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Traffic Department Forces
Hear Talks by Depart
ment Officials
of the Diamond State Telephone
Company was held today in the grill
room of the Hotel duPont. The
Wilmington District of the traffic
department includes besides all the
offices In Delaware, eight offices In
Dçlpwaro county end Chester coun
b Pa.
^s: e Gill, of Philadelphia division
superintendent of traffic of the Bell
Telephone Company ot Pennsvlvanla
,ard Abated Companie., of which
-fcâ Wl'm'nrton DIp^cI Is on© of the
"n 'instructive talk
cF -be work accomplished in the
WlIm'niTon DlrtricT dur'n. the
rsfve^r a^ outlined also £e
pest >ear, ana ouxnnea aiso ine
«ötnge he expects accomplish d Aur
S ? y tha yea , r "A,„., s , v.
W. P. *» attles, of Tmlladelpnia.
«r a tn°
" ,k -
4L ot traffic of the TOlmington die
trie; was chairman. At 12.16 oclock
I meeting adjourned to enjoy
luncheon in the gril! room. Several
ot the glrie entertained during the
luacheon Jiour. Immediately follow
ing lunch the demonstration work
Mfr« carried on In all district, to
STw^n," ca I Is "are "band led
W how telephone are ham ed
A^kêrînaT of fhe Wll I
arcs Pauline Ac\trm&n ot « . _
Dtlrgton office. This talk «as caBeo
*101*ty Minutes in a C t . ■ ■ •
A-rn mafure swgohboara was eet UP
'" d lî2ït«.nS ^hfe was
Swh .stall L «t, emn'ove« ores
manv of Whom bad never had an
oMwtunltv of eecinc a demnnstra
x>. Ml resumed his talk after
a.tm h his paper b^lng followed by
r itc n eral *d itcun 1 on* a * erwhlch Mr
VOn< He» a à dded U ^nterestl ng remarks.
Hi- annual conféré»»# of the traf
fic department supervisory
Representatives of all Delaware
. offlfibs and the eight-offices in Ches
|ter and Delaware counties. Pa., were
prese nt.
I U. E Burnt, district »uperlntmd
itlr" the conference
everybody met everybody *I«e In a
«4 t.< get-together and reception
/I* 11 r , 00m t „ ndp< , rh, confer
• Jr" WmTngtonoffice Ml.sE H
5T „ 'wf nneratoT Miis 8 Muhl
S C oÄ.n.« super
^ r ' "'r.^M^Whkr.t'c."!
vri'offlco clerk* Miss P M. Acker
il. T^rtc. Staent" ; Uta M. A.
m\ *. toll Instructor; Miss H. M.
Wadey. toll supervisor; Miss G. W.
sésMssa-aî s
SS.'«Kä,Ä.ÄS 5 .SS
U; B.mple, private branch exchange.
Inspector; Miss M. E. O'Connell, local
e^rvisor; Ml« K. E. Naylor, a^ist
ant chief operator; Mise E. A. John
goo desk supervisor: Mies E. T.
Jlorgan, evening chief operator; Mis.
B. O. Naylor, central office Instructor;
©Il?y M. D. Somers, local Instructor;
Sh- R- D. Flaherty, local super
«vigor. Miss M. V. Kirk, toll ,upervl
ro, Miss M. D. Nürnberg, local su
ner isor; Miss O. Beggs, night chief
(operator; Miss G. L. Sweeney, traffic
K M ' 88 , H w 52" 8, r !
Brapher Mies H. M. Hicks, local su
lsl ' r - i
^.mington Suburban District
. E. M. Gordon, dletrict ohlef
* b !î. ln charge. Delaware City,
> ! H. McVaugh. operator In charge,
ïîo te c n; Mise P. L. Mousley. op
viiaXor In chars©, Holly Oak; Mr». D.
Bryd, operator In charge New
tuk : Mrs. M. L. Jones, operator In
cD ar S p ' N ® w CaatU: Miss M. B. T>
I" operator In charge, Kennet,
Square; Miss C. H. Brown, operator
(«.oharge. West Grove: Miss H. K.
Bjjllth. operator In charge. Oxford:
wn I- w. Pyle, operator In charge,
A vor, dale.
tfibover District—Mrs. M. B. Jones,
JStfrlct chief operator; Mrs. H. H.
Humphrey, supervisor, Dover; Miss
E, P. Maog, supervisor, Dover; Miss
Hi C. Weber, operator in charge,
Middletown Miss X. E Benson, op
enat^r In charsr^ Brldaevllle- Miss
E. M. Smith, operator ln' char»©.
Beaford; Mies M. A. Hearn, operator
üi'éharge. Laurel; Miss Z. B. Coulter.
operator In charge. Lewes; Mrs. R.
OL'Jmkes, operator in charge. Solby
IWM Miss E. M. Rose, operator in
sttferge. Georgetown: Miss Elva Grlf
fin. operator In charge. Smyrna:
>^. S. R. Wright, operator In charge
jj^ester District—Miss S. A. Pil
OBp chief operator, Chester; Mist
fn: Boylen, night chief operator,
••theater; Miss H. B. Reid, evening
operator; Miss H. B. Sheetz.
entrai office Instructor, Chester;
Sor Ch«tef' t Mr^R k, A d *Smlth P sT
SfYIror. Chester: Mis, E R Mor
•an. supervisor. Chester; Miss M.
hjjiroraln, supervisor, Chester. Mirai
C..,E^ Dougherty, supervisor. Chee
ftf: Miss K. C. Donahue, operator
rtioharge. Tinlcum; Mrs. A. B. Ns
(1)1, chief operator. Sharon Hill;
4*s. A. S. Ford, operator in charge,
Mftley Park.
