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Arc Ho! to be Taken Prom The
,Libi ry without permission. Any
.oho ( .ikJ nuilty of such offense,
ivill bo liable to prosecution.
I'll .''; i -
If. Z
NO. 8
Our new Una, Croat a Brandtgeta
mkt. hut been solttted not only with
ltw to tht desirability of th. ityls
and pa.tern but also on account of
uptrtor wearing quallttta.
. . . n. i "
...Hardware Co.
Pacific Sheet
Lithographing on Tin a Specialty.
Sin Francisco, Oil. Astoria, Ore. Falrbavea, Wash.
Writ Ua ror Prlo.a
Here Is a List
01 some High Grade Goods at moderate prices
RALSTON HEALTH POUDS la great vnrlctt
good things.
flem Zealand Fire Insaranee Go
Of New Zealand.
W. P. Thomas, Mgr., San Francisco.
Subscribe! Capital . . f 5,000,000
raid-Up Capital . 1,000,000
Asaota . 2,545,114
Assots in United States . . 300,000
Surplus to Policy Iloldors : . 1,718,792
Has been Underwriting on the Tacific Coast over Twenty-two year?.
Our Fall and Winter .locks of tht
very bMt make, and vtry latest style.
hart been received and for low prlot.
and txotl Wilt valuii cannot be tqualtd
Com.Jt 12th Streets,
All atwl ranges Iftanw you unfortunately
bought a cheap one. Buy a ..... .
They ara warranted Ja every jarticular, ly a
firm C'J years in Uo businw. . ... .
Blank and
New Crape and
Waterman Fountain Pens
Itox Dc-oorwtad Papr
and Knvalopt--ioo. (
Metal Works
spice ...
- fresh from the mtlls. ; '
AROMATIC Sl'ICCS gunraatced the finest.
rivalled. Together with a host of other
r..M cn... th. C.e.TrilnlniT
run oivijrwi m ..........
of Oregon Reserves.
Orcdiuttc Sbowlaf la All Br.acbeiof
StiaiBiBlp-Coaudcr Sbcr
maa Executlvi Officer.
"Don't neglect saying a good word
for lh Portland boys," aald on. of tbt
local naval reserve, to an Astortan rep
resentative Iat night. "W. notloed, of
cour, that tht Oregotilan overlooked
ua, but It wouldn't bt magnanimous
nor even courteous for our horn, pa-
per to slight them. No. make It strong,
and !y that tbry are all Jolly good
fellows and at loyal and klndhearted
a act as breathes under tht flag."
Tht local reserves presented a spec
tacle to bt envied as. with soldierly
precision, they marched fwm the land
ing to their commodious quarter, on
Commercial strvet. Crowds of ad
miring friends and relatives followed
In their train, and children galore
cheered the newly-fledged veterans as
they mancuvred with grace and accur
acy under tht quirk signals of their
commanding officer. Lieutenant It. T.
Wilson was Interviewed regarding tht
sevoral days' voyage of the battalion
on the Badger, and his story of the out
ing is given herewith:
"When we first went aboard for
tht cruise," said the lieutenant, "the
offlcer. of our division were Introduced !
to tht tecutlvt offlcert of tht ship.
who with much Jlgnlty and urbanity.
assigned them to quarters. The muster
roll, of tht Astoria division were then
handed to the executive officers, who
In turn instructed tht ship', writer to
supply the men with their billet, con
sisting of an equipment of hammocks,
blankets, mess gear and other accout
rements. The dlffvrent mease.
then mustered and sent below to meir
mess. The battalion omcers went to
tht ward room and joined company
with the regular officer, of tht ship.
Tht naval malllla were all seated
at one end of tht table, with Llrutcn-1
ant Commander Sherman at their head, I
whllo at the opposite end sat tht ship', j
own officers, with Lieutenant Com- I
A splendid lot of tht celebrated
Southern Oregon peaches Just
Other Fruit...
In abundance and of ail rari
ties. Vegetables...
Tht most complett -lection In
the city and all fresh and crisp. .
Prompt delivery to
all pnrt.of tlic city
and outside point..
Foard & Stokes Co.
Your Wife
Will Ilk. It; so will tht cook.
Star Estate Range
Satisfy all who utt thtm.
iflh-1 '-ill
If your better half does tht oooking,
that la an aiimttenal reason why there
should be a Star Estate Range in your
kitchen. The usa of them prevents worry
ud disappointment
W. J. BCULLT. Aftnt.
431 Bond Street
mander Milton at their head. Follow
Ing tb meal, tht ofTlorf were assigned
to watches, Lieutenant Carroll being
put In charge of tht lint watch and
Lieutenant Wllion tht mid watch. The
men, too, were divided .Into first and
second port and first and second star
board watches, and promptly allotted
to stations. Presently tht hammocks
' wer piped, and thost who were dlsen-
W(r, wmM! until o'clock
tht freedom of tht deck..
