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The evening times. [volume] (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1906-1914, February 13, 1914, Image 4

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Snhwriptlnn Ila«r«.
t)ns year by mall or carrier, If paid
In advance M.'.'P
)ix months, hy mall or ratiier, if
paid In advance Ill.irt
!f not paid in advance. per
Building, Chicago Fifth .\\emje. tiutld
nig. Now York.
miDAT, FKKHt\\.nv imi.
N^v o| 'rinii'5 ll.jiti .1 v,:
prfseiif?nt. O I Orrj.tr /.an M! In
lias ainr»l In? hi^b in a way
wliich it W..11M bf uu.iuhf iH 1 r
r^guiar. ?tn\ nni^r inrfh.-Mj .,| «t.
lainm^nt hivr- H) O it
lionnl—fnr Main. iT^shlrni 7.nni«»r
1 1 inn«.^ In* may f\ri\ rail
ri n. t-onsrrv a!i v»*. iir» hn ?rru
|»»|lo»l.*-h- t''iM«Mvri| |ir hli^li««l 'l:--
J"Ui hi* f«airiu\. w\\U rv
lii.jJlly «iliyfr\f «J. ih« intlirii tJi.it «.J
ha\iue. :t hmisi-lf
IT I 1 I I 1 I O S IT I N
I' I MMI which In* lia'J alr^al\ iirt» en hi
Published every evening except Sunday
All papers arc continued until nil e\
l|CTt. order to discontinue Is rcccivcd.
And until all arrears
rorirlit ii*m. Tho\ I Jiuwov-
i%t*. in Willi tho tasi^si
ntid habttjc of tho pooph*- ino.^t «on
rprn^iJ, itnl mnrn l»« ^inl «»f|
4'tir own yy.^tftn. Thai. too. hns hr»»u
c|*itisr»fj as to pornr of it*, tl^tail.*^. And
Haiti, thoush it has 50 many "'f what
uv. *al1* «l revolutions, has stur-K with
rosily wonrtfrful hijAhty to a
form of srovrmmTii. N'oln-Mly llK-rr
to horoiur kuiy o)- "•in prl'iiv, |l|f'v
all trwf to r'»iiiihln-aui^in a-- th»
iinj*vr»tan«l i». anH many cr^ntor na*
fi'«n,a avr niU4-l» yonna^r. nn«l p«*rh:i|-»r
.'^•nii-» .f tVj^in urn no
I more sfahlr.
Tho wf^'kint of HI N^w M«\rn
ro.n| apj»pars
nfl'rr o\op|lrnt pot
f««r a. r^ngrespiorial inv^Mi-
satjr»n, if n«»t for a grind .i"r,v m*
M'!T. Th^
tirno will
^mp trh«?n
f^w finann^n-j. 1runk with
tribitiotl. will
b«» a.bie 10 --fpian
ior fiind.c that liar**** i»or»n r-ntrust^rj
i" ih»m hy portpl^ who haA no np
port unity t*» 1no^ hr»w thr tnist i?
I'^ins administ#»rei1. Tlir» •lirprtorp of
a ra.ilroar] ouehi to V.«. nnfli*r a«= rigid
••upffrvigion. and sh.ouid h^ld to a.«
risrid .I'-'-ountabilitN ar»-» ih» »)ir» r
t«»rr* «.f a bank.
It wasn't Roofsrvrl! who ^tartrd tli*
irmibln in Hnili.
his name i*
TI*»od«*ri». n«\ crt.holo.ss. And Tiiro
doj i.« due to pri his in tho ory near
Thr sroiindlioc was .«up|icis«-r| in
:Uiy our of 11if-- lioli* aftjr-r f'Vbrunry
thip yi»ar. allii if he did hp ip a foi-il
•«.li ^animal.
lie-en't yon noiifcd bow iln- 1 i
iiinlr is r-haiigins? It '•hanK^s prvcr«l
timtp r\pry "pa.'on.
