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From TUursanv'i Daily.
B. P. Tildtn returned from St. Paul
this morning.
H. C. MeOlellan, Moiitpelier, was reg­
istered ut the Capital house last night.
A lot of new lodge furuiture arrived
Ibis uioring for the Masonic fraternity.
All trains were on time again today,
notwithstanding considerable uiore snow
fell last night.
Remington, the self-confessed mur­
derer of Agent Flett, is now in jail ut
Fargo awaiting trial.
Andrew Blewett. and G. A. Lieber are
spending the closing days of the session
among the legislators.
Dean W.llammond of Grand Forks,who
has been appointed receiver of the Miuoi
land otliee, is al pi»*s»*ut clerk for Joe i.
Mills in that city.
Representative Lutz was called home
today by the illness of his child. He is
in hopes t.o be abie to return tomorrow
to be present the last day of the session.
Bismarck Tribune: Mrs. Willi.iai
Gleusou, wife of the patriotic captain,
arrived from Jamestown yesterday, and
will remain uutil next week renewing
acquaintanceship with her numerous
Bistuarek friends.
Agent Mattison of the Northern Pa
citie express ollice, has secured the agency
of a first class St. Paul laundry. His ar­
rangement for handling the work will be
a great convenience to many, since the
closing of Mr. Halstead's place.
A Florida friend recently sent Superin­
tendent WadswortLi a young alligator,
by express, but the little animal en­
countered a cold spell enroute, causing
his death soon after delivery It would
have been a rare pet- had the weather
not interfered so inopportunely.
Fargo Argus: No appointment has
been made by the governor where theie
were more or better applications on tile
than those favoring Robert E. Wallace,
of Jamestown, for puolic examiner. Mr.
Wallace is an active young man, with
good clerical ability, and his friends
believe the governor has made no mis
take in recognizing him.
Tribune: The meteorological report
in another column shows that there were
eight cloudy days only at Bismarck in
the month of February. This makes a
tot a1 of S3 cloudy days in six months
only 33 cloudy days since the 31st day of
August. The mean temperature was a
little colder than the average, still, last
month was by no means a bad one. Only
one-half inch of melted snow fell.
"Rev." Charlie Mitchell, a well known
writer for the Fargo press, makes the
charge that Rev. Plannette left his un­
covered horse to stand in the sleet from
5 o'clock in the afternoon until 12 or 1
the uext morning, and says that a cer­
tain layman came along and had the
poor brute taken to a livery stable. The
thermometer registered 40 below and
Mr. Mitchell's sarcastic references to the
•vent are heated to 100 above.
from Friaav's Daily.
Jacob Smith visited Grand Forks yes­
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Wink are happy over
the arrival of a little son at their home.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. David Shar
low of Eldridge, on Wednesday, March
4th, a 101b. boy.
Wm. McGibbon of Corinne, and E. F.
Home, were registered at the Capital
house last night.
Bishop Walker came in today from the
east and held services at the Episcopal
•hurch this afternoon.
I. C. Wade concluded bis series of lec­
tures on dairying before the agricultural
tollege at Fargo, yesterday.
LaMoure Chronicle: Mrs. G. Crum
vent to Jamestown this weeK, where she
will visit friends for a few days.
Will Topliff has accepted a position
with M. C. Goodsiil & Co who recently
purchased the Topliff fn«l yards, and
will remain in the employ of the new
An Easter concert is being planned by
the Methodist church people, which it is
intended to make very effective as a rev­
enue collector in addition to affording
the public an evening of genuine pleas
Judge Rose opened a term of court at
LaMoiire last Tuesday morning, and has
bean grinding out a large grist of legal
matters daily. The calendar is quite
long, and embraces several important
The Edgeley Mail will hereafter be
edited and published by L. A. Uelnnd
and L. R. Overlees. Mr. Overlees has
been assisting Editor Grant all winter.
Mr. Ueland was a member of the legis­
lature last winter.
