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Moscow, Monday Night, Jan. 1 4®St
cept for the nunievHM%Ultary patrols
to the itnMvaiid^pillin ofttnoke
floating aboW th« ruhja the fac
tortes and houses In the Dresna dis-
fr$ty§ «ieti there little to/reonttthe
3(H nightmare of thepasttefe'day*.
mjMttd and the sttacfts ate etox
wjth holiday shoppers, making beUt
put-chases for the Russian Christmas
which falteon Sunday.
pfcp Itolnes, la., Jfcn. 2.—The eight
*4 "hour dajr was grauterto the jobprlnt
t|, «tw in all Iowa cities except. Ties
j'n Moines, Council Bluffs, Cedar Rapids'
'rfn and Keokuk. Twenty per c^ntorthe'
printers in' these towns are ouV
•••, -J- Annapolis, Jan 2.—The court nttr
tial of Midshipman Stephen Decatur,
,'• ••v charged with hazing other midships
men, was continued today.'Decatur
v- 'went on the stand in his own defense.
He denied all the statement*
lor Mid
shipmen McGrary ai)d Church incrim
.tattting him. .•
v? -v •i.
Cleveland, Jan. 2.—Two hundred and
fQrty-five employee of ttie printing
duses joined the
Geneva, Jan. 2.—Russian revolution-'
iary leaders who co lgregated here in a
,('' Becret meeting re( sntly held, decreed
Jflie death of the cjs r. They considered
'bther revolutionary plans, according to
an informant.. Tl irty revolutionists
met at a deserted farm Souse on the
"frontier. A hettte disbiission foliow
'^cd, several chieft offering moderate
but the majority expressed
New York, .tan
V,im\r ri .ML, M.M. M^A
strike this
•rning. Three-fourths^ of Ufe nlflBter
inters have refused to sigh the efghjt
tir agreement
f- S aA vrO TO
2.^-Madison Square
..'garden echoed lay /With the .Crow
id the cackling of
Ing of roosters
H! "iici'-bens, mingled wl
-f?vvfi dfves and.the.
made by numero
leathered stock.'
the soft cooing of
laracteristic noises
other varieties of
"he occasion Was the
7 ?.? opening of the 8(|entee o.th-annual ex-^
York Poultry, Pig-.
association, Which.
the Centre' of in
iiers during the re
oek. The- exhibition
experts to be the
this country. The'
nore than .5,000 and:
every section Of the
^Ihibitlon of the N
^eon and Pet Sto
will continue to
terest among fa
i^lf.i^ainitor. Of^thii?
fc wonounced I
!. best ever given
^F*hlblts number
"Aome from neftrl
'United States all
uaal exhibition
k'Z club is being he
the poultry shot
Canada.' The aa
jf the Atlantic Cat
In conjunctlonrjvjlth
ram* »«t 2.
ok the date? Jai
tlonal conferem
fairs at Algeira
•Morocco has agreed
16, for "the ihterna
upon Moroccan af-
Sapreme Court aflr»s L'ower Court's Deekien Against Howard
Washington, Ian. -k-r-yhe supreme
.' 6onrt today suf ,ined th'e lower courts
In the case James B. Howard,
thrice copvict) of th« murder of
Govenioi Ooebf
Page Denied by the
BOB ton, Jan. 2.—The appeal of the
counsel for ChaB. l«. Tucker, .who was
convicted yearly a year ago of the
murdkr of Mis* BAahel Page ait Wat
son, tor rehearing was denied by the.
supreme court, It 1b Sexpected that
Tucker will re sentenced to death this
The decision meet» w'ijPEi general ap
proval, tus the tiimae Was one of the
most cold Mooded^'.oh record
SK(«mBY 8TKR!«- BALKS, pjl
by magic in twenty-four hours Die
•city has changed. Stores havie
Providence. R. I., Jan. 2.—George
H. .Utter was inaugurated governor of
Rhode Island for the second time to
day. The event was accompanied by
the saute program of ceremohles fol
lowed in/Rhode Island for more than
ar«8Bwy. Thpse ceremonies iiiclud
ed 'the reading of the proclamation by
the high sheriff from the balcony of
tfce state house and the firing of the
governor's salute of 17 guns. A leg
islative banquet and reception con
clude the ceremonies this evening.