FllblUhld every Thursday and enn
Una a summary of the nwh's ncn?,
oth local and
Due year in advance fl j..
tlx months In advance
Three months in advance
foreign postage per year «o
Foreign Representative —Cnrpeuiei
.• Fcheerer Special Agency. Tropins i.as
l»\" "T arm^.
That til-- ''r»u.t:Tr's Mul»ln't li
tt} 11^ rl«r iMi'iiit riK»r« than
i*» tlioip liw.u rjti.it pro\n fltai
••ii wr-i'-
!)"iU's: at!«i v. ill
-»f thai tin-- K^iK-ral llaiM j»Hl«ii«*
:i«.i -.Hi'-iM««| with tin- nnM l'r»*-
11»• |Mipni«c»- i.s •jiutr- in-
1'mIihhi if
tropic ila ha*
'i: 1
»i*»• N*• l»y war. IMH nut
ii hiot.Hl nJ I»•-••*»:i nnj «'\oi:
•jrpr^^tl rifTifiats 1:1
«'I tiruo, licforf
1 lu
talsinr rr-fiij:'-* mi uti\imirni
ir« |iip.«*. to ihhK^ prM\ "imi i'..r
»t* »\\ijf. St.
*111 fori:
1 I prrin«l
Tlininas krr'Wsi thr-ir
it: th«* siimn s|iiar,
-pila! will 'I
1" arransr liir nrxt
afm- kiiul.
Iiml wi'll, and
"f ilM ph aa ii!
11 l«t !r^s pr(M-cr-rl
r-U'ft MMI til"
a in
h. «Jy fjhf, r.vcf pl, p«s*ilhi.v. .Miino pin-
vin-'iaj .^i^i-t^ii h\ l'r^st»ivij:
11 r» IliiviS'Mf I r-1ia p» .• pt.u-r»rs'
mj f»pport unit i*\n. ft from ^U'
^t\ rfni'fslup that ho rnsr-, ami ho
v.ill lr tin morr* surpriffO Minn ua.«
his lair. ohi«"f at arj.sthirii »'lr»nr» an
a in hit joijs suhoTvlinntr.
I're^idftnriai .•loptiiuis tlm mrid 11
n«j FO«»n tn 11? hirh|\ (li.^ordMni with
f'-publirnp in --titmi«'»us. »tn| th«\v mi
«l»jiil'»t**r)|y 1 n«i 11» koop Haiti in its
The government of the Panama ••••i
n:i strip under r*o)i.|ii'i Coethal: -»v 11
he i. bcncv oleni despotism, 1 11 a IT
pntism. I I-\ r.in-li•.. r". r.i: a.-. 111
people living there :Ii"• iniifTncil. II
a li\ I I N I H|»1»- .tr govcrn-
ment without the ennsent i»l" the gov
erned. Tin* governor wilt he monarch
of all li" surveys. lie will hire nun
and lire them without permission
from any mn-. II will make wlial
regulations In- pleas'and the r*sl
nl' tin- people who happen to I •«-. down
there "ill have nolhim in «ay nlum:
It. And tilal suit *il ov crimietil wilt
In- tin* kji-wl thins I'm iiial pariicul.ir
place and those particular coriditjon.*.
anil Colnnel inot ha Is will In- jusi the
man in administer it.
We II I'.-Ir a ureal ileal nf talk nlu.nl
in I'llHririirv
ilunt hf-rr. i:m th»-r«
iliint i*» yriM-rnmoin th ni
is ri lin
ajv irn»r
which is
in it
TIh» Kiinl ui" yiivt'fnnp'ii!
h» pr«\:nl on tho istlnuu^ is
po^-ihj,- 111 1 v, iho iMh-
If it
fMihl ho
Thr- ii in a a
a form ^o\ in is a
tho pi opp. Mi •*ili»• 1 rii11 c:o\«'riio«l
it a iindor it \v
in a a it
srho- ••ftpji. during tho p:-o4-.-..-.
fftin-.- run at lo.o-r #«nd «»flrn ihoj-o
is in«-a pa«'ii .uid s/iin^tinios tlnr«
is dishonest Thrso thjti«- ran pro
vail for oojjMdrra b].» ii-- jorls on!
hrn ihr prop!••» 1 hnnsi l\ rs a.rr
asleep And. through the n-r^' hirf
that roinr-- Hbout uiiilr t!ir\ in
that roipJ ion.
