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i Treat Your Grain
Before you do your fall sowing with
our 4o per cent full strength
Insures against smut. One pound
makes 45 gallons of solution
Glasgow Drug Co.
W. Shanley, Pres. C. H. Ackermann, Mgr.
Bar™ ggggSS 88388
Touring Cars $440.00
Roadsters $390.00
Sam Grossman
Glasgow, Mont.
J. L. Truscott
Dry Goods,
Harvester Co.,
Gas Traction
Everything In Merchandise
Glasgow, Montana
Film Flickers
Sense and Non-Sense About the
Plays and Pia ç er s
And the end seat hog is still with
Dustin Farnum and William Far
num are brothers. 4
Yep—Mary Pickford is married, and
has been for some time.
Butte is to have a new motion pic
ture house costing $65,000.
Madison Square Garden has the
longest "throw" of any picture hoUse
in the world* 300 feet.
Francis X. Bushman has left the Es
sanay Company and will play leads
for the Metro Company.
Also the fair young thng that sits
behind you and insists on telling her
friend what is coming next.
And now there is a new dance "The
Charlie Chaplin Walk". Imagine a
floor full of people walking like Char
Anita King, the "Paramount Girl"
is making an auto trip from Los An
geles to New York driving her own
An unexperienced girl has one
one chance in 96437582 to secure a
position with a moving picture com
Vitagraph, Lubin, Selig and Essan
ay companies have recently formed a
combination to make and release fea
ture pictures.
Blanche Sweet, who recently ap
peared in the "Warrens of Virgniia"
will be seen again soon in "The Cap
tive" a Lasky production.
Alice Joyce and her husband Tom
Moore have both resigned from the
Kalem Company and at present are
enjoying a well earned rest.
A company has been formed recent
ly to control a string of motion pic
ture houses in which the price of ad
mission will range from 50 cents to
Local show goers will soon have the
opportunity of seeing the $50,000 pro
duction Neptune's Daughter featuring
Annetta Kellerman "The Perfect
"The Birth of a Nation" the Grif
fith Film Classic has run for 7 months
at the Liberty Theatre in New York
and is still showing to crowded hous
es every night.
The latest Chaplin comedy release
"The Bank" is said to contain a real
plot, and a big surprise finish. It's a
safe bet that Charlie is there at the
finish alright.
Dustin Farniim, that popular actor
who made such a hit in "The Vir
ginian" will be seen again soon in
"Captain Courtesy", a five reel Bos
worth production.
Thos. H. Ince, who produced "The
Italian" featuring George Beban has
just finished an eight reel photo-dra
ma entitled "The Alien" also featur
ing that well known star.
They say that "there is a sucker
bom every minute," there must be
from the number of so-called motion
picture producing companies that are
being formed now-a-days.
Honest, did you ever know a girl
any where between 16 and 60 that
didn't really think that she could make
Mary Pickford and Marguerite Clark
look like thirty cents if she was only
given the chance.
It is getting harder and harder for
the "innocent bystander." Not only
does he get a brick in the neck when
he tries to stop a street fight, but
learns a minute later that he whole
thing is a scene in a moving picture
There are only two roads we may tra
vel, I say,
You must go One of them, there's no
othér way,
Thè millions of people, where'er they
may roarft,
Are entoute to the Movies or on their
way holme.
"May Blossoms" one of the greatest
dramatic s occ e s e e s written by David
Belasco, which broke all records of
endurance at the time of its original
stâge presentation, has been converted
to the screen by the Famous Player
Company and will soon be shown on
the Paramount Program.
Imagine a poor milk man, used to
getting up at three o'clock in the
morning to deliver bottles of milk
at the doors of more fortunate per
sons, all of a sudden finding that he
is a Duke with Twenty Million Dol
lars. This is the character Victor
Moore plays in "Snobs" the latest
Lasky release which will be seen here
soon. 1
"The Spanish Jade" the five reel
photo play recently completed by the
Fiction Pictures and released through
the Paramount Company has some
unusual beautiful settings. The sub
ject of the picture makes necessary
buildings of a Spanish type of Archi
tecture. While the picture was tak •
en in that part of California where an
occasional building of the old Span
ish missions still stand, the greater
part of the buildings, the beautiful
arch out side of the inn and some of
the out side land marks were all con
structed exclusively for this produc
tion. This was accomplished at a
great expense, and is in keeping with
the excellent character and quality
of the production from first to last.
