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By Marshall McCluke.
TwdM:-'Piyl)le In .tdvutei
O SB COPY, one year,
OSB COPY. iix inoiithM.
$2 00
1 Of
FRIDAY, DEC. 14, 1883.
IRsgalar comma citation first and third Wedensday
evening* of each month. All Masons In good
Standing are cordially invited to attend.
OEO. II. Wooiibuhv, W. M.
R. A. Bii.l, Secretary.
F. Jameatotvn Lodge, No.81.
Meet* every Thursday evening at 7.30 o'clock
O. O
every Thursday evening at 7J
AU brethern in good ?tanding cordially invited to
viait tie. A. Steinbach, N. G.
.1. .T. NRIRI.INO. R. S.
K. Lvos, V. ii
Knights of the Red Cross, meeti» in Masonic
Temple. Sir Knights from other Encampment*
tordfallv invited to vigit as.
From Friday's Dally:
The bright "sun dogs" yesterday after­
noon, denote in this country a state of
the atmosphere that will lower the mer
eury very preceptiblj* within a few days.
Manton E. Parker of the land firm of
Manton J£. Parker & Co., »f Har­
rington, left yesterday ^for New York
city to vpeud the winter months.
Grand-Central-Hotel 3larshail wa«
the recipient of a haud^ome present ia
the shape of six pairs of beautifully
trimmed butfalo horns, from Barney
McGee, yesterday,
The Bismarck Tribune publishes our
disclaimer of that roller skate stanza
and we forgive it. Maj Edwards is still
to be beard from and we anticipate a
scene of carnage the first time he goes to
Two Frenchmen engaged in a slugging
match on Main street last evening about
tea time. They were gathered in bv
officer Dwyer who will guide them into
the presence of Judge Hay ward this
The committee «f the council en water
works for protection against fire has re­
ceived a communication from a Holly
water works company saying they woull
like to make a propwition for putting in
that system here, and probably will sub­
mit estimates within the given time.
Billy Nickeus, register of deeds of Fos­
ter county, is still in the city at work
transcribing the records of that county.
The delay in the organization of that
county has canscd an immense amouut of
work of transcribing records, mainly
transfers of Carrington lots.
The Capital insists that it has aright to
publish the news if it does take it from
the Alert. Certainly it has. We have
no copyright on our press report. It was
the roundabout way it took to give out
the impression that it did not copy the
dispatch referred to from the Alert that
we criticised. That was where the gall
came in. The mere publication of the
dispatch was enterprise.
The snow fly broke away at au early
hour yesterday morning and the day was
bright and pleasant. All manner of
sliding vehicles were out from the cutter
to the heavy farm sled. The first fall of
the snow being damp made a good bottom
for what fell li.ter and altogether it is
fine for sleighs and sleds.
The Wahpeton Daily Times, a neat
and well edited little paper, has just com­
menced its second volume. It is a paper
that has opinions and we like the style in
which it expresses them even if it does
differ with the Alert sometimes. The
Times has more genuine merit than many
papers twice as large and three times as
preten tious.
Mrs. Ruth A. Griffith, wife of the pas­
tor of the M. E. church of this city, ac­
companied by their two youngest chil­
dren, Wanda W., and Newell S.. arrived
on the 1.15 tram this morning from the
east. The ladies of Jamestown will ex­
tend to them the cordial welcome for
which the ladies of this city are noted,
and we have no doubt they will find their
far northwestern home a pleasant one.
A peculiar clock, which marks the
hours from one to twenty-four, has re­
cently been completed by a Wilmington,
Pel., manufacturer. The new time-piece
is of the kind soon to be adopted by sev­
eral of the railroads. The most-conspic
ous innovations arc in the marking upon
the dial and in the movement of the
wheels which run the hands. The min­
ute hand, instead of making twelve revo­
lutions to every revolution of the hour
hand, as in the ordinary clock, makes
twenty-fonr revolutions while the hour
band pusses arourd once. The figures
upon the dial are marked in Arabic in­
stead of Roman numerals. They are
from one to twenty-four inclusive, the
spaces between the figures thus being only
half as great as those on the dial of the
ordinary welve hour clocks. The minute
band therefore marks the half minutes as
well as the minutes.
from Sunday'* Daily.
