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The Democratic Ituorbach About
General Advsuicc In Prices
Kasfly ltefutcd.
The McKinlcy Bill will Operate
to the Advantage ol" North
Dakota Farmers.
It Advances What 11c Sells and
Lowers Much That lie
Must Buy.
Democratic Misrepresentations.
Liocnl democrats, taking tlie cue from
the state bosses, are industriously circu­
lating among the country precincts, tel­
ling the fanners that tho McKinley bill
is going to "raise Cain" with us all. They
say that the poor man will, after this, ba
required to pay more for his groceries,
ciothiag, boots and shoes, and IU fact, for
all the uecessanes of lite, and take great
pains to roundly abuse the republican
party for such a state of affairs.
Tho McKinley bill will do nothing of tho
kind. The democrats are taking advant­
age of the cry raised by eastern firms that
import articles for dudes and the wealthy
classes, that prices will be higher, and
the hdnest merchants of this country
will be crippled in business while tha
poor buyer will feel the "robber tariff's"
clutch in increased prices for his goods,
wares and merchandise. Shrewd retail
merchants in every town in the United
States have been waiting to take advant­
age of the passage of the tariff bill to get
bigger profits on stocks iu hand whether
the goods actually cost more or not, and
whether there is any prospect of their
costing more or not. Advertisements ot' fu­
ture advances have appeared everywhere,
warning customers to "bnv befoie the
rise." This schome has been worked in
tho larger cities, particularly, where tho
ignorance and credulity of the laboring
classes make it possible. In tho country
where every farmer reads a newspaper—
often reads two or more to get both sides
—the scheme will be harder to work,
even if the disposition of an occasional
merchant is to try it. It can not fool tho
farmer very long anyhow.
The general assertion can be made, and
and will be backed by the developments
of the future, that no general rise in the
prices of the common commodities of
life will be found. On the contrary in
some of the most important of these nec­
essaries, like sugar,—already remarkably
cheap,—like tho cheaper grades of cloth­
ing, and boots and shoes, there will be,
before long, a reduction, aud on the oth­
er articles of common use, there will be
little or no change for the bill does not
affect them. The fanner on the other
hand now knows that tho prices of his
products have advanced aud that they
will advance still further ia hardly to be
doubted. This is not altogether tho re­
sult of the taritf bill, but is because na­
ture has given short crops nearly every
where this year. Potatoes have advanc­
ed, and- the tariff, in keeping out the
Canadian surplus, wili increase tho price
still higher. Uariey has advanced and
will advance still more for the same
reason. Oats are higher than since 1883.
AYheat has gone up, and is this year a
profitable crop, oven with a light av­
erage yield.
Merchants who a week ago were loud­
ly advertising advances in goods are now
replacing those statements by announce­
ments that iheir stock will be sold
"cheaper than ever beforo." A glance at
the metropolitan papers shows that tho
jig is about up and the public will not
be scared into "'buying before tho ad­
vance." Shoes are advertised at "low
tariff prices stock bought before the rise.
Mac's bill does not affect prices or. our
shoes etc." Retail clothing advertise­
ments the same. The imported woolens
out of which bankers, gamblers and
capitalists clothe their well fed forms,
may be a little higher when put into
fashionable suits such as already cost from
§50 to 8100 each. The farmers ready
made clothes will experience no boom of
this kind. If his pants go higher it will
be on account of a hitch in his pair of
new suspenders. There will be no boom
to elevate the price on the tag of his
ready-made coat or vest or heavy under­
wear. The othor man can afford to pay
for his style and generally does it with­
out knowing whether he is being swin­
dled in quality or not. But the farmer
having no style to lug around, except the
good honest fashioned hand-me-down
kind, wili have no more to pay for on
that account, nor will he be obliged to
contribute for the other fellows imported
togs. In groceries the farmer will have
for his imported pickles and for Her
Majesty's brand of jam. If he is a red
la-do-da American farmer ho may have to
go down a little deeper in his pocket for
anything made in Europe, or that is
specially patronized by the Queen. There
may be a heavy advance for the fanner
to stand, in his favorite Worcester sauce
made from the receipt of a nobleman in
the country. If the farmer has a culti­
vated Italian taste he will kick like a
steer over tho slight advance there will
bo on maccaroni, and say something
about being in it when the vermicelli
soup is set before him at the farm dinner
end he realizes that that soup has gone
up, and the hired man is always hungry.
