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From Thursday's Dally.
Two backet shops have opened in Far­
go recently.
Geo. Newton, who has been a confiden­
tial olerk for the Lloyds, goes to Superior
to reside.
Win. Walton and H. Vessey returned
this morning from a trip to the Twin
cities, and other points.
Attorney Fredrus Baldwin went to
Moorhead last night to take some testi­
mony in the Geo. Game case.
Geo. Lenteine, brother-in-law of Capt.
Inftraham, with whom he has been visit­
ing for some time, went north to New
Rock ford this morning.
Capt. Ingraham: My cook, R. Wilson,
accompanied by bis wife, left yesterday
for Moorhead. H. M. Phillips of Minne­
apolis, will in the future be our chef.
Dr. Archibald left today on a two
months leave of absence. He will attend
clinic lectures and other professional
studies, in New York City while absent.
Walter Miller, head miller of the flour
mills here, accompanied by Manager
F. Chapman of the Valley City mills, re­
turned this morning from a short busi­
ness trip.
The chapel car, "Evangel," was towed
in to this station behind the Dakota
exprees this morning. Stops were made
at Casselton, Wheatland and other
points east of here.
The late period of mild weather is re­
ported to have rendered the country
roads poor. Where they are not bare
they are filled with holes and rough,
making travel by team tedious.
The A. O. U. W. at Fargo was in­
creased by the addition of 139 new mem­
bers this week. Jamestown has the first
order in size in the state, and Aberdeen
the first in size in the Dakotas.
Collector Hixon: Machinery collec­
tions are occasionally made now days, but
not muob. more than what it takes to p.:y
expenses. We are satisfied with mg
a little cash, and securing accounts.
A gentleman of Philadelphia, who
recently began an acquaintance with
The Weekly Alert, in writing to have
the address changed to his city residence,
says: "We like the paper very muoh."
Miss May Gleason of Spiritwood, gives
a party tp a number of her young friends
this evening. Eight couples of young
folks left for Spiritwood this afternoon
intending to return on the early morning
Chas. DeLaire returned this morning
from an eastern trip, nhich included,
among other points, Montreal. When
interrogated in regard to the condition of
trade in the east, he tersely remarked
All Run Down
"A Caw JMTI ago my health failed, sad 1
BOM oiled Mveral physicians. Hoi one eoold
dwlf diagnose my cut and their medicine
tailed to give relief. I commenced to take
Hood's Hsrsaparllia. Fran an all ran down
condition I navo been restored to good bealtlk
•oemerty I weighed 135 pounds, now! balance
GO scales at 176 poundi? aio. W. TWIST,
Oofcma, Waotbara Co., Wb.
People want staple groceries and want
them cheap.
Sugar, Coffee and Flour,
Are the sellers now. It is our purpose to
make quick work of the large stock of
these goods we have on hand. OUR SUGAR
was bought at the lowest point it ever
reached in the history of the grocery busi­
ness. We will give OUR trade the benefit
of this low price, although there has been
a sharp advance since we bought. Come
in and see us and learn what we have to
propose to you in buying SUGAR.
Churchill & Webster.
KiT*Javanese Coffee and Pure Cream Tartar Baking
Powder are pure goods at honest prices,
that it wa» "duller than ."
There is evidently some local cause for
the prevailing sickness in Grand Forks.
Some have ascribed it to the water, but
physicians say it is la grippe. There are
hundreds sick, it is reported, and the Y.
M. C. A. officials ask for assistance to
care for them.
Thos. Minear was called out six miles
northeast of the city, last night by the
serious illness of hia father, John Minear
Sr. He has been ill for some time past
with grippe and recently has suffered a
relapse. His son William, who also has
been down with the same malady, is re­
ported as rapidly improving.
Fargo Forum: Chas. Porter, the
florist, has been some weeks at his
mother's, in Jamestown, who is sick, then
went to St. Paul and'from there is back
to Fargo. He expects to open his green­
house in March and be ready for the
spring flower business with the coming
of spring. Mr. Porter lost a deal of
money in the Llovd's bank.