1 For Colds. Grip or Influenza
a Preventative, take Laxative
QUININE Tablets. The box
Hn th© «Ignaiure of E. W. Grove. (Bt
tt you get BRO MO.) 30c.—-Adv
Tfß 1 ' as
M the meeting of Eureka Lodge,
fivO. U. A. M., last night, a large
of candidates was initiated Ad
flresses were made by members of
tivo. order, including Geo. Klmraey,
F täte councilor; Chas. CoIrnery, vlce
Sta^j* councilor; Dr. W. Willis, past
national councilor: Howard Caulk,
past State councilor, and Frank
tlegTlst, degree master and State
Dr. Cook Believes Doctrines
Are Undermining the
Christian Religion
The Philadelphia conference of
, r -,
the E%angel cal Lutheran Church,j
' _ '
drPM b> *"• | , R * V ; - , y Mo8k "
™ 1Iaaelpl ? la ' w
text any n ' a " , r V •"* " ,Tn
""*? 1 , . ./'T!* -J"
t0 ," nk " "l . r 8
world needs Christianity more than
anyth| n* else to bring Rout of its
P r e*ent chaos. Dr. Moehllng eald.
î w *î„ ,,T8n _Î!? 1
^ C ' Ny8 ' of B ~ okBna ' Rhil.dei-:
p „ , ^ ^ 1
kÎ!w 4
th ® Jle Rey ; S ' u - ^ lok ® r ' and
™ n *regatlon °t ,h ® Holy Trlnl, y
'l hurch for the hosplta,lty th8y bad
s, hown t0 ward the delegate« ,
WaIting ministers
The conference will be held !
nt St. John's Church. Amber, Pa., the
Ilr8t Monday ani1 Tues<!ay ln the * ec '
susrstr-s ä:
only denies the personality of God I
but takes away His Divinity," «id
the speaker. He further stated that,
Christian Science is a pagen religion
and „„unshod In India thousands of
vear8 |
Dr Cook i n closing eald. "Here
WB havB a real proh ,f m for C hrle
t j an churches. The Christian Scl-;
enre f( , lth is gaining adherents be
ca uee its member, are pr.achin Its r
doctrlnM wh8r8var ,h8y «^; r , Wha<
are we going to do about It?
Rev -®- «• ■* op#tw T|
of )M]on n - ork !n i hliadelphla. gave
„ interesting account of hla work
n Philadelphia, and made a plea
hat chur c h es of th, Confersnee sup- j
port the ml "'°n movement.
Tha Con f e "noe ordered that the
m ' 000 «nipalgn for the erection
a memor ' al dormitory at Gettey
burg College In honor of the mem
ber * ot * he Phllsdiflphla Conference a
who lost their lives in the World War
should be pushed to completion. ^
A motion was carried whereby the
shall be Informed not to bar women
students from the college pntll euch
», m n *" Unlted L '" thar f" 5 hUr a h
tionX wo men°° *
""Vk" " , .1 .
various ph M es of Sunday Siool
wrork made by the Rev. B. T. Thomas
on ;;Sund s.Koolend Church Mu
sic; 1 the Bev F. W. Meyer, on "Sun
d «y School Organisation," and the
Charged with exce^.ng the speed
limit In West iourth street. Frank
Miller was fined $10 and costs by
Judge Having. In Municipal Court
'his morning He claimed that he,
was making only seventeen miles an
hour, but Motorcycle Officer Carey
I that he wae driving at a rate of
V V,W M m " e8 Bn hOUr - a . ■
Harry Mailman, arrested by P°
"o® sergeant Foreman on a charge
of exceeding the speed limit in Union
street, had his case continued until
FHday -
Funeral services for Joseph Trap
noil, brother of ih© Rev. Rlchari W.
Trapnell, rector of St. Andrews I
Church, this city, who died at Cha
tham. N. J.. on Sunday night. Were
held this afternoon, at Charles
town. West Virginia. Dr and Mrs.
Trapnell, who attended the serviles.
will return to this city on Friday.
Mr. Trapnell Is survived by a wife,
five eon. and two daughters, six
brother, and two sisters. He was 51
year, of age and for some years had
resided at Chatham. N. J. He was
vestryman of the Chatham Epls
copal Church.
= ■ ■ =■■■ .. ■ - ■ r- =
i j
B y Sam Loyd ijj
! Seven Minute» ,0 Answer Thla i
1- «,rb of -he following .
f JÎ** ï* I !
: rbH.tiln opT^of X *'„.hi h , 1 i
Christian name of tho pen lent:
1 daresay ,ha. you will be
surprised to learn that 1 am |
giving up lato suppera.
Resolved: Mard off ail temp- ,
** *°" *2 * ln<,U ** ln almlee8
Every man has attractions
7° r me, so for one year my
0 ^' b8 turned from 8hop j
« you knew how ardently I
play golf you would wonder at !
my foreswearing It. ;
I am going to try and not
be narrow in my views.
To develop frankness In my
speech shall be my strong reso
lutlon. .
Nor a gossip, nor a critic
«ha'll I be for a year. I
Pretense Is bad, affectation
is worse, so I shall try to over- I
come both.
