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A Sentiment for 1911.
There ms once a man who smiled.
Because tk» day was bright,
t&eause he slept at night.
Because God gave htm sight
1\ vMBf upon his child
his Iltilv one
CottW !wp and laugh and run.
Hoeattse the distant sun
Sinon tho- enrili, ho smJJ-.-il.
He smik*d because tho sky
Was hiv-h above hl.« head,
!?eeause'tiie rost« was rod.
Beoauss tiv pes' was daad.
He never wondered why
"f'be Lore! h-»d blundered so
TS.'.t nil \h!n-«- have to so
The wrong- way hero below
The overarching sky.
Ht» of Its' and ii! was srlad
Because th" alv was tree.
Because he loved. and she
That c!*ir»!eii his love ami he
Shared aJl ihe joy? they had:
Because th:j grasses crew.
Because the sweet winds blew,
Because that he ,-ou'nl hew
And hsmrr.sr, he was glad.
Hoard Chicago Grand Opera.
Bismarck Tvibun?: Mr?. R. N". Stev
ens and Mi«s risra Stevens and Mrs.
.t jmes W. Poley returned yesterday
where they at tended the
arand oner* si."»fon. A sisl»r-fn-!aw
Mr.". Steven:. is now niie jf the stars
if the grand opern
lti-lrfstn to PrnjrcsslTe lonrercm*.
Fargo Forum: Mrs. F. I Snyder
cxooci t. !e?ve here this evening for
pt. Paul. where she will attend the
pTn-ressive conference as one of the
roprsent'ttives o* tho progressive party
of Fargo :iT!rt tho local Votes for Wo
men league. Mrs Snyder anticipates
r~eat pleasure in henrlr? the address-!
?. ofTpri:i|v of Mrs. Maud Howe
of. diinrhter ot" Juli:i Ward Howe, ?V'' .:
.-•Uthor or "Th.- Bnttlo Hymn of the
arlolon Altimul R«Minion.
Students' Program Tonight.
Tho nupiis of the Grand Forks
School of Music will appear in recital
tins evening at S:?0 o'clock at the
school recital hali in the Security
.'•lock. A cordial invitation is extend
ed the public and the following pro
gram will be given:
Love Sons Ktsrtin
Miss Emma Kiuften.
.Melody Cadmun
Mr. Gocrae Bray.
barcarolle Jensen
Mi.*- Vela Seymour.
Serenade—Impromptu Ksipoft"
That will remain moist.
Every housewife who bakes her own
bread knows that if a little potato is added
to the sponge, the bread will not dry out
Inking powder with which a large batch of
doughnuts may be mixed and fried a few at
a time. The last will be as light and nice
as the first
president of the Minot normal: Repre- different girl—one he had never heard
tentative J. W. Smith of Surrey and V.
Humes of Wahpcton, who is clerk
ot the house judiciary committee. The
i.inner hour was devoted to retiewine
"Id acquaintances and remlniFP.,nces
the collcce soencs and incident? oc.
earring before- the "boy?" to into
North Pakota politics.
Mazurka Krogmann
Miss Ileinen.
I'arcarolie (for vi.-din .Otto Kchili
Master Kd-.vard Grossman.
Venetian Barcarolle Nc-vin
Miss Evelyn \Vheeler.
Butterfly Soe'oer-k
Miss Lillian WVdff.
Dun. Humoresou.- Dvorak
Miss Wesiocn.
fejjcterjer.icnt Sonilag f• 1- \ioimi...
Miss Winifred Nelson.
and Mrs. C. A. Greenleaf and the pro
gram follows: 'Here With His Bride.
"V iolin—"Meditation" from Thais Mr. and Mrs. Omon B. Herigstad of
Miss Marguerite Curtis
"A Song of Spring" Neidlinger
Potato Doughnuts
By Mrs. Nerada Briggs, of Baking
School fame.
