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Ifamjesiotutt Jllett.
Oflrtol Paper of Ktnlfimau County.
31A liSU.iLL lv.Cl.TTRK, KdUor (lift Proprlttor
Terms :-«l»aj'abte in Advance.
NE COPY, one year.
CNJi COPY, lis months.
Butter at Ilenry Vcssey's, frrsh ami
sweet, for'sale at wholesale or retail.
hid just received one car
load of&auk Centre Floiir.
Call an Elder Inman for all kind of
(iarden 8ied, Horse lladisli aud liiiubarb
plants now on hand.
For all kinds of sewing machine repairs
and mrfdlf* call on Klder luman. Chew­
ing gum furnished lady customers.
H, The cheapest and best plnec in town
to buy fine tcu. groceries and provuiona
is at Lyon's. He keeps the best good*
and sells theni cheap.
If you wan*, a good shave go to Thomp
sou. He is doing good work. The new
hhop has been instrumental in improving
his artistic ability.
Learned Brother* have just received a
Car load of nails which their are selling
at the following priccs far cash:
10 to 00 d, common, per keg fC 00
8 d, common, per keg 6 25
6 d,comm n, per keg............ (J 50
4 d, common, per keg^ 6 75
7 50
9 00
7 25
7 00
6 75
7 75
7 50
7 25
3 d, common, per keg,
3 d, fine lath, per keg,
6 d, racing, per keg
8 d, casing, per keg
10 d, casing per keg ....
6 d, finishing, per keg .......
8 d, finishing, per keg
10 d, finishing, per keg....
WM. J. BARBOCR, Manager.
The pail boom has just struck ur
Lawn parties will be next in order.
Flint & Dole have a new chore boy.
O. A. Boyington does not believe in
sending money to the heathen.
Buildings arc going up so fast that we
cannot keep track of theiu.
Joe Mills has gone to the restaurant to
board- We miss thee, Joseph.
Frank Parmer,of Ft. Totten, is booked
at the Dakota House.
ri:. s.^
The Dakota House still continues to im­
prove. -0
Miss Ella Powell, of the country, was in
the villsge sight seeing last Tuesday.
James Lees has about 200 head of cattle
and the best stock farru in the county.
Mr. H. Griffin, manager of the Park
hurst farms, was in town last Wednesday.
Street cleaning is now the.order of the
May. r'""" .v",.
Jfr. H. T.Busli, will bring about thirty
cows with him on his return.
Examination day passed off very
'pleasantly. So saya Superintendent Allen.
Harry Roberson has gone to Ft. Totten
to remain during the summer.
Geo Doran, a brother of Dorau,
of this Tillage, has just arrived from Cal
Lambert has ju*t erected a new barn,
14x20, on one of the Lloyd lots uear his
Ocapt. Columbus Smith took a crew of
eight iB^n with him on the Nettie, Bald'
Painter Knapp is erecting a store build*
ing 16x30 «»n Fifth avenue, near Hall'a
meat market. -It will be occupied.bj,Mrs.
Davit as a miltinary shop.
f' «'lX*'i iY 1
,^,...1 r'ftTHlyA^^.—uj-—
t/mr t*
$2 00
11 00
Lf CAL y"TICKS.'- 10 ctnlc per line for first
rn-rOcn: Inc. j»f line for such «utnt quent insertion.
WO subscriptions continued lunger than paid for.
All business conimuEicatiotis should be addressed
,, f,'," ,. Jameetowu, Dakota
Jo to Lamhett's foi thade tites.
io to Lambert's fir l*»x elder feed..
10$ lbs engar for $1 at Lambert's.
Overalls 50c per pair at Lambert's.
i»t t6 Lam.iett's l«foie buvlng oils.
Gent'f h(«c 50c a dozen at Laniliei t'a.^
Ludici' serge ^]ipp«•'H for 75c at Lumbttit'fc
Go to Hemj Vewey for Ground Feed
Gc S. to F. LatAbert'e tor cbcap drag*.
Large etock of boots and shoes just re
jreived *i Lambeit's.
