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ganiestomra 5Mcrl.
ffdlnial Paper of Btwtnaim Connty.
Marshall McClars Editor & Prop'r.
\r. 2 w, 3 w. 1 in. J9 rn. 8 m.
3.1':) *1.50 2 2.!i0 4.00 7.00
I Inch,
4 inrst.-i.
I .•v
a 2.75 3.-.M 4.0ft V.m 12.00
ft 4." 5 m) e.oo ia.oo is.oo 34.00
4.m r..in n«» ?.« 15 00 20.00 10.00
4.50 6.C-!) 7.55 8.35 lfi.fl* 25.C-0 88.00
11.ci 1 l.oo ir».rft 96.i/i 3!i.OO 6U.«0
IS 13 «f IS t» iil.irt) 4i'.00 OS.(K» 100.00
Payable in Adrancc.
One Year, postage paid
8lx Months.
AU orders for the. ALKKT MUST be accompanic
I«if tfc«e cai«h. Wo do this to protect our nelvta an
for the good of our patron*.
AH advertisements uiuut be paid quarterly ill ad
LOCAL yoTH KS'- 10 ccnts per lino for first.
insertion Sc. per line for each subsequent. iusurlion.
NO subscriptions colitlnoetl longer than piul for
—Learned Bros have just received a
oar loud of the following stoves:
Golden Star, Silver Star, the Resolute
and Graffle.
Challenge, Fnnshon, Fire produTe
Young America, Silver Star and Golden
Star Cook.
Jamestown General Produce,
Provision & Grocery Market.
Corrected Weekly by I-, LYOX
No. 1 wheat, 95 cts $$1.00 per bushel*
.No. 3
02 bu Oats 45 50 bu
Whi:e Rose Flour $7.50 per barrel.
Four Ace Patent $8 50 par barrel.
Mess Pork $20 bbl Bucon 13. 13 lb
Hams 14$15 lb Dried Reef ~15#18 lb
Su?'i.r 9igc to 14c lb Teas 30c to 80c It)
Coffee, best 25c!b Dried Apples i2}£ lb
Dried Peaches 12^ lb Dried prunes* 12%
lirkberrieslS^-Zanter currants 12*6
Alden Evaporated Apples 251b.
fathered in tli« Valley of (he Beau­
tiful Jauietf.
The school house is completed.
Wood and Potatoes at Henry Vessey's.
—Old papers for sale at this office for
75 cents per 100.
The expenses of the Leap Year party,
vrill be borne by the gentleman.
County Clerk Vennuin has the thanks
of the ALEUT for favors extended.
Several Michigar.ders have arrived in
the city. The Miclngandcr is an early
The postofilce. in its new quarters
shows oil" admirably and is a credit to our
thriving metropolis.
We are pleased to note that the posi­
tion, takGn by the ALEUT on the school
question, is receiving a hearty support
from many of our best citizens.
The talented speakers of the Literary
society agitated the Women's suffrage
([uestion last Friday evening. The ladies
were left out in the cold.
Mr. Marx, of Fargo, showed himself
public spirited gentleman at the coal
meeting, last week, by subscribing to the
prospecting fund.
3Ir. Olds is figuring on three new
dwelling houses for E.-P. Wells. They
will be 16~24, two stories, and built after
the fashion of Mr. Winslow's residence.
Our energetic merchant, L. Lyon, is now
fitting up that portion of his store made
vacant by the moving of the post office
to make room for his immense stock of»
boots, shoes and clothing, which will ar­
rived in time for the spring trade.
ttlack Hills Pioneer.
Huggatory attrition is what makes the
inner side, the concave surface ot James­
town's enterprising young society men's
coat sleeves prematurely slick and thread­
bare.The editor of the ALEUT should be on
tly^Alert to prevent such 'armful practices
Duluth Tribune: By tho Tribune -we
jiotice that Brainerd is keeping up its
old reputation, lor babies, pretty well
1 heir seems to be a much greater tendency
toward girl-babi& than when we lived
_, here.
We blush to ask, but really, Uncle
Dudley, how do the Duluth babies average
fince you located there
In writing up the party held at the
Jamestown hotel one evening iast week
we gave the credit of cooking the oysters
to Mr. Do sy, when it should have been
given to Mrs. Elmer. We wroto accord
Mig t« the information we had, Without
any special regard for any one.
Scott county Argus: The paper dealers
met in Chicago on the Cth, inst., but
adjourned to meet on February 8d, and
promise to advance the price of paper at
least one cent more per pound. This is a
serious matter to all publishers, but
especially to those who have offered their
paper cheaper than the white paper will
cost them.
