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Te ms:--Pnyable in Advance:
COPT, one year. $2 00
sis months, SI 00
Notice to Subscribers.
Order for the Alert unaccompanied by the cash
•re not recognized. Papers will not be sent longer
han paid for. An on the margin of your pa­
per denotes that you liare just one week to in
Which to renew before being stricken from the list.
town, D.
REV. N. D. FANNING, Pastor.
Services in the new church, at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30
p, m., every Sabbath. Prayer meeting Wcdnese
»y evening at 7:30.
CHURCH.—Rev. W. L. Demorest,png
5th ave. and 2nd st. Services on
•very Sabbath, at 10.30 o'clock a. m. and7:30p.m.
Regular communication first and third Wedcnsday
evening? of each month. All Masons in good
•tending are cordially invited to attend.
By order of the W. M.
A. A.ALLEN, Secretary.
of the Red Cross, meets in Masonic
Temple. Sir Knight? from other Encampments
eordaally invited to visit us.
O. P. Jamestown Lodge, No. 31.
Mf«ts every Thursday evening, at 7.30o'clock.
All br«them in good standing cordially invited to
visit ns.
KUS —J. C. Nickeus, P. Mo
ran, C. W. lUmdricks.
SHERIFF.—Archibald McKechnie.
TREASURER.—'Thomas S. Collins.
AIDEIIOB.—John J- Nichols.
SURVEYOR.—T. S. Wadsworth.
CORONER.—Will Elmer.
Jones, Anton Steinbach, J. S. Watson.
CONSTABLES.—John Vennum, George W. Kurtz.
Money furnished for poving op.
100.000 to loan. lTm. t'. White*
Two Thousand Doll urn to loan.
term of ycurs, on It oil
1 Lstftto Security.
No red tape. No waiting to submit the
application to eastern parties but loan can
be closed and money paid same day appli­
cation is made.
From the Daily, Saturday.
Office with James River National Bank.
Prairie fire» arc again burning.
Argus: Fargo is now the Venice of
More sidewalks are to be built on the
tlie south side.
The La Moure county commissioners
meet on Monday.
Wm. 31. Lloyd, Jr., has purchased two
of Major Lyon's ponies.
The Dakota House has had a ladder put
up on the west end.
Mr. Russell is building a store house
onFourth avenue, north side.
A small house is being built on the south
side in the vicinity of the brewery.
The passenger train from the east came
in between 6 "and 7 p. m. yesterday.
Whalen, the murderer of Quinn, at
Moorliead, was acquitted yesterday.
Mr. llagerty lias given a block of land
in Aberdeen for school purposes.
Tlie real estate auction was one of the
principal themes of conversation yester­
Mr. Chess is putting in the foundation
for Messrs. T. B. and^Wm. M. Lloyd, Jr's
Turner & Townsendinakeafine display
of tony neckties and fancy gents furnish­
ings just received.
The water has receded fully six inches
from the highest point and seems to be
tending downwards.
The Misses Kinney will occupy the
house on Sixth Ave. near the court house,
formerly Mr. Hunter's.
There is a scarcity of fresh meat at the
market, but Sheriff McKechnie says he
lias plenty on the way.
A number of farmers are impatiently
awaiting for the James to subside so that
they can get to their lands.
A gentleman in town Thursday sold two
lots for
-which cost him under
Quite a number of siglit-seers were no­
ticed on the bluffs yesterday. The view
is very picturesque and well worth taking
The Northern Pacific has now reached
a point 54 miles west of Miles City and the
track is going down at the rate of a mile a
Dr. Drake has donned a pair of overalls
and is hard at work arranging the stock of
drugs for the new firm of Baldwin &
J. Gwvnne Vau^han Esq. proprietor
of Gwynne City, iostcr County North
Dakota U. S. A. is domiciled at the
Otto Gasal, surrounded by his numer­
ous Wisconsin friends, is heels over head
with business. He takes care that they
get good land and good beer.
It is surprising to
Mr. J. Gwynne
Vaughan stopping at the Northwestern
House, but it is probably owing to the pu­
gilistic habits of some one at the Dakota
Buck & Mills have purchased Decker's
restaurant, and are now trying to make
arrangements to re-open it, but say they
will not do so until they have sccured first
class help.
Geo. Vennum says that an iron bridge
•with stone abutments will be erected on
the site of the old government bridge, and
serve as a convenie.it means of access to
Capital Hill.
A new house was started yesterday on
6th avc. near Front st. by Mr. A. H.
Phelps. This, however, is only one out
of the many that are going up in all parts
of the town.
Charlie Hutchinson, Walker & BIy's
tight hand man here, lias recovered a fine
team of mules that was stolen from the
firm two years ago when at Sentinel
liutte. One was got at Ait ken, Minneso­
ta, the other at New Buffalo D. T. The
m«a who stole the team named O'Brien
has since been hung for murder in Mon­
tana and in the interval the team hMM
beea in the hands of several.
J. A. Atkinson went to St. Paul yes­
Mco.liead News: Mr. Heywood is bet­
ter to-day, and his mind is clearer.