After a man dors rep eh 111 pidtit
where iir knr»ws something he is
usually loo obi use his knowledge
for ui'.iiiey making.
Hoo Hoo Today
his Tfe
Where Quantity is Quality
Every department in our establishment
is in chargc of an expert, who, aided
by experienced help and modern ma
chinery endeavors to turn out the high
est class of work. Tt is impossible for
a small shop, employing all around,
handy help to compete with
Who marie liis hnw in 'fl1. whoji
war jiiiinlif foKci-ii tin* niaji. w|iii*h
:nn\' explain why "-wr sirn-''* In'*:
rlotnl mi a s.-rap',' Who look In
politirs a? dnos a i|in-k 10 ll-J-i'
anil phono in saim- ill Kansas -rc
his br-anl hi'van in sruu Whn
ImiiKhl a sheet ill hntn'-s In srr\i*.
as vilas'e i*. M, i'I., hut hooknd in
stead a hettei- job in Washiiiston.
I'. \Vlio landed in the nenft'e
when he I iioperi up in our jails a
pi-prioi/.o Kane tiiat Ions had work
ed a craft in T. S. mailn? Who'd
like to wear lliat. lojra for anolhi*r
six year span, a? would re.d topped
Vie Mtirdock, too? That .loo I..
Rristow man.
quality basis.
You can rest assured that every order
for printing entrusted to us will be ex
ecuted in a manner that will leave noth
ing to be desired. Our customers know
H**e oar H»wwl«lli« eatl
ron want Quality Prtatia*.
on a
Times-Herald Publishing Co.
aM £& hp" A?'*
in many
*iri«"s, .iM'l npMi lilv.* «J»»'thals
ntihl b*' fc't'lii'l 1 hoys tho v:irinns
i'»h.«-. tlu-ro would hr- an mi j/.in^ iii
rtaasr in th.- cMiriou,'\- o| ^o\TrnnionI.
I»nt ilr-ploj-nhh- r* rom-o.^iiMi in h*
se|f co\ ornins ijnalitir-s of thr Atnfi
irn 11 pr«-»p|c.
b-ain. lit! 1 i»\
liith*. thai it it n^roshMrv for Uvm
to br waUrful and watrhful. A. sflf-
^•"•verninp roininnnit v. U'aruini: ilir
lessons of sr-IT r'iiniii-r ami of rr -pon-
sihility for onnrioii pi-Mnl. is mm ii
brti«-r off. r\i-n if its co\ ri'H nv''
111 a I
a'-hioA eniputs at'o not. pr»rfo'' t, tlinu a
II II II N I!y ^o or nod roiu 1 1 lea
thouj^h \Nitii prrf^rt wisdom and «'iie
huudrrd prr mnt enjoi^n^y, I' hap
pens thai tho isihruus, in a roinitui
nitv rnsr. is an nrtifirial thins. «*r»
atrrl for a sprrjal purpose, and
not ho n.ui^idoreil on the nine basif
with norma I
Milin«apo|i^ ooasts
a tempera-
if. I M-J..u. And the sa 111 da ,,
over a I'loj-eau. Miun.. they had a
temporal wre ,d' '»'J bob.nv, and thought
indhim: of it.
If we 1 a let. nut a hearty laujrh
opt |p*uir we'll never b«« troubled
il ii ehronb- nnltge^i hut.
