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While the independents and demo
crats are figuring on capturing the
county offices, the republicans themselves
may have a word or two to say about
that. The plan is to put up a'good clean
ticket, and make a tight to win with it.
There is a general disposition to rotate
offices and give everybody a fuir chance.
The case of State vs. Adron Burleson,
charged with disposing of glandered
horses, was taken up in Justice Eager's
court today, pursuant to adjournment
from last we?k. Two witnesses were
•samined before noon and the hearing
was continued after dinner. States
Attorney Gonklin is prosecuting, and
Fredrus Baldwiu represents the defend­
L. P. Hillyer, of Grundy Centre, la.,
an acquaintance of Frank Montgomery,
has been looking up land investments in
this state. He is much pleased with the
prospect for increase in land values and
has bought a good sized area of real
estate in Barnes county. He spent tha
night in Jamestown find left for the
south today.
An automatic grain weigher and bushel
accountant, which is attached to thresh­
ing machines to keep accurate record of
the yield, stands in front of Eager's place
on Main street. It has attracted con­
siderable attention and keeps one man
pretty busy informing the public what it
is. This morning a printed sipu was
hung up, reading "Greenback machine,"
and the pedestrian now smiles and passes
Up to date the Alliance Hail company
has been very fortunate in its risks
Scarcely $1,500 in losses have been ad­
justed, and all reported have been ad­
justed. Last year in July there were
over 320,000 in adjusted losses. Manager
Fancher is beginning to believe that with
the return of rainy weather, the hail
danger will decrease. Hail was never
insured against during the first years of
wheat raising in the eighties.
Geo. D. BenRon of this city, was
awarded first prize in the Minneapolis
Tribune's cartoon contest. Cartoons
were received from all the leading cities
of the country, portraying the fashionable
follies of the fair sex, and the committee
of Minneapolis ladies who acted as
judges gave the first prize to the James­
town man. His cartoon 6hows the
decollette bodice, the altitudinous
bustle, the twelve-foot train, the tight
fitting 6kirt, the pointed sleeves, and
other fads which have in turn received
the homage of the ladies.
The social party given at the resi­
dence of Rev. and Mrs. Harvey last night
was a delightful event. The large house
was brilliantly lighted and the rooms
handsomely decorated. Invited guests
to the number of fifty or more were
present, and the evening was passed
amid many unusual attractions. There
was music of an enjoyable character—
vocal and instrumental—and during the
evening an elegant lunch was served.
The genial host and hostess spared no
pains to entertain their friends. Before
the guests departed a novel and pleasing
incident in the way of a display of fire­
works was witnessed.
M. D. Williams is authority for the
statement that the People's party will
have a full ticket in the field in this
county this fall, presenting a list of can­
didates from constable up to president,
and making a square fight to elect the
whole ticket. Who the candidates will
be for the several offices is yet unknown,
as no slates have been made up, but it is
believed the independents will not lack
first-class material for all the positions
which are to be filled. With the demo­
crats and repiiDlicans already pretty
evenly balanced, and both old parties
putting forth their best efforts to effect
a "clean sweep" in Stutsman county
this fail, Mr. Williams considers the out­
look for the independents very satisfac­
tory. At any rate, they will make the
contest, and some carefully arranged
slates may possibly have to be revised.
There are lively times ahead.
Eldridge Notes.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ogilvie are
receiving congratulations on the strength
of the arrival of another boy at their
home last Friday morning. Mrs. Krauf
Wink, who is usually about the vicmity
on such auspicious occasions, reports the
led as being a promising young Dako
As was generally expected the Far
mers' alii"nee picnic held here last
Saturday was a gigantic success. Rep­
resentatives from all parts of the county
were present and entered heartily into
the proceedings of the day. Hon.
Lampman of Valley City, made an ex­
cellent speech of the kind, but it was ill
adapted for the occasion. Notwith­
standing this fact, had he put ou brakes
at the expiration of thirty minutes he
would have received the plaudits of the
people as it was they grew tired and
weary. At social gatherings of this
nature short speeches and a
number of them, interspersed
with music and singing, is what interests
the people. Had an opportunity been
afforded Messrs. Fancher, Boynton,
Wade, Goodrich. Williams and Rev.
