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Thanksgiving '.Appropriately
Observed in Public and
Hotels Presented
Menus to Their
Following the custom established by
the Pilgrims 276 years pgo thiB month
the people of Jamestown celebrated a
feast of ThnnketfiviuK Thursday. In­
stead of wild turkeyB, tat, plump roasted
tame birds held the chief place of honor
on the dinner tables that were weighted
with all the good things known to cul­
inary art instead of Chief Massasoit and
his 90 dusky'braves, friendB and relatives
were the honored guests—there were
many family reunions and doubt and
fear for the future bad no plaoe at the
festal boards. The sweet toned bells
oalled the people to the ohurohes in the
morning instead of the roll of the mili­
tary drum calling the handful of relig­
ious exiles to worship on the bleak
shores of Plymouth Bock. The day was
everything it was not a year ago and
that was sufficient cause of rejoicing.
There was no "snow on the giound, the
temperature was comparatively mild,
business his been better this year than
last and in material things there was
mooh for all and everyone to rejoice
Compared to today the Pilgrims had
little to be thankful for—yet it was very
much to them—but Good Dame Brews­
ter, Sweet Priscilla Mohnes and other
brave women of the colony in 1621 pre­
pared a sumptuous and tempting repast
on that first Thanksgiving day. Their
menu has been preserved and was as fol­
-of all was roast turkey
dressed with beechnuts then came rare
venison pasties, savory meat Btews with
dumplings of barley Hour, delicious oye
ters (from the Indians and first tasted
by white men), great bowls of clam
chowder with sea biscuit floating on the
steaming broth, roasts of all kinds,
broiled fish, salads, cakes and plum por­
ridge while the center of each of the
long tables was adorned witb. a large
basket overflowing with wild grapes and
plums and nuts of every variety."
This was all in the soft drowsy Indian
summer when the smoky haze illumined
the sombre woodlands with a rich golden
light while the gentle south winds came
as a lingering dream of summer to add
joy and brightness to America's first
Thanksgiving fenst.
All the hotels in the city prepared
bounteous feasts Thursday. The chefs
outdid themselves. The bills of fare were
elaborate and many oitizens formed
family parties and dined out. At the
GUdbtoae a hundred or more gueste
partook "of the finest meal ever prepared
in any hotel," as one of the guests re­
marked. The Capital hotel also served
a large number of guests. The
traveling men were conspicuous by their
absence for on this holiday, more than
any other, they try to reach ''home."
The large number of ladies gave the
hotel dining rooms a homelike appear­
ance, and the diner hoar was prolonged
by conversation and the leisurely discus­
sion of the viands. Managers Klaus and
Rattinger spared no expense and from
"Blue points" to coffee left nothing to
be desired on the Gladstone menu which
was as follows:
Blue Points on Half Shell
Green Sea Turtle Bouillion en Tasse
Jamestown Celery Lettuce Sliced Tomatoes
Baked Winnipeg White Fish in Sherry
Caviar on Toast Queen Olives Salted Almonds
Boiled Capon with Salt Pork
Salmi of Mallard Duck with Olives
Supreme of Chicken, Mushroom Sauce
Apple Fritters, Claret Wine Sauce
Punch Komaine
Boast Ribs of Prime Beef
Turkey, Stuffed, Cranberry Sauce
Tame Goose, Apple Sauce
Haunch of Antelope, Raspberry Jam
Pineapple Salad
Schrimp Mayonaise Chicken Salad
Baked Sweet Potatoes Mashed Potatoes
Asparagus French Peas
English Plum Pudding, Rum Sauce
Mjnce Pie Pumpkin Pie
Fruitcake Bisque Ice Cream Fairies Breath
Fruit Macaroons Layer Raisins
Figs Mixed Nuts
Edam and Cream Cheese Water Crackers
There was a large attendance at the
union Thanksgiving services and Rev.
Hardy delivered ai excellent address.
Joe O'Learv-Mary Drummnnd.
