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Ifatruestown JJjert.
Marshall HcClnre, Editor & Frop'r
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Mncftes, Sl*
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Parable in
One Year, postage paid $2.10
Six Months. 1.80
All orders for the ALIBT mast be accompanie
the cash. We do this to protect our selves an
the good of our patrons.
All advertisements must be$ald quarterly in ad
Just what our school board propose to
do in regard to hiring a teacher is not
altogether clear, but it is safe to predict
that no lady teachcr will get the school.
The majority of the board are very much
opposed to such an arnngement, and so
long as they are our people have but little
to fear from them in that direction.
We believe that the board desire to act
in a manner which will result in the
most good to the people. Mr. Lees,
as well as Mr. McKechnie, stated
to us not long since, that they
would not in any degree favor the in­
stallment of a lady teacher, but would use
their power to an advantage more suiting
to the wishes and interests ot the people.
We do not oppose the hiring of a lady
t»aclier because we are particularly preju­
diced against them, for we are not, and
believe that some of the most reliable and
able teachers thac bless our land to-day
are ladies. The point is right here: If
we cannot afford to hire more than one
teacher at present, and we are of tbo
opinion that we cannot, could a lady
teacher, with no more than ordinary abili­
ty do a school of one hundred scholars
justice? Every intelligent rea&oncr iu
the county will agree with us when we
answer most emphatically, no. If our
county was able to stand the extra ex­
pense we would be In faror of hiring
two teachers instead of one. Could we
see our way clear in this direction we
would then favor the engagement of a lady
teaclicr whose duties it would be to give
instructions to the primary department,
leaving the more advanced portion of the
school in the hands of a capable gentle­
man tcacher. The assertion that we are
personally prejudiced against Mrs. Shoe­
maker, and en ttfat account are opposed
to her being engage! is basely false. We
have made no assertions either publicly
or privately, in regard to Mrs. Shoemaker
which would in any way convey the idea
that wc are personally prejudiced against
her. We are not favor of her teaching
the school for the same reasons that we
would oppose any other lady tocher who
might be endeavoring to get it.
Immigration into the United States fur
this year promises to be greater than for
any year for a quarter of a century.
Our farmers are rejoicing in consequnce
the late rain and snow storms. They
claim that tliey will prove vary beneficial
to the wheat and oats crop.
Mr. Windom's stock is raising some in
Washington, where he is regarded as the
most prominent representative of the in
terests of the Mississippi valley.
There is a great mystery about the cause
of the death of the two men whose bodic*
were found in the woods near Lake Ben­
ton the ether day. The Doctors declare
they died of poison.
Henry Greenbaum, swindling president
of the German National Bank of Chicago,
that went to smash under auspicious cir­
cumstances sometime ago, has been ac
quitcd, ttrough the skill of his lawyers
Out in Brule City a man bitched up
hit wife with an ox to plow. He was
arrested and fined $3. O, what has be
come of our glorious constitution, and did
our forefathers bleed in vain What has.
become of our fiee form of government*
Fine a man for hitching—Ob, what is the
world coming to?
The Daily Press and Dakot'an takes an­
other step which brings it to the front
rank. Don't look for a six column folio
any longer. If you do you will get left.
_It aint there, and wVn
Proceedings of the Beard of County
In session April 5th, 1880.
Board all present, D. M. Kelleher in
the chair. On motion the report of Geo.
Browne, justice of the peace, received aud
laid over for further consideration. On
motion the clerk was authorized to notify
other justices of the peace, in writing, to
a.ake their leport to Board, as required
by law. The report of road viewers on pub­
lic road running south and east from
Jamestown read and received. H. W.
Dewey and A. McKechnie, viewers, and.
the same ordered a public highway and
clerk ordered to make record thereof.
The report of Justice Browne read and
received. The bill of M. Kelleher,
board of Thou. Hughes 108 meals, 35 cts.
each, $37, allowed. Learned Bros., stove
and fixtures, 129.78, allowed. Grimm,
Geseler & Muller, allowed $51.15, coal
furnished county. The bond of county
\reasurer, in the sum ot $4,000, approved.
The opinion of Attorney Allen was heard
by Bo*rd, but further consideration of
taxing railroad lands laid over till next
meeting. The assessor was allowed un
til next meeting to give additional
bonds. On motion Board adjourned un­
til April 10th.
Meeting April lOtli.—Present, Moran
and Hendricks. Hendricks in the chair.
