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Twnsfer anil l$a*csa«i\
Tom Whalen's Dray ami Haggase
Transfer. 616 DeMer.s avenue. next
to Columbia hotel. Plmno N. W.
819-1., Trl-Statc T2t.—Adv.
Ityan In Tu«u
\V. H. Ilyan. formerly of this -ity,
now of Camra, Sa.sk., sp'tit. Sunday in
Grand iFrl mi ills way buek in
Camrn from the cast.
Officers Installed.
Fortnightly Olub Next Week. ..
The meeting of the Fortnightly club
in honor of Dean .M. A. Brannon ruid
Dr. Gustave Ruedi^er will be held at.:
tfte guild hall Monday nijjht of next
week Instead of this evening', a.s wasi
previously announced.
New Spring Goods.
Xew spring goods have arrived anil
Include new embroidered Cotton'
Crepes inches wide at L'O cents per
Lruce. Adv.
'v- ,\&t
•. *l'*A S
The Gty In Brief
I»r. Geo. A. Swctidlman.
Dentist—212-21:! Widlund building. 1
Phone N. W. 137.— Adv.
I.ntvni lor MlnimifHiUs
Mra. J. M. Xestos ot this city has
been called to Minneapolis by tho ill
rir.su of her brother, M. J. McDonald.
May Irwin Maktis Hit.
May Irwiti. appearing in "Widow
by Proxy," scored a great hit at the
Metropolitan last Saturday evening.
A large audience enjoyed the sparkl
ing comedy.
\antinailon This Week. lAiinwilixt Will 0|ion S.-rit-.
Examinations fur professional I llev. t.\ J. Hill, culporter evangelist
teachers' cpriifi.-ates will be held II fur the Scandinavian fiiiptist church
the oftiee of the ion my superintend-in North Dakota, tonight will open a
ent of schools Friday and .Saturday of series of revival meetings- The meet
this week.
No Our An-e-ted.
\o arrests were made by the police
Ajuier Saturday or Sunday niKht. and
as a result, it was ui actual holiday
am we!! as a le« il one in the police
court thus morning.
Visitinj Here.
Dr. H. C. Smith of Devils Lii-ke, is
\ieiting In the city today and attend
ing to business matters. Dr. Smith in
an osteopath and is considering lo
cating in thix city.
head of registered shorthorn cattle
with pedigree and health certificate.
Carl Fischer, owner. It. A. Long, auc
4% on Savings
Farmers and Mechanics
Savings Bank
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Open Saturday Evenings
Does Your Bank Ask,
To Save?
name-irv any
ings will be held at the Scandinavian
ltuptisl church. I'nrner of Fourth ave
nue and Walnut street, and will con
tinue fur two v«-oks. Special music
will be furnished i- he choir and
string band.
diaries I. Wallace. Formerly of
DraXoti, I'asser, Away at Newport
I teach. Ciil., Yesterday.
Officers were Installed at the regu
lar meeting of the .Sons of Veteran*
held Sunday night. They were 'I'. K.
Barber, commander B. H. Preston.
vlcfc commander: H. E. Sncord, junior ill. Wallace, of Drayton.
vice commander: A- S. Ue. treasurer: Dot-eased was well known in Xortli
W, T. I-*e. secretary. Dakota. When the Spanish-American
'war broke out, lie enlisted with Co iJ
Glacier on R«crrs Avenue. «.f the Fourteenth Minnesota regi
A broken water pipe in front of theinient. a.nd, on August l:i, 180$, parti
residence of O. A. Bancs ..u Keeves ..-ipated in the buttle of Manila,
avenue has caused a small but stead- ,V.1S
ily growing giacw to torm the varsity. While at Hamline he
street at the point. lie water has
been flowing since Sunday morning.
snuluat,. of
ThitS an i*rii
an infant, liypermesis gravidarum be-!
.. ,, inp the cause of her death.
Auction sale. she is survived by her husband.!
.Tuesday. March 3rd, at. one o'clock Hans Aakerson, who is a painter bvjUow Do Your Measurements Compare
rtiarp. at my farm one mile north or trade: the new born infant, and her! With Those of Apollo?
