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VOL 4.
The Northern Pacific Accommodatsa Us
with Extra Trains for the Benefit
of OoerB and Comers.
The Land Office at Favgo an Obstruction
to the Onward March of Emigra­
tion Farther West.
The Eft*.™*-?** Crank wlio Itei-iils Ixia Own
Bila on the Credit of an Iniae
inary Informant.
A Fraud.
week a
have seen Fargo and the Red lliver
sea they have seen Dakota and they go
back home and "give the territory
away" by an unintentional false report.
The land office at Fargo heads oil' thous­
ands of people who would otherwise
come on out and see God's own country in
the James lliver Valley in just that way.
Going into Dakota through Fargo is like
going into New York through liell-Gale,
only ten-fold worse, and the better part
of the territory has had about enough of
it. The Alert sends up an earnest prayer
that the N. P. will put on a night train to
carry immigrants and prospectors tliftugh
Fargo and the lied lliver Valley, with un­
bending instructions to tlie conductor to
make the west shore before daylight un­
der a penalty of being cashiered a month's
pay for every failure.
Rairoad Time.
Yesterday morning Mr. Daily brought
in a change in the railroad programme
at this place, one which was urged by the
Alert some time ago, and one which will
be gratifying to the people of this town
and vicinity. The Northern Pacific has
put on an accommodation train that will
leave here at six o'clock in the morning
and arrive at Fargo at 11:30 a. m. lie
turning, it will leave Fargo at 4:30 in the
afternoon and arrive here at 10:10 p. m.
This will enable our people to go to Far­
go and return the same day, which will
be a great convenience as long as the gov­
ernment denies us a land office here and
we have to go to that place to do all kinds
of business connected with the acquisi­
tion of public lands. There is also a
change of time in the freight trains but
the two passenger trains will run on the
same time as heretofore.
The following telegram has been re­
ceived later:
Fargo, May, 14, 1882.
Editor Alert:
We start the Jamestown accommoda­
tion to-inorrow morning, leaving James
at six a. m., and arriving at Fargo at 11:30
a. m.. Leaves Fargo at 4:30 p. in,, arriv­
ing in Jamestown at 10:10 m. Please
—»i." (J, t. lloBAliT.
notify the people.
A Land Office.
Jamestown is entitled to a government
land office and we hope the people here
will insist upon their rights in the matter.
There are thousands of dollars spent in
traveling to and from Fargo, a distance of
100 miles, to negotiate public laud trans­
actions, besides the unavoidable delay on
account of the rush of business at that
office, the greater part of which is out this
way. There is a well-grounded suspicion
here that interested parties, for seltisli and
avaricious purposes, are'at the bottom of
our difficulty in obtaining a land office
here, and some of them will comc to grief
sooner or later. Jamestown is willing to
live and let live, but she will not silently
see her rights withheld just to keep up
another town. If Fargo needs help, no
other town in the territory will bestow its
charity with a more lavish hand, but hat
we object to is having it filclicd from us
through the land office.
A Vigorous Kick.
Ed. Alert:
The vexations and unnecessary expense
to which many settlers arc subjected in
Stutsman and adjoining counties are sim­
ply outrageous. Quite a number of
jfT -1-.-
party of gentleman came
out from the slates on return tickets, to
and from Jamestown, but as tlie land
office is located at Fargo, they stopped
there, and the mud and ocean of water
that met their gaze so disgusted Llicm
that they would not come and fiiriher,
and sent one their uumber on out to
Jamestown to get their tickets stamped
for return. Tlie one that came on out to
Jamestown was so pleased with the
James lliver Country and iiie town that,
if he had not had the tickets of tlie others
he would have telegraphed tlie oth­
ers to come on out. This same thing has
been going on for along time and peo­
ple are deluded into tlie belief that when
have filed through at torn
era and
immediately put up shanties on their
claims, and just about the time they get
their shanties finished they get retunn
from Fargo, saying that their claims had
lieen filed on by somebody else just a day
or two ahead of them. The Fargo office
is so crowded with applications that it
takes two or three weeks to get returns
The latest report from Washington on
the bill was as follows:
Senator McDill's report on Senator ilc
McMillan's report to create an additional
land district in Dakota, recommends the
passage of the bill and presents the fol­
lowing statement: The proposed dis­
trict includes the counties of LaMoure,
Diclscy, Logan, Kidder, Stutsman, Fos­
ter, Gingras, Sheridan, McHenry, and lc
8met, about 100.000 square miles, and 10,
000,000 acres of public lands. It includes
jtome of the most valuable agricultural
lands in Northern Dakota, and is nowre
ceivin"1 a very large immigration, and it
will probably receive 16,000 to If,000im­
migrants in the present ear.-
Jamestown is distant 100 miles from the
nearest,land office in Dakota and proper­
ly located in the proposed district for ac­
cess by railroad.