St. Paul. Minn.. Jan. 2.—A special
course (or farmers opened today at
the St. Anthony experimental farm"
and state agricultural college, TJie
object of the course is to give practi
cal instruction in agriculture aid.
itock breeding, to farmers who "are
in attendance from Wisconsin, Iowa
aiid the Dakotas, as well as Minnesota.
.themselves in favor of meeting force
with force. A resolution was finally
adopted dematiding that Witte resign
and permit the doutna to begin work,
and decreed the death of the emperor.
It was carried by a large majorit.v.
All but ten signeid. the czars' death
warrant and a committee of three was
appointed to select the instrument to
carry out the order.
Lynn, Mann., Jan. 2.—One of the
Vlargest and most notable. poultry
shows ever given, in New England
opened today in this city under the
auspices of. the Lynn Boultrj' associa
tion. It is the v^nth annual exhibi
tion of the association and will con
tinue till the end of the. week... A half
dozen states and several proyincea of
Canada, are. represented among the
exhlbitf.' The display of htehrbred.
chickehjf Is especially ,nbtable^^j||ff^?
Philadelphia, Jan. 2.—The case ol'
John W., Hill, former chief of the
bureau of filtration, charged With.
conspiracy to defraud the city, was
or Psfortntate Governor of Keatvcky*'
freitl Xlnen Bali tkt Iaaagajratlon
«t tte E It lwr .tintmb
Paris, Jan. "This was a redfotter,.
day for the
susands of mieii «oh-
jloyed1n the lip of FVance. fori lt
-xnar)U(d the ii
ifunMtn .pi
day limit,of it and,M«#watf, |tmm|,
In' place'of th lline-hour (l|hir:|iere
re in op*r on. Ttojawphriid^
,this tution WM enacted
but only ijewanfe
Th«...-. aiuhet',laW. pwk.
hdnrs will
trial- today. Keen public
interest- Is displayed, aa it Is the. first
of the big alleged graft Conspiracy
cases to go to the jury... Indications
are that the trial will, continue several
days and-that a large.namber of wit
nesseB will be called to Hestlfy for
both the prosecution and the defense..
.:^:^4 -:/V---''fV« -. '«v •. ••!••#.«•••'•• ••.•
,.. ^..a! .:•!
He Will
Infernu Qeverier Hai
SM Beslgn
Indianapolis, Jan. 2 --8ecretary, of
State Daniel Sterns, who Qovernor
Haaley ordered to resign on account
alleged Irregularities in his ac
unta. this Burning formally noti
lled the executive he. Would -not re
St. Paul, Jan. 2.—% D. Kirk, presi
J}Wt of the Capltal City bank, died
'early this morning from hfeart trouble.
He had. been president of the bank
for 12 years and had been, in the bank
def life' Imprisonment. ESarnost ef
forts hayo been made by ..Influential
friends to' clear the convicted inani
and'.- .the case .has attracted. wide-:
^^fori ''Diel., 'Jau .2 ^^ie.. ipirfi»ew!
Bank of Dover tUi'
$ I &
Ing houses of
Mimed prior'to the war Wi lSJii-stUr
doing burtness: The ^heM are the
.Bfcids- of North America. Philadelphia,
^|Wtthe« 17^1: Unfaw htthk, N«w
Cwfii.. eetoWtipF
J''' ~Hsu
Appeal for Murdererof Mabel winners On Lottery Ticket
Squander Oash ^ln High
Porty-Two Printing Offices
Closed In St. Peters
St. Petersburg, Jaa. 2.—The reports
of disorders are becoming less fre
quent and indications rfre that all
RUBiiia is more quiet Durnovo or
ders the closing of 24 printing offices
to prevent the publication of social
istic newspapers. The counclf of
ministers has lost" practically all Its
"authority. The reactionary cohunlttee
at Tsarskeo-Selo still wields a great
influence. This committee includes
Trepoff and Podledonosteff and pay no
attention to Witte. The reservists of
Siberia have revolted, destroyed the
railroad property'and joined the revo
New York, Jan. 2.—Entries closed
today for the stake events to be de
slded at the coming meeting jOf the
Brighton Beach Racing association
and the number and clasd combine to
give promise of one of the best Bea
^ons 'in. the hiBtory of the aiMoclation.
