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The evening times. [volume] (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1906-1914, December 14, 1906, ANNIVERSARY AND HOLIDAY NUMBER, Section I, Image 10

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Mall Orders Will be
Promptly Filled
With the Best Values
In Stock.
Now Don't
Put It Off
Xi'\v lilifiiH' S 'IK* hair
for ladies. a -fieri
iiiif "f plain anil tatiry i•.n11 «s.
L'.V up to .S')."".
Christmas Shopping
By Mail Made
Our system of prepajing al! CASH
orders is :i step in advance u! even
ho larui's metroimlitan ntail-nrdiT
I: a'lluus oil:-ol !o\\ ii customers the
same a l\'a in a U''s is our local pai
It affords the opportunity of buying
New York styles right at your door
without incurring any extra expense
of postage or express.
Twice each year our Mr. Benner ami
Mr. Begg visit New York personally,
thus our stocks represent, at all times
the cream of the Eastern Markets
goods that you cannot get in smaller
towns at any price.
We are the only house in this vi
cinity that makes a specialty of filling
orders by mail, consequently our cus
tomers receive their goods from three
to ten days earlier than if they had
ordered from the next nearest mail or
der house.
A postal will bring you a select line
of samples of anything from which
samples may be cut.
For Any "Her"
Little Items Nunc the Less
"Not. all is gold that glitters," and
the important, things are not all
"writ in large print." Tile print is
small but the meaning is big if you're
looking for something desirable for
mother, sister or lady friends.
IIANDBA(*S—The new Caileton with
heavy brass fastenings. $2.7.1. $3.25,
$3.50. $5.0" ami $H.7j.
Black and fancy leather
from J5c up to
IS, uifjtj plaited belts auo
aijp'l Lrinil^. in plain HII] fancy
silks. wirJt .-tjfr belts with
handsome buckles. each up to
HAIR 10MBS—Shell ami amber
combs. Hheine stone '-ombs. plain
combs, mounted combs, combs in sets.
25e each up
BEADS— They are being worn very
much—pearl, amber, amathist. tor
is 1 5 O 7 5
—Made from
plaid silk ami leather with rubber
(K)ckets for toilet articles, $1.25, $2.25
and $2.75.
JEWEL HVti!S •Made from fancy
silk, chamois lined, l'5c. inc. rne and
acceptable gift, nicely boxed, per pair
50c, 75c, $1.00.
SILK MUFFLERS—Soft crepe de
chine in plain and dainty colors, 1%
yards long, each $1.75 up to $3.00.
PIN CUSHIONS, f.i novelty shapes
and colors, each 35c.
OPERA B.KiS—Jn fancy silks with
pretty gilt trimmings, each $1.50.
PILLOW TOPS, worked or stamped
for embroidering, 25c up to $10.00.
DUSTER BAGS, in cross stitch de
signs, in colors, each 25c and 50c.
each, $5.00.
FANCY APRONS, made from fine
white lawn, nicely trimmed with lace,
INFANTS' WEAK Knit coals, knit
bootees, bonnets, shawls, etc., 15c up
to $1.75.
leather purses with long chains, each
FANS—One in a box, made from
silk anil lace with spangles and ivory
KNI1 SHAWLS—I'rettv and com
fortable in plain and fancy colors,
25c to $5.00.
Our Stores Are
Open Every
Evening Until
9 O'clock.
I a I a Ii a a
hand ear. Il will 11 1«1 llie
weight ef half a ilo/eu loy.
Work- jn1 like a lia' railroad
i:auil ear. '111\
The lluiuply iMimply eireii
i- I'iiiUer liian ever ihi.- year.
Aerolijit-. perl'onninu' animal-,
'•lown-. elephant.*. .iu-t like a
I'iu eireu.-. .I'riee slii.no
Mere'- a teeler wit 11 a iloll
on eaeh fihl. All it liffd- i
windiim' up. nlv .... SI
hi In- aniiita taMe are fih
that -wini aii'l tVoy- that erawl
any oiie ean make etu pi.
Fur animal- that shake their
Fur Scarfs and
It hard In i-diii'ci\v ol a
inure i)• i'(|'ri 111• uif't than
iI a
11 1 I 11H' t'lir it lit fur
yr ir til conic.