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Blewett enter­
tained a few friends last night, at their
pretty home on Main street. ^Six-handed
euchre was the chief diversion of the
evening, and the game thoroughly enjoy­
ed by all. The hospitality of the hoBts
was augmented by an elegant lunch at
the close of the card games, as an appro­
priate finishing touoh to the entertain­
ment of the evening.
Eugene Mattison, son of Express
Agent Mattison, who visited in the city
last summer, on his way east from
Missoula, Mont., where he had'been em­
ployed in the Northern Pacific shops,
has recently secured a lucrative position
at the government arsenal and depot at
Bock Island, 111., as machinist. The
position is an excellent one, with good
ohances for promotion. Eight hours
constitute a day's work, andj the pay is
Notwithstanding the natural efforts to
conceal from outsiders the true state of
the present epidemic in^Grand Folks,
details are creeping out. A resident of
that city, here today, declared the state­
ment that any 10 or 12 deaths had occur­
red in his city during one night wholly
false. The deaths, he admitted might
run at the rate of 2 or 3 per day, but any
man who said that the amount was 4 or
5 was a "liar." He admitted that there
were about 500 cases of sickness in the
An illustration of the depreciation in
personal property like stock, occurred
last week. W. L. Constans, a farmer of
to the county, turned over the receiver
of the Lloyd's bank, four horses and a
colt, held is security on a note given to
the bank. Among the horses was a stal­
lion, aud tbe animals ordinarily would
have brought 8350 or $400. They sold,
however, for a total of 8135.55, and .the
expenses of the sale—board of stock for
a week, and sheriff fees, and other ex­
penses—amounted to $31.50. If Mr.
Constans had kept the stock until
spring be might have realized consider­
ably more, and he was urged, to do so.
There is no demand for horses at this
time, however, from any quarter.
Bev. and Mrs. Byan publish the follow­
ing card in the Grand Forks News: It
having been published that *e as a fam­
ily were in such destitute circumstances
as to be in need of charity, we desire to
say that the statement bad not the least
foundation in fact, and is altogether
false. We greatly appreciate the kind­
ness of those who took the occasion of
tbe surprise party lately held at our res­
idence to leave tokens of their good will,
bnt we have a fall assurance that they
were not left because it was felt that we
were in need. If, by the reverses of for­
tune, we shall be sour fortunate as to be­
come in need of oharity, we shall not
Lesitate to make our case known to our
friends in Grand Forks and elsewhere.
From Friday's Daily.
Highest price paid for county and city
warrants. W. B. S. Trimble.
Al. Stewart, the grocery salesman, was
putting in his missionary work today for
honey cured hams.
Cards announce that Mr. and Mra.
Geo. Eager will be "at home" to their
friends after February 16th.
It was reported that tbe Headquarters
hotel bad again caught fire last night,
but as usual refused to burn.
Tbe annual supply of ioe for the Glad
atone is now being stored in the ice house
located in tbe rear of the hotel. Tbe
building holds 120 tons.
Tbe concensus of opinion on the street
today seems to be that the winter Beason
of dullness is now a long ways from be­
ing in an embryotio state.
The winter so far has proved|easy one
on stock. Many of tbe warm days have
permitted oattle and horses to remain
out of doors, and do some ranging near
The rear office in tbe James Biver
National bank has been greatly im­
proved and made lighter by tbe removal
of the glass front desk and rearranging
of furniture.
Today was pay day in this city for tbe
railroad employes, a day earlier than
usual. The oar went to Fargo in tbe
afternoon and tomorrow will pay off the
men in that city.
John O. Dwyer of Ft. Yates, was a
passenger east last evening to St. Paul.
Mr. Dwyer, it is understood, is desirous
of securing a position as Indian agent at
some western post.
Dr. McLachlin of New Bockford, is in
New York city engaged in attending
medical lectures. He will be joined by
Dr. Archibald. Their address is the
Grand Union hotel. While absent from
the hospital Dr. Moore will be in charge,
M. B. Leavitt's spectacular production,
Spider and Fly," which will shortly ap­
pear here, is one of the best shows of the
season. The company presenting this
costly extravaganza is an entirely new
one, and was recruited abroad especially
for this production.
