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Outranked Only" by Great Britain—
Japan in Third Place and France
in Fourth.
Washington, D. C.—The rapid rise
of the United States as a naval pow
er during the past two years is graph
icaliy demonstrated in figures show
ing*the sea strength of the various
world powers, compiled by the navy
department's office of naval intelli
gence. They show that the United
States, close pressed by France in
1917,^or its place as third naval pow
er, is now second only to Great Brit
tain and is at present pushing to com
pletion a building program that will
make the American navy, for the first
time in recent history, a formidable
contender for first naval honors.
A little more than two years ago
the figures show, Germany, then sec
ond naval power, boasted more than
100 more ships of all classes than
the United States, with a total ton
nage exceeding that of the American
navy by nearly 200,000 tons. Tîreat
Britain's fleet at that time numbered
a total of 680 ships aggregating 2,
375,564 tons as compared with Ger
many's 262 ships and 1,068,240 tons
and thfe United States' 153 ships and
860,017 tons.
Today Germany, now in third place
among the naval powers, has a "pa
per" navy of 450 ships, of all types,
totaling 826,637 tons. These figures
do not include German vessels sur
rendered to the allies or Russia ves
sels in the hands of the Germans.
Regarded from the standpoint of fight
ing efficiency, as distinguished from
number of ships and tonnage, Ger
many is outclassed by both France
and Japan, her navy being composed
almost entirely of old and obsolete
vessels. The pride of Germany's sea
power is surrendered to the allies at
Scapa Flow, where many of them
were sunk by their officers and crews.
Japan, fifth naval power in 1917,
has passed France and Germany and
now ranks next to the United States
in fighting sea strength. The actual
standing of the naval powers of the
world today from the standpoint of
modern fighting strength according
to the navy department's figures, is
Great Britain, United States, Japan,
France, Germany, Russia and Italy.
The completion of all vessels now
building and projected will add 219 j
ships totaling 500.000 tons to the !
British navy as compared with 349 !
ships ar.çl 1.116,389 tons for the United
States, 24 ships and 167,200 tons for
Germany, according to the most au- !
thentic figures available at the navy !
department. j
As a result of the great torpedo '
boat destroyer building program car
ried out by the United States dur- !
ing the war the American navy now
includes more than 150 destroyers of
the fastest and latest type, with nearly
500 mot's building ol' contracted for.
«u » * ok „t a'
Great Britain owns about 425 of this,
type of vessel, many of them old
and. of little modern value, and hs«l
aWlt HO building o rauthorized.
, . . » , ,
many s destroyer force has been so
reduced as to make it a negligible
■factor. Japan has 40 modern destrpy
ers, according to best available fier
„voc .>„,1 u, „u„i on I i.
mes and has about 20 under construe
t' on '
Bozeman, Montana, August 20.—
Wheat rust which caused in Montana
an estimated loss of nearly three mil
lion bushels in 1916 is believed to
have been practically eleminated from
the state through the extermination
of the barberry which has been dem
instrated to be the source of this dis
ease in this climate. The work of
eradication has been carried on dur
ing the last two years in cooperation
between the Montana experiment sta
tion and the U. S. department of ag
riculture. The loss during the year
1916 is referred to, because the dis
ease is much worse in a normally
damp year and in general the years
1917, 1918 and 1919 have been abnor
mally dry, so that the loss from rust
has been considerably less than would
otherwise be the case. In 1916, hun
dreds of fields were so completely
ruined as to be not worth cutting.
Montana is the first state after
North Dakota to attack the barberry
nuisance vigorously and eliminate it.
The rust is a menace in all the states
from Michigan to Montana and south
to Kansas and the elimination of the
barberry is believed to be an effec
tive stop to the damage, but most
of these states have not completed
their eradication of the barberry.