A slight dispute on aboard bill at the
Dakota House yesterday, resulted in the
proprietor taki'i.g th£ tloor.
The land sales of the Northern Pacific
to the 10th of April footed up $120,000 in
value, as against $107,000 for the entire
month of March.
Mr. Roper, of the firm of Porter &
Roper, is putting up the house near Mr.
Hanscom's. He will occupy it himself as
soon as completed.
Mr. Campbell, our new grocer, is quite
a sportsman. His triple barrel breech
loading rifle and shot gun conibiued, is a
marvel of gunsmitliiug, and he has one of
the best dogs in town.
Youngsters were out yesterday snaring
gophers and shooting them with" how and
arrow. It will take a good while for
some of our boys to pull the string with
Indian proficiency.
Loop instead of Loaf is the name of the
geatleman mentioned yesterday as one of
the firm that is preparing to open a farm
fifteen miles northwest. There is no loaf
the make-up of Sir. Loop.
New Orleans Picayune: The church of
the future will have no grab bags, no lot­
teries, no gambling and no liquor selling
at its fairs. This will discourage the de­
vil, but it must must be done.
Subscribers who have been getting their
paper irregularly or not at all during the
present week, will not be troubled in the
future as the carrier boy has recovered
and will take the route agaia.
W, T. Anderson, of Buffalo, Iowa, the
Grand Rapids blacksmith, is in town with
his wife and four children, and will go
south as soon as possible. Mr. Anderson
is sick having been on the way here some
ten days.
At the Northwestern: Illicitly San
Francisco E Burnham, V. T. Bell,
French, Ypsilanti, I). T. CL Wilson,
Minneapolis Murphy, Fargo Wm. Mc
Kendy, Waterport, N. Y. O Hill, Al­
bion, N. Y.
Fargo Republican: On Thursday night
of last week, two trains brought into Chi­
cago, 1,283 immigrants all bound for Da­
kota. The roads running into Chicago
are now running extra trains to accommo­
date the increasing passenger traffic.
Minneapolis Journal: Congressman
Washburn is of the opinion that there is
no chance for the admission of Dakota at
this session, but that the division of the
territory can be cairied at any time. This
is North Dakota's cue.
At the Dakota House: Griffin,
Murphy, Fargo: Cofield, Willmau S
Noble, St, Paul Chas. Sparks, St. Louis
Hon. Wm. Beidleman, Easton, Pa. O II
Freeman, Minneapolis E Hodge, Jack­
son, Mich. W llyndman, Moorliead.
With these sunshiny, pleasant days the
robins have returned and their red breasts
remind us of spring time in our former
eastern homes. As they hop from branch
to branch and whistle their glad song we
realize that summer is not far distant.
Tlie new grocery house of Messrs. P. A.
Campbell & Co. will open for business this
morning with a full line of choice, fresh
groceries, wines and liquors for family
and medicinal use. The firm al^p makes
a sp rcialty of Budweiser's celebrated bot­
tled seer." Tlicy occupy Buck & Mills' old
The Moorliead News settles Fargo's
hash in the following manner: "The
site on which our bright and busy sister
city stands is certainly an unfortunate
one. No map made from official surveys
fails to mark the fatal path of a slough up
and down through tlie heart of the city.
The contiguous" land is fiat and barely
rises above the level of the slough. The
North Pacific railroad track and a strip
of ground a few yards wide parallel with
it have a general' level about three feet
above the present high water mark. Of
course all the cellars in the building#
fronting on this strip of land are flooded.
Hundreds of thousands of capital have
been invested in Fargo through the com­
mendable push and skill of her leading
business men. This capital is now at the
mercy of the annual fiood. The courage of
the men who have invested in Fargo is fa­
mous, and almost proverbial. It will en­
dure much, but sooner or later it must
confront a stiong alternative."
From the Daily, Sunday.
less than two years ago.
Mr. Kinney's brother, who came up yes­
terday, brought horses and goods for the
Kinney farm at Spirit wood.
Geo. Meisel, the barber, has got in a
new chair, cup rack, and ticket board, and
is daily expecting an sssistant.
The Grand Central is getting in shape,
and when completed it will be one of the
finest looking structures in the city.
Four small buildings were commenced
in different parts in town yesterday, and
will be used as temporary residences
Hugh Keuncdy has the measles.
The 3lisses Kinney returned yesterday.
W. R. Geldert was in town yesterday..
Mr. Slierriff and wife went to Fargo
ast night.
Mr. Mattison, of Spiritwood, was in
to vn yestcrdoy.
Supt. Ilobart, of the N. P., spcut last
evening in the metropolis.
Turner & Townsend have leased their
old store for a meat market.
Mr. McKenzie lias sold his house to a
Mr. Smith, of Missouri, for |2,r00.
Mike Murphy is superintending the lay­
ing of the sidewalk on Fifth avenue.
Much interest is excited at Waller «fc
Carrs in the work of breaking green
Rev. Jos. Kienlioly, German Evangeli­
cal, will prcach in the school house at 3 p.
m., to-day.
Five loaded teams started for Grand
Rapids yesterday, and as many more will
start to-day.