The French peas and the mushrooms
for the porterhouse steak will make the
farmer regret that William McKinley
was ever born, and when it comes to
smoking his after-dinner, clear Havana
filler, he will curse bitterly the tariff
fiends and swear that he will vote the
democratio ticket the first chance he
gets. The farmer's wife will also wish
she had a democratio suffrage ballot and
an extra box to deposit it in, when she
learns that pearl buttons have jumped
way up, and the farmer's daughter wil]
join the "Y's" when she discovers that
T11' A' 3ii\i-jii^-Jf'* V.
V-: 7.: •Tir
pearl colored hose have become quite
agitated by the action of Hill McKinley'a
gang. There will likewise be a Mutter iu
the prairie shacks and ranches when the
tho true situation dawns upon the ladies
in regard to silks, satins, laces and kid
There is another thing which will cost
more from now on. .Diamonds, the farm­
er's favorite gem, he must now pay more
for. He wears a rood many of them, it
is true,and if it is polished and cut abroad
he will have to put up 00 per cent extra
for his eolituitv this season. His wife
uq'd daughter will be obliged to sell more
butter and e/gs to get their diamond ear
bubs or bro..,tpin.-t. This hardship the
democrats n..,y ho expected to make the
mostoi, iiiiiI Col. jieijton, the democratic
candidate Ii.r C(iu,. ii.iis, who wears the
biggest diamond in the state, will get
most of hib tanner votes on this account.
Blaine says that tobacco is a necessity
with laboring men, but every farmer of
North Dakota would rather pay the little
extra for his chewing and smoking, and
get more for bis potatoes, wheat and
garden truck. Only tnere is no advance
in this grade of tobacco. On twine, on
wool, on many othor things that enter
into tho consideration of the farmers of
this state, the tariff will havo a helping
Eastern manufacturers are keen busi­
ness men. They will take quick advant­
age of every turn to increase their profits,
lint competition will regulate tliem as
surely as it does the retail merchant, and
after the first flurry is over and the tmb
lic gels posted their prices will get down
to the same old level too, and better
things will bo made for Americans by
Americans, and a great many more of
Farmers in the country precincts of
North Dakota will do well to take demo­
cratic yarns about the tariff with a grain
of salt, until they tirst find out for them­
selves just how it is going to be.
"That Robber Tariff."
Lo Sueur, Minn., News: We are begin­
ning to feel some of tho effects of the
tariff. Corn has gone down from 16 to
43 cents per bushel. Wheat has dropped
from 50 cents to 81.00. Oats have also
fallen from 13 to 35 cents barley has
tumbled from a 30 cent eminence away
down to 75, while potatoes have suffered
an enormous decline from 15 to SO cents.
Our robbed farmers say they will not
stand much of this open, barefaced high­
way robbery on the tariff question. Now,
right in the face of this ruinous decline
of farm products they see t^e products of
the protected manufacturer rising steadi­
ly in price. Twine binders, as an illus­
tration, went up this year from §115 to
8125 as a regular price, with one of the
leading makes at §100 on three years'
time at 1 per cent with several
ranging from §75 to 8100. Such grind­
ing as this is just a trille too much for
ordinary mortals to stand, and the day
is coming when the oppressed will rise in
their righteous indignation and hurl the
whole caboodle into outer darkness. It
is galling to see first class mowers sold
here at the ruinous price of 815 an .1
know that the same machines are sold
to the foreigners at Vienna, Austria, for
the beggarly pittance of SlOti. It is
equally so have the standard binders sell
here at tho robber rate of from $100 to
8125, and know that at theeacae time tho
same machines are being sold to the
foreign _• nsniners in England at the
slaughter price of 8320, as private letters
from there state. Our people won't
stand it much longer. Oh! That robber
Tlie Immigration Meeting.
The Red river immigration meeting
was well attended yesterday at Grand
Forks. It was decided to form a com­
mission of immigration from the counties
named, dividing the work so that Cass,
Richland and Traill counties should be
one division, with headquarters at Fargo,
and Grand Forks. Walsh and Pembina
counties to compose the other, with
GrandForks as its center of distribution,
the work to be under the direction of
the whole board. Each county named
live persons to represent it on this com­
These committees are requested to de­
vise means to at once raise the necessary
funds to start the work in operation, and
to accomplish this it will be necessary
for them to seciire tho money now and
depend upon the county commissioners
of their several counties to refund it, or
look to state legislation for relief later.
The mimimutn amount expected from
each county is not to be less than SI,000.