The clerk was authorized to draw order
in favor of Wm. Bowman, justice of the
peace, for the sum of $12.25 fee due as
per report, quarter ending April 1st,
1880. The report of Browne laid over
until next meeting. Also application of
James McMann to sell liquor laid over.
A. A. Allen, Jas. McKenzieand McManns
were each allowed three dollars, services
as road viewers. E. H. Foster's bill as
surveyor not allowed. A. A. Allen, at­
torney, was allowed five dollars for legal
services to the Board. On motion Board
adjourned until Apul 15th, in order that
full Board may be present.
Meeting of Board April 15th. Board
all present. Kelleher in the chair No
action taken on the question of taxing
railroad lands The report of road view
eis on road leading north and west from
Jamestown taken up after considerable
debate, and the receiving of remonstrance
of E. T. Kearney aud others, the report
of viewers was ordered published three
weeks, to allow further consideration
Oa motion A. A. Allen was appointed
Superintendent of Schools, and bond ap­
proved. Also Wm. Elmer was appointed
Coroner, and bond of three hundred dol­
lars approved. The bond of G. J. Good­
rich waa approved. The judges and
clerk of the special election were each
allowed two dollars. A. McKechnie al­
lowed $31.50 services as road supervisor
also $55.30 services as sheriff. Boat dad
journed. GEO. W. VENNUK,
The following report of road viewers on
road running north and west of town is
herewith published tor the purpose of al­
lowing further consideration.
Commencing at the centie of 4ih ave
nue at the north boundary of Jamestown,
D. T., thence on continuation ot said ave
nue, 88 degs. 3d min. 2719 feet ton
boundary of sec 25 at a point 1296 ft
sec post thcnce at 304 interesect
top of river bank 9 ft above river, 323 it
edge of river, 367 ft wedge of river,
884 top of bank of river 12 ft above
water, 1327 ft intersect a points of mound
on north side of Military reservation
thence 0 degs 11 min on sec line 966
ft line of reservation 2600 ft a fill 6 ft
high for 30 ft will be necessajy—2700 ft
*4 sec post at 5436 feet corner sec 13, 14,
23 and 24 thence 89 degs 41 min 2
miles to corner of sec 15,16, 21 aad 22
thence 0 deg 30 min 298 ft thence
49 degs 20 min 1100 ft thence 82
degs 15 min 743 ft top of bank of
Pipestem river, bank 10 ft above riv„*r
thence 74 degs 49 min 20 ft edge of
river, at 70 ft edge of river, at 100 ft
bank of river, 20 ft high thence 77
degs 00 min 144 ft thence 23 degs
20 173 ft thence a 56 degs 40 min
112 ft thence 46 degs 30 min 33 ft
thence 22 degs 20 min 93 ft thence
74 degs 20 min 160 ft thence a 46
degs 47 336 it thence 68 degs 24 min
to section line.
Oa returning east the viewer* com
menced at post a of sec 15, andaagled
up the bluff of Pipeitem valley, as fol­
lows: From }i post, thence 72 degs
38 mine 430 ft thence 76 deg 180
It thence 78 dega 30 mine 187 ft
thewce 58 degs 393 ft thence a 49
64 itiiu 261 ft to point of intersec
ion of line.
I certify that tbe survey, of which the
bove are correct notes, was made by me
the request ot the board of viewers of
aid road, ou March 22d and 23d, 1880.
If Y«a Want Free laadi Tsa Better
Get Them Now
Yankton Press: The movement of pop
ulation froin east to west shows no indi­
cations of abatement, but rather swells as
the years go by. Kansas has grown 100,
000 to 1,000,000 in less than twenty
years, is still receiving large accessions,
while beyond the it tide ot immigration
is flowing occrnss the plains of Colorado
and climbing its argentiferous mountains.
Nebraska free lands have been in great
part absorbed, but it is daily growing in
number at a rate that will aoon place it
side by side with its southern sister. And
Dakota, where five years since the organ­
ized counties would unmber less than
twenty aud settlements were few atfd far
between, is now tbe home of the 150,000
people and is augmenting its population
with gieat rapidity. If signs ot the times
should not fail our territory will nearly
double its numerical strength during the
present year, and civilization will hove
penetrated its most remote corner. The
end of the free land policy of our gener­
ous government is drawing rapidly, so
far as its practical benetiits are concerned,
and within five years, at least, should there
be no abatement immigration, agricultural
lands for premption and tbe grand beacon
of the mighty west will lose its luster
and attraction. Still there will room tor
millions more, and in the light of the
past we can safely feci that the room will
be occupied.
Coal and Shrubbery.