Frank II. Porter, of Chicago, a cousin
of enterprising merchant, A. W. Porter,
arrived last night.
There was a big dance at DaTwson Fri­
day night. Mr. Wagner acted as master
of ceremonies.
Geo. Smith lias been quite sick with
lung fever and measles but was reported
better yesterday.
Over fifty passengers got off the west
bound train last night and the larger pro­
portion were settlers.
J.M. Cliedisler. of Ypsilanti, Mich., ac­
companied by W. B. Martin gave the
Alert a pleasant call last evening.
Mrs. Samuel Mathews went to Farge
to-day. Sam will also visit the old friends
in the lied River metropolis a day or
J. R. Law returned from Sanborn yes
tenlay. He is going out in pursuit of
land and will become a granger for the
The register for the Grand Central Ho­
tel has been received from the Argus
bindery and is a model of neatness and
The Glendivc Times, speaks thuslv of
the Mandan daily: "The Mandan Daily
Pioneer, looming up like a flag at half
mast on a foggy morning, or the wail of a
dying iufant."
Mr. Hayward is a pleasant gentleman,
thoroughly at home in his business and
eminently fitted for it. He conducted
large sales of lots at Fargo and Winnipeg,
made successes there, and has now select­
ed Jamestown as his operating point. His
sales will be looked for with great interest.
Agent Daly reported the arrival of twelve
carload' o* stock and emigrants movea­
bles Friday, and said their weae fifty load
ed west of St. Paul bound for Jamestown
and Vulley City.
Two more aew houses were begun in
towa yesterday.
Wild geese wove flying over town at a
lively rale yesterday,
Tlie Valley City Times is to be issued
as a daily this week.
The passenger train from the east was
six hours late yesterday.
Carpenter McGcc has raised the first
story of T. 11. Lloyd's house.
Mr. Balcam finished painting Jim Win
sjow's lumber shed yesterday.
An immense amount of business was
transacted at the depot yesterday.
The Grand Central will be opened to
the public on Monday, the 24th inst.
Attorney Nickeus is having a second
story put oil to the addition to his house.
P. H. Campbell & Co., announce in the
Daily Alerj this morning that they are
ready for business.
The James River National Bank lias a
new and somewhat enticing sign plaeed
over its front doors.
Many of our farmers have begun seed­
ing- and already several hundred acres of
No. 1 hard is in the ground.
Frank Looinis has ceased to labor in
Jim Winslow's lumberyard and Mr. Por­
ter now carries the measure.
Twenty-five or thirty strangers were
obliged "to sleep in chairs last night lor
want of better accommodations.
An Indian boy shooting at nickles with
his bow and arrow amused a crowd on
Fifth avenue yesterday afternoon.
Work on the Jamestown & Mouse River
Branch will be commenced as soon as
supplies can be got across the river.
J.J. Flint purchosed Merrick Moore's
farm yesterday for $0,500. The farm is
one ot ilie most desirable in the county.
Passenger trains are required to stop on
the west side ot the railroad bridge to un­
load the immigrants during Hie high
It used to be Lud from Michigan, but
since he refused to taste the flowing bowl,
it has changed to Mr. Foster, of James­
Attorneys Bill and Watson have re­
moved their office across the street into
the building opposite the James River
The new wagon shop at the corner of
Second street and Sixth aveuue will be
2tx j0 feet in size. Carpenters are hard at
work ou it.
Mr. Klaus is having a cellar dug for a
house for his own use 2(3x02 feet size.
It is located on Filth avc. on the lull
north oi tlie mill.
The town of Alsop is to have its name
changed to Genera. Several christian
gentlemen have contributed toward
church and school buildings.
The liver is still falling, and the bridge
at the foot of Main street has been put in
place, but is not yet passable.
The Alert lias the copy for a petition to
be presented in tlie interest of Win.
Moore, and for the purpose of assisting
him in getting his land back.
Air. Denny, who runs the stable in con­
the Commercial House, has
all his teams out every day and will have
to increase the number ot his rigs.
Horatio Kelley sold yesterday fifty co­
pies of the Weekly Alert- at his post office
news stand all of which goes to show
that the Weekly Alert is in demand.
The tallest, nicest and best coffee mill
in town lias just be added to Dee & Gar
rigan's establishment. Folks can have
their coffee ground while they wait.
A boy tumbled into the water near the
immigrant building about o'clock yes­
terday afternoon, but timely assistance
got him out without harm save tlie wet
A Claim Protective Association is being
organized here and about tweuty-five
members are already enrolled. They
promise to make it "interesting" for
claim inmpers.
The prisoner confined in the jail was
removed to the smaller cell last evening
for safer kef ping. He says he can take
off his hand culls at any time, and those
who have watched linn are of the same
Winter's cruel reign has disappeared
and spring lamb and spring chicken have
appeared in our markets, much to the sat­
isfaction of our hotel proprietors, who
have experienced great annoyance at the
scarcity of meat.