S^cupa flour: Seggs cup
sugar level tcaapoonfula
Baking Powder tea
spoonful tail teaepoonful
mace cup cold mashed
potato cup milk, or more
if needed.
Sift three times, the flour, salt, spice and
baking Powder. Beat eggs with rotary
beater, then still using rotary beater,
Massenet Minot are Interesting visitors in the
Orientale C. Cui city today and are guests of the Da
Harold Harvey. 'cotah. Mr. Herigstad is a graduate
•Suttrage in England I"f both the arts and la departments of
"Poor Lil' Lamb Paul L. Dunbar Herigstad spent, their honeymoon in
Miss Edith Xoltimier. Fargo, the twin cities, and with Mr.
Violin— Herigfstad's people at Cooperstown.
"Songs Without Words" ..Mendelssohn Thoy are receiving the congratulations
"The Bee" Schubert university friends today.
Current Events
Miss Mary E. MacCumber. German Club Cotillion Tonight.
1 The January cotillion of the German
club will be danced at the Dacotah
-this evening amid handsome appoint
ment and with an attendance of ele
jgantly gowned ladies and stately gen
-lemen. The party has been arranged
by Mrs. Eugene Lovejoy. assisted by
jMrs. J. C. LeBeau and Mrs. C.
as quickly. In this recipe potatoTs utilized ivrjrs
to make doughnuts that will remain moist JarkPon
and fresh for several days. "J"
Mrs. Elizabeth Pa il and Joseph Paroral.
his domestic corral in the
swept praharies of north Mon
tana the bride he lassoed and brand
ed as his own two days after she
ampered, as it were, within range of
A j'lonsnni reunion :»tu! dinner party flittering black eyes.
by former student? of Cnrloton college. Cowboy .loo came to Cleveland to
Mmnesoiii. was held at the Grand Fa- marry a Cleveland girl he had wooed
c.fic hotel in Bismarck Tuesday even- for months by mail. He hasn't mar
in?. Tht: party consisted of Senator, riefi her. Instead, in fh~ fashion of
Hnniey from Mandan: A C. Crane,
o. Henry story, lie has married a
of until he went to see for the first
time the girl he had promised by mail
to wed.
Comes to Claim Bride.
Cowboy Joe rolled into Cleveland a
fortnight ago with the unmistakable
gait of a cowboy, though he had no
•slicker" and his silver Mexican
spurs did not twinkle at his heels. He
wore a dark, neat business suit and a
eoUnr and tie. His glistening coal
l'i-v. hair was plastered flat across his
For Cowboy Joe had come to do his
h'.-i sat
•ejt'.i :h
was done
ij ti
i. H'
Ok- Buii
Mr. Thorstensen.
Allegro, from Sonata. Op. 10, No. 1
O. T.
i:i person. For months he
and wooed the Cleveland girl office.
Now he had come to claim
was when he set his eyes
air! of his Montana dreams
wiioy Joe's idyll acquired an
'.wis-.. r\hich makes it a rec-
Th.- Congregational ladies will
nriinf ffinr' it tha uittt.
Beethoven resh. home baked food at the sa.les-
Program for Suffrage Tea.
Mrs. J. M. Gillette and Mrs.
Rishoff have been successful in ar
ranging a splendid program for Sat-'
wrday afternoon when the Votes For 'Governor's Wif" nt Home.
Women club win give a silver tea at Mrs. L. n. Hanna. wife of Governor
the home of Mrs. Charles Bartles on Hanna. has announced that she will
.Soutn Sixth street. The hours will be
doughnuts, cookies, nut bread
and other dainties. Give us a. call.
from 3 to 6 o'clock and the club mem- mansion in Bismarck and Thursday
bers hape to be liberally patronized as
the proceeds of the series will be used day. Mrs. Hanna has already become
to send a representative to Bismarck :a favorite in social circles at the capi
to work for the passage of the suffrage 't:l1 city and as mistress of the gov
l'i!l now before the legislature. Dain- jernor's home will be as charming if
ty refreshments will be served by Mrs. 'not. more so than any of her predeces
A. G. Leonard, Mrs. L. L. Eckman
home Thursday at the executive
this week was her first receiving
University of North Dakota and
"Sleep Little Baby Mine" Dennee benedicts, his bride being the former
Iady Spring" Harris Miss Fern Prescott, a talented young
Miss Gladys Hill.