Tho impression seemed to prevail
among those present that, while the
meeting of yesterday was composed en­
tirely of representatives of tho six Red
river valley counties, yet the convention,
to all intents and purposes, was forming
the nucleus of which would eventually
be a state boaid of immigration.
Tho next meeting will probably be held
in Fargo not later than October 27.
The Independents.
The executive committoe of tho pro­
hibition-alliance independent movement
held a meeting at Grand Forks Thursday
und organized for the campaign. Ar­
rangements have been made to secure
speakers of ability and a lively campaign
will be inaugurated immediately. It is
proposed to put county and legislative
tickets in the field in every county and
district in tho state and the committee
issued a call for county and legislative
conventions to be held on Tuesday, Oct.
28, at 3 o'clock in counties whore such
has not already been done. Arrange­
ments were also perfected for a campaign
paper be published at Grand Forks.
It will be known as the North Dakota
Independent and the first issue will ap­
pear next week.
This independent movement is in the
interests of the Walter Muir ticket and
is made up of a union of the radical
wings of the prohibition and Farmers'
alliance people. They propose to put a
full ticket—from congressman down to
constables—in the Held, in every county
in the state.
This is to notify all persons that my
wife, Mary E. Vessey, has of her own ac­
cord left my bed and board and that I
will not be responsible for any debts or
accounts she may contract after this date
or for any other indebtedness.
,B. VESSEY, Windsor, N.
Ills Sympathetic Nature and His
Early Misfortunes.
Those who B#W much of Abraham
Lincoln during the later years of his life,
were greatly impressed with the expres­
sion of profound melancholy his fuce al
ways wore in repose.
Mr. Lincoln was of a peculiarly sympa
thetic and kindly nature. Those strong
characteristics influenced, very happily,
as it proved, his entire political career.
They would not seem, at first glance, to
bo efficient aids to political succes but
in tho peculiar emergency which Lincoln,
in the providence of God, was called to
meet, no vessel of common clay could
possibly have become the "chosen of the
Those acquainted with him from boy­
hood knew that early griefs tinged his
whole life with sadness. His partner in
the grocery business at Seleni, was
"Uncle" Billy Green, of Tallula, 111., who
used at night, when the customers were
few, to hold the grammer while Lincoln
recited his lessons.
It was to his sympathetic oar Lincoln
told the story of his love for sweet Ann
Rutlidgo and he. in return, offered what
comfort he could when poor Ann died,
and Lincoln's great heart nearly broke.
"After Ann died," says "Uncle" liilly,
•'on stormy nights, when tho wind blow
the rain iigaiust the roof, Abe would set
thar in the grocery, his elbows on his
knees, his face in his hands, aad the
tears runnin' through his lingers. I hat­
ed to see him feel bad, an' I'd say, 'Abe
don't cry' an' he'd look up an' say '1
can't help it, Bill, the rain's a l'allin' on
There ara many moro who can sympa­
thize with this overpowering grief, as
they think of a lost loved one, when "the
rain's fallin' on her." What adds
poignancy to the grief some times is the
thought that the lost one might have
been saved.
Fortunate, indeed, is William Johnson
of Corona, L. I., a builder, who writes
June 28,liSlH): "Last February, on return­
ing from church one night, my daughter
complained of having a pain in her ankle.
Tho pain gradually extended until her
entire limb was swollen aud very painful
to tho touch. We called a physician,
who after a careful examination, pro­
nounced it disease of tho kidneys of long
standing. All we could do, did not seem
to benefit her until we tried Warner's
bale Cure from ttie lirst she commenced
to improve. When she commenced lak,
ing it she could not turn over in bed.
and could just move her hands a little
but today she is as well as she ever was
I believe I owe the recovery of iny
daughter to its use."
lino Issued by Counties, Cities
antl .School Districts, and
highest prices paid therefor
School liomls a Specialty.
Full information relative to recent laws furn­
ished free. i'lie only exclusive ijond House
northwest, of St. Paul.
August slst,
%'S, INK),
is hereby given that the following
named settler lias tiled noticeol' her intention
to make live year linal proof in support of her
claim and secure linal entry thereof and that
said proof will lie made before lion, ltoderick
I Jose judge or in his absence beforo Theodore F.
liranch clerk of the district court at Jamestown,
Stutsman county. North Dakota, on Tuesday,
Xovember ltth, lsi'O, viz:
(formerly lilisaliethe Kemler) U.K. No. 17,001 fo
the southeast quarter of section 32 in township
l:)7, X, of range ij i, \V.
