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•$' :-'7
w. J. Edwards, (fee otter architect
No. 20 N. Fourth St. Both 'Phones No. 20
For Rent-Four room house
on Fourth avenue, $9.00
For Rent-5-room house near
Winship school. New, $15.00.
For Rent--5-room house cily
water fiee. $16.00.
For Sale-1000-acre cattle or
sheep ranch in Montana. Free
wooa free coal 12 miles of wire
fence good buildings 2 springs
on ranch. Fine climate. Price,
For Sale-All modern house
on corner lot. South Fouith
street, $2900.
For Sale—A 4-room house in
River Side Park, $900.
Coming Event*.
Illy SO to Augiiat S—Rrd River Val
ter expoaltloa In Graad Forks.
Aacaat 6—Grand Forks teaals taar
Democratic state convention—Mlaot,
Amg. id.
Antruxt 6, ?. S—North Dakota Drug
gists** Convention la this flty.
J. w. Ross, the architect.
Second-hand safes for sale.
Hatcher Brothers' Corporation.
Public Stenographer.
Laura Daubenberg, Room i, Clifford
BaOding. Phones—#S8M. W„ *9*
B. Tri-State.
Ladies' Shampoo.
Ladies' shampoo, scalp and facial
treatments. Mrs. Douglass, 104 y2 S.
Third street.
Laundry Change.
8am Lee wishes his patrons to know
that he has started his hand laundry
Again at 110 South Fourth street, next
the fire hall. Work guaranteed.
8-Day Sentence.
Judge Church this morning imposed
a sentence of eight days in the city
jail on a man named Foley. The de
fendant was charged with drunken
Married Here.
A marriage permit was issued this
morning to May E. Cowan, of Montreal.
Can., and John A. Anaker of Crookston.
The couple were married in Grand
Forks today.
Attachment Proceedings.
An attachment proceedings to re
cover the sum of $200 has been be
gun in the district court of this coun
ty by John O. Fadden Co., a corpora
tion, against John Sweeney.
Their Honeymoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester F. Wilson,
who were married in this city last
evening, have gone on a short wedding
trip to Minneapolis. Mr. Wilson is a
well-known elevator agent and wheat
buyer at Park River.
After City's Interests.
Alderman R. M. Carothers goes to
Bismarck the beginning of next week
to look after the interests of the city
at the annual meeting of the state
board of equalization, which will con
vene next Thursday.
Turned Fair.
A day which started out to be rainv
-and murky, suddenly changed to fair
weather at 10 o'clock this morning,
whereof there was much joy in and
shout Grand Forks. Large crowds are
at the exposition grounds this after
Name County Committee.
Thomas Regan, chairman of the
democratic county central committee,
has called a meeting of the delegates
to the state convention to be held
in this city at 2 o'clock, August 7,
at which time a new county central
committee will be selected.
Now at Aberdeen.
T. H. Moen, formerly of Mekinoch,
N. D., now a merchant of Aberdeen, S.
P., is here taking in the fair, on his
way to Mekinoch with his two little
boys. He is going to visit his father,
H. T. Moen and his brother S. H. and
A. H. Moen. Mr. Moen has also a
farm near Mekinoch that requires his
Refined Vaudeville.
The Bijou is attracting large
audiences nightly, numerous ladies be
ing in daily attendance. The enter
tainment is refined, humorous, sensa
tional, educational and very pleasing.
The management is desirous of secur-
Here is an eight-room
house on South Fourth street,
close in. Has city water, sewer,
gas and bath, with good cellar.
Nice lawn and shade trees. 1122.
I will give $150 per month
for a satisfactory all modem
store room and basement 25x
120 to 140 feet and give lease
for 5 to 10 years. Must be be
tween Alpha and Kittson aves.,
on Third st eet.
For Sale—New house. All
modem but heat hardwood floor
and finish. University avenue,
For Sale--5-room house, 2nd
avenue, $950.
All wooden house $3000.
For Sale-All modern 7-room
house on Belmont avenue. Lot
75x160 fine lawn price, $3600
iug the attendance of all the ladies
and children of the community, as
suring all that there is nothing in the
entertainment to offend the most fas
tidious. A complete change of pro
gram for this Thursday. Friday and
Saturday. Daily performances both
afternoon and evening.