Crockery, jdnpHWare, blown and jeilow
are at Cnitin Wiuslow'b.
(jmirj, rocking chairx. tub'ef,
nnd a -gene&l line of fuiuiture ju»t recuived
ut Curuiii & Winskiw's.
—Old unpen for sale at this office for
,75 ceuU jnr 100.
Two human skull* weie found near
Jamestown last week. They were Indian
skulls of long standing.
Major Lyon's family will be here soon
Mr. will occupy the rooms over his
store until he cau build.
The addition to the Dakota House will
commence this week. It will be 70x90.
Mr Klaus means business.
W. L. Ford, formerly of the N. P., is
now clerking at. Lamberts. Glad to see
him thus engaged.
J. S. Smith, of Sauk Centre, is assisting
Mr. King Boha'l in the management of
'Mr. Vesssy's extensive flour and feed in­
E. P. Wells is detained in Milwaukee
ou account of the sarious illness of his lit
tie son, Jimmir.
The Nettie Baldwin is experiencing no
trouble in getting down the river. Capt
Smith says she will run on dry land.
The country school mams never looked
sweeter, and the country boys never looked
greener than they did on examination day.
We are obliged to Mr. Kearney for a
copy of the
A new residence near the bridge as
just been erected by Mr. Klaus. It will
be occupied by the mill builders for the
The local freight going west only runs
as far as tiiis ptauc and li'.ys ovet* until
morning It arrives about seveu p. in.
Read the X. P. Time card. Some im­
portant changes have take place on the
St. Paul, Duluth and Minnesota Division*,
as well as on the Dakota and Missouri
R. A. Walker, of the Hall ssre company
called on us yesterday. Would have
thought nothing of it had he not tried to
sell us a safe. The idea, Robert, of ««ur
buying a cafe.
Thos. H. Bowditch takes tin place of
Mr. Minor as clerk at Mr. Lyon's general
store. Mr. B. seems to have an eye to
business, and is making some commenda­
ble improvements in its appearance. Mr.
Minor will give his attentiou to his farm.
Mr. F. Martin, of Trembleau county,
Wis., and who is said to be something of
an architect, arrived last week with his
family. Mr. M.isat present occupying
Mr. Boyington'* residence, three mHes in
the country.
D. M. Kellehcr, who is one of the best
posted politicians in the county, thinks
that it would be a good scheme to give
Judge Barnes a complimentary vote in the
convention. He sajs it would please the
good old man, and would not hurt his
opponent. ~A':y
A. A. Alien, whose literary name is
Jamie, has given up the lnundry scheme.
He has struck a new lead. It's a bntfi
house this timt, and his argus eyed part
uer, Hong Kong, of the pig tail persua­
sion. is *x ected here in a tew days to in
vfstlgate the feasibility of the project.
Mr. R. Baldwin, of Minneapolis, was
in town last week, lookiug after the in­
terests of the Ja:g*s River Navigation
Company, of which he is a heavv stock­
holder. Mr. B. is taking a deep interest
in the tins country and doing a great deal
toward promoting its interests. He is
the main backer in the bo-.t just built
at this place.
The first excursion pftrty of the season
came off Sunday. Thirty-three gentlemen
and ladies took passage at or the Nettie
Baldwin for do*n river. They went eight
miles and returned by mesns ot private
conveyances. The boat was late and could
not spend the time tn bring them back.
W. H. Campbell, of the firm of Thorld
& Campbell, physicians and surgeons, of
this place, returned yesterday after an ab­
sence of several weeks in Ihe east. These
gentleman are first class physicians, and
being men of energy, they will no doubt
thrive and prosper.
Our friend. Jrrrv Collins, mourns the
loss of a good well. He says jAftfetter to
us that the stone work, *£^P^pbadly
executed, has caved in, redpfnig the well
entirely useless. It was tne only well in
hi* vicinity and the water in it. was 12
feet dtep.
Ts r, ^^**"'2
Democrat, which is
a very interesting paper, full of wisdom.