Ueadings— ed with the Conservatory of Music in
"The Child" Anne H. Dowell
recently joined the ranks of the
of Minot. who has been connect-
city for some time. Mr. and Mrs.
I Finch and will offer some new and
unique innovations in the ways of fa-
cotillion figures. Myron
lead the dance and guests
be Mr. and Mrs. j. \..
Robertson of Minneapolis, who are be-
will be found to have distinct ad- ing entertained at the home of Mr. and
vantages over any other Baking Powder !:vTr"- C. Murphy, and Frank Lord
for doughnuts. is a double acting iof
ually add sugar, then work in (lie mashed
potato with a spoon and alternately adil iniik
and flour mixture. Make a soft dough, roil
into a sheet, cut into rounds, pinch a hole in
the center with the finger and fry in deep fat.
Fat for frying should not tie_ hot enough
to brown the doughnut until it has rism.
When the doughnut is dropped into the
it sinks to the bottom. As soon as it comes
nn it should be turned and turned a number
of times while cooking. This recipe is ex
cellent as they do not take the fat in frying
and will stay moist for days.
the guest of Mr. and
The rlance will begin this evening
at. 9 o'clock, the usual hour, and plain
dancing will intersperse the cotillion
figures. About midnight an elegant
supper will lie served in the hot"l lob
by, the tables to be charmingly dec
orated for the occasion and the Finley
orchestra will play.
Kitchen Shower for Bride.
Pans and kettles of granite and
aluminum, mixing spoon:--, a potato
ricer, a casserole, forks and numer
ous other small kitchen utensils were
among the gifts which Miss Mary Cor
rigan's girl friends showered her last
evening when they were delightfully
entertained as guests of Miss Gert
rude Shaw at her home in East Grand
Forks. The shower was a complete
surprise to the bride-elect and she
was most generous in expressing her
The interesting diversion provided
by the hostess for her guests was writ
ing letWrs of advice to the bride by
means of pictures and phrases from
magazines. Some very clever booklets
resulted and when Miss Corrigan read
each one there was much laughter
and merriment. The evening was con
cluded with a delicious two course
luncheon service and a vietrola con
cert was added pleasure during the
concert. The hostess was assisted bv
her mother, Mrs. Fred Metcalf and
her guests were Mrs. Fred I'. Werat
lein. Mrs. L. E. O'Connor, Mrs. H. A.
Hunter, Mrs. ,r. M. Disher, Misses
Gertrude, Collins, Vivian Ryan, Jennie
Xisbei, Jessie Robberts. Grace Dunrii
pn. Irene i-'ilikle, Eva. Desautelr, and
Grace Ciraber.
the In the home of Mrs.
Cleveland, Jan. 14.—Back to
hear* of the wild and woolly west has Cowboy Joe mot his
gone Cowboy Joe Parozai. taking wttli sweetheart. He looked nt her. then
shook his head. Hi« s'ace fell
l.mi.Dreani Is Shattered.
"I don't want you," he said in his
oiunt Montana way.
But then, as he rose to start back
on the lone trial to Montana, his love
dream shattered, the eye of Cowboy
Joe fell on J-'llzabeth Lenkeij. sitting
demurely in a corner.
Mrs. Toniorszky runs an employ
ment agency. Kii-ahrth had come to
find a iob. She is short and plump,
hut with pleasant, good-natured
Cupid must have given a gleam to
her eyes and a winsomeness to her
countenance. Anyway. Cowboy Joe
paused and his heart jumped like a
broncho being broken.