Aftotbw dispatch a day or two late
said that the land commissioner was op
posed to the bill and was trying to defeat
Can it be possible that the people of
len counties are to be hoodwinked and
bamboozled out of their rights tliusly?
It seems too absurd to think that the
members of congress would allow us to
be so unjustly treated. It would be an
interesting matter to know where Mr.
Pettigrew stands on this bill. Mr. Pet
tigrew is a candidate for re-election to
congress, and the people of Stutsman
county would like to hear from him at
an early date on this bill. He worked
hard to get the land offices at Aberdeen
and Mitchell, but he has not opened his
mouth on the Jamestown bill. He is as
dumb as a gravestone in our case. Why
is this
Won't some member of the Hoard of
Trade who has this matter at heart, get
up a set of ringing resolutions for the
Uoard of Trade, setting forth our griev­
ances and have them sent to the proper
committee in each house of congress,
also to Senator McMillan and to Mr. Pet­
tigrew? Very Iruly,
GEO. C. D.
Milldam Washout.
Yesterday morning the south side of
the mill dam gave away, and was carried
out clear and clean by the current, even
the large rocks were carried down the
stream" a considerable distance. The
cause seems to have been the cutting out
of the bank, which, though protected as
was thought sufliciently, gradually gave
away. It will incur considerable expense
to repair the damage, but, as the mill is
provided with steam power, this misfor­
tune will not affect the running of the
mill. Mr. Klans will go to work at once
to repair the damage to the dam, and will
rebuild it in a permanent and substantial
manner. The flouring mill is one of our
most valuable enterprises, and its propri­
etor one of our most enterprising citizens
and his misforune, though he is abund­
antly able to stand it, is regretted by all.
Jim-Ham's Gone.
Sheriff McKechnie:s flock of sheep
under the leadership of Jim-ram have
wandered oif. A member of the dramatic
club upon learning of it gave vent in the
following verses, to be sung to the tune
of "Ninety and Nine:"
Thero were sixty and nine that safely strayed,
From out of McICechnio's fold
Th«y wandered over the bluffs away
Toward Spiritwood, Sam was told.
Then off on his pony, he galloped away,
To And tho lost elicep, he hunted all day
He returned, but found them not.
We think old Ram Jim is to blame for it all
But Sam c»nnot blame him for going away
Yet we hope ho'll get time to return before fall,
And join us again in our opening play.
A Solid Showing'.
The financial statement of the First Na­
tional Bank which appeared in the Alert
yesterday morning shows the institution
to be iu a sound and healthy condition
and is a flattering exhibit. The officials
of the institution are to be congratulated
as well as the lucky persons who own its
A Complaint.
town commenced putting on airs and in­
dulged in the luxury of a village board,
street commissioner, etc., Fifth avenue
was the smoothest, dryest and most beau­
tiful thoroughfare in Dakota. To-day
any man who has a cellar to excavate or
a back yard to clean out is permitted to
dump the refuse into Fifth avenue, which
presents a disgusting surface of hills and
valleys, mounds and ravines, stones and
obstructions. This, too, is the most im­
portant and most traveled portion of our
city, being between the depot aud Second
street on the south side. Who is respon­
sible If the board, permit them to re­
sign and fill tlieir places. If the street
commissioner ask his resignation and give
us a man who will complete the job the
same year it is commenced.
Proceedings of Board of County Commis­
In session at 10 o'clock a. m., on the
10th day of Mny, A. D. 1882.
Board met pursuaut to call.
Full board present.
Minutes of last meeting were read and
On motion Commissioner Moran ap­
pointed a committee of one to act with
the clerk in preparing plans and specifica­
tions for the rebuilding and repairing of
bridges. Said plans to be submitted to
the board for approval.
The following resolution was offered:
llesolved, That the board offei at pub­
lic sale at 10 o'clock a. m. on the 10th
day of June, 1882, at the front door of
the court house, to the highest bidder,
the following described property, to-wit:
Stutsman county court house toeether
with lots 4, 5 and 6 in block 10 in the
village of Jamestown, D. T. The board
reserving tlie right to reject any or all
bids also to withdraw the notice previous
to the day of sale and further, that if
the boaid of court house construction do
not commence labor on tlie new court
house on the day named in the act ap­
proved March 5, 1881, the sale shall not
take place.
Bill of .(no. S. Watson called up and on
motion allowed—$3.
r.u.is A I,LOWED.