I.adio' fur carf in »hort
medium and full lengths. si|itir-
up to *4.*
Mutts to match any of alio\c
searts. Hat or round shapes,
each $1 JllI up to
For Ladies, as line as anyone
would desire.
Ladies black lace hose, per
pair Sc
Ladies tine -ilk hose in pearl
gray. blue. pink, black and car
dinal. per pair $1.75
Ladies' black silk hose, with
small neat cmoroidcrcd de
signs. per pair $2.75. $:!0(i and
Ladio black lisle hose, nicelv
embroidered in red. pink, blue
and green, per pair 5dc. 75c
and !»*(•.
Gloves for Gifts—Indispensible
I wo things make glove buying here a sure pleasure
lirst. the fad that we carry only standard make- and
qualities. that any glove bought as a gift may
be exchanged after hristinas for ,-izc. if il ba
llot been tried on.
Ladies' silk lined mocha gloves in gray, tan, brown and
black, per pair
Knglish walking gloves, lined and unlincd. pi|ii sewn am
with outseams. per pair
Our ••Corona" glove for ladies in black kid. only, -ell
stitching. pi(|iie sewn, per pair s|.25
Our Torino and Verona gloves in different
and tan, all sizes, very line kid. per pair
Our "Consuelo" gloves are made from ,-pecia
kid—tan, brown, gray, dark red. green, blue,
white, pique sewn per pair
Three in a fancy box. per
box 15c. 10c. 2oc, 25c and ."5c
liead .jusl like live otie- ju.-|
tile lliiuu' lor wee oiinu'ster-.
Ilerf'- a wlioie table ol
jin it a I
folks, liu-ter l»rown at the
eireu-. the steeple chase, lotto,
snap. Jack -traw. old maid,
ilincii. lint hf-t of all is the
new junuie TilniiHIine wortii
sl.'J.t and si.oil. The other
rnnii'e from UV up to ode.
I 'o/cn- ol picture Iook- for
lo and liirl-. -lory hook- and
A. I *. hook-. ."e Up to :e.
l»o\e- ol water colors, with
hru-lie- and di-lies lo paint
with. ."ie jicr ho\ up to SI .-IS
Ilo lor the inu-ical loy
I •ruins, accordion.-. horn. cor
net-. Mow accordeoiis. nietall
For Infants,
liit'anl' fur -el- of carf and
lillll'l in wliih in 11. while
thiliel, I \"e in ink.
and nulra. per el "in ii|i lo
1 il.Tit i.
Infant.-' natural si 11 tie
-et of -carf and mull. |er et.
rel. martin, fox. wolf. I»ear. s4..*iii up lo sli'.T.'i
Alaska fox. oppo»ttui. coney.
Iieaver and many other.-, each,
Natural eiiouuli to lie live
tears. More ser\ieealile than
a doll. The limits are jointed
and don't come off: made from
llearskin cloth in white and
cinnamon color, each to
Slippers for Lacli?s/
Xo danger of such a uil'f not lieiny appro
'•inted Iiy any lady.
I.adics" felt slipper-, in Mack, ui'eeu. wine
and red. tur trimmed, leather and heel.
per pair and »!.."»•(
I.alies' crochet siippers. per pair
For Men
Men's tan alligator -lipners.
Men'- Mack felt slippers, per pair 7e
Men's kid slippers in Mack and tan. per
pair £1 ..")(i and $1.7')
For Misses
Wool sole, per pair
'hildren's sizes, per pa
Benner, Be^ & Garvin
We're Having Bushels of Fun In Toy land
Enough toys, games, and playthings to cover an acre. And many of the toys are instructive, too. There isn't a
brighter, cheerier place in the whole city. It a jolly place to come for big folks, little folks, sweet folks, and sour folks.
Practical Desirable Gifts for Ladies and Misses
Misses' felt slippers, fur trim­
med. leather sole and heel, per pair littc
Misses' crochet slipper- made will lamh's
Your iiil'l doubt will not la-t
lollg when Villi
or mm metal handles, plain or
nicely mounted. $.'!..")il to $s.oii
(iood umbrellas, if you prefer,
at $1,110 up to $:.(!(i
$ 1 1 1
see these
la.- with paragon
Ladies' ,.,ii| ,1111 linen iimbrel
steel rod. pearl, til's,
box Wood
of brown
I'nrt linen initial handkei'
ehiels (or ladies, each 25c.