He Finds Ills Mate.
dowr. after his day's work two loped down to the courthouse for a ooSnwiny of ihirtv-«ix^for
lasso and tne branding iron a license and later to Squire Brown's Jhe afternoon The occasion was one
Cowboy Joe started his correspond
ence wooing through Mrs. Tomorszky.
He had read her advertisements in a
Cleveland paper that somehow had
drifted into the "bad lands." He had
written asking her for the name of a
thousands list- girl willing to take a cowboy
!rrho"se. husband.
5 a.- torn Trip. Will Play at Convocation.
•,-i Mrs. Paul It. Griffith of Harold Harvey, teacher of violin at
v.-v:ij•• wi'i leave Sunday the Grand Forks School of Music, will
for New y..rk city and other'play Saturday morning at the convo
thrs eav t.. be away two cation hour at'the university and Miss
Mr. iriffth is making the Jane Smith will accompany him at the
look after the spring buy- piano. Mr. Harvey'a numbers will be
nc Lne Ontario store. the "Meditation" by Glazounow and
—r "Orientale" bv Cul.
"ngrrgational Fowl Sale.
selllHa* Been in Hospital.
Fargo Courier-News:
North ThiVd* street f^lurda^&oS 1
••U 2 clock. Th--re will be bread. ref'Ml^ospital in^h^cago and^s
at present visiting her sister. Miss
Irene Blssonette. at Buffalo. V. T. Mrs.
Thompson has not definitely decided
upon the date of her return home.
To Wfld Normal Faculty Man.
At a handsomely appointed dinner
given Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. G. Ar
neson in Valley City the engagement
of Miss Mildred Charlotte Arneson
and Henry Gustavo Arnsdorf. editor of
the Normal Extension and head of the
publicity department for the state nor
mal school, was announced. Covers
were laid for fifteen and the guests
were Just the close friends of the
young couple. The date of the wed
ding has not been given out.
Wesley Music Recitals.
Last evening the advanced students
at Wesley college conservatory gave
a program aCorwin hall and those
participating were Miss Josie Dow.
Miss Annis llealy. Miss Ella Bleakley,
Miss Irene Cox, Miss Hazel Vale, Miss
Minnie Markell, Joseph Chester, Miss
Delia Christenson, Miss Anna Brld
stone. Alvin Erwin, Miss Minnie
Frendberg, Miss Helen Holmes and
Miss Olive Erwin.
This afternoon at 5 o'clock the Jun
tor pupils play at the city studios and
those selected for the program are
Harold Redick, Inga Xomland, Ina
Lodmell, Marion Stlnson. Helen Helt
man. Ruth Laughlin, Helen Corliss.
Ardell Swiggum, Genevieve Wesolas
ky, Ruth Dow, Russell Gauss. Thel'ma
Rystad, 1011a Stewart. Marjorie Moore, I Mies Claire Luger gave two splendid
George Getts, Edith Kreitzberg. readings from "The Cricket on the
Hearth" which were much appreciat
Wonian'h Rights Program Today. a a
A larsre number of women are at-'
Dakota." and the "nffrage rjuestion are
the program topics and opinions will
be given by Attorney J. B. Winoman
and other attorneys of the city. A
social hour with refreshments will fol
low the program and Mrs. Rlack will
be assisted by Mrs. John Bathgate
and Miss Louise Black.
News From the Social Set—Women's Club Activities
Mtn Gladys Edison of Larimoro lsj
ihe guest of her couslu. Mis* Av* I
Qrabcr of Rivoraldu Park, fur it few
Mr. and Mm, Isndore Vaperiuaatcr'
of Ff.rea whose wcildiug tjolt plm'o
hero a few duy» ugo art- visltluK
friends lu Mlnto fo tho •.'•alt end.
Mr. and Mrs. Waiter A. Polk of!
Manvel loft here jtsstos-Jay for the'
twin cities :in Dulv.th to spsad their
Miss Mabc-i HuKhctN i-eturnod yes-1
I terday Crookston where »ho at-.
tended the :n ur!atro of hre nlcce.
