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Wiggins Kills Himself After a Fierce Pistol Battle
Patrolman S. D. Scott had
been attracted by the sound of Ihn
.shooting early in the encounter. He
started across the street toward Pa
trolman John Ward. The latterly
warnrd Scott lo pet out of danger.
Scott evidently didn't understand.
for tlu* next inrtant hr received a
bulle, in the breast, Scot, was on
the car tracks at the time, and
gins fired a, him throu ,h the slats
of the shutter.
The bullet penetrated Scott Just
above the heart. He was taken to the
Delaware Hospital in the automobile
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Mrdshol add bullets from across the
Street force him to flee.
Por an hour the firing was kept up.
Jt was like a battle. Wiggins did
fire anywhere nearly so many times
as the police did. as he evidently did
not have much ammunition.
A large crowd gathered, but kept
at a respectful distance. Bullets and
bird shot wore flying in every direc
tion. The police blazed away repeat
edly into Wiggins' quarters from
across the street.
...k*4 to mi î. mi* «or
A shot enn belnc fired hv rniit or
AVarri in the «™, Trvbe
house at the northeast corner of
D 8 aÄ y 'thro x u« r
f throu « l J th0 „T. 1 ;
îllseû ÏTJW! f ° m ". hP , re Ch Jj| f
cJr. k ;.„,? lü"" 8,Ul f ° Ur
»ri H4a, / on< ^
After the firing had contlnuo,! well
em toward one orloek, the policemen
in the hallway of tba lodging house
heard a muffled *»hot wlthtn Wlgglna*
It was different from any
otnrr that thi*y ï.iicl hoard. Thon the
nr jng from the room erased. Tlio
policemen first thought It was a
ruse of \\ iKglns to entire them with-,
In the room and shoot them. After
about fifteen or twenty minutes, at
1.10 o clock, the policemen rushed
against the door ad into the room.
In a pool of blood on the bed lay
the body of Wiggins. A gaping bullet
hole In his temple told the story Of
. endrd h , lH 0Wn , '".r 110
hand was a revolver of ..IS calibre,
with every cartridge used. Reside
him lay a ,38 calibre revolver that
b"d every cartridge fired. In his hand
kel streets.
he Clutched Ills farewell mile lo his
mother, that during at) the stress of
battle be ha, I taken time to write.
The police gathered twelve empty
cartridge sheila. How many more
bullets Wiggins fired they do not
know. He was out of ammunition,
and. like the Indian of the plains, he
used hla last bullet lo end his oWn
life of outlawry.
The room In which the tragedy oo
surrod. a small bedroom on Um third
floor, preaeitted an appearance of
chaos this morning, even after It had
been ..«.rtlallv cleaned. The walls
* In the re ir of'thc room Anposttc the
windo//^ woro riddled will! fmr bird
»hot which h-.d been fired from two
Harrington* and Rh h-rdson hammcV
leas shotguns In the hands of the |*o
Hr* Thnitsanris of crama of shot
*' .. V. . "T 0 "'
were sticking In Ihe wall, thousands
of small holes showed where the shot
bad struck, snd the floor was I
S Sü i |H k "' d t W îh h
addition to the shot marks were five
large holes in the plaster, caused by |
builds from the officer e revolvers
None of them, however, had «truck
the boy at bay In the mom. the bullet
fired by bis own hand being the only j
mark upon his body,
Two picturea were hanging on thb ;
•wall opposite the windows. One of I
these, a photograph of some family,lets.
group, hung In the center, and al- i
though surrounded by the shot h«le«,
it escaped damage, being outside the j
Fung? of the firing. Th*' other pic- '
ture. a colored picture of a dog, was ,
riddled with lead, the glass smashed 1
snd only a few splluters remained
the remains of tho frame. Every
window had been shut when thc battle I
smashed, not a piece of glass the also
ol a silver dollar left remaining
In them. The ahulters outside tho
indnw had been shut wbn thc battle
I cyan, and thcac wore splintered by:
< hot .and bullet«. Wiggins liad
* ml Ills few «hots through the blind«
... a
ug Held Boys Blood.
A bedroom set was on the wnehaUnd
m th, rear of the room. The top of
" 1 'i'.HW hPr „, hn .2 T"
a hullct. and 'he '"P of H e mug had
bear mg lay upon the flour. This,
«s» bespattered with blood. Althongli
the body of the boy was found by tlu
ä 0 of , fl T rr ::
across tho bed. but very little
blood was found on the bedclothes,
Miss Healing, who changed live bed,
morning. declared that she
thought the body had fallen upon the
floor «' 'be foot of the bed. as ,he.
carpet there was stained with blood
While the bed «as very little stained,
A white counterpan« covered the bed,
Which would have clearly shown any
nloofi etalnê.