Judge Ott has so far recovered from his
recent illness as to be out on the streets
The Jamestown & Northern train now
rons alternate days to CooperUown and
town is also headquarters for the
gwliwi Coopanrtown branch,
There were mare people on the streets
yesterday than any day tor several weeks
Whole families came
from the country
in their big sleds.
The elegant new hall in the third
story of the Curtin & Greene brick block
has been christened "Dakota Hall," and
is suited to almost any kind of an enter­
tainment that does not require a stage
aud scenery.
The Misses Kinney are soliciting sub­
scribers to a circulating library which
they contemplate opening in the city,
which will be a great convenience to our
people in the way of supplying good lit­
erature at a very small cost.
Yesterday was a beautiful one the sun
shining brightly all the day so warm that
the snow melted considerably making an
excellent bottom for sleigning if followed
by freezing and a little more snow.
Those who have been here a number of
years and arc acquainted with the "run
•f the seasons" are confident that we
will have a mild and tine winter.
Letters received here state that J. T.
Bush of this place was arrested on his
arrival at.iackson, Mich., thanksgiving
day al the instauce ot a man named M
Hudler who claimed that Mi. Bush owed
him $500. So far as we know Mr. Bush
has mantained a good reputation here for
business integrity and we think there
must be somethtng wrong about this af­
Dr. Wm. J. Calvert will be remembered
by our readers as the man who was the
proprietor of a $10,000 hbsl suit against
the Alert for nearly a year and until the
sitting of the September term of the dis­
trict court, and by that means became
quite well kuown to our citizens, so that
they will be interested in any events
or circumstances in which he may be
connected. The last of importance that
has come to us is the followiug from the
Valley City Times:
"In response to a telegram from Sheriff
Dixon, of Sioux Fails, D. T., Sheriff
McFadgen was in waiting at Tuesday's
west bound midnight train to accompany
the former to Eckelson in search ot Dr.
Calvert, against whom a warrant had
been issued on the charge of perjury,
sworn out by his wife. The officers re­
turned Wednesday afternoon with the
doctor in custody, and Sheriff Dixon pro­
ceeded with him on his way to Sioux
Falls. The alleged false swearing is said
to have been committed during a recent
sutt for divorce which Calvert instituted
against his wife. It will be remembered
that Calvert obtained a decree, which
was subsequently set aside by the court,
and prevented him from marrying one
Miss Sarah Rutherford, who at once en­
gaged the doctor's attention in a suit for
breach of promise.
From Tue«day'« Dallj
Mrs. C. Hand, wife of master mechanic
Rand, arrived the city yesterday,
Mrs. Webster goes east to-day to wait
on her mother who is verv sick.
Hon. J. C. Nickeus and family will
leave for Washington one ^week from
Mrs. Jake Smith and daughter, of Tar.
bell, are spending a few days visiting
trieuds in the city.
Mr. Shall recently married Miss Will
in Allegan county, Mich. "Won't" is a
sileut partner, but the bride is boss of the
F. M. Brown, of the Fourth avenue
furniture store, will start to-day for a
business trip of several weeks in Chicago
and eastern cities.
A learned doctor solemnly states that
girls are so constructed that they cannot
jump. Leap year will enable eligible
maidens to disprove this assertion.
The Masonic lodge at Tower City will
give a grand ball Thursday evening of
this week which will be the social event
of the place and season.
Capt. Maratta made a call at the Alert
office yesterday while the train halted.
He was on his way home to Bismarck
from Washington City.
Judge Hudson dismissed the suit of
Procter vs Alex McKenzle tor possession
of forty lots in the businAs part of Bis­
marck, deciding that the plaintiff had no
right of action.
Mr. Webster, of the firm of Churchill
& Webster of this city, also Of Ohurcbill,
Webster & Co., ©f Carrington, will go to
Carrington this morning to help attend
to the holiday trade at that point.
