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Boutin© Work pispoScsd of
Along With Some Spec
tacular Play.*
The fog end of the business of th-j
regular meeting of the city couiftl
was transacted at the adjourned meet
ing last night. All the aldermen were
present except West berg.
A large grist of minutes were read,
the policy being seemingly to take
5, 1906.
0%, $ «V ^^''51
& 1
trouble In large doses with few ad
A petition for the construction of
sidewalk on Kittson and Dovry aven
nes in front of lot' 19, block 1, of
Budge's fourth addition, and in front
of lots 16 and 18, block 6 of Traill's
addition and along Cassman and Dovry
avenue to the \N. P. property," with
a nutober of crossings. The petition
was referred to the committee on
public improvements in conjunction
with the street commissioner.
A petition for a sewer from Third
street along International avenue to
the river was presented, and referred
to the committee on public improve
A few bills Which had been held
ap for investigation the night before,
were audited and ordered paid. These
Included the cost of enlarging the
pauper corner of tlie dog cemetery.
The recorder submitted 4k report that
the city had something like $1,900 in
mil the funds of the pity but the re
pprt contained no information of ,'
nine., i.
The' ordinance comthlttee announced
•tat it would hold a meeting next
Tuesday at 2 o'clock p^m. at .the city
tall for the purpose1,of nraMifig Ed
ward Hetriy who is Meklng 'a light
and power franchise h» th» eUy for
What? Oh, just incidentiaily to note that happy look on the chap who has
been fitted oat here.
Yoa see I am a tittle ray of sunshine to the boys that want lobe ri£ht strong
with The Real Ones.
With yon if I dress yon op and then yon know that I save yon '"Seven
Samoleons" on my $18.00 Snits.
In front of yon on the street or tonight at the show and if he looks good to
yon just ask him where he bays his "Spring Front" and yoa will hear that same
old "familiar stun!"—af Sianch's.
After election the fellows all looked better than before. A good many of
them are now voting for Roswell $3.00 Hats, and .they fit the head. That's the
reason why the rest of the men about town/ are walking on Crossette Shoes.,
"Every Little Bit Helps.''
'Ydats for "WHATEVER'S RIGBT,"
"STANGH'S" the pnly Clothing Hoase on the corner.
the purpose of considering this ordin
ance. The committee will act in con
junction with the committee on water
and light and the superintendent of
the electric light plant, the city attor
ney ,the mayor and such other mem
bers of the council as care to be pres
ent. The purpose is to have an ex
haustive investigation of every feature
of the proposed- franchise.
The disputed light. wiatters of Nikle
hurst, Kjitleson.anif.Woods were re
ported -jjpon by the. superintendent,
and his settlement with Nikleh'urst
waa"acccpt£d. Tho recorder was In
structed- to accept the report
superintendent in the Woods case, and
the Kittleson matter was rel'erFefl to
the committee on claims In conjunc
tion with the city attorney with power
to a
The purchasing committee reported
that uniforms for the .police force had
been ordered, and that one full uni
form with one pair of pants extra had
been included. This caused the mayci
to remark that it looked like they ex
pected to sit a great deal.
A communication from the Great
Northern was read' stating that it
could not offer a site for the proposed
oil supply station formerly noted in
these columns, and 'the committee re
ported that they now were in com
munication with the Northern PacliBc
for the same purpose.
The petition of P. J. Sullivan as fire
chief for the cleaning of the apparatus
and some other matters asked for,
was quickly allowed and the members
of the company yrho had awaited like
Tammantf-democrats on election night
went home happy
The superintendent reported that
in a seven day test he had found that
the plant was earning approximately
$55 and that the expense for the same
ttige was |38, thus indicating a profit,
It was decided to give him $25 per
month for inspecting wires, until Such
time as the office of wire Inspector'
can be created by ordinance.
About this time things livened lip
by the injection of the old Heed light
matter. Bydahl moved that the offer
of Reed be accepted and the. matter
closed and this. finaNy prevailed. But
it Involved some sharp thrusts be
tween Sherlock Vknd, Barlow, Sher
lock insisted that the matter be
posed of and the report either accept
or further Investigation ordered. Bar-
5s Lfc-s '1
low had heard that the leakage had
been going on for two years, but his
informant had been before the com
mittee and made a different state
The chief was directed to have the
dead animals on the dump grqund bur
led, and to get after the parties who
had placed them here and have them
A resolution was adopted providing
from the codification of the ordinances
by the ordinance commtitee1 and the
city attorney, and then the council
adjourned: to meet next' Tuesday
The big .spring jneeting of the Polk
County Cood Roads association which
•was to have been held a short time
ago and was postponed owing to the
inability of Hon. Geo. W. Cooley, the
engineer of the state highway com
mission to be present, will be held in
Orookston on Saturday, April 14.
