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Continued from First Page,
law prov ided in the act Itself, Is one
year's Imprisonment
Snm- of those arrested are being tried
■>y court martial, sin-e they were le
«illy Inducted Into tho army or certl
; •
Ico by their draft boards,
ailed to report for duty.
Justice Department officials sar the
b 1U
siacker dnv.
may lake several years to
complete, although most of the tmpor
l int arrests" will probably be
w lfliin the next fe w~m onlhV
Justice Department officials take tho'
position that although the war Is fln
, they are not relieved from tho
of bringing punishment to
1 v
' 'v n fliul puns
season wlU bt made,
11 bj '° lbe b ' -!,t tcam
• that has ever represented U>c
levfher's training
ian Church was.
■n Thursdaj evening
will be held in the!
tomorrow morning |
pastor, tho Rev
• Club met last
ool room of Ihe
Basketball was
A ho violât . I the d-aft law.
le Murcau of Invrst'gation is rarry-!
on the drive as fast as possible, al
igh it is swamped with work of
variety. Lists of suspects aro
turned over to the bureau by
he War Department.
The bureau examln
eparalcs th
ord ng to localitl
The partial Hst» thus made up are)
«cal to the bureau agents in the
d and the arrests fol
In most cases
the lists and
suspect», ac
11 j rue» of
a coa.'a
won as possible.
are given their liberty on
cir own recognizance, while waiting
ralgnmcnt in court.
War Department is planning to
b Justice Department by mak
publjc Hs lists of known draft dodg
This, it I* expected, will cause ar
bo nude more quickly.
l»si»t th«
f n
' Evening Journal
DU AWARE CITY, Del.. Fob. 2L—Miss
fart.,»i prie..
laltimorc \v
lo T
is spending some time in
lh her sister, Mrs, Harry
1 ■ Corb'l of Philadelphia la
brother Michael Corbit.
are City baseball team will
A meetln
Ha«» of Uv- Pr
held n Ihe man««
of lh.
e in ; r - ■ wjil be (veld tomor-1
ing in the Melh
te Rev. L. W. Layfleld
Vi is - mn E srnberg of Wl'.mlng
n ' - ■■■• • y
nvare Ci
iotun C id> yealcnfcy aflcroooo, Mra
Bright chairman of library
,nd a very interesting.
vork In the lower
by VDss Mary Hopkins
Miss Dorothy M-vtzzgcr
>.ng two voc.il - ictions
rn- iine of ihe LUcr^r
' « . -chool was held
.»■'.ierday aGernocn
Mr an.1 Mr.- Rvrry Cleaver of WI
n.octonwc- v Siors here list night.
Ml - A me- \\ wer of " llm ngton Is
... .V «0 Ml.. Mary
Vira. I* Silva 1-spending some time In
Wllmlngi"0 with her son. Fred DcStlva
Special to The livening Journal
NEWARK. Frf». 21— ElKv*o<l Hoffeek
m* f of New York, *on of former Sena-P
t..P and M-s H.-vvv Hoff-cker. is vto»
i^ing his parcnt> Mr. Hoffcokcr- |, a
iraduvle of Delaware College where
kpectliz.-d in igrotvvmy. He •» n0 w
the United sûtes Department of ;
1 n
r»ik on !lb'
•t» WM ç
>rd, D**l

v t ;
» ''"Jo" 1 blR ,fible Jh0 'e
; r'r\.' Lf l . f0 lvv S , b#nd *
i , h ^ ' ' s ba k -Wyh* 1 ' v| ^
1 ■ Th» hocA.c , T k o .
.!r '■ J ^ >dy Bf " rPd ' l) * 1
foJWlu.J *!ra d a a< 'f 0I " , ® <,0a î* I
mg watter. According to bis effl.
vaup ehieif G*e th* dinnf!?* f r,ce **
r^. r K f . he «s k u °.r tt !!v d,nner We l k
' e f; snd t,w effl -
elenry Jump alter that one, ' In- |
quired the patron., "what will that
make the cost of thjsîm meal •>''
Let us give him the bad news
.•AgricuMnro as a grain
; of the endow-1
if Sm lh Coilige.
lhamoton next .veek.
-s will be turned in
■hairman for
»ware hopes to be able to report a
liundred per cent, of Sm'lh alumnae
Ig'ng contributions lo
tho college * increased endowment. To
make III * poss'b'c, all Smitli alumnae
have not yet done «0. arc asked
tvt in the'r .pp«»ics at once to
Mrs W ilson, at the He» duPont They
should rcarh her not later than Mon
c;cnl raec mg
nent fund committee c
held in No
« from sta
fhnnn* W Wlson
. 1 . til's Mate r
Ihe flrst million has .n.-on pledg-.| |a
f^'ri.,' campaign for gAOfln.mo for a bu'ld
ing and increasi'd endowment fund for
Smith College. Several Individual gifts
of S23.UOO and *30.000 have been
'•dved. Twenty per cent, of Smith
alumnae in -the country have now con
By Sam Loyd.
No. 316
j -
h vr

Swift and Homer
(Copyright, 1920, by Sam Loyd '
That Cherry Tree
Au Editorial by the Society Editor.)
