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Oae Heath h* carrier
Oae Weak by caerier.
Will— and raomxrou
Fir Mayor—
4 John Dinnie.
F«r Magistrate—
J. R. Church.
4 City Jnstici'—
P. McLaughlin.
1 Fir City Treasurer—
T. J. Haift n.
a Second Ward—C. II. Howard.
•i Third Ward—R. A. Spragne.
Fourth Ward—0. Knadson.
Fifth Ward—(Two years) W. A.
Hill (one year) Geo. W. Back
Sixth Ward—M. C. Pcpple.
ScBttmeat to Be laralnM.
"Let reverence of law be breathed by
vary mother to the lisping babe that
attles in her lap let It be taught in
schools, seminaries and colleges
lat It be written in primers,
feooks and almanacs let it be
from pulpits and proclaimed
lattve halls and enforced in courts of
(•atlce In short, let it become the
political religion of the nation."
—Abraham Lincoln.
The other bills now in the house,
and in which they feel a deep interest,
are the Williston land district bill,
now on the house calendar, the Fort
Rice land bill, the school of forestry
bill, the Minot court division bill, the
Devils Lake public building bill and
the Fargo fish hatchery bill.
The Herald is deeply disturbed be
cause these measures passed the sen
ate without debate. Were it not for
the fact that, the Herald thinks the
senate is a body reeking with evil,
containing two of the worst characters
to be found in each of the forty-five
states, the fact that there was no de
bate on the bills when they passed
that body might stand as pretty good
evidence that the North Dakota mem
bers of the senate have the complete
confidence of their colleagues. That
kind of confidence can be gained and
held upon the very reasonable theory
that the North Dakotans are entitled
to It, and that they are not distrusted
by the eminent men who know them
in Washington, but only by their jeal
ous and envious insurgent detractors
at home.
A man's usefulness in congress is
measured by his capacity for doing
things, his ability to deal intelligently
with public questions and his courage
and honesty in acting upon his own
conviction £s to what is right and what
is wrong, regardless of the clamor
fomented by the swarm of designing
maligners who, by their unscrupulous
fulminations in the scarlet magazines
and the yellow newspapers, are un
dermining the institutions of the re
public itself.
There are many evidences, coming
from many quarters, that the tide of
detraction and misrepresentation has
reached its full height, and that ration
al public opinion, which is rarely
moved by malicious outburst pf pas
don, is to be reestablished in the land.
The best evidence of this is to be
found in the sobei editorial thought of
the leading reputable journals, the
sermons of eminent divines and some
recent utterances of the president
Dr. Bristol of the Washington
^Metropolitan Methodist .church re
ft powerful argument
Oently made
Hiiugn H. B. LAMFHAN. Eoflraa
W*L H. ALEXANDER, Qbodiatiom HiUOO
no all wmmnnlftfcw to The Ermine Times, Grand Fork*. N. D.
rta Advance
In advance
There la good ground for the be
lief that all the North Dakota bills,
which have passed the senate at this
session and are now resting quietly
in house committee rooms, will be
brought out and passed before ad
One measure which is of particular
interest is the Hansbrough-Gronna
drainage bill, which provides that the
secretary of agriculture shall use one
million dollars of North Dakota's pub
lic land receipts, as a ten year loan,
with which to drain Red river valley
The reclamation service is fighting
the measure because it does not want
the agricultural department, which
now has a well organized drainage
bureau, to have charge of the work.
The Washington correspondent of the
Grand Forks Herald evidently acting
under orders from his home office,
does not seem anxious to have the bill
succeed because its passage would
redound to the credit of Senator Hans
brough and Representative Gronna,
who are said to be in conference al
most daily laying plans to secure tha
passage of this and other measures
of importance to this state.
0 0 O a a a
.... U1 Sis Months in advance ...
40 Three Month* in advance
IE One year not in advance
Bnbacribers desiring addreae chanced mutt eendYonner?addieaa aa'welCaa new one
•tared as second-class matter at the poatofllce at Grand Forks, North Dakota.
The pusillanimity of the Duis sup
porters was amply evidenced last even
ing, during the progress of the repub
lican rally at the opera house, when
a gang of young hoodlums, acting—
as one of them asserted—on the ad
vice of the chief of police, assembled
in the rear of the building and made
the night hideous by the blowing of
horns and beating on tin pans. This
unseemly and disgraceful disturbance
could' be heard at least half a dozen
blocks away, yet not a policeman in
terfered, although one somnolent
guardian of the peace kept a
perfunctory watch and ward in front
of the building. Had such a studied
insult have been offered to those in
attendance at one of Mayor Duis'
meetings who can doubt but that the
arrest and punishment of the offenders
would have speedily followed,
while the hypocritical Duis' organs
would have devoted columns of
frenzied denunciation to the perpe
trators of the outrage. When the
machinery of the city government is
not only used in the interests of cer
tain candidates for office, but the em
ployes, whose salaries are paid by the
taxpayers, are used as a medium to
insult peaceful, law-abiding citizens,
whom they are sworn to protect, it
would seem that the time had arrived
when these arrogant individuals were
made to understand that they are sim
ply the servants and not the masters
of the inhabitants of this city, regard
less of race, creed or political affili
Mr. Duis says that he has secured
an opinion from an eminent Chicago
lawyer that Grand Forks can regulate
gas rates. Where is the opinion? Has
any one seen such an opinion save
Mr. Duis? Why is it not published?
