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Tlie Old Arm Chair.
love it, I love it, and who shall dare
To chide me for loving the old arm'
I've treasured it long as a holy
I've bedewed it with tears anil em
balmed it with sighs,
'Tis bound by a thousand bands to
to my heart
Would ye learn the spell 7—a moth
er sat there,
And a sacred thing ia that old arm
To tit me to die, and teach
her child.
Miss Mary Sullivan was hostess last
erening when she gave a pretty party
at her home on North Sixth street in
honor of Miss Eltie Lowe, a bride of
next week. color scheme of red
Predominated in the decorations and
red hearts were used throughout the
rooms. Guests for four tables were
invited and progressive rumdum was
the pastime. At the c.lose of the
same.da.jnty favors were awarded to
the witMierf. Miss Lowe was" show
ered with parcels containing numer
ous articles for her bridal cnest.
A delicious luncheon was served ait
the small tables and the hostess- waa
assisted during the evening by Tier
•sister. Mrs. J. J. Quiglcy and Miss
Inez Ryan.
The guests included Mieses Eltie
Lowe, Inez Ryan, Lueile Gagstad,
Stella Olson, Mabel Gies, Frances
Hogan, Lulu Reading, Helen Taylor,
Enid. Lw*. Bella Ryan, Jessie Dow,
B»be Hart. Genevieve O'Keefe, Grace
Carroll,: Eva Poupore and Josie Hart.
'The Play of
Not a tie" will break, not a lin will hf,'n,
Pythian Sowing Club.
She told me shame would never
With truth for my creed and Cod
for my guide
•^he taught mo to"ffsp mv enrlicsl
As I knelt beside that old
an' watched her many a day, son'.
she smiled.
and ,icr| ThR
.iJ^ u, ,, ).Plymouth
I almost worrhip'd her when
•Vnd turn'd from her blble to bless ^^cd^^hemrmbe™
Veara roll'd on, but the last one
•My -idol was shattered, my eavth
star fled
I learned how much the heart
When I saw her die in the old arm
chair. ..
'Tis past 'tis past
With quivering breath and throb
bing brow:
'Twaa there she nursed me, 'twas
there she died,
And mem'ry flows with lava tide.
Say it. i» folly, and deem mo weak,
hile the scalding drops start
down my cheek
But I lore it, I love it
My soul from
—Eliza Cook
Returned From Montreal.
Miss Jennie Hyatt, returned last
pvening from Montreal, Canada., where
she has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
•Tolln Hyde
wThJ^?rsW,,Iub will rioetiV,»«»'.
Uieliomo "rf Ah-t0!'!Tt
The hours were Lowa
Mrs. C. W.
ieorgo Nelson. Mrs. A.
Cottonwood street
from to.5::i0 o'clock and
number of ladies were present. He
for'the^c^ j'people SfX'W.rn
^eCwo*iIl's' lnsr P*rt5"
lund hi ,el- t' .1 "J
'unci block. At the close of the l.usi-
BCtlnB' ,l,nch
the fewedisli Lutheran Aid society where a lonir serviro tihi» wi«
arm l.eld its regular meeting in the church 1 ranged
bvMrl' BRwS\rrt.*71*
Woman's Uulld
district ^o. ., meet, its meeting at the
home of Mrs. A. Foster, on Second
a.ventie district No.. 4 wa« entertained
at the home of Mrs. Walter Dunbar
on Elyhth avenue district No. 5 met
et the home of Mrs- 51. E. Delamcter
on University avenue.
Miss ilarobl Cinvc Recital.
and cannot
a mother's old arm
a handsome party given by a. group
of prominent people, of that place.
Miss Jacobi also gave some readings
before the normal school. Of her ap
pearance in that. city, the Valley City
Times-Record makes the following
for the past two months] »P®nded to invitations to a" dramatic
-—*-.vs—. recital last evening in K. P. hnll with
r»orcas Society Meets Tonight. Messrs. and Mesdames White. McMnl-
The. Dorcas Society of the Trinity
Lutheran church will hold its regular
meeting thin evening at S o'clock at
the home of Mm?. A. A. Ilofto, 116
South Fifth street. An Interesting
program will be. given and refresh
ments served at the close of the even
ing. All members of tile eoclety are
cordially invited to be present.
