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• A White Gift Chri»lnia«" v s»;rvlcc will
<c held in the First Prc»b> terlan Church
oniglit. The starving children of Syria
sill be remembered in a Christmas of
cring. The program will bo as fol
ows :
orchestra. "Joj lo Ihc World": hymn,
, _
•0 Como All Ye Faithful": Scripture
esson: concert Christmas prayer:
11 Came Upon a Midnight Clear." exer
uses, beginners department: exercise».
.•rimar> department; **Ola f u Clxri*»lui3b ;
'resent for NKilher," Junior depart
nom: I lie Birthday of Iho Kinn.
-cnlor and intermediate departments.
•art I, prehide. "the Goming of the
n " f
W?- *•*".?, ? r >' n L.irllio
' 'Ü • cor * u J fU r,Jl i a
■'Vhl lt K.n r rTo°.k?wm' , KTi 1 n f . , ..... i
I .ic King & Court v i.l be one of llit.
ineipal scenes. The kin«, in his royal
rob-*. with his attendants appropriate-."
jy costumed will appear in Part i. At
this time gifts will be brought to He
he changed. The white throne will lie
in the center, and here the gifts will b
1.-ought to the Heavenly King.
The offering of the evening will be I
devoted to work among the Syrian
This is the first day of winter.
It is also the shortest day of the
At 4Î7 o'clock this afternoon, arcord
■l Uils instant winter \\ill begin.'!
p j» p m
.'oj ao degrees at 8 o'clock ill - :i. ■ •n
I Press.— Bat! for Charles S. While,j
•id in jail Imre on a charge of mur-.
loring '•Billy" Danse y , ",»s fixed at
-Î Jju by C. C. Black, justice of Hie Su
; n ine Court at today - » habeas corpus
heaving here.
The bail for Mrs. Edith Jones, clia/g ■ !
with being an "accessory aft< r the fact"
"as fixed at 82000.
Edward White, father of the accused <|
nir.n left for Itammonton immédiate!; ■
•o arrange posting of the bonds.
1 nit
Judge Heisel. in Court of Common
Pleas tills morning, reserved decision in
Pie ease of Louis Schimmel against
lames t.ockey. The plaintiff asks dam
ages alleged to have been incurred by
dm In an automobile collision.
Tlic holding-over tenant suit of Ood
/inski vs. Fowler, will be heard tliN
Owens, Anderson
and Rumford

Members of Y. **lork Kvrliange
WII., Del!
tluPonf Itldg.
Phone 7080
Listed, Unlisted
Local Securities
for Ileal Boys
They satisfy his instincts to build, his
curiosity, his desire for play. With them
he can build and operate an electric
road, incidentally learning a great deal
while doing so. Sets from as low as .$5.
Practical Gifts for the Wife
Cross out the suggested gifts below that you know that
the wife already has. and the remainder will be gifts,
that we can assure you. will be O. K. with (he lady.
Chafing Dishes
Electric Iron
Hot Plate
Table Grill
Vacuum Cleaner
Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings
Garrett. Miller & Co
--W- X
Graec M. K. Gliurcli was crowded las!
«rnitli. tenor; Mrs. El-nmor Kemery.
>Dlng by hundreds of persons to hear
the church «hoir sing the cantata. "The
Nativity," by Adams. The soloists were
William J. Arkwell, baritone: Edgar D.
...... — .....
'•o'n'l'rnl lo M r~" Franc- ■» I to Witt Bab
Tll ' 0 „„1 the choral slngiog was
. ln „ „i.iuion !.. Iho cantata
; .cuitr ,i planning nolo,
Birthday of a King." by Neldlinger. The
pr-grimi .ip.-ncd "Ith ,i d MgMf'il
Vl . i( „ hv N „ rrN Morgan.
^;,J 11uns offertory for
«we .—.son." Bartlett : "The
• v on ; "ilirlslmas in Sicily. ' Aon.
The organ pustluds was the "Hallelujah
i A brtef serîion ira. preached by the!
,. •. . l^ w* i* 11 ■ iw 111
K»b»r. the R-v. John ^ K
6 »«•* ■-* »»Is subject -No Hoorn for
M )\ I I MTU MU si I U.
the King."