I shall give up writing prose
and try my hand at poetry
To «trengthen my will, I am
going to boldly confront all
; unpleasant tasks.
I shall throw away the old
pipe, terrible as It may be.
Answer to Yesterday's
The little darkey got a firm
hold on the top of that greased
pole in juet 34 minutes and 40
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! niece, Frances Voorhses, and two
children of Edwin Carpender. The
'Carpender children wont home be
fore Hall left the 'house. Mrs. Hall
[continued playing wHh a Jig-saw PU»-j
al© with little Franc©», aa ©he ban
said, until She put tfe chl.d to bed.
She did
some time after 9 o'clock.
not leave the house that evening,
Mr. And Mrs. Henry Carpender.
they have KRld W8nt t0 the home of
J- K Rica. In Highland Pork,
dinner, and remained there until;
nearly 10 80 In the evening This
ta corroborated by Mr. Rico and hl B
The statements of Carpender and
Rice have been published and agree
wlth Mr Pf9l ffer's Btat9mant . He nry
carpender h ae never been called for
examination by the authorities.
Mr. Mott made known some of hie
planB for thB 0ran<1 Jury prBienta .
tlon next week. Dr. Long, who per- i
th " aUt0p8y: Fearl Bahmar
and Raymond Schneider, who found
the bodies; Policeman Çurran and
Garrlgan of the New Brunswick po
!lce force, and Georgs Totten coun
y detective, will be about the first
ijled. The same day. Monday Mou :
vv m also call Mra. Edward Strieker !
fr °m whose home the police were In- ,
original» of the letters that passed I
between Hall and Mrs, Mill». He ha.
the letter« the woman wrote to the I
Motor and he expects to get from I
newspaper the letters that Hall
wrote to the choir singer from Maine !
August and the diary that Hall .
^ during that period and later'
save to Mra M| H»
, Ia addition to establishing the ;
8l 1 n , t '°" 8hlp b0twe8 n Hall and Mre. ,
-'he Orfnd jTr" that 1
fhJ . r ,i at | 0 n,hlD This
tor'e wife hts s^ôutly denlèd time '
and , n T prov „ y h , J, "
Mott wl „ pa]) m , mb , r , ' . T. J
mBmb e rs of th , congregation th '' ,
were at the Point Pleasant oiitinè I
early l n the summer, where a ouar
between Hail and his wife la un
derstood to have token place, and
probably Mrs. Addloon Clarke, so- ,
called friend of Mrs. Mills, who was
member of the party that went to '
Lake Hopatcong the day before th
urd er He may call aleo Ralp, V.
f !
* ade ,f
d tK
enlllng wtth*th"e Grand* J^ °Lf a * r
STtST ffi ÄÄ
* on ' Ararlah Beekman contendinv
' ha «vldence j, no, sufficient for an
'"d'etment the Grand Jury, jointly
When* "hT^ ^d
ProxTmîtrtneVh^ghtTh. 0 »"^:
tatton of the case would take he said
' d8p8p d on circumstances.
'Thl» I» « country Grand Jury and
iüïïTÂÏÏ'«Ï"-T t
'».Ti ft! . ""''«»dort,
as ln ,he c,f T' Apparently they mean
'"ever in m exn , u
However In my experience I have
run "P a «minst Grand Juries
-«de up o, . number of i.t.I, prose
cutor, nho like to ask a lot of 1m
material questions Instead of letting
he foreman and prosecutor run
things In an orderly manner. That is
all In the game and they have a per-1
teet right to do so, but It naturally
delays matters a good deal and If
,ak J 8 M n o«m,d a e n t? he ,. r :^ la »,â' ay ':i
. ^ ,r Mo " " ,ad ® « vlear he did not
tak ® much stock In the tale of Mrs.
*»-«> attaclclng the truth of the
"tonr °t Mr». Glheon, hts star wlt-;
rbT^i n .^ r ,! d o t . hat . h .?J! ,1 ^ t . C,in
'he Negress out of a spirit of
naBa - 11 la Improbable that thla will
J'® done, though, for the reason that
- Ir * Ruteell know» nothing of the
«rime and It Is the crime the Grand
Ju ^ - h »s to consider.
5 Iott * a,d he had several "Inter
®"<'n* questions he'd like ,0 ask
Mrs - Russell. Mott would say noth
Ing »bout the possibility of Mrs. Hal!
being called, ns «h» has requested.
Fortman Gibb, of the Grand Jury,
^ whom she also wrote, said he
a °uld acknowledge receipt of the
'® t,er hut would not say whether It
would he handled as a personal com
munlcatlon or one addressed to the
Grand Jury as a whole. Some ot
«he Jurors are likely to Insist that
woman get a chance to he heard,
Mra * Gibson - n appear«, ha» a
diary in the shape of a largo wall
calendar and referring to this sh«|for
contends that the Incident of Mrs.
Ku«e®H and her lost dog occurred
not on Bepttmber 14, the day of tho :
murder, but on tho evening of Sep-:
tember 9. She says there Is a nota- !
i(lun t0 that 9ftcc ^ on her calendar,
Bu Mrs . Russell, ehe says, did not
give her a doller for returning the
dog . Tb9 calendar will be introduc
®d In evidence.
.IiADOI atlflUlHAIl
^ Dtilll MiALUM
Rabbi Samuel Fredman, of Phil
adelphla, will speak in Beth Sha
lorn Synagogue. Highteenth and
Washington streets, at 8:15 o'clock
tomorrow evening, on "Conserva
tlve Judaism."