Of course, it is not certain that ev
ery single specimen of the barberry
has been killed in Montana, but every
country road and every town street
have been gone over in the search
for specimens of the plant and any
report of rust, on however small a
scale will soon point to the remaining
plants and the eradication can be
made absolutely complete. At pres
ent, it is certain that no considerable
damage can again come to Montana
wheat from this source.
A Traveling Man's Experience.
You may learn something from the
following by W. H. Ireland, a travel
ing salesman of Louisville, Ky. "In
the summer of 1888 I had a severe at
tack of cholera morbus. I gave the
hotel porter fifty cents and told him
to buy me a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy and to
take no substitute. I took a double
dose of it according to the directions
and went to sleep. At five o 'clock the
next morning I was called by my or
der and took a train for my next stop
ping place, a well man." _
Great Falls, August 19. —William
Johnson, aged 44, was killed by a
falling burning tree while engaged
in fighting a forest fire in the Sun
river country this afternoon. John
son is a resideltt of Great Falls and
with a crew under the direction of for
est officials was engaged in fighting
a fire which has raged in the heavy
j timber about 50 miles from Gilman.
j " "
; Advocates of socialism are using
present situation to-try and secure
! hasty legislation which would deprive
American citizens of the right of pri
A Great Remedy.
The merits of Chamberlain's Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy are well known
and appreciated, bnt there is occas
jonally a man who had no acquaintance
vate ownership of property and the
opportunity for individual initiative
and development of industry.
with them and should read the follow
ing by F. H. Dear, a hotel man at
Dupuyer, Mont: "Four years ago I
used Chamberlain's Colic and Diar- j
rhoea Remedy with such wonderful re
suits that I have since recommended
it to my friends.
(Rurch Directory
I. O. O. F. Hall.
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Morning worship at 11 o'clock.
Services north of Frazer at 3:30 p.
t. A. N. Livdahl, Pastor.
Methodist Episcopal.
"The People's Church"
Sunday school will meet at 10 a. m.
We extend a cordial welcome to all
who are not in some other Sunday
school to join us in bible study.
Morning worship at 11 a. m. The
male quartet will sing. Sermon by
the pastor. This sermon will be the
last one in my ministry at Glasgow.
Any persons having children to be
baptized may bring them to this ser
vice and the saçraament will be ad
ministered. On Sunday, August 31,
St. Rev. J. R. Jefféry, formerly of
Harlowton will be in Glasgow and
preach and will thus enter upon his
ministry in this church.
There will not be a service on Sun
day evening as we give way to the
splendid program of the chautauqua
to which we urge all to attend,
R. H. Stone, Pastor.
Eyesight Specialist of Helena, who
examines your eyes by the most sci
entific methods and carries a complete
line of Ground Lens, all the latest
ideas in frames and mountings, will
be in Glasgow Friday and Saturday,
August 29 and 30, at the Shannon ho
tel. 15-4t
Department of the Interior United
States Land Office, Glasgow, Mon
tana> August 20 _ ' 1919 _ B
To Therese? Seyfert, of Glasgow, Mon
tana, Contestee:
11 . are hereby notified that Carl
IH. Preim, who gives Glasgow, Mon
^ ana> as bis postoffice address, did on
July 24, 1919, file in this pffice hi§
duly ÊôrrùtûVûtsd Spplicâtiôn to con
te st and secure the cancellation Of
your homestead Entry, Serial No.
Ö40753, made 8-5-16, for SE',iSE^4,
section 10; S^SW 1 ^, SWViSE 1 ^, sec
Buddies Will
Reunion of
Be Buddies Again During the State-wide
American Legion of Montana at State Fail
' « *
r v
, . ..* • • -':-v V -V <
1 ' VV- ' -v .
-v.. ;Y- : -é •.