Married at Oberon Nov. 17th, by
Father Kowere, Mr. Joseph P. O'Leary
of Carrington and Miss Mary Drum
mood of Oberon. Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary
'are keeping house in the McDermott
^residence on Prospect avenue, says the
Carrington Independent. Friday night
was like a summer's eve, and the K. P.
band took advantage of the occasion
and serenaded Joe O'Leary at the Kirk
wood, where himself and bride were
staying. Joe responded to the band
boy's congratulations in a happy manner,
and with a box of cigars.
Mr. O'Leary's many friends in James­
town extend congratulations.
Heavy Passenger Traffic.
The through trains are orowded witb
passengers, going east and west. Fri­
day's Atlantic mail, that was over
twelve boar late, arrived here at 6 o'clock
with every asat filled. The thirty or
mora passengers here waiting for a train
made a rash for the oars, but were told
they oonld not ride anises they oared to
op beside the regular Dakota ex.
wonld leave immediately after the
departure of the train and there wea
plenty of room in that.
The west bound trains are tilled and
berths west can only be obtained by ap­
plication at St. Paul several days in ad
vanoe of departure. People from all
parts of the east and many from the
countries of the old world are ttooking
to the Paoitio coast to be in readiness
and fully equipped to take the first boat
for Alaska in the spriug. The Northern
Pacifio trains are loaded to the guards
and it has been said that the extra travel
of this character after the holidays will
necessitate the running of an additional
ooast train. This will be as it WHS in the
early days when the Washington boom
was at its height and two coast trains
were run dialy.
For Infant* and Children.
Chinese Marchmata at 'Fri.co A|riw Not to
Bo Blackmailed Any More.
Chronicle says the Chinese merchants
ui tiiin city have combined to suppress
the murderous highbinder societies.
These business men have signed a com­
pact not to submit to further blackmail,
and without their usual income the
highbinders will be forced to leave the
city or to go to work. Over 26 high,
binders societies are affected by this ar
rangement. While the exact member­
ship of these societies is not known, it
is supposed to be in the neighborhood of
1,500. All of these are not fighting
men but they have been affiliated with
tbp TV ncrs nnd hnvp NPH furnished
money when occasion demanded.
Solid Bullion Statue Worth a Million for
tho Pari* Exposition.
NEW YORK, Nov. 27.—Ada Behau,
in silver, is to be outdone by William
McKinley in gold, according to The
Herald. The figure will be life-size and
will be the most costly lump of precious
mei ai the people of the modern world
have ever seen. So says F. D. Higby
of Chicago, who has been retained by
Western millionaires to furnish such a
statue for exhibition at the Paris expo­
sition in 1900. "You know," said Mr.
Higby, "that I designed and built the
Montana statue at the world's fair, for
which Miss Rehan posed. I suppose it
was because of my experience that I
have been retained to build this statue,
which, with the base, will contain
bullion to the value of $1,050,000."
Turkey Compile* With One Demand for
Red rem.
VIENNA, NOV. 27.—Dispatches re­
ceived here from Mersina, Asia Minor,
announce that as a result of the de­
cision of the Turkish government to
graut the demands of Austria for re­
dress in consequence of the ill treat­
ment of Herr Brazzafolli, the agent of
the Austrian Lloyd Steamship com­
pany at that port, and the subsequent
insults complained of by the Austrian
consul there, the flag of Austria was
duly saluted at Mersina by Turkish
guns, with all the ceremonial de­
manded by the government of Austria.
Sharp Rite
in Wheat Caused by Small
Shorts Covering.
CHICAGO, Nov. 27.—December wheat
sold at $1 about 11:30 a. m. A bulge
started in that option about 10 o'clock,
which carried it up steadily to $1. It
was current talk in the pit that the cov­
ering which started the bulge was done
by a bunch of small shorts, as traders
known to have out heavy lines showed
no signs of stampeding. The immediate
cause of the jump was the buying of
about 250,000 bushels by Counselman &
Day. After that price was reached,
however, the market dropped back to
97%c, but another spasm of covering
sent it up again to 98%c. December
bulls sold heavily on the swell.