Dick Giese: Will have put up about
1,100 tons of ice by the time I finish fill­
ing the Gladstone job. Have been at it
about a month and never, it seems to
me, has the work cost more. For some
unknown reason the ice would not
"split" and had to employ two extra
Baggageman John Flaherty: Down
in LaMonre county they have a society
called the "owl," which is afording a
great deal of amusement to]the members.
Meetings occur about every two weeks,
or oftener, and tbe house of a member
will be swooped down on by the society
and a night made of it. Whatever may
be desired in the way of refreshments
are brought along and a big time ensues
until tbe break of day. No one knows
where the next place of meeting is going
to be.
The friends and acquaintances of Mr.
Frank Tucker, formerly of Carrington
and Jamestown, will be interested to
know that he was married in New York
yesterday, to a oharming woman, Felicia
Murray, of that city. Fiom a descrip­
tion of tbe bride, outlined by a critical
and discriminating friend, it is known
that she is a beautiful and accomplished
girl, and a delightful companion for any
man. Mr. Tucker's friends in North
Dakota warmly congratulate him, desir­
ing his unbounded prosperity and all tbe
happiness that can be pressed into tbe
cup of mortals.
Tomorrow the chapel car Evangel
leaves for Bismarck and Mandan, after
which a stop on the return trip will be
made at Sanborn. This is not tbe only
car put to religious use by the Baptist
society, there being one on tbe Pacific
coast engaged in tbe same service. This
method of conducting services is novel
and acceptable, and it is intended that
two more cars be put on the road next
summer. The headquarters of the society
is at 1420 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
Mr. Sowers, the manager of the chapel
car, has an order from General Manager
Kendrick instructing the employee of
the road to attach his car to any train
and carry him and companions to any
point they may wish to go. Also an
order from the supenntendent of tele
grap ordering all agents and operators
to transmit any messages Mr. Sowers
may wish to send. All this is to be
"without money and without price, and
as fabulously free as milk in the New
From Saturday's Daily.
Veterinarian Moore was called to Val­
ley City, professionally.
Mr. and Mra. F. B. Fancher are antici­
pating a trip to the California Mid-winter
U. S. Marshal Price expects to torn
over bis office in a month or two to his
Ramsey county offers a bounty of 2
cents for gopher taila in April and] May,
and one in June.
The amount of money to be distribut­
ed in tbe first payment of the Lloyds
dividend is about 934,500.
Goodsill will make special low prices
for CASH on wood, until what we now
have .m hand is closed out.
MMrried, at Valley City, Jan. 17th,
\liss Mary Whipple to Mr. A. E.
Couley, both of Spiritwood.
The county commissioners are in ses­
sion today auditing and allowing billa
occasioned by the last term of court.
Steward Lovell: We have not received
a patient so rar this week. But they will
come in next week to keep the average
up, I gueso.
Very few farmers or their teams were
to be Been on the streets today, the dis­
agreeable condition of tbe weather keep­
ing them at home.
It is reported at Bismarck that ex-Sen­
ator Pierce is to return there and take
charge of tbe Tribune, and get into poli­
tics of the state again
Small-pox is prevalent in eastern towns
and cities and the question agitating
some of the communities down there ia,
"Where ia the best place to be vaccinat­
The fall of snow last night has*greatly
improved tbe sleighing which lately baa
been poor. It is especially welcome to
the draymen and others who haul heavy
R. E. Wallace: Received a letter ys
terday stating that death of Col. Wallace,
my father, occurred from heart disease
after a abort illness. At his request he
was buried at Phoenix, Ariz.
At one time yesterday afternoon it
looked as if there would be a very good
item of news in Justice Bigelow's court,
of local interest, but "one (was afraid to
and t'other daaen't" and tbe case was
thrown out.
A room burned out in the servants
quarters in tbe Headquarters hotel at
^Fargo, Thursday night. The firemen
put out tbe bl z« without trouble and
the hotel atill proves its indestructibility,
like the Northern Pacific depot here.
