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Lpn Desmond shot Gustave Weston in
the back at Dcadwood,inflicting a serious
wound, and lias been held to the grand
In Dell Jiapids, Sepel Caw got behind
Thomas Adnnis in church and tickled
him. Aflcr the service Air. Adams cjave
the tickler a sound thumping.
An Olivet man, nnrne not given, was
captured near Parker,- nfler having at­
tempted to shoot his father-in-law and
then stealing a horse with which to es­
Dakota Pioneer: Mr. Geo. W. Ven
num, of Jamestown, was married 10 Miss
Lucy A. Durham, at Onargn, 111., Feb.
22nd. George has many friends in Dako­
ta who will be pleased to learn of his
The Presbyterian Sunday school will
have Easier services at the church Sun­
day night.
church will
Bomely decorated and
be hnnd-
thu exercises will
responses together*
with other matters of appropriate enter­
The following is the way the Yankton
Herald welcomes the capital removal
commission, which will n.cet at that place
soon: "The capital commission gang
will meet in Yankton the 30th inst. We
advise our people to place their hen roosts
under lock and key and clear their clothes
lines before dark, in anticipation of the
Traill County Times: Judge Hudson
will hold a special term of the District
Caurt on April 3d, in place of the regular
term on the fourth Tuesday. We learn
that there are quite a number of cases
down for trial, and a lengthy term is ex.
pected. Soon the sheriff will be scudding
about in our midst in quest of victims to
Constitute the grand nnd petit jurors.
The Grand Rapid:! Journal kicks like
a bay steer over the re-apportionment of
the legislative districts by which La
Moure county is attached to Cass and
other Red river counties. It claims La
Moure is wholly identified with the
James River Valley inierests in every
respect and that it was an act of gross in­
justice to make it the tail end of a Red
river district.
There were 545,887 members of the
Blasonic fraternity in the Uuited States
in 1880 a little over one Mason to each
one hundred inhabitants. They are
thickest in Maine, where there is one
Mason in every thirty-three of the total
population. Nest comcs Kentucky with
one in every thirty-nine, and then follow
Michigan, Massachusetts and New York,
with one in every seventy.
Pargo Argus: It is reported that a
conp.'e of merchants yesterday invited a
friend to dinner. In going into the din
ing room at Headquarters, it is said, the
guest was designated as a brakeman on
the Jimtown accommodation and was
ateered off to aside table in the corner,
where he took his dinner with a couple of
coons, while the parties inviting him had
seats at the general tallies. The Jimtown
brake-man is said to be hot.
Jb'argo Argus: Among the on dits in
leg-.il circles is the report that the well
known and long established firm of Wil­
son & JJall is about to dissolve by the
withdrawal of Mr. Ball, whose private
inierests are demanding much of his time.
It is Also rumored that Col. Thomas, one
of the leading attorneys of the Dcadwood
bar, ani his father-in-law, Judge Barnes,
will unite with General Wilson in the
formation of anew law firm.
The following item has been going the
rounds of the press for some time: "A
printer's towel fell out of the third story
window in a New Jersey town
the other day and cracked a pavement
stone. The crash was heard two blocks
away, and a little boy ran home, with
white lips and trembling limbs, to tell
A is mother that lie had seen "a negro
aittn tumble off the roof and explode iiis
iheai," It is about time to nip that slan­
der. It was a hotel towgl. The remain­
der of the item is substantially correct,
and is a circumstance that may occur any
place where there i« a three story hotel, a
stone pavement, and a little boy on the
.street who has a mother.
Sidetracked in the Valley City yard
this morning was a train of twelve cars
Joaded wi.'.h emigrants and their effects,
bound westward. All of the new comers
3iad an appearance to thrift and intelli­
gence, and showed considerable familiari­
ty with different sections uf Dakota. In
several cases all the stock and impteinents
necessary to successfully operate a farm
were b^ing shipped, and even the faith­
ful family dog was accorded a plaee in
one instance. The new cowers are bound
.for the vicinity of Jamestown, Clarke and
Bismarck, and came from Missouri,
Iowa, ludiana, Illinois and Wisconsin,
and many more are to follow them from
the portions of the Slates in which they
resided.— Valley City Times.
The "missing link" in the great trans­
continental thoroughfare from Lake Su­
perior to the Pacific ocean is being closed
up at the rapid rate of three and a half
miles a day, and but 280 miles now re­
main to be laid to Cie those two great
water thoroughfares toother by the
Northern Pacific railroad, as enterprise
that Dakota aud Montana should delight
ite accord honor and glory for it lias made
the center of attraction to the world. The
superintendent of construction, Mr. Clark,
arrived from the Pacific slope (st. Paul
.the other day, and gave it as his expec­
tation that the gap in the ltoekk* would
fee *£osed up by the first of August, and
surely by the end of that month. This
road has opened up anew world and its
development is without a parallel in the
history of any section of the continent.
ir ,a/,i ,f.
„r,, .k .'^ ik,.': f..
SHENANDOAH, Pa., March 20—Culm
bank Kohinoor colliery burning.
QUEBEC, March 20 Snow blockade
prevents trains arriving since yesterday
NEWARK, March 20—The New Jersey
fire insurance company, after an existence
of half a century, retires from business.