Corns treated. Dr. Collier's foot
remedies for sale. 104% So. Thiid St.
Bicycle Stolen.
Stolen—An Ideal bicycle. Return
same to Dinnie Bros.' office and re
ceive reward.
Farmers. Attention!
Binder Twine—Standard. 10c pure
manilla, 124c. James Twamley,
Room 2. Bear Block.
Her Cousins.
Miss Vera Kelsey is entertaining
the Misses Rhoda Williams, Alice
James and Annie Miller during the
fair. The two former are her cousins.
On Sunday morning one brown
gelding about 1,400 lbs., halter on and
shod on front feet. Please report any
information to Bacon & Van Alstine.
Reward Offered.
Lost on Saturday or Sunday St.
Louis oblong pin, blue enamel front,
and gold back. Finder return for re
ward to Mrs. L. W. Peak, Dacotah
Courthouse Closed.
All offices in the county courthouse
—including the jail—were closed this
afternoon on account of Grand Forks
and Blast Grand Forks day at the ex
Xotables Here.
Governor E. Y. Sarles was an ar
rival in the city last evening and is
attending th$ exposition today, an in
terested spectator. Other prominent
people in the city last evening were
President W. A. Scott of the Fargo
state fair and Judge W. J. Kneeshaw
of Pembina. President Scott was en
route to Minot to attend the democrat
ic convention. Judge Kneeshaw re
mained here today.
Eugene Frazier Examined By
Board of Insanity Com
Eugene Frazier is a very agreeable
sort of a fellow. At least that is the
opinion one would form after listening
to his testimony before the board of
insanity commissioners this morning
at the courthouse.
He was willing to admit that he
might or might not have been crazy,
apparently did not matter much to
him. He agreed with the examining
board, however, that something must
have been wrong with his head when
he attempted emasculation on Sunday
last, but stated to the board this morn
ing when the inquiry as to his mental
condition was held, that he felt much
better and clearer today.
After listening to the evidence on
the part of two or three witnesses,
the board decided to confine Frazier
a few days in the county jail, pending
developments, and the healing of his
self-inflicted wound.
Dr. Duggan testified that on the
night of his arrival at the county jail
from Larimore, Frazier had no fever
but a very rapid pulse, symptoms us
ually noted about people who are on
the verge of mental derangement If
Frazier is really insane, the form is a
very mild one and is intermittent His
disposition, however, will be determ
ined in a few days. If he recovers he
will be freed, otherwise, he will likely
be committed to the state hospital for
The smartest bass finally runs
across a bait that fools him.
Kent Realty & Investment Co,
When You Think Really-TIauk KENT Realty
Below we list a few of the very
desirable properties we have for
sale. If you don't see what you
want in this "ad" tell us what
your requirements are and we
will supply them.
9600 will pay for a nice two
room house on Deli avenue fifty
foot corner lot with good well
and board stable. $300 will han
dle this. 1240.
(UN for an eight-room house on
Cherry street, close in fifty foot
corner lot. Rents for $15 per
month. 1127.
Sli'UO—This is a very fine seven
room house on South Fifth street
with city water, sewer, gas, bath
.•• .a fn ii.Ki- brick foundation
and basement. Some hardwood
floors. This is a fine property.
•4200 for an eight-room house on
North Third street: has sewer,
bath, city water, gas and furnace.
Brick foundation and good base
ment. Fifty foot lot with shade
trees. 1188.
91830 takes a brand new seven
room house on Cheyenne avenue
city water, brick foundation,
cement cellar, hardwood floors
The Kent Realty and Investment Company
This house will eas­
ily rent for $22.50 per month. 1239.
And Cut Up Into Residence
Lots—No More the Blood
curdling Shouts or Yells.
University Athletic Park will soon
be a thing of the past and where for
years gone by in season, it has been
the custom to hear the most blood
curdling yells, and where base hits,
home runs and touch downs have more
than once been immortalized, there
will soon be streets, alleys, houses,
cottages and other buildings from
which will be heard, instead of the
hoarse yell of the enthusiastic 'rooter'
the energetic squawk of the colic
stricken babe, or of the lad who stubs
his toe on a nail.
A crew of workmen were today en
gaged in tearing down the fences, the
grand-stand and bleechers and the
park is to be surveyed aud cut up into
residence lots at once and placed on
the market for sale. In fact, a por
tion of it has already been sold.