Gibb for a few minutes each, the gather­
ing would have been better entertained
and amused. The dinner was a whale
with modern attachments and everybody
satisfied the clamorous calls of a craving
appetite with a decided relish. The base
ball game was a large sized pudding for
the Jamestown club and convinced the
Eldridge boys that in order to be able to
play ball they must practice occasionally.
The defeat caused our team no chagrin
whatever, as all of us entertain a warm
feeling behind our watch pockets for our
neighborly brothers on the Jim. The
horse and foot races created dead loads
of excitement and fun for everybody,
while the pie race capped the climax,
causing a perfect pandemonium. The
dance at night was well attended and the
party broke up at 12 o'clock, all feeling
well satisfied with the day's pleasure.
The special sent to the Inter Ocean
that a paralytic chill passed down Henry
Xiemeyer's spinal column immediately
after he made the running jump of
twenty-three feet, is discredited. It is
thought that Jim Bellivou, Hank's ac­
complice in orime, was the promulga­
tor of the statement.
Best Baking Powder
The Official Government Reports:
The United States Government, after elaborate tests,
reports the
ening strength than any other.
Dep., p. 599.)
The Canadian Official Tests, recently made, show
In practical use, therefore, the
goes further, makes purer and more perfect food than
any other.
Government Chemists Certify:
Royal Baking Powder
some ingredients. It does not contain either alum or phosphates, or
other injurious substances.
Royal Baking Powder
reliable baking powder offered to the public.
Royal Baking Powder
strength of any baking powder of which I have knowledge.
Messrs. Mastin, Dunlap and Pendray
did a thriving and profitable business at
the refreshment booth all day.
Supt. Shookey of the car department,
Engineer Hughes, John Bowman and
Martin MoMahon constituted a gay and
festive quartette who took in the fun
from beginning to end.
Many of Jamestown's prominent
citizens drove out in ferriages in the
A. •!. McCabe, the popular, handsome
nnd efficient superintendent of the
Dakota division, placed an engine and
caboose at the service of a number of
railroad employes who desired to visit
the scene of festivities.
Supervisor Ruddy and wife and Mr.
Pettigrew and family were shaking
hands and having a good time with their
friends all day.
S. G. Guilford and family of Medina,
and A. S. Weld and family of the Dia­
mond Bar farm, represented the western
contingent of the county at the picnic.
Rev. Whitelaw preached in the school
house on Sunday afternoon.
At the republican caucus heli here on
Monday evening, the 25th inst., H. Bole,
H. J. Mastin, A. W. Cunningham and
Wm. Ringuette were elected delegates to
tbe republican county convention in
Jamestown, on Saturday afternoon, the
30th inst. RUPERT.
Pingree Points.
Thos. Wadsworth has sold his horse
ranch and forty head of horses to the
Ackerman Bros, of Melville.
Men ha ire been at work for the past
two weeks repairing the Foster bridge.
Faimers east of town have had to swim
the river, and tbey are rejoiciug over the
bridge now, which is in good shape.
Miss Maude Plowe returned home last
Saturday, after several weeks visit with
friends and relatives in and near James­
Last week was jubilee week at Wan
ner's. The young people entertained a
number of their friends the whole week,
and apart of this, the last ones return­
ing home Tuesday. They picniced in
tbe grove, bathed in the river and
enjoyed themselves in various ways.
Among the visitors during tbe time
were: Carl. Frank and Bert Richmond
of Edmunds, E. E. Strong, A. G. Nichols,
Inez Sampson, Carl and Claude Bennitt
of Pingree, and Juna Eddy, Lillian
Curtis, Myrtle Sperry, Sadie Elliott aud
Paul Allen of Jamestown Lydia Scott
of Pingree also enlivened the occasion
with her presence.
A. J. Feezer has sold his sheep ranch
and will ship two cars of sheep to the
markets this week.