ST. PAUI., March 20—Eugene Dngan,
of Bloomington, III., was run over and
killed by cars on the Manitoba road this
PETERSBURG. W. Va., March 20— W.
E. Moore and bride started the day of
marriage, in January, for a visit West
and have not been heard from since.
GOTHA, March 20—Herr Von Mongcn
heim, counselor of state and minister of
workshop and schools has been shot, bv a
disappointed applicant for office. The
murderer suicided.
LONDON, March 20—The lord mayor
appeals I'nr contributions to relieve-dis­
tress in western Ireland and Scotland.
The Dean of Canierhury has received a
letter threatenini that the Deanery will
he blown up at Enthony March.
WAPIIETON, March 20—A jury has been
rearid after trying two days and the case
is under full headway. The weapon used
by Nash to kill Newton has been admitt­
ed by defense. Defense will probably be
momen'ary insanity.
SANFUANCISCO, March 20—A Shasta
dispatch says a young half breed woman
killed her husband, Charles Barnes, to­
day by shooting him while in bed, with a
rifle and surrendered herself. She refus­
ed to assign cause.
OTTAWA, Can., March 20—Bonds for
the construction of the Ponliac Pac'flc
junction railway successfully floated
the English market. Bonds are for $20,
000 per mile, guaranteed by the Quebec
WASIIINGTOW, March 20 Indications
for the upper Mississippi and Missouri
valleys: partly cloudy weather, and in
1 lie latter occasional snow or rain. Winds
mostly easterly. Stationary or higher
temperature and pressure.
LITTLE HOCK, March 20—The Gazette's
Pure Bluffs special says: This
afternoon Maurice Bloom and Calvin
Perry had a difficulty in which Bloom
shot Perry three times, inflicting fatal
wound. Bloom was arrested.
SANTA BARBARA, Cal., March 20—Mrs.
Millie F. Walkinslinw, of New York,
lady guest at the Arlington hotel, was
found dead in bed from morphine.
Whether suicide or accident is unknown.
Circumstances favor suicide.
RICHKORD, Vt., March 20—Snow plow
iu collision with train on the Southeast­
ern road. Several persons badly injured.
No train from Montreal since Sunday
noon. The Boston express stuck here
CHICAGO, March 20—Inter Ocean's
Manteno, III., special says, an old couple
named Mettala was suffocated by gas
from a coal stove. They were discovered
this morning and three young men sleep­
ing in a room above was resuscitated
with difficulty.
TAYLOBSVILLE, III., March 20—In her
ration-il moments Emma Bond has con­
firmed the theory that two masked men
carried her from her sick room. From
other evidence her father and physician
are convinced that the abduction "theory
is a correct one, and that it was done to
prevent her appearance before the Grand
DES MOINES, la., March 20—Reports
from this section of country say apple
orchards arc killed by the severe winter.
One farmer reports the loss of 500 trees,
seventeen jears old. Estimated loss in
apple crop "in this county alone will be
two million bushels. Small fruits also
ST. PAUL, March 21 Two brothers
named ferte were to-day discharged by
the Second National hank of this city.
I"hay were cashier and paying teller of
the bank ami have for some time been
carrying on the thieving business upon
the fuuds of the hank. No further action
has yet. ^een taken in the matter by the
officials except to look upon its missing
which will amount to several thousand
MIDDLKTOK, N. Y., March 21—Casper
Leihman siiot himself last evening at a
hotel here and then turned on the gas.
The situation was discovered before he
suffocated. He was to have been married
to-day. The bride expectant first learnt
of the affair from a messenger sent for
wedding flowers. Leibtnan made an
unsuccessful attempt yesterday to nego­
tiate notes. Pistol shot thought to be
BURLINGTON, la., March 21 Officials
Minneapolis & St. Louis, Turlington,
Cedar Rapids & Northern, Chicago, Bur­
lington & Quiucy, and St. Louis, Keokuk
& Northwestern railways,' in
conference here to-day decided to re
establish a fost passenger line between
St. Louis aud Minneapolis, Lake Minne
tonka and St. LOIUB, to be called St.
Louis, Minneapolis and Short Line, for­
merly known as the Iowa route. This
arrangement goes into effect April 1st.
LOUISVILLE, March 20—Last week Wah
Lee, Chinese laundryman, and Dr. Ray
Tpdlapoly, Hindoo physician of this city,
clamii«£ to be of Brahmin caste, had a
difficulty wlii'ih led the two into ccurt
on cross warrants, the Hindoo swore the
Chinaman kept an opium den aud bouse
of ill-repute and the Courier-Journal nod
Commercial published accounts of the
somewhat unique trial, The sequel
came to-day yphen Wah Lee filed libel
suits against each of ific papers, claiming
damages at $3,000.
BRIIDWOOD, March 20—The report wa»
received here this noon that the ferry
boat which runs across the Kankakee
river at Wilmington,five miles from here,
lias broken in two and sunk with thirteen
passengers as board, all of whom were
reported lost. The bogt had just been
launched and was pulleii across JJje river
by means of a wire cable taclUe, Jke
current is very swift at the place of cros­
sing and the" frail craft was unable to
withstand the stiain and parted. At this
writing nothing further has been heard.
