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i'lf-Jwuntown, the metropolis and trade centc of
oiks Upper JMMI River Valley, la tlie county oa.
jV StnUman county. It ia equidiatant from Fargo
apt jc "*1 Blunarck, about one hundred mllea from cach,
Eg?*:': '°cated on the moat beantlful site along the
HlpT Itaeof the Northern Pacific Railroad, between the
.NiSiui the banks of the Jamea Itiver. The
•arhliw and repair ahepaand headquarters of the
Dakota dlvlilon of the Northern pacific, and of
he Jamestown & Northern railroads are located
here and it is the shipping and distributing point
the vaet scope of country to the norlhweBt
reached by the latter railroad.
JuaMtown haa a graded pnbllc school, including
a high school coarse, occupying two large school
HlUiagi and employing eleven teachers. It con
tains six handsome church edifices, and its popu­
lation, numbering 3,500, ia made up from the best
and moat enterprising claasea of the northeastern
and north
western states. It is aurrouoded for
Afty miles ia every direction by the world-famed
wheat lands of the James River Valley, which
famish an immense and inexhaustible support to
every department of industry and commerce. Its
hotel accommodations, business blocks,
and commercial enterprise are not surpassed by
any city in the territory.
Fiom Fridays Daily.
All kinds of millinery goods sold at
cost, at the Misses Johnson£s, preparato­
ry to the comiag fall stock.
Attormes Baldwin and Martin who
have been spending some days here, in­
vestigating the tax certificate matter,
left for their homes last evening.
Where was "Surgeon" Mathews when
the roll was called! Somebody said he
was where Moses was when tbe lamp
went out—In the dark—hunting for the
road to
The Camp Fire of the G. A. It. post at
Spiritwood Lake, last night, was well at­
tended. All day there was a continuous
stream of earriages to the lake, and last
evening the streets of the city were almost
In all probability the approaching visit
ot Dr. W. F. Carver, in conjunction with
W. W. Cole's circus, will be the last op­
portunity to see this unparalleled marks­
man on American soil, as he takes bis
combination to Europe, for a lengtby pe­
riod, early in the coming fall. Dr. Car­
ver, as is well known, spent four years in
Europe, and his wizard-like performances
with the rifle gained him a fame that no
other marksman has ever acquired the
Old World. His many admirers here
will wi3h him unbounded success in his
forthcoming European venture.
From Saturdays Daily.
The thermometer rose to 10G in the
shade yesterday.
Quite a shower of rain fell yesterday
afternoon just south of the asylum build
ings, accompanied by some hail.
Miss Bessie Braham gave a childrens
party yesterday afternoon to a large num­
ber of her young acquaintances.
Mrs. J. F. Cornwall,mother of Mrs. Will
Clark died yesterday of heart disease.
Funeral Sunday, from the residence of
Mr. Ciark, at half past ten o'clock.
Gus Peterson has accepted a situa­
tion at Minnewaukan with the Arlington
hotel. Gus is well known and well liked
in this city and the boys wish him luck
wheiever he goes.
Billy Buckly and Frank Lenz started
for the picnic at Spiritwood Thursday
evening and succeeded in getting nicely
lost on the prairie. After thirty-five
miles of wanderings they arrived at tbe
starting point at four in the morning.
The G. A. li. picnic at Gray's Grove on
Spiritwood lake closed its ^two days' ses­
sion yesterday. The intense heat made
the shade of the fine trees and the cool
log breezes from tbe noble lake, delights
to suffering humanity. A number drove
to the grounc's yesterday and enjoyed the
boating, excellent fishing, and elegant
Capt. McClelland returned to h!s home
ia Pittsburg, Pa., last night. The Cap­
tain has made many warm friends during
bis visits in Dakota, in the interests of
eastern land holders, and if he should re
turn to tbe territory with an official com­
mission one of these days, they would
not be surprised. If President Cleveland
is looking for men to build up the demo­
cratic party in the growing west, the plan
of transplanting such material as Capt.
McClelland is made of,would be a scheme
fall of wisdom and benefits in the further­
ance of such design.