The old cherry tree story ha» changed a lot since It was tlrst told
by M L. Weems, the \irglnia parson, who. In 1780, vstoIo "A Life of
Georgy Washington With Curious Anecdotes Equally Honorable to Him
self and Exemplary to His Young Countrymen."
Thus,, many Delaware generations have pictured the cherry tree as
prone on the ground after George was through using his little hatchet
on it Such was not tho case, however. What young George really did
was "to bark the tree so terribly 1 don't believe the tree over got tho
better of it," according to the reliable Weems.
Then there Is considerable variance as to what his father said to
George and what George said to his father after the ruined tree was
discovered. Weems, father of the story, quota tho very words, thus:
" 'George.' said his father, 'do you know who killed Uiat beautiful
llttio cherry tree yonder in the garden?'
"Looking at his father with the sweet face of youth, brightened with
the inexpressible charm of conquering truth, he bravely cried out;
"'I cannot t il a lie, pa. You know I can't V 11 a He. I did cut it
with my little hatchet.'
Henry Cabot Lodge, m his biography of George Washington, which
WllmlnglODtaa* have read. give, almost a chapter to Weems.
whom he regards as a genial oid lur. Lodge doesn't believe the cherry
tree story at all. He rails the oh rj tree «i or . 'Iiopl.issly ,.nd rid.cu
lou.Iy falae." Olbor.hlatorlana hold the same view, but the cherry tree ■
story still blossoms in Delaware and all Hie other >Ules even Februarv
22—and may It continue go to do to the end of Urn . because, true oV j
false. It Is a good slory which points « moral and makes for truth
telling by American boys and girl,
■ " 'Hun to my arms, you dearest, boy,' cried hl» father In transports.
'Run lo my arms. Glad I am, George, that you killed my tree, for you
have paid mo for it a thousand.old. Such an act of heroism lo my son
Is worth moru than 1.000 fre s, though blossomed with silver and Ihtlr
fruit» of purest gold."'
Continued from First Page
Jon who In the absence of Mrs. Henry
B Thompson, the president, is at the
head of th women opposed to grant
nar. eq "h .""T' ,0
paragraph two of section flve of Del
aware constitution, as a reason why an
extra session should not h- ealint
••We believe
weww, said Mrs Scott, -that
the action Uken in Maryland has bear
tng In our own Stale beca.Mc of the
«tmllar.ty of the Slate eon.tit.,» Z
Oor Delaware eon.iit. •
..' ronstifu.mn rc.id* :
Every male citizen of this State.'
of Hie age of twenty-one years, who
shall have been a resident Ihero.f for
om-year next ore-edm^ , .. f
pre edlng an election, and
' 180 last Ulr «o months a resident of
Mho county, and for the Uet thlrry dav«
realdent of the hundred or election
district In which he may offer to v-oK
"*nd In which he shall have he^n duly
registered as hereinafter provided for,
to vole, etc.'
1 am not an attorney," continued
Mrs Scott, ''neither has my mind been
trained along legal lines, so I take re
i' °' ,iDlon of • ™.n who has
»Wd ed the question of suffrage tntelll
***** ^ b0 ' t 10 •»•"'"•ftlttff on the
• ° A * l f^L an/ ! at/>rs ln
fusing adopt the Anthony amendment.
Jhe amendment. If adopted and held
eoun-would. In effect, amend the Mary
^nstUutlOD and establish woman
•uff' - »»« In Maryland without the con
sent and. It may be. contrary to the
wishes of a majority of both r„ and
The government qf the I nited States
JJ ^fwerpmenl ofenumeratM powers
»«ale. deprived of its cardinal
PJ*** r •** funetlon. be regarded as
WM «•
siruciipie SUICT
P e K rf ^e' y will ng, sa d Mrs.
Sfott. " o submit the amendment to a
'Cm °L U ^2 te ' f "rK !!r<t
uh do by tlie.r decision That is the d
ÇWon that has been reacned in other
, '? e •*R f ûdmcnl has not
0 ^ ratified and Is one of the fairest
j"»t a ««««"••• „ |
But. with this quest on of unronstl
hajtutlonallljr Involveil, we think Governor ,
.Towmscnd should cousklcr very >ertou_,.
>> '«** involved and assure ntm
self beyond question of doubt as to th»
validity of the amendment if Delaware's
ieglslators should adopt it. before cad
png a special session ''
Continued f-om Flr«t P'ge
dnen had either been killed by the
Turkp, had died of disease or as was
the case of some of the mothers, were,
captives in Turkey.
Hit rcolUl x>t »torlft» toW him by the
orplians. of seeing their parents killed,
how they had themselves, althotig'n
only children, feigned death in order
to escape d»ath at the hands of th«
Moslems, sent thrills through the
worker*. His story of how the young
girls vvere taken captive and subjec.icd
'to suffering worse th;m death caused
th* »omen volunteers to shudder at
the fate of thetr Christian sisters
•cross the seas. ||* appealed to th*
Workers to do evcrythlag they could
to help in such a caus- because the
Armenians look solely to Anv-rtca to'
a.—— ,hî,r ^
.ÄlTSr*) S 5
and supplies were distribute imont
the, women with instructions printed
-on Ian.- envelop. > whirl* the cap
As the campaign has been mapped
Aat new, th«*« will b« luncheon meet
lugs each day thla week, excepting i
posslbh- Sa-'urdav and a Onàl meot
ing on Marc'- 1 1
The Woman's Horn» Missionary So- '
iclety Of St Paul's M. E. Church W ill
-meet on next Tuesday afternoon in the I
church at 2 o'clock for their Febru
ary meeting Members will obrerv.