Rabbi Fredman 1, a graduate of
Johns Hopkins University, clora rf
1*09 and of tho Jewish Theoiogica'.
Seminary of America, class of 1913.
H#» i» i©adpr -of tb« Ra*h tri «nnsra
gallon of Phfiad^n^a one t S ,h
farces, in ° f , Ï!
is liso m l k nown in ^ed urX' Ü "
rirX 1 nnndnJ 0 ducational
Phllad.lnhl in^ Heb raw
reli^on Ph 1 Hebrew h^torj and
This will be the first public affair
to be held in Beth Shalom Synagogue
since its opening,
the address there will be a musical
program and dancing,
be furnished by a special orchestra.
Under the direction of the Sister
hood. refreshments will be served.
In addition to
Music will
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so ably assisted me in the work
thto pa|rt year and to th9 Lodg< . s
- .. manner s
ZZ bs« received and «
which I have been received and
As I surrender the of
flee of Grand Master to my succès-
as(sor I wish him the support of
the members of this Order together)
for,with mine."
William W. Douty. shows the total
membership in the State to be 6420,
which was a loss of 108 during the)
year. There are a total of 82 lodges
In the State. The Grand Secretary's
report fu part follows:
Membership — Number reported
last year, 6638; Initiated this year.
***! admitted by oard, 2; reinstated.
10; admitted * tA.fr cerdfl-|
CIt ®> 2 * Total, 6788.
Wl.hdrawnby card2° ; suspended,
28a - <51e<1 ' B ®l withdrawn by dls
missal certificate, 6; expelled. 1.
Total. 878.
Present membership, March 81,
1922. 6430; loss In membership, 108:
"umber of lodges, 82, I
Relief—Number of brothers re- 1
Heved, 864; number of weeks of sick- |
asu ^ 1 =r.; s
wääs ungl
chirltable purposes. $679.46: amount
P*'« tor donation », $606, Total for
Ml.240.29. Total for other
Purpose« $39 268.72. Total amount
»60,606.61. Total receipts,
$65.876.68. j
Flind " Invested and OUiornisa
Personal property, actual value,
'132,248.19; Real estate, amount In
vested. $96.614.18; Stocks, amount
inverted. $67,014.26; Bonds. *«».
,25 '° 8 ° : Tompor -
^ ° an ' M ' 058; Caah ln bank - ,12 ''
2518B; Caah $ n Saving Fund, $24.-]
166.80; Cash In officers' hands, $1,
388.89: Notes. $8,405; Liabilities,
$28,666,92; Net anBeta, $286,603.78.
The following accounts have been
bald during recase: Recreation room.
I0 °: Supplies. S. O. T* of I. O. O. F..
*4«7; Dinner grand lodge eea-lon,
$196.66; Rent. Odd Fellows Hall Co.,i
$250; Telephone service $44 70
Printing Journal half tones etc ■
$493 SO Grand secretary grsnd
lodge $600 Grid iTeter^pé"",
$200; Repre^f' S O L. j
The report of Grand Secretary
«150- Philip J. Isaac mnd
urer.' $60; E. C. Fralm, cugtodlam
Wî R*P^rs to typewriter, $1250;
Slnes * w elch, flowers. James F.
Prl ce. »12; Bine, * Welch, flowers.
3 Wlltard Crosran, $16; Melville M.
'w.n *'
Rchekah Degree.
Broth- Sis
Br t to-aM
53s a?s" vs
. — ~
T<,taI . 583 794 1312
* ^
Present membetwhlp 626 684 12101
* —
Gain In membership 8 6 14
| Financial Statement—On hand
,a»t report. $19.412.86; receipts for
year. $6.926.14; total. $26,339 00.
Paid for rBllef , $1 ,929.40; paid
for lodge expenses, 4.467.97; total
$6,387-37; net assets, $19,961.63. '
" In «t n>® «•« your
attention to the ve ry health v cond!
tlo f „„ order In this furlsdlctlnn
^ of Î08* members Tn
0 Subordinate lodges but a very
substantial gam In 'our fl^no.a!
n e beknh 'Branch of our Orderl
, , f0 Dr0SDerl 1h
, . tb ^ vear 0 f 14 mom -
t ^ th©lr financial condition
. G J ^
. .uccessfu'
Yhe evldenco Ibm Ued nrôves thal
Th ® ® Idenco sebmltt.d proxes ,hm
™ a ™ o'gMd tldm«*^', ma y|
a Capter of good tldlnga w e ma>
m "'; h from Jt that la ®ncour-j
may road In It bright
promises for the future, a future to
be assured In accordance^ with our
striving. The success « our Of
der depends upon the action of its
members; the demands of humanity
are_more fully met In the practice
of Friendship and Lov© than In th©
enforcement of harsh decree©. We
meet to legislate In this direclton |
the common good ot our kind,
Ilf succera crowns our efforts in any
degree the work which we do has
not been In vain. Wo can look back
with pride upon the year which ends)
"increase of numbers adds to our
numerical strength, and financial '
sa!ns i ncr ea«e our wealth. Direct '
your ZPa j \ 0 tbe future of Odd Fel
lowehlp. and ever remember that
, . crown« the efforts of those i
who wHh ,0 work and win." I
. T t , Isaac re
por '* follows: To -amount m
ban k last term $4.219.16; to amount
raoelved from Grand SocroUiT.111.