Rosary Choir Entertainment.
The members of tlie Roeary choir
of St. Michael's Catholic church, will
give an entertainment, Friday even
ing, February 20, in the bo.Eement
auditorium of the church. The
"Deestrict Skule" will be presented
and a cordial invitation is extended
to. all. At the close of the program
lunch will he served by a committee
of. girls.. ...
"—•+**—'. r'
1'arty for Miss I*me.
Following the program, an hour was
spent, in informal visiting among the
guests, dnring the course of which a
light luncheon was served in the din
ing room of- the hall, .«svJth Mesdames
MciFarland, •Barley. Andrews, Lyon,
"Wemett a.nd Mayland assisting. Miss
Jacobi favored the students and fac
ulty of the normal with a number of
stories during the chapel period this
Saturday, Feb. 9i—
In Her Greatest Coinedy Success
Widow by Proxy'1
By Catherine Chltbolm Cusblnr- The (.lebler Co., Mgrs,
thousand laughs"—Philadelphia North
Presented in the May lrwin.inunner, exactly as
during its Four MoatH'i Run at the George
M. Cohan Theatre,:N. Y.
PIMCIS:—Lower Floor $2.00 md Sf.50, Biloony $1,
Gtllory 50e
We Are Now Receiving
Exceptionally well grown. They, will measure up
to your expectations.
Where the. Fine Flpwers Come From"
6 Nortk TbM »tr«4((
"OHSrogational church, stone. Mabel Wickler, Margaret Ra«-
gave a- mlwionary tea. In the church Edith Read
arlors. At «:3« o'clock, supper will4fmussen
of the
'rlvurt-h and their friends.
The various district, of the Metlio
dist Aid soi'cety held their meetings
this afternoon,, at. the. following
places: Mrs. S. S. Harrieon, enter- suffracn Booth
but I gaze on it
1 01
,h'.W s,rP.l,:
vmuui iicviuu. A(lutterat€
Miss Gej-aldlne Jacobi returned last 1 sanitary
evening from Valley City where she I Living Co
ravft UI1 AfAnitin'^. /.HUH),,_« ...
Nearly three hundred guests re-
len. Presler and Palmer ad hosts and
hostesses. .Miss Lyford, Mis» Fisher,
Jliss Kielson and Professors Andrews
and James assited in' receiving the
guetts and Miss Josephine Wright
presided at. the piano, playing softly
while the guests were arriving and
getting comfortably settled for the
program which was to follow.
Professor McMulle.n presided as
master of ceremonies, and felicitously
introduced those who took part, in the
program- Miss Gladys Fridd opened
the program with a vocal solo, which
was generously encored. later in the
'evening Miss Dorothy McFarland sur
prised and delighted the audience with
her—to the larger part of-the audi
ence unsuspected accomplishments
as a whistler. Miss McFarla'nd was
compelled to respond to two encores.
The principal pla.ee on the evening's
program was held by Miss Geraldlne
Jacobi of .-the Smersqn,. sohool -of-or
atory. Jtiss Jacobi gave the large
audience more than an hour of dra
matic readings and it is not. too much
to say that as long again -could In v
been enjoyed hy her hearers, liv.
work covered the whole gamut o[
reading, from the pathetic to the
comic, from the heavy work demand
ed in the interpretation of a scene
tbetween Hamlet and his mother, to
several delicipiialy humorous readings
fMin ..Paul,.: Lawrence Dunbar, and
others. -Miss JacobT made a splendid
impression upon the audience, which
will insure her delighted hear
era .upon
another occasion.
K^a«£ °t9'
!*r» ^-enUins tl.o wee.