LITTLK RUC£, Jlarch 20—Near Boone
ville, Logan county, afternoon,
Sheriff Grady and posse attaqicey £cyr
nven supposed to be the Little' Hock a'hd
Fort train robbers, whose capture
was tdegrapho* fcst night. A running
fight followed £nd of the
fsgitiyps was fatally wounded, ijie S$J*e
tlve name of ftooerts, and admitted luting
an outlaw. Capt. $ii|igtou of the sher­
iff's posse was wounded. At las accounts
the posttwiartUJ in pursuit, The John*
son brothers, two of the men who robbed
the train, were lodged in jail today in
Ozark, the county where the robbery
TORONTO, March 21—Hanlon has gone
to Washingt'n to train for race with Ken­
MONTREAL, March 21—T. H. JHodgdon
was arrested at the suit of the Bank of
Montreal for $118,000.
DETROIT, Mich., March 21—Funeral of
the lute Dr. David O. Farrand was at­
tended by a vast number of people to-day.
SVKACUSE, N. Y., Marcji 21—The an­
nual meeting of the Holstein breeders as­
sociation of America was the largest and
most interesting yet held.
HARTFORD, March 21—Brooks Johnson,
colured, arrested in connection with the
murder of Miss Judson, came from Chi­
cago three years ago.
JACKSON-, MICH., March 21—The liabil­
ities of the failed firm of Camp, Morrill
& Co. are $65,000, assets nominal. The
inventory of same being taken.
QUEBEC, March 21—The north shore
train from Montreal early Monday after­
noon arrived this morning. Snow pack­
ed on the track live feet deep.
ATLANTA, Ga., March 21—W. V. Mc
Cracken, resigns as superintendent ot the
East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia rail­
way to become assistai.t president.
LONDON, March 21 —An eruption of
Mount Eina begun, accompanied by an
earthquake, causing a panic in tne vi­
cinity. Several houses have fallen.
JACKSON, Miss., March 21 Supreme
court ailirmed the sentences of Jim Wood
and Ben. letcher convicted of murder.
Both will be hanged at Natchez May 3.
STETRENNE, March 21—Two riotors
were sentenced to ten months imprison­
ment and third to one month. 'The court
justified the action uf gend'arms using
TOHONTO, March 21—lioss says ot the
proposed race with Hanlati that whoever
names the course should pay the other
expenses. lie is willing to row on any
LITTLE ROCK, March 21—'The Gazette
special froin Ozurk says: Johnson Bros.,
two of the Little Kock & Ft. Smith train
robbcra, now in jail, and have confessed
vbeir crime.
PHILADELPHIA, March 21—The net
earnings of the Philadelphia and Reading
Iron and Coal company for the year end­
ed Feb. 28th, $2,128,741. Increase over
previous year $115,629.
ST. Louis, March 21— The federal
grand jury l.as returned amended indict­
ments against Messrs Russell, Cameron &
Carpenter charged with being concerned
in Dakota landscript frauds.
ALBANY, March 21—The expected
prize fight between Harry Woodson, alias
Black Diamond, and James Connors,
both from New York did not take place.
They were at battle ground, but while
arranging rules to govern the fight the
police appeared and there was a stampede
of principals, seconds, backcra and legis­
lators and sporting men gathered to see
the fight.
CLEVELAND, March 21—In consequence
of an accident to the hydraulic apparatus
in the Cleveland Rolling Milt Company's
Bessemer steel works, the huge coveter.
containing several tons of melted metal,
overturned, this forenoon, spilling the
contents into the pit. The hot metal, on
striking the damp sand, exploded with
violence and scattered widely, fatally
burning Patrick Foley and another work­
man, who is so bidly"disfigured that he is
not yet identified, and badly scalding a
dozen others.
GRAND lUriDS, Mich., March 21—The
Penn. R. R. Co. to-day presented a bill
in the circuit court of this county for an
injunction against the Grand Rapids &
Indiana R. li. Co., to restrain them from
paying interest maturing April 1st, on its
bonded debt secured by mortgage of .Oct.
1st. 1869, until it has paid interest cou­
pons and bonds secured by mortgage,same
mortgage previously maturing purchased
and held by the Penn. K. R. Co. amount­
ing, with interest, to $2,345,000.
CHICAGO, March 21—A fire this after­
noon 8t 154 and 156 West Madison
occupied by Keltchum
& Co furni­
ture makers, L. S. Gamble, merchant
tailor, and Neely Bros., boots and shoes.
Total loss $32,000. Insurance on all but
Gamble who lost $10,000. A large num­
ber of women and children in the mus­
eum got out safely. The new Western
Union telegraph company of Illinois ne
gan quo warranto proceedings against
t)ie old. Western Union to show by what
right it undi-'|'t,n)ces to transact telegraph
ic business within the limits of the state
of Illinois.
WASHINGTON, March 20—Secretary of
war has informed the post office depart­
ment that owing to inadequate appro­
priation mide jy congress for support
of signal service, chief signal officer will
unable to distribute as generally as
heretofore, weather bulletins and other
information for the benefit of mariners
and farmers and it's parlicularlv desirable
therefore that postmasters henceforth
take pains to post conspicuously in a
place accessible to the public all bulletins
which may be sent them by chief signal
offices. "The postmaster general will
issue a circular orders to post­
masters on the subject.