The county commissioners met yester­
day afternoon and passed a few lulls,
grained a liccn,e to P. A. Campbell &
Co., and Mason Schmitz to retail liquor
and did some other routine business, af­
ter which they adjourned until the 24ih
Goldy West, of the Fargo Bee, says:
"It is "again the painful duty of the bee
to chronicL* the death of the lion. Jesse
James. Why he is mentioned as the Hen
orable esse'James is because he may pos
sibly be alive yet and it would not be
pleasant to discuss personalities with that
gentleman if he should be still at large.
Wm. Beidelman, Esq. of Eastern Pa.,
is in town and intends remaining in
Jamestown nearly all summer, lie has a
section of land nine miles north of town
which l»e Will l'five broken up for cultiva­
tion. Mr. B. was through this couutry in
1*73 and several times since and says' he
lias seen no western town the equal of
Fiom the Daily. Tuesday.
J. J. Roper's new dwelling will soon be
ready to plaster.
Prairie fires were burning in all di­
rections on Sunday.
Mr, Albertson seems to have a corner
on the laundry business,
Chas. Holmes was down from Eldridgc
J. A. Atkinson returned from St. Paul
J. Gwynne Vaughn went to Sanborn
Five cars of lumber arrived for Porter
& Roper yesterday.
Martin & Merwin are building a school
house near Spiritwood.
Attorney Nickeus went to Fargo yester­
day on some land cases.
Supt. Ilobart of thcN. P., spent Sunday­
's the gcust of E. P. Wells.
Tom Foley, the good looking brother of
Peter and Mike, is in town.
W. W. Dudley, cashier James River
Bank, went to Fargo yesterday.
Mr. Scliwellcnbach returned from Ab­
erdeen and thereabouts Saturday.
Owing to sickness Mrs. Curtin has been
confined to the house for a few days.
It is understood that Gleudivc has a
population of 200, with nearly 1,000 tran­
The village officials should give a little
attention to the appcarance of the streets.
The present condition of some of them do
the town great injustice.
Jake Barnholdt has returned to James­
town. He came up from Aberdeen via
Grand Rapids Saturday.
Frank Loomis, lately in Winslow's lum­
ber yard, has turned into a cook upon the
Gray Bros. farm.
Hugh Dcmpscy and B. L.Winston spent
Sunday in town and left yesterday after­
noon for Winnipeg.
Airs. Stetson returned»from Chicago last
Thursday and will go out upon her farm
to reside this summer.
Dennis Murphy and Charley Dcmpscy
went, down to Beaver creek yesterday to
build four small houses.
Couls»»n -(Montana) Post, April 8: The
National hotel paid thirty dollars for four
sacks of potatoes yesterday.
The Ihree apartments used at this sta­
tion to stow baggage in have been more
than full during the past few days.
John Cummings. colored, has ccased to
labor at the Dakota House and went to
Fargo yesterday. He will return in a few
I). II. Fowler is out now-a-days with
his bicycle trying to "break lifs neck,"
so lie says. We shall expect bicycle racing
this season.
Wm. S. Henderson, of Ypsilanti. Mich.,
is in town. lie has property here and
talks of moving his family and remaining
Parties in town are making arrange­
ments to go into the well boring busiaess.
Pete Aubertin is making part of the out­
fit for the work.
Messrs. Hanscom and Cart wright are
making the final arrangements for start­
ing for the Mouse river couutry and will
leave in a few days.
Many offers of money have been made
to assist Mr. Moore in regaining his
claim. His friends say that his loss has
nearly made him insane.
The hotels are still crowded. The Da­
kota House feeds over 200 people per day,
while the Northwestern serves 130, and
the other hotels in proportion.
The aurora borealis was particularly
brilliant Sunday night. The whole heav­
ens were brilliant with lights intermin­
gled with bright streaks of "red.
Geo. Meisel, the south side barber, cel­
ebrated his twenty-sixth birthday in true
German style last Sunday. A dozen or
more of his friends were present.
Mr. Durstine, who has been laid up
from the effects of cutting his hand by a
fall, was out enjoying the fine day yes­
terday and is rapidly improving.
Mr. McKean cume up from Sanborn to
remain over Sunday with his family. He
has recently purchased an eight {column
hand press and shown other evidences of
Mandan Pioneer: A carload containing
four tons of Miles City, five tons of BIy's
mine and four tons of Little Missouri coal
has been shipped to Pennsylvania for ex­
The Welch Picnic Party came down
from Fort Tot ten Sunday, where they had
eeen stopping lor two weeks, one week
performing and the other waiting to get
to Jamestown.
Martin & Merwin have formed a co­
partnership and will in the future build
houses together. The gentlemen are first
class workmen and deserve the prosperity
they hope to enjoy.
Mr. F. II. Porter, late of Chicago, and
for many years connected with different
papers of that city as reporter, has been
engaged by the Alert. He will wrestle
with the festive items.
Mr. Flint is going into potato raising
quite extensively this seasoa and has con­
tracted to have sixty acres put in on the
.Merrick Moore farm. The seed was in­
cluded in the sale of the farm.
Ward Bill won the neck chain at the
raffie Saturday evening by a throw of 44.
The chain wiil remain in John Dole's pos­
session until after the trial of the party
who stole it.
