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gamcstoxutx ^.Xcrt.
Official Paper of Huntsman Connty.
MARSHALL JloCLURX, Editor and Froprlttor
Terms:—Payable in Advance.
ONS COPY, one year, *8 00
ON COPY, tix months, SI CO
LOCAL NOTICES.'- 10 c«n»» per llne for first
•(K-rtion ftc. per lire for each Bub«rqnent intrrllon.
170 subscription* continued longer than paid for.
All butineM communications should be addressed
Jamestown, Dakota
Go to Lambert's for shade trees.
Go to Lambert's tor box elder (seed.
10} Iba sugar for $1 at Lambert's.
Overalls 50c per pair at Lambert's.
Got to LamU-rt's before buving oats.
Gent's hose 50c a dozen at Lambert's.
10 cent cigar for 5 cents at L» on's
Ladies' serge hlippcrs for 75c at Lambert's.
Go to Henry Vessey for Ground Peed
Go S. to F. Lain belt's tor cheap drag?.
Casli will buy goods low. Call and see.
C. J. Weir telle the world renowned
J. I. Case machinery.
Laifre stock of boots and shoes just re
ceived at'Lambert's.
C.J. Weir sells the McCormick self
We keep the bsst groceries that can be
liought L. LYON.
C. J. Weir sells the Tager self dump­
ing hay rake.
Crockery, glassware, brown and yellow
are at Cmtin & Winslow'tt.
C. J. Weir has just sold elder Inman a
I full rig Tibrator and traction engine.
The cheapest teas town for the money
at LYON'S.
fine lino of spectacles, eje glasses, etc.
just received atT. W. Fields'.
Bedsteads, chairs, rooking chain, tables,
and a general Hue of furniture just received
at Curtain & Winslow's.
—Old papers for salo at this office for
T9 cento per 100.
Just received—an invoico of ladiw* and
Misses' hats. L. LYOIC.
Butter at Henry Vessey's, fresh and
sweet, for sale at wholesale or retail.
Henry Vessey his just received one car
load of Sauk Centre Flour.
Call on Elder Inman for all kind of
Garden Seed, Horse Radish and Rhubarb
plants now on hand.
For all kinds of sewing maehine repairs
and needles call on Elder Inman. Chew
ing gum furnished lady customers.
Ladies attention: For earings,pins^cts,
silver thimbles, charms, chains, bracelets,
etc., go to T. W. Fields'Jewelry store.
If you want a good shave go to Thomp­
son. He is doing good work. The new
shop has been instrumental in improving
bis artistic ability.
For sale on long time and at low prices,
lots in Jamestown, Apply to Cuyler
Adams, Spiritwood Farm.
For «ale cheap, a lot of breaking plows
need only one sesson on the Spiritwood
Farms. Also a few tons ot good hay
Afply to manager. m4tf
A blacksmith shop has been opened at
Spiritwood, where parties doing breaking
in that vicinity can havs their plows sharp­
ened, and repairing done at reasonable
rates. 2t
The prairie is covered with a carpet of
The box elder and the elm bloometh.
Likewise the prairie daisy.
Where is Pete? Has he been here? Just
gone. Too late. Oh, my I
The first article on the 4th page should*
have been credited to the Land Journal.
The simple fact that the railroad compa­
ny have not as y«t received a patent to its
earned lands, is no reason why they should
net be taxed. The fgpent does no assist
in the earning of the lsnd^ but in perfect
tug the title to them.
J. C.Weir, the live farm machinery man,
now comes forth with a prancing horse
and new top buggy. We feel wear-eh, and
would like to go out arid-eh-ing.
We anderstand thst D. M. Kelleher will
be chosen by the Democrats as delegate
to their convention which will be held at
Bismarck some time this month. Eelle
her vjill make a gorfd one.
Old papers for sale at this office at 75
cents per hundred.
Fargo and Moorheare pictty well
shaken up over the murder of Desmonds,
a saloon keeper at Moorhead.
The Nettie Baldwin arrived at Grand
Rapids last Thursday. As soou as com*
p'.eted she ill load with lumber for
Hager & Co's bank buiding looms up
very conspicuously. When completed it
will be one of the finest buildings the
place affords.
County surveyor Foster and county
treasury Collins, left for down stream
yesterday morning. Tbey will stake out
Grand Rapid4 before they return.
The concave surface of a newly drift#d-in
disciple of the law's coat sleeve has lately
grown prematurely slick, caused probably
by ardent huggerv attractions.
Oar county commissioners would not
allow themselves to be bull-dozed by the
N. P. attorney who visited them while
they were in session last week. The R.
R. lands will be taxed just the satnee.
A dance was given on Friday evening
last, in the store building just erected by
Mr. Knapp. The music was furnished by
JoeDelgie, and a few delightful hours
of social enjoyment were spent by those
Among the many fine and valuabe
animals in possession of Co. F, 7th U. S.