There is no doubt about the existence
of coal in the vicinity of Jamestown, as is
has already been discovered in quite
large quantities. The only question that
troubles our citizens is, to what extent it
it exists. This question will, however,
soon be solved. Jamestown has too
much enterprise to even let a coal mine
Curtin & Winslow have commuaccd ex
tensive repairs on the interior of their
mammoth store on fifth avenue.
observe that the office heretofore occupy­
ing a conspicuous position the center of
the sale room has been moved to a more
appropriate place opposite the south side
show window. The counters, &c., are
also being repainted.
Editor ALEUT:—In your last week's
paper you suggest my name for the office
of Justice of the Peace. To what extent
your preference may prevail among our
citizens, of course I am unaware. At all
events I shall be obliged to positively
decline the office, believing it to be in­
consistent with the business I am engaged
in. Feeling very grateful for your com
plimeatary suggestion, I am yours truly,
One of Jamestown's bashful yonngmen
while ont sleigli riding the other evening
with a party ot gay "friskics," offered a
new Singer sewing machine, and a new
dress which should cost no les3 than $18
to any two girls who would bestow upon
him the precious boon of a kiss. It is
needless to add that he got the kisses and
that he will like a good little boy, come
down with the plunder. This is not
taffy, but a fact.
A meeting of the business men of this
place was held at the Dakota House, last
Saturday evening, for the purpose of con­
sidering the feasibility of making further
search for coal in this vicinity and for
the purpose of raising the amount of
money cessary to carry the scheme
forward Two hundred and seventy three
dollars were raised in a few minutes and
all expressed determination to solve the
perplexing question.
The long looked for raffling match for
a village let, advertised by the Jamestown
cornet band association to come off some
time ago, took place in the Dakota house
reception room last Thursday evening.The
lot was drawn, by Flint, Elliott mid Wells,
who pooled their numbers after all had
been drawn from the sack, but theirs We
understand that the money received for
the lot amounted to $150, which amount
the association ordered to be invested in
school orders, providing they could be
purchased for ninety cents.
There will be a grand Leap Year and neck­
tie party given ai the Academy of music,
Thursday evening-, Feb, the 5th. The
following is a list ot the names of those
who will officiate:
Com. on Invitation.
Mrs Winslow
Reception Com.
Miss Maggie Elliott
Hattic Smith
Jliss Lizzie Wells
Mary Marcel Is
Mary Weins
Committee of Arrangements.
Mrs I) Curtin
Mrs Winslow
"James Lees
Miss Lizzie Wells
Snow Round.
Given a Dakota blizzard and a hotel
full of storm tied guests and you have the
material for any amount of fun. The
Dakota house has filled the con­
ditions of the above proposition during
the past week. In any other part of the
world ENNUI of the worst French type
would cease upon all. but we do things
differently in Dakota. One day it was
a raffle for gold chains, which being won
were instantly put up again and
again by the lucky ones. The "festive
pasteboards", checkers and chaff have
followed in quick succession. Wagers as
to the combined weight of four portly
gentlemen. More raffling, this time for
cigars. Pool selling on a wrestle, and so
on to the merry end, has been the program
da'ily and nightly, since Tuesday last
hen the storm begun.
James W. Johnson, of Janeeville, Wis
is in town.
W. A. Holcomb, of Michigan, is the
Mr. Lyon will visit Chicago about the
middle of March.
A, Gallinger, of Sanborn, i9 stopping at
the Dakota bouse.
John Bigkam, of Plainview, Minn is
booked at the Dakota house.
Prosecuting attorney Bill now holds
forth on the second floor of E. P. Wells'
office on filth avenue.
II. E. Bellinger and Hamlin Russell of
Spiritwood, have been rusticati ng in the
city during the past few days.
Mr. Wm.M.Morris, of Brazil Indiana is
in town making, arrangments to make
further search for coal in this vicinity.
We received a pleasant call from Col.
Lounsberry, of the Bismarck Tribune,
Wednesday last He was on his way to
St. Paul.
lie Wants to lte PostnuiHtcr.
Mr. Clarence Foster, having suddenly
become impressed with the importance of
a change in the post office at this place,
sallied forth, as we understand, one day
last week with a petition, praying that
our present postmaster be removed and
himself appointed to fill the vacancy.
It is almost useless to add that the un­
called for petition was gree'el with
universal contempt and condemned by
best citizens.
The New Residence cf S.
P. Wells.
Probably th.o Best Built House on the
Xiao. __
The residence just completed and oc­
cupied by E. P. Wells deserves more than
passing nctice, from the fact of its being
the lirst propel ly built house west of
Fargo, and as such it should serve for a
pattern for others soon to be built in
Jamestown. Mr. Wells purchased in
September last the entire square bounded
by third and fourth, Pacific and Wisconsin
avenues, and commenced excavation at
once, since which time a force of from six
to fifteen men have been constantly em­
ployed on the job. The foundation trench­
es were dug down to the shale and 2K
toot stone walls lay thereon, rising
from 18 to 30 inches above the surface.