The passenger train from the east was
two hours and a half late yesterday after­
noon, caused by a new" engine which
could not be run at the usual speed. The
delays of the past week were caused by
the trains not getting into Fargo on time.
The new post ofticc fixtures are
expected daily and it is evident they are
certainly very "much needed. They are
manufactured in Stamford, Conn., and
will be neat. The boxes are made of
brack walnut faced with French plate
John Nichols was
and intended starting
G. Yaugh yesterday, but the arrangements
were not completed. John says that last
week he located a colony of eighty fami­
lies in Wells county. They are coming
from Canada.
in town yesterday
northward with
Old man Plunkett, who cleaned clothes
in Jameotown last spring, got back to
Fargo in the fall with liis family, and
after laying drunk most of the winter,
took the ledge and kept it a few weeks,
but couldn't stand it and was brought
before the court Saturday and fined $8
for being drunk.
II. Ilendrickson, of Milwaukee, a blind
man and the author of a book entitled
"Out From The Darkness" lias been in
town for a few days, and went east yes
teiday. Mr. II. though totally blind goes
about town nearly as well as a person
with his eyesight. Rev. N. I). Faaning
gave him a written endorsement of his
work and he disposed of several volumes
in town, lie is an old friend of Agt.
Argus: The Egyptian plague of frogs
struck Fargo last night. Where they
come from, or how they came from there,
nobody knows but there are millions of
them. They swarmed all over the streets,
thejpavements, the railroad tracks, porti­
cos, alleys and stairways. At sunset not
one was'to be seen at ten o'clock count­
less myriads of them crawled and hopped
and turned sumerscts over each other
everywhere. The Sherman house guests
will be feasted in true Parisian style this
morning. Landlord Kissher and Jhis
whole force spent all night skinning frog
From the Daily, Wednesday.
J. Van Deuscn, of Tappcn, is in town.
.Jamestown should have a few street
Mills «fc Buck arc the first to put up
The Grand Central talks of putting in
the cleetric light.
Mrs Samuel Matthews returned from
Fargo yesterday.
R. M. Newman and family returned
from Glendivc yesterday.
Messrs. Van Clcve «fc Wadsworth re­
turned from St. Paul yesterday,
James Less sold all the seed wheat'he
had to spare at $1.7r» per bushel.
Tom Bowditcli is the first one to ap­
pear with his head sand papered.
A few days of fine weather will have a
good effect "on anxious tenderfeet.
Charles Woodruff and five men started
for Glcndive yesterday. They took with
them an outfit and will make moving
buildings their business.
Goodrich & Johnston are doing a profit­
able farm machinery business.
Mr. Klaus yesterdav sold two of his
lots near the mill for g4oo apiece.
The long needed cross walks arc being
laid on Fifth avenue by Alike Murphy.
C. Edgar Ilaupt, of Mandim, registered
at the Dakotli House yesterday afternoon.
The rain slopped seeding yesterday but
the good work will go bravely on to-day.
Charlie Avis is down at Bare creek sta­
tion, on the stage line south, tending
The Northern Pacific sold 14,080,
acres of land on the Jamestown branch
on Saturday.
The side tracks were in a less crowded
condition yesterday than at any previous
time within three weeks.
Mrs. A. A. Allen sold one of her houses
on Fifth avenue yesterday to an eastern
gentleman for $1,750 cash.
We understand that night passenger
trains will be put on between Bismarck
and Fargo the 1st of May.
D. Curtin is having Mr. Wolff letter the
stairs leading to his show room in the
second story of his store.
The Black Hills region has just been
visited by the severest blizzard of tlie sea­
son, with two feet of snow.
Messrs. Abcrnathy and Smith, of the
Pioneer Press, registered at the Dakota
House yesterday afternoon.
Dr. Baldwin reports the young man
mined Cowley who is at the Buchanan
farm as very sick with pneumonia.
Will Elmer is going to build an addi­
tion on the rear of his store. The in­
crease in his business demands more
The Budwciser's beer which is kept by
P. A. Campbell & Co., is said to excel
anything in the beer line ever brought to
this town.
Uncle Joe Hunt wants to sell his farm
east of town and has been in town for
the past few days celebrating in anticipa­
tion oAlie event.
Mr. J. II. Lakin, of West Union, Iowa,
a friend of Doctor Drake, has been visit­
ing here a few days. lie caught on to a
fair share of real estata.
P. II. Foley bought a lot of Allen &
Dodge yesterday for $400 and before they
could make out the deed he had sold it to
to another party for $050.
For the last three days the evening
trains of the Northern Pacific road going
west consisted of ten coaches of passen­
gers, besides baggage cars.—Minneapolis
County clerk Franks, of La Moure
county, writing under date of the 17th,
says that the raging James is within
its banks at Grand Rapids and there is no
danger of an overflow.
The rapidity 1th which our roads dry
up is surprising to the new-comers. The
effects of our rain Monday night had dis­
appeared at noon yesterday.
J. Gwynne Vaughan, Duke of Sanborn,
has engaged John Nichols at an expense
of $100 for a ten days trip into the couu­
try northwest of Jamestown.