LaMonre Chronicle: Lewis T. Hamil­
ton, of Jamestown, is present at court,
being interested as attorney in certain
eases. Hon Fredrus Baldwin, of James­
town, is also attending court in the in­
terest of several clients.
Prof. Fisher announces that arrange­
ments are being made for an entertain­
ment to be given by the city schools,
about two weeks hence. Particulars will
be given to the public through The Alert
when a date has been definitely decided
Lisbon is making great preparations
for the forthcomirg state encampment
•f th« G. A. R. and W R. C., and all who
attend from Jamestown may be assured
•f splendid treatment. It promises to
be an extensive and notable gathering of
those organizations.
Late Wednesday afterroon, the officials
•(the United States land office at Fargo
received a telegram from Laud Commis­
sioner Groff, saying that the timber cul­
ture and preemption laws were repealed
anu directing them to allow no further
entries nnder those laws.
It seems a difficult matter for trains to
•Mke anything resembling regular time,
aotwithstanding the notable absence of
storms in this pection. No. 4, the North­
ern Pacific east-bound mail, came jogg- I
ing along ten hours late again today.
Th delay is reported due to heavy snows
on the mountain division.
Mrs. C. T. Hills' home was the scene
of a very enjoyable social last night,
given by the ladies of the Presbyterian
church. Tuere was a largo attendance,
the refreshments were aiuple, and the
eveui aa successful in every way us pre­
vious enlertaiuiueuts presented by the
suuie society. The receipts were $15.05.
Napoleon Homestead: By a letter
from M. C. Goodsiil, we are informed
that he has removed to Jamestown, und
has talteu charge of the lumber und coul
business toriuerly owned by G. It. Top
utl' ut tlial place. Mr. Goodsiil is a rub­
ier, und the Homestead wishes bun a
Dooming big trade, and successful bus
Tower City Journal: Mr. J. Purct 11
Baker, who represents the supreme lodge
of the Knighu. of Honor, has charter
list uuder way for tlie organization of a
lodge ot tliat order in tins city. The
ordor,although very large IU other stales,
is just beginning to be known i»ero.
Jamestown has a lodge one year old with
ou members.
Valley City Times Record: James
Cowan, the Northern Pacitic yarduiaster
iu this city, had a serious accident Tues­
day. Wlule coupling cars, ills hand was
caught between me uuuipcrs. and mo oi
in* liugeis were smashed so bad that
ampuUuiou was necessary, one ut tlie
lirst joint and the otner at the second
joiut. The putieut is doing nicely.
A. B. Ashley and H. A. Fisk took ad­
ditional steps in Odd Fellowship,
night. F. H. Shipley entered by initia­
tion. Next Tuursday night, hve new
candidates will be received when
it is
proposed to Lave refreshments at the
it is also expected a number ot
Galley City brothers will be on hand, and
local members of the order will endeavor
to make their visit pleasant.
The latest about Remiugtou is this
fiorn the Fargo Republican: Harry
tiemington, a brother of Joe Remington,
.an:e in from Casselton today, and is
coufeiring with his brother in jail this
afternoon. A. E. Wood of Casselton,
stated today that at the time Mr. Holmet
ivas found dead in his bed at St. Paul,
Remington was working for him (Mr.
vVood,) and that on the night of Holmes
death Remington was in Casselton and
not in St. Paul. This relieves the pris
ouer of all suspicion of complicity in
that crime. Mr. Wood further stated
there is no ground for the rumor of his
connection with the Vermillion murder
that the man whose finger was said to
have been bitten off at Vermillion, could
net have been Remington for the reason
that Remington lost his tinger at Cassel­
ton while chopping wood.
Fargo Argus: Cashier Mears, of the
national bank of North Dakota, recently
sent the Argus a folder issued by the
people of Jamestown to advertise their
region. The first page contains a circu­
lar letter to the people of the east signed
by Messrs.Wells, Hamilton, Klaus, Bald­
win, Ingraham, Fuller and Lutz. These
gentlemen vouch for the truth of the state
ments which follow in the other pages.