From the Sucker State, puoliebed at
Mahomet, Ills., we notice that M. Ducker
who was until recently in the harness
business in this city has purchased a
business cf like kind in Mattaon, that
Mr. Fred Clarke received this mojning
from the west a car loa of dried veni­
son and buffalo meat. The car also con­
tained a large variety of other game cou
sistingof elk, deer, mountain sheep and
Mr. and Mrs. Antan Klaus took their
departure yesterday afternoon for Hele­
na, Montana, where they will make a
stop of a few days on their way to the
Pacific coast finally stopping at San
Mr. Leavenworth of the firm of Leav­
enworth & Wing, merchants at Melville,
was brought down to this city last Sat­
urday evening ill of malatial fever, and
is being cared for at the re*:dence of
Mrs. E'liott-
Geo. Pillesy drove three large elk last
evening from a point on the James river
about seven miles north to the foot of
Capital bill where they became frightened
and went over near the Pipestem and
laid down. Perhaps it would not be a bad
scheme to get up a party this morning
•ad fcra -ttle bunt,
J. Nichols with a parly will start to*
day for the Mouse river county to be
gone about two weeks. The party is
composed of settlers for that locality.
Rev. Hart man hands in the following:
We understand I hat lie clergymen
this city object t'» having their name*
voted upon for a gold watch at the fail
this week and have requested then
friends not to use their nau es in thic
Katie Arnts who was one of the first
of the several young ladbswho accom
pamed Anton Klaus from Green Bay
Jamestown in an early nay, returned i
lierfermer homii yesterday. Kalic ha
many friends in Jamestown a ho wi*l
her well.
Four saloons were pulled by the polio*
yesterday, one for keeping open afier th
hour for closing Saturday night and the
other three for keeping opeu oil Suuday.
Justicc Hayward assessed a tine in each
ease. One casts was appealed to the dis­
trict court.
Architect Grove has certified to the
board of education the following esti
mate of work done aud material furnished
to date, on the contract of Nicholas
Mueller for the erection of the new school
house on the north side
665 yards excavation 30c lis 199 50
68 cords stone masonry, @#20. 1360 oo
Bill of cut stone window sills. 50 On
Brick work laid up luO no
188,700 brick $12.75 perM.. 2405 92
12 feet lumber 264 0O
16 cellar window frames and
doors 24 0l»
Nails 7 00
Carpenter work 65 0o
Total $4,475 42
The weather Sunday and yesterday w»
so warm that the snow has all melted
from the roofs of the houses and the aide
walks were too sloppy to be pleasant go­
ing about. This might have been and
might yet be, improved by a temporary
healthful exercise of die muscles in shov­
eling I he snow off the walks. It is a
wonder the people did not think of that.
Lou Shoenberg says he would not have
thought it strange to have been staken
for a minister of the gospel but he spends
a good deal of time now before the look­
ing glass trying to discover what it is
about his appearance that caustd him to
be mistaken for a doctor and be called to
officiate in a case of obstetrics which oc­
curred in the emigrant car on the train
going to Bismarck last Saturday.
The pastor of the M. E. church Sun­
day night discoursed upon the somewhat
prevalent error of attributing to divine
displeasure and venBeance disasters aud
calamities, which olten by storm, flood
or fire visit localities and destroy human
life. The sermon was an able one in its
propositions, deductions and the force
and logic of conclusions. Ue\. Griffi b,
we understand, was for severai years
professor of mathematics in a university
and being thoroughly schooled in that
system of logic, which takes nothing for
granted, his plan of reasoning at one
strikes deep into the minds of the thinker
and remains there.
It is a subject of congratulation to re­
call the past business history of J*mcs
town and reflect upon the uuity of feel­
ing that has existed among our business
men in inaugurating and promoting her
enterprises. It is not to be supposed nor
in human nature that there have been no
disagreements or minor strifes among our
people, but they have all been laid aside
whenever the public interests were
brought to the front. The older business
men, such as R. E. Wallace, E. P. Wells
and the Lloyds, representing the banking
interests, Maj. Lyon, Curtin & Winslow,
Buck & Mills and others of tbe| mercan­
tile interest!, Allen & Dodge, and
Nickeus and others of the legal profes­
sion, Anton Klaus, S. K. McGinn is, J.
W. Goodrich and many others we might
name though, their personal interests
would often and necessarily conflict,
have always stood as a solid phalanx for
every enterprise that was for the general
interests of the city and county, the
greatest of all of which was the Jamea
River Valley railroad. This unity of
heart and hand has been remarked by all
who have observed the development and
progress of Jamestown and many have
protitted by the example.