Cavalry, which encamped here few days
last week, was one, a blooded Kentucky
horse, formerly the property of the late
General Custer.
In one of his recsat excursions down
the valley Captain Elliott discovered the
burial place of an Indian among the
branches of a tree, about 20 fest from the
ground. The skeleton was that of a c|iild,
apparently placed there within a year.,
It is rarely that these resting-places of de*
parted Sioux are seen in this vicinity.
We are obligated to assessor Nichols for
the following: Real property, $874,895
Township property, 67.501
Personal property 78,181.
Total... •1,005,187
Number of school children: Boys 95, gifts
Jim Emmons, of the Bismsiek Sun,
gives general manager Sargent and the
baggy portion of the Argus a gentle racket
in the last issue of his literary mud scow.
Jim slings mud well but not isely. Mr
Sargent may have made mistakes. Who
has not? It's pretty hard to manage a road
which runs through Paradise and termi­
nates at the mouth of h—1.
Mrs. Allen will move down to Grand
Rapids next week.
Col. Flint .has anew personal toggery
Capt. Smith, of the Nettie Baldwin, was
in town yesterday.
A North Side lady says thst Ed. Strong
in the best natursd man in Jamestown.
Mr. Quiggle has moved over Einchie's
new store building.
J. C. Winslow, the Fargo lumber king,
wss in the city Isst Friday.
J. A. Jenkins, of Lowell, Ey., regis
terd at the Dakota Hoase last Friday.
Att'y Bill is getting well estsblished
in a legal point of view, and we are glad
of it.
Mr. J. J. Eddy, who is one of our
eolidest farmers, has just finished seeding
75 acres of wheat.
Mr. J. J. Eddy's mother and sister ar­
rived from Albion, Mich., laat week. The
ladies will make Jamestown their home in
the future.
Col. Lounsberrj and Marshall Jewell of
the Bismarck Tribune are in 8t. Paul,
looking after the interests of their Illus­
trated edition.
^Mr. Tabor and wife, of Ann Arbor,
are atopping at the Dakota House.* They
are very nice people and we would be
pleased to see them locate here perme*
F. D. Hager, who has been visiting
friends in Iowa for the past 10 days, re
turned last evening. F. D. is very much
of gentleman, and ia well thought of by
our citizens, snd were it not for his part
r.ership connections, ho would have no
enemies here. Too much washee and boil*
ed shittee burst Melican man bankee.
There will be a grand dedication ball
given at the new school house on the
evening of the, 17th (Monday.) The party
will be first class in every respect, and the
proceeds will go toward«purcbasing prizes
for the scholars. Every body come.
Our land agents are undergoing no small
amodnt of tiouhle and inconvenience in
consequence of a nonsensical kink in the
law governing clerks of the district courts
in counties which no circuit court is
held. It appears that on account of Stuts
man county's being attached to Cass coun­
ty for judicial purposes, renders it unlaw
Company F, of the 7th Cavalry, arrived
at this place from Fort Tattoo, last Thurs­
day, afternoon, and went into camp across
the river, where they remained until Sun­
day morning. They were on their way
to Bismarck, from which point they will
proceed westward, accompanied by the
Northern Pacific surveyors. The com­
pany is composed of fine and hard^f
looking men, many of whom are quite re­
fined and well educated. The boys are in
good spirits and say they are ready for
business. As the present campaign prom*
ises to be of more than ordinary import­
ance on account of general dissatisfaction
among the Indians, the boys will probably
have a chance to show their bravery before
they return to winter quarters. It will
be remembered this company was once
commanded by the much lamented Custer
during his last raid. Only two of the
old boys are left from the chase. The
boys speak very highly of Major Bell and
say that although be is very exacting he
is also very kind,
At a meeting of the school board last
Saturday evening, it waa decided to Open
school on Wednesday, the 19th inst. Mr.
P. F. Foley, of Watertown.Wis., has been
engaged at a salary of $65 a month.
The text books to be used sre Watson's
orthography, Appleton's readers, Spencer
ian writing, Robinsonll Arithmetic,
Gayot's Geography, Sainton's Language
Lessons, Harvey's English Grammar, and
Swinton's U. 8. History. Just so fast as
highsr branches are demanded other
text books will be designated. Every
thing is being dons by the board to satis­
fy the people, and it is hoped sll
will unite in patronizing the
school to the extent of making it the
pride of our valley. Poor people can have
no excuse for not sending their children
as the law provides for them, in the way
of books.
Jamestown's Boom.