The cellar walls ot same thickness start
7 feet below the surface and rise to the
flooring joists, while from the top of this
wall to the floor, and between the flooring
joists the space is carefully filled with
grout. The sills are laid in mortar and
anchored to the foundation walls while
above this,bet ween tiie studding and to the
heigth of the base boards the space was
tilled with mortar. Between the studding
strips were secured, on which lath were
laid and a heavy coat of back plaster spread
throughout the building, the inside finisti
consisting of another spread of lath and
three more coats of plaster. The outside
finish embraces sheathing covered with
building paper and again with drop
sid'ng. Between the floors, which are
double, and under the shingles tarred
paper prevents the entry of cold in these
directions, and the windows, all of wliic't
are double plate glass, are further protect­
ed by storm sash on the outside, and
inside blinds wichin. The inside finish
and designs of the house are in full keep­
ing with the substantial character of
the outside. All the rooms in the main
building, both on the first and second
floors, open together through sliding
doors. The woodwork is finished in gloss
white which consists of two coats of
shillac, three of flat white and two of
glass with zinc the blinds are finished in
natural color, varnished, while the trim­
mings are of bronze, jet and nickle. The
mantels and fireplaces adorn and make
comfortable the kadiug rooms, while as
proof that the conveniences of life have
not been forgotten, may be mentioned
the fact that there are built into, attached
to and a part of the house, eleven closets
(clothes presses), twenty three drawers,
sixty five shelves, and two hundred and
twenty five clothes hooks. Mr. Wells
has already expended five thousand dol­
lars on the place, which amount will be
largely increased as soon as the weather
will enable him to go on with the barn,
for which plans are already made, and the
adornment of the grounds as contemplated
The work has all been done under the
superintendence of Mr. J. A. Olds, an
architect and builder of thirty years ex­
perience, who has been ably assisted by
Geo. M. Smith, John McGee, J. C. Dow,
and others,equally well known as the very
best workmen in northern Dakota. The
stone masonry was done by John Snody
the plastering by those veterans, James
McLain and son, while S. L. Knapp, Esq.
of Minneapolis had the contract for
painting and has thereby established 9ucli
a reputation here that he has yielded to
an universally expressed wish and decided
to locate permanently in Jamestown,
There seems to be soma little opposition,
which is not at all surprising, to the
candidates mentioned in onr article
of last week. The principle objections
do not, however, arise from a source of
alleged inability on the part of the gentle­
men mentioned to fill the offices but from
a desire on the part of a few to run in
men of older citizenship without, appar
ently, stopping to consider
Mr. Biil, we understand, has been acit
izen of Dakota for more^than eight months
while Mr. Flint has dwellt amongst us
as a citizen and business mail nearly five
months. Since both of these gentleman
are qualified in every respect, why not
elect them
Tli© Women xuft'rnjjiNtH Hold
Chief Ouray and his wife, with others
of the
delegation" visited the eapitol
today, and attracted much attention.
They seem to admire everything they saw
Mrs. Ouray wore a seal skin sacque, a silk
dress, and fashionable hat, looking quite
as stylish as many of the ladies who sat
near her.
Although the present session is the
dullest for many years, little incidents like
the following occur sometimes to vary
the monotony, and cause a ripple on the
placid bosom of Congressional legislation.
In a speech in the Senate recently,
no they would accept the offices, or even
whether they are in every respect qual­
ified to dischaige the important duties
the offices incur.
In a new and growing county like this,
it would seem like wildness to object to
the election of man to any county office
on the ground that he is a new comer.
The principle aim should be, we think,
to meet so far as possible the demands
of the offices without special regard for
the length of tune the candidate has rtsid
ed in the county, providing he has resid­
ed a sufficent length of time to satisfy the
law on that point.
I'oiivcnilon, and 311MM Authouv
Keeps the
A Lively Time in the House and
Senate-The Defunct Greenbackers
Receive a Slap from Logan.
Special Correspondence t» the Jamestown ALEUT
WASHINGTON, Jan. 24th, '80.
The women suffragists have been con­
vention, in this city, for the past two day^
and have made much sensible talk, and it
would be well for the legislators at the
eapitol to attend, and profit by some of the
words of wisdom offered by their talented
sisters. Mrs. Allen, of Iowa, noticed that
in Wyoming where women have the right
to vote, it is useless to nominate any but a
moral man, for the women will not vote
for others. Alluding to women's work in
the temperance cause, Miss Anthony asked
all the women present who wished to vote
to suppress the liquor traffic, to rise, and
the entire audience rose as one. Women's
vote would always be against vice and
morality, in favor of law and order, and
against liquor selling and drunkeness. It
is to be hoped that before many years the
intelligent and moral men of the nation
will see the great necessity of granting to
women the right to vote, or at least limit
the suffrage to respectable citizens.