F. P. Benjamin, the stage line man, is
on his way up the river with anew lot of
stock and a twelve passenger coach, for
use on the upper end of the line.
Mr. J. Gwynne Vaughan Esq., is enjoy­
ing the pleasures of Jamestown. He finds
it on the boom as usual. His friends at
Sanborn need not be solicitous regarding
his welfare.
Mr. King, who was run over with a
wagon loaded with wood a few days ago,
is suffering considerably, having "one of
his wrists quite badly sprained. He is
staying at Frank Nichols' house.
The gentlemen who were sufferers in
the last railroad accidcnt are both out of
danger and are slowing improving. They
are lodged in the Dakota House where
they are receiving the best of care.
Mr. Pritcliard, Manager of the Western
Union telegraph office at Jamestown N.
Y. went east yesterday after investing in
some lots here. He "is a friend of tlie
Gray Bros, and is highly esteemed at his
home as a gentleman of push and energy.
J. J. Nierling, county superintendent of
schools, issues a call in to-day's Alert for
an examination of teachers and candi­
dates on next Monday, the 25th inst., at
9 o'clock a. m., at the court house. All
parties wishing certificates are requested
to be present.
Bob Jordan has the two school houses
for the district south of town all framed
and ready to go up as soon as he can get
them on the ground. He has Mr. Hewit's
house well under way, and is going to
build a house lOx 26 feet in size for Mr.
Wolff, the painter, three miles north of
Welch's picnic party went to Bismarck
yesterday there to locate for the summer
and establish the Arcade garden until
autumn, when he intends forming a troupe
of mammoth dimensions and play through­
out Dakota .again, lie claims "admirable
success so far in his undertakings in this
Monday Mr. Hughes sent off six loaded
wagons to his ranch, and to-day will start
five more, and continue to ship along the
goods now as fast as possible. He claims
the lands much better than those nearer
at hand. Some dozen families are already
locating upon the government sections
near about t]iem,
"Anon" writes a loud complaint from
Grand Rapids as to the state of the hotels
at that point. The Alert is unacquvinted
and uninterested with the facts in the
case and simplv publishes the article as a
communication, at the same time not be­
lieving that the people of the lower coun­
try are as black as they are painted.
The farm machinery business here has
received quite an addition in the person
of Mr. J. W. Davidson who has gone into
partnership with Mr. Mullikcn, They
are old friends. Mr, Davidson was in the
grain business at Mahomet, Champaign
Co. Ills., where he ran an elevator and
mill and shipped largely to the eastern
markets. In fact he retains at Cham­
paign his business interests which have
been left in charge of his brother.
Monday forenoon P. C. Wadsworth, a
brother of T. S. Wadsworth, found a sum
of money amounting to $!6 on Front St.,
and although he could have kept the
money, lie was too honest to do so, and
advertised for the owner in the Daily
Alert, which produced Geo. Goodhue who
had dropped it out of his vest pocket
while passing along that street. Mr.
Wadsworth's action in the matter deserves
more than a passing notice.
Mr. Murphy, of Toronto, Canada, who
brought in a carload of horses some two
weeks ago has still nine left. He feels
assured that if the weather w$8 &ettle<1 lie
would be able to dispose p'f them rapidly.
What tjiis country seems to want iuw are
oxen, and it is to lioped that some enter­
prising party will ship in a carload. No
use for poor, crippled, wornout cattle.
This countrv is on a good sound boom and
it wants and must have good material to
work with.
From the Daily, Thnrsd* y.
A sidewalk
being built from the cor*
ner of Fourth avenue and Main street to
Elmer's sample room.
Billings still booms.
Geo. Smith is out again.
Tony Klaus is in Milwaukee.
Plowing for gardens is going on.
Several carloads of shingles arrived yes­
Superintendent Ilobart passed eastward
Attorney Nickeus returned from Fargo
Mr. Hayward is talking of taking a
a trip to Chicago.
From a dozen to twenty men sleep in
the depot at jiiglit.
Klaus, Fox & Co. shipped four car loads
of Golden Northwest yesterday.
Major Shaiu, of the Commercial House,
issoeu to give a ball at his hotel.
The chamber furniture for the Grand
Central is being placed in position.
Seventeen horses in and aroand El
dridge are sick. Several have died.
Cashier Dudley of the James River
Bank, returned from Fargo yesterday.
A new kiln of lime has just been burn­
ed and the masons are trying to catch on.
It is reported that Mandan and Glendivc
are not being benefitted by the Billings
Lieut. Col. Dunne, of the Immigration
Society, went to Fargo yesterday on land
Judge Allen, R. S. Reeves and Wm. II.
Dunne left on last evening's tram for
Another liberal supply of new settlers
got off the west bound train yesterday af­
E. Elmer will raffle of a double barel,
breech loading shot gun next Saturday
Seeding has now become general and
everything in the shape of teams are busi­
ly engaged.
A Dakota flower which spruigs up soon
after the snow disappears has put in au
Parties still continue to haul manure
and dump it in the slough.west of the
court house, despite a village ordinance to
the contrary.