From Wed Becday's Daily
Linton was in the city last ev ning
with a badly disfigured face. Evidently
someone had been having a sparring
match with him without gloves.
The demi moiide to the number of five
were arraigned before Justice Hayward
yesterday morning and were fined in sums
ranging from $10 to $25. Their number
seems to have considerably decreased
since the previous raid.
The Alert job department has just re­
ceived from tbe Standard Paper mpany
of Milwaukee, a hook of elegant samples
of New Year's calling cards. Come and
pick out your favorite card and the Alert
will send and get it for }-ou.
The Pioneer commiserates Bismarck
Jamestown and seme other Dakota cities
en the fact that they have no waterworks.
—(Mandan Pioneer.) The Alert sympa­
thizes with Mandan in the spring of the
year because she has waterworks. Catch?
Chaplain McCsbe came to Jamestown
and helped to raise the necessary funds
to build tbe M. E. church that is now
used in this city. To sid the enterprise
he loaned tbe society $100 from liis own
pocket to be returned at a future "time
when the Society could better pay it than
tbey then could. Tbe money that was
raised at the dim cap social has gone to
pay that debt and Jiv« per cent, iatorat,
Smith & McDermott, whose saloon
was destroyed by the Kirkwood fire in
Carrington yesterday were insured in tbe
California'by Agent Hayward in the sum
of $1,500 on buildfng and stock. They
will rebuild as soon as tbe ashes get cold.
We are reliably informed als that the
Kirkwond will be rebuilt.
Owing to the crowded condition of our
I'ool, particulaily the intermediate
rooms, it has been d«-emed necessary to
consolidate (lie first and second primary
grades allowing the pupils to attend only
ne-ixlf of euehiiay.- For the present,
he first primary scholars will attend in
lie afternoon and lie second in the morn­
ing. Miss Littlefield will have charge ot
the new primary rooin and Miss David­
son will teach ihe intermediate room to
be composed of pupils from tbe over­
crowded grades. Tins arrangement will
be in force on'y duriug the winter months
The old plan will lie followed in the
There was a sensation and a general
Agression of profound sympathy and
•e^rct among the people of Jamestown
yesterday afternoon when the .*lert extra
was circulated containing the news of
tbe burning of the elegant new hotel,
the Kirkwood, which had formally opened
to the public only about teh days ago.
The building was erected lait summer
at a cost of nearly $25,000 and was the
most elegant hotel in North Dakota, one
finely furnished room on the lower floor
of which w,*s occupied by the bank of
Carrington. A later dispatch to the
Evening pital says the insurance wa
•is follow*: "N.irth American $2,500
Home $2,500 North British and Mercan
tile $2,5'ji A-iM* $2,500 New Yotk
Underwriters $2,000."
Last Sunday evening as the sun was
sinking inio it* golden bed in tbe west,
O. A. Boynton, who lives a couple of
in-les southwest of the city and was out
at his »rn feeding his stock lifted up hif
eyes and beheld an aniuial reconnoiter
nt, his premises about sixty rods dis
taut. With the thought of his Winches­
ter rifle he rushed into the house and
camc forth armed with that trusty
weapon with which he had filled many
a hillside with lead and openei fire upon
tbe animal with such (xpertness that he
kept at least three bullets all the time in
he air between hiin and the animal un
til the half bushel of cartridges in the
magazine were exhausted and his gun
barrel was red hot. At every shot the
animal seemed larger until what at first
appeared to be an elk at the end seemed
to a mastodon and Boynton imagined
he could see the fill give down a little
under the weight of the monster. His
bulldog then strnck out after the anima!
as he usually does after a jack rabbit
which he evidently understood tbe ani­
mal to be and now Boynton is at a loss to
know whether he or the bulldog was
right about what the animal was. Maj
Lyon and Tom Lloyd, after hearing
Boynton relate the story, suggested that
it was an optical delusion caused by an
ins ct of some kind strafing from his
hair and becoming entangled in bis eye
lashes but Boynton wouldn't bear to such
a theory.
From Thursday's Daily.
Subscribe for the Weekly Alertonly $1
per year.
Jamestown will receive calls on New
Year's day, as usual.