General Debility
and Loss of Flesh
Scott's Emulsion has been the
standard remedy for nearly a
quarter of a century. Physicians
readily admit that they obtain re­
sults from it that they cannot get
from any other flesh-forming food.
There are many other prepara­
tions on the market that pretend
to do what
does, but they fail to perform it*
The pure Norwegian Cod-liver Oil
made into a delightful cream, skill­
fully blended with the Hypopho*
phites of Lime and Soda, which
are such valuable tonics,
makes this preparation an
ideal one and checks the
wasting tendency, and the
patient almost immediate
nr commences to put on
flesh and gain a strength
which surprises them.
1 you gat SCOTT'S Emulsion. Sw that the
fuh ar* on th* wrapper.
Md Si.oo, all draggiit*.
man and
BOWNE, Chemists, Naw Yark.
Judge Advocate Hunter Scores
Captain Loveriiiff Before
tlio Conrtinartial.
Under Such Dis iiiline Soldier
Is No Hotter Than 11
Other Ways Than Dra.'.rK'ittv
]IFtukls to (Set a Culprit
into Court,
CHICAGO, Nov. CO.—In the Lovering
court martial case at Fort Sheridan,
Lieutuuunt Colonel J. A. Hunter of
Snelling, the department of Da­
kota, uctiug as judge advocate, severely
arruigned Capiain Lovering for his
treatment ol Private Iiammond. When
the testimony was all in and Attorney
Biuir had addressed the court in defense
of Captain Lovering's actions, the
judge advocate arose. After speak*
ing of the importance of the case,
be took np the specification of the
charges, toying that Lovering was
first accused of a failure to use legiti­
mate means to get a garrison prisoner
before a summary court and second,
that he cruelly abnsed and ill treated
said prisoner. He reviewed the general
evidence against Lovering, saying that
the testimony showed beyond doubt
that Lovering, as officer of day, kicked
Hauimond, prodded him with his
tword, and cursed him.
"Gentlemen, I submit that in our
military community anything iu the
nature of punishment should conform
to law," he continued, "and that a gen­
eral use of arbitrary power or punish­
ment without trial is calculated to
hasten our disbandment as an organiza­
tion not restrained by law and in oppo­
sition to the spirit of our free institu­
Relation of Matter and Slave.
••Between the officers who exercise
power in the manner the accused did
and the enlisted men who are liable to
become their victims there can be no
other relations except that of master
and slave. The general exercise in the
service of power and means such as the
evidence shows the accused to have em­
ployed in executing his order to have
Private Hammond brought before the
summary court would necessarily re
6u in our officers owning the enlisted
men. There would then be little ne
ce sity for military tribunals and judge
advocates, for our system of discipline
would be a revival of the one in vogue
before the Civil War on the plantations
of the South, where the right of the
master to the obedience and submission
of his slave in all lawful things was
perfect, and the power belonged to the
master to inflict any punishment on his
slave not affecting life or limb which
he might consider necessary for the
purpose of euiorciug obedience."
Colonel Hnuter here quoted from sev­
eral cases, showing that the power of
officers aboard ships was limited to such
reasonable force as was necessary to
carry out the commands.
"That Hammond should have been
produced in court I do not deny," said
Colonel Hunter, "but that his disobe­
dience and stubbornness justified his
being roped and dragged there, and in
his prostrate, helpless condition, kicked
aud prodded with the sword, I do most
emphatically deny.