Miss Lilliasj Porter, nnd Wclnco lien-
W". 1\ Gillespie of Farso n:id her-'
::r?. O. M. j.iiirisiM: of Pevtls
i..at:e, \vtr4 hare thi- m'rnlRg etiroute
Grafton to visit relative®.
Mr. and Mrc. Georce E. Black and
family leavo soon i'.t lAingr lteaoh,
(.'a! to fiper.d three four months. I
Mrs J. B, £ensiiioru nr.d two
daughtors. Vera and KiU«en. leave to
dny for their hon«t it «reat Kails. I
IMont.. after a pImmv.: visit at tho E.
Iionsmoro home.
Womens* Clubs
What North Dakota Club VMM
Ar« JDwtas
M. Tomorsky I Current Event* eliib at Bis
mail-wooed maroU held most iniorostinK and en.
,.v- ... .. ., Mrs. George Welch being leaders of
oil re the girl for me. he blurt-I jf,,,
competing sides in the con-1
cu, txtrling nis cap in his right hand tesl which resulted in the honor of I
as he twirled his sun the land of victory falling to the ladies in Mrs. I
chaparral. Zugcr's line. The afternoon was
there is speed in Montana wooing. I brought to a close by tho serving of
The same afternoon Joe talked the deleeious refreshments. There are
nwtifl CI TVltn mZftDGtn tind tn6 oiffhtpen monibpPR. at thvia ..
te I,,
as a
this country are caused by careless
ness in the -use of Inflammable ma
terials and liquids. One helpful fea
ture was a list of precautions for the
housewife in the use of gas stoves,
lamps, kerosene, matches, etc. He
stated that the people of the United
States were in need of more strict Are
It will be of laws, that in other countries the peo
ple are placed more upon their own
responsibility and Insurance regula
tions were different. After Mr. Wil
der's talk announcement was made
The ladies of the Minot Musical
The Washington Neighborhood club
at Fargo met Thursday evening and
an interesting program was enjoyed.
,wo violln
tending the meeting of the W I l'r°8ram a social hour with refresh
VJd at I !rPKn^f,C'^endh „,r?iT-,hIhe^nT^
the home of Mrr- George E. Black on '^dee^ning
Belmont avenue from 8 to 3 o'.-lock. Pleasant, one.
'Property Rights of Women in North
llie strike or the »iiir.twaist makers in \«h ork citf seriously threaten* the supply of one of the agM
egg^SLjSStejg*.gaBSatti Xfag^pooiyit Bteturcs yuny Of the po»aUaiitoa it me grtfce ooajfUMfc
club will open their series of lunch- i"ow before that body which purposes
eons Saturday at the Public Drug ito give the franchise to women. The
store. Mrs. Stevenson, assisted by
"elections. Following the
joyabie meeting at the home of Mrs. jaro European in dress, as our frlendn across the water think sisters must
John A. Larson. SI2 Sixth street. Wed- dress alike and so do the Meyer girls. They're European in one other
nesday afternoon. It was what is-respect, too they do not like to have the "von" left off their name,
known as "Guest Day" in the orgina- .Though thoy look like twins there is a difference of several years in their
tion. and each lady was entitled to In- tages.
vite one guest. The afternoon's en- I
joyment opened up with the following
Larson and
Piano duet. Mrs. John A. tkipate in the evening's program. The
Mrs. A. .1. Arnot, whieli banquet hour was 7:30 and covers
.... by, music from the balcony and were
paper on hat splendidly served to a sumptuous sev
by en-course dinner. The tables were
and Abuse of Moving Pictures,
Mrs. Wni. Moore, a
Electricity Means to a Woman,'
Airs. ^. R. Pavles. After this part beautifully adorned with the club col
or the program, there was
ors of wh,te and green.
matih. which caused a sreat deal of jt.ut flowers and greenery, and lighted
amusement. Mrs. Alfred Zuger and
taperfi harn,ony
^by ?'..Fi.