Reminiscences of the service will be retold at Victory Exposition Stptember 8-13
Montana will celebrate the homo
coining of lier -HUKK) sons who offered
their lives for the safety of their Mate
and nation in the world conflict. It is
fitting that stich a celebration should
!>e held in recognition of their splendid
Vi ,
sen ces. and the Mctor Kxposuhm.
as this jeai s Monu na Mate I- an has
been designated will .proude the oeca
sion " I 11 us s a I w it i u union o
the soldiers, sailors and marines.
Ill honor of the returned soldiery
tlie directors of the State Fair have
set aside two days. September 9 and
10, as Veterans' Days; on which free
admission to the grounds will be ne
corded every man. in United States
uniform, of any brn.nch of the service.
They will be the honor guests, and ap
testant in person, proof of such ser
tion 11; N%NWy 4 , W^NEVi, section
14, township 23 N., range 35 E. Mon
tana meridian, and as grounds for his
contest he alleges that entrywvman
has wholly abandoned said land for
more than six months last past: that
said entrywoman has wholly failed to
establish residence upon said entry:
that said entry woman has wholly fail
ed to cultivate said entry; that said
abandonment and failurv to cultivate
is not due to on U'y woman's service in
the army, navy or marine ivrps of [he
United States or in the national guard
or naval militia of any state thereof
during the recent Mexican troubles
or during the existing war with Ger
many and her allies.
You are, therefore, further notified
that the said allegations will be ta
ken by this office as having been con
fessed by you, and your said enry will
be cancelled thereunder without your
further right to be heard therein, eith
er before this office or on appeal, if
you fail to file in this office, within
twenty days after the FOURTH pub
lication of this notice, as shown be
low, your answer under oath, specific
ally meeting and responding to these
allegations of contest, or if you fail
within that time to file in this office
due proof that you have served a copy
of your answer on the said contestant,
either in person or by registered mail.
If this service is made by the delivery
of a copy of your answer to the con
vice must be either the said contest
ant's written acknowledgment of his
receipt of the copy, showing the date
of its receipt, or the affidavit of the
person by whom the delivery was
made, stating when and where the
tered mail, proof of such service must
copy was delivered; if made by regis
consist of the affidavit of the person
by whom the copy was mailed, stat
ing when and the postoffice to which
it was mailed, and this affidavit must
be accompanied by the postmaster's
receipt of the letter.
You should state in your answer
the name of the postoffice to which
you desire future notices to be sent
to you.
E. C. HARGADINE, Receiver.
Date of first publication, August
22, 1919.
Date of second publication, August
29, 1919.
Date of third publication, Septem
ber 5, 1919.
Date of fourth publication, Septem
ber 12, 1919.
In the District. Court of the Seven
teenth Judicial District of the State
of Montana, in and for the County
of Valley.
Hattie Reddig,
Thomas Oscar Reddig,
The State of Montana to the above
named Defendant, Greeting:
You are hereby summoned to ans
wer the complaint in this action which
is filed in the office of the clerk of
this court, a copy of which is herewith
served upon you, and to file your ans
wer and serve a copy thereof upon
the plaintiff's attorneys within twenty
days after the service of this sum
mons, exclusive of the day of service;
and in case of your failure to appear
or answer, judgment will be taken
against you by default for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
This action is brought by the plain
tiff for the purpose of obtaining a di
vorce from you upon the ground of
willful neglect.
The complaint alleges the intermar
raige of plaintiff and yourself at
Carthage, Illinois, on or about March
25, 1914; that plaintiff resides in Mon
tana; that for more than the three
years last past you, by reason of your
idleness, have failed to provide for
plaintiff the common necessaries of
life; plaintiff also demands the exclu
sive care, custody and control of Clar
ice Opal Reddig, the issue of said mar
riage, apd asks for such other relief
as to the court may seem meet.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said court this 20th day of Aueust.
By M. A. Cutting, Deputy Clerk.
Slattery & Kline, Plaintiff's At
torneys. P. O., Glasgow, Montana.
Aug 22-29-Sept 5-12.
propriété programs will lie provided
for their édifient ion.