' b8t th* mealing has been changed,
t i° m Tbup,day '« Tuesday T h ,
change w ag made that Misa Swartz
Add eeereUry, may be present anc :
address Uie meeting. |
- a- -
Mss Mary L P ters of AVllmington
and Percy P.erson of Roseville, were
ZSSPJ'&S**"*"* al E J*'
f Church parsonage by
m* n.v. T. w. Beauc..-aar.o,
tains of each team will retain
_ „
Continued from First Page.
damenlal Am-rlean principles, their es
tabllshm'-nt. ,.nd meaning
There an eight dubs in the Capitol
DU,p,ct - lorat '' d " Richmond. Ports-'
mouth. Roanoke, Lynchburg and .Nor
folk. Va. I at Baltimore, vd • Wash
Inglon nr ,„1 " ,1 „"i*
h NMlralnglon.
The district body was organized m !
Baltimore a year ago. with Augustus !
Goodrich, of Uut cltv - .-I', P
joslah n n«n. , v , governor |
... ' { ^ orfolk - Vt - "<• 1
Edwin W Lintner, of this city, arc !
Heutenant-govemors. Vf r iiank .«
assistant Attorney General \* vu-.i-i
and is ex nee tec » . 7 0 *•
, n 1 exp * l ' d ,0 be m a de Attorney
General | 0 the near future.
rbe board of tnurteee. consisting of
1 n ^ r w«nlall\e of each chA rnot this«
iTTi 5 ,n P ar *°r;, A and R of the
"b' 1 ' 1 duPont and mapped out busi
r,,r "'*■ convention of -the dele. ,
Î', ,b 8 a flcrnoon. From To t, iixijhls
expected to attend the
' , £ a ' en|, on. and 21«) K wanlan-. m.1
,h,>lr Inriuding iidle* arc look
"* ^ or tl 1,16 banquet in the duB.irn
r °om of the Hotel duPont lonlglit
" h « Plan to present copie, of'ihe
B ^ Iaral ^ n <*f Independence and the
* ' r o ♦-> a part of a
Kno-Am*rlca. Love America" C imnd.J<rn
* hlch ,s «»peeled to (extend ultimately
to every corner of IheVountry or wher
the name and ohjc, is , 1f Kjn.uu,
Resolutions for the plan were pre
pared this morning bv Mr Hank and
vv.l. he p„ecd 1*. fore Z convcoHon
fh-s afternoon. No doubt Is felt as lo
IhCr passage.
riie text of the resolution, as intro
du.cd by Mr Hank, is a.« follows
"Various hav., h»en the movement,
MH i.
lMt analysis, are calculated to
undermine the fundamental principle,
.,f the Constitution of the United SUL .
«■» - movements ,r continually
growing more frequent and .erlou- \V(
th- Klvvanlsns of the Gaptlol District
Club, realize, however, that in the sta-f
billly of that eonstltulton. and only in
its stability, rests the liberty of tho pco
of these United i»tales.
\\ c further believe th it Its sanctity
^ , dcep ap|>rM i at , on of the nflbl ,
principle* which it promulgates, oanaot
better be
)b Hn by a more Intimai.* knowledge of
»»„ origin .history, it» provisions and Ihe
.benefits reaped by the American people
[because thereof.
j "We, tim Ki wan Ians, \*ho have an
arnesl desire to be of service to our
j country, b-'Ucve we cannot better per
I form that service than by exerting our
-ci-» to that end
1 "'Therefore, Be it Besolvcd, By the
Klwanls Capitol District Club. In'eon
jvention assembled;
I "I, That we, the vgrjous subordinate
jKtwanls Clubs, composing the Klwan's
[Capitol District Club, will devote Our
selves to (he patriotic duty of effecting
among the people living wllhin the ter
rilory vvlth'n which the Opltol Dis
(trlct Club operates, a closer relat'on lo
that constitution anq a more intimate
; know ledge of the Declaration of Inde-,
pendencc. the. American Bill of Rights
* n d' the Constltut'on of the United
state«; and e-pecially a deeper respect
for these glorious dociments and a
mo »,. heartfelt apprec'attnn of the mul
ttfold blessings enjoyed because of
■} yy* the accomplishment of this
L„ rp ose each local Kl wants Club will
Ä V local organization, looking to.