754 43 ; interest on deposit«, $56.«..
70ta '' 38 ' 0 "^ 1: t . f^ d . outl ,3 ''
J. 8 ' „
* or th0 Home Fu n«l Tr0a8u ^f y
Isaacs reported as follows: To
.amount received and previously r®- |
'' 0r , ,0d and deposited to the credit
S # P Gr *„ nd L0i * e ? f 3 D8ll T,'. '
... inme hnnd, session 19.1.
!i®L*®?- 39 ' t T.°" nt ennfibuted and
reported wt lost »©ssion. $2.968.17;
Xov 20 - '»Si, contribution Frank
Overdeer. $200.00; Dec. 10, 1921,
John Lon *' 5100 D ®® 10. 1921.
Naomi R. D.. No. 3. $25.00; July 17,
1321 ' J ° hn P ' Masten ' »«0.00; Oct!
14, 1921. Thomas E. Grier, Jr.,
$50.00; to amount received from
Grand Secretary from special assess-!
ment on membership. 16,257.50; to
contrlbution of collection at Grand
Lodge session afternoon. $115.50; j
' Ilte ™ sl on Liberty bond. 4»%,
$4-.50; Interest on Burlington Gas :
and Light Co. bond. 6%, $25.00: in- 1
terest on Farmers Bank on savings, i
4%, $76.52; Interest on Wilmington
.Savings Fund Society. 4%. $278.68;
j Fob. 4, 1323. contribution Centre-;
j villa I»odge, No. 37, one Burlington
;Gas and Light Co. bond. 6%. $1.000;
total. $22,041.26. Amount deposit
cd in Wilmington Savings Fund So
clety, 4%, $10,636.87; amount de
posited -in Farmers Bank Savings,
4%, $9,616.89; one Liberty Bond,
! 3rd series, safe deposit dept., Farm
>rs Bank, $1,000.00; one Burlington
(Gas and Light Oo. bond, first mort
jgago, 6%, 1866, safety deposit dept..:
Farmers Bank. $1,000.00; total, $32,
1 041.26.
Amount due Grand Score
ofjtary from subordinate lodge on as
, sosaanent of membership, Nov. 16.
! 1 ^22 # $64.60; grand total, $23,006.76.)
™ -
en-,riTril ■ ina »n« im *■»
| ■
_ tt , ,
.(Ofm P. HelnZCfOth Is
Elected Grand Patriarch
0 f | Q Q E
Reporta submitted at tbs «ventv-l
, h) . ' ' ,
thlPd annuaI communication of the
0ran< J Encampment of Delaware In
dependent Order of Odd P^lowa
.Sr —
"'"f 01 ^ oho * * Z
° fflc * ra
n « 3 P 1
v. u '. " Üf 3-7 ' Con * IU ' <? rand
^'*f prl8a ^ ; B ' T , F '^ Sl ^ 1 . m0ns ' ffrand
* aPder,; " T. Wey.
* . ^"rf" 5 !»' r° ® urkbardf .
representative Officers ninnnl" 1 »"»
bv ^«and n^Sîrch .r."®?™
D. Murray, grand marshal; Oscar C.
Draper, grand inside senllnel; Calvin
W. Whltesell. grand outelde sentinel, i
Jewels were presented at the com- 1
munlcatlon to past officers tty Pas.
Grand Master John T. Magee. Those
reccing the medals were Past
,3ran d Patriarch F. C. Smith, Past
° ran d Patriarch Joseph M. Ander
80n and L Paat ° rand Ropresentatlve
G «fSe Turner I
Speakers at the session last night
J" eIud *d Hutchlnaon. ot
k0nnectl0ut ' of the grand
l*™" t ' m! û e H ° f T
^d oTthe Ä"Ä
nnet irrA-nd ir« r «f OPr
quent terms'to'the servie, perform
ed by the departed member. Thei
' d *Ror told one ot Mr. Oliver's ha
h ' tual "«""•» * b t ° U ' ° dd .f 811 "^
" hlp ' Ha aa ' d 'hat Odd Fellowship
U " °* '^ °
An address was also made by
Victor C. Hitchens of Laurel on the
^e lodge stands for in the ranks of
Tb« n.wW .<n nH
:' r ii 3 aTr gmlfh na.t ^rand
arch, and P.C. Smith, p*st grand
''"o and Pa'r'arch Joseph M An
. Grand Patriarch Joseph M. An
derson made an Interesting report.,
The report In par, follows:
During my term of office I have
visited the encampments throughout,
' b ® g ' at0 ' 0f 8 ^* ral
''Acompanied by the grand »taff,
1 hav ® made fnany visitations to
subordinate lodges, also with past
m ote the partrlarchal branch ot our
order, and I have the assurance that
th®- visits are doing a great deal
ot tt 000
"'ork of the Order. .
"Thi encampments throughout
the State, with the exception of two,
have returned to the fight with a
determination to ko forward.
..j wlgh thank SuBsex encamp .
mpnt ljaur9l for thp untlrinB
®nergy they have exercised in sr
-uring members, and I hope they
wj]J b6 sucoe8sfu] ln ob1ain | nff „
high a percentage in perfection of
k h do , mBm bcr»hIo
h j 7g '
membera IntLcn
^arapment^ bratirtT
, loving run offered as a
„resent'bv ouf grand renre^ntâtiv.