A good brother of the Methodist per­
suasion, fav ge congregation witli
a very instructive sermon last Friday
It is reported that ('apt. Smith spends
a large portion of his valuable time when'
on watch, sfieating muskrats
'.% ^'v IJ I
Mrs. Allen, accompanied by Miss Tolle
both of Battle Creek, Mich have arrived
in the village. The ladies are old friends of
our much respected citizen, H. T. Elliott.
Chistian lioover, a new comer, laft for
the lower regions on a latt of lumber last
Saturday morning, which he purchased of
Mr. Klaus, to build him a house near
an a
Henry Powell, ex rditor of the Seymour
department of the Fort Howard Journal,
left the village Monday for Mqorhead,
where he will engage as post office clerk.
Bismarck Tribure: Ttis Jamrstown
Alert niauscs its readers by publishing a
river column modeled after the best St.
Louis repors.
We have just recovered from a course
of blizzards and cyclones and now we'are
threatened with a visit froia Miss Cynthia
Eloise Cleveland, Vice President of the
W. t\ T. U. who wants to come and talk
in the interests of temperance, for the
modest consideration of ten dollsrs.
We note with pleasure a deep interest on
the part our citizens generally to have
a first class Sabbath school organization
This is a v«ay worthy scheme indeed and
one which will receive a hearty support
froth the ALEUT. The new organization
will take placu next Sabbath Every body'
Just before going to prc»s we are in­
formed that L. H. Miner has been appoint
ed by Mr. Vennuui, deputy -register of
deeds aud will in the future assist Mr V.
in the discharge of his official dutivj.
Now Mr. Vennuin is all right and no one
Will have cause to complain of neglect.
Mr. Vtnnum has enough individual bus­
iness to keep oiie man busy regardless of
his official duties. Both g*a(lcman have
our congratulations.
Rev. M. Wells, father of our highly re
spected citizen E. P. Wells, died at Mil­
waukee last Wednesday morning at 7
o'clock. The Evening Wisconsin says:
"Mr. Wells, who removed from Milwau­
kee to Palmyra, one year ago, to assume
the pastorateship of the Congregational
church here, and hsd preached in Wis­
consin over 37 years, died of general de
bility at his lesidence, ut 7 o'clock Wed
nctday morning. Funeral at Iiartland,
Wis, Friday afternoon.
The Coal Scheme.
The funds of the coal igine treasury
have run out. Hruce a lull*^ Those who
subsetibe'd liberally in the outset drt.not
feel like renewing, and the probabilities
are that unless some extra effort is made
by some one, the project will stop.
The trouble is, apparently, a lack of en
terprise on the part of new comers. They
seein willing to set back and watch the
little game of chance and dictate, but un«
unwilling to ut their money
on the board. Now, if this enterprise
stops bere, all that has been said, done
and paid will be of no acconnt. You
do not know as yet any more as to the final
results or what is below the shale than you
knew before the hole was started. The
miners have reached a depth of 202 feet,
and are of the opinion that they are nest­
ing coal. One hundred dollars more
would solve the perplexing problem, and
it seems to us that a vigorous effort should
be made to raise it.
The following are among the prominent
Arrivals at the Dakota House during the
past fceek:
A.F. Maschger Valley City E. J. Still
well, St. Paul G. W. Fames worth. St
?anl Richard Billings, Leoner, Mich
Wm. A. Pell, Plainville, Minn. Herman
Levi, Chicago A. P. Thompson, Minne­
apolis D. Douglas, Minneapolis: C.
Goodrich, Minneapolis J. B. Baldwin
Minneapolis B. F. llolbrook, St. Paul
L. W- Starbisel, Fargo S. N, Boyer
Chicago B. Ransom, Janesville, Wis.
Wm. S. Irish, Janesville, Wis. L. Jess
np, Janesville, Wis. 'Jhas. Hunter, Penn
Yan, N. Y. J. M. Root, Penn Yen, N.