John Dole contemplates taking ar. east­
ern trip.
Thomss Driscoll starts to-day lor a
couple of months' visit in Buffalo, N. Y.
Our farm machinery firms are busily
engaged in getting ready for next sea­
son's adventures.
A number of our citizens will go up to
Carrington on the train to-day to see the
ruins of tLe late fire.
The new se'tees in Dole & Leiber's
boot and shoe sale room are [too tony for
The Valley City Times is complaining
of the grading of wheat by the elevator
at that and other one elevator points.
Tbe weather has been so warm all the
week that people have not taken tbe
trouble to keep up their fires except for
cooking purposes.
The new police headquarters being
built north of tbe 'passenger depot was
about completed yesterday and will be
quite a cozy little shack.
A Lansing, Mich., alderman declined
his salary on the grounds that be had not
earned it. At the trial next dav a jury
pronounced him hopelessly insane.
Mr. C. N. Massey, who has been
absent in England for several weeks, re­
turned to Jamestown last Monday. Mr.
M. did some good work for Dakota in
John Mehlhop commenced along about
tbe 1st of August to finish up a Buffalo
born, and has by close application suc­
ceeded in getting the "rough" off. John's
a dais-eb?
Tbe appearance of our stores impress
one with the fact that tbe holidays are
near at hand. Large stocks of goods
for that particular event are being re­
It understood that the Northern Pa
cific has received ca^h $15,000,000 of tbe
second mortgage bonds taken by the
syndicate of tmnkera, and has that
amount tu its treasury now.
An Iowa editor pives it as his solemn
conviction that no true Christian san
edit a newspaper. That may be true in
Iowa ut up here in Dako'a no one but a
lre« thrlatura cm edita Mityapsr
One Dollar 0 |s (he Weekly Alert.
Next week the Weekly Alert will be just
double its present size and will be sent
to any address in this or any oilier country
one year for one dollar. No orders for
the paper will be acknowledged by the
(subscription clerk unless they be accom­
panied by the cash Upon e»ch wrapper
will be plainly printed the month and
date upon which et.ch subscription ex­
pires, thu^enabliiig subscribers to tell
just how they stand with the subscrip­
tion liooks of ihe «IHee. Papers will noi
be sent to any one longer than paid
for Tub Aleut
Boyer is now selling choice winter
apples at $5.75 per barrel. 98 2lwl
A gentleman named S. E Solomon, of
Williamsport, Pa who contemplates
emigrating to Dakota, wishes some doc
umenis re ntivc to the country. He is *s
wise as his namesake of old in selecting
North Dakota as his objective point.
The quotation of No. 1 hard wheat at
the Dtiltith market, of $1.05 day before
yesterday morning proves to have licet*
incorrect, and should have been $1.00. As
all the papers on th circuit gave it tli
same the blunder seems to belong at
C. G. Vincent went east on train 2 to­
day. In reply to the remark there In I
heeii great changes in Jamestown, re
plied, "Well, I should think *«. When
I lived lure six years aiio I knew every
man and to-day 1 found but four that 1
Regarding the jiold watch scheme ii is
due Ihe ladies of Ihe Episcopal church ti
•dale that their idea was to place Rev.
N. Fanning and Father Su-phau
'iMiiiinntion for a gold wiicli providing
tli*ir consent could be obtained. Boll
were interviewed jm the subject. Ml
Fanning, while not courting ihe contest,
was uudecided. Father Siephan gate
his consent providing the fair would ot*
cur during his presence in Ihe city. He
finally gave notice he would be
out of ihe city and ilie matter dropped.
The ladies wouldn't place anyone in
nomination against his will, aud ther
was no such ni• til ion.
The l*u.st L'.p Social.
Tbe dust cap social aud oyster supper
given in the dining room of Ihe Dakota
House last night was largely attended
and a most enjoyable time was had by all.
The chair was voted to the best nalurtd
lady in town, and was awarded to Mrs
E. S. Miller. Following is the vote:
Mrs. E. S. Miller 83, Mrs. I. C. Wade Gt,
Mrs. Wm. Clark 20, Mrs. Clias. Dicken­
son, 9, Mis. Bloud 5, Mrs. Adaina 3,
Miss Julia Montgomery 3, Miss Lou
Blood 3. Total 192.