Present by our grand representatHe
r ,^ „„ __L . rhr . Jff*
', 8a ". r J ,p £™
^ c 8rr©© «.aff. It haunsr been awarded
J® D^Hv^w^rk^n'th^thr^
bost competitive work In the three
' In conclusion. I wish to thank
'his grand body for the honor they
h av0 b ®»t° w ®d upon me. If I have
betrayed any trust. I want to assure
you It was of the flesh and not of
th ® heart. I wish Jo extend my
heartfelt appreciation to any grand
maft for th ® loyal support-they have
rendered mo and this grand en
campment: also the Past Grand
Officers' Association.
"I cannot speak too highly of tht
ataff and association for their un
tlrtng energy and uncea.lng wpport
thl8 xrand°bXX !
STÜS L.Î, > MI ' T
"I trust that the Grand Architect
of the universe will permit the
members of the Grand Bodv main
assemblings and that when
h ap PJ """T 1 ra . Z LXZ T
Xk on earth « done and the morn®
Tnt brelks Irarnfl hrrail and
»hall hear that still smalt
^.raving dona h',?*
ole© «ayinßT, Well don©, thou good
and faithful servant; enter Into the
Joys of 4ho Lord,
"Fraternally mjbmitted,
"Grand Patriarch."
Grand Scribe Otto M. Burkhard
reported in part aa follows;
" In compliance with the require
ments of this Grand Body, I here
with submit mÿ report for the year.
'that the encampments have held up
«0 well under the adverse conditions
such as we have experienced during
the past year, and to b« able to hold
"It is indeed gratifying to report
our numbers In membership instead
| ot showing a loss, as last year,
"The condition of the encamp-!
ments is steadily showing improve-)
i ment, and wo fully expect to allow
substantial Increase in membership
; during the next year, aa plans are al
: ready under way to Increase the
membership and to Institute new en
oampments. The following statistics
are taken from the reports of the
subordinate encampments for the
year ending March 81 ,1922:
Membership — Encampments, 7;
membership March 31. 1921, 690;
admitted, 32; total, 622; suspended,
26; deceased, 7; total membership
March 81. 1922, 690; past chiefs, 157.
Relief—Patriarchs relieved, 29;
' patriarchs buried. 7; patriarchs'
wives burled. 3; paid for relief of
sick, $946.60; paid for death bene-I
fits. $400: paid for benelits of Pa-|
WlVM ' îl60: total tor r6llef
totaI for oth « r Purposes,:
$2,760.72; total for disbursements,
$4,256.22; total receipts, $4,246.64;!
personal property, $1,616.17; cash In
bank. $4,048.72; Invested fund. $11,
664.88; total. $17,319.24.
jtT,rv OTmi/m
(If S I V I IJ i U L V S V
»Ml gî | 5 C J j - Ç 2.]
thing, and there is little likelihood!
that Cummins' bill will receive serl
°ue conslderatlonn for a long time.
Cmumlns' progriam which will
t'zsuts: «iras ". r
normten t0 fhe trans-;
Hon m f s ^ & decUra '
^ ^ for
3 Z , , .v, .
nnwer^ tht r'h* h w" 'a
p0 " er 8f " e R al,road Labor Board.
b i f °T, c ° m P u]90r y oon 'i
-olldatlon of railroads under certain
mils "had °it I ^m r ked n m!f C ? m '
but found L .
baa no reason to change hi, mind
ab »nt R. he indicated fodav
Tt was generally believed today
<hat President Hording would de
cllne to deal with the industrial sit
uatlon In hla message to the special
session. Th-st It must be dealt with
either at the regular December see
alon or at an extra one after March
la agreed by «II party le ftd .„.
In any event, party leaders agreed.
is too soon after the election to
take up legislation so filled with
"dynamite." Mr. Harding is expect
8d to C0Uns81 Ammins to wait but
^ C ° M
d t0(5a h
(Contlnued From First Page.)
^Tnot Wh * th8r he g8tS aCtlon on
U ° rn !l__
fayriwriji /in DUPT
Gilbert PrAbytcrlkn Church.
- b - b baa b -" without a pastor for
morethan tbre9 year , lnata
th® Rev. William R. Rutledge as
and pr0arh tbe Installation sermon.
The Rey . Ollflllan will deliver
the char ^ 0 70 'he pastor and £
v Ira p YV'agner will give the
cha , th9 congregation A recen
L on ^ f^ow ^ P
u -* nvs -mvr -T ATT, l/>OMS
"fyou b^sdontict 'fepotlce
officers alone somebody's going to
jalI ... Judge „^.„gs warned John
P . Blankenborn, when ho Imposed
a nne of S1 and cogts on w ,
»*«««0^ court UH. m . nung on ;
charge of disorderly conduct.
Blankenborn, with a number of
other youths, was ai.^edtoVvI
b ®* n «"aflng a disturbance In the
neighborhood of Second and Van
Buren streets about a week ogo,
when he was arrested by Officer
Mahan. When the case was first
heard, th© court ordered an In vet
tfgatlon, which disclosed that a
"gang" of that section la causing the
district officers much trouble.
A t0Url , n f , car beIon S 1 ng to W. 1.
»«wry which wa, parked In front
of his home, 11.3 French street,
Seventy-three arrests were made
by the police last week, according
to reports submitted to the Depart
ment of Public Safety yesterday af
ternoon. Fourteen prisoners were
committed to the New Castle County
Workhouse. Fines and costs collected
through the Municipal Court
amounted to $731.40.