HALIFAX, N. 8., March 20—A telegram
from Lengan, C. B., says 80 unionist mi­
ners came here yesterday and surrounded
Lengan, when en were returning from
work, and attacked them. They badly
kicked Enge, a blacksmith, and others.
After night the rioters increased in nuin
*iers, visiter workmen's houses and break­
ing doors and windows. T|ii? morning
they broke down doors in soine houses,
dragged men out and beat three of them
severely. The women and children were
terror stricken. Rioters have charge of
fhe plase. Some workmen took refnge
in the m*!*9ger'§ house, and one of them
being badly liurt the ii^afi^ef tpjegraphed
Sidney authorities to send constables at
once. Since January the Lengan mines,
after a protracted strike, have been oper­
ated by non-unionists.
CHICAGO, March 21—Instructions have
beftn forwarded to the commander of the
department 6f' ttalcota f$r £l removal of
Sitting Bull and his imntedikte 'followers
now under military surveilance at Fort
Randall to Standing Rock agency where
others of the Sioux reservation Indians
are under guard. April 15 provisions
will be issued to. the Indians until they
have t»o opportunity to provide for them
sefves.' This is in aucofd^pc with the
request of Sitting Bill} tH become a re
scrvation Indian, which tlid chief has
hitherto declared he would never be. He
wtfcei) fTort Randall early last fall
Vogethir Vith a 'number of warlike young
bucks aud was then separated Irom others
of his bud, the UnmptpM winf to
I ii ...
the ugly demeanor of himself and fol­
lowers. It is expected he will be given
an opportunity to raise stock to provide
for himself and people.
ST. JOHN, N. B., March 20—The court
house and jail af Twilhngate burned
and prisoners escaped.
MONTUEAL, March 22—Two thousand
dollars worth of hardware imported from
the states by Grossc, have been suized by
customs officers for under valuation.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 22—An em­
bezzlement has been discovered in the
office of the stale harbor commissioner,
John S. Gray, who fled when the short­
age, which is estimated to be at from
$40,000 to $100,000 was discovered.
MINNEAPOLIS, March 21—The resi­
dence of H. B. Bland was totally destroy­
ed by fire to-night. Loss, $15,000, insur­
ance $10,000. Tne residence was two
miles from the fire limits consequently
no aid Irom the fire department.
LONDON, March ?1—The police are ia
possession of a clue to explosion in office
local government. A woman observed
and fully described the appearance of a
man apparently placing infernal machine
against building. Expect arrest soon.
HAKRISBURG, March 21—The governor
signed the death warrant of Silas Gicy
and he will be executed the 24tli of May.
The United States telegraph company
filed certificate of incorporation. Capi­
tal stock $100,000.
LONDON, March 22—It is broadly hinted
that the assault on Lady Dixie never oc­
curred only in that lady's fertile brain,
which was at the same time occupied with
though's of an American lecturing tour.
Lady Dixie understands the American
PITTSBURG, March 21—Commercial
Gazette's Uniontown special says:
Freight Supt. Keighlcy of the Youngs
town Coke Co., shot and killed John
Kane, a Molly Maguire. Man was on a
strike and very ujrly. Great fears of an
outbreak are-entertained nnd excitement
runs high. Have telegraphed for further
LOUISVILLE, March 21—The manage­
ment of the Southern exposition to open
here Aug. 1st., has concluded to have a
daily concert during one hundred days of
its continuance nnd propositions have
been received from Gihnore, De Dam
roscli and Theodore Thomas. It is ex­
pected one of these organizations will be
CINCINNATI, March 22—The Commer­
cial-Gazette's Crawfordsville special
says: Last night three hoys under six­
teen, students at Wabash college, were
arrested for setting fire to South Hall
college huilding, Sunday night. They
confessed, also they they had broken into
a store in the city in the past six weeks
and set it on fire. All admitted to bail
$3,000 each.
ST. PAUL, Minn., March 22—A large
party of Indians came into the city to­
day, in charge of Rev. J. A. Gilfillan, of
White Earth, and are quartered at the
Merchants Hotel. They called here to
appear before commissioners appointed
by the government to settle damages sus­
tained by erection of dams at outlets of
Leech Lake and Lake Winnebagoshish,
where they live.
SHENANDOAH, Pa.. March 22—An ex­
plosion of gas occurred this a. m. at the
Packer colliery No. 2, of the Lehigh Val
ley Coal Co., at Lost Creek, by which
Martin Toohey, John Murray, Wm. 31c
Adren, James Litchmen, Wm. Litchman,
and a Polaider, name unknown, were se­
verely and perhaps fatally burned. The
two Litclnnans, father and son, are most
seriously injured.
WASHINGTON, March 21—Edward Han­
lon, champion sculler, intends to take ad­
vantage of the early and fine water of
the Potomac course to train for his ap­
proaching contest with John Kennedy,
and to-day telegraped he had started with
his rig for this point. Kennedy will also
train on the Potomac. He is now here,
and will probably begin regular work
next week.