Either foot ball fans will have to go
to the University campus this fall to
see their favorite game, or else it will
be necessary to provide another place
for a park. This is a matter that, in
the estimation of many citizens, should
have been taken up and pushed to a
successful Issue last spring by the
Commercial club. Assuredly this city
must have an athletic park or else lose
her position among the cities of the
state. If the matter is allowed to go
by the board this fall, there will be
delay and trouble in the spring and.
mayhap Grand Forks will suffer more
reversals in the "sporting business"
next summer, such as was the case this
Citizens with interest and push, and
the welfare of the city at heart, should
take up the matter of a park before
property makes an ascension and land
soars beyond purchase at a moderate
The cold winds blow
•f And we shall have snow
And what will the "halrv boy" do
Poor thing!
He will shiver and shiver
And wish for more kiver
And shiver until it is over
Poor thing!
Live Stock Editor Talks
About The Fair
L. H. Storgaard, live stock manager
of the Dakota Farmer, and one of the
leading stock men of the nation, is a
visitor at the fair. To The Evening
Times he stated that the exhibits of
live stock at this fair was among the
very best if not the very best he had
so far seen. Asked as to the possibilities
of the development of the blooded
stock business in this state, he said:
"It is only necessary to look at the
cattle, hogs, horses and sheep on ex
hibition here to answer the question
in the affirmative. Certainly North
Dakota will be a fine stock state—in
fact it is that just now. Look at those
magnificent herds of white faces in
the cattle barns and see for yourself
that the finest beef in the world can
be raised right on the farms of this
state. As for the milkers, there are
two classes on exhibition here which
actually took my breath away, they
were so much beyond my expectations.
"Those dual purpose cattle can not be
beaten in the United States. But say,
to describe the good stock at this fair
would be to tell you something about
every animal. There is not an animal
on exhibition here but what the own
er can be proud of. Well, I was going
to quit talking to you but I do want to
call your attention to the grade cat
tle that can be seen here. You know I
am in favor of pure breds, but every
man is not so situated that he can go
into that business at once, and there
is nothing left for him to do but to
begin grading. There is a strong ar
gument in favor of the success of that
course in the graded herds which are
on exhibition here. They prove that
the work can be successfully done and
without heavy cost."
Den of Reptiles at Show Grounds
Breaks Up a Happy Home.
A big burly colored man, according
to "Rastus" Stocks, one of the rousta
bouts at the fair grounds, is respon
sible for the disruption of his peace
ful home. Rastus is one of the fol
lowers of the races and is employed
by one of the owners of a string now
competing at the exposition.
This morning the unhappy darky
was bewailing his sad career when ap
proached by a representative of the
Evening Times and asked the cause
of his distress. Rastus promptly in
formed him that his wife, until re
cently employed as a southern music
dispenser at one of the shows, had
"gawn away down sout wld another
bloke.'' It seems that the woman was
of a very superstitious turn of mind,
was always imagining she could see
snakes and other poisonious reptiles
crawling in the grass. Rastus to
make her worse, whispered little fairy
tales Into her ears about certain rep
tiles escaping from Dora's den, and
had his wifey in a very imaginative
mood when early this morning he
sprung the masterpiece of his mind's
creation. With wide open eyes he vow
ed that every snake belonging to the
show had escaped from the den and
workmen in the stock barns this
morning had discovered them busily
engaged in milking the cows. No
kicks from the bovines, he said, could
drive them away, and at that very
moment the officials were endeavoring
to exterminate the escaped reptiles.
Next door neighbors on the Midway
assert that the shrieks of the poor
frightened negress could be heard for
blocks, and that finally gathering up
her scanty belongings, she hurried in
search of another "culled gem'n" with
whom she had become very friendly,
and hurriedly left for town.
Rastus has not seen a sign of her
all day and claims that he had a hunch
several days ago that quite friendly
relations existed between the depart
ed pair.
some Solid Oak
Dining Chair, with
either cane or
wood seat, beauti
fully polished Reg
ular price, $2.75.
20 per cent, dis
count price
Commercial Club Committee
Have Promises of Over Half
a Hundred—The List.