Claude Bennitt expects to return to
Halstead this week, where he will meet
his mother and go to Kansas for the
summer. The rheumatism has left him
in a bad condition.
A. G. Nichols left last week for Galves­
ton, Texas, to take a position in a large
printing office there, where he was em­
ployed two years ago.
E. E. Strong, L. Raneslad and Mr. and
Mrs. Lyman had fried chicken and green
peas with Joe Wild and wife at Melville
last Sunday. If anyone doubts Mrs.
Wild being a fine cook, just fish for a bid
to dinner.
Everybody goes berrying at Jim lake
and comes home loaded with empty
pails ind baskets.
F. Nichols, Fred and ErneBt Wanner
were elected delegates at the late
republican caucus.
Wheat around here is looking fine.
115 a recent thunder storm that passed
over here M. J. Villers' little daughter
came very near being killed. She and
her brother were standing outside
to be of greater leav­
highest of all in leavening
Inland Rev. Dep.)
is composed of pure and whole­
is undoubtedly the purest and most
A. Morr, M.D.,
is purest in quality and highest in
watching the storm.
bolt of lightning
struck the gronnd between them ana
the barn, stunning the little girl so that
she turned black in the face and making
her very weak.
Our farmers are nearly all busy now
putting up hay for winter use of which
there is an abundance.
Road Supervisor John Comber has
been doing some good work in improving
our roads. New planks have been laid on
the bridge across tbe Beaver at the
Lyons place and the hill on the north
side graded down. Most of the work
has been put on roads where travel is
greatest which is duly appreciated by
our citizens.
Mr. J. Smith has as fine a field of
wheat as one often puts eyes on and it is
rapidly heading out.
Mrs. F. M. Gardner made a trip to
Pingree on business a few days ago and
reports crops looking well up that way.
Catholic services were held in the N.
P. elevator few days ago and we under­
stand that it was decided to build a
church here, and Mr. Joseph Comber has
donated the site for it juBt north of town.
There is quite a large number of the
denomination near here, and it would be
a very nice thing for them to have a
church to hold regular services in.
Mrs. Jamse Trenary of Jamestown, is
down visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Comber, and other friends.
Our young folks tripped the light fan
tastic toe at tbe home of Theodore Naze
on last Saturday evening, and a very
pleasant evening was passed.
Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Heath returned
from Jamestown on Tuesday, where thev
have been visiting with their daughter
aud two sons who are living there.
Mr. N. P. Crossett returned from Fargo
on Wednesday morning's train, where he
has been visiting with some brother con­
ductors. He will remain here a short
time before returning to his home in
Courtland, 111. WHO IS IT.
Preaching at Rio school house next
Sunday, at 3 p. m.
There is talk of organizing abase ball
club at Rio. Then Jamestown boys
look out!
Mrs. John Dinetz of New Rockford,
visited at O. C. ChristoDherson's last
Mrs. A. M. Halstead was visiting Ler
mother last week.
Ove Johnson, who bad the misfortune
to run a pitch fork in his foot a short
time since, is again able to be about.
Hans Sorenson has purchased the
Feezer ranch, ten miles northwest of
here. He will start in with 500 head of
Charlie Wilbur of Jamestown, is visit­
ing Clid Jones.
The new postoffice and store at Rio,
will soon be ready for occupancy.
Miss Katie Leechs has given up the
school at Rio, on account of poor health.
Mrs. Farnsworth came from the
city this morning.
George Kurtz is summer fallowing the
place known as the Muraford farm.
Mrs. Bloomfield quietly passed away
at her home, July 19, after a protracted
illness. She leaves her husband, and
mother and brother, to mourn her loss,
who have the sympathies of many
friends. Mr. Bloomfield expresses his
heartfelt thanks to the many friends
who were so kind during her sickness
and death.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
T. J. Jones, August 6th.
The picnic in the grove was pretty well
attended. Sabin and wife from the
Heaver diocese were there, several from
Jamestown, and a large nnmber from
Barnes county. The dance in the
evening was a success.
detachment of the army worm has
devastated Winfield's garden.