$''1 SL/iitt iif Robbins, visiting friendf, and looking
cS,-d^Uvn?nv^et.„ '"lmbfrs ^.business matters.
cordially invited to be present.
This Afternoon.
Trie ladies' Uuild of
'u 'ne homo of S. H. Irwin on
Pnrty for Miss Lowe Tonight
Miss Bella Ryan wrii"*Vmertain
Paul company of young ladies informally ,,
this evening at her home on North
Fourth street in honor of Miss
In chUd&ood's home, I. lingered near ^^'gavo""/ informal cm!!1and"tone" tW«\vonin» will he the' 'informal Large Number of Business
The hallow'd scat with li.st'nins ear:
•And gentle words would mother
Mrs nm'tmnm Vr..« vi- iha"' following the regular business
anderaiJdM?'™C^ ra^on lVeC,ins'
Tho Lrftdien' Aid «rlpn«v^ ci- i- -reception hall and dining room,
Liithera^i mo? ni! St. Mark where a large number played cards.
I with Mrs
Society Personal*
Robinson of
Mrs. .r. F.
lc Wns
'^neral arrangements commit-
icomprised Misses Selina Hnssell.
.. chairman. May Nisbet. Minnie Ras
Imussen. Winifred Owen, Hazel John-
The members
of the refreshment committee were
Miss Florence Opsalil, chairman, Syl
I via. stfine, Franceis Owen, .lessie Tow.
Kdna McMitllen, Jennie Nisbet, Ruby
Reilon, Vera. Siineon.
\rinm w»ir
v°s Minot OpUr: A sphMidid booth -hat?
her home on Third street dis- i, fitted out by the ladies in Minot,
Lmet -asCn„
«i«e* h.v M«. Beulah Amldon and
X. Hot lis, both of Far?.., as
Wonwii 8.«fTragc Booth. Large
cards are In evidence, ttpon which
some of the issues of the suffrage'
movement are printed, while, litera
ture "Is being distributed to everyone
wlio visits the booth. These, pamph
lets give the reasons why women
should vote, namely, the Sweat Shops.
Adulterated arid Impure Food, Un
fenanicrits, Demoralizing
... Conditions. The AVhite Slave
000,000 Women, 2.000,000 little Clill-
dren at Work. They declare that if
women must obey the laws Just as
men do, they should vote equally with
men. Mrs. Clara Darrow of Fargo,
the stale president and Mrs. Itrnesr.
Wright, one of Fargo'a most talented
singers, arrived in the city today ana
will conduct a meeting for all women
on Friday afternoon, which will be in
the form of a rally. Mrs. Darrow will
speak and Mrs. Wright, will sing.
Many signatures have already been
received at the Suffrage Booth, of
people who are in favor of the move
Miss Mildred Vieteh of Grand
Forks, a domestic, science expert who
Is under the. agricultural department
of Fargo, will be in the. city and con
duct study classes on Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday at. the Library club
room. Miss Vietch is a North Dakota
girl, a graduate of the University of
North Dakota, also one of thei eastern
domestic science schools, and. has been
a settlement worker In Chicago for
four years, and the committee feel
very fortunate in securing her to
speak at this time. The subjects and
time for her talks will be ae follows:
Thursday, at 2:30 p, m-. "Labor Sav
ing. Devicee Friday at 2:30 p. nv,
"Sanitation In the Home Saturday at
2:00 p. in., "Farm Woman's Needs.''
left last evening for Assisted Lv
Eighth street
Devils I.nke. whero she will
several days visiting friends.
C. Hammond has gone overimous
E. J. McDonald has returned to liis
home in Minneapolis after enjoying
a few days' visit at the home of- his
isister, Mrs. John Nestor of North
Third street.
at home to their friends in Auburn,
N.D., after March I
-Scratched Until Scalp Cut All Over.
Could Not Sleep. Hair Came Out.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Cured in Fifteen Days.