Jos. G. Cook, lessee of Willard's Hotel,
one of the most widely known hotel men
in the country, died here this morning.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 22—Special to
Courier-Journal from Williamsburg,Ky.,
says: James Rainwater, who killed old
man Dowell at a house of ill repute near
this place, last Sunday, was captured
about fifteen miles fron1 here by Dowell's
son, Pink Dowell. Corouer's jury thought
the old man was murdered, and
itainwater was therefore held without
ball to await the action of the grand jury.
Rainwater is a mere boy, and says lie is
only sixteen years old and his people, so
he claims, live in Rock Castle county.
WASHINGTON, March 22—The president
has suspended Loren Listoe, the register
of land at Fergus Falls, Minn., and de-1
signated (jeo. W Boyington of that place
to act in his stead.
'I he presidem, has appointed Tlios. J.
Sherwood, of Marysville, Cal., receiver of
public monies at that placc.
The fact that John A. Walsh has been
trespnt in the criminal court the past
days caused some comment but it
was rather a surprise, nevertheless, *o
persona interested in the star route mat­
ters when it became known that the
government is making a determined
effort to secure an indictment against
Gen. G. J. Brady, in connection with a
for.ner prominent United States senator,
for conspiracy to defraud the govern
y^ipyrowN, March 22—lolin Kane,
the Mollie Jiloguire shut by &npt. Kcigh
ley of the Youngstown coke works,is still
alive though he cannot live much longer.
His wonderful hold on life astonishes
everyone. He has four thirty eight cali­
bre ball*, in his body, two of them in the
abdomen and two in his breast, ono being
in the right lung. The physicians thi.ik
he can live only a few hours at most.
He persists that he dd not intend to
shoot Keighly and no pistol was found on
his person. Ilis friends are almost up in
arms at his killing. Keighley remains in
the sheriff's office, no information having
yet been made against him. Brick Col­
lins, Kane's Mollie Maguire companion,
is under arrest. lie swears he will put a
bullet through Keighley's heart.
WASHINGTON, March 24—A circular
letter has been sent to Treasurer Gilfillan
and all assistant treasurers authorizing
them to comrAencc payment of interest
dne April 1st on the 26th inst without
rebate. Interest amounts to 75,J$5.
About 90,0p0 Checks for registered inter­
est will he mailed in season for presenta­
tion the 26th.
Secretary Folger was feeling stronger
yesterday and improved by his trips, bnt
is to-day suffering so much from a fresh
cold from which his eves are quite seri­
ously affected so that he is unable to at
teha to his official duties, decretaty F.
requires rest from the cares of office for'a
a considerable ime. He is in no con­
dition physically to attend to duties and
only quietude and complete cessation of
brun »ork can build fcm up rapidly.
v.f .,117.1
Special to the Alert.
BISMARCK, March 22—For the last few
days the river has remained about station
ary but gorges are reported up the river
which are liable to move any hour and a
break up may soon be looked, for as the
weather is mild and favorable to it.
Arrival of Pnyne'a Body.
NEW YORK. March 22—When the stea­
mer Burguudia, bearing to his long home
in his native land the author of that
sweetest of songs, "Home, Sweet Home,
arrived at Brooklyn, the alderinanic com­
mittee and Chas. Matthews and Lieut.
Reginald Nichols, U. S. representatives
of W. Corcoran of Washington forced
their way through 500 Italian emigrants
with which the ship was crowded and
procured the coffin. The heavy box was
placed on the shoulders of four sailors
end the body was borne down the gang
plank and [across the pier through the
uncovered crowd to the hearse awaiting.
There was no ceremony and everything
connected th the removal was of the
simplest kind. Covered with the Ameri­
can flag and followed »by four coaches
containing alderman, Corcoran's repre­
sentatives and members of the press.
Canadian Floods.
HALIFAX, March 22—Reports continue
to arrive from all sections of damage to
properly from freshets. While the losses
have not been enormous the aggregate of
damage will be most serious. ~ln nearly
I every county the bridges are swept away.
A telegram from Cumberland to-day says
there has been great damage and loss of
property on the Wallace river. The
Teeds, Stephens and Kerrs mill bridges
are all destroyed. The Howard mill is
destroyed and the bridge damaged. T.
Samer's bender and wood saw mill was
carried down the river two miles. Mc
Cann's bridge on Spring Hill and the
Parishorough railway are washed out and
in consequence traffic is suspended. The
Eastern extension railway suffered severe­
ly, about 100 feet of the track is washed
out. The tresttle nndgc crossing to
Antagonist! 500 feet long is considerably
damaged. A washout is reported at
Poguet Traciilie and other great damage
has been done to fences, small bridges,
LONDON, March 22—The condition of
the Queen's limb, which was injured by
her fall on Saturday last, continues satis­
factory. Her majesty keeps her room by
the advice of the physicians. She is
however, able to move about. The swel­
ling in the knee is subsiding and it is
hoped by the physicians that it will dis­
appear entirely in a few days. There
has at no time been any grounds for the
excitement over the matter which seems
to have been created in New York, but
which has not prevailed here. The mat
ter creates very little comment in Lon­
Br Associated 1'reis.
New York Stock Market.
NEW YORK, March 23.—Northern Pacific
50,'j preferred 86,sj .St. Paul, Minneapolis & Man
itoba lMj| Western Union 82?«.