These statements cover nine paves, and
consist of letters from farmers through­
out Stutsman county, telling just what
they had when they came to North Da­
kota, how long they have worked, and
how they have prospered. It is a very
effective little bit of advertising work.
The circular bears the imprint of The
Alert. Cashie- Mears thinks the circular
is suggestive and something similar is
worthy of adoption by Fargo business
From Saturday's Dailv.
Frank Ingalls visited Fargo yesterday.
John Gray of Spiritwood lake, was a
Fargo visitor yesterday.
O. G. Brekke of BuchaBan, was a Cap­
ital house guest last night.
Alfred Fletcher returned this morning
from Canada, where he has been spend­
ing the winter.
The thermometer varied 32 degrees
yesterday, from 12 below at 7 a. m. to 20
above at 3 p. m.
Mrs. A. Bashe, mother of Mrs. C. A.
Klaus, is spending a few weeks with her
daughter at the Gladstone hotel.
Senator Fuller, Representative Kear­
ney, Dr. Archibald. R. E. Wallace and
J. A. Frye returned from the capital city
this morning.
The legislature adjourned at midnight,
and the moaning train brought in a lot
of solons going home. Tvo sleepers for
Fargo were attached to No. 4.
A farmers wagon box on bobs drove
into the market today bringing a huge fat
steer tied with ropes so he could not
escape. The steer was a load of itself.
St. Patrick's day is going to be cele­
brated in Mandan by a lecture to be de­
livered by Father Brennan. of Dickinson,
eniitled "A Bird's Eve View of Ireland's
Harry Crossley has taken a position on
the Gladstone hotel force. Harry will be
sure to give the patrons of the hotel ex­
cellent satisfaction, as he is polite and
popular with all.
The merry sleigh bells were jingling
plentifully today. The farmers sleds
were quite numerous at the stores the
small boy caught onto the runners and
took great chances of being run over—
but wasn't.
The president of the Eldridge literary
society requests Th« Alert to announce
that, the entertainment intended fo to­
night has been postponed one week, out
of respect to Mr. and Mrs. Collins, who
yesterday suffered a great bereavement.
The Mandan Pioneer is authority for
the statement that it has been definitely
decided an extra train each way will be
put on when the new time table goes in­
to effect, on the 29th. No. 1 will arrive
and depart about as at present. No. 3
will leave at 11:15 p. m. No. 4 for the
past will arrive about 6:40 p. m., and No.
2 about 12:30 a. m.
Yesterday afternoon the deputy sheriff
searched Harry O'Neill's restaurant at
Fargo, but as no intoxicating liquors of
any sort were found, the place was not
seized. Injunction papers were served
W 'A
which had been issued by Jndge Rose
of Jamestown, during the absence of
Judge MoConnell, upon the application
of State's Attorney Rose, Btuting that
liquor was being sold by the glass and
that the place wus a nuisance, and ask­
ing its abatement.
The 15-year old son of Jeremiah and
Mary Collins of Eldridge, died at that
place yesterday afternoon, of quick con­
sumption. He hud been sick since last
November. Mr. Collins is a pioneer set­
tler in this county, and bis sou was a
general favorite in the neighborhood
where he lived. The funeral will be
held ut 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in
this city, the interment taking place from
the Catholic church. AH friends of the
family are iuyited to attend.
John Dillou had tn immense house
last night and kept it uproarious from
first to last. Every seat was taken, and
the galleries were filled. The popular
comediuti retains all his old-time ubility
has, if anything, improved with age. His
fun is of the sparkling, original kind, and
the play presented -"Wanted, the Earth"
—affords ample opportunity for clever
acting. Mr. Dillon's support was ex­
cellent throughout. Miss Blake as
'Flaxy" made an especially good impres­
sion, while LaCroix assumed his dual
role in tine shape. It was a ''laughing
earthquake," indeed, and every ticket
holder retired more than satisfied with
tho entertainment provided. Will Top
11IT presided at the piano between acts
and succeeded admirably in adding to
the pleasure oi the large audience.