" v.Ill be a gala occasion for the
'»'.vs. who will have the opportunity
f '" n »<'r buddies and re
incidents .rf their
comradeship. It will he equally inter
wl ,., st ., y ,, (1 ,, u> Wil| . (U> . ;
,„ ir t, Ml . llt has consigned to the State
I- ;. i r innumerable war trophies from
tin. <i, . ,
i ne u. in lei tents, the working of which
may lie explained at length by veter
ans who employed these implements
in their task of winning the memorable j
j Among the war relics to be shown in
the exhibit, which will cover thousands'
space in one of the
1 of feet of floor
1 main exhibit balls, will be 37 milli-1
Notice is herehv jV'on that the
board of county comnn^ionors. ten
o'clock a. m. on tin St h day of Sop
in the court
mint y . Mon
ember, 1919, at thci
house in Glasgow, Y.-iH
tana, will hear
icmci, win near pnM* against the
creation of the herd district involving
the property hereiiiWlow described
and will verify the >i'.'.natures to the
petition for its ere <•:>• The boun
daries of the prop, -"i herd district,
as stated in the i» t i:ien, are as fol
Beginning at a pei:it whore the east
line of township north, range 45
east, meets the international bound
ary line between tin : 'to of Montana
and the Dominion • ■ Canada; thence
south along the east line of township
37 north, range 45 K. M. M. to the
southeast corner of aid township;
thence west along the south line of
said township 37 north, range 45 E.
M. M. to the southwest corner of said
township; thence north along the west
line of said township N., range 45
E. M. M., to the southwest corner of
section 18 in said township; thence
west 6 miles to the southwest corner
of section 18, in township 37 N„ range
44 E. M. M.; thence north along the
west line of said township à7 N., range
44 E. M. M. to a point where the
west line of said township touches the
international boundary line between
the state of Montana and the Domin
ion of Canada; thence east along said
international boundry line to the point
of beginning,
Be organized into a herd district as
provided in senate bill No. 33 of the
laws of Montana of 1919, and that
livestock be prohibited from running
at large within the proposed herd dis
trict from the 15th of May to the 15th
of November, both inclusive of each
year, until said district is changed or
abolished as provided by law.
Chairman of Board of County Commis
Attest: C. W. Kampfer, Clerk.
Aug. 8-15-22-29
Montana Loan & Abstract Company,
a Corporation,
Sarah Shobbrook, Charles H. Shob
brook, S. H. Hale, Spokane-Wyom
ing Oil and Gas Company, a Corpo
ration; First National Bank of Saco,
Montana, a Corporation; First tSate
Bank of Kremlin, Montana, a Cor
To be sold pt sheriff's sale at the
front (north) door of the court house,
in Glasgow, Valley county, Montana,
on the 30th day of August, 1919, at
two o'clock p. m., the following de
scribed property, to-wit:
Northwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of section twenty-five, town
ship thirty-two, north of range thirty
four, East Montana Meridian, accord
ing to the official plat of the survey
of the said land returned to the Gen
eral land office by the surveyor-gen
C. W. POWELL, Sheriff,
By H. H. Seeley.
Aug. 8-15-22.
In the District Court of the Seven
teenth Judicial District of the State
of Montana, in and for the county
of Valley.
John W. Shelby,
Hilda A. Michael, formerly Hilda A.