There will be sessions both morning
Character Sketches From East Side Council Meeting
and afternoon, the morning session
opening at 10:30 and the afternoon ses
sion beginning at 2 o'clock.
A fine program is being prepared for
the occasion and while the complete
program cannot be published for a
few days, the speakers to Include Geo.
\V. Cooley, Senator A. D. Stephens,
City Engineer Carroll, State Engineer
Geo. A. Ralph, J. B. GaH nnaul of
Aitkin and others.
There will be a demonstration of
the split log drag, how it. is made and
the proper method of using it, which
will be of special interest to the
farmers in view of the fact that its
UBe is being generally advocated by
those interested in good roads. Many
cities are "furnishing them free to
farmers surrounding, and offering
prizes fpr the' farmer who uses the
most effecting manner on
a certain stretch of road.
The farmers in every direction are
cordially invltgd.- and strongly urged
to attend this gathering as the subject
to be discussed is one Of vital Import
ance to both farmers and residents of
.the city. It is 'planned to make this
./{he biggest add most enthusiastic
gathering ever held In northern Min
nesota to promote the cause of good
Navigation on the. Red Will
Soon Start—The Fast Re
cord Interesting.
Only a few more days are left be
fore the "break-up" ou the Red will
be recorded and the boats again run
ning. Some years navigation does
not open until quite late, but the pres
ent year it is expected that boats will
be running earlier than usual. The
average date for navigation to begin
on the Red river, as shown by the
records o£ the past eleven years, is
April 13. The average date for the
ice to go out l'or the same period was
April 9.
Prof. E. F. Chandler, of the State
University, in his capacity of hydro
grapher for the United States Geolog
ical survey, has come into possession
of data disclosing the dates when nav
igation opened on the Red. His figures
run back as far as 1895. They may
be of interest, so are given herewith:
tlon Open«l
1835 April lti
1896 April 18
1897 April 10
1898 April 15
1899 April 1!)
1900 April 11
1901 April 9
1902 April 7
1903 April IS
190*1 April 18
1905 April 7
The showing made by these figures
may call to mind the great flood which
accompanied the break-up in the
spring of 1897 when the Red exceed
ed her low water mark by approxi
mately 48 feet, flooding the country
for miles around in some sections.
The Marais across in Minnesota avoid
ed its regular channel and cut across
country, forming a junction with the
Red river a number of miles to the
north of this city. Farmers living
in the path of the new channel in
some cases were compelled to "take
to the woods," to make use of a slang
expression, and a number made their
homes in large trees for several days.
Th government steamer Ogama, Cap
tain John F. Hays In charge, went to
the relief of the flood victims. In or
der to reach them it was necessary
to le^ve the regular channel of the
Red and it is asserted that this fur
bishes at least ong, authentic instance
of a steamer running on land. The
land, however, in this case was not.
dry, but most decidedly wet: It was
no uncommon thing that spring to see
large houses come floating down river,
their owners iri' hot pursuit with
boats and ropes, attempting to secure
a half hitch to the nearest strong tree.
There were also several drownings
that spring from carelessness. East.
Grand Forks citizens paraded most of
County Commissioners.
The county commissioner's meeting
discussed various considerations dur
ing the most of the day. The only
resolution that was made Monday was
for the establishment of two river
ditches, one across the Hill river in
the town of Hill Rivey and the other
across the Popular river in the town
of Brandsvold. The first is a span
bridge, the second is a pile bridge. The
auditor was instructed to advertise for
Kindly Remembered.
The members of Bethesda church
gave to Joseph Flatten, who has just
gotten out of the hospital, a pleasant
surprise Tuesday by presenting him
with a purse of |50. While he yras not
in need of money by any means, the
noble Christian principles which
prompted the donors were cferatinly
appreciated by the recipient.
Poatofticc Improvements.
Postmaster Thoreson is contemplat
ing some improvements in the post
office in the way of more lock boxes
and better general (x:iic.), ai.i lo
much handicapped by the fact that but
few. important changes can be made in
the present quarters. As a part of
the rent must be paid by the post
master it is not very encouraging to
him to rent a larger and more expen
sive office, especially when It is re
membered that he, gets $180 per an
num for cyerk hire and pays out $600.
At Dickinson.
Alderman Westberg went to Dick
inson yesterday to spend a few days
looking after his stock ranch located
near that place.
For fresh
Cut flowers at Undertaker
van's, East Grand Forks, Minn.,
phone 777.
wall paper at I. King-
Paints and
fruit call up 22. F. J.
If you are looking for Eastec novel
ties call at Kingman's.
and supplies at Cum-
Baseball goods at Kingman's. .v'
Penny tablets at Oummlngs.'
Carnnd Cnariol
Ijctonu Special
171 j•
Douglass Shoes
their streets in rowboats, or gondo
liers, if you like it, a la Venice.