Ardon, Iowa.—"My
bad scalp
disease he i»d'» burning itching for fifteen
or sixteen ye»r». On account of the interne
itching ha would serateh his he»d until his
scalp waa cut «J1 oyer. Several sc»b had
formed by matching. He would wtke up
at ni^tt and scratch sometimes he could
not sleep irtth tlw.iteh wid bun^ig. There
were pimples abotit as luge as a pin-head
all ovw'hls scaip. a red raih as red as Mood.
His hair came out gradually. It seemed as
If the hair was dry, no life in it.
"Heused .a wash of blue atone
and toilet aoap. still he never got any relief
until he used Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
Ha would wash his head until it would be
white with the lather from tiie Cuticura
Soap, then he would wash his scalp clean
with warm water, then nib the ointment ail
over his scalp. He was cuml in fifteen days'
time." (Signed) Mrs. Jane Edwards, Oct.
In selecting a toilet soap why not procure
one pnssrsilng delicate emollient properties
•undent to allay minor Irritations, remove
redness and roughness, prevent pore-clog
ging, soften and soothe sensitive conditions,
and promote skin and scalp health generally? '.
Such a aoap combined with the punct of
saponaceous Ingredients and most fragrant
and refreshing of flower odors, is Oittfcur*
Soap. Cuticura Soap 2Sc. and Cuticura
Ofatiaent 50c. are sold by druggists and
dealers everywhere. Liberal sample of each
I mailed free, with 32-p. Blcin Book. Address
peet^cjrd "Cmlcure. Dept. T, Beaton."
WMeo who
shave and shsmpoo with Cit,
Upua Sws.irtUflad it b«t for akls wd acalp,
Milton Visitors Here.
Dr. and Mrs E -V. Uugtafron -and
two little daughters. Misses Muriel
and Virginia, of Milton, are among
the visitors in the city this week.
tiuost at Wolff Honi«'.
Alias Maude Switzcr of Minneapolis
lias arrived in the city to spend a few
days visiting: at tlx' homo of ilrs.
Herman Wolff on Wti.lnut street.
Arthun of Milton !'l'o Entertain nt BritlRo.
week in (Iip eitv,' Miss Clara. l-Ialo lias issu et I invita
ntter tions for a. bridge party to be. si von
next. Monday sifternmni at her home
S^xth st
-Wvancc.1 Si.udonts lie, ital.
The advanced
who wi llpconle hc of
,i lnrse.i,'red Quigley next. Monday. odist church.
evening in the Masonic
slinlciits at. Wesley
intisi..: will
con.servatoi ..f
aJ? Un,,,l,a.u
ranged in
dancing was enjoyed in Die
program of music
un Hhef| bv
tlie'univemitv or-
was served by the cheelra. At 11 o'clock a buffet'sup-
,,,i l,cr was served in the dining room,
interesting proemm
evening at tlu- Kh si Moth-
Y. I.. Si. Club Part?.
Among the social events
dancing party to in- s?jven by the
members of the Y. I.. i. dni. j'n the:
Knights of Columbus hall. Finlev'si
orchestra will rend' iiu» music and I
dancing will be eii.1f,-rl from to 12
o'clock. I
Gave I'rct Koccptinn.
One "of the prettn -1 jiiTairs uf the
mid-winter season Hi., ic.-rpi ion
which was given ihis afternoon by
Airs. Herman Wolff. A number
of ladles were, bidden and the hours
were from to & o'clock. Mrs. Wolff
received her guests at her home on
Walnut street. Yellow and while pre
dominated in the house decorations
and baskets and vasi.p of lovely jon
quils and narcissus w-m artistically
arranged. Assisting in the parlors
were Mrs. T. S. Oornr.:in, Mrs. .losepb
Kennedy, Mrs. R. A Jackson and
Miss Clara Wolff.
A delicious luncheon was served in
tlie dining room an.] ih.. prevailing
colot'a were further rarriod out ill the
service of the refiv-fhments. Mrs.
