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.' -k
I l. T., lisr. N. D. KAIJIINO. ar-or.
Services in the ochool house, at 10:30 a- m.aud T:30
p.m., every Sabbath. I'rayer meeting W'odnea
day •vening at 7:i(d.
Nooejr furulAhed
91«N,9M to ionn. Wm
It is said that even the legislature can­
not act on the coal question.
There is not at this writing, Thurday
noon, a stick of wood in town.
Prosecuting Attorney Bill went to
Fargo last Thursday on legal business.
JS. P. Wells will l'lpjisli the money t«
parties desiring to prove up on home­
steads and pre-emptions. tf
The Alert visits nearly every family in
Stutsman county. It is therefore a good
advirtfsiiig meriinm.
iiuapp & Son hnve jest completed the
fmishiug touches on The Alert office
with their artistic paint brushes.
Jewell, of the Bismarck Tribune, has
fcoiie into the br'.ck contric ing business.
Ttie business is admirably ad.ipted to his
Will Knapp is contemplating a" pro­
tracted visit to his home mid friends in
Mii.ueauolis. Wo may look for a wailing
and gnashing of guuts ere long.
Joe D. ii.lls left for Chicago last Fri­
day He will spend the blizzaniy por­
tion of the season in tile presence of his
The Jamestown A
|crt a
If you want to buy a stove go to Learn*
ed Bros'. If you want to buv tinware go
to Learned Br s. If you want to buy
cutlery go to Learned Bros. fore^Sry
tbinjf in the hardware line.
On the evening of the 25th, the Pres­
byterian church will ve a grand thanks­
giving entertainment, at the new masonic
temple. The affair promises to be one of
the "pavest o. the season aud a liberal turn­
out is expected,
The Brotherhood of Loco-notive Fire­
men will give i» grand shindig at Chapin's
Hall, in tfurgo, Thanksgiving eve. The
affair jvill be one of the choicest social
events of the season, and all who attend
will get eheir ipopey's worth of fan and
Jamestown will have three railroads
in lass than two years The surveys have
been made already and one of them graded
to a point 60 miles south of us at which
point it will corn's direct to Jamestown
early in the spring.
The P«nb»na Pioneer has a new dre«s,
and is aow printed in the form of a six
eelumn quarto with its leaves cat
proving up.
Trains so fur this season huve visited u«
oa tiuie.
Henry Powell left for Chicago and the
euf last Monday.
E. P- Weils will loan money on im­
proved farms, tf
The depot, freight and passenger house
are being Uubed with paiht.
spunky lit­
tle paper and the editor a spunkier felloe,
judging from a rectnt editorial enti.led,
'We want to be understood."—Black
Ifills Journal.
^,1.^4 after tfee fashion of the Pioneer
Piew. (to appearance and make up is
greatly itoproved thereby.
We publish tbis week a mamoth ad
I vertisem»Dt ft)r I^arnard Broa, Thrre is*
not, prt*t.al*lv, MOlWr atope west of Min
Hf«p4i« that carri«»»o aa»ort
ment of lmrd*are
line as i* k*»p b» tbls 804. Mr, Barb -nr.
j, ii,( of lh* cittwiv* in*
atitation is pi"vine bimielf worthy of the
I ie
clmnge in the interior' of the post office'
ilr. Ivelley has built on to the timin build
irrtt a small, but tastv addition, making tK
office veryrAomy. lie is also having a
new set of lock boxes made.
The leading papers of the territory
point with pride'lo'our advertising col
umus. They say that Jamestow lias an
»nterprisng set of merchants. They speak
the tiat'i. -There is not a business olace
in the vil'.age, large or small,- with one
exception—that is endeavoting to sneek
throung this vail of tears into that much
l.niged for sphere ot prosperity, without
iiceasionallv stopping to drop a dollar into
the pocket of their printer. We try to
help them and they help us.
