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Local Brevities
Newa in
and About
Mrs. Billie Davis of Scobey was Mrs. Bruce Woods of Bainville spent
here the fore part of the week visit- a few days here the latter part of
ing her sister, Mrs. George Alsop. last week visiting friends.
The Element
of Safety
in making investments is always of supreme
The safety of our Certificates of Deposit is
assured through our recognized financial
In addition they net a reasonable interest re
turn, and are quickly convertible into cash,
should occasion demand.
They represent a form of investment de
servedly popular among conservative people
More detailed information furnished upon
The Glasgow National Bank
From the first washing of the face with a
pure wholesome skin preserving soap to the
final dusting with a nice talcum or face
powder. Complete complexions are at your
option. It is only a question of buying the
best toilet supplies from the best of drug
stores and at the fairest of prices.
Hall Drug Co.
On and after April 15th we will buy your
cream in any quantity at any time and will
pay you the highest market price for same.
Bring your cream to us instead of shipping
it and receive cash for same.
The last payment on FOURTH LIBERTY
LOAN is due and payable January 30,1919.
Interest due according to the government
plan of payment is 37c for each $50.00
Twenty-seven Years on Front Street
Glasgbw, Montana
Glasgow, Montana
The Log House, insurance and real
estate. Orval E. Mason, Mgr.
S. E. Feezell was down from Baylor
Adolf Hauge was here from Wolf
Point Tuesday.
Zeland Jones of Tande- was in the
city Wednesday.
Joe Whetstone was down from Op
heim Wednesday.
C. D. Arnot was in the eitv from
his ranch Tuesday.
John Linderman was down from
Glentana yesterday.
Mrs. Ed Byrum was in the city from
Lismas yesterday.
T. O. Hammond of Helena was here :
on business yesterday. '
H. 0. Morgan of Glentana was here
on business yesterday. |
George E. Stratton was here from
Malta on business Tuesday.
John Allen of Helena transacted
business here Wednesday.
Harry Wright of Tampico transact
ed business here Monday.
J. R.Owings of Frazer transacted
business here Wednesday.
L. V. Lockwood came down from .
Helena yesterday morning.
Miss Helen Gunderson of Malta was
a Glasgow visitor yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kamla returned
to Scobey Tuesday morning.
Mayor Sampson of Nashua trans
acted business here yesterday.
J. P. Mclntyre was down from Great
Falls the fore part of the week.
State Game Warden Jake De Hart
was a Glasgow caller yesterday..
Mrs. Gertrude Scoville of Nashua
was a Glasgow visitor yesterday.
C. E. Peterson returned from
Boulder Springs yesterday morning.
Mrs. Joseph Carroll was down from
Glentana the fore part of the week.
Ed Locken was down from Baylor
on business the fore part of the
Alfred Lee, the Nashua hardware
merchant, was here on business yes
Noah Mann, editor of the Oswego
Reporter, was here on business yes
Do you want to sell your land? If
so list it with us now in time to have
it advertised in our new folder. Run
die Land & Abstract Co. 45-tf-c
Mrs. Spike Harvey is in receipt of
a cable stating that her husband has
sailed for home.
Miss Virginia Herlinger of Great
Falls is visiting her - sister, Mrs. H. W.
Magruder. ,
Fred Gerwin of Malta lost his life
last week as the result of drowning
in the Nelson reservoir.
Malta defeated Chinook in a fast
game of baseball played at Malta
last Sunday by a score of 7 to 6.
Is your house insured? If not, see
the Otto M. Christinson Land Co.. con
solidated with the Johnson Farm Loan
Co. 31-tf
Ben Johnson of Plenty wood, who
has recently been discharged from the
aviation corps, was here yesterday.
The annual children's day program
of the Methodist church will be given
at the church Sunday morning at 11
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fischl are re
joicing over the arrival of a son, born
at the Deaconess hospital yesterday
Better be safe than sorry. Insure
your property now with the Otto M.
Christinson Land Co., consolidated
with the Johnson Farm Loan Co. 31 tf
Sid Darst is here visiting his par
ents and will return to the coast in a
few days where he has a very' good
S. H. Orvis, proprietor of the Fail
store, is here on business from Chi
cago where he has made his home for
the past two years.
L. E. Jones and Wm. Curry motor
ed to Wolf Point Tuesday where Sec
retary Jones addressed a large meet
ing of the commercial club.
H. O. Baylor was down from Bay
lor today and while here came into
the Courier office and added his name
to our rapidly growing subscription
The Glasgow ball team trounced the
Nashua team in a one-sided game that
was played on the local diamond last
Friday afternoon, the score being 18
to 5.
Miss Ethel Lezie returned from
Bozeman Monday morning and will
visit here for a week before going to
Plentywood where she has accepted
a position.
Mrs. Jesse Leiben has received word
that her cousin, Lieut. C. F. Holmes,
died in Spokane recently. Lieut.
Holmes is well known in Glasgow, hav
ing traveled through this section of
the state for several years.
Classified Business Locals
Rates: One Cent a word for each insertion. Minimum charge, 25c. Name
and address count as part of ad. Forms close Thursday night.