MONEY—Money [email protected] Closing offered at 4.
Prime mercantile paper [email protected]
Sterling ex bankers bills nominal 480,V, Ster­
ling ex demand 483.
Qraln Market*.
MILWAUKEE, March Si Wheat steady
No 2, hard 114: No 3 10fA" March 104
April 104)4 May 110 June 110)4: No
8,86 No 4,
75 rejected 6c. Corn neglccted No 2. 56.
oats, quiet No 2, S9& white nominal­
ly, 44. R.ve firm No 1 50 No 2 55. Barley is
firmer, extra No 3 52)4.
CHICAGO—Wheat steady and unchanged 104,'
March 104,5- April [email protected]%' May 110 June
No2 Chicago spring [email protected] No 3 Chicago
spring 91. No 2 red winter 107»S)108. Corn irregl
!•!?(4 cash 52% Marcu 82%' April 57%'$5
May 57',® Juno regular 46(3)47. Oats dnll
weak and lower. 38^ cash 39»«(3)4l)X March S9ft
»pril 42?» May.
Dt'LUTH—Markets on change to-day little low­
er No 1 hird nominal No 2 hard 1J6 hid spot
107 bid: spot May wheat offered at 116^. To­
morrow being Oood Friday there will be no ses­
sion of the board.
MINNEAPOLIS, March S2.-Wheat-Miller*.
association No 1 hard 100 No 2 hard 101 Xo
regular 101 No 2regular 96: No 3 regular 89. On
'change No 1 hard 111 No 2 hard 107al09 No 1.
regular nori hern I60al08.
Unlionored and Unsung.
Yesterday afternoon Daniel Curtis and*
Arthur Powell discovered the dead body
of a women out in the prairie about four
miles northwest of town, within a short
distance of Mr. Powell's house, which
proved to be that of Lou Baldwin, a wo­
man of bad repute who has 'been about
Jamestown for several months. The cir­
cumstances, so far as we lAve been able
to iearn up to this writing, seem to be
that she left the house of Mrs. McDonald
in this city last Saturday evening after
dark, soon after, as will be remembered,
the wind blew up very cold. She said
she was going to a farm house out in that
direction, and it sceins that after travel­
ing four miles in the moonlight in the
severely cold wind laden with driving
snow she became bewildered and exhaust­
ed and laid down to die, with no other
attendance than the wierd whistling of
the cold wind and the pitiless beating of
the driving snow. She was about 30
years old, and but little seems to be
known of her history. W ith all the exe­
cration of society for her manner of life
the circumstances of her death will
excite a feeling of pity from the better
side of humanity The dark and dismal
surroundings of her death is still another
deep and impressive admonition to girls
to beware of and shun the p^ths that
lead down to shame and death, to a dis­
honored grave, disowned by kindred and
spurned by the world.
The body was brought in late last night
and left at A Stcmbach's, the undertaker,
where coroner Eager will hold an inquest
this morning at S o'clock.
The Social.
The Methodist social held at the resi­
dence of John Vennum, last evening, was
very liberally attended, there being nearly
one hundred people present. The time
was pleasantly occupied by varions modes
of enjoyment, prominent among which
might le mentioned the consideration of
a leantiful lap supper, consisting of all
the good things of the season. No pains
were scared by Mf. ami A**?- Vennum to
add pleasure to tue occasion and make
the affair a success. Something over six­
teen dollars was gathered i$ hy the fair
ladies ivho circulated the celestial cash
box. i^et the good work go on.
The Coroner's Jury.
The inquest held by coroner Eager yes­
terday over Lucinda Baldwin, whose
dead body was found on the prairie north
west of town the day before developed
some facts in addition to those giyen in
the Alert yesterday morning, from which
it appears from letters found in her pos
session that she had seen better and more
respectable days, and perhaps drifted into
the maelstrom in which she ended her
days upon earth by "a multiplicity of cir^
cumstances, which, though not. justify­
ing are to some extent palliating. It ap­
pears from a memorandum that her
maidea name was Lucinda Fanning, and
that she was married to John E. C. Bald­
win AprU 22,'6ti but does not show where
farther than "at the parsonage." A
legal document in her possession shows
that she was granted a divorce from her
husband on tlie charge of desertion May
20, 1879, by the circuit court of Bucna
Vista county. Iowa, which is signed by
Judge Ed. K. Dully. Letters from a sis­
ter named Amanda Morse, at ft. Steele,
Wyoming Territory were also found.
Also a letter from a law lirm in Lake
City, Minnesota, dated July 3, 1877, in
reference to giving her children into a
family named Pratt. Other letters speak
of the children going to school etc. Some
wisps of hair were found carefully wrap­
ped up in papers, but nothing to show
how many she had fuitlier than the plur­
al form of expression which indicates
there were more than one. She seems to
have made painting a profession to some
extent, as some bills from a firm in
Mitchell for materials for that kind of
work were found among lier effects to­
gether with some printed cards which
read "Mrs. L. J. Baldwin, Cameo Oil,}
Paintings, Canton, Dakota." She seems
to have fallen in exhaustion where her
body was found and to have struggled
with death some before yielding to its
grasp. One arm lay outstretched and
the other across her forhead as if to pro­
tect her eyes from the cutting snow which
was driven with great force by the wind
on tbat stormy night. After considering
the circumstances and hearing the evi
dence the jury rendered the following
"That Lucinda Baldwin came to her
death by freezing Irom having exposed
herself to the weather on the prairie
about miles from Jamestown, D. T.,
on the night of March 17, 1S83.