Mr. R. Sykes the genial and well known
English capitalist who visits America
•very year on a trip of inspection to his
large estates in Iowa, Dakota and tbe
Northwest territories arrived from tbe
south last evening accompanied by Mr.
Legg. They drove from St. George yes­
terday and made the fifty mile drive
safely despite the unusual heat. An
Alert representative called upon Mr.
tykes last evening, at tbe company's of­
fice and to an inquiry respecting the ob­
ject of bis visit to America at this time,
Mr. Bykes said: "This is one of my an
nnal trips which I have made in the
United States for the past five years.
CMM from Larcbwood Iowa, where tbe
crops are looking considerably better
tkaa in this section. The drouth, how
ifir, la quite general, and portions
•f western Wisconsin are suffering
badly a* well as other eastern states.
is the first real drouth
had in Dakota, you should in
a re be satisfied, for in many places
a— fields of grain which have
properly cultivated, and it only
the more sarely tbe wonderful fer
af the soil that will grow crops with
jar ao rata for a year. While this
fee a hard year some fanners in
•till 1 think the increased price
will largely adjust the general
f.n Speakiag of railroad build-
.... ".'• MM I
Hykee slated that befon|wiater
he aaae«al progress nude by
KM la
this pertiaa of the!
ha a
between the Northwestern and Northern
Pacific, tbe latter building to Hudson in
Dickey county, and the former connect­
ing there. The Milwaukee would be at
St. George anyway this summer, and pos­
sibly further north to the county line. He
was confident these railroad extensions
would bring large numbers of additional
settlers to the territory next season.
Mr. Sykes has a large number of ac­
quaintances^ Jamestown and throughout
tbe territory, who are always pleased to
greet him in Dakota. His visit this time
will occupy about six weeks.
From Sundays Daily.
A handsome map of this county, issued
by Messrs. White & Hewit of this city,
hangs in the Alert office with the com­
pliments of the firm.
W. E. McCabe, a brother of Dispatcher
A.J. McCabe, is in Fargo, assisting G.
W. Avery to handle the Northern Pacific,
telegraph business in that city.
During the bail storm that touched the
Asylum buildings Friday afternoon a
number of panes of window glass were
broken, and the stones fell to a consider­
able depth.
Chief Schmitz has caged a number of
bums who, like the lilies, toil not, neither
d) they spin. Still they might be made
useful on a chain gang, in the process of
renoyating tbe streets, seeing providence
has deserted them entirely.
While the train from Minnewaukan
last evening was between Carrington and
Melville two deer were seen by the pas
sengers, racing along the track. The
eugineer tried to pass them but they ran
a distance of three miles before turning
away. Several shots were fired at the
fleet tooted strangers, but no bullets
reached them. It is something unusual
to see deer so near the railroad.
One of the most sensational acts of the
unusually thrilling program presented by
Manager W. W. Cole, this season, is the
mid air feats of the Silbon family, who,
for several years, have been recognized
as the premier gymnasts of the conntry.
It is safe to say that no such soul-stirring
leap as is that of Master Eddie Silbon,
who plunges from the apex of the canvas
to tbe out-stretched hands of his brother,
who swings picturesquely on a trapeze
bar below, has never been seen in any age
or country. Tbe Silbons are justly termed
the "four human meteors." Their stand
ing challenge of $10,000 has never elicited
a reply from any contemporary aerial ar­
From Tuesday's Daily.
John E. Leech, of Chicago, a govern­
ment postoitice inspector, was in the city
yesterday looking over tbe office. His in­
spection seemed to be entirely satisfac­
Col. John H. Waugh and lather, who
have been visitintr at Fort Totten, re­
turned last night. Mr. and Mrs. Waugh,
senior, will soon return to their eastern
A. J. Craig of Fargo, advertises this
morning twelve second hand boilers and
engines for sale. Craig is a square deal­
ing man, and those pnrchasing can rely
on his representations.