The body of WTggin« had been ak-,
an from the bed and placed on the.
floor, the blood flowing fmm his head
making a stain several feel in dlarae
ter on the carpet. Whpn found on th'
beq he «as lying on his right aide,;
the wound being upward, and It Is
thought that * hi.* accounts for the
lack of blood on the eounterpane Ai
«mall glass lamp, the only light in
tho room, was standing on the bureau..
with a burnt match beside ,t The
lamp had not been damaged by the
gun fire.
Bullet Holes in Door.
grains of shot had struck
the head of the bed. but beyond this
no article of furniture waa even
scratched by the shooting. The door]
to the room presented the most bat
lered condition of any part of the
room, the inside of it being' splinter-!'
side, in the hall. FTve bullets were
- - .
B*- ~***" - -
Dot. suffer with kohls. Catarrh,
Bronchitis or yttick Consumption when
BRAZILIAN BALM kill» the germ* and
make« a .»d'col cure. This 1 « the »ea
son to make the system sound for the
vigor» of next winter. Only instant
eure (or Typhoid and Contagious dis
ease» on p»rth prevent» 1 1 giver tn
lmi r AH druggists.- Ad».
fired through the door, and the
mashed lend was found slicking In
the wall across from Hie door. One
of the bullet holes was very near
the small wooden button, which held
the door shut, and had It been an
Inch or so higher, would have knock
cd the butt, i off.
The only thing that Wiggins had in
the room with him ws* his two revolvers
and the suitea e containing me wig* aim
beard*. The note which e had written'
to hi* mother he ore turning Ins ..no I
ver upon himself, had evidently been
. written while lie crouched beneath a win
] do „ from tho w ,|„
imV , ,„ ns „ | m<J |irobab | v been torn
fl „ m t fi p pn| , rl , ininH ' of ,. nP of „to bu
reau drawer». No I..,,. ,,l»re ws* found
a)lv of )hp lining in the draw
,,. n but the paper wan h dark yellow
| papor. almilnr to that hr u-..| in ^.ntch
.mg off the In^t few line 4 « to bin motiin.
I A more appropriate ph. for a ban
Wig-.ilitV lu*t stand, entild hardi- have been
llm.ml. The room, the fnnt third story
room, w«» entered by a narrow winding
bi.llwuy, there l«i„i ctriimc* I» two
"»her rooms jn*l out Ide the -ntrance to
the one in which Wiggins was killed,
1 »"me time. Mud n strong loci, been
Upw the door instead of the small hut
I*."f. ""d " 'ggin* had plenty of
vat l«m had routed him. U.mni.ig out of
ammunition .. .. however, lends
belief that Wiggins did not have.
1 iiinnv cartridges with him when corner
iâ tb e little mom. Xu cartridge box
I wa. found in the room, showing that
w ««t cartridges he did have were in
■ (h,. revolvers ,1 lone.in his pockets.
The police searched Wiggins' cloth
j n g ami found ft wallet ami a bolt
i about his body oontalnlr»« $6(10.75 on
j h)m . (n thc wallet was »150 In notes.
| t | || Jf , NVas in notes and In
j h)a i rouaPra was »20.7S.
The body was taken bv Hie police
to tbp ,, 0 u crt a , Ht jon garage
A lar( . p and f . ur (oiis crowd gulli-i
,. d around t |„. police sliition anxious'
t0 m . p (b e body Dr George W K.
Forrest police' Kiir-'eon examined
'he body and pro.,mimed Wiggins
, d ,, ad |or B0|nfi
| «-.„„.i.. pi v «ns „ml „ so nil went
| (njl , wigcln«' mother a home hi 1
X/ 0 , ' '" LX,,
b dd ,, n ' „hlckeu house in Hie
. .. . s ,
' „.'.w/, , , , iT it'
. . ' . •. r 1' '' 'V*' r| S ', . j
. „j .
L hb ' ", ' |
' ' ' . ..... . " J!.. ", 11
. 8 . 'f*/ 11 '
, ' , . rn 8 nnt *no*n. It
. .! gslns gate away or hIJ
1 f,. H vJ T' d . r nt , '. ar 0f 11
i Iggina boti.t also was a -lew
go, watch, a black ribbon f.m w.th
«-old pendant. i|gold stlcakpln, a
pocket flashlight, a key and a pen
Wlga and false whisker.* and
moustaches and gum to fasten the
a'ko were found among hU
•iris, indicating h- had gone about
a*. Hines in disguise.
Riddled Hat Store.
the win do» and door of the hat store
occupied by H. II. Springer at No.
West Fourth street were struck found"
time* by the bullets of Wiggins as he
shot out of his room.
The turgr
*** »"♦ ^ The b„l
l ''" «••rt-* , M-d through it ami struck
i " r " Hl " 1 "'em. (,n one hat
a ""he Imllrt*. K spent is force
" K ""' K » •"■«»»«irti the «im low and fell
^ 'V"«
.. . .. " ' " ,ro|, *h the door.