Pare"* who reside at Fosston. Minn. For some thousands of years tho
"be body will be sent to Fosston name Venus has stood for the perfect
Center Will Be in Charge.
O. D. Center of this city will be in
charge of one day's program of the
Steel county farmers' short course, I
which will be held at Finley this
week. Mr. Center will handle the
work Friday. Several other county
agents of the state will have charge
of tho other days of the course. ton Myron Omlie, Grafton Charles
Tntwestine Address.
Harry Wells, head of the university
y. M. C. A., was the speaker at the
men's mass meeting at the city or
ganization yesterday afternoon.
"Things in Common" was the subject
of his address. He emphasized the
necessity of all men standing on com
mon ground in helping other,".
Drayton: A. W. Kainess, Larimore P.
.T. Enfson, MayviHc O. G. Vikar, Bot.
I tineau J. M. Hanley. Mandan Karl S.
_^ Hjort. Hillsboro J. J. McCanna, Can-
I do: W. M. Ball. Fargo R. B. Murphy,
Michigan: R. O. Smith. Fargo W. E.
Budneg, Hampden W. J. Brust. Far
I go: M. McBride, Cwnabrock
Odegard, Northwood.
John Caton. Fargo: Ben James, *^ecJc
Towner: John McDonald. Itay: Henry I „J1S.
K' lm. Reynolds Thomas Brysori, „.'ust
Wilcox. Kempt on M. J. Cowley.
Devils I^ake Lynn Stambaugh, Fargo.
A light Without Matches.
Hemovfl a spark plug and lay it on
the engine with wire connected. A
small piece of waste soaked in gaso-
Then ask your Bank what it has saved since it
began business.
This Bank has a surplus of $80,000.00 represent
ing savings put back into the business for the benefit
of our customers.
Capital and surplus show the strength of a Bank.
But one Bank in the state has capital and surplus
equal to ours.
Capital and Surplus $280,000.00
Senator (George K. Chamberlain.
Word reached the city today of the his constituents he had not kept his
was a
of tho football team and
three successive years played against
.Mrs. Selma Aakerson Passed Away
This Morning—Funeral to Be
Ifeld Tuesday at Fosston.
'nch, the width uts to the Boulevard avenue, died at her home
Selma Aakerson, aged 20. 1119
"'is moruing, following the birth of 11' eetham
Oregon, a d^nocrat hf^.n an ae
tivo 11^'nl in the uppor house against, station h-is bom
I'lf^iiloni Wilson's policy with regard
to J^anania canal tolls. Chamberlain ,i0ITU)nsirauon
death yesterday ,u Newport Beach, platform pledges on the toll question, instrument*
..f .1,a lies 11. Wallace, a brother -because the president of the United ~-P8
Tuesday morning, and tile funeral type of beauty of womanly figure. Ar
serviees will be held there the sameitists have raved over the perfection
compared with her, the expression
that a. woman "rivals Venus herself'
has come to mean that she approaches
the pinnacle of loveliness, but until a
Chicago 'tailor measured a statue ot
the goddess in the Art Institute no one
FREDKHICK—-Victor Cbtaw. Graf- werVTm-e tXyf*
The measurements of the famous
marble representations of the goddess
of beauty and love—such as the Venus
of Milo and the Venus di Medici—have
been published from time to time, but
until Chicago showed its characteristic
Milton Willson, Fargo P. McEwen
Woods Arviila: C. G. Campbell. Fur
go H. l'lack. Larimore: H. (5.
$kringer, MayviUe AV. 12. Fickley,
Minto Fred Dars, Grafton Matt Bur
Sett, Orr P. P. Engh, McCanna E. R,
Hogg, Michigan T. Larson, Minot
e^ter, ,I'iT
no one
J. G.
line placed close to the sparking (Tier in the Art Institute gave the. fol
ljoints will ignite when the engine is lowing results:
turned over. I Neck j6
k"ew whj"si^°
AVIN,,™- !sl,e would wear. Now. after looking
at tho rigures the tailor recorded on
his card one may judge whether or
not any of our modern women ap
proach the ancient ideal of beauty.
fv.irtmore F. S. Henry, Valley City •"Vs
K. v. Cooper, Kargti John Carmody, i?l ^t ^rz
Bismarck J. M. Anderson, Fargo: A
W. Burke, Bathgate: L. K. Bright'oill,
Cando W. .T. Railey. Inkster TA A.