C. Ilagn- r, care of pauper 822 00
Thos. S. Collins, writing paper 8 25
E. 11. Foster, surveying with road
viewers 10 00
Koad orders No. 133, District No. 2, for
$1,125, and No. 4, District No. 1, for $6.00,
cancelled'and county order issued.
Fellows & Hart allowed county order
for rebate on 1SS1 tax erroneously
Petition of Apolonio Klaus called up
and after reading laid over until next
Petition of II. L. Inman and others
called up and referred back to petitioners.
Bond of Arthur W. Porter as county
assessor presented, and was on motion
Application made, and bonds presented,
by M. E. Foley for a license to retail malt
and spirituous liquors in Jamestown, from
April 1st, 1882, to January 1st, 1883.
On motion-bonds approved and license
On motion the board adjourned until
10 o'clock a. m., on the 17th day of May
A. D., 1882.
County Clerk.
{pn^ ohr li 1
Sad Disaster, Following Faster and Still
Faster, Spreading: Sorrows and
Woes Wherever it Goes.
The Festive Town Cow Makes a Grand
Bow in the Sward Grass and the
New SOWA Garden Sass.
The Ubiquitous Tone of the Talking Tele­
phone would Slake a Loud Sound
for the Capital Town.
Another Accident.
A little after eleven o'clock yesterday
morning, as the work train was return­
ing from Sanborn, and was about three
miles cast of Spiritwood, it left the track,
and in doing so was precipitated down
a fifteen-feet embankment, killing three
men and wounding several others more or.
less severely. The train had been east,
picking up old iron, and consisted of the
engine, which was backing up, and a ca­
boose, which it was drawing, and had on
board twenty-seven workmen, who were
nearly all bruised, more or less, in the
catastrophe. The evidence showed the
accident to have been caused by the beam
of the brake on the tender coming down,
throwing the tender from the track,
which, in turn drew the engine olE and
the caboose Followed. Two of the men
killed were brought to Jamestown, and
the third was still under the wreck at
last accounts, with a large force at work
trying to recover the body. Judge Stein
bach was notified of the affair and at
once proceeded to hold
in the baggage room of the depot, where
the two bodies were laid. Messrs. E.
Elmer, M. N. Sanborn and E. F. Horn
being selected as the jury and Mr. Juukins
as clerk the inquest began. The jury,
Jerry Behan conductor, Wallace McLean
fireman, aud CJhiei lioad-master A. E.
Taylor were sworn in and Behan stated
the facts as given above and identified the
bodies as W. L. Turner aud Morris lia
cine, the former a brakeinau and the lat­
ter a workman on his traiu. lie said Tur­
ner was sitting on the trout steps of the
caboose and itacine was insiue the ca­
boose when the accident occuied. Behan
was also inside the caboose at the time of
the accident.
Walter McLean testified that
the man who was under the engine at
last accounts was sitting on his seat in
tlie cab at the time when the train went
oil. McLean was thrown into the water
which was beside the track, and when
he got out he at once assisted to get his
brother, who was tlie engineer, out, and
also to assist the oiliers. Tlie engineer
was badly cut auout the head and is now
at the Dakota House. McLean escaped
unhurt save some slight bruises.
Mr. Taylor testified that he was in Val­
ley City ai the time of the accident, and
at once went to the scene of the disaster.
He identified Turner and stated that this
morning he was to have been given
charge of a work train at Wheatland.
Dr. Baldwin was sworn and made an
examination of tlie bodies, and decided
that Turner came to his death from in­
ternal injuries, and that Itacine liad re­
ceived sufficient bruises on the head and
face to have caused death.
The inquest was th«n adjourned until
this morning at i) o'clock when it is ex­
pected the body of the third man will
have been recovered.
The bodies were searched and some
money and papers were found. Turner
belongs in otevens Point, Wis. The
bodies were turned over to the railroad
company, who
pay all expenses
and bury the bodies.
The track in the vicinity of Spiritwood
seems to have had more than its share ol
accident", no less thau three having oc
cured there this spring, in two of which
deaths have been recorded.
The Cow Complaint Again.
Still the complaints come in about the
cows running at large in the town
and destroying the gardens. There are
no fences in town and the gardens are
unprotected against the ravages of these
bovine destroyers, 'i here is an evident
slackness in enforcing the ordinance,
which is stringent enough to effect the
protection desired but the question is
how or by whom are the ordinances to
be enforced. The wr.ter has had some
experience as a city oiiiccr, and he does
not agree with those who think they
themselves have nothing to do in the
matter, but the town officers have it ail.