Messrs. C. X. Barnes and W. W. Fe
gan, members of the committee which
has been securing 'pledges from the
business men of the city to accompany
the Commercial club on its trip over
the northern and western part of the
state, have been successful in secur
ing the signatures of fifty, with eleven
or twelve others who will likely go,
but were unable to tell definitely to
Any who have not been seen and
desiie to makj the trip should not
stand upon ceremony but make them
selves known at once to the committee,
who, of course, have not found time
to see ev-r.vone in the city. The cost
of the tiij) will be in the neighbor
hood of which will practically
cover everything. The special train
has already been secured and will
leave this city on Monday morning,
August 20.
The following are the names of
those who have pledged themselves
to atten and of Arms who will be
Nash Bros. (2), Barnes & Nuss, Geo.
E. Duis, Park, Grant & Morris, Sam
uel Torgerson, L. B. Glbbs, R. B. Grif
fith, W. A. Wittbecker, Grand Forks
Mercantile company (2), E. J. Lander,
Robertson Lumber, company, A. J.
Barnes, Congress Candy company,
Golden Grain Biscuit company, Don
McDonald, Rasmussen, Bemls & Co.,
A. Knudson, Geo. W. Getts, C. E.
Burke, H. N. Wells, Geo. B. Winship,
A. O. Anderson, L. M. Larson, Ameri
can Bottling Association, W. A. Fox,
W. A. Gordon, Diamond Milling com
pany, First National bank, M. F. Mur
phy, (}. R. Jacobi, R. H. McCoy, Kent
Realty & investment company. Com.
Mutual Fire Insurance company, W. L.
Wilder, Geo. B. Clifford, J. E. Jeffrey,
Grand Forks Steam Laundry, N. A.
Witt, Normanden Publishing company.
Guarantee Stock Food company, Red
ving & Ellstad, H. K. Geist, ,1. M.
Holmes, The Herald, Eugene Fretz,
Benner, Begg & Garvin, The Evening
Tiu Itinera!*).
Monday, Auk. 2V.
Grand Forks ....
EmiTiKlo 9:30 a.m.
Arvllla 9:50
Larimore 10:10
Niagara 11:1'6
Petersburg 11:40
Mapi-H ..
Lakota ..,
rocket ..
bntvton ..
Calvin ...
Sarica ...
0:00 a.m.
12:20 p.m.
..12:05 p.mi
.. 2:20
.. 2:60
.. 3:25
.. 4:25
.. 5:15
.. 8:00
St. John
Rolla ...
Turtdir, Am. 11.
9:00 a.m.
1:15 p.m.
8:30 a.m.
Wedaesday, \u(. 22.
Antler 8:30 a.m.
west hope 9:00 a.m. 9:30
Landa 9:40 9:45
Souris 10:10 10:80
Bottineau 11:00 11:50
Omemee 12:35 p.m. 12:55 p.m.
Willow City .... 1:15 1:45
Barton 2:05 2:20
Rugby 2:50 3:35
Tunbridge 3:45 3:50
Berwick 4:05 4:15
Towner 4:30 5:00
Bantry 5:30 5:40
Upham 6:00 6:19
Deep 6:25 6:35
Newburg 6:50 7:06
Maxbass 7:30 8:00
Xkuadiri An*. 23.
Sherwood 8:45 a.m.
Mohall 9:15 a.m. 9:45
Lansford 10:15 10:40
Glenburn 11:05 11:20
Deering 11:45 12:00
Granville ...12:30 p.m. 1:15
Norwich 1:30 1:45
Surrey 2:00 2:15
Minot 2:30 4:00
Des Lacs 4:30 4:45
Berthold 5:05 5:20
Tagus 5:40 5:55
Palermo 6 25 6:40
Stanley 7:05 7:20
Ross 7:35 7:50'
Friday, Aag. 34.
Willlston 8:30
Springbrook ..... 8:55 a.m. 9:06 a.m.
Wheelock 9:25 9:40
Ray 9:55 10:t5
Tioga 10:40 10:50
White Earth 11:10 11:35
Denbigh 2:35 p.m. 2:50 p.m.
Pleasant Lake... 3:35 3:50
Knox 4:05 4:25
Penn 5:20 5:35
Grand Harbor... 6:50 6:05
Devils Lake 6:20 7:20
Crury 7:40 7:55
Doyon 8:05 ,8:15
Bartlett :. 8:25 8:40
Grand Forks .. .10:40
One of the Features of Tonight's
Entertainment at the Fair.