August Eggera and Mrs. J. G. Hamil
ton were in charge .the din inc
North Husband of a Suffragette." I
to Fisher, Alinn., to visit for a few,
days with hor parents, Air. and Airs. The Monday club of Bismarck met
v\ A. McCleary. Mrs. Hammond with the president, Airs. F. A.
will return to Grand Forks Saturday, Kndwles, at her home on Fifth street.
Miss Clara O. Johnson, who has!The following program
been connected with the Ontario foil call. "Plavt-rs of the
store for some time, has resigned lier Lesson. Chapter IX, Afadames Flint,
position and will have charge of Airs.1 Haney. Jewell.
B. A. Clark's millinery store in Can- Famous Player
do title seaaon. Miss Johnson has —All's. Towne.
gone to St. Paul and Chicago, where Leading American Managers—Mrs.
she will purchase anew line of spring I Knowlea.
$ S of A in A in so
Miss Mary Hoiseth left for St. Paul, «i«nnn~rr»7^ iv-~Mrir'i "nnir
I Chicago and Milwaukee on a, purchas- t,v., «'!??J'® .1,?!?^,,
ing trip. She will be away several ™0
Impromptu talks were given by thn past twenty years professor of
|Kev. Torbet, rresident Johnson, Ra'v! botany, and for the past, three years
'Austin and ot h»rs. 'dean of ihn college of liberal arts in
From Kvervlinrlv's Magazine Mrs
Jiusie~Miss Harmon.
After' the program a 'discussion of
the plans for the lub study next year
was held arid ii was decided to take
up "The Moderc Drama."
weeks and will visit all the eastern! Appleton, Wi, Fab* lS.--Fire in
the Lincoln mill of the Fox Kivcr l-'a
.per company las»
left last evening for Grafton, where erty loss of $10,U"". while water dam
wUl visit relatives for a few age to stock probably will exceed
We used to belons to the Farmers'
Ere that as the "G-rangere" we
fought for reform
Ah,' then, when uttered our cry of
"We started the whirlwind and rode
•on (he storm!
We were called anarchists," then.
and "plain crazy,"
Because we wen- out for a new
Btit even the hankers now say it's? a
Supported by McAdoo—excellent
'Way back in tlir "eighties" for co
We pleadedi 'Ieluded ami danjror
oue jays
'Twas said that aimed at destroy
the n.ition!
But. now the idea is harvesting
We said that Ui° usts would be
surely oppressive—
The populace called us "disgruntled
old crank?."
We now eay the rame, and they say
we're "progressive*
And tender up banquets and loud
votes of thanks!
Our "follies" and "dreams" and "de
lusions" now hearty
Support from the masses and
classes have won
W^'re writing the platforms of every
Reform's, grown too easy to be any
When tbey first come, the beat tee to
Imaktbmup. Oneataatodremedy—
Aytr't Cherry Pectoral:
tok Your Dody.
,J1,r stalP!
William Falger read an illunii'natinc-! !'js assume _the presidency of the.
William Falger read an illuminating! J-
article on "Hotv it Peels to f,v I he
Mi"-*5. Moftller, Mvs*. Page.'
amT a he is
V.f^ESKht °r"
days. Their marriage occurred inS that
Crookston last wools and they have 'Captain- John vmvoy were otcrcomp
beeii visiting Airs. MacKenzie's par- by smoke and v.cre dragged from
ents. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hill ot the loft of the unit 'tt'tnsonsci'ous.
North Seventh street. They will he
High Tributes paid Tuesday
Night to Dr. Rucdiger
and Dean Brannon.
Were Present at Fare
well Dinner.
lean M. A. nrumion and Dr. Gustav
Lcudiger, whtt are to lc.j\-e tlie state
uiiiversilj this spring were the guests
ot honor at a farcweti dinner iveri
n.esday night by the Comincrcj.jJ
A large number of the club mem
bers were present, and united in pay
!ii(^ trlluitcji Ui the two men whose,
work has meant so much to the uni
city as whole.
and the
In the absence from the, city of
Mayor M. K. Murphy and President 1".