, hiillct* were lend and ronhl not
l,a, e conic from an out on- tic t.j.tol
u i,i„L
j*,| (( „ h " fe|'('"e,i that U ipgm* was
,... , ,,
d, >* *" "••' »'Jn'\fel|ènir W-iitrj on
thp * Prml(| Ho „, ,. v|l blli | dll) „ !
A j| fbl> ruing a nimm* crowd '
nf apv ,. ra | , Mlndrpll ' E .„|,e,- P d
about Fourth and Khipley .(reel, and I
r |«wml the *crnc of (he battic and dis
<-ue*o*l the I raged \ and the last stand
|of the youthful haudil
The'crowd eagerly P o„,|e.| out Ihe
marks of the shown of »hot and bill
Joseph Fisher, of No -•!(? West Fourth
|street, a *|x-ctator today said he count
cd in:, »huts tired by the, policeman and
Object to Children Seeing Suicide.
F.arly this afternoon complaint was
inlmade to the police hv prominent «dti
«ens that school children were being ab
lo«c,| to vie«- the remains of XViggina
tbe morgue. The matter will be
taken up with Attorney General Joaiah
•). Wolcott, a* foroncr Spring is a state,
According to the complaints, at the
countv morgue, in King street neni
' Eighth atred. there was a a|eadv;bul
"f morbidly curious .. le pasi
ing into the huihling all morning
Among them were girls and Im.v
Trolle, Official'» tppreciatioii
Th "'" 88 " XXTlson. vice priMident
Wilmington and Philadelphia 1
fÄfÄÄ'Ä'Ä ":»k
bery case. He said
' Naturally I am plraaod nt the
outcome. Chief Blark and the wbole :
po, ' rp ^L,n iZ\
credit for the way the entire case,
bus been handled. And I nm par-'
ticularly delighted that it was lb,- Wil 1
mlngton police department which
succeeded in roundlne „„ , h u
ado . „f vdew" Ä fîrt P thïî'w K
bn „ been in so many other cities with
much larger police nnd detective
j equipment, I am sorry for Officer
' srott. who was shot during the me
I leo. but Î umkrptand ho is not ter
(oualy injured"
___ _ ^
Mf|TI||<D T|?f I C
III" I ülijli 4 MjIuIj J
| AF ■ AAT fTva-krtfxn'iwv
, Ilf* I III! I I I II
v * * X/ k/Lf U 8*
wmTmgx wwwrw _ r . _ _
j IV] I II 111 |I V AD||
II" I Vf I1CII I (wMVl/
* rP - McDermott, mother of Wig
gins, waa silling on the edge of a
bare cot In a cell in the police sta
j t i 0 n when interviewer 1 ,,. „ miinvir
. a 1
JJ ' an< l «he made her replies in
*V a a r?- tnecnalcal manner, as though
0 f . a * u l, roa7e the extent of J
: "vr trouble. Her eyes were swollen
i 8111 ' ri '' ,, I ] 0 1 rn weepi n g and her voice
1 " n * aa listless a: though she cared
n °..»r ,lla » C i *' <>r -
Mrs. McDermott, how many times'house
ha* Homer been at your house since ;
he escaped from the F.astern pent
tentlsry? aske d the reporter
"Only once." she replied. "He
came in yesterday evening between 1
8 and 9 o'clock and remained there
about half an hour. He walked in
thc front door, without w-carlng any
dtaguU*. and hr left the same way.
When he came tpto the house lie,
said: 'Mom, 1 couldn't stay away
from you any longer. I just couldn't
stay away from home. I'm ready now!
for the cops to get me. I'm ready to
die. If the cups got mo and take mo
back to the pen. I will commit sul
leide before I have been there a week.
Mom, it ain't no use. I'd just as leave
bp daad as 1b ji way I am now I
( can ., comP bom „ or do anything'
,. As hp )pff hollsp - tbP woman
{ . onh d sa|d to m ' p; • (: ood . byP .
m0(hp , mavb( . w|1 , he the Isst
„ y w ,f, pver HPPn n)P aKain Tbr
, ... ,
»ext time you sec me l will be a
r 0 P^ r .. ,, , ...
„ Mr *'. McDermott when .1 d
Humo j; brln .K Hml car-l.arn money ,o
>°» r t t»»«»" « fkr " h" répéter.
n ^' c r brouRlit it. there h m
• «ho replied- One morinn« we
1 ®°* lini ^ feuud the money lyln*
{« the yard w.fh ... note attaebml to
'*• «iRi'et. b} Homer. He said it was
his and asked me to take rare of if.