T..arson, Wales George Chaffee, Devils
I Ijake: C. H. Doyon, Doyon W. AV.
The modern ideal woman should wear
a dress made with the accompanying
measurements if she is to wear the
same size dress that would clothe
comfortably the Venus di Medici.
The tailor's measurements of the
statue—which, of course, do not agree
with tho measurements of the dress
DACOTAH—George Kuutson, Far
go: Otto Hoffs, Schafer J. S. Gestson,
Crystal: .T. E. Eastgate, 3..trimore F. ,, ,.
I(, Tavlnr, Garrisoni c. A rotfrson 1 the liitlftr follow the lin6S of
Mlnot C. Stoughton, Devils l^ake 'L?C
Karment.s—are as follows
I Upper arm ....
Lower arm ....
This statue is
height. Just as Venn :', has been a.
standard by which perfection of form
iu woman has been measured, just so
Appolo for ages has represented the
ideal male form. The tailor's meas
urements of the_Apollo Choiseul Gou-
five feet one inch in
Chest .t2
Waist 84
Icalf JO 1,4
I Ankle loij.
I'ppcr arm
Wrist 91,1
The Appolo is six feet two inches In
height.. The measurements for a suit
that would be worn by Apollo if the
I ancient god were to come to life again
may be seen in tho accompanying
These, then, are the measurements
ot the ideals, of the Greek sculptors. A
modern person whose tailor's card
I shows figures resembling those on this!
page may feel sure that he or she ap
priaches the ancient ideal.—Chicago
Don't Talk While Driving.
Do not talk, try to hug a passenged,
or steel with one hand, while running
fast. My experience tells nie that it
is dangerous.
Storage Battery IDs.
The boxe3 made of wood which en
close storage cells will not last long
if the battery fluid continually mols
tens the sides and bottom from-leaks
or stoppage.'
Your fpsre Dollars
Invested In stock of Tile timid
Forts Building A
will earn a good income, and
will serve as a reserve fund
which can be used at any time.
28th series of stock now avail
able for subscription..
This stock has never earned
leas than six per cent. Full
particulars at
Secretary's Office
41« DcMm Ave.
Taylor Will Communicate
With Bay City, Wis., and
St. Louis, Mo.
"Wireless cliuts with .stations at Bay
City, Michigan, and St- Louis, Mo.,
will be carried on late, this evening by
Dr. A. II. Taylor, head of the station
at the state university. He lias made
dates with the operators at these two
points and does not expect any trou
ble in setting into communication
with them. The man at Bay City is a
Marconi operator and has a first class
.station. The conversations this even
ing will be a continuance of tests for
the purpose of securing certain data,
as to wave lengths, etc..
Dr. Taylor will .uive an informal
talk this evening to the Presbyterian
I Brotherhood at the church parlors be
t°re communicating with tho other
chimhwiiin operators. His discussions at the
senate a few days ago he declared ho etrument it th?i'n t»! u«\'tit
not -stulify" himself by telllnR send seve?«l .w n®,A'"
of Mrs. II. ,\|. vVheeler of tins city. States docs not agree with me." T_ Tavlnr hoc IL SJSSi .j
Mr. Wallace was a son of the late J
J"s1- ^ce'ved word
from Chicago to the effect that sever
al stations in that city have picked up
his messages on several different oc
casions, One operator in the "Windy
Will Discuss Commission Form of
Government at Commercial Club
Tile commission form of govern
ment will be discussed at the special
the North Dakota university eleven. Commercial"club dinner," which" wili
is survived by a wife and dou&h- i,e given tomorrow night. Next Mon
day Grand Forks citizens are to vote
on the question of whether or not this
form of government shall be adopted
for the city.
At the request of ten represents
tiev members of the club a special
dinner was arranged for tomorrow
evening, at which time every pha^e of
the question could be discussed.