L. AteWy of the state university. Prof.
I". Squires presided at the dinner,
and introduced the various speakers
of the evening.
Dr. J. T. Taylor spoke for the. citi
zens. He told of the efforts which
were nccessary before the public
room and Alrai Clifford M. Lonta of laboratory was secured for ihe
South Bend, Tnd., Mi*r. [v lio Turner I **»i^'ers*!kj-, and toiri of the untiring ef
and Miss Elsie Wolff nssisted in serv-i forte of Dean Rrannon and Dr. Reudi.
Miss Maude Swlt/,er of Minneapo
lis was an out-of-town cnest.
Alore than two do^en people met
.Monday evening-at tlie home of Mr.
and Afrs. E.-K. Mann in Devils l^ke.
to eoninicmorate the birthdays of Sus
an rs. Anthony and Pr. Ann Shaw and
to organize for men :ini women a
suffrage league, in beviis l,ake. The
following officers Were elected
President—Mrs. K. Mann.
Vice President—Mrs. ||. r. Rey
Secretary and Treasurer—Mrs. C.
W. Buttz.
Another meeting wilt b» held in
the near future TO perfect, the organ
isation and appolnt ibe various com
mittees. ......
Each gu'flst'swve suffrage quotations
from eminent persons and Mrs. Mann
gave a talk on ati ai-'ic.). Jn the Pic
torial Review on-, food inspection and
sanitation In cities.. She said it was
interesting to know 'hat cjrand Forks
stands as the cleane cjty in the Uni
ted States. The h» ilth department
has for some time had Mrs. Ft.
Sprague as its ^rflinent municipal
housekeeper and^tJi- result has been
ger for the good of the comniunitx
Tfe was followed by Dean BabcocU
of ihe school of mines, who reprc
sen ted tlie university faculty. The
dean declared that Dean Brannon and
Dr. Keudiger both had true regard for
I 'he ideal of university professor ot to.
day which waa that of public service.
,T. V. T. O'Connor, speaking for the
'oinmercial club, declared that the
real dividends of the community were
expressed in tlie health mid manhood
of its citizens, and mo other things
for which te two men now leaving the
university had so untirinigly worked.
The last addresses of the evening
were given by Dean Tirannon and Dr.
Dr. Reudiger told of the work
which had beep done by the public
health laboratory in the seven years
which bad elapsed since it was es
tablished, nnd thanked the people of.
Grand Forks for the hearty support
which they had given to the work.
He also described the work which
he wa* to do av the new public halth
laboratory at 1
,Salle, 111-, which he
has been called to take charge of.
Dean Brannon. spoke, of his regret
at. leaving Grand Fork*, and said that.
he. had been led to accept the offer
ot the presidency of the University of
Idaho 011 account: of the. great oppor
tunilies for public service which the
position would afford.
He urged the Commercial club not
to forget that its mission was to foe
tor knowledge, and that it must, al
what, must be
to make' Grand Forks the spotless I ways look ahead
town of America. .The Mothers' club• done in the future.
co-operating wjjtfi father organizations, I The meeting closed with the singlin
Is Iti'.Iwaw.-.tn'fHfrugae to! of Auld Uang Syne, after the follow
Devils Lake early ii tlie'spring to'give! '"ff resolution had been pawed by the
|a lecture. Her coating will he await- club:
ied with interest. Whereas. Dr. M. A. Brannon. for.
'miverstty. is about to leave
fun,o presifte.
hcr^!"- lr.