*op\nslu. MM I. o\ \V. Wornor. 1
Thr liunborhi^ jrk
1 Ho oxpre^-
im.in 'arrfiiod around tho ronicr audi
.ian^lrd up to th«- nr ». A moment
lato|- l.uirp with an nortnous V'rown
pa:-t'"»ard bo\, jp- was rnmiui tlio
1 ha 11 moilts' doorbrll.
Amy IJoanup'tit was r\pr. iinu him.
T'10 day brforr sh»* had uoii" to the
.{ shoppiuu. I'ront swailiim: umw
oj papor slu' r\ti*artrd a l»iv
hrown hat. with shadod plumos I'all
ihr .-'ah•. I: was thr vrpv per-
111111i11• r, and .^itr had
/houubt \n lo 11 sin- bought il that shf
wantod 1 More than anything r]t^r
Hi'' worbI. r.iu now she folt a rreep
111 fo. liuu
dissatisfartiou. 1'nder'
thr now .it her dark oyc« sip»ne and
her rhork loijk op tile rolor and Ins
1 r«* of pink satin, yet she was remind
ed imroinfortal'ly of the other hat.*
tin- .5ira\ one. with pink and srray
pl 11 lues .sip* at lirst fo|i. inrhiu'd to.
hijv, Uad siie not made a mistake in
"I wisli I had ot the .ura\ hat,"
slif' ^i.uliod.
She laid the hrown hat aside and
sat 'low 11 to think, and the
tlionaht tin- more she was impressed
uitii tho 1 »e|iff had left thr hat.
shr should haxe taken. t.»ner she
started toward the telephone, intend
inu to .-ii! up 111 Mnrr and ask thrm
lie hooked ,,l OfldJy.
to make an exrhatiRe. Then site re
membered that she had seen a wont-,
an looking ai the uray hat. I'roo
a Pi\ she had bought When #die
realized that tile brown hat was hers'
irrevocably Amy wanted [ho. ray one
more than ever. She worked herself
into a little siorin over it, and when
Oenirpi eanio lmnie to supper tVtere
was sijll tear rednef-s about, her eye?,
"Weil." he bi'ffau. cheerfully. 'T
supposr thr.
arrned 1^-
"Yep." Amy'* tone n,i.« listless.
"Where is itV Oei it. 1 want K«
s»»e it."
Amy bronchi the hal.
"Sa That'* all ri^iil. Thai's a
beauiN." .'lenient was .y.emiinely en
thusiastie. I•*111 ii on. hunvy. loot's*
luiw you look in it.'"
Amy put
on. Clement, took her
by tiic shoulders, tinned her roitnd,
tiien slipped brok and. folding his
iiarid^ in front of him in his eharae
teristic pose, studied Vter gravely,
"(See! ihat's swell." he aniiOMmed al
"Ihn there was anotiier 1 wi?h I'd
a k"ii."
"Wh" didn't on iake it. tjien'.'"
"This was the oi|l I thought I want
till I mot it hmie.'
A puzzled look gathered on 'iem
ent's face. Jle glntp'cd from Amy t»'»
the hat and back acain. "I fee," he
said. "I«ut
er lh
yon Jir»d taken the oth­
on wanted."
be the on?
no!" Ani) flushed. "That?
abrurd. «.»rih I'm afraid I lidtt't take
lonu euoujib viiake up iu\ mind."'
Siie war- becoming flit t.ered. There
was omeilmi£ ii.^'oneertinsl person
al in the wa\ rb''iurnt pre:'eji^ed the
•jucstion of Hie iwo haip. She laid
asid? t|ie iihI. "SupperV read' now."
&he f=aid. iiatt j\.
Opposite rarji other at the a in ilv
e^ujppei] table Amy and Clemcnl ate
little. Hlthough pai?ip strict atten
tion to the food before 111 iii Neither
spoke. The rilen"o w-i' distinci^y nu
•lenient at .*jrt c|aspe«| his haridf
ou tiir edge of the table and cleared
his throat whib' lie looked hard at
eiil laff vae of
"J ^aw l-'red
Lo\ve on 'he Mreei loijfl)." he aid.