"The position in which the accused
was placed by the disobedience of Ham­
mond does not appear to have been a
perilously trying one, for he had about
him in the guard soldiers who were
able to lift Hammond and carry him to
court. The conjuncture does not ap­
pear to have been so extraordinary as to
justify a military officer either making
mistake of judgment or losing his
temper. The law military makes no
allowance for the infirmities of human
temper. It perceives that loss by sol­
diers of self control is loss of power to
command respect. Ho circumstances
of irritation will justify a soldier in
breaking from the established rules of
Iu conclusion, Colonel Hunter said:
"In this trial I think there is something
more than a serious accusation in­
volved. I think the reputation of army
officers for good judgment, for com­
mand of self, for humanity and just
consideration is also on trial here. This
is a time of peril to your order and tc
your tribunals. I think the things
which the accused has done tyranically
ou'. bt to appear to you who have heard
tlicm just as bitter and scandalous as
t«ey did to him that felt them. The
finding rendered in this court will live
lon^r ai cer taps have been sounded over
the graves of the men composing the
Will lluild a Railroad to Rainjr Lake and
Also Develop Mine*.
CHICAGO, Nov. 26.—John D. Rocke­
feller, it is believed, seriously contem­
plates extending his operations beyond
the iields of oil and iron into the allur­
ing realm of gold. The reason for this
belief is found in the action of the
board of directors of the Duluth and
Iron Range railroad, which is gener­
ally considered to be controlled by the
Rockefeller interest, in voting to in
dreabe the stock lrom 13,000,000 to
i10,000.000 at a meeting held in this
city during the day. The connection
between this action and operations in
the gold fields is found in the well
grounded suspicion that a large amount
at this unusoally large increase of stock
is to be devoted to the construction of a
branch line of the road extending np
into the Rainy Lake gold regions, lying
on the American and Canadian border,
which are likely to become very rich
producers. The balance will be used
in developing the mines.
When bilioue
oosiive. est a Gaeearet
oandy oathartiexure ffuaranteed. 10o2Bs.
wm wwf^w^w^'"
B'nnco Will Oive Hii.f a flood Chmioe to
WASHINGTON, NOV. 26. -A proposi­
tion has loon made to Goint to retire
from Cuba. Wuviur on sovorul occa­
sions tried to indu-'O "the old fox," as
tho Spaniards call tho insurgent loader,
with bribes to leave the island. E-ich
time thu ovorturo was spurn- d. At
length Gomez sent word that if any­
body came with a like suggestion ho
Would iorfeit his life.
Iiiif rotation has readied Washington
through Spanish chaimols that Blanco
has sent to G«.^i a personal induce
nienl us pari, ot t-lio plan of uutcnomy.
Blanco takes it for ^r.mted that Guinea
will not want tu renicun on tho island
if autonomy i.s c.u'i .cvi cut. He, thcra
fore, oilers a life puisl.11 aud sapient
a place of relume. In Spanish cire.es
there is some couiiue.ice t..ut the propo­
sition will be entertained. Guinea is
not a Cuban. His l.oiuii is ia
Santo Bom.ago. Save us a .se'.dlir,
fighting for irodlom, he has pavtic u
lar interest iu Cuba. Ho is now 73
years old. During tho raiuy .sriaaoii,
which is just ending, the couHuunder's
heretofore rugged keuUli tailed some­
what. Lung trouble developed, it is
said that a dry climate \v be neces­
sary to prolong exibtiucu. Conditions
have changed since ihe attempts oI
Woyler to Lribo failed utterly.
The result of this approach ia
awaited iu Washington with much in­
terest. It is Liimoi ihat thne has been
received here a copy of a l.,\ter written
by Gomez 111 Ociobei', iu whien he says
that lie mny ieel obliged to give np the
oommand of the iu?nrgent arniy.
The Friueos.t Cuilc.iviirlu to .MuUx
»e.f tipuli'.r iu lluuuiulu.
HONOLULU, Nov. 17.—Tno presence of
Princess K-nuani is not satisfactory 10
the adherents of 1L0 deposed queen, as
they Lelieve the ycung wi.ujan has re­
turned for tho purpose of startin, a
boom for herself the expense of the
former queen. Kaiuiani's supporters
claim that in the event ol a rciu.-al oa
the part ol' congress to annex Hawa:i,
she will stand a good chance 01 Lein^
placed en the throne, under a limited
monarchy. The princess has beeu giv­
ing public receptions at her home and
in other ways trying to make herself
J. K. Eaulia and D. Kalanokalani
will leave for Washington on the 19th
to work against the annexation of the
islands. Both men represent the Roy­
alists in Honolulu.