Little trouble is anticipated this
spring from an- over-flow, as the
drainage has been gradual, the snow
meltings caring for themselves in the
numerous drains and ditches that
have been constructed in late years.
The records of break-ups for years
prior to 1895 are on file with the U.
S. engineer at St. Paul and are not
available at present.
As a Man In tlie Harvest Fields—Mrs.
Sorlielui Asks for Diforce and Al­
leges Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
—Case Sow On.
The divorce case of Mrs. Josephine
Sorhelm against Christ J. Sorheim,
which was adjourned over from Wed
nesday morning in order to permit of
the attendance of additional witnesses
whose testimony is needed, was taken
up again in district court late this
afternoon by Judge C. J. Pisk.
The main fight in the action is over
the division of the property, the de
fendant not making any fight on tile
granting of a separation.. The plain
tiff claims that her husband's property
is worth in the neighborhood of $8,000,
invested mostly in a farm near Emera
The plaintiff's allegations in her
a S
Our unusual offering in
High Grade Lingerie Waists
Special for Three Days
^Inpritll }Vaists of fine Lawn, neatly trimmed with Lace and Embroidery panels
«51 jpctldl only
a tu
a' lon£
fine Linserie
Skulason & Skulason represent Mrs.
Sorheim, and Geo. A. Bangs, "Mr. Sor
Of State and County Fair Committees
and Commercial Club.
Last evening it was decided by the
committee of three, of which President
E. J. Lander is one, that A. L. Woods
should at once assume the duties of
the secretarytaryship of the Commer
cial club at once. While his selection
had been determined upon by the com
mittee sometime since, it was thought
best not to make the change in secre
taries until the return of Mr. Lander,
who was on the committee, but owing
to the fact that Mr. Woods would not
accept the secretaryship of the Com
mercial club unless he received the
other two from the fair committees
and vice versa, and as he had already
been selected by the fair committees
and the County Fair association was
anxious to get busy at once, Mr.
Woods could do nothing until the
The New Exclusive Millinery Store
A new store is ready to greet you and to be greeted by
you. It will mark a new event in Ladies' Headwear.
A handsome remodeled store, where methods will bring
all of
shopping advantages of the largest cities.
ihe Opening Matinee of new spring styles will consist of:
Trimmed Leghorns, Milons, Yeddar Silk, Horse Hair and
ryroxhn Braids, Chips, Flats, Cones, Plateaux, and all of the
newest Chiffons. Grand exhibition of French Model Hats the
first showing of its kind in the city.
Special prices on Imported Model Hats during our opening.
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iff* 4
iibc ss&L'
'h ***$#
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summons and complaint furnish some
very interesting reading. Among
other things she alleges that the de
fendant, her husband, at various times
Compelled her to wear -men's clothes
and work in the fields, shocking, pitch
ing or stacking, as the case might be,
and that he was at all times cruel and
inhuman in his treatment of her.
The defendant, on the other hand,
in his answer to complaint, denied
each and every allegation of the plain
tiff and made counter complaint of in
compatability on the part of the plain
tiff. The couple were married Novem
ber 14, 1898, and no children were
born to them.
Batiste, elaborately trimmed with Lace Insertion,
Sp cial Sleeves, embroidered panel front. ... i.
CI 1 Waists of fine imported Lingerie style, exquisitely hand embroidered and
Jf II |n ^peCial ••^rmenrtsnn,| ci l°rt
stylish well made
Both Phones 145
Commercial club had officially notified
him of his election. As Mr. Lander
would not be in the city for a number
not to
of weeks, it was thought
Secretary Woods has been supplied
with a new typewriter and will remove
his office from the second flOor of the
St. John block to the Commercial
club rooms. He will continue to run
his own business through a secretary
while he devotes his tide almost ex
clusively to the business of the or
ganizations which he represents.
Local Lodge Will Install Officers ui
Felicitate Saturday Evening.
The officers and members of Grand
Forks lodge B. P. O. E. No. 2$5 are
planning a real "hasty" time for the
evening of Saturday, this week. Ott
that night there will be much ado—ing.
as will lie se.n from the accompanying
enunciato. To begin with, there will
be the ceremony of installation of tfie
officers recently elected for the en
suing year. District Deputy Dlnnip
will bi! the conductor. In addition to
this there will be exemplification of
the initiatory work, with several side
line stunts which will certainly make
the eyes of the brethren gap like a
cannon's mouth.
After tlie above, and sundry other
things too enjoyable to mention, have
been laid away, there will be served
a grand banquet in the banquet hall.
In the language of Exalted Ruler
Schlaberg and Secretary F. A. Brown
to all Elks, whether members of 255 or
not, "don't be afraid—brace up, forget
the mother-in-law and come to lodge
Saturday evening."

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