From Monday's Daily.
Attorney Hewit returned Saturday to
Another meeting of the Enforcement
league was held this afternoon.
New Rockford lodge A. O. U. W., will
give another grand ball on the 17th.
Rev. William Ewing, who spent Sun­
day at Cooperstown, returned home to­
Henry Vessey of Eldridge, who hat
been at Pierre for several weeks, has re­
turned home.
It has thawed considerable today,
making the streets somewhat sloppy and
causing the snow to rapidly disappear.
E. M. Chase, the genial and ever clever
partner ot the Strong Ac Chase firm, has
returned from an extended eastern trip.
The Independent notes that Rev.
Ewing of Jamestown, occupied the pui
pit of the Carrington church last Sun­
day morning and evening.
Valley City Alliance: "It is said that
Jamestown people propose to whoop her
up big ovwr the slick thing of getting the
legislature to grant them $7,500 to dig a
Doctor Richmond of Edmunds, has
been appointed county physician for
Foster county, and will remove to Car­
rington in consideration of the salary to
be paid.
Representatives Burke of Rolette, and
Daniels of Walsh county, spent Suuday
in the city, enroute home. Daniels was
the ladies man and Burke the orator ol
the house.
A Foster county writer says antelope
are seen every few days in good round
numbers in that section of the state, and
wonders why the festive hunter does not
get in his work.
John McLoud, superintendent of con­
struction of the North Dakota Elevator
company, is taking in Jamestown today.
Mr. McLoud thinks the company will
erect several new buildings during the
Harry Cornwall, the Eldridge elevator
agent, left today for an eastern trip of
several weeks' duration. He will visit
Jolwt and Rockford, Illinois, and Minne­
apolis and St. Charles, Minnesota, before
New Rockford Transcript: Hon. R. E.
Wallace of Jamestown, has been ap­
pointed public examiner for North Da
kota. Mr. Wallace is without doubt
better fitted for the position than any
other who could have been appointed.
Eddy county has developed a poet in
the person of Miss Eva Rosenberger,who
read a very creditable composition before
the Early Settlers' association meeting
at Rew Rockford recently. The verses
occupy a column and a half of the cur­
rent issue of the Transcript.
Ernest Sanford concluded his duties
at Bismarck Saturday, and returned
home this morning. His friends in
Jamestown are a host, all of whom are
glad to see him circulating mid the old
familiar haunts. He will resume bis
duties upon The Alert in a day or two.
The funeral of Robert Collins, who
Jied Friday last of consumption, was
held at the Catholic church yesterday
afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Deceased was
the eon ot Jeremiah and Mary Collins of
Eldridge, and was a general favorite
arnoug his acquaintances in that neigh­
Bismarck was startled by a shooting af­
fray Saturday evening, in which Bob Rob­
erts inflicted a serious wound upon Char­
ley White, a we'll known hack driver.The
physicians were unable to extract the
bullet, which entered near the left ear,
but think White will xecover. The shoot
ing was the result of a drunken alterca­
tion and a previous fund between the
parties. Iloberts was promptly ar­
Attention is invited to the advertise
rnent elsewhere in The Alert of M. C.
Goodsiil & Co., the new coal and wood
firm. Messrs. Goodsiil & Co. are in t^e
field to do a strictly legitimate business
and propose to win their share of the
trade by liberal dealing with nil. In ad­
dition to their general fuel business thev
will keep on hand at all times, lime,
cement, bair and plaster, stone chimneys,
curbing, pipe, &c. No one contemplat­
ing building can afford to miss consult­
ing this firm. They ar» at the old stand
of Topliff & Co., one of the most conven­
iently located yards in the city.
From Tuesday's Daily.