•She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. said laud, viz:
Prosper Xaze, Joseph Yiliers, Felix Xollet,
l.ein Douglass, all of Montpelier, Stutsman
county North Dakota.
VP". 1!. S.
U. S. LAND OmcE,
and were never eared f..r as re­
quired by the timber culture law.
The said parties are hereby sum­
moned to appear at this ollice on'the usih
day of Xovember,
at 10 o'clock a. ill., to
furnish testimony concerning said alleged fail­
Xlt'KKt S & IULDWIX, Attys.
First publication September 13,1890.
t". S.
Leopold Kacliel against the heirs of Wii
liam Lloyd, Sr., deceased, for failure to com­
ply with law as to Timber Culture Iintry Xo.
!itl5, dated Xovember liotli. iss:i, upon the south­
west quarter of section S. in township Ml, north
of range03, west, in Stutsman county, State of
North Dakota, with a view lo the cancellation of
satd entry contestant alleging that the said
William M. Lloyd, Sr., did not during the third
year of his said entry, plant or cause to be
planted live acres of said tract, nor .my part
thereof to trees, tree seeds or cuttings of trees:
That the said William M. Lloyd, Sr.. did not
during the fourth year of his'said entry plant
or cause to be planted the second the acres of
said tract nor any part thereof to trees, tree
seeds or cuttings of trees: That the said Wil­
liam M. Lloyd, Sr., lias not dining any year
of his said entry nlanted or caus-d to be planted
and no one lias planted for him auv part or por­
tion of said tract to trees, tree seeds »r cuttings
of trees: That the said William M. Lloyd, Sr.
lias not during the last four years of lils said
entry cultivated in any manner, any part or por­
tion of said tract, nor lias he caused the same to
lie cultivated in any manner, nor has any one
for him or for his heir*, cultivated said tract in
any manner during the last four years of bis
said entry That the said tract where it was once
broken is now till grown up to weeds and grass
That said tract is not and has not been cultivated
its required by law, the said parties are herebv
summoned to appear at tills office on the 26th
day of Xovember, 1890, at 10 o'clock, a. m„
to re-
sooiul and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged failure.
Attorneys. Jamestown, N. D.
First publication September 25,1800.
Oct, 8, 18'JO.
is hereby nlven that the following
named K'ttler nas Hied notice of his inten­
tion to make linal prool in support o! his claim,
and that said prool will lie made before tile judge
or clerk of the distri.t court, at Jamestown.
Stutsman county, X, D.. on
s&j, 1MH, viz:
John Jleaney, ol Windsor, Stutsman county,
N.I)., II. Ii.'No. 2:i7v!. for the northeast iuar'cr,
section h),township Ittti range 07 w. lie names tin
I'ol owing witnesses to prove his continuous resi­
dence upon and cultivation of said land, viz:
\V E iiucKwalU r, Thomas o'Dounell. .lames
Moon, liartholomew Ycssu.v, all of Windsor,
Slulsiiian county, X. D.
ii. S. NHAI,, Kegister.
First publication Oct. 9.
October, 18 1*W.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler lias Tiled notice of his intention to
make linal live years proof iu support of his
claim, and that said proof will b« made before
the lion. Ifodcrick I'.ose. judge of the district
court, or in case of his absence before T.
following witnesses to prove his
emit unions residence upon and cultivation of,
saiil land, viz:
Henry P.ioughton, John W. l'earson, William
Squire. Thomas Stephens all of Spirilwood,
Stutsman county, X. I).
(ieo. II. I'urchase, Attorney.
First Publication Oct. hi, 1880.
At Faigo, Xortli Dak.
September 16th. lS'.lO.
I XT having been entered at this office
iy Caii'ett .M. Doiid against John V. .'lal
ingiit," for failure to comply with law as to
Timber Culture Entry No. iV. dated August
•jsird, IsSl. unou the'northeast quarter of sec­
tion (. township K'.s, range t:i, in Stuts­
man couiiiy. North Dakota, with a view to
tlie cancellation of said entry: contestant alleg­
ing Uic said .'oiin V. .Ua'iniglit a number of
years u,. iiroke about 5 acres, and a little over
ihrcc years ago broke ii acres, but since the year
l,s8 lias d: ne nothing tuereen. That no trees
are growing thereon, and tiiat the land lias not
been cultivated in the last two years, and down
to this date. September Vi. 1MHI: and that lIn
breaking has grown up to grass and weeds ami
Unit said tra is not'akeu care of as required
by law. 1'he said parties are lien by
summoned to appear at tliis ollice on the liStli
day of Xovember, 1«X). at lo o'clock a. m.
lo "respond and furnish testimony concerning
said alleged tailiir.-.