The readers ot the ALIRT will be grat­
ified to learn that we will soon be able
to rise above the brick monopoly. The
outrageous' price our people hsve been
compelled to pay lor brick ahipped in
from Moorhead and other parts, hss made
many a stout heart sick, snd csused less
plucky ones to curse the country. We
have good material out of which to man­
ufacture brick and the only reaaon we have
not had a brick yard long before this is
simply on account of our meekly submit*
ting the enterprise to the msnagement of
certain Jefferson parties who promised us
if we would not try to influence any one
else to come in they would certainly come
and fill the field. Since that time we have
said nothing about the matter through the
paper or otherwise, although we have re­
ceived scoree of communications from the
parties begging for encouragement and
information. Our people have become
disgusted with the slowness of this im
portsnt msnufscturing enterprise and have
taken steps whieh will, we hope, prove
effectual in supplying the long felt want.
We are responsibly informed that Mr.
Henry Smith and a gentleman by the
name of Hockers, both formerly of Green
"Bay, Wis., hsve slresdy commenced oper­
ations snd will have their first kiln burned
in about four weeks. These gentlemen
are old, experienced brick makers, snd
it they mske good brick they will receive
a big lift from our people. We shall
watch the project with interest, snd givs
our readers the benefit of our observations..
Business—Local Politics—Religion.
It would requiie a person of superior
enuraerative abilities to properly sum up
the incidences of the past week. It has
been one of business, sprinkled with so­
cial dues and seasoned with ecclesiastical
preludes. The talkative land agent as
well as the more sedate wood-butcher, has
made a very admirable showing. Hun­
dreds ot acres have passed from theiianda
of Uncle Sam, iuto the hands of his in
dnsirious subjects. Buildings of al-
for Mr. Kelly, clerk of ihe district^, most every description have gone up and
court, to take declaratory statements, con
sequently, those desiring to do so are
compelled to go to Fargo, a distaUee of
enoahundred miles, at a cost of $15 or $20.
This is a gross outrage on the foreigner
as well as injustice to our CQpnty. If
Judge Barnes will take enough interest
in our welfare to set this matter right, he
would confer upon «s a great favor.
and will, ere long, be sufficiently com­
pleted to admit either mercantile or do
mestie plunder. The merchant, too, has
not been spending his time in. idleness.
Instead of loafing around the store with
his (set raised to anjelevation of about nine
and one-half degrees above the line of his
sacred head, waiting for customers, be
has with unusual briskness been raking
into his spacious cash box substantial
evidences of commercial prosperity.
Things socially, including gossipical
breezes, free shin-digs, private card parties
snd moonlight strolls have occupied a
considerable attention, and closed without
blood-shed or unholy consequences.
The sharp eyed politician has not been
sleeping, but has put in a good week's
work button holing his victims and hold
ing open air conventions with sojourning
strangers. The congressional ship seems
to weigh heavily upon their souls. Some
aro in favor of Mr. B., some in favor of
Mr. R., and others, for reasons more fa­
miliarly known to their business relations
are ardent admirers of Southern aspirants.
When the
came, all things of a noisy nature passed
away and the village turned out in full
fores and with an air of becoming solem­
nity marched toward the temple where
spiritual rations are dispensed to the en­
tire satisfaction of all. After the regular
services bad concluded the Sunday School
filed into line aiid proceeded to business.
It being the first Sabbath in anew year, it
became the duty of the school to reorgan'
ize. After a little religioue lecturing,
Mr. J. A. Olds was nominated and elec­
ted superintendent, and Joe D. Mills,
secretary. The school is in very pros
perous condition, and it ie more than
likely that it will, under Mr. Old's skill­
ful management, dev^pp into popularity.
8abbath afternoon at 5 o'clock, the
church society held a basiness meeting
and proceeded to elect six trustees, whose
business it should be to look after ths
lucrative necessities of the society. J. A.
Olds, L. Lyon, J. S. Nichols, O. A. Boy
ington, E. P. Wells and J. J. Flint were
elected. These officers have full charge
of all matters pertaining to the erection
of anew Ebenezer in our midst snd its
locstion will bs wherever they chooee to
The following are among the prominent
Arrivals st ths Dskota House during the
put week:
H. M. Wade, Watseka, III. A. Sears
and son, Watseka, 111. B. F. Goes, Pe
waukee, Wis. B. F. Bowmsn, Pewaukee,
WW M. L. Knowlton, St. Paul A. L.
Welde,wtfe and son. Chissgo Geo. F.
Short, Chicsgo Miss Nellie Schwellen
bsh, Chicsgo W. H. Campbell, Winne
peg W. F. Wedtman, Minneapolis J.W.
Von Neida, Minneapolis T: C. Struble
White Pigeon, Mich. Chas. H. Dixon,
St Paul John A.Good, St. Paul J.R.
Robertson. St. Paul J. C. McHugh, St.
Paul Warren Hull, Pekin, 111. L. F.