Tho f*e-
Oscarete stimulate liver, kidney ant?
bovpls. Never eicken, weaken or gripe.
10 cents.
Their Depredation* In Northern Minne­
sota Becoming Very Serioua.
DULUTH, Nov. 26.—Nicholas Bangs
has just returned from a trip to the
west and northwest of Duluth and he
says that timber wolves are getting so
numerous as to make traveling actually
dangerous. Farmers are taking extra
precautions for preservation of their
stock. Mr. Bangs says that unless some
steps are taken to make it an object lor
people to hunt down the wolves the
depredations will be serious. The pres­
ent bounty and the ridiculous provis­
ions in connection with making collec­
tions of bounties make it of little object
to wage war on the wolves. If the
snow should allow of wolves traveling
over it with ease this winter the de­
struction of deer will be large.
Hannfaetarera and Employes Form a
Labor Federation at Fataraoa, N. J.
NEW YORK, NOV. 26.—Labor troubles
in the silk industry at Paterson, N. J.,
hereafter are likely to be a rare occur­
rence. A free labor federation of man­
ufacturers and employes has just been
established, and many of the leading
firms doing business in that city an
identified with this new movement.
The frequent troables in recent years
have resulted in several manufacturers
transferring their plants to other
points. The main object of the federa­
tion is the settlement of labor difficul­
ties in a businesslike manner.
Fire Ixm of Seventy-five Thousand Dol
lar* at Collina, Ia.
DES MOINES, Nov. 26.—Collins, a
town of 1,000 people in Story county,
north of here, was almost swept away
by fire. The loss is about $75,000 and
hardly a business house remains. The
fire started in the implement store of
John B. Jones and swept the west side
of Main street clear of all buildings.
The volunteer fire department and two
hand engines saved a half dozen build­
ings. None of the losses are over
China Preparing Oefenaea.
LONDON, NOV. 27. —A dispatch to The
Times from Hong Kong says it is re­
ported there from Canton that the vicc
roy of the province of Quang Tong,
with the Chinese admiral and general,
is preparing defenses and river forts on
the Canton river as the result of "tele­
grams received from the north."
Hone Flanged Off the Bridge.
MIDDLETOWN, O., Nov. 27.—Misses
Mary and Katie Seaman were drowned
and their mother is in a dangerous con­
dition as the result of a runaway. They
were driving across abridge when theif
horse became frightened and plunged
over the side guard of the structure.
Bailed by Fltsaimmoaa.
LINCOLN. Neb., Nov. 17.— Robert
Fitcsimmons denies the report sent oat
lrom Buffalo that there is a prospect of
another fight between him and Cor
£700 8018 GOLD
Dr* Udbbt Bpureftu
KldH«y I1IW CAOM tho
KMney* to Uric
Acid And olh»r polwni
out ol th« blood. Thty
oure Briffhl'a DIMMC,
RbauBwtbtD, Bukielw,
Dropaj Md Purify Ik*
Blood, FrinMotiUi
VUUaiBIT. Mo attention
addns. Dept. M.
Graduate University of Min­
nesota Medical College, and
Graduate Northern Institute
of Osteopathy, Minnesota,
Located over Churchill,
Webster & Bolinger's
drug store.
Office open Mondays, Wed­
nesdays and Fridays,
It ea
to ia a. m., to 4 p.m.
The United States Fidelity dt
Guaranty Company
Of Baltimore, Md., furnishes Surety on
Bonds of officials of HII kinds—Guar­
dians, Executors. Trustees, Employees,
&c. Prompt attention to Applications.
For Information and Blanks
apply to
All kinds of Hides and Skins tanned
for robea and harness leather. Hides
bought. Leather and robes sold. Har­
nesses and baiters made nod sold at low
prices. Good work Gnaranteed.
Tannery Located at South Side
Brew ery.