The fixtures will be worth $200,000 to
owners of winning horses. The Invin
cible handicap, for three-year-olds and
upward, $7,500 added, Has been placed
on the pirogram. The Brighton handi
,cap haB a guaranteed cash value of
$25,000—the largest of all the handi
cap prisjes.offered on the metropolitan
tracks The tworyear-old features are
same as last season.
.• •. rwRv-ii'
For North Dakota—Warmer,
rain likely. Minnesota: Snow .:
and rain Wednesday.
rV t®4w#«'
.VenilMM's Revolution
Offered Amnesty
Betray law
Comrades But Decline.
Moscow Jan. 2.—Volkoff and Malin
off, chiefs of the fighting organization
and members of the revolutionary
cqmmittee, were arrested today, the
authorities promising amnesty for in
formation, but only a few betraying
their comrades. The estimated prop
erty loss is five millions. The Ameri
an a to a re a S
Senator-Elect LaFoliette Leaves WIs
coBsin for Washington Accompanied
by His Wifc.
Madison, Wis., Jan. 2.—Senator
elect LaEollette-and. wife left for
Washington today. Mr. LaFollet(e
Will be 8wornlln Tuesday next
jT^wnsite Havinfe a Poimlation of Two.
Thoasand Sold at Auction.
.Washington, D. C.. Jan. 2.—The
thgOsage nation. The towns,whlchhas
several thonsand dollars from the sale
today of the townslte of Pawhuska in
theOsage nation. The town, which has
a population of about 2.000 stands on
land owned by* the Indians and re-:
cently under a provision of the last.
Indian appropriation bill Secretary
Hitchcock appointed a commission to
appraise the town lots aqd nameij to
day, as the date for tne sale! The own
ers of improvements constructed prior
to 'Anarch 3 last have been given the
right, to purchase the ground at the
appraised valuation^ The lots on
which there are no improvements
to be sold to the highest bidder.?
Hootder CirangerN and Stock Breeders
ia .lnnaal ConventloB.
Indlamijpolis. Ind., Jan. 2.—Progres
sive agriculturists of Indiana, mem
bers of/the several organizations af
filiated with.' the Indiana Industrial
and Breeders' association, convened
in annual..session at the state house
.today. TMj*organlftatlons represented
include Re state associations Of cdrn
grower«.i'Atierdeen-AnguB briseders.
potato growers, live stock breeders
and the Insurance
Companle^ unlon.
viflS'v... v^Cnedi
To live. c^t^Wlth sngiaU means tov
hierths^luxury, and
ttitui fUMiion
nble and wetdthjr
think 4UM&
tiktjr Un miUMh
ly, tal| (Wdtl^:
5.to-.sta*s ttr
Avail bra'
bisbon, Jan. 2.—The Association of
Street Porters, the society which
contributed each a small amount for
the purchase of a lottery ticket, have
wov two hundred thousand dollars,
or two thousand each. Four are al
most Insane with joy and the rest are
wasting their money «l champagne
and high living.
Ignored in the SeleetUn ef Belegates
to the Nntieaat Cen
Washington, D.- C. Jfufe. 2.—-In ec
clesiastical. circles her#'Mid in other
cities there
The Catholic press t4|kes occasion
to point out the Incongruity of the
omission of Catholics from an assem
bly of which, It is declared, they
should be the leading 'spirits. The
resentment felt by the church is re
flected In an editorial contained In a
leading Catholic paper, which says in
"It-is not too atrdng an expression
to say that but for the uncompromis
ing hostility of the Catholic church to
divorce our modern^ civilisation would
have been irreparably corrupted. The
American attitude towhcgB the great
evil has scarcely been thtti o? a civ
ilized nation. How can my sitae
The. Chicago & Northwestern road
will extend its Bonesteel (S. D.) line
south to the border of the Rosebud
reservation this year. The line will
pass through the new towns estab
lished in that part of the reservation
opened last year.
The year 1S05 was the banner year
for railroad equipment builders. The
railroads of the United States and
Canada bought during the year from
car and locomotive builders equip
ment' which cost them $260,186,000.
This did not include the cars and loco
motives which were built by the rail
roads in their own shops.
It is reported that a Japanese silk
farm on a large scale is about to be
established in Orange county, Texas.
Mulberry trees will be planted and
the farm stocked with 50,000 silk
worms. The plans also contemplate
•he. erection in the adjoining city of
Beaumont of. a large plant to manu
facture silk cloth.