If the mayor refers to Granville W.
Browning, then the mayor knew that
in the litigation involving the validity
of the Chicago rate ordinance Mr.
Browning and the city of Chicago
were defeated and the federal courts
held that the city of Chicago had no
power under a charter similar to
Grand Forks to regulate gas rates.
Not only is this so but men such as
Mr. Darrow and the other prominent
Chicago lawyers who have acted as
attorneys for the city have in their
opinions given the mayor and council
thereof, held the «ame. Is it not
strange that the mayor should have
followed his version of the city at
torney's advice as to the cancellation
of the franchise and ignored that ad
vice as to the rate ordinance?
Mr. Duis stated that wholesale com
panies would not come here if they
could not get trackage. Does this
mean perpetual trackage for nothing?
Could not the harvester company have
been treated the same way as the
street railway company and the tele
phone company? Could not the rights
have been leased for a term of years
at a nominal rental if such rights did
not have a present value? If such
rights were of present value, should
they not be paid for? Does not this
trackage facility destroy the business
of the teamsters and draymen? The
argument of the mayor on the track
age franchise is the same as that made
by the gas company twenty years ago
when it got its perpetual franchise
and is unsound and unjustifiable in
Mr. Duis said he paid $21,000 of
bonds. True, but these were paid' out
of the sinking fund, which fund is
realized by the levy of $1,500 per year
and the entire amount of money de
voted during the Duis administration
to the payment of these bonds was
levied and collected during the Din
ni^administration and turned over to
Mr. Duis for that purpose. Not only
is this so but during Mr. Dinnie's ad
ministration there was paid and re
tired a greater amount of bonds than
during the administration of Mr. Duis
v'V v. a
against the pariahs of society who are
just now defaming public men and be
littling public institutions in sensa
tional publications, and the Washing
ton Post, New York Sun, the New York
Times and other responsible paper?
are pointing out the lurking dangers
to be found in these general and in
discriminate assaults. It is understood
to be the purpose of President Roose
velt to take early occasion to deal with
what he recently termed "the muck
rake brigade," the men who are de
grading the profession of journalism
by their extraordinary outpourings of
vilification. Long continued dispar
agement has never failed to consume
its own authors.
Mr. Dinnie paid the following
City hall bonds, $5,000 water Works
bonds, $16,017.50, or a total of $21,-.
'071.50. Being $3,000 more than dur
ing the Duis administration.
Mr. Duis says that the city attor
ney advised him that the city could
not cancel the gas franchise. This
is a deliberate misstatement The
opinion of the city attorney in writ
ing, filed with the city auditor and
withdrawn therefrom by the mayor
and retained for more than thirty
days, expressly states that the gas
franchise is invalid and void and can
be cancelled. The opinion of the city
attorney verbally was given to Mr.
Duis long prior thereto that it could
be cancelled.
For the second time in the campaign
the statements of Mr. Duis are print
ed. Among other things he is re
ported as haying said that because the
Dinnie appropriations were low the
expenditures usually were high. The
fact is as disclosed by the city re
cords that the Dinnie appropriations
for four years were $205,000 while
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the expenditures were but $202,000.
The DuIb appropriations for two years
were $136,000 while the expenditures
were $143,000 or an excess of ex
penditures over his own appropria
tions by Mr. Duis of $7,000.
Mr. Duis is reported as saying that
by keeping expenditures within ap
propriations the city has paid its way
as it went along. The facts are that
during Mr. Dinnie's four years there
was outstanding warrants unpaid for
lack of funds, $62,060.39 per year.
During Mr. Duis' administration there
were outstanding warrants unpaid for
lack of funds of $*3,523.63 per year,
an excess over Mr. Dinnie's term of
$1,463.24 per year, or a total for the
two years of $2,926.4S.
Mr. Duis placed the cost of the de
tention hospital at $8,000 the appro
priation for that purpose was $3,000
and the warrants actually issued were
$5,676.50 including the purchase of
the site, or $2,323.50 less than Mr.
Duis -stated. Mr. Duis to suit his own
purposes "tilted" the figures 50 per
cent on this one item.
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Mr. Purcell is reported as saying
that prior to Mr. Duis' administration
the water works was a losing propo
sition. The fact is that during Mr.
Dinnie's last term the water works
paid $14,000 above operating ex
Mr. Duis is reported as saying that
the fire hall cost $10,000. The appro
priation was $5,000 and the actual
warrants drawn was $8,946 or $1,054
less than Mr. DuIb says.
The statements made by Mr. Duis
last night as reported in the Herald
indicates his entire lack of knowledge
of -conditions existing in the city.
Mr. Duis said the ground for the
tire department 'cost $3,300, the actual
cost was $3,500.
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