Treasurer's ZS'oJke «t ites ot
Taxation suid tlu: Time
For Pafment.
^Tuxes .for the u' 1807 are now due. Real
estate tr.xes become (Mir.qiu'nt Jan. is' and
personal properly taxes March 1st, iss's. itnd on
those .tes the penalties must be added as pro­
vided by law. Below will he iouud the table of
lates or taxation and the total amounts lobe
raised for each specific purpose in tlie county of
Stutsman, No. tli Dakota, lrom the tax luvy of
Lev Tax
in Mills. Total.
State revenue 8.8 9 15,055 48
State bond interest & 1,880 96
State tuition 2.0 7,923 IU
State w».|f bounty 1 89620
County levenue 5.1 20,808 OB
County interest 1.8 fi,150 SB
County road y.O 0,412 04
County bridges 5 1,653 09
Jamestown eity Sifl.4 20,011 B8
sidewalk 9U0 24
sewer 488 63
Guilford school district No. 3.. 3.5 624 68
Mtl'leasant 5..10.0 1,198 21
Toledo 6.5 1,291 88
Dennv 7.. 7.5 522 66
Chambers 8.. 7.0 1.024 42
Arrow wood 0..11.0 1,302 15
Lees 10.. 4.5 815 88
Buchanan 11.. 5.0 82« 39
Eldrldgu 12.. 7.0 2,(554 20
Beaver IS.. 7.5 1,750 95
Mompelier 14.. 4.0 505 58
Homer 15.. 7.0 2.642 75
Albion 16..19.0 3,028 66
New Washington 17: 9.5 2 384 01
Ypsllanti 18.. 4.5 577 10
Kensal 19.. 9 5 1,303 53
Lowrey 20. .80.2 8(3 24
1259 school polls §1 00 1,259 00
650 road polls 1 50 975 00
Total $105,575 55
Treasurer Stutsman Counnty.
Bids will be received for a steam plant for the
Stutsman county court house at Jamestown, N.
L., in accordance with the specifications and
plans now on tile In the county auditor's office of
Stutsman couutjr, N. I),, and at the office of
Saxton Phillips & Co., 16 North Seventh St.,
Minneapolis, Minn., up to December 20th, 1897.
The same will be considered at the adjourned
meeting of the Board of County Commissioners
of said county to be held Dec 2btli. 1897. Bids to
be opened at 2 o'clock p. ni. Hald county com­
missioners reserve the right to accept or reject
any or all bids.
Each bid must be accompanied by a certified
check in the sum of Three Hundred dollars
($.100.00) made payable to John V. Vennuin,
County Auditor, conditioned upon bidder enter­
ing Into contract and furnlsbinK ihe required
County Commissioners.
County Auditor.
First Pub. No*. 18,1807.
and weakneuM pe­
culiar to men. $t
pkfte, 6 for •*. Trial pkg* wot for 19c In po^tag*
DR. A. ii.
.),m..j.. y»«»»»
The old aayinea outlined below are familiar to almost every man, woman and child,
Lnchnf the wonlslmvfia d««h or dashes wliet thu minting letters should appearand It you will Oil
In all tile proper H'ttw In tlx- (Innki't- or npnct'H. it vfll complete tho old eaylnirn (elected
•HNMIIGM, i.V Tills 1'UOi'Eli mi'EK* ANU WIN A riilZEI"—
A B--R- -II -H- -A-D I- -0-T- -W- I- U-H.
WH-M TH- CA- I- A-A- 7 l-E W-L- P-A-.