The college literary society will give
an entertainment Thursday evening,
March 26th. All are invited to be pres­
Eugene Clark and family went eist to­
day. on a short visit to friends at Minne­
apolis and elsewhere.
Miss Margaret Hughes leaves today
(or the eaet where she will purchase a
complete stock of spring millinery.
Postmaster Smith presents today the
smallest advertised letter list yet issued
from tli» Jamestown office. There are
but five names.
A heavy body of snow is lying u|on
the ice in the river, and an extensive
rise of the stream is looked for wheu the
break-up conies.
Joe Remington, in jail at Fargo for
murdering Elevator Agent Flett, has de­
cided to stand trial, but has not yet em­
ployed an attorney.
Mies Mary Utley after spending several
weeks in Fargo, St. Paul and Chicago,
combining business with pleasure, re­
turned hotne this tnorning.
John Powers and wife, LaMoure John
H. Reid, Horn F. M. Brown and Ira
Campbell, Shallow, were registered at
the Cupitul house last night.
Some more snow fell lust night, add­
ing to tie quality of the sleighing, und
causing fanners to smile because of the
increased moisture it will afford.
Gene Tracey who has been with Pat­
terson, the Sherid»n house barber, at
Bismarck, expects to visit Jamestown
soon and then leave for Great Palls.
and Mrs. Geo. B. Crum of Grand
liapids, North Dakota, are yisiting Mr.
and Mre. Tweed. Mr. Crum was a clerk
in the legislature at Bismarck the past
The east-bound mail train, due at 4:30
this morning, arrived about noou. It's
an exceptionally tine day when No. 4
makes regular trips--being late most of
the time recently.
Col. Shain's bus at Bismarck made
over $10 a day for tho enterprising pro­
prietor. Sham's bus was the means of
reducing the fare to ,wo rides for a
quarter iustead of one.
Cliif Waters has temporarily shdkeu
the snow of Piugree from his feet, and is
spending a few days in Jumestown. Mr.
Waters will rent his large farm this sea
son, in all probability.
Miss Jessie Strong died at St. Joseph's
Academy this morning, of heart trouble.
She was a oright little girl of about ten
years, and had been in attendance at the
convent for some time.
A Bismarck druggist advertised for
8,000 flasks—pints and half pints—and
kids arouud town hied themselves to the
capital and tilled the order iuside of foui
hours, and still the legislature defeated
Major Beardsley of Grand Forks, and
Representative Dennett of Cavaliei
county, were amoug the late departures
from Bismarck noticed on the. delayed
train today. The latter is said to have
been chosen by Senator Hansbroughr us
private secietary.
Mr. Anderson will give hi? dancing
class instruction in the rooms of the
Athletic club. The first meeting, which
will be for organizing, will occur next
Thursday evening. All who desire to be­
come members should be present. Mr.
Anderson teaches all the standard and
late dances.
The county board of appraisers of
school lands met Saturday at the court
house and prepared a list. of lands for
lease for publication. The board con­
sists of Supt. Wadswortb, Chairman
Woodbury of the cominisiioners, and
Auditor Graves. The list will be found
in The Weekly Alert of the 12th inst.
There are some few parcels of land not
yet leased. The details of the leasing
will be found in the advertisement.
Strong & Chase are winning fame —as
well as trade—through the medium of
their attractive advertising matter. A
Dickey county paper is at hand with one
of their original displays reproduced
from The Alert, the name of a local firm
merely beinir substituted for that of the
Jamestown hustlers, and other duplicates
have been noticed in enterprising ex­
changes. Still some people contend that
advertisements aie not generally read.
Captain McClelland's friends in James­
town and throughout North Dakota, will
be interested in this item from tho
Harrisburg, (Pa.) Patriot: "Adjutant
General McClelland celebrated the anni­
versary of his birthday yesterday evening
by an entert linment at the Common­
wealth hotel at which a number of his
personal friends were present, inclnding
Governor Pattison, Attorney General
Hensel, Secretary Harrity, Private Secre­
tary Humphrey 1). Tate, Colonel O. E.