A survey will soon be made for an
irrigation system to cover an area
of 10,000 acres of land lying north of
the Navajo irrigation project in Cus
ter-and Wichita counties, Oklahoma.
The B'ystem will cost in the neighbor
hood of $1,000,000.
One of the biggest finds of the past
year in the Cripple Creek district was
recently made on the surface of
Stratton's Independence mine on .Bat
tie mountain. The ore was found in
an independent vein south of the
Whim shaft, where, the- late W. S.
Stratton took out his first ore. The
first shipment .ran $272 to the ton.
.A company has been' formed to
wor)c mines near Plymouth, Vt.. which
it is said contains platinum in- suffi
cient quantities to pay for. mining.
Prospectors have been at work in the
vicinity for some time.
Thirteen million tons ia the esti
mated coal production in Alabama
during the year just closed in 1904
the production was slightly over 11,
000,000 and the year before it reach
ed about the same figure :. Many new
mines were opened during the year
1905. •.
It ia reported that plans-are under
way- which may result in 'forming a
gigantic railroad combination in Tex
as to include five or six roads under
the jnanagwnept of- B. & 'Yoakum.
The merger. According to nports, will
include the Rock Island,
a disposition to resent
what is termed a slight pitt upoa the
CathollC church .in the Appointment
of delegates and the making of ar
rangements for the national divorce
conference to be held in this city next
month. It is complained thut the Cath
olic church has been entlntly ignored
in the master.. TennesM \ahd num
erous other states that«l already
appointed delegates hi not in
cluded ft- single Cathollij the list.
Nor, so far as is khown, 1 Cardinal
Gibbons, Bishop Stang jH- -ether emi
nent Catholic churchmen, who have
been foremost In the. crusade against
the' divorce evil, been invited to take
part in the conference.
Paint Manufacturers
mence Proceedings
Fargo Today.
who is not utterly blinded by bigotry
summon delegates to a conference on
the divorce question and/omit repre
sentatives of the great historic church
that never paused to weigh the sacri
fice when womanls hontr and the
sanctity.of the Christiai) home were
at. stake? As well convene. Russian
grand dukes to advocate Poland's
In Hie Railroad. Fiaahcial and
dustrittl World.
Charles M. Schwab's great ambition
in life is to make the Bethlehem Steel
corporation the largest steel plant in
the world, and lie says he will realize
it within three years. About $8,500,
000 is now being expended in new ex
tensions, improvements and special
ity ft JBrasos Valley,. St Louis.
Brownsvilte & Mexico, and. the Fort,
Worth JAMnver City, and the Coi
Korado Southern system, making the
combination* on«r of the strongest in
the southwest
Wilt Tena nt KempUs.
Mii^s, Ada -Brown, whou: hits been
successfully fllliif the pOsttioh of
teacher in IHstrict 89 bft ^ls county,
will finish. tbe unexpired Jterm of the
Kemptoa ttshool made vncant by the
The Elks XetfcVC
vw Therewnibea raeetinc-orj^e .local
f.'^S .order ntA SsMrd^r even
itatf jttcMikfli 0m»^l«ip» 4kii of
Fargo, N. D.. Jan. 2.—Injunction
proceedings were begun in U. S.
court today by the paint manufactur
ers of the country against State Pure
Food Commissioner Ladd. The new
law is attacked because it contains no
penalty for violations.
Lincoln's Wish.
[Abraham Lincoln.]
Die when I may, I want it said of
me by those who knew me best, that
I always plucked a thistle and plant
ed a flower, where I thought a flower
would grow.
United States Supreme Court Recon.
venes Today After Holiday Recess.
Washington, D. C., Jan. 2.—The
United States supreme court recon
vened today after the holiday recess.
A number of cases of unusual Im
portance are on the' docket for hear
ing at an early date. These include
the question? of the Philippine tariffs,
the Wisconsin paper trust contempt
cases, the drainage suit of the state
of Missouri against the state of Illi
nois, and the case of the United States
against Senator Clark of Montana, in
volving the alleged illegal acquisition
of timber lands. Still another matter
of importance to be taken up at an
early date is the petition filed by the
state of Kentucky for a writ of man
damus in the case of Caleb Powers.
Schools Having Vacation.
The schools of the county are hav
ing the holiday vacations, most of
them having adjourned for two weeks.