Amy started and rn-aiiy np«:e1 the
teapot. "Oh!" sue exclaimed, wpakl*.
"Yep." 'h'-meni went on. quietly.
"He asked after oii. 1 asked him to
rail, but In-said be.didn't have time
'ii sia was fdp.irl. Me had Kwdyn
Hal! with him. Amy. So I
here's .^'.nueilnim in that story."
"perhaps there is." Amy manager!
to ray. She jrot up and weul into the
kitchen, t.nrned around, and came
baek rtnpt handed, l'red lyw c. wit ii
K\elyn Mall, thai im.ohsecpirntial ljl
t|r blonde! And he had said when
Amy married Ciomeut Btauntonf thai
he would never lo'.-k at another girl
as 1op^ a.s he li\ed. He liad cotne up
to I own to *eo Kvelyn. He Viad no
time for pa.xinK Amy a friendly ealk
She felt sick, siricken. For the sain«
prim iple hebl true her. as in the mat
ter of the brew and it ray ha t-. Amy
bad married t•lenient, and now thai
she had him jbr wanted r»d. More
over. ^he was Ue.uinniim to ffUSpert.
that. I'lement knew it.
She didn't want, him I" know. She
liked Clement, immenefdy: she had
even belio.ved herself j^ve with
him when she accepted him. Both he
and Fred had wooed her furiously and
Clement had
came to a
when .sin.* heard footstep* crossing the
i»orrh. l?er iirf»i thought was that
Clement wa*t ri»mrrmuT. Tlirn as the
door handle turned she realized that
this was not. Clement's mode of cn
"Hello! You ti home. Miss Beau
I lie voice, feminine and et deep,
was that of Aniy'f? m-M door neigh
bor. Mis. Kufdi.
lie would rather tt
had hem I ha I of Clevr.eiu tlian Mr.*.
Hush, but she made a dab at. her eye**,
•a up, and uttered a faint "Come
Mrs. Ii.is!t entered leisurely and
unite softly f,,|* so Iarue and olnmi'j'
a woman. She had c«me for a Utile
visit, and Amy saw no wav hill to
entertain her.
Kinda. eool out. ain't it?" said Mr.*.
.?!? senially. »Yon all alone?"
c*5. Amy tried to smile.
I looked in through the winder
and saw you settin.c here, and I
bought I'd run in a minuie. r*e
been pickling a)] da. Maybe you
smelt it over here? There ain't notli
like the £cent of ffpieed vinegar to
ea rr*.
.^it down. Mrp.
invited Amy.
Airs. Rush sat down heavily. Tier
bnttoiiy Idack eyes r»tole from ohjeet
to object in the- prett room. "My,
it fixed up ute hTe." ^he

forward. •'What*#:
hai .* A tiew hat Why, ain't that
beautiful! hot on look elegant in
jsn the one I wanted," sighed
oh, p^haw!" Mrj=. I'hjsh threw her-
hiughe,i till Hie chair
ereaked. "likely jf \ou'd pot t'other
.•olid a-bcon hankering after this
"lie. And if you'd got both of "cm
yon want, .something «d?e. I purps
you're too young to know it. but. that's
"Oman nature.** .she mused thought
fully, "j" had an experience some
thing like that when 1 was young, only
in my rase jf was a husband tdid of a
hat. I had two beaus—most, likely
girl* do.have a
br three—but I
chc^o Sam Lush. j'jrst «piarre| we
i'ad begun to wi:-b J*d eh rise .1 lift
JfaiTip. 1 wap real
hlue about
it for a ispiII. Tf I uirl a-^ot mar
ried Have done quieK eiiousrn.
l'J. 1 liad Sam Tor keep.*, s.
maiip up lily mind rl make the best
of him. And 1 did. Ami. say, 'i.wnn't
a ear 1'ieforc I Wotiiiin't a-Rive hi.s iId
shoes for Joe's hull
step climbina
She might ba.ve
I had Fred, liui she preferred clement.