I SI A llll Ml l\) It EASE.
At a Dueling of the board of directors
of The New Castle Trust Company, held
I Thursday. December 18, the semi-an
or-jnual dividend was Increased from Î 1 ;
to -i p*t cent , thus putting tb..
pany on ft per cel. yearly basis.—Adv.
! ..n Wednesday evening the usual tes
tlmony meeting will be field at the
' and Van Buren »tree!. Througti ..a cr
|ror this meeting was announced us tuk
ing place In the morning.
— ÏÏ — —■——
* yy
/ à *
^f ft.
We've applied the "chain store idea to auto
Standard articles at prices only possible because goods are bought
wholesale in large quantities and sold reta.l through our own stores
at smallest margin of profit. For example—
Tite Covers
lord /food and
. .. t io< .1 quality. sizes up
Radiator Lover t 0 33 x 4 ,
Black enameled canvas duck. <
I warmly lined; just right to keep i
the flivver from catch- C 9 A C
\ ing cold. Very special V J«!»/
$ 1.35
Pumps, etc., low prices.
Auto Tools,
30x3 Non-skid Clincher,
Hca\ prized Gloves
"lien ho drives his !0-H Indeer (Power
North Pole Limousine; strongly made,
fleece lining, horse hide or buck
skin palm. Fine for Xmas gifts.
The kind old sanla
$ 9.85
30x3» i Non-skid Clincher
$ 12.4 5
$ 6.50
$ 5.50
Other sizes in proportion
Extra Tube Free During December
Bv special liberal arrangement with the manufacturers we
will «Mve vou. during the month of December only, one first qual
ity "University" Tube with each "University" Tire you pur
chase. AH sizes.
Complete Une of Oils and Accessories
"Chain of Standard (Jualitfi Store Prices
The ''Progress Committee" of Iho
Middle Atlantic Physical nircclors' So
ciety "Ml meet tomorrow morning, ai
the Y M. C. A. A number of Impor
matters will bo dlseustcd at the
Uonal Committee;
confprencr Among tliose lo be pres
w m j, e ». p. >| : ,rklc, "f Halil-;
|m-aro: II. Beckett, of Washlnlgon; G
|\V, pest, of Ibe V. M. C. A. Interna
j Committee; O. W. MUier. of
Harrisburg Y M. fl. A., and Paul II.
OhsJ. of Summit, X. J.
_ ■ ■ . ■ -
no« «Irl« im.«
mWn. sm a <n»
I'ruiunt -lilr»»wt
Send for Circular
iSxvtmtt Jn.zisJ
Dr. G. E. Cox
806 Market St.
Expift OH CfOWIl dlld bridge- '
I 1 , ^ an j Jifticult extinctions
Hours: 9 to 4.30.
Open Evenings 7 to 9.
X-Rav Examination
The H. Mègar^ ß Son Co
Soft Comfy Blankets—Welcome Christmas Gifts
Certninly then- could he no more welcome or more appreciated Cl)minims gift than one of these soft, warm Blank
ets or Comforts. Here is unite an extensive price range to ehoose from and tIn* patterns are most attractive. And when
you buy a blanket or comfort hero you KNOW jnst what each particular blanket or comfort is made or filled with. All
blank« ts are marked "ith the percentage of eotton and
wool used. Here are some grey blankets, full size, that
have pink, blue or white borders. In all-cotton they
are marked $0.50 and $7.00. They can be had in cotton
and wool mixtures, priced $9.00, $10.75, $12.00 and
White Blankets, soft and downy, with hours of
warmth woven in them. Come with pink or blue bor
ders nml are mostly in the 72xSO size. These blankets
contain from 2J to HO per cent, wool and are priced ac
cording j,, grade. .$10.60, $12.00, $13.60, $14.00, $16.00,
$18.00 and $23 00.