Long Line of Aon-l'iiion Printers Line
lrjt in Gotham—Fight
Open*. .-
New York, Jan. 2.—The fight of the
book and job offices and members of
the typographical union began in
earnest tpday. Neither side is., willing
to give the figures of the number of
men oue. Long lines of non-union
men are ready to take the places of
the strikers.
Weather Prophet Hoodooed.
The weather prophet is not fore
telling the weather in North Dakota
with any degree of success. The
forecast has been cold weather lor
some time, but the temperature has
not responded to the bureau. Today
Is supposed to be cold but it is very
mild, although it has been snowing
quite heavily.
Will Resume Work.
Will Dodds. the genial Great North
ern ticket agent, will resume work
tomorrow evening. .He has been ill
with inflammatory rheumatism for
some weeks. He relieves C. S. Tay
A new Position.
Walter Maddock, who has been
teaching for several years in the vicin
ity of NorthWood, N. D., will assist, iu
the normal department of the North
western Business college.
His Massage Cream Was Bad.
humbly he besought alms.
The woman, however, eyed him with
"Your nose is red," she bluntly de
And be admitted the truth of that
"But wot kin yer expect.' he said
bitterly, "considerin' the cheap mas
sqge creams us poor fellows has tar
Case Hardened.
"The mortality among our naval
officers in the Spanish-American, war
was remarkably low."
"Well, lt'B purty hard to kill an
American naval officer," responded
the Old Codger. "If he lives through
the naval, academy nuthin' is apt to
hurt him much after life."
Toe True.
#t's a whole lot easier getting up
and giving the children croup medi
cln eln the night, than it is going to
few years -hence getting up to
look at the clock, and wonder Why
they nre not in.
Mm., Jsn.1.—The total
by the ^lre which
i« main portion. ot .the
a«id Ward streets,
vp ii'^
.-. A
Des Moines, Jan. 2.-*—Heavy snow is
falling throughout Iowa today and
passenger and freight traffic Is threat
ened with a tie-up.
The snow is damp and heavy, which
prevents drifting at present, but
should a cold wave come on, supple
mented by a wind, conditions will be
serious in railroad traffic.
Leaking fer
.._' •"-^.•isi. V. -t ''. V_
Heavy Snowfall a Menace to
Railroad Traffic in That
Bowbells Tribune: The recent meet
ing of the self-styled "reformers," held
at Fargo behind locked doors, could
scarcely be dubbed a "howling suc
cess" from a popular point of view.
The attendance was by no means of
the proportions, numerically, that
could have been hoped tor by the
high muckymucks of the movement,
and the fact that newspaper men were
barred from the "seance" bodes 111 for
the knbekers. It behooveB the repub
licans of Ward county to hold well
aloof from these party wreckers,
whose sole ambition and concern is for
naught other than personal advance
ment. Were a score
or more
new of­
fices to be created tor their especial
benefit, not a whine would be heard
from the bunch. But as it is, there
are offices enough, and just so long as
the number is limited to actual re
quirements, we can confidently look
forward to a threatened "reform
wave" nurtured by a handful of mal
contents driven to sorest straits by
their Ill-concealed hunger for office.
Only this and nothing more. The
Tribune looked for some of these
chaps to do a stunt or two with the
view of entering into competition for
the throne of Norway, but the job
was probably deemed too far from
home—and to think* of an already
sore head weighted down with a
pesky crown! Ugh!
Neck of Prayer.
Next week will be observed by the
Baptists as the week of prayer. Rev.
Frank E. R. Miller, the pastor of the
First Baptist church, is planning a
vigorous spiritual campaign. There
will be preaching and a general ser
vice each night of the week.
Caledonia, Minn., Jan. 2.—Because
her parents objected to his suit, Nerl
Styer, aged 23 years, a student at the
school of dentistry at the University
of Minnesota, just after midnight went,
to the home of Pearl Wheaton, aged
22. two miles from town, killed the
girl, fatally wounded her niotliai- and
sister, and then shot hiuiseir. He is
believer.1 to be dying. F. N. Wheaton,
who is one of the richest farmers of
the county, forbid Styer his house.
Hid Business.
The work done by Dinnie Brothers,
contractors, during the past two years
is an indication of the growlh of the
city of Grand Forks. They have done
a business in that time aggregating
$350,000, nearly all of which waf in
the city.