Somehow, no sooner liad she possessed
Clement, tltfrn sbe began to discover
new attractions in Fred. Surely be
would have' suited her better. How
could she ever have made sucb a. mis
ta.be? Bill, it was irrcpara.ble now.
She had Clement for life. And Fred,
having recovered, was. dangling after
Kvelyn l-lall. the minx.
silenl. miserahle
end. Amy withdrew. Clement stalk
ed about, whistling in a brisk', loud
way, meant to conceal hj« feelings. AI
last Amy heard him
into the hall
after liift coat and hat.
with them
came back
and stood looking at
her from the dining room door.
"Gulists I'll .step down town a min
ute," lie said, carelessly. "There's a
party I want to see."
"All right," renlied Amy. She. was
fussing over the table w'th something
and did not look up at him.
He hesitated a moment. She won
dered if he expected her to k'ss h!m.
She did not feel like VcIffiinf him aft
cr what lie had told her about Vrert.
She felt relieved when he turned and
I went awav w'th merely a "By-by!"
She went into the livinif room and
huddled Into the Morris chair. Jf®ar
her on the table Ijo- the new hat. The
lisht brought out the
and shnd-
ow of the velvet anil the exqtifKite
shading of the brown rdumes. But
she turned her »u« awav. mie could
not bear t., see it. «iii» hater) it.
She was soaki'c.r wit]) a band
kerchief[ second deluge of tear*
I didn't
make any in intake tiiinkins ?o. either,
for ,1 sot married ami nii.sn5i»d his
wife something awlul. Siie used to
•iime and tell me a'min it and ery,
poor crittcr. she never knew
how near come to ins in that boat
w.v.=eir. Now tliiB here ha I."—she
rcai*hcil over and took ii lip and pat
Jr'fzing at it adinirincb. "f*ay. 1 tiev
had no such 1j.it in my hull life. 11
lieiratn. Only you 'lon think eo
..•ause ynn've Rot it mnl are kimi-i took
Good night'"
night. And ••otrie again," re­
sponded Amy.
I^eft ainne, she turned in her chair
and began to gaze at her brown hat.:
And as fclie gazed thought. She! ,,
bad it
must wear it. Whv not Thackety tells of a peasant, woman
try In like it as wJU iiB she had'liked 'egging films from him. who. seeing
it at tirst There jh-Hs the story Mrs. ™™.puUulR
Hush had toid a lpnnt her husband.
He studied Her Gravely.
too. Ilaif -husbands. husband?—
lia|s. .Somehow the two thinge seem
ed lo
lii-inn: together'J Suppose Fred
wen- in
turn out another Joe.
Harris! She
thai the
shivered. Somehow now
presented to her it
did not seem so
unlikely. But.
is the
l-.neiv Cienicni he was soundly good.
She hid her fa. on the arm of the
chair and
did not move for
When at
las-l she beard cicmenfis
tiie porch sh sprang up
and. running
open for
to the door, flung it
He looked at her odd
ner ooa- y-~
Fit I hem for lives of fruitful toil.
.\ *4
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A S. oni.^li
Chelsea, was
sound-proof room which the. sage Viad
contrived for himself in the attic,
lighted from the top, and where no
sight or noise from outside could
"My conscience, this is line!'' cried
the old friend, with unconscious sar
casm. "Here ye may write and study
all the rest, of your life mid no human
being be one bit the wiser."
Angus Mi-Tnvish was a lowlaudcj
rich and thoroughly Scotch He had
never seen the highlands or the beau-
with the notion you wanted somelliinu tiful lakes of Scotland except from a
e'«e all tiie tilrie.* 'I. .ng as you keep l"iig distance.
thinking about t'other hat you'll never
like, tlii:- one. If was yon tiow I'd
this on ami wear it. and try
to like il, and lirei iliing you know
yon will. Just see il what tell you
ain t. .so." she put the. hat down and
roye. "Well, I sues. I've talked
enough for one sitiins. Sain must 1
•'i-got lii.s paper read by this time ami.
he'll be looking for
lie paid a visit, to America, and in
New York was shown all the sights.