Wo will ptvo to the (lrat Ave rernonn from whom we receive correct aniirern to tlio above two old say
lru's #10,00 Ba«k| to tlte next nvo correct annwers S'Ji.OO Baahs to tho mint ten correct anawertSM.eS
l".»ch to the nexttwenty-ftve correct anaweru ®S.OO Sack I to the next IIfty correct answers a Watch,
warranted to keup good times to the next ono hundred correct answers SI.UO Bach and to everyone
sendingr in a correct answer to nt le»trt ono of tho
Hbove old laying, wo will give a taandaome rolled tt«ld
Rlif with ff&ruet centre, surrounded by tlx Kloadlko
ftUiRANdi. Some jewelers would charge you dollars
for a ting like the one we give away for ft lltllo bnla*
work* We prepay all shipping charges on prist*
and pills to any post office In Ihe United Stateii and
send same promptly. In order for persons to par*
ticipate in this contest all unswurs must be seut by reg­
ular mall. A person living iuOO or even 3000 miles from
Ohicago will have the same opportunity of winning a
prise as those who live near this city, as the date of post
mark on the envelope will be taken is to consideration
Md grUes^rlven according)
every eity and
awario mor* thorouihlv latrodacaDrHobb*
Try foron.oftbalMB«priaMbjikasw.rtaKtlilaMr
are aksslMsly atwa awaflo mor* tiiorouihlv Introduce Dj. Hobbt
lis. T17 for one of tb. Iar(« prisss by answering this advertisement TBI III
ition paid to letters ualaa containing money for rills. Hantlon this paper and
), HOrae MMtOV CO. 4 Aaima St.* CHICAGO, ILL.
,T4«^ 14
Drt HobtaZJiHe Liver
Pills set gently, yet
promptly cn th* Livpr,
Stomach and
diHpellintf IIoa dit Cue't
Fevert nvA Cold®, *n*
curtConsumi'tioo. Tiny
arc stnaii ia sits but
ar«at la rasulit. Frtce
35 c«nts
ccordlngly. •—m,
Rtdaev Pills and h* MIO* lit" Pills are pretty well known In
... .... 11 over the World, hut he wishes to have tbem known in
every household In the land. To accomplish that end, he »uthorlsee us to nuke
the above grand offer. CONDITIONS. Every one
wishes to enter this contest must send us with tbeir an
I who
Coals In silver or stamps for a vial of Ir. Hebbe Irfille
liver PI
He* or Veete for a bos of his wonderful
I# Veete for a bos of his wonderful parages
If you wish the two kinds of pills send
fulfill each and every promt*, mad. In this
and hundrada ot newapapcr publishera can do so also, but
to make assurance doublv sura, astir. satlsfMUM la |asr
n«Mi.»» aom IDDIMKi MMKMBKIt. You par aothlMT for tha
are aksslatsly
Horses, Cattlo, Sheep, Hogs,
and All Farm Animals.
Feeders should take advantage of the low
prices on ground oil cake now offered by the
.Fargo Linseed Oil Mills.
Every farmer can now afford to feed It.
Write for P(ices.
Fargo Linseed Oil Mills,
Special attention pnid to Children's
Ejes. Examination Free.
Opposite Gladstone.
Insurance, Collections,
And Real Estate.
Office in Doolittle Block. JAMESTOWN, N. D.
Winslow Bank Building,
Jamestown, N. D.
Wheat and other farm products bought, or
shipped to the best markets on commission. Will
negotiate deals in futures in Chicago, Minne­
apolis or Duluth. Markets received every 15
minutes. Farmers invited to call.
Attorneys at Law,
Office in Gladstone Block,
Corner room, first floor,
49 Westminster St, Providence, R. I.
Wauts all kinds of Faw Furs, Skins, Ginseng.
Seneca, &c. Full prices guaranteed. Careful
selection, courteous treatment, immediate re­
mittance. Shipping Tags, Ropes, furnished
free. Write for latest price circulars.
Opera Glasses
In Great
Richly Gilded.
In Various Colors.
Aluminum Embossed,
Black and Various Colors
PRICES, $3.00 TO $18.00
Telescope Handles, loose and attached. Fine
Silk Bags, etc.
All The News
Local, State, National,
Weekly Alert
..AND THE....
A Clubbing Rate has been arranged
by which we can give
Both Papers One Year for
Send or bring Jyour cash with
ozder to
The Alerit, Juaestowt,N.D.

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