It is impossible for an oilicer to see and
know of his own knowledge of all the
violations of the various ordinances, and
without this he is as powerless as any
other citizen to do anything, unless a
warrant is put into lus hands to exe­
cute. The liberties of the people are not
at the whim of au oilicer auy more than
at that of any one else, nr can he
exercise authority upon ihe say-so or
whims of others. If you know of a vio­
lation of the law or ordinance, whether
you are injured by it or not, it is your
privilege aud, in many eases, your duty
to go before Uie magistrate aud make an
affidavit of the fact, and then you will see
the law enforced, but you need not expect
to see the law enforced if you call the
officer to one side, and tell him such and
such an one is violating an ordinance,
and at the same time ret use to go before
the magistrate and make affidavit to it.
He has no power to act upon vour sug­
gesting or prompting it. "i lie only diiier
ence is that a citizen is in duly bound, as
a good citizen, to make complaint before
a magistrate of an offense committed
within his own knowledge or sight, and
an ofiiccr is in addition bound by his offi­
cial oath to uo so. if any of "our town
officers fail to do this tlsvy deserve censure,
but if the citizens fail to do their dutv in
the premises by refusing to make proper
complaint they are not in a position to
complain of tlie officers with very uood
grace. If all would do their full duty
the stock ordinance would soon begin to
tell in its effects.
Woodland Park.
The Alert scribe took a ride with Mr.
A. A. Allen out over the new addition of
Allen & Dougc yesterday morning and
was much pleased with the location and
"Jay of the land." The Park adjoining
on the west in the bend of the river is on
dry ground and beautifully shaded Willi
forest trees of natural growth, which will
soon be trimmed up in good and
made one of tlie most pleasant retreats
for pleasure strolls and out-door public
occasions in the country, surrounded as it
is on three sides by the majestic lit) le!
James River. A Fourth of July celebra­
tion was held there last year ana a boomer
will be held this, with spread-eagle
speeches and such amusing diversions as
the independent American citizens of Da­
kota choose to indulge. Although we re­
cognize our allegiance to the government
of the United States we are not a slate
and can afford to feel more independent
than any other people in the world.
Telephone Connection.
Why not secure a telephone connection
between the various business houses in
Jamestown." It would save a great deal
of prccious time to be able to communi­
cate with auy business house and with the
Depot without leaving your business to
go and do so in person. Our business
men have all they can do to attend to tlieir
business without having to go out from
place to place to attend to it, and if theyr
had telephone connection with those
places they would save the time and
trouble of going out to attend to it. With
a system and connection of thirty or forty
stations the expense to each would be but
a small matter, and after a trial the peo­
ple would not do without it for twice the
cost. The Alert presents this subject to
the consideration of the enterprising peo­
ple of Jamestown.
Grand Rapids Notes.
The hardware store on Broadway is
nearly completed and is an ornament to
the town.
Mr. Ingersoll has the Bank building
fairly under way he expects to he in it in
the course of a couple of weeks.
Two blacksmith shops are going up and
in fact the building boom has struck this
town in earnest.
I. C. Hall & Co., are adding a cook
room to the Revere House and will soon
build a fine cottage i:i town. Tlie senior
partner of tiiis firm is running a branch
house at Ellendale the terminus of the II.
& D. branch of the C. M. & St. P. 11. It.
A prairie fire destroyed the residence of
the Bowen Bros, six miles out of town.
Deisem & Franks have a large stock
of goods this spring and seem to be doing
a good business.
John Young is building quite a nice
house on the bluffs west of town.
It is rumored here that wealthy parties
are contemplating building a road to be
known as the Devil's Lake, Sanborn &
Grand llapids Line this to be the southern
branch of the line. If this should pan out
to be true, Grand Rapids will be in a lew
years the railroad center of the southern
part of Northern Dakota.
Davis & Whitenian report a live busi­
The mattar of Sidewalks.
As the city authorities have decided fo
build quite an extensive lot of sidewalk
the Aleit wishes to express again its sen­
timents upon the subject aud the influ­
ence tuey have upon the strangers who
visit our town. As was said in these col­
umns a few days ago the sidewalks will
give out an almost irresistible impression
to the stranger of the calibre of the peo­
ple both socially and in public spirit so
much as the sidewalks, and we wish to
urge it upon the city authorities to not.
"give the town away" by any narrow
contracted walks on the business streets
and main thoroughfares of the town.