1°u.r G"e8tl8'
of much pleasure to all. jthe serving. After the pleasure about
the dinner table and the enjoyable
There was an Interesting meeting toasts, the guests proceeded to the
Wednesday afternoon of the Fargo
Roosevelt Neighborhood club with
about twenty members present. F. IJ.
Wilder gave a very comprehensive
talk on "Fire Prevention" which was
much appreciated. Ho.gave a num- (Dream of Love): the overture to the
ber of Interesting statistics and "Bohemian Girl," by Balse. was ren
brought out the fact that the Ameri- dered by Miss Flora Harmon and Miss
can people are among the most care- Odessa Williams. Then the company
less in the world In regard to fires and were seated about tables arranged for
that a large per -cent ot the-fires in cards, where the colors of the club
that the arts and crafts department Mrs. M. W. Roan. Mrs. R. S. Towne,
would meet with tho president. Mrs. Miss Williams and Miss Odessa Wil
J. W. Ince to formulate definite plans liams. Associate members: Mrs. J.
for work. The gb-e club will meet a
week from tonight at the home of Dr.
and Mrs. Putnam and Mrs. W. L.
Stockham will be the director. Tho
formal part of the meeting was fol
lowed by a social time and refresh
ments were served.
North Dakota suffrage workers arc
eagerly and anxiously awaiting the ne-
very brilliant, function was given jtlyo occasions remaining on the cards
Wednesday evening at the McKenzie
hotel nt Bismarck by the members of
The Monday Club. The occasion was
the annual banquet, which is given
each year, when the anniversary of
the club is celebrated, and the one
time when the gentlemen are given
the pleasure of being present to par-
°f the state legislature 011 the bill
twelve members, of the club, will be in I*'1® bill had been reported out of tho
charge of the luncheon and delicious senate committeo and recommended to
coffee, creamed chicken, bread and Pess with a few minor amendments
butter, doughnuts and pickles will be 1
served at 25 cents, the luncheon open- rlous suffrage clubs will keep their
ing at 11 o'clock and
throughout the afternoon. The funds bill has been through both houses.
will be used by the ladies as part pay
ment on the new piano, which the
club will purchase during the spring,
and as the piano will be a strictly first
class Instrument and in the joint own
ership of such a large company of la
dies. those in charge'-of the luncheon
of Saturday hope to realize a neat
sum of money. As it is almost a pub
lic affair the musical club should be
liberally patronized on that day and
a special invitation is extended to the
Jiusiness men of the city.
from Bismarck yesterday that
extremely gratifying and the va-
eyes on Bismarck from now until the
The same condition exists in Minne
sota and South Dakota, victory being
about assured in the latter state. The
suffragists of Minneapolis and St. Paul
will attend the legislative session in
a body on Tuesday morning, January
a 8, when the amendment is to come
up for general discussion.
Washington on Fashions.
Not what to wear, but what not to
wear, is the question of the moment
with the average woman of smart so
ciety, for so perplexing are the incom
ing modes and so arbitrary the mo
distes that, if one believes what one is
told in the realm of fashion, the
gowns which gave great joy to their
possessors early in the winter are now
as much behind the times as Weber's
last waltz, or the eminently respecta
ble and once popular "Robin Hood"
•While the Washington season has
not quite three weeks to run. and the
annual exodus of pleasure seekers has
already begun, there are enough fes-
for every woman with a love of clothes
to wish to look her best hence, new
gowns are appearing with every large
dinner company and dance.
While manufacturers are contend
ing for a greater width of skirt, there
is no prospect, of their wishes being
complied with. The designers are,
?ern?t'/1 *fu'
sical selections were rendered during
parlors, where the following program
was rendered: Vocal selection by Mrs.
V. J. LaRose: instrumental selection,
by Miss Flora Harmon, entitled,
'Liiebestraum." by Franz Liszt
were again evident in score cards and
decorations. Much enjoyment ensued
during the remainder of the evening,
which was spent in playing bridge.