Everyone who owns an automobile
in Grand Forks is requested to appear
with his machine in front of the
Northern hotel in this city at 8 o'clock
this evening. A run will then be made
to the fair grounds, where, at 8:30, a
parade will take place on the race
track and possibly an auto race will
be pulled off.
Deputy Warden.
State Game Warden Hale has an
nounced the appointment of A. E. Leh
man, of Rugby, as game warden for
Pierce county. Mr. Lehman was a vis
itor in the city yesterday and receiv
ed his commission. Mr. Lehman, for
merly resided In Grand Forks, but has
large farming interests in Pierce coun
\A)U may not have such another opportunity to buy up-to-date*
Furniture as the factories are advancing prices. Space permits
us only to quote a few prices.
St. ftil, Sapartor, Wlanlpaf,
Dulatb, Mlaaeapolls
16 CllllorJ RM|. P. WADSLEY, N*r
20 &
Cor. 3rd and Kittson Four Big Floors
Perth 10:20 10:35
Blsbee 10:55 11:15
Cando 11:45 1:15 pjn.
Maza 1:35 p.m. 1:50
Churches Perry...2:10 2:40
Leeds 3:00 3:30
Vork 3:45 4:10
Wolford 4:40 4:50
Nansen 5:10 5:20
McCumber 5:40 6:00
Thorne 6:15 6:45
fair week at
handsoMe KM:
of Combination
Book Cases and
Desks in Golden
Oak and Mahog
any at
International Falls to Be Rail
way Center—Extension of
the Hill System.
International Falls is about to be
reached by a fourth railroad, the Mib
neapolis & Rainy river, which is now
being surveyed from Big Fork, Minn.,
to the border town. The Duluth,
Rainy lake and Winnipeg, the Minne
sota & International, and the Great
Northern are all known to have de
signs on business from International
Falls, and are either building or are
preparing to build to the place as fast
as circumstances will permit.
Some are of the belief that the Min
neapolis & Rainy river extension will
really be an extension of the Great
Northern. If the interests of these
two roads are identical, it will be un­
tiful Qu a tienedl
Oak Rocker ha*
veneered seat andl
back, highly polish*
ed. Regular price
20 per centt. dis
count price-
necessary for the. Hitl line to build
an extension other than the M. ft R.
The latter line is- a logging road, ex
tending from Deer River, Minn., north
east for fifteen qr twenty miles.
Work is said to be under way on
grading the extension from Turtle
Lake, Minn., (In present terminus of
the logging road, to Big Fbrk, located
on the Rainy river at the mouth of the
Big Fork river. From Big Fork it is
proposed to run the road along the
south side of' the Rainy to Internationa
al Falls, opening up a large stretch
of country that is as yet untapped toy
any railroad. Neither the Minnesota
& International, the Great Northern
nor the Daluth. Rainy Lake & Winni
peg will get as far east as the new
line. Along its right of way is a finis
agricultural region, and there is still
considerable valuable timber the te
From Turtle Lake to the border
town is about seventy miles anff from
Big Fork to International Foils is
Three Nice Homes
Are For Sale
Here Is a 6-room house on Walnut
St. A very neat home in a splendid
locality. City water. Hardwood floors
downstairs. Fine shade trees. Good
woodshed on premises. At the price
this is one of the nicest little homes
offered in the city.
**A,..B"r.oom h?«se on South Fourth St.
50 ft. lot. Barn on iM-emlses. Here
is a bargain. Terms can be arranged to
suit you. »100 to 8200 cash, the balance
in monthly Installments.
Seven-room house on Chestnut St.,
Everything In nrst-class
„Aila^er' sewer, bath and cel­
lar. 50x140 ft. lot. A model little home
at a very reasonable price.
BulldiBK Lota.
When you are In the market for a
building lot le,t us show you what we
have. We have lots In all parts of the
city, at prices and terms that you can
not bat. Investigation will convince
E. J. Lander & Go.
thirty miles more. It
is reported that the new line will be
in use next year.
If dhe other extension is im no way
connected with the Great Northern i»
terests, it will mean that tour rail
roads from the United State* side will
tap International Falls about.'the &tm»
time, where there hasn't been a stagto
roitd up to the present Hme, except
tor the service given jus«t across the
river by the Canadian lints.
l\ $

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