The walks that have been made so far are
a credit to the town and a commendation
of the people, and this article is alone for
the purpose of encouraging a continuance
of tlie policy. The walk from Fifth ave­
nue to the .fames river will be the main
promenade, as it will go out to the river,
the very place persons will want to go,
and about far enough for pleasant recrea­
tion, and for that reason the walk should
be commodious and substantial as well as
neat. All the walks that are built should
be in accord with the needs of the locality
in which they may be made. Anything
that is worth*doing at all is worth well
doing, and tlrs does not apply more
strongly in any case than in the matter of
Fargo Republican: A Washington special
to the Pioneer Press, says that 'Delegate
Pettigrew has renewed his efforts to se­
cure tlie opening by order of the secretary
of the interior, of the territory occupied
by the Turtle Mountain band of Indians.
He has filed a written statement setting
forth the history of the case, and asking
that the Indians, 250 in number^ shall be
movecf to the White Earth reservation in
Minnesota, and tue entire country now
occupied by them thrown open to settle­
ment. A year ago he filed a similar peti­
tion, takin'g the ground that the claim of
the Indians to the territory was not found­
ed ,ipen any valid right to the country.
In that letter he stated that a few of the
half-breeds had made the claim for the
purpose of securing a large sum of money
from the government. He was informed
by the commissioner of Indian affairs at
that time that the department had recog­
nized their claim to the country as valid,
and that the only way this country could
be opened up to* settlement was by con­
gressional action. Thereupon Mr. Petti­
grew introduced a bill at tlie beginning of
congress providing for the opening up of
the country to settlement. There is no
present prospect that this bill will become
a law this session of congress. Mr. Pet­
tigrew has become convinced, after a fur­
ther investigation of the subject, ihat the
title of tlie Indians to this country is not
valid, aud he renews his application to
tho department for an order to open it up
as above stated. The territory embraces
9,000,000 acres.
We notice from the St. Louis Globc
Dcmocrat that Col. Donan, managing ed­
itor of the Fargo Argus, is down in that
city working up excursions for Dakota
and Minnesota with good success. He is
working iq the behalf of the L\, B. Q.
15. It., and its connecting lines, and his
first troph.'isan excursion of young la­
dies of the Russian Broom Brigade. They
will visit, several points of romantic inter­
est making Lake Mmnetonka, on the St.
Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railroad,
the terminus of tlieir northwestern mean
derings. The Col. is a host when he starts
out on an enterprise.
The Daily Plaindeaier at Grand Forks,
made its debut Moaday evening of this
week. It is a neat seven column folio and
is in keeping with the town in which it
came to life. The Alert hopes it will
"boopv" like a grt&n bay tree.
.' •-'•A-'
a*! m.
The 'Final Glean and Closing: Scene of
Railroad Cave that Sent Three
Men to the Grave.
House River Half-breeds threaten violent
Seeds, and Xelleher turns Back to
his old beaten Track.
Those with spleen Affected, have their er­
rors Corrected by a few pen Strides
upon their thick Hides.
The Land Office Jumble makes a hopeful
Rumble, and comes up Anew by
the aid of Mr. Pettigrew.
The Land Office,
There is, to say the least, some hope of
securing a land office at Jamestown, and
we ought to let the dispensers of such
things at Washington know that we
want one here, and that we need one, and
that we have a right to one, by every
means in our power. The following
letter, which has been handed us, con­
tains some encouragement:
House of Representatives,
Washington, iMay Uth 1882.
A. W. KKLLEY, Jamestown, 1). T.
Dear Sir—We have secured a favorable
report on the land office bill from the Sen­
ate committee but do not know whether
the bill will pass or not. The Minnesota
senators and members here are opposed
to it, and they have secured the opposi­
tion of the commissioner of the land office
and it makes it very hard work. Still
I shall do every thing I can, and hope, of
course, to pass tlie bill. Young Hewitt
has been here for some time, working
earnestly to secure the passage of the
bill, ana he feels confident of success.
Yours truly,
The Mouse River Country.
EDITOR ALERT.—I started on Monday
for Bismarck on my way to the Mouse
River Country, but on arriving at Bis­
marck 1
learned from a reliable source that
the lialf-brced Indians of the Turtle
Mountain country were open rebellion
against the whites in that part of Dakota.
Therefore I have given
the idea of
going to that great agricultural district
at present.
In addition to the above we learn from
Mr Kt lleher that the hostility of the
dians is suspccted of being incited
some parties for a seliish purpose.
Indians hare been reinforced from
Turtle Mountain region and now are
to number about
is there will be some blood-letting done up
there. This is probably a scheme of the
Indians to get a bonanza out of the
ernment for their assumed claim, and
there is no telling how far they will push
it. The condition of affairs is not invit­
ing to immigration to the Mouse River
country just at present, to say the least.
Finale of the Inquest.