Gustave F.
dainty refreahnii-iits, Including' the fa-1 charge of tiie newly'established pub-
9" w&fcrs>.
for the past seven years director of
lie health and research laboratory
1 LaSalle, Illinois, and.
Whereas, both of these gentlemen
have been active and enthusiastic
members of this club iDean Brannon
I having, indeed, been a charter mem
ber i. and have served it in many
ways, and have also, as citizens, de
i-. ored themselves unstintedly to the
and Their Theater, welfare of our city and sta.te, inspir
ing by word and deed to the highest
ideals of social service, therefore. bright" Mr. Sun used t.u pour his
lty and spirit our hearty congratu
lations on 1he splendid opportunities
•pen before them in the. larger fields
mirket* i? r«o. i».—1ire in ist.ing between tin must soon he sev- that would tell Bowser right where
I the Lincoln mill of the Fox Kivcr Pa- cred. W« shall remember them with *he had led Bowser tar
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart. MacKenzle per company la si uiglit caused prop- the warmest feelings of respect, and'
hief McGillan and
The Commercial Club of Grand
—31. F. Murphy.
-K. B. Griffith.
—K. J. Lander.
—Vernon P. Squires.
—A J. Hunter.
they have been called our,
toi tneit tutute nappiness
best wishes
and. prosperity, nnd our sincere
«re't that the pleasant relations
regard, anil we shall hope to have
them with us from time to time as the
years puss over our heads.
Be It Further Resolved, that, these
resolutions hp spread upon the min
utes of this club, and that copy
tltprnor he given to oo"li of our de
parting friends,
Resolutions Committee.
The. re.ally expert, cnt.erta.iner is the °feri
one'who knows how to make sand- I
Uses Newbro's Herpicide
We used to be mobbed for our utter
..cd opinions
On money and tariff and taxes and
But. now when we howl of "pluto
•They'cheer lo'lirccho, no longer
There. i(i. one sure and certain way
for every woman to have beautiful
hair, and that is to give it intelligent
care, which includes the use of New
bro's Herpicide.
This remarkable preparation abao-
The prophylactic action of Herpi
cide keeps the hair free from disease,
and with the scalp sweet and clean a
natural hair growth is inevitable.
Herpicide hair scintillates, with
health and Vigor, light and luster,
produced only by the well-known
scalp and hair dressing, Newbro's
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c and
sizes is sold by all dealers who
guarantee it to do all that la claimed,
if you are not satisfied your money
will /be refunded.
All first-class bar bars and hair
dressers use and recommend it.
A sample and' booklet will be sent
to any address upon receipt of 10c by
The Herpicide. Co. Dept. R. Detroit.
Mit'll. Trepanier Pharmacy, special
"V 1.1
March 3-4-5-6
Fifth Annual Exhibition
Bigger and Better Than Ever
TNDER the same roof you will see the latest
models of the biggest motor car factories in
the world. Side by side you can comparc the mech
anism of your favorite cars, in the light of campar
ison you can decidc which is
The Car For You I
In the Auditorium
Be it Resolved, that we. members warmest rays down right there so
of tlie Commercial club of Grand that it was a very comfortable place
lorks, North Dakota, do hereby ex- indeed. So when Granny was tired
press to these gentlemen our high she often would slip over there for
appreciation of their character, abil-
nttie short nap and sun hath,
This morning Granny was unusual
ly tirod. She had been out ail flip
for their future hamiiriess
bef®Te: ind
btfore she
she couldn't go home then
the fields and through the
wood*, and alter a while sb
played a smart trick which mixed her
tracks up so that Bowser could no
lonjfer follow them, and while lie was
sniffing and sniffing as he tried to
find out with bis wonderful nosej
•where Granny Fox had gone to shei
trotted back through ihc Green F- r-:
I est to the sunny knoll, and thpre she
curled up to rest. And right sway
she fell asleep.
Now Grannv Fox. like most of the
other little people ot t.bo Green Mea
dowj and the Green Forest, sleep?
with her ears wide open. Her eyes
may be closed, but. her ears are on
guard, and at the least unusual sound
wic-hes and fruit juice sound like a keep guard she wouldn't:
sumptuous collation when the guests ,.
i,'o away and talk n.bout. the party. ever you want to catcb a
»«•.!• J: ox asleep you musti make the
One-half the world knows what the
other half is doing because they are
her eyes and she is all ready:
asn't, for the way her
to take naps right in broad day-
teeniest, weeniest. noise.