J. S. Warn writea to the Mandan Cri­
terion as follows:
"I am asked the question a thousand
times, and receive letters by every mail,
asking the same question, when will I bb
ready to furnisii coal to thoie who wish
to buy. I will answer all aa one: Aa
soon aa I can get a switch so that I can
get a car off the main track. The mine is
in good 8liape, and I am all ready to put
a sufficient number of men at work to get
out coal enough to supply the demand.
I have been to a heavy expense in running
the main entry, which is now in under
the hill one hundred and fifty feet, and
well timbered with solid oak timber. The
vein is over three feet thick, with a solid
rock roof. My aim is to deal fairly, and
furnish you good coal as cheap as I can
afford to and as aoon as I am prepared I
will let you all know*
I am doing now what I would like to
see every man along the line of the road
do that is, setting out tiees, grape vines,
straWberries,' raspberries, and even rose
bualies. What do you think of that away
out here on the prairie* I should have
done this long ago, only I did not want
to make bitching posts for Sitting Bull.
That old savage doesn't like me very well,
anyway. I have settled here to stay, and
there is roam for lots more. It will be a
pleasure to me to show any one around
who wants to aettle and make a home.
Crueltjr to litor/s.
Mandan Criterion.
County Clerk.
A neighbor has just been in to allow us
tbe privilege of scrutinizing a bank note
of the denomination of $100. We could­
n't remember having done anything to
this neighbor mean enough to justify him
in taunting us by paradiug before our
weak and sensitive orbs such unnustaka*
ble evidences of wealth, and fumbled
around in our pocket for a nickla to heave
at his head, but alas! our hand came out
with a canceled reveuue stamp sticking
to it and he shuffled out without asking
us cither to "fumigate" or "irrigate."
LAND OFFICE at Fargo. I).
April 23d," 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the follow.
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of bis claim, and secure final entry thereof
on the 31th day of May, 1880, and that
he will take the testimony of his witness
es before Artuhur W Kelley, Clerk of the
District Court in and for Stutsman Co.,
2961 for the northeast quarter, aec. 8,139,
63, and names the following as his wit­
nesses, viz Charles Frcy, C. Rattech, H.
T. Elliott and George Browney, all of
Jamestown, D, Horace Austin,
Apr37unm35 Register.
County Survey or,
Stntomaa Co D. T.
April 20th. 1880.
Complaint having been entered at this of
fice by Abel Rogers against Dominiek Brown
for abandoning his Homestead Entry No.
3384. dated June 3d, 1879, upon the ne 1,
section 22, township 140 n, range 63 w, in
.Stutsman county. D. T., with a view to the
caneehation of said entry: tbe said parties
are hereby summoned to appear at this office
on the 31 day of June. 1880, at 10 o'clock a.
tn., to respond and furnifh testimony con­
cerning said alleged abandonment.
JOHN M. PUOII, Receiver.
Notice of Final Proof,
April 8th, 18§0.
I, Judd Duuham, of JameatWwn, who
made declaratory statement No, 5445 for tbe
4 nw and then of sw $ section 32,
town 141 tange 64, do hereby give notice of
my intention to make Anal proof to estab­
my o'xim to the land above described^
and thai I expect to prove my claim by the.
following wit rank*: Edwaid
•fenna William*, ArthntW. Kearney and
Henry E. •escbke, all of \fameetown, D. T.
Pork, Hams, Bacon, Beef
Hay Forks, Fork Handles,
Land office Business a Specialty.
Papers Drawn, Notes Protested, and Solid Insurance
ESTABLISHED- Companies represented in the Asbi/rs,
./tssnr.in.H.rm. nf Phil.' n. .Hi.
1820. Fire Association of Phil'a
1810. American of Phil'a,
St. Paul Fire and Marine,
X*. Li702T
40 Pieces Slieeting and Shirting.
40 pieces Prints.
Ladies'Dress Goods.
Notions, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Rubber Coats,
4* Blanketsf
S-u.gra,x of A.11- Grades,
Green, Roasted and Ground Coffee.
Young Hyson, Gunpowder, Oolong, and Japan Teas.
Pips of all Kinds and Styles,
4,165,717 97
857,681 4S
Fine Cut, Plug and Smoking Tobacco.
Lard, Fish, Butter, Eggs arul Cheese.
Cow Bells, Post Augers, Wood Eave Spouting, Wagon
Woods, and a full line of
Agricultural Implements.
All the above goods sold low for cash, bought before the ad­
vance and will not be under sold. Give me a call
Shovels, Spades, Hand Hoes,
TaS£.3StOWXL, 3D.

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