V^l I I,
L. B. MINEK, Jury.
Real Estate Truffle.
The transfers of real estate filed for
record the past week foot up 4,962 07
acres aggregating the sum of $22,623.63,
and in town property 25 lots in James­
town aggregating $8,550, and six in Car
rington amounting to $475, making a
total aggregate of investment amonutmg
to $31,648.63. Following is the list as
obtained from the records in the office of
the register of deeds:
S to George Porter nw full qr (sec 2,
tp 137, 65, 162.77 acres, $406.43
S to Cyrus Alton nwq see 34,
144, 66, 160 acres, $400.
S to John Eager seq sec 12, tp 142,
65, 160 acres, $400.
S to Adam Walters neq sec 34, tp 144
65, 160 acres, $400.
S to Elmer A Frederic whf nwq and
wlif swq sec 2s, tp 144, 65, 160 acres,
Dorman Baldwin to Joseph Freeman,
both of Jamestown, undivided I4. part of
the east 100 feet of the nhf lot 16, blk 39,
origiual plat of Jamestown, 81,100.
John McGinnis to Francis K. Heslet,
both of Jamestown lot 12, blk 44, Capital
Hill add, $200.
W Lloyd jr to John Andrews,both of
Jamestown,Sots 1 and 23 blk. 21 in Lloyd's
2nd add $125.
W Lloyd Jr to Margaret Corbett,
both of Jamestown, lots 7 and 8, blk 24,
Lloyd's 2nd add, $275.
Henry Smith and wife to It Long, all
of Jamestown, north 50 feet of lot 2,
block 3, original plat, £1,000.
Lizzie E Wells of Jamestown, to Hen­
rietta II. Asbelby of Jacksonville, 111.,
lot 10, block 46, Klaus' 1st addition, $800
Margaret Tileston and W Tileston of
Ramsey Co., Minn.,to Long of James­
town, lots 22 and 23, bl*ck 1, in Pannell
& Tileston's addition, $300.
Lizzie Sanford to W Wiight, both of
Stutsman' County, lot 5, block 47, Klaus'
addition, $600.
Minnie Powell to Cyrus Alton,
both of Stutsman County, lot Q, block 10,
Lloyd's addition, $300.
W Lloyd, Jr.. and Mary Lloyd to
Beckie Winslow, all of Jamestown, all
of block 6, original plat of Jamestown,
Kergau to II Mattison, both of
Jamestown, lots 1 and 2, block 5. aud lot
3, block 4, Riverside addition, $350.
N It to Frederick Billings of Wind­
sor, Vt., sec l,tp 142, 66, and sections 21,
27 and 35, tp 143, 66,2559.30 acres, $10.
S Maltby and wife to Long a1[
of Jamestown, hf nw qr, and hf sw
qr sec 12, 140. 64. 160 acres. $2,500.
W Dudley, trustee, to W Ristiae,
lots 7, 8, 9,10,11 and 12, block 23, Car
rington, $475.
A Pritcbard of Jamestown to Hen­
rietta Eisig of Three Rivers, Mich., hf
sec 25, 144, 67, 320 acres, $1,690.
Frank W Schwellenbach to Julius II
Bergoff, both of Frederick, T, nw qr
sec 2, 141, 63. 160 acres. $2,400.
Elmer A Frederick to v^hn, McGill
and E Mar&. qU of Stutsman County
hf nw qr and hf sw qr sec 144,
65,160 acres, $1,000,
Cyru$ li Aitaa aa4 wife la
Qiil, both of Jamestown, uw sec 34,
144,66,160 acres, $A,aM.
to Kistine of CraWTords
Till* a«c 3,144,65, SJQ acres, $1,6QQ.
I 1
?4, "r
*.i O?
NO 35
S to A W Kelley, patent, lots 1, 2, 3,
4, 5 and 6, sec 26, 140, 64, 49.39 acres.
Kelley & Fuller to James Dunn, lots 1,
2, 3 and 4, block 4, Kelly & Fuller's sec­
ond addition to Jamestown, $1,000, con­
A Request of CitiieuB.
To 8. K. McGmsis, ESQ.,
Jamestown, Dakota
We the undersigned, citizens and voters
of Jamestown, as a token of our respect
and confidence, and as an evidence of our
appreciation of the public spirit which
has ever been manifested by yourself,
heartily unite in requesting you to allow
the use of your name as a candidate for
the office of mayor of the city of James­
town, pledging you in return our hearty
suppDrt and co-operation.