Wm. C. Humphrey was sent to the
Asylum yesterday evening by commis­
sioners of tbe insane. He has a section
of land nine miles north and became wor­
ried over tbe failure of crops.
The chain gang were picking up rock
and earning their "find" in the bright
warm sun yesterday. Chief Schmitz can
keep these anarchists out of town a good
deal by having a constant example set to
the new arrivals.
The old reliable Royal Baking Powder
announces in this issue of The Alert that
none is better in the whole world than
the lloyal. !•. has been on sale so long
and stood so many attacks that it seems
it is iike truth, mighty and will prevail.
Tbe visit of Mme Minnie Hauk, the
most famous and most popular prima
donna, to this city, will be the leading
musical and dramatic event of the season,
and preparations are being made among
the cultured classes to give her a royal
welcome and an elegant audience.
Tbe Fort Seward base bail nine left for
Lisbon yesterday, where they will play a
series of games with teams from [Fargo,
Grand Forks, Wahpeton and other places,
for the championship of North Dakota.
The tournament will last three deys. A
number of prizes will be contested for,
Capt. and Mrs. Rockwell and children,
left for a short visit in St. Paul Sunday,
and thence will go to their future home
at Hock Island. The Captain has made
many warm friends during his seven
years residence in Dakota, and he only
wishes the break-up had left him at Fort
Joe McConnell, the gentlemanly ad­
vance rustler for tbe Albert Lea Route,
was dwelling among us yesterday, and
distributing some choice literary works
from the Rock Island Literary Bureau.
A charming novelette illustrating the uses
of electricity, Bill Nye's "Bridal Eti­
quette," srme new hungers and numerous
copies of the Western Trail were among
the pabulum he furnished the public
Great is the "Albert Lea."
This morning the cigar enterprise of
Tansill & Co. is displayed in the columns
of the Alert, and tlie instructions come
from the Chicago house to tell the public
all about tbe grand drawing that Jim
Price, tbe agent of tbe famous brands, is
to have August 15th. Let alone tbe ex
cellence of the cigars themselves, the
presents to be disposed of are really worth
having. An opera glass of tbe beat make,
fine carving set, clock, and set of mer
scbaum articles are among tbe gifts.
Price says tbe sales are something won­
From Wednesday's Dailv.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wonnenberg, Char­
lie Klaus and sisters, and a number of
others are rusticating at Spiritwood.
A. A. Alien and family, and J. R.
Window and family, left for Spiritwood
lake yesterday for several days encamp­
large party of campers leave today
far Spiritwood. They go in Basaett &]
Ringers big coach the "Frolic and wil
remain until Saturday.
Miss Hammond, sister of Mrs. John
Waugh has accepted a very desirable and
lucrative position as directress an art
school in Brooklyn, N. Y. She will visit
in Dakota until the latter part of Septem­
ber, and then leave for her new duties.
The Capital states that among the
transactions of the council "that would
not have stood the test of judicial inves­
tigation, had they been brought before
the district court was the appropriation
of $500 from the public funds for the
Fourth of July celebration in 1885." As
a matter of fact no such appropriation
was expended whatever, but the funds
for that successful celebration were raised
from personal contribution.
The family at the Hotel Dole picnicked
in Elliott's grove yesterday afternoon, and
enjoyed the tempting spread provided
by the genial landlord and landlady. The
party was swelled by a few outsiders—Mr.
and Mrs. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Mi­
chaels, Mr. and Mrs. Lieber, Miss Conley,
George Webster and Chauncey Lathrop.
The regular roster of boarders present at
the first tap of tbe gong were Messrs
Beals, Calkins, VanWyck, Bolinger
Chapman, Fairchild, Meredith, Wylie,
Raymond, Tucker and Chambers.
In the trip to the Lisbon tournament
the Ft. Sewards had young Totten along
for a mascot. He worked the "con" for
his fare, and steered the nine to a La
Moure hotel for dinner, where his services
were rewarded. He also made an excel­
lent hotel runner at Lisbon, and hangs
the hostelry up there indefinitely. It is
learned that Webber, the regular catcher,
is sick, and Dave Nichols is taking his
place in good style. Marrell is also doing
some fine work. The boys won two
games yesterday, as shown in the Alert's
special telegram this morning, and, it is
said, stand a fine show of bringing away
the banner and first prize.