» b e placing in the hands of every boy
^ Slrl.nit* territory a copy of thrac
documents and take such action asi
--"âtsîjï îsrsü; sä
■ ' each state or district repre
* Pn !cd will us its Initu-nce to have
!,*r-4 In the corrlculums of the p„h
..-hoots * stud* of r d-.uim nts
. ,. , w , ,» f . m . .
créât Messin** Hiev enjov by living un
^r tt
The luncheon was «»rved late on ac
jib« Balt.more d-h'g.vt m It was ham
cd fha« the delav was caused fty tardl
ne«, of the train -erv ee
Mayor Taylor prudent of the loosl
K'wan'ane. made th» address of vvet
ome, following which former
g^assman L. Irving Handy woke
the alms and ideas of K wants. The
invocation wvs delivered bv the Rev
Carlisle L Huhtoa-d
\ )3 - r , K , lt key was stisneoded over
th e speakers' table suttahlv mscr b'd
1» a key to Hie cit;. It w.-, Ä pres-filed
to the Ball'more de'egvt'on
A. D. Goodrich, president of th* dis»
trlc1, v " a * unable to leave Baltimore
on account of the Hines* of his chil
dren, who have scarlet fever
■■ o
Coroner's Jury Finds Mys
i tery in Shooting of Former
Sussex Treasurer
t rlngton's lurv of. T ^ War *
' dnil nf " r vv" 1 ! I V ln, ° ,h ''
l d 11,1 ''* 8!W 7 - "'H». of W hllesville,
(former treasurer of Sussex county,
with ,. d ;i 'V r î h .ï b '' d " oom
hlsheÂ^rr ?'r b3rk of
1 the rasp 'as much ,t *' d,r î * bat leaves
| Thé coroners Jury' dS'dTa"* night
! that Mr. W Ils came lo his dlalh is .
- result of "having been siiol with a tun
I in the hand- ,.f «<•»«• per Th"
! lurors unknown •
Member« of ihe r.miiv ,41.«,.,.... ■
that Mr. Wells hid nîel'hl» untimely
death b-lwcn midnight n„d o'eTo'k
- Spec's* to The Even'ug Journal
Jon r. .din. between r.eoZt^Sl
i!Ä l ÄÄ!«ss'&?"«S!t
Whitesvllle and conducted the inquest
[The Jury eonsisted of Hoy G. Hill
Frank While, Isaac B Morris. James p'
Houston. Charles D Cordrey. Henry
Woollen and George W Dennis The
inquest required nearly all of ihe after*
[noon and it was early in Ihe evening
before the 0Ulcers returned to their
bornt ■ ,, •
In l K e h î l,M al ,h ° ,,rne >Ir -
was shot thf*re were four members of
the famlly-Mrs. SMHe Ella Wells, his
wlfel Thomas Bril tlnghani. a son-ln
1,w : Daniel NNells and wife Jennie
Wells. Mr and Mrs. Daniel Wells and
N,r Brltllngham occupied rooms on the
upper floor and Mr Wells, who was
£iS "" h ' S " lf ° 9l<Vpl down
According to the rtory told to
l llr >' by members of Ihe family. Mr.
rp,lr( * d between 10 and II o'clock.
He had been talking to his son and
daughter-in-law. Thomas Brlttingham,
the son-in-law. was upstairs, being
ronflned to Phis bed with Influenza. A
^ days *g.. his vv:fe died Between
2 , ft . elock lho ,„ )n u, fl hoiIse
vwr« awakened bv a shot from a gun
Before they could get downstairs Mrs
Wells had come upslairv to them. The
Physical eond'tlon of Mrs. Wells. It
was said, has been such for a long time
»hat she hss been unable to talk and
hear hut little, and realizing that they
would lose time if they stopped to
make Inqirtry of her .what had hap
pen^d. th#»y went down to Ihr bedroom
of Mr. Wells where Ihev found he had
i>ern sh»d In the head He was lying on
leftside ard leaning on the side of
! 'he bed was a shotgun.
It was not. until H. B. Hirkman. an
1 undertaker of MMDboro. and Dr. Oliver
j V. James, nf Gumboro. were railed
1 ihat an examination was made of the
wound which diaclo.od that the shot
' had evidently penetrated from the
f h*'ni.
! William P. Paraon«. a n^.l^bo- tc?
j 'ifl^d that he was enlled hy piemhsrs
' ,1 f fmlly shorilv after Mr. Wells
v* , I told the position In
which he found him, whejc the gun
" fou nd - etc.
Mr. Wells because of her
and Jon. eouM noT he ex
am'ne.t hy II co-oner's Jury ^he is
im.ab'o to give any coherent slory of
what took place id the bedroom.
Mr Well« "** »bout «2 year, old,
an active Democratic po'lticsl worker
îsïÜS wt -U... «.
of the most influent'al and wealthy fir
mers in the south -fn part of the
county Ho was fa-her of Rev, 7, \\
Molls pastor ,f Welsely M. E Church,
The annual conference of the Pa ugh-!
ter. of the American Revolution villi be
hold In pa-lo-s A and B. Hotel duPont.
on next Tuesday. It will be an all-day
nn , opening at 10 o'clock. Mrs
George C Hall, the Stale regent, will
preside The nmrn ng
«o routine business, reading of reports
and election of offerers Luncheon will
be served at 1.30 o'clock.
j Among the out-of-town guests who
will address the Delaware Daughters
following the luncheon are Mrs. Gco-ge
Thatcher Ournsey, president gene-.al of
the national society ; M ss K, L. Crowell,
; • cording s< ' datv -i. ..nd al
a member of the National Th-lft Com
mitte«. Mrs. Hall will also deliver an
■ Members and guests of the D. A. R-j
throughout the State will attend The
following chapters nf tho Daughters of
American Revolufon are In Ibis
State: Caesar Rodney Chapter, this
««Y« a,aB i fr *
•I'*« 1 /* Pcttjc'cw Ghapb'r, Milford; Lllza
Cntptcr, Smyrna. Goochs
Bridge Chapter, Newark
I _———
I Th" Lost Silk Hat hv Dunsany vyi.li
- j 1 -'
I»* « b « m«*' 1 ' bn 1 " nmlng on
- ^rm^mbXs oMhc ^t ^c
snoot, me memo t« or the cast are
M" 8 C<lgar Mare, Mss Miry Dorsey.