Lots numbered four hundred lifty-ono u."i)
four hundred liftv-two 1-Vii. four hundred tifty
tliree (i.vii. four hundred lifty-four ii, four
hundred iii'ty-iive and four hundred liity
six (l.Miiof lloues and Veninun's addition to
Jamestown, Stutsman county. .North Dakota.
Now therefore, notice is hereby given tli.it by
virtue of the power of sale contained said
morfiage. said mortgaged premises, or so much
thereof as may be necessary, will be sold at
public sale at tie- front door of the courthouse
in the city of Jamestown, in said county and
state, by the sheriff of said county, on the four­
teenth "day of November. A.
Trimble, Agent.
LFirst publication Oct. 2, lSIKXj
X. I),
September 1(5,
having been made at this ollice
by William lhirtdn Thomas against heirs
of Allyn 1{, Millings, for failure to comply with
law as to Timber Culture Entry Xo. sail!), for
southeast quarter lii, lay, ti-t, made May 1st. lss.'j,
with a view to the cancellation of said entrv
contestant alleging that the said Allyn Ii. kil­
lings or some former entryman .iroke'or caused
to he broken about 120 ae.es of land aud that he
or some one else planted ten acres, or about
that, to
trees. That since May 1st, lrt7, nothing
has been done thereon. That the breaking, and
the place where the trees were planted" have
grown up to weeds ai.d grass, and no trees are
growing thereon except a few straggling ones
which have not been eared for or nroiected for
the last three years and down to tliis date, viz:
First Publication Oct. t», 1S1U.
N. D.,
Isepteinber 15th. 1S90.
having been entered at this ollice by
Notice is given, that by virtue of a power
of sale contained iu said' mortgage, and of
the statute in such case made and pro­
vided, tile said mortgage will tie foreclosed
bv a sale of the mortgaged premises therein
described, which sale will be made at the front
door of the court house in the cityof Jamestown,
in the county of Stutsman and state of Xorth
Dakota, at punlic auction by the sherilf of said
county, on Saturday, the -J'id day of Xovember
A. D. eighteen hundred aud ninety, at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon.to sa'isfy theamount which shall
then be due on said mortgage, with the interest
thereon, and costsand expenses of sale, and one
hundred ami fifty dollars attorney's fees.as stipu­
lated in said mortgage in case of foreclosure.
The premises described in said mortgage, ami
so to be sold, are tlie lot. piece or parcel of land
situated in tlie county of Stutsman Mid state of
Xorth Dakota, aud known and described as
follows, to-w it:
The southwest quarter iS. W.iO and south
half of the northwest quarter
M. l'orria:,
Fredrtis Baldwin, Attorney for Dodd.
U''irst publication September lstli.)
default has been made in the con­
ditions of a certain mortgage made bv
Mvrric Moore and Laura F. Moore, his wife, mort­
gagors, to L. IV.mlion Xi-wboid, mortgagee,which
mortgage In ars date the fourth day of Ma-. A.
D. issti. and whereas there is now due aud un­
paid upon said mortgage and the ind-ht'-diiess
thereby secured, at the (late of this notice, the
sum of Seven Hundred Thirty-one dollars anil
eighty-live cents t'*731.T..i and whereas the
premises mortgaged ill and by said mortgage
are described as follows to-wit:
ls'.H). at two
o'clock in' the afternoon, to satisfy the sum
which may then be due on said mortgage, to­
gether with fees ami expenses of foreclosure.
KdgarW. Camp, Attorney for Mortgagee.