McClellan and others. The evening was
very enjoyably spent and the menu was
gotten up iu the usual excellent style of
the Commonwealth."
Notwithstanding the interminable dif­
ficulties which beset the production of a
really meritorious play in Jamestown,
the May Louise Aigen company acquit
tod themselves creditably last night, in
"The Two Orphans." Even the inade­
quate stage facilities, and a failure of the
snow scene to work properly, did not
prevent a very realistic presentation of
the piece. That Miss Aigen is a clever
actress was evident from her excellent
work as the blind gin—a character re­
quiring the rarest histrionic ability
while Mr. Huebner assumed the dual role
of Pierre, the cripple, and Maurice De
Veaudore, in a manner which challenged
frequent applause. In the remainder of
the cast the support fully equalled ex­
pectations. The audience was bmull, but
decidedly appreciative.
One week from tomorrow, Tuesday,
March 17th. the state encampment of the
G. A. R. opens at Lisbon, and will con­
tinue three days—Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday. The North Dakota de­
partment of the W. R. C. convenes at the
same time its work being almost wholly
auxiliary to that of the grand army.
The joint program will embrace a busi­
ness meeting of each order Tuesday after­
noon a banquet to Gov. Burke and
staff, and visiting guests, Tuesday
ing: camp-fires at the Opera house Wed­
nesday and Thursday evenings. In con­
nection with all these events, the cele­
brated First regiment band is expected
to enliven the occasion with their best
efforts, and buttery "A" will doubtless
give an exhibition drill. Ample provis­
ion has been made by the various oom-
inittees for a large attendance, and the
enoan pmeut this year promises to be
one of the most suoeessful and enjoyable
ever held.
From Weaonci day'i Mali
O. C. Christopherson and Peter Nelson
of Rio, were in town today.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ingalls,
Monday night, March 9tb, a girl.
Wanted—Man for general farm work
must have good reference. J. J. Nier
0. St. C. Chenery left today on a bus­
iness trip to St. Pa il, Minneapolis und
Fergus Falls, Minnesota.
1. C. Wade has been quite ill for a few
dnys, but is reported to be in a blightly
improved condition this afternoon.
Eugene Tracy arrived from Bismarck
this morning, on a short visit to James­
town friends, after which he will go west
to locate.
Fargo Argue: Pierce Blewett, the
handsome lightning Blinger at the
Jamestown headquarters, was at the
Columbiu last night.
Tony Haas, brother of Peter Haas, is
in the city today to purchase a team of
horses for his Eddy county farm. Mr.
expects to put in all the crops
possible this year.
The Aigen theatrical company were
driven out to tho asylum this afternoon,
and presented a play to the inmates in
ilie amusement hull of the institution.
The performance given was the same as
lust night at the rink—Confusion.
Bismarck Tribune: Dr. Archibald, of
the Jamestown insane hospital, had a
great many friends in the legislature,
After the bill increasing his salary to 82,
500 was lost in the afternoon of the last
day, it wus reconsidered and passed.
Every ingredient employed in produc
ing Hood's Sarsaparilla is strictly pure,
and is the best of its kind it is possible
to buy. In the course of preparing
Hood's Sarsaparilla over) thing is care­
fully washed, with a view to attaining
the best result.
The temperature today has been in
marked contrast with the turbulent,
blizzardy weather which prevailed last,
night. A heavy storm raged yesterday
in the vicinity of Dickinson, and in other
sections cf the st ate. Today has been us
balmy as a morning in June.
Representatives Burke and Daniels,
wh spent a couple of days visiting Drs.
Archibald and Moore at the asylum, re
turned home today. While at home iu
Liolette county it is said Mr. Burke
spells bis name Bjourke to harmonize
witn his Scandinavian environment.