Ml«« Louise Murgatroyd. Mss Dorothy
P igeon. M s* Lille M Souder.- Mrs
harle« AAentz vice president of the.
Drama League has coached the east.
Following the presentation of the.
fr'end« of the league w
next AV In ! * - mcel-ng.
. —f* ...
it Ml \ ''ll da ah 1 iings.
An nt ; ir- h ..I r - *n study
,|ll! "
And cws parish house
hook dcal n- vv.'h the Lplsoor.il
For that "hazy" lazy feeling
(AnAU Vegetable Preparation)
ISc. and Me
at your Dnifflit'i
Red Cloud
Liver Berries
W. W. Laird Fntertains in
Honor of Frank Phillips
and L. E. Phillips
Frank Phl'Ilps, pres'dent, and L. E
Ph,I1( *' tPeMU «»'' tb * Phlll| P s Pe*
lr m Company, were guests
terday of William Winder Laird, bank
er. Mr- Laird entertained at dinner In
">« elub room at the Hotel duPont
'«» night -n honor of the two Okla
(tomans who have achieved great prom
f"" to , th ® 0,1 fencing Industry
W' " t,V ' U " th * mld
0 JJ l n '' nt n ' ld ,
Numerous D-.avvareana are stock
holders in the Ph ilipe Petroleum
Company. Mr. Laird's guests last night
incIuded bank «' r *- brokers and some
" th,-r * " ho arc •"»*"•*«* Uie Phil
b ' ,s Company and whom he desired
^ «*
p— « «*— «s.
»'™» k Dilips and L. B. Phillips, of
Butelsvllle, Oklahoma: B. S. Prentice,
r,f nomlolck and Dominick, bankers, of,
New York ; fe. C. Mo-tan. of Wilson A
Company, bankers of Baltmore; Henry
p *ott. .lame, P W neuester. Otho
Nowland, Henry F. duPont, Eimene B.
duPont. A. Fel'x duPont. William S.
miles. Joslah Marvel. L. L. Maloney
J Chester Gibson. George P. Blssell,
W Poyntcll Johnston. C. P. Warwick
S. D. Townsend. Phillip D. Laird,
Charles H, Ten Weeges, Raymond W.
Ellis, and C. B. Mallam
Frank Ph ll p, in the course, of the
evening was asked to tell of the »cope
and activities of the oil company of
,^ bl « h b \f President. He was Intro
the'J^ a } , a ^ r 'J5 W ^^ # - y^ pP 5S:
PhHips modestlv dlseTaimed s-v aim'
| ty t 0 make a speed, swing h/nîver
had done s® m huilfe hni k.
, « 1" eo„ À
„"«fons^ Men .iv ^
Z PhÄ de
' r w %„ H « 8S n ^*7« n Pb "X ETP" 7
^ ells ' " dl
° a V k a « 0 r ?^
, K . . nlu ky ' Louisiana and Texas. While
T ".'* appe8?p may s^'TR small compar.'d
'J 1 "* 'be acreage of some companies,
J* '• m "*' '„'V ab,e ** pro l en 0,1 ter - ■
r,,or y; Mr PblHIpe said. Since Jami-!old
ar V >■ twenty-elx wells successfully ]
' v<lre brought In and 110 were acquired
There was no queet'on fn hfe m*nd.
ho su'd, but that p-oduet'on could be
Increased considerably any time the
company desired It, but a policy had
been followed of protecting the 00m-'by
pany's pool holdings to assure long
lived produet'on and sustained cam-!
| n g. rather than large temporary
profits He expla'ned what he meant
h y "proteot'ng*' prop.'rty, a svwtem of
j lorafion of wells to assure the oil
supply Aoorutr^ to hU company anrt
to ja-d aealnst Jte dlvcralon to
well* on adjacent properties Mr Ph'l
j,„, ^ of , h( . eomnanv are
now nmn ng at (ho rate of »VYinno 10
S7m^1 a mnnthandhe bellovedThev
m'cht advance id st nnonno n month bv
^ ^.1^ Kansas he^^H
{J™ dwotlSr^taeir thî wÄS.
, lh , . h . - M JL .
th ' h j,, ^"use he ex
? h e nrodneti.n of nit
f! 1 , ,he P 1 , of «,
'•?* ' * p 18
lh> oth.r hand the manufaotur'ng and
branch of the bus'nera re.
an ..nuM.ally heavy Investment
outlay, with the uncertainty of an
-adequate .»only of oil to make opera
fi ^ n ' e * .