'H made me sick, tor I knew it was
The money stolen from the car-barn.
and 1 'Iragged I» '"»0 /he chtcken
house. Then I told ray «laughter, who
,i, h it î „î* „.
iher, snd she hid it In the bottom ff
'tho chicken house,"
I 'Who took ,t to the chicken house,
°.ut ä. «r ^
replied, "for when I saw i, I nearly
to'dropped. It was In little white bag«."
"How many bags were there?"
I "Honnst to tjod, I can't tell von. It
j made me so ,hk that I didn't know
what I waa doing."
This storv. which was teld to THKi
EVKXIXfi JOI HXA1. reportei in
1 presence of another reporter of tlii»'
» paper amt the matron of the police êta
tion, is rxactlv opposite to th.- ator y
, told by the woman when she was ar
j lai^nrd in thr ( it v Court thi» morning.
I At that time she denied having anv
knowledge of the money, ami stated
jihal slie had no idea how it came to be,
on her property.
'"** this moiicv thrown in vonr
vari1 the night of the carbarn robbery î"
»■*« the next question asked tho woman
X«, it wg» several day. afterward."
she replied, thus indicating that Wig
I K' n " I "" 1 l "' , ' n «» this city several days,
'«"»il a "er the robbery wa, commit
i tnd.
"I *'' 1 b" Ret any of (he money when
he was at rouf house last night?" the,'
leporler asked.
"Xn. indeed, he never mentioned the
money the whole time he was there "
"Didn't he ssk you if you had found
it in the yard?" *
"No. he ne\er said a word about it.
-j- bp ,, n |y (hing he *aid about money was
Unit he had some laid hack if nuvthing
happened to him.'
"Did von ever get any letters from
Ho, „er?"
my boy."
"It h«« been reported that a woman
dressed in black has frequently called at
fljyour house. Did -he have anything to
with your son?"
"So, only three postcard«. They were
»II »cut from M. Louis,"'she replied.
"Did n woman iihiiiciI Mabel Lynn ever
bring yon any word from your son?"
•'I don't know any such woman. No
brought me any message from
"There never was any «-iininn in I,lack
pin»«'called nt mv house. It is one of the
I >'"» that have been eireulatrd. A lady
«cv-here one time earing a block >ilk
,l """ , '"' 1 • -hirtwat«» and il »a*
reported that it was Homer, but
'here wasn't n word of truth in It.
'° * ny h, " ,B0
* ... . . . ,
Where did he get thc w Oman B wig
he hnd. Did your other sou Rive It
himself, Mv other son didn't get
The other boy of mine didn't knov
anything about It; he w as ignorant ofi
the whole thing."
"Did he know anything abut the
"No; the only ones who knew about:
that were my daughter and myself.'
"Mrs. McDermott Thc police saw
two young men enter your house earlv
yesterday morning. Now, wasn't one
of them Homer?"
"No, honest lo God il w«*nT, That's
a mistake. liiere waa no two young
men there." The young fellow who i»
stooping there went out a couple of
limes early yesterday morning to got
some cigarettes."
"XVlio was the voting fellow?"
"Mr. T aylor, lie is a friend of my
»on-in law's and lias been stopping with
»». on and off. for some lime. He has
been on a spree and has not been work
Mrs. McDermott stated that she has
[been working at No. 28T Broome street
since lid* allair happened she has
Keen tm, atek to do anv work, film .tit
"d that she did not know whether ahe
was sorrv or glad that Homer had kill
to him?"
"I don't know anything about any
wig, but if he had one, he bought il
cd himself, ending hl» sufferings rathe»
,htt " >'i. long term again.
Mice hp Ai nur
• «F 1 HMi M vlilvlJ
- -
.. , u . , .
' , . rv " H , ,M mWn '" a fr ° m
1 y "•»' ,hp >'°" n R «'»"•" wl, o
' " 0, ' H,hI t, '' ! l' olic-r of " •»?«"'» presence
•" »•'« house, that he had been in XXII
i "'.ington several days last week nml had
»'•*•*** ♦h« ruomiug hoiiAf on »tvernl
different occasions.
XX'hen seen nv a reporter of THE
EVENING JOT FINAL »hi. morning Mi»«
Healing »aid that XX iggin« had been
'he hoiife off and on nearly all .of ta*t
week and that he ap|airently made no
'fforl to hide hi* identit, aiid that no
' asked or fried to find out who he
"Miggin* mine and went when he
wanted to, ' said e vvoma,,. "He lia*
been lie,* seversl davs and «'• one hoth
ered him." When asked if »he required
of the man wh«t In* n»me *w«« when
, IP g r »t cuir lo the lioir»e »he »nid that
»he did D'd because it wae none ol
I "tf .x' 0 " G'me here for a room I would
not ask who you were or inquire into
,your business," she sam. "Jio lookinl
„q , and he got his room. I feci
J that I did my duty in notifying the po
!,-, rp (),„( t be man that tliey were look
ing for wa» here." She Inter chniigcvl
fier «taten.ent »omewhat n* to the imiu
Iber of times that Wiggins as at the
during tbe week.