Mr. Saunders preached here last Sun­
day evening.
The republican caucus resulted in
the election of P. V. Fellows, F. Wolfer
and W. H. Doughty delegates to the
county convention.
The crop, with the exception of a few
good fields, looks poor. It has a droop­
ing, sickly, yellow look. I don't know
what is the matter with it, but it ain't
going to be much of a crop.
Haying has commenced on tbe up­
lands the sioughs have water in them
We noticed t^efoWer morning a man
driving some beef cattle to Jamestown,
and in the evening be drove them back.
How nice it would be if we had a sub
treasury at Jamestown where you could'
take your steers when you find the
market supplied, and get 80 per cent, on
their supposed value, and the balance
when the general round up takes place
What a narrow minded set of old fogies
the "fathers" were anyway not to pro­
vide for such emergencies?
T. J. Young is expected soon to return
from Canada bringing a bride.
Geo. A. Tucker has bought a traction
John H. Reid of Horn, and the Soo
people have reached an amicable settle­
ment of the matter of right of way across
Mr. Reid's farm. The road mutillates
his farm badly.
Much grain hereabouts looks bad. The
most of the wheat on new ground is in­
ferior. That sown on Blubble is pretty
nearly a failure this year. Summer
fallow grows good wheat generally.
Wheat is heading out at the present time.
The four schools in the New Washing­
ton district are booked for a picnic at
Spiritwood lake next Saturday. A
general invitation is extended.
John H. Reid and See C. Sea insured
their crops against bail in the Alliance
Hail association. Both crops were
slightly hailed, and adjusters have satis­
factorily adjusted tbe losses. All
farmers in North Dakota should unite
upon some hail company and insure
their crop it. It would secure cheap
and reliable insurance. In union there
is strength.
The Soo graders are pushing their
work rapidly forward through thiB
county. SEE C. SEA.
Mr. W. D. Wentz of Geneva, N. ¥.,
was cared of the severest form of dys­
pepsia by Hood's Haraaparilla. Full
particulars sent if you write C. 1. Hood &
Co., Lowell, Mass.
Tbe highest praise has been won by
Hood's pills for their easy, yet effioient
Pore bred shepherd pups for sale. £.
F. Horn, Horn, N. D.
Colic and Cholera Morbus.
Colic, cholera morbus, cramps and
many other affections of the stomach
and bowels prevalent at this time o*
year are due to two causes. First, the
depressing effect of the hot weather upon
the nervous eystem, and second, the use
of green fruit, cucumbers, melons, eto
No one is safe from painful and even
dangeroua attacks of these affections un­
less unusual precautions are taken at
this time of year. A tablespoonful of
Pe-ru-na taken beforo each meal is a
complete protection against theses
maladies. Pe-ru-na is not
only a preventive of colic,
cholera morbus, cramps, stomach ache,
summer diarrhoea and cholera, but is
also a prompt cure for these diseases]
Where the attack is very severe and
painful a wine glassful of Pe-ru-na
should be taken at once, followed by two
tablespoonful doseB until complete re­
lief is obtained. This never fails in a
single case. In cases of less severity a
tablespoonful every hour is sufficient.
No one should ueglect the precaution of
taking a dose of Pe-ru-na before each
meal, until the hot season is over.
Complete treatise on diseases of hot
weather sent free to any address by The
Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company
Columbus, O.
Notice Democratic County Central
There will be a meeting of the demo­
cratic county central committee, Monday
Aug. 1st, 1892, at 2 o'clock p. m., at the
court house. Every member is requested
to be present. Business of importance.
Sec. Ch'r Co. Com.
For Over Fifty Years.
children teething, is the prescription of
one of the best female nurses and phy­
sicians in the United States, and has
been used for over fifty years with never
failing success by millions of mothers
for their children. During the process
of teething its value is incalculable. It
relieves the child from pain, cures dys
entery and diarrhoea, griping in the
bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health
to the child it rests the mother. Price
25c. a bottle
Advertised Letters.