Benner, Be^ & Garvin
phone-, harp-, jiiiitar-. violin-.
1 loin I'one-, jiood ones too. lMr
Up to SI .-"ill.
riiere'- a whole taMe of doll
di-lies lor |he jiirl.-. I'iy sel
and little sets, china, porcelain
or metal. 'Joe up to S't.oO.
I'on't miss the buildings.
There are toy harns with lior.-es
and wauoii- in I hem. kitchens
all I iirnished. opera houses
with a show ji'oiuji on. Shoot
iiil uallerie- complete, simps,
-lore-, arcs, castles, etc..
up to s|.7."».
lu another place are horses.
il drays, milk wajioiis. dump
cart-, liverie.-. up lo
Here's a wash tuI. wash
hoard and a wrinu'er for I he lit
Ladies' Dainty
are made from plain taffeta
comlunatioii.s ol tancv
Wack and white net waists. $'^-"5.
ach $28.50
I'xiys' odd trousers. knee
length, in Scotch mixtures,
cheviots and worsteds, per
pair 5ttc up to $1.50
lo be found.
Gifts for the Little Fellows.
You have heard the old gift
proverb '•When ill doubt give
a man an umbrella.*' It ap
plies to men of today just as
forcibly as it ever did. Look
at tliese anyhow:
Men's silk and linen umbrel
las. si eel frame and rod, natur
al box wood and lirs handles,
plain or nicelv mounted, each
$1.(1(1, $1.25 up to .$!MId
tie liousekcfper. only $1.IM.
Then lor the girls there are
doll trunks, doll beds, doll
cradles. etc.. "JOc up to $.".50.
Firt'! Fire! Iut the five pa
trol. the hose cart, and the
hook and Indder wagon is
ready. The ladders can he villi
up loo.
A whole table full ol' steam
engines, autos, menageries,
mail wagons, mechanical, I Tic
up to $0.f0.
lint the railroads! Oh, deav!
here come two trains oil the
same track somebody's blun
dered. horror of horrors, it
looks like a big wreck but
somehow tin- switch closes and
the trains pass on separate
I list the thinji' for mother. Rich appearing garments
i-ler or daughter. Practical Japanese and Oriental
it's the idea. These waists
signs, full length, each $8.75
up to $15.00
S a
lustrous taffeta, plaids, greens,
and net. each $4..)0 up to |vowns, pinks, plum,
grays, etc. .each $4.89 up to
Ladies hue mull waists with
.. llollv address tags, eacli lc
nail, three-quarter or lull
I,W,.. •iMMitily trimmed will, ,X
ace and insertion each. $.150 Xinas post cards, per pkg.lOc
"M $23.50 Holly lunch sets, each 25c
Suit Cases (or Gifts.
11 a man lias mo suit case or a hand Img he
will surely appreciate one and if he lias one
already lie can always make use of two—see
lie point
Men's leatherette suit cases. .$2 up to $4.00
Men's all leather suit cases. .$4.50 up to $18
Men's leatherette bags 75c up to $1.50
Men's all leather bags in Knglish club and
full shape, each $2.00 up to $25,011
Tin trunks, each $4.00
llollv Seals, per box 10c
Boys' sweaters in plain and
fancy colors, white, red, blue,
green, tan, each 75c, $1.00,
$1.25 up to $2.50
(Ine would know it was
Xnias time just to look at our
ribbon department, prettier
this season than ever before.
I resden and fancy striped and
checked ribbons in every con
ceivable color combination, pe^
yard 15c up to 98c
Plain ribbons from baby
widths up to the widest, lc per
yard up to 45c
llollv ribbons, all widths, per
yard 5c up to 35c
For Father or Any Other Man
When it conies to buying a. man's gift of real importance
these items command attention better presents have yet
Men's bathrobes, made from fancy Japanese blanket
doth in brown, gray, gun metal, blue and red, full ankle
length, girdles to match, each $4.50, $5, $(5.50 up to $13.50
Men's house coats or .smoking jackets, in matlassee velvet
and two loiied golf cloths. The colors are blue, maroon
ami gray, each $5.(1(1, $(.50, $7.0(1 up to $15.00
Seal caps arc appreciated by
any man who ever goes out
side—bv all men. These are
made in Turban, Detroit and
college shapes, each $5.00,
$l::.5l and $15.01)
Easily attached to any coat
and comfortable after they
are attached. Made in
Japanese otter for $6.50, in
wool seal for $5.00, in South
Sea beaver for $7.50 and in
Hudson Bay beaver for $12
All Letters to Santa
Claus Must Be Put In
the Mall Box Just
Inside Our Door*
tracks. All saved! (1.V up to $.".