WANTED—Position as housekeeper.
Apply at Miss McMillan's rooming
house, or write Box 164. G-3tpd
FOR SALE—One Ford car in good re
pair. Has been driven very little.
Call or write Courier office. 5-2t
FOR SALE—Good barrel cart, water
power washing machine, plain ex
tension table, and other furniture.
Cheap. At 218 North 2nd St., Glas
gow. 5-3t
RELINQUISHMENT of half section,
good prairie land, 18 acres broke,
small house and barn, good well, 40
acres fenced; four good young horses,
harness, sulky plow, wagon, tools, etc.,
for $1500. Inquire 387 Courier. 2-4tpd
PIANO FOR SALE—New Piano for
sale on easy payments. Inquire at
the Courier. 50tf
FOR RENT—Two modern houses, fui-
nished or unfurnished. Phone 190W
Livestock insured against death
from any cause. Log House. tf
George L. Nelson of Hinsdale was
in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. Otto Mela was a Glasgow vis
itor from Opheim yesterday.
Attorney V. R. Hall of Opheim was
in the city on professional business
The printing contract, for Sheridan
county was again awarded to the Plen
tywood Pioneer Press.
Mrs. Tom Tenesch left for Soap
Lake, Wash., this morning
State Engineer Archie Mahon was
here from Helena yesterday.
Rev. L. J. Christler of Havre was
the principal speaker at the gradua
tion exercises in Malta last week.
During the summer months we will
discontinue serving Seal Brand Coffee
each Saturday afternoon. —Lewis-We
dum Co. It
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Fischl came
down from Helena this morning for
a visit with relatives and friends.
Just received— A complet stock of
brief cases and portfolios in several
grades and sizes.—Glasgow Courier.
If you want to sell your land this
year, list with us now in time to have
it advertised in our new folder. Run
dle Land & Abstract Co. 45-tf-c
A large crew of men have started
work on the new grand stand and the
structure will be completed within
the next ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler of Brecken
ridge, Minn., were here the fore part
of the week visiting their daughter,
Mrs. George Alsop.
For sale or lease—Coleman Hotel
and Soft Drink parlors. For informa
tion address Leo B. Coleman, Glas
gow, Mont.
The second annual Roosevelt, Rich
land and Sheridan counties pure bred
live stock and horse show will be held
in Culbertson June 13 and 14.
Rev. R. H. Stone of the M. E.
church will hold services at the Bra
zil creek school house, 10 miles west
of Glasgow, Sunday, June 8th, at 2:30.
Glen Darst, who has recently been
mustered out of the service, is here
visiting his parents. Glen was study
ing music in Chicago when he enlist
A. S. Hanscom has resigned his po
sition as engineer for the city of Mal
ta, a position that he has held for
years and will engage in business for
himself. His many friends in Glas
gow wish him success in his new un
For sale <$r lease—Coleman Hotel
nad Soft Drink Parlors. For informa
tion address Leo B. Coleman, Glas
gow, Mont.
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ed. Judge Nott was away from home.
I Mrs. Nott, who was asleep on the sec
1 ond floor, was uninjured.
I William Roehner, a private watch
! man, vas blown to pieces, parts of
j his bqdy being found half a block
I from the explosion. He was identi
! fied by his two sons from particles
j of his clothing and a ring of keys.
For the last 10 years Boehner had
been employed as watchman for a
I number of private dwellings in the
neighborhood of Judge Nott's home.
Pittsburgh, June 3.—A cordon of
! policemen and detectives was thrown
j around Pittsburgh today in an effort
j to apprehend the perpetrators of two
, bomb explosions in different sections
of the city. The outrages were di
rected against United States District
(Judge W. II. S. Thompson and W. W.
I Sibray, chief inspector of the bureau
of immigration. No one was injured.
! A roundup of radicals was begun
by agents of the department of justice
and in a short time 15 men, mostly
Russians, had been arrested as sus
pects in the wrecking of five homes
here in the nationwide bomb outrage.
Robert Johnson, president of the I.
W. W. here and internationally known
as a radical, was arrested at I. W. W.
When detectives and federal agents
entered he opened fire with a revol
ver, several bullets passing through
the clothing of a detective.
Philadelphia, June 3.—Authorities
are investigating the bomb explosions
which late last night badly damaged
the rectory of a Catholic church and
the residence of a jeweler. Three per
sons were injured, one seriously. One
FOR TRADE—Equity in 320 acres
land 7 miles from Glasgow for good
auto or city property.—Log House.
plies from the Courier office. We
handle the best grades of carbons and
LOST—One door key, 2 padlock keys,
1 trunk key. and 6 dollai-s in hand
kerchief. Finder may keep the money
but kindly return keys to Courier of
fice. 1-Gtpd
LOST—Decoration day between north
side and Baptist church, silver
brooch. Finder leave at postoffice
and receive reward. 6-tf
season, 320 or <140 acres land under
the ditch, to pu up on shares. Address
or phone Everet W. McKeage, care of
L. C. Hanson, Vandalia, Mont. 37-tf
man has been arrested. The front
of the church was torn away and a
woman and a girl passing by were
injured. An aged woman 'was injur
ed when the interior of the jeweler's
house was wrecked.