First Publication Oct. 1MK).
default has been made in the
conditions of a certain mortgage made
bv I'owhaltau W. Alley and llattie M. Alley
mortgagors, to L. P.oulto'n Xewbold. mortgagee
and dated the iitteenlh day of April, A, I). lsS7,
on which mortgage and the deb? thereby secured
there is due at ihe date hereof the sum of two
hundred seventy nine dollars aud twenty-live
cents, aud whereas the premises described as
follows were mortgaged in and by said mortgage,
All the north one half of lot twelve in block
twenty of the original town of Jamestown, ac­
cording to the plat thereof tiled and recorded in
the ollice of the regist'T of deeds
of Stutsman county: also all the southwest quar­
ter of the northwest quarter of section ten iu
township one hundred thirty-nine north of range
sixty-three west of the Fifth principal meridian,
all iii said county of Stutsman and state of North
Now therefore, notice is hereby given that
said premises or so much thereof as may tie
necessary, will he sold at pubheauction at the
trout door of the court house iu the city of
Jamestown in said county on the twenty-first day
of November, A D. ls»0 at two o'clock in tin
afternoon by the sherilf of said county to satisfy
the sum which may then be due on said mort­
gage ami the debt thereby secured with fees ami
expenses of foreclosure and sale.
Dated Oct. it, tstiO.
Edgar W. Camp, Attorney.
September lljtli, lrtwo. I
is herebv given that the tollowlng
named settler has illed noticcol ins Intention
lo make 5 year linal proof in support oi his claim
and that said prool' will be made belore Hon.
Roderick Kose, Judge, or ill his absence I. 1-'.
liranch clerk of the district court at James­
town, N. D. on Saturday, Xovember z.nd. lrf.'ii,
II. Ii. No. l"ilK2 for the X. W '.j, Sec. M. 1 p. H'i
Itange rti.
lie names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon ami cultivation oi,
said land, viz:
Adam Wallers of Edmunds, X. D. (ieorge .y.
Smith, John Johnson. Chill ies
I'ingrce. N. D.
is hereby given that by virtue of a
judgment and decree of foreclosure rendered
and given by the district court of tin-Filth judicial
district for the comity of Stutsman and Slate of
North Dakota ami entered in the ollice of the
clerk of said court in for said county of Stuts­
man 011 the -JSrd day of September 100, in an
action wherein the First Xatn nal Rank of I.is.
bon was plaintiff and Geo. A. stroiit.
Robert iger, Rnbcut Reed Goudy
ami the First National Rank of
Fargo were defendants in favor of said plaintill
and' against said defendants which decree
among other things directed the sale by me ot
tile real estate hereinafter described to satisfy
tlie amount of said plaintiffs ciaiin, to-wit: The
Sinn of Three Thousand. Six Hundred Si: ty
two and T'-100 dollars with interest thereon I10111
the IStll day ot September, ls'.io, together with
tlie costs aiid expenses of such sale or so much
thereof as the proceeds of such sale applicable
thereto will satisfy.
Now therefore, by virtue of a writ to me is­
sued out of the oilice ol the clerk of said urt
and under the seal of said court directing me to
sell said property pursuant to said decree. I
II. Schmitz, sherilf of said county of Stuts­
man, a person appointed by said court to make
saiil sale will sell the hereinafter described real
esta-e to the highest bidder for cash at public
auction at the
front door of the court house in
tlie city of Jamestown 111 said county of Stilts
man on tin- 1st
has been made in the condi­
tions of a certain mortgage executed and
delivered by Cuyler Adams and Virginia Ada'r
mortgagors, to 'i he I nimlee Mortgage and Trust
Investment ('onipany. limitedi mortgagee.dated
the '-Hill day "ol ccpicmhcr. A. !.
eighteen hundred and eighty-live and record­
ed as a mortgage in the office of the register of
deeds of the comity of Stutsman, in the territory
of Dakota (now state of .North Dakota) on the
ltth day of O tobcr, A, D. lsv,. at s::{. o'clock a
in ,ui book I). of mortgages, on page iCiO. on hich
there is claimed to be due at the date of this
notice the sum of Two Thousand dol­
lars, and no action or proceeding lias
been instituted at law or in equity to recov­
er the debt secured by said mortgage, or any
part thereof.
of X. W.'»)
of section twenty-three in township one
hundred and forty (140) north, of range sixty
two (03) west.
Dated at Fargo, North Dakota, tliis -1th day of
October 1890.
Francis & Southard, Attorneys for Mortgagee,
Fargo, North Dakota.
[First publication Oct. 9th, 1690]
day of November. ls'.iO. at -J
oil-lock in the afternoon of that day to satisfy
said claim with costs and expenses thereof and
costs and expenses of said sale or so much there­
of as the proceeds of said sale applicable there­
to will satisfy. The premises to be sold as
aforesaid pursuant to said judgment and de­
cree and writ and this notice are described in
said judgment, decree and writ as follows, to
All those tracts or parcels of land lying and
being in llie county of Stutsman and State of
North Dakota, described as follows, to-wit:
Rots 1. -J and :i, in block l:i, and lots 3. sand si. in
block -J'ii ot tilt original townsite of Jamestown.