Prince of Pilsen.
The Prince of Pilsen will be the at
traction at the Metropolitan opera
house, Thursday night, January 4.
This splendid musical comedy by Pix
ley and Luders, is one of the most de«
llghtful bills of the season, and will
be presented by Jess Dandy and a
specially selected cast, chorus and or
St. Petersburg, Jan. 2.—The gov
ernment's ^strongly worded announce
ment of yesterday that it would pur
sue to the betit edtin,soiocyflp
sue to the bitter end. Its policy of
putting down the "Reds," following
on the heels of the crushing of the
revolt at Moscow, demonstrates the
A-sSecnped Portion
of Library. iK
The students and faculty of the law
school of the University of North Da
kota made a strenuous effort to se
cure the law books of the United
States land office which was vacated
the first of the year. They secured a
portion of the books and it will make
a substantial addition to the library
of the law schoob
it Commissioner M. E. Durlck
has a crew of men at Work leveling
the snow In the streets. This warm
Weather has so far softened the Joe
and snow (hat1 the pitch holes .are
getting very bad.
1 1 1
The students of the
SttslMss -const* have
ttom tor another dapce to
"lew t* thelear ftitat».1
+i "v
President of Now York unl
Hands Check in Payment
of Adranoas.
New York, Jan. 2.—McCall/pi
dent of the New York Life, paid
company a check
eighty-fire tl
and dollars and his note for one
dred and fifty thousand, this 1
the amount advanced to Andrew Raiky'
ilton. McCall's resignation as
dent is not officially confirmed, bnt.lcf
accepted as a fact.
Anticipate Pays
on Bonds Die February
First. "Si
Washington, Jap. 2.—The treasutjp'
department has announced the pifcf
ment of the interest on governmSit
bonds due Feb. 1st is to be antiel
uated and payment began at once tf
about one million seven hundnl'
thousand dollars. »jf£b
There is Much Sickness.
The local doctors as well as
over the state are kept busy this win
ter. in spite of the fact that it ban
been one of the finest winters in fla
history of the state, there is. a [jilt
deal of sickness,' especially is typhnlt
fever prevalent
To Ccypsult OSclals.
IS. R. Nicholson of the superintesA*
ent's office of the Great Northanu
went to St. Paul this morning to
fer with officials of the road relatlfls
to the making of the new time
for the Dakota division. .. j.,
Last night lie sought admittance but
was refused. He broki through a
window. When Ruth Whoaton the 25
vear-old sister of his sweetheart, at
tempted to stop him he shot her twice.
She is dying. The girl's mother ap
peared and was shot through the
throat and arm. He found Pearl hid
ing in a closet and fired a bullet into
her head which killed her instantly.
He then shot himself and neighbors
found him apparently dead with hi8
head upon the dead girl's breast.
Visiting His Sister.
L. H. Wallace and family of Bot
tineau arrived in the city last even
ing and will leave tonight for south
ern California, where they will make
their future home. Mr. Wallace is a
brother of Mrs. Henry H. Healy of this
Will Meet Tonight.
Confidence of Wljge Government in Troops is Xow Supreme Since the Fall-^
The Brotherhood of Modern Yeomen
will meet tonight In their lodge room
for the installation of officers. After
the ceremony has been performed and
the new officers duly introduced
their several duties, those present
partike of a banquet and social time.
ure of Moscow Uprising. 1
confidence of the Witte government
to complete the task it has under
taken. The main cause of this
fidence is the loyalty displayed' by the
troops. The government Is trying
prove to the people that the repres
sion of the revolution does not mean
the abandonment of the reform pro
An Old
rt 0
Dan McGruer, one of the best kamfin
druggists in the state ana pmtt5*4tev
among Hannah's hustling bMlMaKVW
men, is a business visiter, lu 1
while en route.home from a trip to"*^
the Twin Cities. ^-4
..- ^4
MfglnOmt nmy
1 rssitteM.
Miss vtvti& TGlSee/ ^one
prominent and popular tea
the county, h«s resigned as
In the Kempton sdipol sad
a position (n the (duo) at
Bishop Mann of ftrn gf
®ese of North .SakBtRt Wlli
night In Christ's ^pfciiipi
this d|y at,56fltt355lP^
sermon he WIll

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