P»ilins sad the comnany'« P^o-I
for the drilling of 200
"-'U* * h • >' aa r |
Mr. Phillips oortraved tntere.Dndv
the geology of o'l Odds. The nit sands ■
of Went Vlrg'n's. KenHiehy Oklahoma-'
»nd Kansas the most subie, 1
if not the most p-ol'flc neoducers. he
«aid. Hl« eormvmv's ho'd'n»» are in
these stable sand fo-mst'o-« fn Okla-1
homa. Kansas and Kcntiicky. He told
how »he gfr.ata tu-n. Info a 1'me for
mat'on In parts nf Texas and 'nto a
muck formation In Louisiana and
j wha* Is known as crevice format ons
m M.-xVo. He exn'a'ned th- pump'nr
[operations, and sa'd methods a-e be
| -ng dev's.vl to fo-ce the oil o-U o'
jjhe. saturated sands into the W'ells or
central pools,
| "gome peonle fh'nk Hie oll hus'nes«
,,, a 1,1» 0 r m -. s p'opos't'on." said Mr.
p|,.||ip. t. no sn( .h a thing. It Is
a business of averages, of con.* 4 ft"t
crest on«, and of management. Manv
a , naT) mny Fn ftHt anrf , ink „ we „ 8nf1
*^Hkc o*l. Rut af'er he It he
[doesn't know what to do with It. or
how to mannoe it
,. Th0 wo „ !d ts foP 0 ., ^ »
f00 the b ,, t ^, n .„r nl y a »q
demand 1« g-ovv'ng w'der dally 7 On
fynorU of n a e . Pa t,, r «h an of anv
other commodlty Oreate- p-od-wfon
n -..,-, rv pvn „ ....
. ' • . . . ^ -uut
, f hi«inrasrtkn-I«-onThnuM
", * ho w P < «m material,^.c'
. . h y .
I n b '7 ,a . e " 80 Sreat I
. ,"J a l( d ' . .
on would
the sinking and ope rat on of deepe- ;
" * ,n ,bc fut,,n \ fc ..
a. >' ovned by his eomnanv
' ->d been con«eevatlve|y annra-seq H t
p y nve experts Mr Ph'l'ips
(for the slock. rega>dIe«s of earnin.
of appraisement, and intimated that in
b ' 8
and Company. duPrnt Mnndiny.
furnish the following quotation* nf
local securities:
dr-Pont Debenture
duPont Commun (new) . .300
duPont Common (old) .... 8
duPont Chemical pref. ... 7
Hercules pref.
NEW YO"K, Feb 21 (United Press.)
yes-'-The stock market opened Irregular
Stec^open^d at 08*
off *:Vnll2dllSZ Æ 101% £
'changed- «Inelair sou „n A4- rentrai
| father'»)4 - Baldwin il*« off ï
; ^1!* H ' off
u H '
ÿ off U • le««
x i
tojMJ®"® *"*' ° ff *' M " lBC
wîre'Vv. -der pres
Hercules Common .200
Atlas pref
! Atlas Common
today but. w.'th only fractional varla
t ons in prices. General Motors was
the only Important Issue which moved
more than a point form its previous
"°„ r ® th f 8 , P ' ,lnt ' ' c ™ Ap
.. . J 1 and Gencra
" T, thr,J ''' . . .
ln ln :
»"rte.^thJ 4 alm g ^ ha ,l- r flour Md
"i?,"" 1 * 8 ?'1 of «»««'W lower
m/lr^ a IL lf , I>0 n L.„? r
,,,0^1 Motors sold from 2524
*-o 2«H; American Woolen held most,
° f T l^ îff'Tf"*" 8 .. .
mar ^ e ^ closed hlghei.
rmrmn pj,". n .
CHICAGO. Peb. 2t (Lnlted Press.)-.
0p T n n * * r&in:
2?, rD ' w" 7,
0at8 ' Ma>1 Ju, y 71)4®.1.
Clearing* of the local banks for the
We ' >k endln ^ 10,1 a >' « announced by
p,arn,cn '' Bank - the clearing house.
amounted to «.610.026«. as compared*
wiUl K m 17202 Tor ^ corresponding '
"eck of last year.
Current Events Class of the New Cen- !
tur y Club will meet on ndxt Tuesday
morning. Mrs. E. C. Clark, chairman,
as arranged the following program;
"Current Events," Mrs. J. B. Broad ; ex
planatlon If the pipe organ, by Mrs Har- i
Kingsbury; address on conditions
In Armenia, by Mrs. Blanche Wilson;
"Home Economies," by Mrs. Henry J.
Bailey. An open dlseuseon on the "High
'Cost of Living" will be conducted by
Mrs. Allen Colby, Mrs. Frederick Bring
burst and M r s. J. Frank Ball Miss Anna 1
Young will play "Soolitsh Tone Poem," |
MacDowell. and "Elevation," by
Adolph Frey.
roQUfsl Miss Madeleine G. Reed
and •' ,,S8 Nathryne Ross will sing a sc
from the French opera,
"D 8 *"*"»." by Delibes.
The Wllmlnsrton Norlhfleld League
will begin Its Lenten Bible class on
Mond «> r «''•"»"« •" «be St. Andrews,
parl?b bouse at 7 30 °' c,0pt - The R ev .
CbarIes w ^'^ b will be the leader All
Y oun ff women of the city are Invited to
these meetings.
Cards have (been Issued for the wed
dlnK fc of Ml ; 5 Mi:drnd Rnboc< ' a Ta y |or
daughter Of (Mrs Henry M. Taylor, of
UH* dly- and Milton LoMtwood Noyes.