Xorth Dakota, according to the plat thereof tiled
ill the ollice of the register of deeds for said
Stutsman countv.
M. Ii.
Sherilf of Stutsman County. X. D.
Goodwin it Yanl'elt, Attorneys for Plaintiff.
I.isbon, X. D.
First publication Sept. Co, 1S90.
is hereby given, that by virtue t,f a
judgment and decree in foreclosure, ren­
dered aiid given by the District Court of the
Fifth Judicial District, in and for the county of
Stutsman and state of Xorth Dakota, and enter­
ed ana docketed in the ollice 01 the clerk of said
com in ami for said county, on tlie 5th day of
iii an action wherein Klixabeth
Young was plaintiff and Charles Kroner, Jennie
Kroger, and A. Kirk, II. R. Allen, and A. R.
ilaliinrn. co-partners as Kirk, Allen S: ilathorn.
J..I. 1'rcv, K. Winslow. and Frank Sari s.
II. Sarles. aud R. It. Durstinc. co-partners as
Saries.v Durstiue. were defendants in tavor ot
llie said plain' ill' and against the said delendanls
Charles Kroger and Jennie Kroger for the sum
of Ten Hundred and Forty-Four Dollars and
Kightv-tiglil cents, which judgment and decree
among other things directed the sale by me of
the 1'cal estate hereinafter described, to satisfy
the amoiinl of said judgment, with inti rest
thereon aud the costs and expenses of such sail­
or so enn-h thereof as the proceeds of such sale
applicable thereto will satisfy. And by virtue
01 a writ to ini' issued out ot the ollice of the
clerk of said court iu and for said county of
Stutsman anil under the seal of said court, di
reeling me to sell said, real property pursuant to
said judgment and decree. 1. Michael 11. Sclinutz
slieritf of said county, and person appoimed by
said court to make said sale, will sell the here­
inafter described real estate to tlie highest bid­
der for cash, at public auction, at the front door
of the court house iu the city of Jamestown, in
tile countv of Stutsman, and state of Xorth Da
kota.011 tlie 1st day of November, A. D.. 1S:K). at
o'clock p. m.. of that day, to satisfy said judg­
ment, with interest and costs thereon, and the
costs and expenses of such sale, or so much
thereof as the proceeds of such sale applicable
thereto will satisfy. The premises to lie sol'! as
aforesaid pursuant to said judgment aud decree,
aud to said writ, and to this notice,are
in said judgment, decree aud rit, as follows, to
The southwest 'tnarter (S of section
twentv-two ith.'). in township one hundred and
thirtv-nine ilHio. north of range sixty-two uVJ).
west", according to the I'liited States survey,and
it is further ordered that said sale exclude that
lratne granary on said land, upon which the de­
fendants Sarles & Durstine 'nave Hied a lien and 1
that they may foreclose the same and remove
the granary from said land.
Sheriff of Stutsman County. State of Xorth
Attorney for plaintiff. Jamestown N. D.
Dated Jamestown, North Dakota, September
l-.'th, tsyo
(First Publication September 18,1803.
if, ii ii
|II tnii
ovclt of
First Publication Oct. 2, 1HU0.
liranch. clerk of sail court at Jamestown, Sluts
man coiintv, X, D., on Wednesday, December,
17, IH'JO, viz.:
(iKOKIili T. WAKIiliX,
II. Ii. Xo. lM,iiM for the southwest quarter of
See. St. in Twp. Ml X. of range ii'2 NV.
lie names lb'
August dull lb'.io.
having been entered at tliis ollice
John D.Dellaii'against the heirs oft Icorge
Ii. Vrccland. deceased for failure to comply with
law as to Timber Culture Iintry Xo. IIMM, dated
.liilv v!.")th lsM, upon the soul beast quarter sec­
tion Township l.'iS, Kange ii'2, in Stutsman
county, X. D.. with a view to the cancellation of
saiii entry: contestant alleging that said (ieorge
II. Vrccland broke in the year l.s,s5 live aeivs,
or about that, on said tract which lias never
been cropped. That since the year
has been (lone thereon, and that no trees, tree
seeds or cuttings have ever been planted or sown
thereon, and that down to this date, viz April
Kill. lKtK), nothing lias been done thereon except
the live acres being broke as aforesaid, which
lias grown up to weeds and grass. That said
(ieorge 11. Vreeiaud died at Jamestown. Stuts­
man county, in year lKsii. and that said tract
is not cared lor as required by tho
timber culture law. Tlie said parties
ties are hereby summoned lo appear at this
ollice on the 5th day of Xovember, l^'.iO. at
lo o'c lock, a. m., to respond and furnish testi­
mony concerning stud alleged failure.