Here's a big- natural looking
baby elephant, for $1.")0. Hock
ing horses with natural hair
and without, $:{.f)0 up to $1:.,.."i0.
Have a show of your own
with a ntagie lantern, big ones
ami little ones here. $l.f)0 up
to $4.7").
This paragraph is lor girls
only—it's about dolls. Some
of 'em are dressed and some
you'll have to dress all your
self, kid dolls, bisque dolls,
clown dolls, rag dolls, Holly
Polly dolls, and doll heads, fx:
up to $25.00.
More fun than a picnic—
come and bring all your
Gift Satisfaction in
Buying by
The magnitude and scope of our
operations enable us to show in un
limited variety the highest class tilings
for gifts.
All orders are tilled by our inniI or
der expert the same day they are re
ceived. It is very important to write
plainly and to be as explicit as pos
Always stale amount of money en
closed and write your address in
When writing for samples always
state the character of goods and col
ors preferred.
By a system of anticipated measure
ments we guarantee a perfect fit in all
Ready-to-wear garments for men,
women and children (this self-meas
urement chart will be sent free upon
If desired, upon receipt of $1.00 to
cover express charges, goods will be
shipped subject to your acceptance,
balance payable upon delivery. This
allows personal examination and try
on. We do not prepay C. O. D. ship
For Any "Him"
L1TTLK ITEMS, but don't treat
them with scant consideration because
they are printed ill small type. The
.laps are little fellows but they count
and so do these little items at Christ
mas time.
HANDKERCHIEFS .Men's initial
handkerchiefs, pure linen, each 15c.
25c, 35c and 50c.
Men's plain linen liandkeicltiefs.
15c, 2 for 25c, 25c, 35c. 3 for .ft.on.
Men's silk handkerchiefs in plain
and fancy patterns, 25c, :!."(•. iiiic up
to $1.50.
-Men's plain black silk
hose, per pair 75c up to $2.00.
Men's plain black lisle hose, 2."k
50c and 75c per pair.
Men's fancy wool hose in gray anil
black, per pair 50c to 75c.
MUFFLERS—Men's dress shield
mufflers for evening wear in black
silk, white satin lining, each, $2.00
and $3.00.
Reefer mufflers in peau de soi, peau
de crepe, Barathea, liberty, crepe,
etc., plain and fancy colors, each
$1.00, $1.50 up to $3.l)i).
SLSI'EMJERS—Men fancy sus
penders, one pair in a fancy box, per
pair 50c up to $3.50.
(•LOVES—Men's golf gloves in
black, gray and fancy colors, per pair.
50c and 75c.
Men's silk lined kid, mocha, or
Reindeer gloves, in pearl, gunnietal,
mocha and chocolate shades, pique
sewn and with outseam, per pair.
$1.25 up to $2.50.
Men's gloves in mocha, cape and
Reindeer, Jersey wool lined, per pair,
$2.00 and $2.50.
Men's mocha and cape gloves, lined
with lamb skin and squirrel, per pair
$3.00 up to $5.00.
Men's black nearseal gauntlet with
kid face, per pair, $4.00.
XECKWEAIt—Always a desirable
gift, bows, strings, four-in-hands, as
cots and puffs, all tile new shapes,
each, 25c up to $1.b0.
JEWELRY—Men's cuff links ami
scarf pins per pair 50c, 75c and $1.00.
SUPPORTERS— .tlen's supporters
made from fancy elastic with bows of
ribbon and fancy elastic, per pair 75c,
$1.00 and $1.50.
Men's plain supporters —Boston,
Wellington, Brighton and Magic clasp,
per pair, 25c and 50c.
VESTS—Men's single or double
breasted vests in dark figured Mat
lassee, $3.50, and $-1.00.
Washable vests each $1.25 up to $3.
Any Goods Selected
Now Will Be
Held For Delivery
Until Christmas.

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