The Northern Pacific passenger equip­
ment is famous everywhere for its excel­
lence, and no improvement or invention
of utility or convenience, is ever omitted
on the trains of the pioneer line. The
latest improvement is lighting the coach­
es with a gas, made while the train is in
motion from the air used by the automa­
tic brakes and from gasoline. The re­
ceptacle for storing the gas is placed un
der the coach. The gas runs by a pipe
to six lamps of elegant design and gives
a clear strong light. Tbe only other
road in the country using this invention
is the Baltimore & Ohio. It is not gen­
erally known but very few of the first
class roads, have the air safety signals
used by tbe Northern Pacific—one of the
greatest railway improvements of tbe
Erom Thursdays' Daily.
Newport, Mcllenry county, wants a
Does the Capital want tuc "War
Horse" to resign his position in the Dem­
ocratic Central Committee?
Would it be more lawful to compel a
private individual to construct a three
story block than to prevent a city from
constructing a cheap and honest fire pro­
A full set of U. S. Supreme Court de­
cisions haa been received for tbe law li­
brary of Dodge & Camp. These aie val­
uable volumes, conveniently condensed,
yet complete.
There is no doubt but that the city will
tight tbe water works injunction for all
theie is in it, and the cost*, which must
accumulate, will be more than ever a
cause of unhappiness to the economical
tax payer.
If you wish to restore the bioom to your
wasted cheek, a^d so improve your health
that plumpness and strength wiil succeed
emaciation and debility, purify your blood
with Ayer's SarsatJartlla. This remedy
will benefit you more surely and speedily
than any other.
Northern Pacific Land Agent Wilbur
will take a Stutsman county grain exhibit
to tbe Minneapolis Exposition, and des­
pite the drought can show as fine sam­
ples as was ever raised in Dakota. Tbe
wheat has headed out full and plump,
and although the straw may lie shorter
the quality of the berry is excellent gen­
It is learned that Cuyler Adam's large
granary on tbe Spiritwood farm was con
sumed by fire Tuesday morning and the
contents also lost. John Frame a neigh
boring farmer had just stored a lot of
oats in the building. The origin of the
fire is mysterious as there was no one in
the building, which was a large, fine
structure of two stories.
Can inconsistancy be better illustrated
than it is in the present water works fight?
A year ago the present aldermen who are
obstructing sn honest and economical
system, were in favor of a $40,000 fran­
chise. Tuesday they caused an injunc­
tion to be served, restraining the construc­
tion of a well, and yesterday they were
around favoring tbe bonding of the city
for the completion of the work.
The first brewing of the Bauer & Co.
brewery has been placed on the market,
and it is said to be the finest beer ever
made in Dakota. Old judges pronounce
the quality superior to tbe Fargo manu­
facture, and equal to the Milwaukee pro­
duct. Mr. Bauer has bad a life experi
ence in tbe manufacture of this article,
and it will speak for itself in any place,
The brewery is running at its full capa­
Alderman Hicks' way-out of the water
works difficulty, it seems, cannot be made
effective or binding upon the council,
if the scheme were put in operation, for
by the provisions of the city charter, the
council makes or breaks this water works
enterprise on tbeir own responsibility
Tbe city attorney is of tbe opinion that
no vote of the people ordered by the
council under tbe charter would legalize
any action of the members in tbe diffi
culty which now surrounds them.
Tbe results of the various games of
base ball at Lisbon yesterday were as
follows: Casselton 9, Wahpeton 7 Lis­
bon 13, Jamestown 12. This gives
Jamestown two games, Casselton 2,
Wahpeton 1, Lisbon 1. Today James­
town and Casselton will play for the first
prize, the looser taking the second. Lis­
bon and Wahpeton will play for the
third prize, Charley Weber of the
amestown nine came in on Superinten­
dent Graham's car last night, down with
typhoid fever and was conducted to Mr.