"At thret o'clock the following morn
ing all bands Wert piped on deck, when
tht anchor was weighed and tht ship
put to sea. The regular routine of a
man of war was then Inaugurated. Tht
first division, under Lieutenant Carroll,
was given tht main battery and the
second division, under toy own direc
tion, took charge of tht secondary
battery. At MM on tht drat day out,
the divisions went to quarters, when
Instructions were given as to train
ing, elevating and sighting the gun.
At 10: U. a. m. aiming drill was Intro
duced. This consists of practice with
tht ordinary musket, and la held' fur
tht purpose of selecting tht truest eyes
for tht Important positions of gun
captains. At i n, tht reserves were
again mustered to quarters and en
lightened as to tht brexh mechanism
of the ordnance, tht procedure of tak
t ,nf apaft Mi optrtllon of clen.
Ing. This work consumed until 110,
when the aiming drill was resumed un
til each man had made a target
"On tht morning of tht second day, all
hands were piped on deck at I o'clock,
and then began the work of scrubbing
the decks and polishing tht brass trim
mings. It wst really a laughable fea
ture to set the boys moving here and
there, their sleeve, rolled high and each
armed with mops, bucket, and hose.
The gun practice on tht second day
was very similar to the work on tht
flrst. The only difference. In fact, wa.
that In men In the secondary battery
were assigned to tht main, and the men
of the main were posted at the second
ary battery. The third day out, after
the decks had been thoroughly scourd,
the men wer mustered to their respec-
.,.-, .nd . .v.,.m of tub.cai
bre prMM . commencf1. i ,hli
eaoh mM flri(, ,en ,noUi the
stations being so shifted as to accom
plish that result. This line of drill wa.
continued during the larger part of the
day. Tht fourth day. In turn, wa. very
much like the third, except that tht
flrst and second gun captain, worked
the ordnance, firing and ceasing under
mvntvm nt tiitffla alimftls. and similar
to w,u of wpt ,hftl
each gun acted Independently. The
aiming drill was continued during the
On the fifth day, the force wa. mu-
Ured at stations, and the 1)1 g guns were
flred in succemlon, .olid shot being
used. This was the period when the
nerve, of the boy. were seriously test
ed. None of them had ever before ex
perlenceri the novelty of heavy artillery
work and to see them rushing about
cramming their ear. with waste and
cotton,, w.s Interesting nnd amusing.
It waa during this heavy flrlng.-and
when tht captain was on the quarter
deck, that he stepped over to me and
remarked that the reserve, must sure
ly have been barking squirrels to Judge
from the nicety of their shots. He
laughed when I told him that their
principal acquaintance had been with
chipmunk.. Almost at this moment
Leer, of Portland, who wa. handling
' one of the five Inch guns, centered the
I target and smashed It Into pieces. The
' hoys from both the main and the c-
ondary batteries cheered the achieve-
ment to the echo. Captain Miller . of
course, saw the per c. d step-
ping over to Lieutenant Commitnder
Sherman, he protested. 'Shermnn." he
seriously said, 'this Isn't rlRht.1 Tou
should know better than to allow your
men to destroy government property
In this way. It must he .topped, ine
I Joke was that Leer took the reproof
Continued on pagt three.
The Kleetrle Doctor.
3rd TALK.
Electricity Is now acknowl
edged by the brightest men in
the world to be superior to all
other treatments In restoring vi
tality. Vitality is health, or the
basis of health, and you must
have it to remain free from
Lack of vitality causes nerv
ousness, dyspepsia, indigestion,
rheumatlo pains, lumbago, kid
ney troubles and general want
of energy. Those who have such
symptoms can become healthy
by renewing the electrical force
In the body. If you will call on
me at my office I will prove
with proof positive that my
system Is the right one.
"Diving and finding no pearl,
in the sea,
Blame not the ocean tht fault
1. In thee."
So If you have doctored In
vain It is because you have been
using the wrong system. I court
your Investigation.
Styner the electrlo doctor,
STYNER, the Electric Doctor,
Main Street House. 159 9th St.
Advice and Electrical Disease
Reading Free.
Hours: 10 to 4 and 7 to 8 dally.
Expected to Strike the Blow
When Least Expected.
Jobaaaeitoff T0wjCobbcII Lay Ba,,,?1u,, ! br TlT, ot.?'.
. ..Him. ,nmm Hm ttnrwtlnt f.nr that
Supply of Food-Dreyfusarda
Ccttlaff DespoadtBt.
LONDON. Sept L-A Pretoria cor -
ripondnt of the Mornlnf pot ya:
President Krvger told a prominent
Boer yesterday (We4..day, that war
imrucauy nnain. every boot la
now armed with Uaoser rifle, and has
a hundred rounds for Dractice. !