The vote on tbe cake to the ruost
popular landlord was Doolittle 3J, Fliui
& Nichois 15.
Dust Caps $ 20.10
Supper tables 56 35
Door, admlsslou «.. 12 65
Fruit staud 17.51
Confectionery staud.. 5 05
Cake 5 28
Chair 46.00
Total $164 94
The Lest "Kirkwood.''
The train from Carrington yesterday
brought a large number of people from
the north among which were several
Jamestown gentlemen who witnessed the
destruction of the Kirkwood and Smith
Co's place. Messrs. Alden & Waters
who were among the witnesses of Ihe un­
fortunate affair, stated to an Alert re­
porter last evening that the fire was first
discovered coining from the roof of thi
main building by a boy. That the fire
started in the laundry and is supposed to
have orginated from clothcs catching on
fire from the stove. No one seems to
have been in the laundry at the time,
consequently it will probably never bt
known just how the fire originated. Th
furniture of the Kirkwood was nearly
all saved but the billiard room fixtureh
were all lost. The Bank of Carrington,
which occupied a portion of tbe lowet
story ef tLe Kirkwood, succeeded in
saving everything even to the carpet an«i
stove and will open up in Manton E.
Parker & Co's real estate office thic
morning just the same as if nothing hao
happened. Smith Ss Co. succeeded
saving nearly everything in tbe way of
stock and furniture.
(be Episcopal Fair.
The fair closed la-t evening with satis­
factory results to all concerned. Klaus
ball was crowded with people who
seemed to enjoy themselves heartily. Tbe
nan with the bag pipes was present, as
were also repiesentatives of the noble red
men. Tbe supper tables were largely
patronized and the ladies at tbe Booths
were kept busy waiting on customers.
Towards the close tbe interest centered
arouad the voting which resulted as fol­
lows: Turkish pipe, C. 31. Carr 330 A.
C. McMillan 98 scattering 45. Oil paint,
ing, Mayor Flint 119: Johnson Nickeus
106. Oil painting, Mrs. VanDusen 202
Mrs. E. J. Peabody 70.
Easy cbair, Howard Stansbury 21
Will Topliff 15. Large doll, Bessie
Winslow 86 «Ltzzie Nickeus 67 scatter,
ing 56.
P. H. Foley drew a beautiful sofa pil­
low and Mr. Carr and Mrs. Altscbul
Cbrismas cakes.
The raffling of the silk quilts was post­
poned for the purpose of sellicg more
chances. Finally Mayer Flint mounted
a chair and auctioned off a quantity of
Tbe receipts will amount to over $400,
thus injuring the ladies a .handsome sum.
Tbe ladies desire to return thanks to
all who bave kindly assisted ibem aad tt
tht daily papers for •ub$tantial favtn,
Tlie Sparring Match.
A large crowd gathered at Klaus ball
last night to witness the sparring matcb
which had been advertised to take
place at that time and place. M. E.
Foley, of this city, was chosen referee,
James Allen, of Valley City, time keeper,
and P. M. Daly, of this citv, master of
The middle weight contest wos parti­
cipated in by several, Connelly of this
city, carrying off the champion prize of
North Dakota, which was an elegant
silver cup.
The heavy weight contest was likewise
engaged in, Lewis of Grand Forks, get­
ting awav with the belt as the champion
of North Dakota.
The J. It. V. It. K.
The directors of ihe valley road held a
meeting at Jamestown on Saturday last,
every director being pr sent. We under­
stand that business of importance in the
construction of the road was considered
hy the board.
The iireclors decided to negotiate for
ties andails at once, for delivery of the
*ame at Ja-nestown, La Murc and Ord
way this winter, that iracklayiug may be
progressing fro those points while grad­
ing is being finisned up, at the earliest,
possible opportunity in the spring.