Nashold's residence where kind friend
will care for him.
Eldridge News.
The wheat harvest is being prosecuted
with great vigor in this locality, and al­
though the stand is not as good as could
be wished for, it gives promise of yielding
from six to ten bushels per acre.
Wm. J. Farr has returned from Steele
and opened a meat market a short dis­
tance from town.
A large number of people attended the
Sunday school concert, which took place
in the school house last Sunday. The
young ladies and children that participat­
ed in the programme acquitted themselves
in a creditable manner, and great praise
is due Rev. Wm. Livingston and Supt.
W. II. Rogers for the able manner in
which they conducted the affair.
Mrs. Jardin returned to her home in
Sauk Cenlie, Minn., last Tuesday even­
Owing to the depressed condition of the
times, the erection of the new general
store building has been postponed until
next spring. Until then people in this
vicinity will do their trading in James­
B. W. Fuller, the broker that loans so
much money on small interest and long
time, is having another lot of those ft
mous wild bronchos broken to do all
kinds of work on his ranch near Eldridge.
One of these vicious animals has already
killel three men, and is trying hard to
sustain his reputation, but Barney, the
rancher, thinks he can subdue him.
At the last meeting of the Eldridge base
ball club it was resolved not to accept
any more challenges for this season.
Most Excellent.
J. J. Atkins, Chief of Police, Knox
ville, Tenn., writes: "My family and 1
are beneficiaries of your meat excellent
medicine, Dr. King's New Discovery for
consumption having found it to be all
that you claim for it, desire to testify to
its virtue. My friends to whom I have
recommended it, praise it at every op­
portunity." Dr. King's new discovery
for consumption is guaranteed to cure
Coughs, (.'olds, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Croup and every allection of Throat,
Chest and Lungs. Trial Bottles Free at
C. R. Meredith's Drug Store. Large Size
Brace Up*
You are feeling depressed, your appe­
tite is poor, you are bothered with Head­
ache, you are fidgetty, nervous, and gen­
erally out of sorts, and want to brace up.
Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring
medicines, or bitters, which have for
their basis very cheap, bad whisky, and
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then leave you in worse condition than
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vitality, and give renewed health and
strength. Such a medicine you will find
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jhildrcn teething, is tbe prescription of
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cians in the United States, and has been
useil for forly years with never-failing
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children. During the process of teething
its value is incalculable, it relieves the
child from pain, cures dysentery and diar­
rhoea, griping in the bowels, and wind
colic. By giving health to tbe child it
rests the mother. Price 2f»c. a bottle.
ROYAL (Absolutely Pure)..
(iRANT'S (Alum Powder)#.
PX.ltFORD'S, when fresh..
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31 FOR tVS, when not fresh
HILLSBOBO, Dak., July 28.—In sinking
an artesian well for the North Dakota
roller mill at this place, a vein of neturai
gas was struck at a depth of 108 feet.
When lighted the flames shoot to a height
of three feet. It has been burning con­
tinuously with increasing volume for
twelve hours. Mr. Green, the proprietor,
will run his 125-horse power, engine with
Take it in Time.
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It is an anodyne expectorant, and, if
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Six years ago, I contracted a severe
Cold, which settled on uiy Lungs, and
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mb "Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I toolt it,
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ictoral. I
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ltoduey Johnson, Springfield, 111.
I have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
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all Drugglita. price 91 bottle*, 5.
As io rurityandWholesomcness oftlic Royal Baking Powder.
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Patented Dec. 27,1881.
Makes Ruga, Tidies, Hoods, Mit­
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Price only one dollar single machine
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01 ICE is hereby given, that by virtne of a
judgment and decree in foreclosure, rend­
ered and given by the District Court of tbe sixth
Judicial District, ia and for the county or Btollman
and territory of Dakota, and entered and docketed
in the office of the Clerk of said Court in and for
said county, on the 34th, day of July 1880, in an
actlrn wherein Tbe Travelers Insurance Company
is Plaintiff, and John J. Trubshaw, Elizabeth E.