Geo. Martiu left for Montana last nigfit
with his mule teams. He is going to work
on the railroad.
V. C. Smith, mayor of Ccntreville,
Mich., and a gentleman of means, is at
the Dakota House.
Geo. Meisel has got in anew barber and
customers find they have less waiting to
do for their turn.
It is reported that Mr. Lloyd will soon
commence the erection of a "brick block
on the south side.
Supt. Footner, of the N. P. express line
went west yesterday with a party of
friends in the sleeper Dulutli. Iney will
go as far as Mandan.
Mr. Webster has sold a lot on Fourth ave­
nue to Wm. M. Lloyd, Jr., for $1,000.
If cost him $375 last fall.
Commodore Strong is anxiously wait­
ing for the ice to disappear from Spiri.
wood lake and navigation to open.
The masons have finished work on the
addition to Mr. Hedges' store and the car­
penters are at work putting in the shelv­
There arc rumors of a wedding soon to
conie off in Jamestown. One of our fair­
est daughters is to be taken away by a
Fargo gentleman.
L. B. Miuer is busy preparing lists of
the owners of Slutsmrn county soil for the
use of Mr. Portcr,tlic county assessor, who
will soon begin his work.
Mr. Van Deuscn says that lie lias 400
acres of grain in the ground and about
1,400 acres more to go in. He is putting
in oats, barley and wheat.
During Mr. Dunne's absence in Fargo
parties desiring to obtain accommodations
in the immigration building can do so by
calling at the Alert office.
The Chiago Times is authority for the
statement that over forty thousand tickets
to various poiuts Dakota have been
sold this season in that city alone.
Lack of lime has prevented our plaster­
ers from going en with their work, but as
Joe Freeman began drawing lime from liis
kiln yesterday and the work will proceed.
Mr. Jones, formerly of the firm of Jones
& Eager, is going quite extensively into
the farm machinery busiuess. His yard
is at the eorner of Fifth avenue aud Sec­
ond street.
A car load of emigrants moveables ar­
rived yesterday from Fargo. They be­
longed to a man who intended to settle in
the Red River Valley but the water and
mud seared him out.
Messrs. Flint and Dole have sold one
half of the lots they purchased from Mr.
Phelps for enough to repay the whole
amount invested and they still have five
lots and the house and barn left.
We understand that about $500 has been
subscribed by the citizens of Jamestown
to assist Wm. Moore in getting a re-hear­
ing of his celebrated land case. Allen &
Dodge will take care of his interests.
Mr. Thompson, ex-laundryman and ho­
tel keeper, has struck a new lead. He is
is going to furnish coffee, pies, etc., for
travelers who arrive on the passenger
trains and do not care to take dinner.
At St. Vincent the Red River is thirty
eight feet above low water mark, and at
Grand Forks the stream has risen forty
one and a half feet. At the latter place it
is expected to commence falling soon.
Deisem & Franks, of Grand Rapids,
have enough goods in our freight house
to start a a wholesale store. They will
need it all according to reports as there is
said to be a shortage of provisions down
St. aul Pioneer Press: There were
thirty-two cars of moveables and one
hundred emigrants out from St. Paul,
passing over llic Northern Pacific for
places between Fargo and Jamestown yes­
Fargo Republican, 18th: W. W. Dudlev,
Esq., cashier of the James River Nation'al
bank of Jamestown Johnson Nickeus,
clerk of court and general boomer, and
S. L. Glasrcll, a fanner and lawyer, all of
Jamestown, were in the mctroplis to-day.
Mr. Frank Beanan has commenced the
ercction of a house 2t!x34 feet in size, two
stories high, on Fifth avenue, opposite
the spot where Mr. Klaus is building.
Mr. B. is a cabinet maker and will build
a shop in the rear of hii house, He will
occupy the house ft* a boarding house.
The Hon, II. C, Hodge of Jackson Co.
Mich, who it will be remembered was in
Jamestown last year writing up the coun­
try for the Michigan press, is again in
town, and expresses much surprise at the
fine improvements made in Jamestown
the past *lx months, Mr, Hodge has a
homestead and other interests near James­
town and will see in person to putting in
his wheat and making other improve­
ments. He will as soon as seeding is com­
pleted make a trip to Montana, and is
again writing up the
troit Evening News" and other Michigan
papers. The Evening News has the
largest circulation of any paper in Mich.,
and Mr. Hodge's articles published last
year lias had much to do in bringing the
largo emigration from Michigan, to
Northern Dakota.
The aurora borealis was veiy brilliant
at 2 o'clock this morning.
The Senate passed the bill to
ratify the agreement with the Crow In­
dians for the sale of a portion of their re
solvation in Montana, required for the
Northern Pacific railroad, and appropriat­
ing $25,000 therefor.
There is some talk of putting in a
Western Union telegraph office at thia
point. Such a measure would be held
with delight by the patrons of the com
company as the picscnt accommodations
are far from being satisfactory.