I am convinced that the report, of
the Beora not being prepared are only a
pretense and they will strike the blow
when it Is least expected."
JOHANNESBURG, Sept L The , department for th protection of Am
town is preparing for tht eventualities ' erlcans and their Interests in the
of war. Tht Inmates of tot Child- i Trannval in case cf war betwtn Great
ren. home art going to Natal. The.Briuln nd the BoeT P"bllc.
town council is providing three Months' Instructions were ent by Secretary
supply of food for men and animals
connected with tht acavengertng de
AU outgoing train, art crowded and
most of the prominent men have al-1
ready left Johannesburg.
Cavalgnac's Reappearance Cause.
Much Speculation at itennes.
RENNES. Sept. L M. Godfrey Cav
algnac, formerly minister of war, re
turned to Rennes thi. evening. There
is much speculation respecting tht mo
tive for hi. reappearance here.
The general conjecture is that It
Implies a fresh shuffling pf cards of the
prosecution. Symptoms of despond
ency have manifested themselves In
Dreyfusard circle, during tht last few
days. '
Whole of Santo Domingo Satisfied
With the New Changes In the
. Government
NEW YORK, Sept 1. A despatch to
the Herald from Santo Domingo, says:
There is little doubt that Jtmenea
will succeed to the presidency a. soon
as he arrives.
The peace and tranquility pervidlng
the city are in marked contrast with
the condition! that existed a few days
ago and show how popular the revolu
tion 1. with tht masses.
Apparently tht entire Island 1. nil.'
flel that the change In government
promise. Improved condition.. The
newspaper, all urge moderation on the
part of the revolutionist, and advise
all cltlsens to refrain from disturbance.
Flguereo wa. permitted to reach
home unmolested and the revolutionists
everywhere are behaving with th ut
most moderation, even going so fsjr as
to pay for the property taken and the
supplies used. It is believed that all
fighting Is over and that with the ar
rival of (he leader, of the revolution on
Sunday to take charge of the govern
ment all cause for alarm will have been
Yesterday was the climax to the gov
ernment. The government was power
less to retard the progress of the rev
olution. Word had come that all the
principal towns in the Interior on the
north side had gone over.
Added to this had come news that
another hurricane was forming and
that the United States cruiser New
Orleans and the French cruiser would
have to put to sea and that the for
eign resident, would be left the mercy
of the revolutionists.' Business was
practically at a sandstlll and choas
reigned. People dared not stir from
their home, at night.
In this dilemma came Flguereo. an
nouncement that he would resign In
order to prevent bloodshed and at once
the situation changed.
VIce-Chalrman Stone'. Committee Ap
pointment, are Satisfactory to
Silver Men,
CHICAGO, Sept. 1. Former Gover
nor John P. Altgeld gave approval to
day of the three sub-committees named
by Vice-Chairman Stone, of the dem
ocratic national committee. He said
the appointments gave no cause for be
lief that any compromise would be at
tempted with the sliver question on
the 16 to 1 basts. Mr. Altgeld said:
"They are flrst rate appointments
and all staunch It to 1 men. The
ways and mean, and press committees
ment of a way. and mean, committee
front within tht national organisation
wa. made at tht request of Senator.
Allen, Teller and myself, who were
the outside member of tht old way.
and mean, committee. That being tht
case, I don't set how I am being shetv.
td or given a slap. It was known at
tht time the national committee met
Chicago that only member, of that
body were to bt named on tht sub
committees. All section, of tht coun
try are represented on 'he principal
committees and I know of none who are
hostile to tht Chicago platform. I
asked Chairman Jonea and Mr. Btont
10 oe relieve oi 101 wora wmcn leu
on this old ways and means committee
and suggested that tht whale business
purr-ose. Tht new ways and mean,
oommltte will bavt charge of tht
work now being dona by General Man
ager Cook. I .till bold the clerical and
4latvsv s-ki-Msf t m van ma Kc atitti-
'"1" J0 aIon otb'7 "f
. .
. . ... .... . .
Zr '
, Consul Macrum Instructed to Watch
I Their Interest. In Transvaal,
NEW YORK. Sept. t-A special to
tht Herald from Washington, says:
Action ha. been taken by the Mate
today 10 consul Macrum. at n.
toria, directing him to vigilantly watch
development. In the situation and their
. ffect UDon American cltlsens and their
Interests and to provide them with all
necessary protection in case a connict
should place them In danger. The de
partment has been Informed that a
number of Americana In the Transvaal
signed tbe recent petition to Queen
In view of the fact that Americans
would he benefitted epually with the
subject, of Great Britain If President
Kruger. government should grant the
demands made, there Is no question
that the United State, sympathizes
with the attitude assumed by Ggea'
Britain, though It ia averse to Inter
fering one way or the other, especially
as the London government seems de
termined to either effect the reforms or
annex the Transvaal. Secretary Hay,
therefore contented himself with in
structing the consul to watch the sit
uation and provide all possible pro
tection for Americans and their Inter
Say. Otis Stand. Him OS When He
Asks For Employment.