Trubshaw and James R.
Winslow are Defendants,
in favor of the said Plaintiff and against the said
Defendants, John J. Trubshaw and Elizabeth E.
Trubshaw, for the sum of one thousand and thirty
dollars and forty cetns, ($1030,40-100), with inter­
est, court costs and $100.00 attorneys fee, which
judgment and decree among other things directed
tbe sale by me of the real estate hereinafter des­
cribed, to satisfy tbe amount of said judgment,
with interest thereon and the costs and expenses
of such sale, or so much thereof as th proceeds
of such sale applicable thereto will satisfy. And
by virtue of a writ to me issued oat of tbe office of
the Clerk of said court in and for said county of
Stutsman, and under the seal of said court, direct­
ing me t» sell said resl property pursuant to said
judgment and decree, I, A. MeKechnie, Sheriff of
said county, and person appointed by said court to
make said sale, will sell the hereinafter described
real estate to tbe highest bidder, for cash, at pub­
lic auction, at the froat door of the court house in
the city of Jamestown, in the count* of Stutsman,
and territory of Dakota, on the 4th day of Sep­
tember A.D. 1886, at twoo'clrck P. M. of that day
to satisfy said judgment, with interest and costs
thereon, and the costs and expenses of such sale
or so much thereof as the proceeds of such sale
applicable thereto will satisfy. The premises to
be sold as aforesaid pursuant to said judgment
and decree, and to said writ, and to this notice,
are described in said judgment, decree and writ,
as follows, to-wit: All that piece or parcel of land
lying and being in the county of Stutsman and
territory of Dakota, to-wit: The north-west quar­
ter (n X), of section twelve (18), township one
hundred and forty two (143) north, and range sixly
flve (65) west.
A. Mc Kechnie,
Sheriff of Stutsman Connty, D. T.
D. II. Tworaoy, attorney for Plaintiff, Fargo D.T.
Dated July X9th, A. D. 1886.
First publication July 89th, 1886.
U. 8. Land Office, Fargo, Dakota, Ju1y34th, 1886.
PLA1KT having been entered at this office
by Fletcher L. Savage, against Judson A.
Dake for abandoning his Homestead Entry No.
1-.',5T5, dated April 16th, 1883, upon tbe nortn-west
section 34, township 144, rauge65, in Stutsman
county, Dakota, with a view to tbe cancellation of
naid entry the said parties are hereby summoned
to appear at this office on the 10th day of Sept­
ember 1886, at 10 o'clock A. M., to respond and
furnieh testimony concerning said alleged aban­
donment. And jou Judson A. Dake are hereby
notified to appear at said time and place, and show
cause if any you have, why the said Fletcher 1,.
Savags. who flled Declaratory Statement No. 13,
C10, on May lGtli, 1883 upon said land, should sot
be allowed to transmute hie I're-imtion into a
Homestead entry. K. C. GKART, Receiver.
First publication July 89th, 1^8G.
It li a seientiflc fact that the Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure.
11. A. MOTT, Ph.D."
I lnvo examined a package of Royal Baking Powder, purchased by myself in
the mark1 I find it entirely free from alum, terra alba, or any other injurious suh
eranc.:. HCNUY MOUTON, Ph.D., President of Stevens Institute of Technology."
anilyziMl a pack iee of Roy:il Baking Powder. The materials of which
if co.'ujKMcU are pure and wholesome. 8. DUSI HATES, State Assayer, Mass.1'
The Royal Baking Powder reeked the highest award over all competitors at
th* Vk :na World's Exposition, 1*73 at the Centennial, Philadelphia, 1878 at the
American Institute, New York, and at State Fairs throughout the country.
No other article of human food has ever received such high, emphatic, and uni­
versal endorsement from cmiaeut chemists, physicians, scientists, and Boards of
licaltli all over the world.
MOTE—The above DIAGRAM illustrates the comparative worth of various Baking
Powders, as shown by Chemical Analysis and experiment* made by Prof. Schedler.