Dead wood has just had the most terrifflc
blizzard experienced for many years. It
began April 7 aud raged for nine days,
prostrating telegraph wires and nearly
stopping all stage or wagon travel. Dis­
patches are being carried by messengers
or horseback. The snow fell two feet
deep on a level, and in many places drif­
ted nearly to the tops of the telegraph
From the Daily, Friday.
Mr. Dann er has just received a car load
of malt.
Buck & Mills got in a car lead of salt
Mr. Atki nson has just completed build­
ing awing to his house.
C. A. Balcam has sold the second street
paint shop to Mr. Gatlirey.
Remember that the pay car will arrive
to-day and pay off the boys.
J. C. Nickeus bought 120 lots in Bil
ilngs yesterday. A good investment.
Carpenter Hotchkiss is rushing Mr,
McGinnis's block along in good shape.
Otto Gasal in two days of last week sold
over twenty kegs of Jamestown beer.
A good stone quarry and a coal mine
has been discovered near Billings, M. T.
Building Association dues must be paid
on or before next Monday to escape the
A train of ton cars loaded entirely with
champgaue was recently taken into Win
Attorney Benton
comc up from
Fargo to-day, ami spend the Sabbath with
Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.
While an bis way home to dinner yes­
terday noon Billy Goodrich lost his ovcr
coat out of his buggy.
A visit into the country yesterday found
seeders at work on all sides and the land
in splendid condition.
Frank Schwelenbach will finish putting
in one hundred and twenty acres of No. 1
hard on the Jake Smith farm to-day.
Mr. Fuller now owns seven blooded
mules. He bought them of Ben Uussell
and thev formerly belonged to Brown &
The high water which inconvenienced
Jamestown a few days ago has just readi­
ed Grand Uapids. The mighty James is
not a swjft stream.
T. B. Lloyd expccts his two daughters
to arrive in .Jamestown about June 1st, at
wliieli lime he will have his new house on
the north side completed.
Three of the teams mentioned in yester­
day morning's Alert as bound for Mouse
river started and are now on their way.
Two more teams are expected to start the
coming week.
Mrs. Davis was in town yesterday after­
noon in a very excited state. She said
someone had jumped her claim south of
town and slic was threatening all kinds
of vengeance.
A delegation of boarders waited on Mr.
Foley yesterday and informed him that
they would be at the Grand Central.Mon­
day morning for breakfast, even if they
had to cat in the kitchen.
D. L. Wilbur, of Boon, Iowa, who has
been in Jamestown for several days, made
the Alert a pleasant visit yesterday. Mr.
W. talks of pcrnianetly locating here,
which it is hoped he will do.
Hamilton, the prisoner has "lost hia
grip'' that is to say, has caesed to be bravei
and has given up the idea of getting out.
The precautions taken by Sheriff McKech­
nie evidently dampened his Spirits.
Mr. Conklin, general agent for the Os­
borne Harvester works, and a citizen of
Fargo, has been spending a few days in
Jamestown, which he does not hesitate to
pronounea the finest little city in the
The bridge at the foot of Main street Is
still passable but teams and wagons have
to lie taken over separately. As the water
falls the centre of the bridge sinks and
the structure will have to be built over.
The day operator took twenty-five mes­
sages from St. Paul yesterday without
stopping. We mention the fact just to show
that even the telegraph business for
Jamestown is not so small as it might be.
Hon. Horace Austin, register of the
Fargo land office, left Jamesrown yester­
day morning for Tp., 144, 11., 66, on a
tour of inspection. Probably it would be
well for those holding a plurality of claims
in that scction to take a tumble as it were.
W. II II. Schafer and Sylvester Gaston
arrived in Jamestown yesterday from New
Castle, Pa., and are the guests oi R. E.
Wallace. Mr. Schafer was formerlr
treasurer of Lawrence county, while Mr.
Gaston was employed in the county com­
missioners' office. T-.ey are here to look
the country over and may ba induced to
remain permanently.
Messrs. Lambert and Shields will leave
with their teams in a few days for Winni­
peg, from which place they will go out
on the Canadian Pacific R. R., where
hey have a contract. They have twenty,
five teams at Spiritwood and will drive
by the way of Fort Totten to Grand Forks
where they will take the cars. Will £U
liott is going with them.
Notice to Teachers.
Noticc is hereby given that the rerular
teachers' cxaminition for Stutsman coun­
ty, I). T., will be held in the court house.
Tuesday, April 25, 1*82. at 9 o'clock. All
teachers and candidates for certificates
are requested to be present.
country for the Pe-
J. J. NrenLiNG,
County Supt. of Schoofe.
Jamestown, April 19, 1882.
fo» sale cheap at Commercial
Fox Sale.
Three fourteen inch breaking plows.two
twelve inch breaking plows, one lumber
wagon. The property will be sold at less
than manufacturers prices. Enquire at
O. N. Hart's place one mile west of
On and after the 15th of April interest
on School Orders Nos. 1, 2 and 8, of Dis­
trict No. 5, ceases. Parties holding above
orders will present them for payment to
,D JOSEPH Srnnr,
District Treasirav
wrek. $ta* day at hem« ra«ily mite
Costly outfit free. AMicae Tree 4 Co.. 4%.

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