The company is in spl-ndid financial
'•ondttion, and with the assessment of
wenty-five per cent on Mo which was
made at ihe meeting of S»lurd»y, all in
ieMednefS can he straightened up to
l..te—Kcltlirg for all suiveytng and Ihe
tiii'Minv of sixty miles of grade. This
larire amount ef work was accomplished
•etween Sept 10 and N«*v. 10. and re­
flects great credit on ihe energy and
ability of'the company'. ofticjuls, while
the financial showing is what would he
expected with such men «s E Wailace,
E. P. Wells and Mi Iv Lloyd as man
i&trs. iiall I lie cut iv line is graded
.ud all sui veys paid for, while a large
per cent, ut Hie stock is yet unassessed.
over and a ov« the stock the company
Aill have Hie subscriptton onus of one
nuudrcd ami fitly thousand dollars, half
iiHvaole on llit: compleiton ol the grade,
mil buluncu when road is in oneration,
^uarauteel by the citizens of Stutsman
aud La Moure counties. In addition to
atiove the uipHii)'* interest in townsites
will be a laige sum, placing ihe company
ii posit'ou lo operate its owi road in­
dependently as contemplated. Grand
Rapids Jour, al.
(F-ont the LaMoure Progress.)
One of tbe sights this week was a two
story building moyitig in ?ver the prairie
to La Moure from the suburbs.
First suow on Tburstfhy evening. But
it soon cleared off, and Friday morning
it was as clear aur pleasant as a fall diy.
Mr. Hermou E. S x, the rustling real
estate hooiuer, is ff this morning lor the
northern metropolis of the James Valley.
Banker Button has been appointed
ageut for all Norihern Pacific lands cov­
ering a large extent of territory from the
Red river to the Missouri.
A new and substantial bridge is now
under way across ihe James river at La­
Moure. The old one lias been rtpairid
so that it meets all pre.-ent needs
An interesting variation to last Sunday
evening's service at the chapel was oc­
casioned by the baptism of Laura Al­
berta Button, the youngest daughter of
hanker Button.
Mr. Robinson, of Robnson, Button &.
Co., baukcrs, visited La Moure this week
to htok over his business interests. He
speaks very flatteringly of the prospects
of La Moure.
By the way school furniture has been
pouring into La Moure county ihe past
week, it is safe to say that education in
this favored locality is not to be neg­
lected. At least four school outfits ar­
The Eiii.-c- pal Fair.
The Episcopal fair opened last evening
at Klaus ball aud promises to be a grand
success. Tbe hall '.s very tastefully ar­
ranged with a large collection of beauti
liful and useful articles. It costs 10 cents
to enter tbe ball and it is well worth
many times that sum to see its fine dis
play that is there made by tbe ladies aud
members of the Episcopal church and
congregation and their many friends.
Across the ball near tbe west end is a
strong line and on this is suspended
many of its larger articles such as bed
quilts, bed spreads, cradle quilts, cbil
dren's aprons and other articles of chil­
dren's clothing A s» hung upon this
are two large landscape pictures, the
woik of Mrs. VanDusen. These pictures
attract a great deal of atieuiion. Under
and back of these quilts are three tables..
One is loaded wiiu sola pillows, pin
cushions, work boxes, e'c. Oue of theses
fa pillows is valued at $25 and is to be.1
sold by chance tickets.
The articles on this table are largefc
tbe work of Mrs. V«nUusen. AnothcV
table holds up twelve dolls, oue of whicU
is dressed as a bride ami is to be votel
for The candidates are Mamie Foley
Carrie Clemmer, Bessie Wiuslow and
Margie Wells
On tbe north side is a fish pond and
Indian wigwam.
Nest but not least by any means
four large tables loaded with plenty to
•upply the inner mau. On the south
aide of the hall is tbe confectionery and
fruit table. Up-tn this table is also a wil­
low chuir to be voted to the laziest boy„
Howard Stansbury or Will Topliff.
Tbe two beautiful oil pain'ings are la
be voted away at 25 cents a vote one to a
lady and one to a gentleman, competition
being free to all. Mrs. C. V. Van Duseit
and Mrs. E. J. Peabody are leading can­
didates for ihe first and Hon. Johnson
Nickeus and Hon. J. J. Flint for tluj
second. To-mght a costly Turkish pipo
is to be voted to the handsomest single
man in town.
Tbe supper gave great satisfaction t»
all who sat at the tables and the displuv
of fancy articles was conceded to be HiV
best yet presented in any local fair. Tbr
fairw ll open th afternoon threep
rapptr commencing at 6 o'clock.

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