Beautiful plaid Blankets in pink, bine, grey and
• priced $9.25. $10.00, $11.00, $13.50, $15 and $19,
Baby Blankets in cotton and cotton and wool mix
tures and in pink or blue, arc marked $3.00, $4.50,
$6.76, $0.75 and $10.00.
tan nn
And auch Comforts! llerc arc some very at true
live Comforts, cotton lilt.*I and covered mostly in silko
linc. in blue, rose or yellow. They come with mid with
out borders and arc priced $5.60, $6.50, $7.00, $7.76 and
Comforts filled with lamb's wool ami covered in sateen arc $11.00. Covered in silk muslin they are $15.00, $18.00,
$22.50 and $25.00. lu blue, pink, green and rose silk.
And two patterns of Comforts covered in exquisite silk eowrs, in bine and rose, beautifully bordered and finished,
are $30.00 and $37.60.
Baby Comforts, cotton tilled, arc $2.75 and $3.50. Wool filled, $4.00 ami $5.00.
Someone, these cold nights, has been wishing for a new blanke ' or comfort.
Can vou think of a better Christmas
gih ?
Bed Spreads in dimity, Striped, range from $3.50 to $6.50.
Bod Spreads—genuine Marseilles, in old rose, light blue and in while floral and conventional designs, are priced
$5.50, $6.50, $7.50, $9.00 and $10.50.
Bureau Scarfs in linen, plain lace and cluny. range from $2.25 to $9.75.

'Some Imported Hand-Pa inled China Just Arrived
It comes in a v*
There lias Just arrived a lung delayed shipment of the very popular Nippon liniul-painted china. ^ _
riety of dishes and sets and is so moderately priced that it h iiiid-Ii in demand for Christmas giving. The pieces are all
hand-painted in delicate colorings and in floral, convention d landscape designs. The price range is so extensive that
youP) choosing is made easy.
Bureau Sets, five pieces. $1.50 to $8.50 the set.
Manicure Bets, four pieces, 75c to $1.25 the set.
Celery 8ots, seven pieces, $1.50 (o $4.00 the set.
Olive Sets, seven pieces, $1.50 to $2.50 the set.
Jelly Sets, seven pieces, $1.50 to $2.50 the set.
Mayonnaise Sets, three pieces, $1.60 to $2.50 the set.
Whip Cream Sets, three pieces. 76c Jo $2.50 the set.
Chocolate Sets, seven pieces, $5.00 to $12.00 the set.
Tea Sets, nine pieces, $10.00 to $12.00 the set.
Sugar and Cream Sets. $1.26 to $5.00 the set.
Syrup Cups $1.25 to $2.50 each.
Marmalade Jars. $1.50 to $2.50 each.
Fern Dishes. $1.50 to - $3.00 each.
Berry Sets, seven pieces. $3.50 to S6.50 the set.
Cake Sets, seven pieces. $3.50 to $5.00 ibe set.
Ice Cream Sets, seven pieces, $5.00 lo $10.00 the set.
Salad Bowls. 75c to $5.00 each,
lee Bowls. $1.75 to $2.50 each.
Nut Bowls, $1.26 to $2.50 each.
('racker Jars, $1.50 to $2.50 each.
Bon Bun Dishes. $1.25 tu $2.50 each.
Spoon Trays, 76c lo $2.00 each.
Butler Tubs. $1.00 to $2.00 each.
Tea Pot Tiles, 40c to $1 i 00 each.
Comb and Brush Trays. 75c to $5.00 each.
Puff Boxes, 30c to $1.50 each.
Hair Receivers, 30c to $1.50 each.
Pin Trays, 25c to 85c each.
. Baby Plates. 65c to 00c each!
Children's Cup. Saucer and Plate. 65c lo $1.40 the set.
Cbildrcn'fi Oatmeal Sets, 65c to $2.50 the set.
Here Are Some Excellent Gift Suggestions
Serving trays in mahogany conic in various shapes ami
si /.es, $4 25 to $12.00.. The rounded sandwich trays with
handles arc very popular $6.50 to $8.5C.