The inquest over the dead resulting
from tlie railroad accident at Spiritwood
Tuesday was concluded yesterday morn­
ing, when the body of the unfortunate
who could not be extricated from the
wreck in time to be brought in with the
the two the day before, arrived. The
name of this man was Peter Lawronsen.
The verdict of the coroner's jury was in
accordance with the facts published in
the Alert of yesterday morning, from
which it appears that the accident was
one that human foresight could not an­
ticipate nor avoid, and no blame for neg­
ligence attaches to any one. Tie rail­
road company provided neat and suita­
ble coffins and dressed the bodies in good
and suitable burial clothes. The body ol
Lawronsen was sent to Fargo and was bul­
led by the company. Turner's was sent to
relatives at Steven's Point, and that of
the newspaper as the best and most clfee-
tive mcaus of wreaking vengeance upon
an adversary and who think it is perfect.-
lj- legitimate that they be allowed,or rath­
er that they be not denied the right to
flay an adversary through its columns and
then themselves dodge behind the publish­
er into the obscurity of a nom dc plume,
in which the writer cannot be recognised,
There are often good and sufficient rea-
Froscsdingsof Village Board of Trustees.
Jamestown, D. T., May 15,1882.
The Board of Trustees met at 8:30 p. m,
J. T. Bush in the chair.
Present—J. T. Bush, Lewis Lyon, J. J.
Flint and J. J. Roper.
Minutes of last meeting read and ap­
A petition was presented asking for a
sidewalk on Front street from Fifth ave­
nue to the east side of Pittsburg street.
The motion of J. J. Flint seconded oy
J. J. ltoper that the petition be received
and walk ordered built within thirty days
was rescinded. Moved by L. Lyon that a
sidewalk be ordered built on Front street
from Fifth avenue to the east side of Por­
ter & Roper's office. Seconded by J. J.
Flint and carried.
Racine is still h?re awaiting tele
graphic communication with relatives as f°r '•be accommodation of his stock while
to where they wish it to be sent. The two brejkiug two and a half sections of laud,
wounded men are getting along reason-1 31
rs. Allen has discovered no traces as
ably well. yet of her missing husband, who abscond
_d from here a short lime ago.
A petition was presented asking that a
sidewalk be built on Fifth avenue from
the north side of Second street to the south
side of .Jefferson street. The petition was
received and walk ordered built within
thirty days on motion of J. J. Flint sec­
onded by L. Lyon.
A petition wa.- also presented asking
that a sidewalk be built on 31am street
from Fifth avenue to the James river. On
motion of L. Lyon seconded by J. J. Flint
the petition was received and walk ordered
budt within thirty days
Ordinance No. 18, referring to railroad
trains blocking the reets and the speed
with which trains shall be run through
the village, received its first and second
Ordinance No. l(i was amended bv the
addition of the following to Sec. Ill, a:id
received its first and second readings:
sons of modesty or other causes for a per- ground is in excellent shape. Our bin s.
son to write for the papers over an unret
smsr position bv means of muenuo is as,
cowardly as it is mean, and thc Alert manufacture of all kmds of soda and miu
docs not propose to lend its aid to anv I era! w&teis.
such reprehensible purpose*, and if any j,r
correspondent abuses the privilege I
this way wc will expose lr!m :tr.d
©ollsse Capers.
And provided farther that wli"n any person,
per.-oiis, tioni)o or cmi^uny slia!) exhibit nr
conduct any mscii tinutriVai. npi-rutic nr musical
porrormaiiCi- a* if u.euiiniivd in St-c. 1 of this ordi
nanci'. or any ie fo/mnTH'o cf a himilar nature not
in violation of any law or'ordinance of tlie territory,
or municipality, or shall operate any halt or place
tliernl'or for a longer time tl.an one month: sii'.li
person, person, troupe or company ,hali take out a
six months licens-.- therefor in the sum oi $50 pay­
able in adv nee: sucli license to be received in ad­
vance nt the end of snch time upon the continuance
thereof aud no other license shaii be exacted from
such person, rsous, troupe or company playing or
exhibiting in suet hall or place.
Ordinance No. 17 ending with tlie 3d
section received its third reading and pass­
ed on motion of L. L}-on seconded by J.
J. Roper.
The following accounts were presented
51. Murphy, building sidewalks.. .$3% 92
J. B. Uomnette, repairing plank
on Fifth avenue 5 50
F. M. Brown, chairs and tables...
The account of Grmini, Giescler & Muel­
ler was allowed on motion of L. Lyon sec­
onded by J. J. Flint.
Moved by L. Lyon that the account of
Geo. 11. Purchase be referred to the street
commissioner. Seconded by J. J. Flint
ana carried.