List of uncalled for letters in the post
office at Jamestown, North Dakota, for
the week ending July 25, 1S92:
Brown, Mrs Henry Mathews, MM J. C.
DeBorde.Miss Addie
Brown, Nye, Caril
Chambers, Ross, Hiram 2
Deugosct, Albert Stomes, Wm
Green, Sutton, Lester
McGingam, Joseph Wardall, Alonzo
McNicholas,Thomas Watrous, Ed 2
If not called for within 14 days, will
be Bent to the dead letter office. In call­
ing for these letters, please say adver­
tised, and give date of this list.
C. P. SMITH, P. M.
Some Foolish People
Allow a cough to run until it gets be­
yond tbe reach of medicine. They often
say, "Ob, it will wear away," but in most
cases it wears them away. Could they
be induced to try the successful medi
cine called Kemp's Balsam, which is sold
on a positive guarantee to cure, they
would immediately see the excellent ef­
fect after taking the first dose. Price
50o and 91.00. Trial size free. At all
The following, clipped from the Bur­
lington Junction. (Mo.,) Post, contains
information of no little value to persons
troubled with indigestion:
For years the editor of the Post has
been subject to cramp colic or tits of
indigestion, that prostrated him for
several hours and unfitted him for busi­
ness for two or three days afterward.
About a year ago we called on S. J.
Butcher, druggist, and asked for some­
thing to ward off an attack that was
alieady making life hideous. Mr.
Butcher hauded os a bottle of Chamber­
lain's colic, cholera and diarrhoea
remedy. We took tbe medicine accord­
ing to directions, and not only found
relief on that occasion, but have several
times sir ce tried its virtues and found
relief in every instance. We take this
method of acknowledging the benefits
denved and recommending the cure to
all others subject to indigestion. For
sale by City drug store.
8700—Easy terms or crop payments,
buys 160 acres, 80 ^broken—good fcouse,
well, etc. A snap. W. B. S. Trimble.
THE general success of tbe Burke
tickets in the different counties, is
ominous for the Btate ticket next fall.
United States Land Office, Fargo, X. 1). I
.July 20, 1802.
Notice is hereby given that George \V. Kurtz has
filed notice of intention to make final commuta­
tion proof before Theodore F. Branch,clerk of the
district court for Stutsman county, at his office
in Jamestown. tutsmau county, N. 1).. on Fri­
day the ltith day of September. 1892, on timber
culture application No. 3817. for the Nw. quarter
of section No. 22, iu township No. 142, range No.
He names as witnesses:
John Fries (. V. Johnson, A. W. Laita,
James Lees, all of Itio, Stutsman county. X. u.
WALDO M. 1'OTTEK, Register.
W. B. 8» Trimble, agent.
First publication July 38.
United States Land Office, Fargn. N. D.
July St. 18S2.
Notice is hereby given that Absalom Bennett
has filed notice of intention to make final
commuted proof before T. K. Branch, clerk of
district court, at his office In Jamestown, N.
cn Monday, the 19th day of September, 1892, on
timber culture application, No. 11750, for the
SE. quarter of section No. 84, in township No.
140 N, range No. 63. W.
He names as witnesses
Oscar White, Joslah Carter, Matthew Bennett.
James Tavler, all of Jamestown, Stutsman,
county, N. D.
WALDO M. POTTER, Register.
First Pub. July 88,1892.
Thursday's Retail Markets.
No. 1 hard wheat 62
No. 1 northern 61
No. 2 northern
No. 3 northern 37
Flax 78
Oats 28 30
Butter, per pound, IB
Eggs, (Bcarce) per dozen 12%
Hay, per ton $4 00 to 5 00
In another column of this paper will
be found an advestisement of a medicine
known as Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy, for sale by tbe
City drug store of this place. In almost
every neighborhood throughout the west,
there are some one or more persons whose
lives have been saved by this remedy. It
is natural for such persons to take espec­
ial pleasure in recommending the rem­
edy to otlTers. The praise that follows its
introduction and use makes il immensely
popular. While it is intended especially
for colio, cholera morbus, dysentery and
diarrhote, it is also claimed to cure
chronic diarrhoae. If such be tbe case,
it is certainly a "Godsend" to many a
poor mortal.