NEW YORK. Sept 1.-A despatch to
the World from Hongkong, says:
Private advice, from Manila state
that General Joseph Wheeler In a con
versation last Monday said he had
repeatedly applied to General Otl. for
something to do. Otis, he declared had
staved him off under various pretexts
with tht evident determination of side
tracking him.
General Bate, will return to Jolo to
continue the negotiations for the pac
ification of the southern archipelago
and to post garrisons In the various
General Otis 1. arranging to begin
the publication of a newspaper next
week. The Midler, who have been as
signed to duty In the composing room
complain that as they have been or
dered to set type they want typesetters
Hr Luck Pursue. Her and She Met
With Another Accident Entering
San Francisco.
cruiser Newark met with a mishap as
she was coming into port on Tuesday,
the new. of which has Just leaked out
When off Angel Island one of the pis
ton rods of the port engine broke In
two and and the piston smashed
through the cylinder head. The engine
wa. stopped as soon as possible and the
cruiser proceeded by the bay on her
other engine. The repairs will prob
ably be made at Mare island.
NEW YORK. Sept. l.-R. G. Dun's
review will say tomorrow: The failures
for the week has been 141 In the United
State, against 171 last year, and 25
In Canada against 22 last year.
Uyr u'r ifovwzu
v ibssiuiUY Pure
Makes the food more
Sarflos Will Retire Fnialc!rx
Shares of 0.R.4N.
Lease of Bota rroptrtiea to Raw
la rtofresa.
NEW YORK, Sept L An important
Incident In Walt street today was th.
announcement that th. Union Pacific
Railway Company Is to Increase It.
preferred stock by t2S,0O0.MO. making a
total of that class of .hare, of fl.000,
000,000. Tbe Increase, together, with tbe fur.
ther issue of 17.500.000 of common nock.
Is to be used to retire the remaining
share, of the O. R. A N. Company and
tbe Junior bond, of the Oregon Short
Lint. Thi. plan will give the Union
Pact Ha complete control of Its line,
from Omaha to Portland, Oregon, and
has led to a revival of tbe old story
that the consolidation of the Union Pa
cific with the Chicago and Western,
and possibly a lease of both properties
to the New York Central, is In iro
Chaplain Sutherland Eulogixe. th.
Late Colonel Hawkins.
MANILA, Sept L-: p. m.-In ac
cordance with Adjutant General Cor-
bin', suggestions, a memorial service
wa. held today at tbe graves of th.
Pennsylvania Midler, at Paco ceme
tery. Chaplain Sutherland eulogized
Colonel Hawkins,
Colonel Alexeander Hawkins, com
mander of 'Jie Tenth Pensytvanla reg
iment died July 16, on board the United
States transport Senator, which wa. on
it. way to the United State, and left
Manila July 10, last.
Given an Enthusiastic Reception on
Leaving Canton Mrs. McKinley.
.--. Health i. Improving,
CANTON, O.. Sept. 1. To the accom
paniment of enthusiastic cheers from
the large crowd that thronged the sta
tion platform, the special bearing Pre.
Ident and Mrs. McKlnley steamed out
of Canton at 9 o'clock tonight. The
president from the rear platform bowed
acknowledgement, for the kindly dem
onstration. The train goes direct to
Dr. Rlxey. expressed his belief that
Mrs. McKlnley 1. steadily recovering;
for her indisposition, although her
stata of health while here was such that
she could see but few people. .While
in Pittsburg, she received such a shoes)
from tht continuous firing of cannon
at the side of her car as to five her a
set back for the time being.
- t
SPRINGFIELD, Kls., Sept. 1. Word
was received here late tonight that the
Peolra, Decatur and Evansvllle train
had been held up by robbers at Lin
coln. Jo miles north of this city. The
robbers boarded the night passenger
train when it stopped for coal at a
mine near this city. Resistance was
made by the train crew, and one robber
waa killed. Further details are not
tain C. F Goodrich, of the cruiser
Newark has been detached from that
command and today will assume com
mand of the battleship Iowa, relieving
Captain Terry, who Is ordered home on
waiting orders. At this time the com
mand of the Newark will devolve upon
Captain B. H. McCalla. It Is expected
that Captain Terry will soon be pro
moted to the rank of rear admiral.
MADRID, Sept. 1. The queen regent
today signed a decree calling out 0,000
men of the 1S99 class for military serv
ice. i irs .
delicious and wholesome
Resident Agents,
Astoria. Oregon
also meet my approval. The appoint'
ov (urn! tvm co.,"tc'.
- ..,

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