»! **«. 7 "*- «• ***" -»>»•
place Saturday evening March 6. at
6 o'clock In the New Church Pennsvl
V anla avenue and B-oome street
M „ r e than 300 persons enjoyed the
dance given by the Hercules Club In
the ballroom of Hotel duPont laslnghl
U was the second of a series of
dances that the dub has given this
year Other darec« are planned.
— ---■ - 1
m "bt be worth nearer 940.000,000 than
I =
j - •
«*« 3 lnis-l ü»:»
g ve . tl.rC miHOteS 1 00 (flll h«t
• . . . o../lrhe f ifpliif
00 CO.IJ S tliFOO 31.0 UIC l. KCIIlI
jp |g njjrnles ATS . f 0T Sllilff CS
m «•» mn.uisn 111 a . ■ -nun wo
rD b Ffl flOiO Olid fO/.heid. Vit
rhal nnwr* oil 1 mnn KcmeHiPx
COai.CO^C Oil If.tUp DCmCflieS,
and Cnni PfC CfiollcnS fill
* nfl W,B ? . 1 " VU . Wa
carlh. It re icves th stricture.
floor nnh maeMne work. Apply Puacy
& Jones Co., foot of Poplar St.
Juniper Tah
The Dependable
Remedy for AI!
Sore Throat
60 Doses, 30c
4 '
r mmäfk \
a. /
Keet. «VuDlpev Tar
Ht th» mrtllnof
rh*ai for ererrceo*
jj Goodman ^ Co.
General Contractors and ^

Ja No Job too largr or too »mall for ^
^ onr ImmfdUlr attention. Let u-a /
^ give you an estimate on jour work /
S now and avoid the *pr»tiii ru>h and ^
S »<l»»nee<l ro.t of material. S
J Plan», «praillratl.m« und »-timal». é.
free. (i-w* us a trial. Sati»factio 0 ' £
V"™'"*- y
y Phone 8231-W.
A card party for the benefit
of the
! M n< I ua Hel Home will be held Itj the
duBarry room of Hotel duPont
ruary Jg,
on Fcb
Alàny pretty und valuable
pr.avs will be given.
In I„ i ,N "EUOIU.WI.
In loving rm.robrance
tard, who passed
eighteen years ago.
of Sadie S, WII
iiway February 22. 1903,
Oone but not f„r
Jauies F. Willard.♦
T^rsssnu a..,.;,. '
jg- S-"/"-"-..... „
Ä £.Ve75aVMeT Ve, r '
* Mr * Limprun
s *ies and Welch
Cut Flowers and Funeral
a Specialty.
D A A 5672
UARVET-i» .si. ...
l??* "ol*toiJ, h u«ra?ÿ ÎJ hhTriîS'^.fî'
*•* •« "iSPte'T*
' »• «• '•'•re*.
ftM«* Ä SK*' "
isar«?", M
, r.tb.rln. t,$L w"of' ÄA®'
t»£^'VhI*f„î»^l/ r J tnd, " r * lDT 't" tn at-'
n'*, 7»7 .r/frvrson .Vreet h " residence,
I'.'"- * <>'-ioek. îte,,uhm màé' af s ? «cr n ,i
Sonumemc^', In ' p rmem private, at
sp5Ïxgeb-Td ' MÎr.h.m.'lT ,p n'î' „
. L uary , n - «*» Kannié o ' springer Tnw
! «•ngkm.»). wtf« of Swlthta C ßrtng"?
gft," ^
: t ' nti the funeral îcrv?ce»?Tt 'hw tate*°reMl
* îJoüîT* De, '•• OT > Sunday after
»t •iWeîhraôreemVtVrr °' Clock '
w ,?P n rJ. a • ir -v, où February 21 is-o
'daughter of the lau Mahioii
! »IV*"eli , ^ her 42d .' 1 ye>r -
«he funer.-u UniA/lt rhe''re»H,n~
?J M her v i >ro ™ er J n ; , f w - How»m f Cr«"
Garrtsu.,«.' Tu/„i,y afuraio^'Äbra^
^'*rr rnM,,,t " Rlvervkw
«sldenee. No. BIT N.
,,ry 20 i£o Em?h M
d Newu.«,,'vv BrynV 1 * ,fB
1 Æ ,D :™ , P r'T' Ertmury ».
Äud dIV*7-> v cha r' w " '
I« ° C,ock - fnUrm,nt
G ^" d 2, n tAL PhU'^lphla .Pa.. on Pebrn
v^r. ' m Ja "' 8 °' CordoB - •»• d »
Funeral wrriee. «in he heM .» n,«n/»
'f'* Ennemi Pnrior». xv 2H WestTciSth
üvwi, . F S. h , rn " rT ^ at 8
card welled tiTil
W20. Robert r»Mw»n. T '» f ee <H™rar»''
maB *„V , frleD i" °t Hu
"merira *2™%»!!^ u °î
»en-ire«. «t hie i»»e ra.HenV"No?°?028
C! 1 J , - rr,l nf tre r t o 0n . T ,, ^ iday Feb
sniJm MmAery ocIock • lDt ^rment at Ml
file— in this city, on February so 11*20
Brrtha, wife of Jams. g. rile, aged *44
Relatives and friend. .