The lamp in the postoffice, over the
public desk near the door, was stolen re­
cently by some one evidently much in
need of light. Postmaster Smith would
like it returned. He also states that pen­
holders and pens are carried off as fast
as they can be put out for public
The Dawson Times says that in the
last wolf bunt near that place the three
grey bounds of Dr. DePuy did their part
nobly, easily overtaking his wolfship and
one instance killing their quarry. Two of
the dogs have been purchased by Daw­
son parties, and recently killed two
Paul E. Thomson, son of Rev. Thom­
son of the Presbyterian church, is an
organist of much skill, and will assist in
the musical service of the church in a
portion of the program. He is but 15
years of age, reading difficult music
readily and executing it remarkably well
for a lad of his years.
John S. Lings of Minneapolis, has ar­
rived to make an examination of tbe
books of tbe Lloyds National bank. He
is here on the recommendation of Exam­
iner Thome and by direction of the
comptroller. Mr. Lings is an expert
bookkeeper and a man of experience in
the banking business.
The next James Biver Valley Fair is
going to be a greater success than ever
and the managers intend keeping that
fact before state. The Fair will occur
Sept. 26, 27, 28 and 29. Prominent
dealers and stockmen outside of the
state are being corresponded with, and a
special internet worked up for tbe fair
from that quarter.
J. F. Merry: The North American
Live Stock company of Dickinson, has
paid a dividend of 12 per cent. The
company has a capital stock of 8150,000,
and there are seveul parties here invest
igating the merits of the enterprise with
the object of becoming financially inter­
ested. We raise cattle and horses for
the market, and have advantages in
ranges and climate that are not excelled
anywhere. 1 expect that four or five
parties in Jaoaestown will take some of
the stock. Some of the best men in the
state are interested in the company.
A good sized delegation of the young
folks of this city went out to Eldridge
last evening, to listen to the debate on
the momentous question, by Eldridge
literary society, "Resolved, That farming
in North Dakota is a failure." Besides
two or three sleigh loads were several
single rigs and all report having had a
very pleasant time,including a delightful
ride. The question relating to the re­
munerative occupation of farming was
decided in the negative. The debate
was preceded and followed by declama­
tions, songs and recitations.
Receiver Johns »n is greatly interested
in the artesian well advantages which
the James River valley enjoys. He says,
"You people here have almost unlimittd
power for almost all kinds of machinery
and for many kinds of manufacturing
plants, and do not realize the benefits
that will undoubtedly come from
a more general u&e of the arte­
sian force that underlies this valley.
I was in South Dakota when'one of the
big wells was struck there, and tbe force
of the stream greatly impressed me with
the possibilities it contained for motive
power, as well as for water supply and
irrigation. The towns in the Jim river
valley should run their electric light
plants by water power and save tbe
margin which a foreign company will get
if the lighting is done by steam power or
by private contract."
Monday's Daily.
Barry Ingraham returned today from
a ten days trip to the Twin Cities and to
The Ole Olson company have request­
ed a date at the opera house, probably
for tbe 10th of February.
Miss Saidee Davidson, who has been
ill at Fargo for some time past rith a
combination of grippe and tbe Red river
fever, is reported as rapidly improving.
There are sixty-eight musical numbers
in the "Spider and Fly," all of which
were especially composed for this mag­
nificent spectacle. Soon to be seen
The thermometer has shown great per­
sistency today in staying in the near
vicinity of twenty degrees below, and
very few people were found standing
around out doors.
Will Tubbs: I slopped a farmer's
team on the street Saturday. The horseB
were getting under good headway to run
away and do a lot of damage. The owner
never said "Thank you."
Major Lyon: Received word from T.
S. Wadsworth that he is liable to return
to Jamestown almost any day. He states
that the health of Mrs. Wadsworth, bis
mother, is excellent in the climate of
southern California, at LOB Angeles.
Col. Geo. P. Sanford of Lansing, Mich,
who has made several trips to North Da­
kota on land business and who was a
prominent Grand Army man, died at his
home Jan. 7th, of paralysis. He was one
of the best known editors, speakers and
politicians in Michigan.