Y. J. Waite, Penn Yan Win. 8.
Briggs, Jr., Penn Yann- Frank Wright
Penn Yan E F. Strickland, Boston
R. A. Clark, Chicago M. R. Baldwin,
Minneapolis Rev. R. C. Ambler, Cassle*
ton R. Randall, Minn D. Havener, St
Piwl B. F. Parker, Cedar Rapids. Ia
D. Osgood, Minneapolis J. Stumble,
White Pigeon, Mich. R. A. Walker^ St.
Pad F. Palmer, Ft. ToUcn R. W, Pit
ten, Chicago.
Of Ihe New Steamer Nettie Bald­
win Amid Hurrahs and Firing
of Cannon.
That long looked for and hoped for
event which would p'acs Jamestown iu
every respect on an equal footing with
Fargo and other river port cities has,taken
place and we shall no longer be r«g*rdejf
by the out side world as an inlsud village.
Navigation on the raging James is no
longer considered in the light of specul­
ative adventure, but as an actual fact, as
it was practicallv proven by the successful
lsunching of the new steamer, Nettie
Baldwin last Saturdsy morning.
At ten o'clock along on the banks of
the river, on either s'de of the levee,
were gathered together a multitude ot
men, women and children fiom all parts
of the village and country, waiting with
an air of reatless anxiety to see the first
steamer ot any great importance shoot
down t!^e launch wsy into the shining river
some forty fset blow. At twenty-five
minutes pas' ten, Capt. Wilson gave the
signal and the stay blocks wuie knocked
out, letting the boat -with an arrow like
swiftness shoot into the river. She struck
the water a lUtleaft aud ashe rightei she
wan greeted with deafening hurrahs, and
txMinung of eaunons which had been pre
pared and placed ulong the river. As
soon as th,e first salute had died away Mr.
A. Klaus went aboard and after making a
tew titriug remarks proceeded with a con­
siderable grace, to break a bottle of wine
over her bow» as is customary on such oc­
For some unaccountable reason Mr. K.
did not proceed as it was expected he
would with a speech, therefore the cro.vd
was somewhat disappointed. We publish
below the speech for the benefit of all.
speech maker, and I am certainly not
able to make a spei.ch which would do
justice to such an important eyent as this
But allow iiie to make a remark, and that
is, that I claim that the buildiug of this
boat to be run between Jamestown
and Columbia, Brown countv, D. T.
about 200 miles by river, running through
the richest valley of Dakota (Red river
valley not excepted), will open and make
it a home for thousands of eople in
a few years
The James river valley will certainly be
the Paradise of Dakota, as soon as we have
a railroad running through north and
south in connection with a line of boat*.
I claim that this boat is the pioneei ot a
railroad, and that Captain Smith and Mr.
Baldwin are the pioneers of this navigation
and that Capt Smith is the 2d Christopher
Columbus who discovered America. Capt.
Smith has discovered that the river which
always has been reported tlid longest un
navigabte river in the United States, will
be navigable for about 200 miles
through the richest whtar. growing coun­
try in the .vorld.
Three cheers for Nettie Baldwin and
her husband, the navigator of the north,
three cheers for Capt Wilson, the builder
of the boat, and three cheers for Captain
Smith, the second Christopher Columbus.
Ladiep and Gentlemen—By request of
this navigation company and in honor of
one of its owners, I christcn her with the
feminine name of Nettie Baldwin.
The craft is a stern wheeler, propelled
by the old Pluck machinery. Her hull
is 14x75 and light, draws but seven and
a half inches ot water- She will run be­
tween Jamestown and Columbia and left
here, under command of Capt. Smith,
Sunday morning tor that point.
As soon an the boat is fully completed
we shall give her a more complete write
up, giving all the inter, ^ting points aliout
her, together with the object of her mis­
The Convention.
The Republican Convention, called tn
convene at the Court House, in this villsge
for the purpose of choosing delegates, to
the Territorial Convention, on S-turrlaj.
last at 2 o'clock, was well attended and
conducted in a manner calculated t3 in­
spire no small amount of interest. Mr.