I -
tend the funeral serviras at her larare*!'
S^ï. 00, No — ,0 " B*** 1 street, on Monda»,
siîv™braokrame»erT <> ' < ' l0Ck ' IUU!rme " t st
Bobixson— in this ct»y. on February 19
I 11*20. Sarah Loulae, widow of x'athaniei
j •*r'j s J Mrs .
! ten* the7 0 "rai ÄU!
No Jf 02 «treet, on Monday,
»ÄSJÜ' o c,ock * îotarment at
vYiLLUMR^n XeW r.itie Del on Feb
niarv 20. »20. Crarga n*vu. hi.band of
ï;, F, ;V n " william,
tend'^eTon^/^/l, 'Sutta'V,!
dene*. No. m E«.t Third .trra», éî, Moo
d *î *f'erno«n. Februsr» 23. 1020 ,» 1 so
52*17«* «f th» >Um«r. "
T 4M' E 7~ , "o*^r"„ e * F * Bn February 18,
Rd.ti frieî*d"r 7, m.mbera Tf" Ed- a
Lodge. No. «4, 1. o o f. : Alpha tod*».
h° 25- T K - ® f _ p v 'V««" 0 "'« R '««e rnun.-ii,
lit kVsV«lMVS
tend the M"»rai aerrtraa. at hl« late real
x »- llna Wert Twrntr-flftb »tra ut, on
ÎÏS*^ >Tl5Ur.^ STS r%Z7+
JJ. toao. R.itl; NtchaU, beloved wife of
lra„ ,at< ' "-"J*" 1 " ? Bark * r - »ced «
n^atireii nn* frien^ü «re Inrited to at
tend the funeral «erri<**« at Heiirwoed
SSÄ J?ÄV"ss «Ät «t 117 oVrak*
Internent m Hollywood eémuery.
20 ra r ra«r7
**ek*'»r*s and rn»n i. of '»»» f.m'tiv «ré
inviied to ntt-nd tbe fn"»rai .»rvic»«, at
ït 1 râ» I t" ,, r "'° ma w *'"' r ° nT, h
I? 1 H W T I»' I? V
»4 l M yV £» IV O
fJ n , , ,
A. 1>. (/OrtlCugC, Jr.
270 W Ptlv St.
Min v nf»»rrtoon F»t»rilflrv Tl,
Interment private.
»• » nVw,.
♦.mit Se*v»rii.
MtmPITT— *» Or»»nvrV P»*. on F'h»n«rr
10 ,o°o. Sn«en F . wife nf p»t»r Xfnrrihv.
Pie. 1 »«
f-l-.»-*» »re Invltel to nt
»be fiineral from her late redtilenee,
n*> Monrlev
at 0 o'e'nck.
' ■» Cbni-ph
FOLAX— In tbia elty, on February 1!). 1320.
P. "•'»'an.
« ,. T .
ornlng F»h
n»onlem mass "t
Interment at RU
re« r*rl"
n. rnw» n, >>''rM of Ppotrn«on
Islhrnry A*«»o'»HHon. TfImH.A merican \h«o
cl.vlon. DH«l«n No l A O. H . 11-0
invito» to ntt'"* t»«* fipffnl H^ryir«*« af
f» rt »"*«HfP
Prn »»or. No. ?** S
Monday morninj:,
, ronulem ttiahm nt St. T**»»iVm Thuroh. lu
nf r«thoirnl c*nu*fery
FA nT, fUz-At t*»«* D^'fMrnrc TTowpltfll. on
Fohrmry 1H* .Totep*» r.. non of
Corn I • .T »ni the late MlnnH Farrell,
«Ire«. f*i
of *'!» hpo»^o»*-!n«T«2v. MloVel k
J»cV«on «trei't.
at 10 o'clock, flolemn
rt 7 ronr*.
P*a»n*|v*p un i frier»*» »ro to nf
f*YT*»i fho fn**orfil 8 c^- 1 c*vh from fho rc«I
»'#»•' cc of »'Im nuof. Me», lohn Took. No.
1«' v 1
»f Sf. T
mom I-*,
• , '* n O. nf 0 o'c'ork. HUh mass
Ick'» U r. Church. Intermout
» v Id r'»v on F»*>m*»rT 10,
JOOTT D-rtni •*« r. ^naM.e of Theckle
pr* » oa r n *p Vnrnhore.
uni nro to nt
fon » fii*««Y-p» f-o*n !*»-» r«si »pnee of hor
niothrr No. ?0 <à N. for«««»! »tro^t. on Mon
t»iiv morning, nf o o'^'ork. Ooi^mn ro
onl^m m»»« nf st Pon 1 '» Church. Inter
oionr at Cathdral ccmetry.
Marshal II. Yrafman
Undertaker and Emhalmrr
giieres-or lo John R Alorlla
Téléphoné 13
fhe i.arqcsi Assortment of Flowers in
J-«. CMn-n.r. Sr
Ja«. T. Chandler. Jr.
I' M nPP'll n»rPctnrQ
» lIMlfc*» I " I tl B;l o
. .
o T* (1 I'. Ill 1)01 Ill CTS
11 11 UllluaiIUClo
212-214 WEST NINTH ST.
Telephone» SI and 32.
Del. Are. anj Jeffer»on 8t.

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