The automobile used by the men who
bombed the Catholic church was found
early today abandoned i - Fairmou".t
park. The car had bes.i .stolen.
The police are searching; ''or clues
to the identity of the man who was
killed in exploding a bomb at the home
of Attorney General Palmer in Wash
Boston, June 3.—The police are con
vinced the explosions last night at the
home of Police Judge Alfred F. Hay
den in the Rixbury district and that
of State Representative Leland Pow
ers in Newtonville were" part of the
nationwide plot.
Pamphlets entitled "Plain Words"
were found scattered outside the Hay
den house and also in the wreckage.
Absence of the Hayden family pröb
ably saved their lives.
Cleveland, Ohio, June 3.—Police of
Cleveland, Columbus and other cities
today are searching for two men be
lieved to have planted a bomb at the
home o fMayor Harry L. Davis late
last night. No one was injured.
The bomb was planted under a cel
lar window, and the explosion was so
terrific that it tore out practically the
entire north side of the house. Win
dows in many houses for several
blocks were broken.
Mayor Davis was seated on the lawn
on the opposite side of the house with
his wife and several friends when the
explosion occurred.
State Topic s
Butte, Through cooperation of Ana
conda Copper Mining company four
excellent park sites secured. Public
golf links embraced in municipal play
ground plan.
Great future predicted for Montana
silver as result of lifting restrictions
on price and export. Silver mining
was once the principle industry of the
Can a political movement such as
the Nonpartisan league, based on ar
raying class hatred against capital,
succeed in our country?
Great Falls—Judith basin clips
bring 55 cents. Lambs ranging ] 10
per cent.
City improvement is subject at
Havre. To include public playground
and park.
Dillon—Paving and street lighting
contracts let.
Winter wheat loss lighter than ever
before in state. Crop ten per cent over
last year's.
Bainville—Large oil warehouse to
be erected here.
Land sales bring $300,000 to state
with buyers eager for Montana land.
Every western state is interested in
the better outlook for the lumber in
Helena—Anaconda Copper company
granted refund of excess railroad rate
on ore.
Bozeman—Work on bank and office
building to start soon.
Troy—Government plans construc
tion of 18 miles highway in upper
Yahk valley at cost of $70,000.
Billings—Montana Tractor company
to erect $05,000 structure here.
Many new school buildings to be
erected throughout state. One million
"V. <?
A Beautiful Dining Room
Is a mark of good taste and refinement. It is the hope and
ambition of every true home lover.
Good taste is not served so much by price as by proper sel
ection. Our years of experience in handling fine Furniture
---our knowledge of what is fit and appropriate will be found
a valuable assistance in making your selections.
C. E. Peterson & Company
Furniture and Undertaking
Universal Special Attraction—The Noted
Western Character
Harry Carey
A Fight for Love"
6 parts
Universal News Same Prices
Artcraft Special
Henry B. Walthall
"False Faces"
Also 2 reel L-Ko Comedy
Matinee Sunday, 3:00 15c, 30c; Box, 40c
Paramount Picture
Ethel Clayton
Maggie Pepper
2 reel Mack Sennett Comedy
Goldwyn Picture
Geraldine Farrar
"The Stronger Vow"
6 parts
Paramount Pictograph 15c, 30e, 40c, Inc. tax
dollars to be expended.
Hysham—-Treasurer county good
roads association formed here for the
purpose of continuing state highway
from Yellowstone to Rosebud county.
Deer Lodge—Inmates of state pen
itentiary here building chapel and as
sembly room. /
Every industry, large and small, is
interested in the constructive program
outlined at this time by congress. Re
peal of luxury tax and reconsideration
of general federal taxes will put new
spirit into business.
Kalispell—$125,000 contract for con
structing 35 miles of road in North
Fork valley from Coal Creek to Can
adian boundary let to Spokane firm.
Three Forks—Work commences on
construction of Madison dyke and
drainage system near here.
Scobey gets new school house.
Three Forks—Jefferson Valley
drain now assured fact. Will reclaim
nearly 5000 acres rich bottom land.
Livingston—Work on new $20,000
Park county fish hatchery started.
Great Falls to soon have a fish
hatchery to be built at Giant Springs.
This congress promises speedy and
affirmative action on oil and water
power measures which mean so much
toward increased development in west
ern states.
Great Falls—30,000 trout placed in
Beaver creek.
Great Falls—Making of national
play ground out of portion of forest
reserve on upper reaches of Sun Riv
er contemplated.
Great Falls—Corporation to be or
ganized to re-open woolen mill at Man
chester, 8 miles west of here.
Dillon—$20,000 organ to be install
ed in picture theatre here.
Whitefish—Great Northern railway
to build bridge 14 over Whitefish riv
Glasgow, Montana, June 6, 1919.
All registered warrants, School Dis
trict Numbered Five (5) are this day
called for payment, and cease to draw
interest on this date.
C. F. TURNER, Treasurer,
It Valley County.

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