Thomas Collins wss chnen chairman,
and Marshall McCiure, secretary. A. W.
Kelly, Edward 11 Foster and
Marshall McCiure all came into the con­
vention with high hopes of being chose
On the first informal ballot the con­
vent ion showed a disposition to support
Kelly snd McCiure, but on the fermal
ballot both of these gentlemen made very
insignificant showing, while Mr. Lyon, of
whom there had been but little said be­
fore the convention, gobbled up nearly all
the votes and was -Icclared by the eouven
tion unanimously ekcted. This unexpect­
ed turn in the conventional tide left the
fight for the remaining delegateship be­
tween McCiure and Kelly. These gentle
men tied three times in succession. On the
fourth ballot McCiure came out one vote
ahead, which gave liim the delegate-ship.
Although a hot fight was made, the con­
vention broke up with a general shaking
of hands and congratulations.
Behotd a Xew Banking Firm Cometh
With a MVSIN4 Thsasaad
Dollar* Capital.
The prophecy ot the ALBKT several
wesks sgo thst other parties besides ifager
& Co.. hsd sn eye on Jamestown as a
baukiag point, seems to be fulfilling at a
much sooner datt than the taost hopeful
could reasonably expect. Last Friday wc
received information direct from Mr. J.
W. Raymond, of the First National Rank
at Kismarck, and from Mr. R. E. Wal­
lace of New Castle, Ps., to the effeet that
a banking compmy, consisting of the
following gentlemen, hsd been formed
and would proceed at once to establish
themselves at this place: R. E.Wallace,
New Castle, Pa. J. W. Raymond, Bis­
marck, and S. R. McGinnis, of New Cas­
tle. These gentlemen arc well known to
the citizens of Jamestown aud vicinity.
Their business record is good and their
abiii'-y to do business, and do it on the
square, is unquestionable. Mr. Raymond
run one of the first stores ever in Janus
town, which he sold out to our highly
respected citizen. Ward Bill, in 1872. At
a later period we will speak further ot
thess gentlemen and their proposed busi
NEW »RK, lt.iv 3-^Smigrant* arriving
at this port yesterday, uumbered 4,5)91.
French papers assert th it 250,000 are await
transportation to the United States.
MOUNT IIOLLT, N- May 3.—Kellev,
a defaulter to the national bank of this
town, to the amont of $35(000, was yes.
terday sentenced to stste prison for three
DAYTON, O., May 3.—3fetu rial Hall, at
the Soldiers'home in this city was burned
this morning. It cast $35 000. It will be
rebuilt at once.
PATKKSON N. J., M*y 2—Grace Met bo.
dist church here was destroyed by lire
yesterday. It was the work of an incen­
diary. Loss 75.000.
WASHINGTON, May 2—The Secretary
of the treasury reports the decrease oi the
the public -debt during the month at
PAW PJLW, Mich.. May 3 —The safe iu
the postoAice at this place was blown
open by burglars yesterday, and $1,000
taken. -r,.
AUBUKS, N. Y., Miy 8.—Courtney will
sfc rt hence for Washington May 10th.
Jamestown General Market.
Corrected Weekly by L, LYOX
No 1 wheat 95 cts $ $1 per btohtl
No 2
90c $92 bu Oats 55 $ 60c ba
White Rose Flour $8 per barrel.
Four ace Patent FJour fe9 uer barrel
Mess Pork $20 bbl Bacon 12*£ lb
Hums 14 |?15clb—Dried Beef 15 18c tb
Coffee beht 25c !b Dried apples 12^jc ib
Diied Peaches 12)£e$- Dried prunes
bl4kberriesl25-j—Zantec currantslS^c
Alden Evaporates apples 25c per pound
Physicians and Surgeons,
Office up stair* over Land office, iaiucstowa, Da.
All crders left at Dakota Hou»e or office will re
calve nrorapt attention.
an# how to Oblaia them. Pamphlet
fret von roeoi «t of stamo for •oil
age. AddrotS"
ducou, aaoni ccx.
Near Patent oflSce, Washington

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