However, he was not impressed, and
still thought the lowlands of Scotland
far supei.t,)!-. As a fin a 1 attempt, to
show Angus something that would
impress hitn. his friends took h«ni to
Niagara Falls. Angus looked at tlievh
critically, and. when asked if he did
not think tliem the most marvellous
thing lie had ever seen, lie remarked:
"Aye, mon. they nre grand! But do
:e ken the an Id peacock in Dumfries
that had the wooden leg'.'"
hands in bis pockets,
".May the blessings of Providence
lr 1 nrx rl
"I have a stenographer now," pro
liainied a prominent business man.,
"who comes prelty close to being a
prize. .She is always punctual, al
ways neat:- and b'cr ma liners arc per
fect. She. has a, pleasant voice, she is
nice to look at, and she doy:t'i cbe*
gum. She never flirts with the young
men in the office, and she is never
"Almost a prize?" repeated one who
was listening. "Why. flic's almost too
good to be true. "What's the matter
with her'.'"
"She can't take dictation, and she
doesn't know how to u^e a tvpe
"Well, a fellow can't ha\e
tiling perfect."
A MOM»ETtlXf iliot'U.
Xew York American,
The most wonderful clock in the
world is at St. Petersburg. It has 35
faces. It indicates simultaneously
the time of day at 30 points on the
earth surface, besides the movement
of the earth around the sun, the place
]v a,« she nje^fd her hand under liis moon, tnft signs of th* zodiac,
arm and drew him into the
room. She was not often so free with !JJ,or^
'her attentions. His eyes fell on the hemisphere, and the date according
brown hat: a I most shvly he fingered a: ,,c Gregorian, .»rt*eK, Mussulman
silken plume. and Hebrew calendars. It took two
"I wish for your sake you'll got the
gray one," be said soberly.
Amy took o. quick breath. Her eyes
met. his in
new look. "Why, this
chose. And—and I'm go­
ing lo l.\e it!" she cried.
"Sir. why do country hoys succeed'.'''
atiked a. self-made plutocrat.
eem to'meet the city
For c-riergy and things like that.
it be.-au/e lives they've led
So near to nature *nd the soil.
I With wholesome food on which
they're fed,
"Is it because, they've motives high
Acquired in noble solitude?
Have th-v grown etrong on home*
made pie
And other plain, nutritious food?
Is it the lessons they have learned
Of thrift arid honesty and such?
l)eep in their consciousness id burned
Then said the plutocrat,
To have some lun and win renown!
By hustling mucb there prevailed
Twas not that toll for me had
But I knew well thftt if I failed
I'd have to go back to the farm!"
lie is a wise politician whose silence
Is so intense that -yfou can almost
hear it.
Between a half-l^kftd optimist and
a kiln-dried pessimist, hteh would
passage over (h£ meridian of
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-.ir-iioa* to the Carlyics in Too many men :eorn io make I-C.-JO
niiii.li struck with tile, lulions only to break ij.em afterward.
follow you: but. when he only pulled save it for something—I've forgotten what
'led "aoTn^ve? 'V''"'"''M''-1,v
^'he northern
years to put the works together.
One can't get the best of a
who hasn't any.
A .raw Scotch lad joined the local
lerriloria.ls and on the first parade
his sister came, together with hi"
mother, to see them. When they
"ere marching pari .lack was out of
"book, mitlier." r.ajd his sister,
"they're a.' ooi o' ptep but oor Jock.'
Margery and Helen lived quite near
each other, and occasionally played
together. One. day when they met
Helen said, boastfully:
"We keep a, butler."