Tho» Lloyd, S Convin, 1) Wilbur, Lewis
Hamilton. RuB«ell, A W" Kelly, Geo W
Vreeland, John Fluhr, William Rye,
Lathrop, John S Saul, Chsa Carr, David E
Hubbell, A McKechme, Durftine,
Kogeri, Turner, Darid Goodman, Dn
Buiaon, A McKechme. John 8 Watson,
Sarles, Johnson, Miller, Turner,
Bell, W Latta, John Kemp, Snider, W
II Smith, Oscar White, Lata, Steele,4
McC'urdy, AS Love, W Kelly, BH Wins
low, E Donuldnon, M. Parker. G-McKay,
Bush, Smith, O Woncnberg, Cbaa
Hirehflcld, Win Hall. A Campbell. W Hgf
Bardick, S S Altachul, Frey, John Andrew*,
Vallcen. Hartfaun, Judd, I On
gon, W N Dunlap, W Syinons, W Mplan,
Kemp, Rindue, Carl Shroeder, Joaepk
Aubrecht, S Gallmeer, O W Bardick, O L:i
Burdick, E Thornhil1, A White, Junes
Hodgton, Wilhelm Sclimidt.Chrlstian Albert,
Anton Klaus. Jr, S Campbell, W Turner
II Lloyd, Anton Klaus, Ja« Winelovr.
McDermott, Chae Smith. O Mulilken, W M::
Cronan, Wm Schema, Jamea Lloyd, Cbaa
Hills, E Wallacc, S Win low, Avis, F'
E Jones, Roderick Rose, W Procter, Henry B:
Powell, Wm Lloyd, Jr, Hicks,
Harris, N Hunt, A Blewitt, 1 Eller,
Clemmer, II Clark. W A Re«d, S Atherton,
A Atkinson, Kierlinff, Schoenberg,
Wm White, O liewit. E 3 Blossom, 8
Reeves, Waido Deruis, FM Urove, Manton X'-'
Parker, SlioenTjer^, Francis Many, S
Matthews, John Davison, James Bnrk ,OH
Honker, E A William?. Judson Harrington,
Hughes, W E Slowey. W Spangenberg, E Stahl
mann. Chapman. W Fogarty, Martiu
Htuvcl, W A Fowler, Webster Sanford, Jno
Educational Matters.
The territorial superintendent desires^
to inform all school districts in the coon- ».
tics where districts are continued that
they should held their annual meetings I
under the law, and vote such taxes as
they think necessary, as heretofore The
officers elected should be chosen to hold
until June 30, 1884, if their term
expire in a year under the present law,
The new school year ends at that date, i]
This applies especially to Hutchinson,
Yauk ton, Clay, Union, Turner, Lincoln,
Minnehaha, Moody, Lake, iirookings,
Deuel, Cass, Barnes, Walsh, Pembina
and Lawrence Counties. In the other
counties the levy of taxes is not necessary,
since the township school board will be
chosen in time to do that. Tney had bet­
ter elect officers, however, to fill all va­
cancies, since these will have duties to
perform. All district officers qualify as
heretofore, the treasurer by bond and
oath, the director and clerk by oath, and
all then are filed with the county clerk,
and not with the district clerk.
The school law is in the printers' hands
and will be issued within three weeks.
Blanks will be sent out as rapidly as pos­
sible. The superintendent requests news­
papers to copy this.
The Silver Wedding.
The Presbyterian church was crowded
last evening, in honor of the occasion of
the silver wedding of the respected pastor
and his esteemed wife, which it was an­
nounced would be celebrated at that time
and place. Messrs W. H. Burke and J.
8. Watson acted as ushers, and Major
Lyon, B. M. Hicks and W. M. Lloya, as
groomsmen, and their wives as brides
maids. Upon taking their places, Rev.
J. H. Hartman made some extended re­
marks upon the past married life of the
couple, after which they received the con­
gratulations of their friends. The pres­
ents were few but valu tide, and consisted
of a full silver tea set, valued at $75, by a
number of friends, a silver and cut glass
pickle castor, by their oldest son, Xute, ft
basket containing two hundred new silver
dollars, with a card stating it was to make
additions to the pastor's library, and a
basket containing thirty-five silver dol­
lars with which to add to Mrs. Fanning's
tea service. The occasion was highly
pleasing to all present, and will be laid
up in the archives of memory with all
who participated as one of the happiest i
social events of the year.
iSpecial Correspondence.]
The first school meeting of school dis­
trict No.
was field at the residence ot
W. A. Phillips, on the 16th inst.
The meeting was called to order at two
o'clock p. ra.
J. M. Milsted was appointed chairman,
and O. H. Bennett secretary pro tern.
The following officers were elected: W.
D. Bennett, Clerk J. H. Milsted, Treas­
urer W. A. Phillips, Director.
A vote of thanks was tendered P. H.
Foley, Coanty Superintendent, and W. E.
Bennett, for their promptness brngng
abent the organisation.
The in juries of Miss Ida Gaflney
ioned by the liorse running away
throwing her oat of the striate an
dangerous and she will he aboat
Methop, Jr, Murray, Baldwin, 8
Drake, Joe Mills, John N'uetacl & Son, A A
Doolittle. E W Davis. LeTourneau, I
W ade, W W Dudley, E Wells. Dacker,
Bert Fellows, E Bryan, Davidson, Her
man Gieseler, Brown, Mike Stepan, Chas
W W an am an
Smith, A Walters, II Williams, David.Smith,
John Kavanaugli, John Ford, Lewellyn,
Porter, W Pieree. W Brewitt, Geacgs ft
Brcwitt, W Iteardon.
.. ,-U¥

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