Many grumble because wood and coal
is so scarce. Mr. Curtin says that it is
not his fault- that lie is wholly unable to
get bis orders filled pionipt enough to
meet the demands of his customers. The
Northwestern Fuel Company. •.h-oeveror
what ever comprises it, had either better
go out of the fuel business entirely or
use more diligence in getting their pliin
(l-r to their agents In case of a protracted
block ide, a calamity liable to occur any
day, there would be much suffering as a
John Nichols had a runaway Wed
I ne-day evening last. His team, which lie
left standing in front of Mr. -Bennett's
door, broke both halters and disappeared
They IUU through Mr. Bennett's farm
machinery yard, smashing considerable
of it, besides upsetting a re.iper They
then took in the prairie and finally fetched
up at a neighboring faun house, where
tliey again encountered a regiment of
plows, harrows, seeders and harvesters,
md succeeded in turning over and sm i»h-
able to run awav again this whiter, it bc«
ing bruised up very badly.
Official Majorities.
The following are the official majorities
of Stutsman county as returned by the
board of canvassers:
Pcttigrew. delegate to congress....
John E. Wallace, council
E. P. Wei is, "house..'..
W. F. Ball, district attorney
Among the many new and coniinpnd- F. Kindred to II E a.bice, iots
able improvetnuu'ts on Fiont' sit'rc'et,' Ve 9 and 10, block 09, Jamestown, $35.1.
no.ee with a" degree of -atiftfrotiori a Tnvne
itig a huge portion of them before being sw and of ne 3^
One of the horses will not be
Patrick Moran, Commissioner
Geo. W. Venr.um, regis'.r o. deeds,
A. llcKechnie, feher'.ff
Jolm Nichols, Assessor
B. Harris, judge probate
Thos Coll ins,treuvurer (no oppositior) 416
Justices of the Peace and other minor
officers had no opposition, hence their
election Is unanimous.
g«tl Estate Transfers.
Tbo following" transfers of real e*t*t«
in Statsm»n cuntv liave been made since
November l«t, 1880.
N. P. N. R. to P. J. P.eny, lot 7, block
11, Jamestown. $60.
and se }& sec 27, 138^, 83. 480
acres, S950.
2 and 9, in block 34. ahd l"ts ^0 and 11
hi bl-«k 53. Jamestown. $4t0.
Wm. Ferris to A- Klaos, lots 1, 2 and
8, io black H, Jameatown, $600.
A. Lindsey to Allen Barton, sec 8,
tp 139 1 64, 640 acres, $1,212.
Ed. II. Turner to Win IJ Farrell, lot"
land 2, ll"ck 54, Klaus' additiou to
Jamestown, $250.
Wm. A. Fuller to W. W. Thayer, ne
J4 sec. 7, tp 138, range 63, 160 acres.
E. P. Well- to W. Ives, Y2 lot 14,
bl'iek 39, Jamestown, £100.
A. Klaus to John Benton, lot 2,
lilock 40, Jamestown, and lots 5 and 6_
Klaus' addition to Jamestown. $500.
A. Klaus to Henry Flohr J-j lot 18,
block 32. Jamestown, $500.
E P. Wills to Muiy A. McKenzie,
lots 14 fc'id 15, block 35, Jamestown,
(Mirystc-na Gomroth to W. W. Bill pnd
II. G. Newport, lot 13, block 26, James
town, $!30.
John McGee to Robt. C. Johnson,
lot 9, blo-.-k 18, tuiestown, $80.
Hamlin ltu»s-ll to B. S. lii'ssell and
Culler Adams,, se of sw sec. 15,
tp. 140. range- 62, 100 acieS.
H..mlin Russell to Cuyler Adams,
Over coats at Lyon's.
Gi-rman socks ami German mitts at Lyon's
(Tent's wiutcr wear, gents' over shirts
at Lyons,
L- Lyon has a fine line of ladies' furs
aud winter hats.
Mackerel, s-almon, white fish, hallibut,
herring, etc. L- LYON.
Xotc tost.