; "He came here on Monday night," *be
-aid, "and engaged the room in which
the »hooting took place, and remained
there nil night. For two or three days
1 afterwards he came and went when he
plesred and then I dil net see anything
of him until Friday night when he was
here again. He came in on Friday night
apparently »» um-onrered »(«out the po
liv-c or hi* »afety ax vou or I would
[.»me into the house and went to his
'The next time that | „aw him was
''***' night a little liefere 10 o'clock, when
I'•* ram '' in and went to hi* room wuich
■ I made sure that lie
I wfl * *'*« ro,mi and then went to City
1 , * nl * nil<l «"'tiled the notice that the
n ? an th,,t were loosing for was in
tm> hm,M ' notifying them I came
*° ,l "' *o my boom
developments. I expected the
'P 1 ' 0 * 'VT'.' mimedistely and arrest
'>"«■ 'J ««•> over an hour before
they earn« and I thought that they had
thnt th( . man in th<l h(lu ,;. was
not the one that they were looking for."
Whpn aakpd wlla ' t timP w * nt to
, c)ty Ma „ Mi Healing s..ld Ilia' it
, WM abolIt w O . clot . k al T d tba , „ waa
ft QO(1 w j,^ r after jj 0 » r U) C k betör«
thp po||cc came to tho houflC> ^So
lon^,'* «lie isalci "that I fboutcht they
^ no T romtag a"d u- Wh Mus'.
( ( . y, P .. wore looking
mS ' 1 ' looking
..j(\ Higgins He* He u "
-p*, rôn.-.-n.ni , .a
t , hf) - d ..., d „ .., ,
yjJiVoUTl'iviy.".''* 2 £'"yr
^ 1 f ,1,n
b „ y ™'' t f"« knowing my
' Xman Sd W Ä
r'\*v° r
! <Hber and then Wiggins sD-tn
" ed ^ door in ,hr "fllcor f fire. Ho
• b " rrl f rt
"' 8S Henllng would not say what
either man sold lo the other or how!
1 « 0 « ,hc . v t»lhed. She did spy that
ihe.H'cy said something to
n "d ' h <» f Wiggins closed the door In
fac-o. When aakod if
crying 'get help, it's
each other
1 wfRuln» had a revolver who n he
°IM'"ed the door she said that she did
| that he did.
" ir 1,0 • la ' 4 a Kuu, he would have
• K «t H»«t time," said tbe woman,
"but this thing about the door being
j locked is not so. Wc neves- give keys
= "> 'he guests here. There Is only
I °P e hey to thc room, and we hnd it
«'■ 'he time. The door was not locke d
! ft «Il nil that Was holding it was
: this. She pointed to a small wooden
button screwed lootely to (he frame
I work on t)ie door.' If was Just such
; a button ns one would find cm a door
of a barn or chtcken coop. "That was
a H that was holding the door all the]
I time." said Miss Healing "and It
could have been pushed in by almost
i any man." It was a very smalt enteh
1 a,1 cl 'be reporte,- could have forced
open the door with one blow of his
I fist If he hs,| wanted to.
j "This thing aliout the police break
i Ing the door off its hinges Is not so
either," she said. "The door was not
! broken off the hinges," and she point
ed to them. The hinges were In good
I condition.
I the reporter,
"What arr* tho bullet holes," asked
"Why, those arc where the second
I crowd of police shot through the qoor
i lo scare Wiggins." said Miss Healing
I ''Did Wiggins shoot back," she was
I asked.
j "I don't know," she said, "but there
are no bullet holes through the door,
j if he did."
i There are five holes - through the
made front the
1 outside, as holes were clean through
j where the bullets went in and nptint
! ered the door on the Inside of the
i room, where they came out. One bul
| let was about thc height of a man's
knee and ihq other «oul d probably
j have struck Wiggins in Hie chest if
! be had been standing in the way.
door. Some were
\ Policemen Exported Him.
! "Mas Wiggins shooting much," was
would have though there was some
shooting going on." she replied,
I Mias Healing said that all the time
I the shooting was going on. there wem
bparders In the next room, and they
stayed there.
I XX hen naked about Wiggins many;
disguises. Miss Healing said that he
never wore them when she saw him
and that if ho used any disguises«,
ho pot them on outside her house
'" I"'" Healing was asked how
»he came to notify the police she said;
"(hi Saturday the polio#» mnir
house several time* and asked if there
" a ' a ,nni answering Wiggins dcsonp
* io " staying here. I described the
young man iwid they said that was. Go
man they wanted. They kept coming
I hack to the house. Dfliccr Fox came here
i "'tfht »hont six o'clock and inquired
j about thc man and I promised to Id
I the- police station know when Wiggins
1 , "" 1 no conversation with
|' li"'f/ Black regarding Idling bun
know Wiggins came here, and I had
"*"»"« to*, with him regarding \\ ig
P ,n * n ' ""
1 'After waiting over an hour I oliee
| lnan Davidson eamc to thc house und I;
♦*» k *" ,«"TVr
* ho Kn * V» J 1
hurried downstairs. He could have been
gotten when the policeman opened the
d, ' or if hr had tried lo get him."