Mrs. Myra Strong and Miss Lena
Bellivou accompanied the remains of
Mrs. Strong's little daughter lessie to
Sauk Center, Minn, for burial. They
left yesterday. The child had been
ill for about a month previous to death,
with a rheumatic affection of the heart,
The steam laundry will not be re­
moved to Duluth as intended—though
the proprietor, A. P. Halstead, is going
to that city. He has sold the plant to
bis brother, J. E. Halstead, who will re
sume the business next Monday. Notice
an adv. ior the establishment in today's
Fargo Republican: Judging by the
tone of the press of the state, the ap­
pointment of R. E. Wallace to the posi
lion of public examiner gives very gen
eral satisfaction. Mr. Wallace was
backed by very strong letters of recom­
mendation from all parties and factions.
Stutsman county was certainly entitled
to substantial recognition, and this is
what they wanted.
Last fall's rains moistened the earth
so that the frost has gone down deep,
and with the snow that has fallen of
late, it insures plenty of moisture for
the spring seeding, and it is believed a
good crop for the coming season—for
there is nothing that will produce as
good a crop of No. 1 hard as plenty of
frost in the ground. In addition to the
moisture already assured it is noted tba
SoiKii Dakota IR also covered with a
blanket of snow. This will largely ure
veut the excessive hot winds of last sea­
son, as the snow will leave moisture in
the ground, which will moderate the hot
wind that in June some times comes
from the south causing such sudden and
general destruction to growing grain in
this state.
The May Louise Aigen company rend­
ered the laughable comedy, "Confusion,"
last night, after a most lively and enter­
taining fashion. Miss Aigen excels in
comedy roles. Her Lucretia was very
funny and the part kept the audience,
in constant laughter. Confusion is a
play where mistakes and comical 6itua
tious follow in bewildering succession,
and the company last night made the
most of all of them. Mr. F. C. Huebner
as Uncle Blizzard, did some excellent
character work, while the other members
of the company all conspired to please.
The Loyal Legion gave a temperance
concert last evening, at the Methodist
Episcopal church, which was well patro­
nized, regardless of the unfavorable
climatic conditions. An enjoyable pro­
gram was rendered very successfully.
Among the children who took part were
Charlie Baldwin, Bred Bennett, liolla
Russell, Julia Dearborn, Miss Bigger,
Arthur Bennett and Violet Pettigrew. all
of whom acquitted themselves creditably
—thanks to Mrs. J. P. Baker who has
been unt iring iu her efforts to train .them
for the oceusion. Rev. E. fl. Teall offered
Highest of all in Leavca i»g uwer—U. S. Gov't ileporc, Au-. i-Go.
Covering Knttro Body with White
Scales. Suffering Fearful--
Cured by Cutlcura.
Mv disease (psoriasis) first broke out on
left cheek, spreading across my nose, unit al­
most coveriiii? my face. It, ran into my eyes, and
tlie i.liysU'lau was afraid 1 would lose my eye
sight uW'otlier. It, spread all over my li.ad,
and hair all fell out, uat*l
MK.S- ltOSA KEi,l,K\ Koekwcll City, Iowa
Cuticura Kesolvent
The new Wood I'urilier. internally (to cleanao
the blood of all impurities and poisonous ele­
ments), and CI TICLUA, the great Skin ure,and
CUTIOUHA SOAI*. an exquisite Skin Ucautilier,
externally (to vicar the skin and scalp and rev
stole the Inor). have cured thousands of casos
where the shedding of scales measured a quart,
daily, the skin cracked, bleeding, burning, and
iteh'ng almost beyond endurance, hair lifeless
or all gone, sull'crina: terrible. What other etn
edies nave made such cures?
Sold everywhere, l'rice. OuriruitA, 50e,.
so A i', x'fic. KKSOLVRNT. i?l. Prepare! by the
t^" Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases,'
64 ages. ro illustrations, and li'O testimonials.
l'LKS, black-heads, red, rough, chapped
mil oil.v skin cured bv CimcuitA SoAr

Whether on pleasure beet or business,
should take on every trip a bottle of
Syrup of Figs, as it acts most pleasantly
and effectually on the kidneys, liver and
nowels, preventing fevers, headaohe and
other forms of sickness. For sale in 50c
and $1 bott'es by all leading druggists.
