesterday began the In- j
vesligalion of the case against
Harold W. Smith, who was held by
a Jury of Inquisition as knowing
""»"''H'lng "hom' the death of Flor
? nrP ' N «*•»" rlKht. who *1« found
*,dead at the Home (Las Company's of-j
f \, e last .Tune. Twelve witnesses |
wore examined, leaving several more :
,r> heard today.
It I« said no new evidence waa un
„„thud against Smith, except that
which was given before the Jury of
Inquest, but It Is stated that another
p*rO, prominent In the affairs of
this section, w aa brought Into the
anrt „though no names were
divulged from the grand Jury room.
1 R |a stated that the case haa taken
j on a new aspect. It Is possible that
has bp,,n
*• D'' r « on
cd with rite young girl's death will
jury is making a
searching Investigation ot the whole
case and In addition to the wttnessea
already called 10 more have been
; summoned. It 1» said that a wli'nesa i
slated to the jury that he saw a
prominent man with Misa Wain-.after
1 vvright hut a ahorf time before she
was found dead
, , . ... .. _ ,
be charged with the affair,
The grand
Walking all the way from Elsroers
aa 1th a fractured skull. Llilhert Sptlth,
s colored hoy, aged 17 years, entered
the Homeopathic Hospital last night
and exclaimed "Say. doctor, my
bn ddv hit me tn the forehead with a
aledge hammer, and I believe my sknti
p on . | H broken "
\ n examination by the hoapltal phy
„bowed that one of the bones
ln the front of the skull was cracked
by the blow. Smith stated that on hia
long walk he had expectorated about
a pint of blood.
He said that, be was sitting on the
ground yesterday afternoon watching
hls brother drove a slake with a sledge
hammer, when suddenly the hammer
flew off the handle and struck him
'squarely in the forehead with enough
force to kill an ordinary person.
Smith, however, stated that the blow
"only Inconvenienced him for a time,
and he afterward decided to go to the
hospital Just to see If anything was
the matter with him." Physicians re
[garded hls experience as remarkable,
not only because of the apparent
alight Injury the boy sustained, hut
(also heraus« of the long walk be look
It. Ho will remain af the
jhoapltal for observation to determine
whether the injury may hr serious.

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