The speakers will be H, G. Lykken,
W. P. Davies, J. M. Gillette, George
A. Bangs, H. A. Bronson and F. B.
rr Tivif*n n' the church
At 4:30 o'clock next Friday after
noon he will speak in the auditorium
of Woodworth hall, before the stu
dents of the institution. His subject
at. that time will be "Some Theories
of her lines and measurements, fam- of World Evolution." Saturday morn
ous beauties of all periods have been ing lie will be the speaker at convoca-
tion in the gymnasium. He'will speak
on "Contributions of Astronomv to
AVhile at the university Dr. Mac
Lean will be entertained at the home
of Prof. E. F.- Chandler, head of the
mathematics department.
-i .. jw
iu. cSo?geCPer- ii
xnlal^f ihn u'nriHn^
City" says that he overheard the Uni
versity of North Dakota station com
municating "with St. Louis very dis
tinctly. Several amateurs in various
places have also written Dr. Taylor
about overhearing his messages. Ow.
ing to the fact that their sending pow
er is not strong enough to answer the
messages, these operators are com
pelled to reply by mail.
Dr. J. A. MactLeMi, Head of Depart
ment of Mathematics and Astron
omy Speaks Here,
Dr. J. A. MacLean, head of the de
partment of mathematics and astron
omy at the University of Manitoba,
will arrive in this city next Thursday
noon to deliver two lectures at the
University of North Dakota. Dr. Mac
Lean will come here as the second
exchange lecturer from the Can
adian institution this year.
fx?:,'. -,$*
Mrs. Antic Bkroland, Popular Young
Resident ot Tliat Place. Suc
cumbs to Tuberculosis,
After an illness of three years, Mrs.
Anne Kiceland. one of the well known
young people of Bygland, died at Chat
place, yesterday afternoon. Tubercu
losis, which she contracted shoTtly
after her marriage three years ago,
was the cause of death.
Besides her husband, Mrs. Rice
land is mourned by,'her mother, Mrs.
M. Johnson, who lives near Bygland,
two sisters, Mrs. j. C. Knutson and
Mrs. E. Rushfeldt of Grand Forks,
and a brother, Tom Johnson of Grand
Forks. The funeral will be held to
Services Postponed.
Owing to the fact that several mi
nor matters had not been attended
to, it was impossible re-dedlcate the
Mendenhall Presbyterian church yes
terday. The services will be held next
Xew Organization.
H. Hauter, of the-agricultural de
partment of the local school, returned
Saturday night from Crookston, Where
he attended a meeting of the agricul
tural instructors of Northwestern
Ws Speaker (left and Sam Crawford,
It would seem that Joe Tinker's
many cablegrams to the world-tour
ing Giants and White Sox have not
been without their cffcct. Of all the
globe trotter* perhaps the only two
that interest the Feds arc Tris
Speaker and Sam Crawford. And
these latter have, not been without a
gentle-phrased and enticing wire for
Home few days. A shower of mes
sages descend upon them every time
they turn around. The Feds are
showing great. determination in try
ing to sign them up.
Which state of affairs seems to
have fretted the big league officials.
Recently, for instance, Jimmy Calla
han, White Sox'manager, was com
missioned bv the Boston club to se
cure Tris Speaker's signature. Cal
lahan hits denied this, but none the
less there is Speaker's word that he
will sign no contracts till he is safely
landed in these U. S. and is able to
give the situation. the once over.
"Wait till you-, have seen us," Joe
Tinker has crted -to him, via high
priced cable. "I'We have just about
doubled ball players' salaries." And
Speaker to his .teammates has ob
served "I'll waif till 1 get home aid
give the Fe1s a ehance. I'm sure I'd
be foolish if I didn t.'i'
There are those who suggest
meaningly that This Is merely stalling
for the general effect Just to prpd
his present employers a bit and fatten
his envelope next season.
Most of. the. world-touring players
regard the federal league as a good
sized wheeze and'seem to class It with
the organizatiop /ttyat ..tied to stait
up a season or two, ago under the
direction of a/teeft*lh Mr. -Fletcher,
They have beid
away fronts tho
i.W .... TT
American penny press and perhaps
don't realize their indebtedness to the
new circuit in fattening the salaries
of ball players at large. Which same
the Feds at least have done,
Jimmy Callahan and Jawn Mc
Graw refuse absolutely to take -Che
Federal league.- seriously. '. "Tll^y
haven't shown a very warm affection
for me." say» Cal. "or they would
have tiaken Ping Bodte off 'my
hands.'.' -Says McGraw: "If there's
a player on my team bone-headed
enough to sign with- -the Federal*
should be glad to get rid' of him."