IÏI A f't/
I Hlrl* Kl AI VV
■ vUIIjT OljiaVU
! _
I ,>p *' question.
"Well, If you had heard it. you
to mv
• rnn AVITT A 111
1 f||K UU 1 LAI«
1 V VVlIiflll
Î —
-n,.* ,»* „obre hue been verv »dive
. '
*' ,nr '' ÄO,u lo ■PP»h«d \\ igg.iia
'-he carbarn robbery «a* the
-tatemeat made by ( hief of police
Black in an interview with 11 JOT RNAL
leporttr tin* morning. the chief (!»•
'dared that aime Mon is ( oiincil idenli
(tpd photograph of \\ iggin* a* that,
of Gie lone highwayman who held bim
"P at the iioinl of a revolver, on the
da_v following the robiiery, the local po
j lice have been enn»t»ntlv in touch with
the young desperado.
"T'here hasn't been a week p«s.«ed
her'since the robbery that we haven't hart
Tal.« on him at least three or four time*
« week," stated »he elii-I, "F.very turn
tliat lie haa made we have lieen right
\ liehind liim." Ma-y of the develop
men*» of the long chase after XViggins
were known to the local newspapers, who
' made no mention of them on account of
giving »..ruing to t fugitive.
"How ninny cartridges did Wiggins
have with him Inst night?" asked the
' ''I don't know jn*t how ma. y," replied
the chief. 'T hey were strewn nil over
Ihe floor. We only took the twelve
empty shells that were in his guns. The
rest were scattered c.mong the crowd
and gathered up by them tor souvenirs,
Thcic were a great many of them."
"Did you know how long he «a* in
the room last night ?"
"\r-, I know how lonj lie was there.
He «eut in the room about 10 o'clock."
"The young woman, Miss Healing,
state* that she notified the police about
10 o'clock or before, tliat I lie man they
wanted wa, in the house. It was 11.3(1
before they went there after him. What
caused the delay?" asked the reporter,
"The description she gave of the
man made the officers feel it wasn't l
him," replied the chief. She described l
him as a much older man lhan he is. I
He is only 21 years old, and she said I
it was a man near 80 years old. She
also ..aid he had a tooth capped with
iro'd vhlMi «dud out prominently in
M mo.i h Tn*, om.o« s r snoke :
o h' lh^lr lift /to d
L, löhavl« W ' med rdnw
p ; c ,n P VrotrVi* nr' -ui ' *
î bou MI an^vHi-.n λ done These
IrHntiora kin*; of thr thorn ofi
fho' i a
r-i »• ■ ; , ii.* v «h «»m
^ . "r'Xo- v-eSTÜÄ
i i r/-.,,',' >■- , ,
b^ rootj TJ.. . ««;< ff- J"«
" ! . ■ • f ' " ' .f ' ' ,,. b , ■
" vt'io-rf' \ ' ^rr Vb loor
' ' ,* ' : - t
1. V.rô^ly kno " als ut ' I
" »» **•<»>• »«»
' '' ' ,li(1 hot have ble revolver out. He I
.vas taken by surprise vhon he saw|
V'Tor * ** ^ ^
n - ,, - w ^
nut given th
Beginner» (or i
*<»•« • n<1 ,
i knew
When asked who would get the »200 ]
reward thru -vac. ottered by thc irac
t;on company for tho capture of Wig
<n-. Chief fleck stated (hat he had
matter anv consider
f nnlin ne. I n 1 'mor. «iv i
nlmucd 01 . I nge . ix.) ,
)It und Mm. Frenk
to th> nk tiirlr polotivPK. friend
Tnhri' r.idei rr, f'rni'Rdefs
h 0 fMm Enfle, nias
-v Fi« . T Mr»- W< i,ien. i
ul fl'./Ml flFfiincs. kmdnejN nnd hym
l>ütj y du.infr thvÏT i 1 ** 1 * herfiveroent.*
nnd fnmily
Si. \
Miss cClafferty's
IIembttr iw^i
liant- inr Nf>
i*h. M
i. sm
Professors uf
► at ê d ■ ui.
JI ». m.
Forming in
f!hilrlr#n*s n
I'lni divi''«
Krflnsd Mssc
James T. Chandler, iv gfs!
I clcplionea
! 208 2«74.
Martin Corliss.
Georgs T. Hsyss.
John .T. Dngsn.
Mary L. Berger.
Samuel N. Qnmbis.
William Black.
Mary Shsran.
Js.aeph Brown.