A pound cui of each powder was taken, the total leavening power or volume in
carh can calculated, the result being as indicated. This practical test for worth by
Prof. Schedler only proves what every observant consumer of the Royal Baking
Powder knows by practical experience, that, while it costs a few cents per pound
more than ordinary kinds, it is far more economical, and, besides, affords tbe advan­
tage of lictter work. A single trial of the Royal Baking Powder will convince any
fair-minded person of these facts.
Winle the diagram shows some of the alum powders to be of a higher degree
of strcuirth than other powders ranked below them, it is not to be taken as indicat­
ing that they have any value. All alum powders, no matter bow high their strength,
are to be avo!dvl aa dangerous.
The Iconoclast of the Amusement Realm!
Creator of the Newest Forms of Arenic Entertainment
Appear mall Their Vast Entirety, Rain or Shine, at
NOTE.—The Arrangements of the American Showmen's Pooled Lepgrue will
Prevent any other Gircua from Visiting: Dakota this Season.
Bigger, Better, Richer and Grander than Ever!
Champion Riders, Acrobats, Vaultcrs, Contortionists, Mid-Air Meteors, Strong Men. Boxers, Fencers,
Wrestlers, Gladiators, Jugglers and Hiijh-Wire Performers from every Noted Circus und Amphi­
theater of Europe, Imposing Congress of Celebrated Russian Bicyclists, Unicyclists and Roller
Skaters—Matchless Collection of strange Curios from the Land of the Montezuma*— he
Tallest Giants, the Smallest Dwarfs, Most Phantom-like of Living Skeletons, and the
Most Mysterious of oilier Human Phenomena—Unrivaied School of Educated Kle
phants, Noble Stallions, Clown Elephants, Ponies, Goats. Donkeys and Zebras
Invincible Arabian Athletes, and Japanese Jugglers and restlers—Fifty
Cages of Earth's Rarest Zoological Wealth—Nature's most Capricious
Production, a Two-Headed Cow—Reproauction of the Roman Hip
lXHlrome—Vividly Realistic Representations of Life in Mexico
and the "Wild West/' introdusing Dr. W. F. Carver, the
"Evil Spirit of the Plains," and one Hundred Noted
Scouts, Cowboys, Indians, Vaqueros, etc.,etc., etc
Stupendous Revival of the Hippodrome Carnivals
Heroic, Soul-Stirring f| Famous English Thoroughbreds.
Struggles Between
DldcAltyfell'S Vft
Unconquered Blue-Grass Flyers!
00 Minutes of Circus, with 200 Meteoric Performers!
30 Minutes of Theatre—50 Actors and Specialists!
30 Minutes of Hippodrome Races,
30 Minutes of Wild West,"
30 Minutes for the Museum,
30 Minutes for the Menagerie,wlth
roy^^^aS',: Oow-
with 1,000 marvelous
31 Hours of Solid, Unapproachable Entertainment!
Animate and Inanimate Curiosities.
Positively Yonr Last Oppoitunlties to see the Wizard Rifleman,
100 Western Celebrities in startling Hctnres of Frontier Life. Realistic in Every Detail.
1I ATimes the Most Magnificent Spectacular Street Parade ever seen in any
**Agc or Country, passing in Grand lleview before Cheering Multitudes
as 10 A. M. Daily.
ADMISS10N0?mb£*dS"Si.$l -0(7
Reserved Cushioned Opera Chairs at the Usual Slight Advance.
The Largest Betail Clothing House in.
West is THE BOSTON One-Price ClctS^juf,
House, St. Paul. Square Dealing and Lo\rebt
Prices guaranteed to all. Don't buy a doLaA
worth of Clothing for yourself or 'joy withrm\
sending to or calling at THE BOSTON,8t.lro/.
Goods sent on approval to any part of tint
West and if not perfectly satisfactory they
can be returned at our expense.
ypiJD Send us your name and P. O. addmi
Cor* Third and Robert Sts.
Nine'Years of Age,
will send you FREE air
trated Catalogue of fifty-two pages with
for self-measurement. Address,
One-Price Clothing ta

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