Landlord Stone, who has purchased
tbe Commercial hotel, expeotB to put it
10 firstclass shape for the traveling pub­
lic. He understands the businees of
hotel keeping, and has made a success
of both that and tbe restaurant business
since coming to Jamestown.
The St. Paul Globe aays that Col. Hare
of Bismarck and Andrew Blewett of this
this place, have fixed up differences and
will give each other a fair deal in the
race for tbe surveyor general appoint
ment. Mr. Blewett went to Washington
last week to look after his chances.
From Tuesday's Vailv.
Attorney Sanford spent yesterday in
Valley City.
Mrs. Geo. Game and child left last
evening for Moorhead.
Tbe members of the Baptist church
are talking of giving a social Friday
Ceil Meredith of Casselton, expects to
leave the first of next month for a trip
to Cuba.
Rev. J. R. McConnehey of Fargo, ia in
the city today looking after waifs—home­
less children.
The Rebekabs will give asocial next
Tuesday night for members of the 1. O.
O. F. and ladies.
Edgeley Sentinel: Mr. L. W. Smith
of Jamestown, was here this week look­
ing up a location for a flour mill.
The thermometer touched 30 degrees
below last night and today has refused
to mount higher than 20 degrees below
Mr. Hnd Mrs. Summerfeldt of Port­
land, N. D., and Miss Hamilton of For­
est, Ont., are tbe guests of Dr. F. E.
A new fire bell for Fargo has proved
to be a failure—can't be heard. The old
reliable Northern Pacific switoh engine
whistle is yet relied upon.
The weather today has been extremely
cold and the wind persistent. Extra
fires, and keeping close in the house pre­
vail with the citizen and family.
It is proposed to get Mrs. Nettle, a
well known costumer of Minneapolis, to
bring an assortment of costumes for
rent for tbe masquerade ball Jan. 31.
John Stand, a Sisseton Indian, accom­
panied by his sister, are camped in the
depot today. He is on his way from the
Sisseton to the Ft. Totten reservation.
\V. W. Thayer and W. C. Middleton,
the veteran Milwaukee sboemen who for
twelve years past have been on the road
in company, are "doing" the city today.
The large jewelry store of Ed Sunberg
of Fargo, has been closed by c-editors.
Jewelry and diamonds are not largely
sought after in periods of 45 cent wheat.
Martin Pederson, a former Jamestown
resident, but now of Harvey, spent yes­
terday and today in the city. Bnsiuess
in his locality he reports as not rushing
at present.
Carrington loses one grocery bouse
and a ne\v one takes its place, the pro­
prietor. Mr. Buchanan, purchasing the
first stock from Geo. R. Newell it (Jo.,
through "Baby" Beals.
Mr. Fisher, a gentleman from South
Dakota, is in Jamestown with the inten­
tion, it is said, of locating permanently
and engaging in the business of farm
loans. He has secured rooms at the
Thompson house.
The two buffaloes shipped from Cas­
selton to the Mid-winter fair at San
Francisco went thro' by express for 8100.
The freight would have been nearly as
tnucb. They were in a box car attached
to the regular passenger train.
A bulletin recently received by Agent
Spurling states that after tbe first of
February the Northern Pacific will insti­
tute the plan of limiting all round trip
tickets to thirty days. Heretofore such
tickets have been without limit.
A. L. Parsons of Sykeston, is in the
city today looking up trade in Koal-spar,
a chemical preparation which consumes
and utilizes all the vitality there is in
coal. It is said to be especially valuable
wben used in conjunction with the lig­
nite. making it do tbe service of coal of a
superior quality.
The Ladies Aid society of the Presby­
terian church will tender a reception to
their pastor and family, Friday even­
ing, January 26th, at tke church, from S
to 11 o'clook. All members of the ohurch
and congregation are cordially invited*
The reception is postponed to that date
from this evening, owing to the severity
of tbe weather.
Secretary Grant of tbe railroad 'com­
missioners, was a passenger east last
evening from Bismarck to Fargo. In
speaking of tbe "prevalent" malady at
Grand Forks, he stated that tbe flower
of tbe youth of the city were being car­
ried off. The disease is no respeotor of
persons and high and low, rich and poor
were alike affected.