Margery remained thoughtful for
a moiTicni.
suddenly cried, cx-
ullingly: "runt's nothing! We keep
Paid on
"Take my own ca«e," he said, "my
I'll tell you why came to town.
I sought to lead a life of joy,
1M V. 8rd «t Gnal Varks, IT. B.
Th*y are like .Sinythc.
When tirnytlie came home very late
on January i. a cigar in his mouth
and an \lor of alcohol about him, his
wife said bitterly:
"Only yesterday you swore off late
hours, whiskey, and tobacco, and
now—look at you! You've broken nil
three of your resolutions!"
"Well, dearie, what of itsaid
the old clothes man and got a dollar for itV Mother 'id she was goins to
"One moriiiMg our next door neighbor ante over and gave us a cou-
take jou. I'le of matinee tickets for the afternoon. Then we discovered that not. one
ol ns had a cent for carfare. Finally mother thought of that dollar tlr
ragman had given her. She helped us two girls dress in our prettiest and
kissed us good by with a wish for a. happy afternoon.
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An C.NCCS of
doNar to. the- conductor. He looked at it, felt of it
and handed tt hack. 'I uo good," lie said.
"\Ac got off the car ami looked at each other. We tried another
street car. t-atne result. Then we thought we might buy something in a
store and. get it changed. Brilliant idea! But everybody hi creation seemed
to be on to that dollar. We wouldn't believe it was bad. vou know. Fin
ally we took it into a branch office of the bank. The teller told us it w.is
load and looked at us suspiciously.
eouldn'L come because I wap baking, and he
said lie send the patrol wagon-for mo!'
"And we were such greeriies in those days." laughed the visitor, "that
we worried all da v. expecting to see that patrol wagon., and* never suspect
'J*!*'1 VnclR. John came over in the evening and want­
ed to know 1^ the chief of police had called us up during the dav.
something orse thati.tliat," laughed the housemietres?.
One int.ei when we. lived in Chicasro there was a great dea-l of suffering
amons the poor. The police stat|on» were- opened as receiving placer f.ir
warm clothing and food
be distrifcuted to the needy. I made a special
trip on a cold morning to -the nearest police station and informed the
ycrgennt that I had a big box of good clothing he could have, by sendinsf
for it. He thanked rue and said he would send for it. that same dav.
the front door bell rang. Backed up to the curb
in front of our house was a police patrol wagon.
"W hat had we done? I nearly fainted. I could see the lace curtains
quiver down the entire block. *Wh-what— I began
I ve kein for them warm loth*s,' ginned the big policeman."
The Hotel of Quality
and Comfort
Where You Should
Stop In Grand Forks
Brooms iv:
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Smythc, in a hurt voice. -"I can make
others, c-c.an't 1?"
Customer—I say, Mr, Barber, I don't
hear your scissors at work on niy
Barber (apologetically)—There Is
very- little hair on your head, sir.
Customer—That makes no differ
ence. I pay rny money and I want
you to rattle the scissors on the' bald
place just the same as if had liair
on it.
'bracers" will unbrace
When a man is too lossy to make
kick if he can't lind work what's the
(By E- K. Wooley.)
(Copyright, 1
by E. K. Wooley.
ELIJ, jut sold all those old
and lot of old clotlies that weren't
for anything, and a big stack
of old newspapers, and how much
do you suppose I got for them'.'
Twenty-five cents! And that old
ragman acted as if he waa doing
m« a special favor to give rne that
much," announced the houscmis
tress,- as she sank into a chair and
drew a long breath.
"I hope it's a good quarter." said
her visitor. "EHd I.ever tell you.:
how mother sold a lot of truck to
two girls ran out "of' there and
wajK*u riacU home.
The next morning our telephone-.rang and mother went to ilv
Phone 1 heard- her gasp, 'what? Then she called me. 'Molly!'-s'lie cried.
'.i ^"n1 police, and lie says niuet come down, to court about
I fi

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