"The Commanding Officer" under
"False Colors" sold "The Goose Girl"
to "The Man from Mexico" for "His
Last Dollar" so that "David Harum",
"The Circus Man" could ride "In the
Bishop's Carriage" with "The Dancing
Girl" along the "Straight Road" to
repay "The Call of the North" "After
Five" and found "Captain Courtesy"
"A Gentleman of Leisure" with all
"The Morals of Marcus" had eloped
with "Mistress Nell" to the "Valley
of the Moon" to look for the "Ring
and the Man" but it is "No Laughing
Matter" to have "The Caprices of Kit
ty" shatter a "Bachelor's Romance'
but he afterwards met "The Woman"
"A Country Mouse" with "The Mil
lion" "Behind the Scenes" who was
"One of our Girls" and after they
had called on "The Parson" they trav
eled along the "Love Route" and lived
happily ever after.
Ginger Snaps
Gut how can a nation that has a
Roosevelt be called unprepared for
The Russians now seem to be in
for a series of games on the home
Unhappy Poland has no cyclone cel
lar in which to await the passing of
the Storm.
Roumania and Bulgaria are having
a pretty hard time trying to pick the
under dog.
Trip to Market Ends at Altar-Head
line. Nevertheless it will have to be
The main trouble with Russia ap
pears to be that it has no "stand
ing" army.
Haiti has selected a new president,
the last president's week being up on
Neutrality—listening to the abuse
of the United States and not critiizing
any foreign country.
What complicated the Mexican
problem is that it is a case of every
Mexican for himself.
If this country should have spanked
Mexico the exercise might be good
for Uncle Sam's arms.
Write on the credit side of the war
ledger, an increased knowledge of the
proper care of wounds.
Chicago needs a local edition of the
Plattsburg Plan, in which respect Chi
cago is not at all unique.
If people had to pay for their wars
before they fought them there would
be a reign of universal peace.
Despite the season's bad weather,
baseball fans have manifested no
male enthusiasm for billards.
Although the European situation
may be more ominous, the Mexican
situation is more exasperating.
As a measure of preparation for
modern war we have the largest ar
my of expert mechanics in the world.
In his efforts to keep Germans out
of American munition-factories the
Kaiser will receive the earnest coop
eration of every manufacturer in the
Women of the future will be taller
and darker, says a scientist and the
chubby blondes are prepared to assert
that he knows nothing whatever about
The Chicago manicure who sues for
$25,000 for breach of promise of mar
riage evidently thinks she holds a
good hand.
Wit weathet te said to hare ruin
ed the corn in the low lAhds but corn
is a hardy American plant that -has •
Way of coming back.
Missouri is to celebrate September 1
as "Tried chicken day" again mani
festing a willingness to show as well
as demanding to be shown.
Consider how much more graceful a
woman looks when photographed hold
ing a bow and arrow than she docs
when photographed in the act of swat
ting a golf pill.
If You Come
To Us—
for your new Autumn
and Winter Suit or
Overcoat, you'll get clothes that are
designed, cut and tailored from your
own personal measurements — not
clothes 4 ' made - for-nobody- in - partic
ular *W"pulled-from-the-pile" by the
ready-made salesman, but made to
fit you by
Ed. V Price & Co.
Largett tailor s in the world of
GOOD made -to- order clothe»
They tailor your clothes right in
the first place and that's always best
(ße measured Today
The Nifty Tailor Shop
Glasgow, - Montana
Ordinary Horse Sense {
Tells you that if you want to make a quick trip to
get a motor car and then just Ordinary Common
Sense tells you that you should get it at the most
reliable Livery. Our cars are all high grade and
equipped with the very best tires. The chances for
delay, therefore, are very slight.
Telephone Garage 54 - Uptown Office 82
222 Second Ave. South
Place Yoar
In the Old, Time Tried, Hùit Teeted
Waseca Company
"Better he eafe than eetrf
Milk River Valley Bank

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