The' following are the members of the
organization: Mrs. M. H. Jewell. Mrs.
A. A. Bruce. Mrs. T. R. Atkinson. Mrs.
H. R. Berndt. Mrs. W. H. Bodenstab,
Mrs. F. A. Copelln. Mrs. G. F. Dullam,
Mrs. R. Flint. Mrs. W. c. Gilbreath.
Miss Flora Harmon, Mrs. B. E. Jones.
Mrs. F. A. Lahr. Mrs. W. A. Lahr. Mrs.
V. J. LaRose. Mrs. Irene L. Leonard,
H. Newton of Mandan, Mrs. H. M.
Weiser. Honorary members: Mrs.
E. E. Kaufman, Mrs. R. J. Turner,
Mrs. W. H. Winchester and Mrs. R. M.
The Misses Alya and Julia von Me«r.
The Misses Alys and Julia von Meyer are the. charming daughters of
,the secretary of the navy. They are very American in moat ways, but they
consisting of
with prevailing
decorations. Following the delicious
repast. Mrs. G. F. Dullam presided as
toastmistress. and toasts wore given on
the following subjects: A toast to
the "Ladies." by T. R. Atkinson a
toast to the "Gentlemen." by Mrs. W.
H. Bodenstab. the toast on "Friend-
however, meeting the manufacturers
more than half way by insisting that
however narrow the skirt may remain
at its helm, sufficient, material shall be
employed to prevent any great reduc
tion in cost.
Many of the sectional skirts are cut
in such way that twice the usual num
ber of yards of velvet or brocade, or
even the overworked charmeuse, goes
into the construction of each. There
are no plain skirts in truly fashion
able society, and few women thereof
would have the courage to walk
abroad in any of the trottolr costumes
that were considered extremely smart
a year or two ago.
To keep up the cost of making but
tons are used on many of the mora
expensive costumes with such disre
gard for the original use of buttons aa
to make this one accessory a consider
able feature in the financing of each
gown. One well-known matron boasts
of sixteen dozen buttons on an after
noon visiting dress. Another late ar
rival from Paris in Washington haa
her amethyst colored cloth fastened
back and front with 60 round buttons
as large as a thumbnail, each a clear
and perfect well-cut amethyst.
Drs. Healy & Dean
Drs. Healy & Dean
Drs. Healy & Dean
Office Tint National bank Bids
Both Phonea 563.
Office Tint National bank Bids
Both Phonea 563.
Office Tint National bank Bids
Both Phonea 563.
Dr. W. H. Witherstine
Dr. W. H. Witherstine
Dr. W. H. Witherstine
Office Over SO South Third St.
Office Over SO South Third St.
Office Over SO South Third St.
Dr. J. Grassick
Office Northwestern Rldg., Cor*
ner DeMers Ave. and Fourth St.
Thos. Mulligan, M. D.
Thos. Mulligan, M. D.
Suite 204-6 Wldlund Block
Phones: N. W. S02-L and
T. S. 437-L and K.
Suite 204-6 Wldlund Block
Phones: N. W. S02-L and
T. S. 437-L and K.
Dr. Wheeler, Campbell
& Williamson
Dr. Wheeler, Campbell
& Williamson
Over Trepanler Pharmacy
Over Trepanler Pharmacy
Dr. C. S. Crane
Bye. Ear, None and Throat.
Over Trepanler Pharmacy.
Dr. John D. Taylor
Office over First National Bank
Drs. Ekern & Marsden
Drs. Ekern & Marsden
Drs. Ekern & Marsden
Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat
Platky Bids.. Grand Forks
Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat
Platky Bids.. Grand Forks
Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat
Platky Bids.. Grand Forks
Drs. Eggers & Bentzen
Drs. Eggers & Bentzen
Third St., oyer Benner & Ben
Department Store.
Third St., oyer Benner & Ben
Department Store.