Baby's Fearful Suffering from Skin
Disease Covering Entire Body
Cured by Cuticura*
Jly baby was taken very sick when he waa thre*
month* old, aud in a few days began breaking out.
Wo .employed both of the home doctora, and they
could do nothing for him. Then we lent for tin.'
bust doctor in Katon Haplda, Mich., and he doc­
tored Dim for two
weeks, aud he go!
worse all the t!n
and then I took him to
Jackson, to a doctor
who attendsespeciully
to skin diaeaeea, nc.j
then be got worse than
ever. Then 1 told my
husband we hod better
try the CVTICUHA
RBMZDKS any way:
did not have any iaeu
they would do any
good, but in less th:
two month* from ti'.n
time we began giving them to him he waa entirely
well, and not a spot on him. Hla hair began
growing right off, and we thought he would
always be bald-headed. There waa not epot on
bis whole body, face, and head, only hi* nose and
eye*, but what waa aa raw aa beef-steak. Bo poor
there waa not anything but bones, and ao weak ha
could raise neither hand nor head.
KM. FRANK BARRETT, Wlnfleld, Mich.
Cuticura Resolvent
Tfco new blood and Skin Pnrifier, and grcateat of
Uumor llemediea, cleanaea the blood of all Impuri­
ties and poiaonoua elements, and thus removes the
cause, while CUTICCBA, the great akin cure, and
C'JTlcUBA SOAP,an exquisite skin bcautlfier, clear
the akin and acalp,
and restore the hair. Thus tha
CUTICURA REMEDIES cure every species of itching,
burning, scaly, pimply, and blotchy skin, scalp, and
blood diseases, from pimples to sorofula, from
infancy to age, when the beat physicians fail.
Sold everywhere. Price, CUTICURA,50C. SOAP,
21c. RESOLVENT, $1. Prepared by the POTTEU
Send for IIow to Cure Blood Diseases."
Skin and Scalp purified and beautified
by CUTICURA SOAP. Absolutely pure.
In one minute the Catlcur* Ant i
F»ln Plaster relieves rheumatic sci­
atica, hip, kidney, chest, and muscular
pains and weaknesses. Price, 2oc.
from #4 tojK,
•A Bi^reS Hned-sewed, fine calf ehoee. The
•JT *no*t stylish, easy and durable shoes ever sold
«tnat toe Imported shoes oostUut
Pallce ghee, worn by fanners and all
a others who want a good heavy calf, three
aoiea,.extension edge ehoe, easy to walk In, and wlU
keep the (eet dry and warm.
£9 4* Plne Cnir, ft*.35 and N.M Wark
9B*ll|ara's 8hoeivlu live more wear for the
money than any other make. "They are made for ser­
vice. The. Increasing Mies show that worklngmen
have found thla out.
Bavi' 85!
Sell eel
•fWf® Bhaea are worn toy the bora every
whenT The most aerrlceable shoes sold at tne prices.
desired. They are
very stylish, comfortable Mid dura
ge. Jhe®3JJ0shoe equals
custom madeahoes
mm §4.00to$6.00. Ladles who wish to economise in
their Footwear are finding this out.
CaHtle«.--W. L. Douglas' name and the price Is
•tamped on tbe bottom of each shoe look for It
when yon bay. Beware of dealers attempting to aub
stltute other makes for them. Such substitutions ara
fraudulent and subject to prow cut
ion by law (or ob­
taining money under false pretences.
W. 1JOUG1.AH, llrockton. lttnaa. Sold by
I I N & O
Farm for Sale!
I will sell the fcJE. quarter
of Section 4-142-65, in Stuts­
man county. Good house and
barn, and granary Firstclass
well and 100 acres in crop
this year.
Will sell with or without
crop. Ten acres of firstclass
meadow. No waste land.
Located one mile south of
Pingree. Price $10 an acre.

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