Adjourned to meet Monday, June 5, at
8 o'clock p. m.
5W aud the probability depot and Yessey's store.
Horace Ashley is having 150 acres of
land broken ou his quarter, and is going
extensively into potatoes aud onions. He
has given up his intention of investing in
the Yellowstone valley, thinking and feel­
ing that there is more* money to be made
^Minneapolis, May 16.—A nnmbef of,
students of the state university were out °r at Sanoorn, and one of the lead
on a spree fast night and being followed ing business men of that town, was in the
by some of the faculty who propossd to city last night.
capture and discipliae them, and started
to run tliem down. Asa Paine, who
fired a shot hich took effect in Paine's
thigh. The wound is not serious, but
there is good deal of excitement, had
feeTTmr has oxistid between the fa^nUv
and student of long standing, the latter
having been very aggressive.
I have beea made.
S. L. Glaspell, accompanied by his be
ter half, drove up from Jamestown yes
fcrday aud contracted with Henry Yessey
for 5,000 feet of lumber with which he
proposes having built a large barn
ana feed house tliree miles north of here
Errors Corrected. Jerry Collins aud some of liis Michigan
There "s liardlv a place in the work!
where we do not find tuosc no think be- jeturned with 400 pounus ot pickerel mid
cause they subscribe for or patronize a white lisb. The smallest one weighed
paper that they have a right to dictate its seven pounds and thrco ouncos.
course. This is an error, for such is not Darrah returned from Bismarck
tho rase Another is that tlicv look imon veslerday, where he l.ad bee!: purchasing
uu, cast. ^noinu
inat uic^ look upon -0
'-tw, jQ]4
to the James river one day
,, I last week ou an angling expedition, and
00u coUo
nwood trees.
trip in 26 hours.
Thc grcat inilux
The breaking season has set in and lie
is kept busy day aud night.
ognizable signature, on subjects of put
lie aud general interest, and this may he Faraly Personal.
right and proper enough, but to abuse thc
privilege by taking advantage of thc oh- Attorney Beaton of largo, is in the
scuritv of thc attacking partv to civc a citv.
person a rap and place him in an cmbarrns-
give his name to the party injured on ap-1 Ginnis new block.
plication. The Alert is a newspaper and
will publish the news though the heavens
fall, but it does not champion the personal
cause or grievance or spite of any one.
Gco 1Jr Ulne comillcncc(1 lic
Du of ti Empirc Storc
occupy one of I he new stores iu Mc-
Sheriff Melvethuie has recovered Jim
Ram anil all but ten of his lost sheep
which are supposed to have been slain by
vicious dogs.
Jlr. A. B. Zingg, thc proprietor of the
was pursued by the professors, and find- yesterday where he has. looking after
ing that lie was likely to be caught he his real estate. He savs thc land office
turnedland displayed a revolver, ^here-there be opened about the first of
upon Professor Pike drew a P'.stol and.
•-,nlt" returned fron\ A*erdeen
Mr. Klaus has leased the two new store
umJcr his Hall to rtie8 whf)
No arrests store and thc other as
I establishment.
fef, jMig
Village Clerk.
Eldridse Squibs
Au underground telephonic communi­
cation has been established between the
One of our enterprising farmers who
hails from Ohio states that upwards of
15,000 acres ot grain have been sown with­
in six miles of this town during the past
four weeks. This is an increase of 5,000
over last year.
While in Jamestown Monday afternoon
last Rev. "Win. Huelster purchased from
John Moore a spanking little Indian pony
•which he tied to tlie hind end of his ve­
hicle and led home. Ou arriving at his
domicile he fastened the animal securely
at the end of the hay slack and left him,
as he supposed, comfortable for the night.
Along about 4 o'clock in the morning,
when the boys were doing the chores,they
discovered tliat the pony had slipped his
halter and skipped. Edward liuelster
immediately mounted a horse and started
in pursuit, but up nil the present lime has
failed to overtake him.
«ic-iy. Otrc as a gtv
a wholesale
.4-^. s.:
NO. 43
Of Neva Gathered, Between the Tbander
Shocks, from the Unwilling Wire,
Which Refti—d to do Ontr e^AteoMt
of the Heavy Storm.,
Capital MotM.
By Western A««ociated Pica*.
Telcgiams from Portland, Oregon, re.
ports serious fight at Harrisburg, Alaska
among the white women
were killed.
A number
Representative Taylor, of Ohio, from
the house judiciary, has submitted a re­
port to the house concerning the Onto
nagon & Brule lliver railroad grant in
Michigan. The question involves an in­
crease as presented to the committee,
wlicthei after the expiration of the time
fixed by the act granting ten railroad
companies the right to construct roads
and obtain a clear title to lands which the
act originally covcrcd, the jndiciaty
committee reports present and hold that
thc government has aright to declare un­
earned lands forfeited.