Dealer in supplies: It may be very
well to boast about closing up a few
blind pigs for a while, but I don't see
where the city is benefitted in running
people out of town who are residents that
spend their money and help keep alive
business bere for others. The people
who live in Jamestown and pay the taxes
certainly want to keep all the families
here they can. instead of forcing them to
go somewhere else. It does the town no
Prom WeaoesdftT'a Dalit.
Alfred Dickey is talking of a California
trip for a couple of months.
There have been no applications for
charity in Logan county to date.
The sole question that is now agitating
the masculine mind hereabouts is will
they fight?
Kerouene has gone up three cents in
the local market at tbe behest of the
Standard Oil Co.
Gov. Shortndge, whose health is not
of the best, expects to spend a day or
two in Jamestown soon.
Jeweller R. E. Thorold was down to
the store this afternoon for the first time
this week. Has been under the weather
with a cold.
Oscar Seiler: Received a card from
Grand Forks stating that Rev. Ryan is
down with the fever. Was taken sick
about a week ago and is quite siok at
present. His son Charlie, who has been
quite ill, is a little better.
M. R. Davis and family left last nigbt
for Dennison, Ohio, where tbey will
make their home for some time. Mr.
Davis for 6ome time past has been a
switchman in the yards at this station.
Lieut, and Mrs. Day of Bismarck, have
joined the regiment of the former, now
located at Ft. Assiniboin^. Lieut. Day
has been a resident of tbe capital city
for several years and both he and wife
are well known here.
Chief McGregor has been doctoring up
a "colored gentleman," who came in from
the west the other evening with both
feet frost bitten. A free application of
arnica and a pair of wool boots is rapidly
bringing him around for use on the road
J. R. McConnehey: You can say that
we have a half a dozen boys for whom
we would like good homes. The boys
are from twelve to sixteen years of age
and each able and willing to earn his
board. They are bright, active fellows
aDd only need some one to take an in­
terest in them to make good citizens.
E. M. Sanford: Owing to hard times,
quite a number of railroad boys are be­
ing garnisheed. Unless there is a mer­
itorious defense, I have advised tbe boys
to pay up. There is no doubt but what
all those garnishment cases can be de­
feated, but it would cost the boys more
than the amount garnisheed, in most
of the cases, to do so.
The Fargo lodge, A. 0. U. W„ now
claims to be the largest in the state, and
in the two Dakotas. At the last meet­
ing 102 members were initiated, bringing
the total membership up to 3G9 243
members were added in eight days. The
Jamestown lodge, of the same order,
numbers well over 300 me'ubers, and is
growing fast. It is the second largest
in tbe two Dakotas, with the Aberdeen
lodge third place.
M. J3. Leavitt's magnifieiect sppctacn
lar production Spider ami Fly. will be
the attraction at the ope" house. Mon­
day, JaD. 2J), for on night only.
This is tbe most complete and costly
organization traveling nd have been
induced by Manager to stop over
here one night on their wjfy to San Fran­
cisco where they open a season of S
weeks duriue the Midwinter fair.
This company comprise 50 people
Photographer Judd: The manage­
ment of the asylum is getting a new
optical lantern for tbe pmusernent of
the patients, and have ordered a quan­
tity of slides from kodak negatives taken
by Dr. Archibald. There is likely to be
a great deal of nmusement created when
they are thrown on tbe screen. A num­
ber of prominent citizens have been
oaught in peculiar and various attitudes
by the kodak. Many views are taken in
and around the asylum, and on Dr.
Archibald's hunting trips.
One or two experienced nurses here
have offered their servioes to tbe Grand
Forks sufferers. Tbe danger of the
malady seems fully considered, although
tbe exact nature of it is not known,
apparently, at the Forks itself. The
News, there, says "the city council got to­
gether and appropriated 8500, or so much
as may be necessary to find out what is
killing us. A professor of baoteriology
at Ann Arbor, has agreed to tell tbe city
dads for $25. The balance might be
well spent by tbe city officers cleaning
up and ventilating blocks, hotels and
homes. The seeds of death were planted
bere two summers ago."

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