Parties are heieby cautioned against
13 negotiating a note drawn in favor
20 of myself, by H. Smith, in the sum ot
j88 one hundred and seventy five dollars sev-
entv-five cents, or a' out that amount, and
bearing date about August 12th, 1880, as
payment on the same has been stopped.
Nov, 16th, 18:30. H. VESSEY.
Whereae, default bac been made in tha condition
of a certain mortgage dulv executed, acknowledged
and delivered by Eli Jarvai". inr.Hfaynr, to J. 3.
llatthcWF, mortagee, which f* ar» date Nov. 30th,
1878, and vat duly recorded in the office of the Reg­
ister of ljeeas of Caes crmntv. Dakota Territory, on
the 10th day of December. 1878, at 9 o'clock 0. m.
Now Therefore. Notice if hereby given that by
virtue of a power of sale in *aid mortgage contain­
ed, and in pnrroaEce of the f-tatule in fnch caws
made and provided, the »aid mortage wijl be fore
I cloted by cale of the following described horse, to
Bnsb and others, to N. C. Battel wit:
One stallion, bay in color, half Nortaan, 8 ycafa
"A Tavlor toC- Kindrt d, lots 1. 1 the Sheriff of Stutsman county, Dakota.to satisfy
the amount doe on *aid mortgage debt, with inte­
rest. and the costs and expsnvs allowed by law.
And said horre above mentioned and d"»cribed
will be sold at public pale tothe highest bidder by
Sale at the stables of J. F. V-nwo. in James­
town. Stutsman county,
B" tf-LT' ••.:
I^ighec to Mary J. Vessry,
lots 2, 3, 4, 5, (J, aud 7, block 16, in Hur­
H. A. Towne to W. W. Bill 1st 4, block
So, Jamotowu, $100-
Jos Pi'Lumun t" McKerncher lot 1. block
50, Klaus'addition to Jamestown, $100.
Hubert Ilager to J. A. Dole, lot 2.
block 4, Jamestown, #125.
Z. Duplies to H. W. Phelps sec.
17, tp 149, range 63.320 acres, $900.
D. Baldwin, to Wm. (J. White,
lot 16, block 39, Jamestown, $150.
140 range 62, lt0 acies.
^5, tp
T-. on the 800i day o)
2Jorember. 1880, at in o'clock a. m.
JanMstown, SOth. 1800.
C. WHIT*, Attorney and Agent
1 -»V
Just Heooived, a most complete stock cf Wood and Coal Stoves, which. I propose to olose out at Bottom Figures.
We also have on sale a very large stock of
Builders' Hardware and House Furnishing Goods:
Keep Out the Cold! The celebrated Lovern Weather Strips on sale at our store.
Dinner Bells, Bird Cages, and the Largest and most complete stocks of SILVERWARE ever brought to Jamestown.
A first-class stock of
Pocket Cutlery of the Very Finest Quality.
3 can mention but a small portion of our immense stock, but suffice it to say that there is nothing kept by a first-class city Hardware store that we do
not keep, A large stock of "Sample" Carpenter Tools for sale at ccst. Come and see them.
Kemem"ber t3rLS-t -w© Sell pli.eap for Cash, and Cannot "too Under Sold 1037- any STlxaax
On the line of the Northern Pacific Railroad.
Nov. 16. 1880.
L. Lton,
Crockery and Glassware,
Look Out! Look Out! for the New Store and Cheap Goods
JOSXTSOXT c. iriczsws,
(Successor to Henry Vessey) dealer in
Groceries and Seats of all Kinds, Floor anl Feed, Boots and Sloes,
G-e.n/ts' 2r,TjLTri.isii.i*xV.gr G-cods,
Crockery Stone and China Ware,
And In fact, everything usually found in a store of
i»t General Merchandise.
gmy^' "Mr* vtT»
•*$. T.^f?5 tf V&/Y *fV^S /r'i^,TS
'.f ny1
W"M. BARBOUR* Manager.
Sewing Machines*-
Also Dealer is
Jamestowi, sanliora, ortoi and
Grail RapiisToia Lots.