Edmund C. Rtarr.
Clara B. Wllsy.
Edward T. McFadisn.
James Leon Grubb.
ihix rity, un Ssptsmhsr 27.
1918. Edward T., youngest non of .Isi-ob
f{. and Kachel L. MrFadien, in his 38yd
U. F. «haw Co.
funpral »eptifes at th*?
«•nth, No. 581 Went «proud atre*'
«lav afternoon. S^ptPiubrp 80 , at
Inirrmoul ill Kivorx u*w ifincOf? .
DITO A 7 I" (ml elfy. «*n B^pf ember 26.
; «né th«
• in-, ited i
of the
otténd tin
Idrnrr of hi* par
191 John •' Iniffon.
Rplativea and frUnda.
Name Society and Wilmingtn
A. 0. V. W.. »
from hiv Fair
hi* funeral (
( hur ,|, Intsrment at r'aihi-dnil
Knurl» .irc-t «h«ri m a.ao ■ m |
BLACK dn this ni;, n„ s, P -cni.rr 2 7. I
j ion i.nd*». N'c. i i o r v, \,.,, r \„ i
j 74 0 K. aid rm,.lo,-»* lM,«, r r
I; I^sther are mviid «it-n.I th. f„n.r,i I
1 d.i «n mÄ" J'.Tovwi' '
N«t™ -««•* «• s< rhurrh. into.
Siaa.-Är«s,rs"k.. „
w ,„„» rn | , rum t)ln , nH „.,, kin
i. ., K
Wedar.dsy mnrnlnr („min
BROWX—\»ar Vrwark i».; s rrl „ mh , r ,
n»i a . .ln»epb Hi-<,»n. ujp.i 7:1 -'ear.
ItsU.ivrn »nd frimil* .n< ,0 » ..rn.t
'*•* («pm id* i«te re.idrar», ,„, r ,
Newark Wadae.da,, .i,„,h fr , i« l: .
! Ä %y''^.k vLl ^. n S V x I
In ... m ' tntrrme.it in adjoining , .mn.rv ,
' ,r *" 1 " r »ivis* «1 New
kt\rii "in 0 .!» .-.Vv * "
■ m»,i«4C
i m si« r r. in
Relative*, tnen.l«, ■'•rpeni.r,
Union. Ne. iss« : <*l»ei,,. l.odg*. v,,. a*, j
. h r *h. ;
■ hi ,,^"7,!
Sn« \v»»hinc,"n «Iren m, « ..|„,.,i,, ,f„ r 1
, ••® n * ''ciotier t. .1 " In.v int.rm.ni
! ", .»wnn-, i-»i*,.t.r.i
,,,,. ri«r. r* vv'/iè»
Kei»«ir., fril„.|* .n.t m.mh.r, rf r, mp
N« 1 « O of v *r. invli.a „ •
, J»"d »he funeral «*»*»'*» »* r.»ia. n -. r
^' ri g"'j" ^ Tue.Hii- ' R '' rl
. n-.im-t inierm.nt ii'nii.r™.""',,,.,^
iGRt'RB In this rilv on
1;,|;|, .lame* Leon, infant »mi i, 0 „ r " '
Frances Gmbh, aged |:, month»
Belative* and friend* of the fnmilv
inviti*! to attend the funeral
f T( , m t | |p r c,i,i PI ,c P ,,f b j, ,, arpnf , ..
mo F.i,»t Seventeenth *trecl
nesdav aîternoon October
Sarah ( liro'tfi
I unuc.KiAn.g.K,
| The Only Licensed Tavdy
St. Paul «
n I,«»Iga. No. I.
invited t« Attend iltp funeral
fiiflrn»»». No. 820 HKth
ora inf. ni 9 o'«-look.
Paul*« Church. Inter
at Sf
ni at 1 . ath*»»iral remoter.'-.
HAVES- In thia city
IPI-T Oonrf# T. Haye».
lend his funeral from thr
brother-in law, Robert M.
Lombard »treat, on Yutsday m«
o'elork. Rf*i|Uiem m«Mi at f«t. Patrirk's
('hnrrh. Interment at Cathedral cemetery.
CORI.Î 8 S -In this city, on September 26
191 "1. Martin Corliss.
Relut»v«* *n«l friend« are invited to sttond
h<s lata resid»»ner. No. 110
Tuesday m<
Requiem ma
and friendr- ar<* invited t*> at
idence of hi»
Burns. No. 10|0
ing. «I P
ass nt St
R In f bia cit?
ItftS, Mary L. Hrrgar. aged Hit \»g
Krlntivrs and frii*nda arr it
tend the funeral service» at thc
September 27,
vilad to «1
idence of
. W . H. Berger, No. 1212 West
>n Tuesday afternoon. September 80.