Applications for positions on the
police force were: Eugene F. Hough
ten, 700 Spruce street; William F.
Ward, 27 East Twenty-second street:
George H. Roberson, 1816; Pine
A Ford truck, owned and operat
ed by Eugene F. Thomas. 404 North
Union Street, collided at Lancaster
and Grant avenues, this morning,
with a team owned by the Dragon
Hun Dairy driven by Robert Man
love, 602 North Adams street. Both
vehicles were damaged, but no one
was Injured.
struck last night by an automobile
truck of the Diamond Ice and Coal
Company, operated by Charles Horn.
Mr. Henry's car was slightly dam-j
In the absence ot Assistant City
Solicitor P. Warren Green, his
brother, J. Paul Green, prosecuted
eases In Municipal Court this morn
NEW YORK, Nov. 15. —(United
Press)— Richard K. Fox, proprietor
the Police Gazette, died last night
Red Bank, N. J., of heart trouble.
Farmers in the curb market» to
day asked 76 cents a dozen for eggs
increase of from 10 to th cents a
dozen over the prices asked last

Laird and Company, duPont Build
furnish the following quotations
of local securities. Bid. Asked
Diamond Ice and Coal
duPont Debenture
Fractions .86
duPont Common Ww
Co. Pfd.

•Hercules Pfd.108
Hercules Com., new, 97
Atlas Fractions .... 714
Industrial Salvage...
C has. Warner Co.ComlB
ebae. Warner Co.
J 1>t PM . Z
| «Ex-dividend
New York Stock Exchange,
duPont Com ., BaIeg ..i B7
duPont Debenture .. 860,
Atlaa Common
Atla p . d
8 »
2 %
... 98
NEW YORK, Nov. 15 (United
Press.•>—Tuesday's sweep!ng decline
r* r '"'" a - —•*
i 33 % on JnKIal transaot lon. while
Studebaker gained 1* to 122».
Steel CommoVahowed a point come
back in early trading and recovery
ln other 8t0Cks w * lch had borne ths
brunt f yester day'a selling was nro
portlonatê !
night announcement ot
P«nV. financial plans
Price movements during the first I
hour e ave further proof of improved
technical Position resulting from
Tuesday's break. Some estimate«
P laced Dm reduction in brokerage
borrowing brought about by the
a!um P in ,tocks OVCTr ,na Iaat ,ew
w «eke at dose to $260,000,000. Call
ln S of loans by several large bank
Ing Institutions was eald to have
been responsible tor considerable
hurried selling In the previous see
sl ®n. i
Industrial leader, bettered their
gening levels before eleven
T^X °at loT ' Pade "' N>W !
9e at 200.
Baldwin, Studebaker, Steel
_ ,, '
Recover After Many De
clines on Tuesday
1 M
Consolidated Gas was an excep-[
tlon, breaking 3% to 126 on an over-,
the com
opening fo'ur ?Mnt" Con
eo»dited ^X rallied ät MT» ^ Ip-!
parently any persons regarding the
reeapltalgatlon pan henrl.hr but|
those conversant with the companies
-ning and dividend outlook have
XTonLTZrX Included: Read.ng
77%, up H: Corn Product, 124».
up 1 N'ew Hawn 14H. off H; Cru
clble 65% . up American Sugar'
i 70, up H : Studebaker 122 », up 1» :
! of New Jersey 199. up >4; American
T and T. 121», oft »; Consolidated
Go,^126 off 3%.

NE^ Y^L No^ l6 (Un.t.d
— TVipeivn exchan"« ooenod
tods v Sterling opened at i
""upT franc. OSsT»! off
nofi' lire 0463V. off 0O01- marks
'oooi» off 0000 1-16
° _!_ '
Th9 ^. Efward Henn Ford.
reo tor of St Andrew's EpU
, who ta~n„ » business
; ^through' the m.dd n ie a wCe "
' r J, forn | a ftn d the Southern
«££ ^l'^turn hoU "
| d y ' und a5.
L. . » TtTT -, 1 nmnrnfl
MANl [■? At .T I IRr /KN
1 1 . * A, '
*** lA/ll f üll 1 |
Union I
C. D. Garreteon and James E. j
Stein, president and secretary re
spectively of the Manufacturers' As
sociation of Wilmington. left today
for New York to attend the tenth
semi-annual meeting ot the advisory
committee of the National Industrial
Council. Tho meeting will be held
in the Hotel Astor, Nov. 16 to 18.
James A. Emery, general counsel
of the nation'« Industrial council,
and Noll Sergeant, manager of the
open ehop department National As
sociation of Manufacturers will be
among the speakers.
Inspector Preston has Issued the
following building permits:
1606 West SIX
« 6t >200 .
Dlamond Ice and Coal Company,
rennsylvanla ave nue and
blacksmith shop, $350.
George L. Burkins, 1207 Tatnall
street, alteration, $10.
street, addition, $75.
Stoddard. 923 Clayton
Thé Department of Public Safety
Thomas F. Blakely, a former police
man who resigned because ot Illness.
New policemen appointed for tho
probationary period of six months
were William H. Colons. 324 East
(Sixth street; George H. Clift, 1607
Linden street.
The Women's Federal Union met
last evening in the Labor Temple.