Milwaukee Kites.
Milwaukee, May 18—This afternoon the
lormal transfer ol the stock of the Mil­
waukee Sentinel was trade to the gentle­
men who are interested in the Daily Re­
publican, and the announcement is made
that the two papers arc to be united,
which will thereby give to Eastern Wis­
consin one of the'best edited daily news­
papers in the country.
Wm. Ellis was instantly killed on the
C. & if. W. railroad while coupling
Killed on The Way Home.
Chicago, May 18.—Levi Preston, a
farmer living eight miles below Memphis,
was shot and killed last night by an un­
known party. Suspicion points to a m»n
named Clark as the assassin. Clark and
Preston had a fight in a grocery store near
the scene early in the evening. Clark left
for home at 0 o'clock, but Preston re­
mained until 9, and was shot while riding
along the road toward his home.
Soinar Them Honor.
Liverpool, JVIay 18—'lne mayor cor­
dially welcomed the Jenneatte survivors
and expressed his admiration of their gal­
lant enterprise. Consul Packard proposed
the health of Danenliauser and Newcomb.
The toast of "Lost Comrades" was drank
in silence. Consuls Packard and Shaw
escorted the party on board the steamer.
Cruel Treatment.
Cairo, May 18.—One person tried in
connection with the conspiracy against
Aradi, he was never allowed to sleep, tied
down and was heavily ironed, tie was
repeatedly beaten and forced to sign the
criminating document.
dot On to Them.
Berlin, Germany, May 17.—The polict
have seized 500 copies of the socialistic
publications. ..'-1
Fargo, May 17.—Thc board of education
this evening ordered all work on the new
school house stopped on account of defec­
tive foundation. The architect who was
employed to supervise the work of con­
struction is not here and an investigation
is to be had.
Tlie trotting association at a meeting
to-night made arrangements for ti June
The Norwegians arc having a fine ball
to-night after their celebration to-day
with much pomp.
New York Stock Xfcrket.
New York, May 18.—Money is quoted
at [email protected]}.j per cent.
Prime mercantile paper is held at 4Q5
per cent.
Sterling Exchange—Bankers' bills are
quoted steady at $4.86^ do ex. demand,
Stocks—The following are the latest
Northern Pacific 40J£
Do preferred 78%
Milwaukee Grain Market.
Milwaukee, May 18.—Wheat closed
[notations, which were
at the following qu(
unsettled but steady.
No. 2 hard...
No. 2 fresh...
No. 3
No. 4
11c made thc
Seli crs
Yessey & Scripture arc kept busy
cating them.
Two gentlemen from Omaha were here
on Monday with the view of choosing a
suitable lo'eation for the creetion of a grist
rail!, and if a satisfactory sde can be pro­
cured they will wiiluu six weeks com­
mence to build.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, May 18.—'The grain market
closed at the following quotations, which
were unsettled and generally lower:
No. 2 Chicago spring.... 1 23),gl 24
No. 3 ao 1 10 @1 IS
Rejected 85 8 88
Pork dull and drooping. Quoted at
[email protected]
Live Stock Market.
Chicago, May 18.—Ilogs—Receipts, 23,
000 shipments, 9,000. Market generally
steadv and unchanged common to good
mixeS, [email protected] heavy packing
shipping, $7.75(38.25.
A pleasant social party of about fifteea
couplcs met at tlie Commercial Hotel
last evening to "trip tlie light fantastic."
Major Bhain, the nimable landlord, did
his utmost to render the occasion highly
enjoyable, whose hospitality was appreci­
ated by all. The genial clerk "Brick
was also a notable participant.
Klrirrd or
From thc farm of Wm. Huel^ter, near
Eldridge, a small Indian pony, dark sor­
rel, shabby looking, hair panlv off, w—g
tail, small white spot in face. The finder
will pe rewarded oy deliverng to owner,
giving information or leaving at Jgha
Moore's lively stable in Jamestown.
43-" W*. Htrounut.
atatlee *f «r Triif fimmtf
NoAio* is hereby gtrea that the Baaril
of County ComsusaioBers of IStatma
county. Dakota, will offer at public «ale,
to the highest bidder, at the front dooreff
the (Jmm House, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
the l#th day of June A. IV, 1882, Iht lot*
towing described property,, to-wt:
Stutsman County l\nwl Hnw tMnftr
with Lots 4, 5 and I la Modi 10, «maa|
town ai
6k». W. V«
1 30
1 13
1 03

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