Rice, Grand Rapids, Mich. Morris John
son, Lowell, Mich. F. E. Jones, Burton
Harry White, Desdwood John McNeil,
U.S. Indian Inspector J. E. Harkness
Chicago E E. Hill, Chicago Cuyler
Adams, Spiritwood R. W. Leavenworth,
Rio, Wil L. McEmnie, Rio, Wis Ham
lin Russell, Spiritwood Mrs. John Ven
num and son, Watseka, 111, E. C. Wiss
Ingfe Dead wood J. A. Jenkins, Louis­
ville, Ey.4 Jesse Hill, Waphtusa, Wis. R.
N. Pray, Fargo H. B. Reese, U. S. Pay
Master A. McCowley, Asst. Pay Master
J. B. Pellows, Winona, Minn. A. D,
Ellsworth, Winona, Minn. C. Winslow,
Rev. J. H. Baldwin, Tower City Capt.
L. Smith, Columbia, D. T. W. C. Gib*
son, Lowell, Wis.
We Kick.
We are creditably informed that several
parties—new comers—have been advised
by certain persons prominently interested
at Tj-and Rapids, not to purchase any land
in the vicinity of Jamestown on the
ground tiiat a clear title could not he ob­
tained thereto, and have told them that
no land of any value could be obtained
within at least forty miles of this place to
which a clear and distinct title could be
had. Now, this is not true. We kick
That it is perfectly right for Grand Rap­
ids psrties to work tor the best interests
of their own locality, just so long as they
confine themselves to a legitimate busi­
ness basis, no one has any right to dispute,
but when they attempt to build up Grand
Rapids and the country around it by in­
juring Jamestown and Stutsman county,
they expose themselves to severe criticism
and greatly injure their own chances for
success. Their alleged assertions that
no land to which one can secure a clear
title can be had within forty miles of this
place, is basely false and in justiee to
our own county and village we shall op­
pose such schemes as much as possible:
There are thousands of acres of just is good
land as God ever made, within three to
15 miles of Jamestown, which can be
homestesded, pre-empted, tree-claimed or
purchased outright, either for cash down
Or on time. The question of title is all
bosh."* Common sense will teach any man
that the government or the railroad com­
pany are just as able to give clear titles to
their lands in one place as another.
This is only a sharp dodge used by
short sighted individuals to benefit thsir
own favored locality, at the expense of
Jamestown. This "am" business, gentle­
men, and don't you forget it.
Fcrt Totten Items.
Special to the Alert.
The ice broke up yesterday. The lake
is now clear and Col. Scott is getting his
boats in order—The land boom has reach­
ed Stump Lake, claim jumping being the
order of the day Lt. Scott hss bought
aslaugh cutter, for use on the steamer, of
course... .Mr. Merrill, the census man for
this district, is in towi| Cramsie &
Palmer have received a new supply of
cradles. Who speaks flr»t?... .Mr. Bren­
ner, the post trader, has aboutfioished
seeding his farm on the Cheyenaw.. .Mr.
Morgan, one of Gel. Milee' fhvorite scouts,
arrived from the Tellow Stone country
yesterday. He came by way of Mouse
River and nports that to be the boss
country. A report was received yester­
day that a family of half breeds had
starved to death at Turtle Mountain
Mr. Palmer has just returned from James­
town. &
Jamestown General Market,
Corrected Weekly by 1* LTOI
No 1 wheat 95 cts $ $1 per bushel
No 2 90c $92 bu Oats 55 $ 60c bu
White Rose Flour $8 per barrel.
Four ace Patent Flour $9 per barrel.
Mess Pork $20 bbl Bacon 12){&13c lb
Hams 14 $15clb—Dried Beef 15$ I8e lb
Coffee best 25c lb Dried apples 12^c lb
Dried Peaches 13){e&- Dried prunes 12J£
bl'kbeftieslSJ^—Zantee currantsl2££c
Alden Evaporated apples 25c per pound
Physicians and Surgeons,
Office up atairs over Land office, Jamestown, Da.
All order* left at Dakota Heme or office will re­
ceive prompt attention.
Leave for Firesteel, Yankton and all inter­
mediate points Mondays and Thurs­
days, at 7 o'clock, a. m.
Arrive from Yankton, Firesteel and all
intermediate points Wednesdsys and
Saturdays, at 7 clock p. m.
Manager and Proprietor.
The district school, of district No. 1, of
Stutsman county, D. T.,will commence at
the new school hoi&e on Wednesday, the
the 19th day of May, 18S0.
The ALERT is delivered to all subscrib­
ers within the village limits free of charge.
Those desiring single copies can get them
ol the folio* ing placcs: Dakota House,
News Depot and Will Elmer's drug store.
Price 5 ccnts.

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