Tea wagons in mahogany conic with wood and glass
trays and arc priced from $16.00 to $60.00. Service wagons,
metal frames, time and step-savers, are marked $14.00 and
Sewing cabinets ami baskets in mahogany range from
$11.00 to $64.00, including the very popular Martha \N asb
itiglou. x
The white enamel hampers of built-up veneer can be had
—round triangular or iquarc—in three sizes, $8.00, $8.50
and $9.00, \
Andirons in brass arc marked from $9.00 io $22.00 the
pair. In black wrought iron—very old timey—they are $9.00. $10.50, $12.00, $13.00 up to $29.50.
$14.00 t<> $24.00. In wrought iron $9.00 io $13.00.
Player roll cabinets in mahogany, with automatic doors, come in
arc marked $20.00, $26.00, $35.00 up to $60.00, depending on size.
Telephone stands with seats, some attached, can be had in oak or mahogany, and priced from $8.50 to $17.00.
Bissels Carpet Sweeper—useful and practical gifts, are marked $4.50 and $5.25.
Rag Rugs in mat and bureau sizes, of bit nml miss and plain colors, arc $1.75, $2.CO and $3.00; in 27x54 inches,
$2.75, and $3.50 in the 36x72 size.
Small Axminstcr Rugs in 27\54 and 36x72 sizes are.of the best quality and range from $0.00 to $7.60.
Card tables in mahogany finish frames
i A
4 C
. $
» V
I "
Fire sets in brass
diflfi nut sizes from 50 to 200-roll capacity. They
Floor Lamps—mahogany bases ami
two-light fixtures and fitted with 24 inch
double lined silk shades, range from
$30.00 to $96.00 complete.
*Onr assortment of colors is most com
plete pml shades nml bases can be inter
changed or bought separately.
Bookcases, double door, in plain
straiglitlinc or colonial effeefs, can be had
in a number of sizes. They are priced
$29.00, $35.00, $40.00 ami $64.00.
Measuring tables made of natural fin
•ish maple with yard measure lop folding,
are $3.00,
with felt ami leatherette lop. very strong
and fitted with legs that can't collapse,
are $3.00 to $3.50.
Book Mocks in mahogany, weighted,
with felt base, in column or conventional
designs; some hand-carved, are marked
S3 00 to $10.00 the pair.
Mahogany candle sticks in the newest
shapes, with brass or glass tops, range in
price from 85c 'o $2.50 each. Dresser
sticks in mahogany, with glass flame pro
tectors, $0.00, $6.50 and $7.00.
^ -,
four fold size, just the thing to stop dangerous drafts, particularly for
Draft screens, burlap filled, in three and
your bedroom, are $10.50, $12.00 and $13.75.
Office chairs for the professional or office man; revolving; can be had m oak and mahogany-wood or leather
seats, from $13.00 to $45.00. . '
Ladies' desks in various sizes, with one, two or three drawers, m oak, go.den or fumed, mahogany finish and solid
mahogany, range from $20.00 io $55.00. , . , , , . ,
Mirrors in mahogany or gilt frames, range fioin $5.50 to $40.00. Bathroom mirrors in onk frames or white enamel
are $2.76 up, according to size. , ... M
Kasv chairs covered in velour, tapestry or genuine leather, arc here in all sizes. They range in price from $40.00
to $170.00. . li J
Odd occasional chairs in unusual designs that arc particularly adapted for hall use or that odd corner in the living
room. range from $9.00 to $55.00.
('hi! Iron's chairs and rockers in onk or enamel. $3.75 oo $12.00,
Cedar Chests of genuine red Tennessee cedar, in a variety of sizes ami designs. $14.00 to $75.00.
A Sellers Kitchen Cabinet—a most welcome gift—the Special—42 inches wide, at $52.00; the Mastereraft, 43
inches wide, at $60.00. «»nnn
Hate leg tables in mahogany in various sizes range from $20.00 lo $40.00.
Reed chairs and rockers in brown, grey or ivory finish and filled with (he newest cretonne upholstering range from
$18.00 to S40.C0. Mono
Doll carriages, hand-made, in genuine reed*with reed hood and reversing gear, $18.00 to $3^.00.
Beautiful living-roMb suites, overstuffed and covered in tapestry or velour, range from $300.00 to $600.00 Hie suite.
The H.Me^arv
& Son Co.
9.00 to 5.30

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