First Publication September 18. 18!)0.
State of Xorth Dakota, County of Stutsman.
Wallace 1). Stevens, 1'laintilf,
Henry E. Goodrich, Defendant.
otice is given that by v'rtueofan
to me directed and delivered, and
now iu illv hands, issued out ol the clerk's ollice
ot the Fifth Judicial district, court, State of
Xorth Dakota, in and for the county ol
upon a judgment rendered in said court in !a\or
of Wallace !). Stevens and against Ilcnrv K.
Goodrich. 1 have levied upon the following
described land of said defendant, to-wit:
The X. E.'h and the S. E. '.i oi See. 7. town­
ship M-J. range tW and that
shall on the -Mb
day of October, fsiM, at the hour oi' one o'clock P.
m.', of said day at the front door of the court
house in tin- cit 'of Jamestown, iu said county
and stale, proceed to sell al the right, title and in­
terest ol the above named Henry E. Goodrich in
and to the above described property to satisfy
saiil judgment and costs amounting to to­
gether vi ith all accniiUL'costs of sale and interest
on the same from the lsth day of June. 181,1). at
the rate of seven per cent per annum at public
auction to the highest buhier for cash.
Dated Jamestown, North Dakota. Sept. aith,
liosard & Van Wormer. l'laiiitilT's Attorneys.
First publication Sept.£1:18:10.
The Gieat Northwest
and all points In New England alul Canada.
The New Short Line
Buffalo and New York,
And all Points iu Michigan and the East.
New nnd Elegant Wagner Veetibuled
Buffet Sleeping (Jars on
Through Trains.
For tickets, time tables and general infor
niation, call on or write to
Jameiitown, North Dakota.
T. II. RAKE, Commercial Agent, 8S7 West
Superior street, Dulutli, Minn.
1'. FRATREY, General Western Agent, 291
Jackson street, St. Raul, Minn.
Gen'l Manager. 1*. & T. A.
Marquette. Mich.
Proposals Wanted.
t- f'4K V/f*
October 4th. tail), l"
proposals for doing tin* Public I'rint
ing and Rinding for the Stnte of North Da
kota, in accordance with law. for llie years of
ism and l.S'i-.'. will be received by the Commis­
sioners of Public 1'rintlng, until Friday. Xov.
7th. lSW), at 12 m.
Each proposal shall state the class of work be
i'mi bid lor and the rate per cent below the max­
imum rates severally prescribed in section 4,
chapter 1 if. laws of t-ri'i the bidder will perform
the work und furnish the stock.
Each proposal shall be addressed to tlie Sec­
retary of State and shall be accompanied by a,
bond, executed in due form, by tile bidder or
bidders, with at least two good and sufficient
sureties, satisfactory to the commissioners, in
the penal sum of S4/1OO. conditioned upon the
faithful performance, in accordance with the
law of such class or classes of the state printing
as may be adjudged to said bidder.
No bid unaccompanied by siieli bond, will be
considered and the right is reserved to reject
any or all bids made by other than regularly
established and thoroughly competent printers
and also reserve the right to reject any bid. if
deemed for the best interests of llie state. All
printing is to be done by established printing
nouses iu this state, which shall have been doing
business in the state not less than one year next
recced ing.
Sec'y of State
State Auditor.
R. E.
Commissioners of Print ing.
Eoom 13-15, Eoard of Trade,
Xortli western Business Specially
Capital House,
The traveling public will
find good accommodations and
prices reasonable.
Good Sale and Feed Stable in
Attentive Hostler day and
G.W. InoTaham, Prop'r
Indemnity for loss by Tor­
nadoes, Cyclones and Wind
Storms, at a cost for fiveyears
on dwelling house property of
£1 for every £100 insurance.
Politics written in the most responsi­
ble of insurance companies
R. G. DePuy, M.D.
OFFICE: Clx-Lx-Trclxill Bit
Hours: IS to 11 a. m.: 2 to 3 p.m.
Residence opposite Presbyterian Church
Only 50 Cents a Month, delivered
anywhere in the city, or prepaid by
mail. All the News.
W (is

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