Choice Wheat Lands fo sale.
Bank of Clinton, Clinton, Wis.
Earl Brothers, 189 S. Water at., Chicago.
Lot Taylor, Clinton Wis.
Bon W. H. Tiffany, Rock Co Wis.
Front 8t.. oppoajtt Dakota Honsa.
jj smy j1"
Hie New Jameskwii Brewery,
3 E 3 1 0 2
Lager Beer of the Purest Quality on Hand
By the Barrel or Case.
amestown, ZDa,^s:otsi.
Stoves. Guns. Ammunition,
J\ wis, Building Paper, iJumps,
•\r 1 v5ron' &teel,' T\ hifflctrees,
Nenk Yokes, Glass, Oils. Paints, Putty.
Tinwa re,
Dealer In
Yood ware,
Corner Kth Ave., SOUTH of Dakota House.
Land Oflice *t Fargo, D. T., Oct. S7th, 1880.
Notice in hereby gi»rn tliat the following named
settler lias liletl notice of his intention tniuaketinal
proof In support of bis claim, and si cure iiniil en­
try thereat 011 the 10th day or December, IbH), at
10 o'clock a. m. Testimony will be taken before
Arthur \\". Kelly. Clerk of the District Court for
Stutsman county, on ihu 0th day of DcceniberrA.
I). 1880, at 10 o'clock a. in., viz: Joseph Mason.
D. 8. 2790, for the ne section No. 4 in tp. 1SU of
63 w, and names the following as his witnesses, viz:
James Herbert, David McK atn, Henry Lush, Thom­
as Collins, ail of Jamestown. D. T.
HORACE AesTix, Register.
,, Nov. 15,1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler lias filed noun- of t.is intention to
make llnal
proof in snpprrt of iiis claim and seenre tir.nl entry
entry then "l on tl:e'«3d day of December, iftji).
Testimony of claimant to" to be taken before
Arthur Kelly, clerk District Court in and for
tliubuunj.«»u!ity, D- T- at ln.~ olliri- in Jaraestown*
01F the IWh day of November, tsflo, viz:
Thomas B, lliirris, No. for the se I
of see *0, tp 110 n, «i w, and names the following
as his witnesses, viz: S. F. Lambert, J.Eddy,
A. Mclvechnie, and Geo. YV. Venuum, all of
Stutsman county, D. T. The testimony of wit-
nesses to be taken before A. A. Allen. Notary I'nb
lic, Stutsman county, L. T.,on the 17tli day of
December, ltjSO.
U. S. LAVD Omen,
.. FAKO. i). T., Nov.Sth, 1880.
Complaint having lr-en entered at this office by
Josephine Ureeney ai ainH James H. Waters, for
abandoning his lliuue-t.-ad Entry No. 4187,
dated Septemlx-r 11th. 1S7B, upon- the Sec 30,
township 18H n, ran^e 62 w, in Slatsman county,
Dakota ierritcry, with a view to the cancellation
of said entry: the said parties are herebv tummon
ed to appear at thi" oihee on the 15th day of Dec.,
at 10 clock a. m., to respond and furnish testi­
mony concerning said alleg. HhiimloiiiiH nt.
UUHMT Aims, Register.
Xuos. H. PUOH, Receiver.
A, A. AIXEK, attorney. Nov 10,
Agents for
Hamburg & Thingvalla iiens
ccpcclal attci-tlon jlven tothe coil,-ctien of claims
and inheritances bv ow*rs of attorney. Remit!
to foreign countrlo ai the lowest art
rst«s of foreign exchange. S(tc.«l faciiites (or
forwarding small packager as well as laruer shin.
mentsto.^p.rt.« Europe. Intnrma^ eiv^
rnla®nt Unds-
-i-il In iiifc .^iOek,
POLK 4 til.*! EB, Propr'a.
15 ba'l pool pin p,-».|, sud billiards, clio'ce w'nea
"»i"- Kvt-tjUiijis uew aud «uituy

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