Mrs. Anna Bargelska. presided. Re
ports showed the union making
progress. At the close of the meet
ing the members attended the meet
ing of the Delaware Safety Council
In Pythian Castle.
Suspected ot being drug addicts,
Charles Stewart, Ella Stewart and
Peter Sab«, white, were held un
til tomorrow for observation by
Judge Hastings in Municipal Court
thla morning.
i Taxable in Year It Is Cred*
ited to Account of
ing of power»
"Being fmltled to a» the^riâhts
of a stockholder in the stoS awfrd
ed. th. ". necesLr lv becoma
entitled to dividends^ Uie e?Mk
Thfi amount of bonus ored^ed ..^
month to th* " edlt8d aaoh
both normal , p ' ye ls * ub T eot t0
norma '
The settlement of this question by
tho commissioner will leave no
doubt in the minds of the taxpayers
Involved as to their liability. Many
«'ho determined to report the stock
bonus at the time of receipt will
' ne o M «»fy to amend previous
or der to inolude and
tax ° n fhl« Item of Income.
* board of directors of the At
"T" 8 ]! r °mpany at a meeting
081 ^day declared a dividend of 3
ableDecemher" 00m f m °nstock pay
j "The bonus stock Issued by the B.
I. duPont de Nemours & Co. to It,
employes, under the bonus plan of
saM company, is taxable In the year
in which it is credited to the em
ployes' account kopt by the bonus
trustee." Collector of Internal Reve
nue John W. Hering stated yester
day, basing his statement on a ml
Ing by the commissioner at Wash
The statement Is made In order
to avoid further confusion in tha
minds of recipients of eald bonus
stock, many of whom have arbl
trarlly declded u P° n ways or their
own In reporting the income there
The ruling by the commissioner
upon the question of reporting this
stock states that "the effect of turn
ing the stock certificates over to
bonus trustee and the glv
of attorney by
amounts to a
as collat
and surtax. No
other gain would accrue to the em
ploye until he closes
a transaction
for Kb sale," the statement
In memorr ofjohn m »
departed this life five yearf^o r i od ? y
N ° V8mber . 15 ' 1917
There Is grief that cannot find comfort
Ä« hraA.'
Tha! - y er can be revealed!
^tiu'w™ meft 7 on'a^T' th t "S f° re *'* r
K VtÄh.::
—«reet him "
^yftte •

tlan and Julia Perkin«, in her 8«th
vfted*'t^ "."h. frl f nds a . re ln '
vlof. '.VÄ.^ Ä
,° ak - Del - on Thursday. NoVember
°. c!ock Interment at Jit.
McO^-iln^^y, on November
13 ' 1922 ' Anna J- ( n «e McCaffertyl.
Hv«*. .î'i ^ cGl b th
üîîtaarvto LodSi "vSuSt Auä!
'* ry * Ü? î h ® Brotherhood of Rail
tM^ai T^m'^r^t^N
donee. 120« (Vest S?xth arwt^oii
o'°'^ ck v Re '.
f1X^&SLSg*J CalM
T «vfS2 ,et . 8ry ; KI
roN ^T'w V 11 " ^'t 0 " November II,
ï b,,w P°,' invited to attend the
»nVd^^tr^elf l ° Hi
morning, November 16, at 9 o'clock.
Requiem mass at St. Mary's Church.
Interment at Cathedral cemetery.
BAILKY—In this city, on November 13.
1922. Florence H., wife of George N.
Bailey, aged 61
friends. Rebekah
ware. 1. O. O. F;
X t-ars. Relatives,
ssembiy n( Dela
Dorls Rebekah
Lodge, No. 9, I. O. O. F.. Cynthia
Helpers' Branch. International Sun
shine Society. Ladles' Aid and
Home and Foreign Missionary So
cieties of Scott M. E. Church, are
Invited to attend the
vices, at
Seventh and Spruce streets,
Thursday afternoon, November 16, at
2 o'clock. Interment at Ritervlew
cemetery. Remains may be viewed
Wednesday evening, after 7.80
o'clock, at 611 Taylor street.
WALLS—In this city, on November 14,
1922. John II. Walls. Sr., aged «1
years. Funeral services and Inter
ment at Beaver Dam, Del, on
Thursday. November 16. on arrival
of train leaving Wilmington at 8.19
A. M. Remains may be viewed
after 7.30 P. M.. at his late resi
dence. 1341 French St.
HOUOBNTOGLFR—In this olty. on No
vember 14. 1922. Patience, daughter
of Harry R. and Annie Hougentog
ler. in her 19th year. Relatives
and friends are Invited to attend
the funeral services, at her parents'
resilience. «37 Church street, on
Friday afternoon. November IT, at
2.80 o'clock. Interment at Rtver
view cemetery.
QUILLEN—In this city, on November
14. 1922. Ida M . widow of Thomaa
tv. Quillen, in her 6Sfh year. Rela
tives and friends are Invited to at
tend the funeral services, at her
late residence. 80S N. Van Boren
street, on Friday afternoon, No
vember 17. at 2 o'clock. Inter
ment private.
funeral eer
Scott M. E Church,
Undertaker ana Embalmer
Telephones : 1100-1010
Office and Residence
Ella M- Fisher, Executrix
i Ilium E. Haines
(Graduate Embalmer)
6. W. Cor. 24th and Market Sts.
Phono 673.
Marshall H. Yeafraan
Undertaker and Embalmer
Successor to John B. Martin
Telephone 13.

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