Interment «t
, Pa. Philadelphia and Poylpi
town papers please ropy.
on September
hie. in hi» 70fh year.
lîe'ntivea and friend» are invited to attend
the funeral service» at the reaideu^e of his
o?» Wrdnexdnx.
utermrnt at i
'eunsgrore. .1. Rnt«! .
o' rl
Suddenly, in Pennsgrove. N. .1.,
191 A. .Samuel N
W. 8. Leap. No. 13.»
K. »I.
intilH to ».tend I
West Seventh street, on 1
1. 191.1. at 9
. Xn. 3,1
September |p!.l. ,
iiHelrf M and Sii.nin :
of \\
hi» 23rd vmr
d .loi
F«pterab*r 27,
on Wed
I, at 8.30
interment at Sdvcrhrook Ometerv.
D. Jt A. «18
AttL, 8389.
711 Jefferson St.
Em ha Inter
^ rnd floor.
Al'AbrV, Vo. S57 T»,n,il
cerf29 la
A coupon Ilk« litis is pub
lislictl in all editions of THE
|Hp \ li cse coupons of consecutive
Æ .fi date*. will give you FREE 01'
Î f'HARGE a superb photo*
graphic cnlhrgenieiiî.
I'resenl coupons and piclnre
you wish enlarged to I'liolo*
Staph Department,
Coupons must bp presonlpd I
h) adults, free offer Imiilpd I
lo photo« containing only one l
head. Slight charge for others, j
A haidseme carbonet enlargement for j
the six coupons and .'»tic. A (reautil'ul en. |
largement lu délient« water colors for six I
coupons und $ 1 . j
September 29 , 1913 .
* '•*
t cÿ
'S ■
.i ,, .
s(. Anne's Fpisvopsl Clumdi, one <d
in the <-onnti\. celebrated
<1 hundred and eighth nmiiversiivv ;
yesterday snd
led the services in tin- old edifice, j
between ?tiddletown mull
W. Hur
in crowds
Right Rev. Lewi
on. Ilisliop of Kentuekv, prenclied tin
MÉM Rev.
Kinsman. Bishop of Deaw are and Rev.
Perry (,. Dmiaghav, rei-tor of SI. Anne s i
assisted in the
-• (
Jpgsl ,* E . Watson, of Pennsgrove. !
*• . „hile ..|.1,I„~ I,, this citv ves
'• * " ,lc ,r " H . >, ■
terday fell at Third and Market
streets and dislocated his shoulder.
He was taken to the Homeopathic
H ors ford's Acid Phosphate
Better than lemons or limes—
htallhful and delicious.
and invigorates.
■ -v •
; :

f .y.
A-" '


vm M
' :
4 ; tl
- m
■ SCI»
tj$ mri'mm
■ r/$*m
: ».
S 4 "

V, •&
: V;
The Most Powerful Belting
in the World
SIX INCHE BY FOUR Ply Will Stand e
Tensile Strain of More Than FIVE- TONS
Hudson Supply Co.
Thanks to the Public
\\r desire I« C.X|,IC*S mu hearty thank, to those vvh
tendixl ?*-e opening of NEW XGRK DELK VI F.SSF.N STOKK
on Sutimlhy. It was 11 grand urea,ion. During thc day anrt
iqi to n late lioin in tin- evening, htuidiisls of visitor, called
• and each icccived n pretty souvenir. \v,> have some of these
beautiful remembrances left nml «ill he glad to distribute
them among tho«o »ln- were unable to call on Saturday.
DIT! DELIGHTFt I. Lt NCHF'S. including cut« of cold
meits. salads and other daintic-, \va< much cpprci-iated hy
cm,- patrons, |wrtieul«rly theatre goers who stopped in after
the "how. 1 rnr many caller.* Were surprised to find n store of
t li is kind. Thc dainty white fixtures, glass ea~o* and snow
white elranlirif*» appealed to (hem. This store i» stocked
with fancy groceries of all kind«: cooked and st.oked meat*:
fish; imported and domestic sausages, cheese, oti;. YDl'R PAT
New York Delicatessen Store,
217 Delaware Avenue.
Raymond White, Mgr.
D. 6 A. Phone 5889A.
Hole! DuPont Coffee
It's Rich. Full Flavor, Will Please You.
At All Leading Grocers. *
35c per pound

-.ns wer*.
1. Lie.
2. Roth pierce hearts.
8 . They arc in earnest— (lu
r t
, VV| . d * «eoldinc
1 ' "■ , * 8 , scoioln K
keep people al n distance?
4. The giouud.
"They can't do that again."
2. A old woman lu a red cloak
was crossing a field In which a goatfl
was feeding; what strange transfonn-H
at ion suddenly took place?
S. Which is thc best behaved food ; ■
cake or wine?
I Why w-as fouis Napoleon like a■
very -t day?
5. On what supposition could ul
house be built with a pocket haiidkcr-l

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