I Now old Granny Fox had no sooner!
closed her eyes than she be»an to
dream, and the drea.tn was a very bad
one. Yes. indeed, it was a very bad
dream. It. seemed to Granny a,* if,
Bowser the Hound was smarter than
she ever had torn him to he be-1
fore, and not one of-all the trick? .she
knew fooled him at. all. He kept
getting nearer and nearer, until
I seemed as It hi* great voice sounded
right, at. her very heels, and she't* at
so tired that it' didn't seem as if she
could take another step. Xow an this
was a. dream you know, but dream*
sometimes seem very real, and tiii?'
was the way it was with'Old Granm
Fox. It seemed to her that Bowser's
great, jaws were .lust going to close
on her to shake her to death.
"Oh! Oh!" cried Granny and waked
herself up. Her eye* flew open and
she gave a. great sigh of relief to find
that her terrible fright waft onlv a
bad dream and that she was curled
up right on the familiar old sunnv
She seemed to think what a
fright she had had and then—well,
then Old Granny Fox didn't know
whether ahe waa awake or still
dreaming. Xo, sir, for a minute she
didn't know whether what she saw
waa real or a part of that dreadful
dream. You see, ahe waa staring right
straight into the face of Parmer
Brown's boy and into, the muzzle of
his dreadful gun. For just a few
seconds she didn't move. She couldn't,
because she was too frightened to.
Then she knew that it was real and
not a dream at all. Farmer Brown's
boy had been hiding behind some
pine boughs close by and for once
in her lite she had been caught nap
ping. Poor Old Granny Foxt She
hadn't the least hopa ln tha wort#.
Farmer Brown's boy had only to fife
hie dreadful aim' arid, that" would "le
lb* ot Her,
Grand Forks 1
The Hotel
and Comfort
Where You Should
Stop In Grand Forks
(Mil Granny Fox Has a Hart Dream. Try This.' li.\ Sage Ten and Stilplitir
Old Grany Fox dreaming Tes.
Bnd Brni,h
sir. sh* was dreaming. There she To king One Strand at a Itm*.
lay curled up on the litie knoll which.
you know, is a sort of little hill, fa?t When you darken your hair with
asleep and dreaming. The little knoll Sage Tea and gulphur. no one can tell,
overlooked the Green Meadoms, and because itV done so naturally, so
it. was a favorite napping Place for evenly. Preparing this mixture.
Granny Fox. You see. jolly, round. though, at. hotm is itiussy and'trouble-
Thronirh Tonr Hair,
some. For cents you can buy at
any drug store the resdy-to-upe tonic
called "Wyeth's Sage and. Sulphur
Hair Remedy." you just dampen a
sponge or soft brush with it and' druw
this through your hair, taking one
small strand at a time. By morning
all gray hair disappears, and. after
home Bowser the Hound
application or two.
ouies beautifully darkened, aioss.v
tnd luxuriant. You will also disco^
pr dandruff is gonp and hair has
stopped falling'.
(".ray, faded J\air. though no dis
cravp. is a sign of old atfe, and .as we
all desire a youthful and attractive
appear,incr. get husy at once with
Wveth's Sdrc and Sulphur and look
years younger.—Adrcr iscmcnt.
Cut Flowers
For any oeoMlon
Funeral Designs Made on
Short Notice
town or-
#ars given special attention,
••anta Wanted.
Graid Forks Floral Ce.
IS. ?. EEMXE, Mgr.
IN Mbn Ava, Grand Poet*.
Spioea, Extraate
deUrond ts year door hy
ce! Fost direct Aram tte whole
saler. We prepay all charges
wtUiln 160 -miles.
Packed In aifter-tep e»ns,
.. .10
.. .10
Gloves ...
Ginger t.
Nutmeg •,
Cream Tartar
Black Pepper
White Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Send For Price List
Showing Other Quotatloa*.
L—wAfcowt OwrCowpQBPI—^
Both Phone*
Home Tea Co.

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