Dr. G. J. Gislason
Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat
Beare Blk. over Lion Drug Store
Dr. Syver Vinje.
Dr. Syver Vinje.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office over Lion Drug store,
tt Beare Block, Grand Forks. N.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office over Lion Drug store,
tt Beare Block, Grand Forks. N.
Dd Calls answered day or
night. Telephones: North
western. Office 401-J, Resi
dence 506-J. Tri-State 149-M.
Dd Calls answered day or
night. Telephones: North
western. Office 401-J, Resi
dence 506-J. Tri-State 149-M.
Times Pattern Dept.
7707 Blouse wit& Fraot
34 to
The plain waist with open neck ,is a
favorite. This one Is made with the
fashionable drooping shoulder line
and with one-piece sleeves that are
tucked at the inner elbow to provide
comfortable freedom. Brocaded crepe
Is the material illustrated with collar
and cuffs of charmeuse satin and the
blouse makes a most excellent one for
wear with the coat suit but it also Is
for the entire gown and can be made
from any seasonable material. Front
closings make an important feature of
fashions just now and the buttons
make a pretty trimming. These are
crystal in ball shape. The long
sleeves are close fitting with openings
at the wrists that allow them to be
slipped on and off with ease. The
collar can be made round or pointed
at the back. Fancy materials are be
ing much used just now but plain ma
terials are equally fashionable and
this same blouse mad^ of charmeuse
with collar and cuffs of a contrasting
color would be very pretty.
For the medium size, the blouse will
require 3 5-S yards of material. 27,.
2 1-4 yards 36 or 44 inches wide with
3-S yard 27 for the collar and cuffs as
shown in the front view 3-4 yard IS
inches wide for tho collar and cliffs
as shown in the back view.
The pattern of the waist 7707 is cut
in sizes from 34 to 42 inches bust
measure. It will be mailed to any ad
dress by the fashion department ol...
this paper, on receipt on ten cents.
Dr. S. Paige Johnson
Office Over Union Natl. Bank
Phone SIS N. W.
Dr. Gilbert Moskau
Office over Union Nat Bank.
Phone 191 N. W. Grand Forks.
Drs. Eckman
Drs. Eckman
I*L Eckman P. A. Eckman
Wldlund Building.
I*L Eckman P. A. Eckman
Wldlund Building.
E. L. Reynolds
(Assisted by Edith- Reynolds.)
Treats all acute and chrohlo dis
eases. Appendicitis and all fs
male troubles a specialty. Par
manently located In Grand
Schlaberg 4k
Griffins. Both phones 888.
Dr. Orr Sanders
Dr. May E. Sanders
Dr. Orr Sanders
Dr. May E. Sanders
Suite 66. Security Block.
Both phones 543 Grand Forks
Suite 66. Security Block.
Both phones 543 Grand Forks
George A. Bangs
George A. Bangs
Both tohones. 4.
Both tohones. 4.
Office Red River Valley Brick
Co. Bids, 217 South Third St.
Office Red River Valley Brick
Co. Bids, 217 South Third St.
J. W. Ross & Son
J. W. Ross & Son
Over 8tanchfleld's Store
Third ft DeMers Grand Forks.
Over 8tanchfleld's Store
Third ft DeMers Grand Forks.
Hugh Dunlevy
Hugh Dunlevy
Hugh Dunlevy
East Grand Forks. Minn, ft
Wholesale and Retail Dealer tn»
ICE -..
East Grand Forks. Minn, ft
Wholesale and Retail Dealer tn»
ICE -..
East Grand Forks. Minn, ft
Wholesale and Retail Dealer tn»
ICE -..
Louise Packebusch. R. N.
Vlolling Nurse Assoriaieil Charities
11 a. m. to 12 at the City Hall.
Phone 10o0 N.
T. 8
Residence No. «, ninnle Flats!
hestnut street. N
Hours .i.,m. 10 ni. At the
service of physicians at any time.

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