Nelson; Fred Heising, Farmers
State Bank of Glentçna, a corpora
tion; Hellekson Lumber Co., a cor
poration; Pioneer State Bank of
Glentana, a corporation; John
Schulte, and August E. Michael,
To be sold at Sheriff's Sale on the
23rd day of August, A. D. 1919, at the
hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon of
said day, at the front door of the
Court House in Glasgow, Montana, in
Valley county, the following describ
ed real estate, situate in Valley coun
ty, Montana, to-wit:
The west half of the east half
motor field guns and mounts, 3-lneV
trem'i moriar. Browning uiachim
guns of light and heavy types. Murin
aircraft guns, Springfield rifles, mode
Springtield rifles, model 11(17
sawed off shotguns, trench helmets
dummy hand and rifle grenades, dro]
,, on,and proie.-lih s of various types.
m |,j !ti „ n tll lhc > list mentioned,
all of which are from the ordnance de
partition!, articles of equipment from
,• ,i ,i,. t »,irnn,.iit
the air service, medical oe.uui tiueiu.
engineer corps, signal corps and quar
termaster corps, will also be shown,
This government exhibit will alsc
Include a long list of equipment and
weapons captured from the enemy, the
surrender of which was assisted in by
many of the Montana boys who will be
the State Fair.
in attendai
We Announce
an attractive showing of Early
Fall Pattern Hats
for women
Other late arrivals are Tricolette,
Paulette and Silk Poplin
Skirts and Dresses
an exceptionally smart
showing of Neck
wear for women
Lewis-Wedum Co.
Department Store
(WVèE'/è), the southeast quarter
(SE'/i) of the southwest quarter
(SW^i) and the southeast quarter of
the southeast quarter (SE^SE 1 ^) of
section twenty-nine (29), and the
southwest quarter (SW ! 4) of the
southwest quarter (SW 1 ^) of section
twenty-eight (Sec. 28), and the north
west quarter of the northwest quar
ter (NW^dNW 1 ^) of section thirty
three (Sec. 33) in township thirty-six
(36) north of range forty-two (42)
east of the Montana meridian.
C. W. POWELL. Sheriff.
Onstad & Greer, Attorneys for Plain
tiff, Plentywood, Montana.
Aug 1-8-15-22
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of a certain resolution duly
adopted by the Board of Trustees of
School District No. 12 of Valley coun
ty, state of Montana, at a special
meeting of said board held on the 23rd
day of July, A. D. 1919, authorizing
the issuance of the coupon bonds here
inafter described, the said Trustees
will on the 28th day of August A. D.,
1919, at three o'clock p. m. at the of
fice of the County Superintendent of
Schools, in the city of Glasgow, coun
ty of Valley, state of Montana, sell
to the highest and best bidder for
cash nine coupon bonds numbered
from one to nine inclusive, of the par
value of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars
($250.00) each, aggregating the sum
Agent in
Valley and
Counties for
Built For The Man
Who Wants Good
m— w m DRUM ^
«iMA* Wt4H
- - :
/-a: .
- / V '
of Two Thousand Two Hundred Fifty
Dollars ($2,250.00) bearing interest at
a rate not to exceed 6 per cent per an
ium, payable semi-annually, said bonds
being payable in twenty years and re
deemable in ten years, and issued for
the purpose of purchasing a school
site and building a school house there
on and for furnishing the same.
The said bonds will not be sold for
less than their par value, and the
Board of Trustees reserve the right to
reject any and all bids, and to sell
the said bonds at either public or pri
vate sale. All bids other than by or
on behalf of State Board of Land
Commissioners must be accompanied
by a certified check in the sum of
One Hundred Dollars, payable to the
order of the undersigned clerk, which
will be forfeited by the successful bid
I Don't Throw Away Those Old T ires I
s I &
I Bring them in and let us make f
I them over for you. A half soled 1
I tire will give you many thous- |
1 ands of miles of extra service. I
Glasgow Vulcanizing Company
Next Door to Postoffice
der in the event he shall refuse to
purchase the said bonds.
All bids shall be addressed to the
undersigned clerk of said school dis
trict at Glasgow, Montana.
Attest: H. C. Foss, Clerk.
July 25-Aug 1-8-15-22
The Best Physic.
When you want a pleasant physic
trye Chamberlain's Tablets. They are
easy to take and mild and gentle in
effect. They are highly prized by
people who have become acquainted
with their good qualities. They only
cost a quarter.

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