Logan denounced Mr. Weaver greenback
bill as the
stupendous piece of
demagoguery ever brought before the
American Congress." Mr. Weaver in a
speech in the House yesterday, retaliated
by saying, that the attack came with good
grace from "one who had pocketed §3,800
of back pay." This was thought ti» be a
good hit ac Logan, and Gen. Hawley, 'in
defending him, got from Weaver, the
retort, that "the man who had called the
greenback srty the rag tag and bob tail
of the people could endorse Logan with
good grace." While we agree with Mr.
Hawley in his opinion of the Greenback
party, we doubt very much the truth of
back pay statement.
On Thursday night Gen. Garfield was
tendered a serenade at his residence. Hon.
Samuel Sbellabarger introduced Geueral
Garfield in some appropriate remarks.
Gen. Garfield made an eloquent reply in
the course of which he said that the rul
mg idea of Ohio now is that, the honest
money of the people, and their honest,
obligations shall be maintained.
The decisive vote in the House on
Thursday by which the bill to compel the
National banks to keep one-half their re­
serve fund in gold coin was defeated. It
show* plainly that at the present seasM)li­
the honse will not enaet any financial
Chairman Bnckner Bays he shall not re­
port another measure from the Commilbee
this session. ADAMS.
It is probably not generally known by
the world at large that the presj upon
which the ALERT is now printed is the
oldest press in the northwest. It ia an
old Ruggles', and was first owned by lip­
oid Press and Minnesotian, published in
St. Paul, many years ago. It will be
remembered by the few now living, who
were upon earth at that time, that the
Pioneer of the same city, consolidated with,
the Press and Minnesotian.Hence,the nauic
Pioneer Press. Well, the old Ruggles"
went with the rest of the Press and Min­
nesotian plunder into the Pioneer office,
and became the property of the Pioneer
Press. The Pioneer Press used it until
they became rich enough to purchase a
larger and better one, when they threw it
into the scrap pile, where it reaiained,
until Edwnrd II Foster fished it out,
shipped it to Duluth and commenced the
publication of the Minnesotian, which pam­
per after a time consoildated with the
Herald. The old press then naturally
became the property of the Minnesotian
Herald in whose bands it remained several
ycais. Finally the Duluth Tribune
gobbled up the office for the purpose of
getting it out of the way. The old press
was again secured by Foster who
shipped it to tais place and commenced
the publicati»n of the ALEUT in which
office it remains, apparently as g^od as
ever. It does fiist class work and is
good for 50 years re. If any of the boys
have an older press on the line, please trot
it out.
Mr. J. Flint, in a card, this morning
publicly declines to accept the office of
Justice. This leaves the office vacant to
others who may aspire to official honors
We understand that Capt. H. T. Elliott
ha9 been requested by some of our best
citizens to accept the office and we heartily
endorse their choice. Mr. Elliott is a man
of first class business qualification, has ex
cellent judgment, and is a man who would
adhere strictly to law and justice regard­
less of personal likes or dislikes.
Another coal meeting was held at the
Dakota house last evening with encoiirag
ing results. The soliciting committee
reported $303, as being the amount of
present pledges. The meeting called to
order by H. Mussel!. Anton Klaus was
elected president: A. A. Allen, Secretary,
and L. Lyon, treasurer.
A committee of five was elected as
follows: Anton Klaus, F. U. Hager, John
J. Nichols, H. F. Elliott and W. W. Bill.
A committee of three was elected
follows: F. G. Iltiger, Anton Klaus and J.
J, Nichols.
Meeting adjourntd subject to 'the call
of the president. A. A. Allen, Secretary.
All visible traces of the storm have
passed away and not a cloud to be seen
this morning. Trains from the east acl
west are expected to arrive this forenocn
The probabilities are that the rest ci'
ruary will be as pleasant as one cc uld
Yesterday the greenbackers in the
House had some resolutions to offer. Tue
majority of t'.io members did not knew
what they were and not being prepared
to vote upon them effected an adjourn­
ment in a hurry.
A considerable amount of interesting
matter has been crowded out to mak.
room for the liquor law.
Wheat, Oats, Barley. Hides, Pelts and
Furs, in exchange tor goods. L. LYOX.
This house is now open for the reception ol
guests. Good table, elean rooiuft and square
treatment livery attached.
and last-selling
«1\ Books of alljfclnils a. fully repre-eni
e«l in our new (JRAND COMBINATION ProspSC-.
tUS Book by sample ftiges binding, Ulus-rations,
etc. A
variety »nil sure sncci-ss for cat!*s«-
*•«. All actually WINNING KHPLOYMEST 'Adsir. JW
lor term» StasdaXP- ,nb Co St Lonit Mo

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