For Rent.
Three hundred acres on section 35,
one-half inile east of Pingree.
Will pay 81.25 per acre for spring plow­
Also 200 acres on sec. 12, two milee.
south of Eldridge, and other small farms.
Address moat Ann Arbor, Mich., until
March 25th, then at Jamestown, North
Dakota. H. M. TABER.
Heed Wheat.
Wanted: 400 bushels seed wheat de­
livered at Pingree. Send sample. My
address will be Ann Arbor, Mich, until
March 20th and after that date James­
town. M. TABKit,
Must be Sold to Close an Estate.
I would like to have propositions for
the purchase of the S. E. J4, Sec. H2, Tp.
137, range €54. l'his property must be
sold, so don't hesitate to make me even a
low offer. Address
I was entirely bald-lioaded
It tlien broke out oil my arias
and shoulders, until my arias
wore just one sore. It covered
my entire body, my face, lieni
and shoulders beliiK tlie
worst. Tilt? white scab# loll
ronstantly from my head,
shoulders and arms the ski
wouli thicken and bo rert
and very itchy, and would
crack and bleed If scratched.
After spending many liua
reds of dollars. I wu* pro­
nounced incurable. I heard of the CuTi't'R4
KKMKUIKM. and lifter using two bottles Cun
CUKA UKSOLVKNT. I could si a iliange an«
after I had takwi four bottles. 1 was almo*
cured and when I had used six bottles of uif
OUKA RKKOLVKNT. one box of CUTH'UUA, anu
one cake of CUTIOUHA NOAI\ I was cured of the
dreadful disease Horn which I had suffered for
live vcars. 1 cannot express with a pen what 1
HiifYuriHl before using tbo Kpmkdik#* Ju©jT
saved mv life, and feel it my duty to recom­
mend tliein. My hair is icstorcd as good as*
ever, and so is my eyesight.
Hack ache, kidney pains, weak
ness, rheumatism and muscular
(tains relieved in one minute by
tlie Cullcura Aiiti-l'ain 1'lustor.
the opening prayer, Rev. W. Baldwin and
Kev. Wm. Gibo delivered short addresses,
and Rev. J. D. Whitelaw pronounced the
benediction. The concert lusted just ouo
hour, and all felt it was an hour well
Bismarck Tribune: The probabilities
are that Saturday night's sad shooting
affair will result more seriously than at
first expected. The preliminary examin­
ation of Roberts was to buve taken plaoe
yesterday, but owing to the change for
the worse in White's condition it has
been postponed until the authonties
know whether to arraign him on the
charge of murder or attempted murder.
Huberts takes matters calmly. He is in
his cell visited frequently through thn
day by his friend John Hogan and a few
others who keep him well supplied with
reading, cigars, etc., and assure him
that White will recover. He evidently
appreheuds what is generally expected,
though he tries hard to conceal his fears.
If the victim should fortunately recover,
it will be nothing short of a modern mir­
acle. Similar instances of a man living
with a bullet bole through his ear dowa
into the neck are very rare, and the bul­
let not having been extracted, fears of
blood poisoning are entertained. He is
unable to take any nourishment other
than beet tea, and is in constant great
pain, opiates having little effect.
H. M. TABER, Executor,
Ann Arbor, Mich.
Advertised lietters.
List of uncalled for lettors in the post
office at Jamestown, North Dakota, for
the week ending March 9, 1891:
Medbnry, Mertie
Fonts, Ossie Kenned ay,
Naughton, John O'Dunnell, James
If not called for within 14 days, will
be sent to the dead tetter office. In call­
ing for those letters, please say adver­
tised, and give date.
C. P. SMITH, P. M.
W^'I'S ,1W i! paWi?1 tip W

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