"However, all of the baseball/ vet
erans of the two Yearns, including
both Cal and. Muggsy, agree that thfe
new league will do more good titan
harm by arousing interest and com
petition in our national distraction.
Regarding the possible iMgnlng. of
Speaker by the Fed? there is ano^er
aspect. A number of American
league owners and managers would
be more than thankful should' Stfch
come to pass. Charlie Somers, Cleve
land Nap owner, for One declaree that
he hopes to see Tris join the Feds.
'My pitching staff at pres^nt has a few
large. uhpleasant apertures In It,"
points out Somers. "Just supposing
the Feds grab Speaker and a ttw oth
er hard-hitting American leagufers.
Would I mope and pine? Very little.
If any."
If, Speaker decides to make the hop,
Sam Crawford' and•» Mickey Doojan,
the Phillfe shortstop, will no doubt
follow him. They' have both expressed
a determination to abide by the 4udg-
tnearand Wisdom of, the»r.'W«»d. A«d
if the Federal proposition looks good
to Tris it wilt, probably mean" that
the other two' will make
itfe him.
_V '.
the change
Commencing Tuesday Morning at Nine O'clock
In purchasing spring goods we found several very attractive items, the big draw back to which
their short yardage. The prices were so low that wc purchased a large Quantity and have mado
was their short yardage. The prices were so low that wc purchased a large quantity and have mado
them up into remnants at remnant prices. No piece is less than yard and some run as high as 5
Bargain Basement
•The Ontario Store1
East Grand Forks
Minnesota schools. The instructors or
ganized in December for mutual ben
efit, and the Crookston meeting was
the first since then.
Goes to St. Paul.
L. b. Mobeck, one of the prominent
railroad men of the city, hp.s gone to
St. Paul where he will attend to busi
ness matters.
Visiting Here.
J. H. Hiler, a former resident of
The Electric Brand 1
A List of Superior Special Features
In addition fine even material In selected patterns the
Electric brand possesses these special featuresv-the deep
hem extra wide over the hips center back seam tf skirt re
inforced by Bhrunk tape to prevent sagging comfortable,
roomy arm holes nne, even stitching with strong thread
double welt shoulder seims well made button holes, 16
stitches to hold each "button clean sanitary factory The de
signs are. novel and useful. The best selections are ito be had
now. Second floor.
Dress Shown in Gut
Yardage and price Is marked on every piece. Red Seal ginghams white and colored lawns
muslins calicos new cloth eden cloth and others are on sale. Come early and get the best pick'.
Deposit Before the 5th.
Get Interest From the 1st
Others From $1.00 to $2.25
this city, arrived in the city Saturday
evening from Erskine. He will spend
several days here visiting his son, £.
15. Hiler, and attending to busniess
Return From Meeting-
C. is. Fiers, Hiram Danger
Stephen Zipoy and Alvin Mobeck re
turned last night from Bemidji, where
they attended a special boys' confer
ence. They represented the local Men
denhall Presbyterian Sunday school-
Tn our Savings Department all deposits
made on or before the- 6th of each and every
entitled to interest from the 1st.
You do not need to wait for Quarterly In
terest Periods.
If you are not now one of our Savings
Depositors, come In and let us explain our
Savings plan, which we believe is the most
liberal in operation.
Northern St^te Bank
A Real Estate Bargain
Five Lots for $250
Only $50 a Lot
In the south end near the river and within three
blocks of Reeves Avenue, we have five lots—25x
140 ft.—that, we will sell for $50 each—$250 for the
These are wood lots and something that will make
a good location for a home with plenty of ground.
Wc will sell these lots on terms to suit. Look them
over and we are sure you will agree with us that,
they are well worth the money. "y
Real Eatite Department
E. J. Lander & Col
Grand Forks. N. D.
|H Automobilists S
Every Auto Trail Into Grand
Forks Centers at the
Headquarters For Auto Show
S- ^Visitors, March
3,4, i5, 6

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