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,%f yT.'
From Monday's Daily.
J. B. Burgster left tonight for a St.
Paul trip.
N. Sob mid of Diokey spent Sunday in
the oity.
Tho*. Dougherty of Medora it visiting
is tbooity.
It waa ton below zero this morning
and at noon mild and plssssnt.
8upt. and Mrs. Moor* returned from
a abort Twin City trip yesterday.
David Goodness of Jefferoon City, S.
D., ia tha gueet of Mr. and Mra. Jno.
Jamaa T. Nowlio and family will apaod
a faw weeka of tba holiday* in bia old
homo at Ooooord, Mioh., leaving thia
Tba merobanta on tha lino of tha
Janiaatown A Northern will petition the
Northern Paciflo for an extenaioo of tba
train eerviee. They want a pa—nger
train daily, eaoh way.
It ia atated that tha ratea for plate
glaaa inauranoe have bean oat in several
states and in eeveral statss one of the
ebiet oompeniss baa withdrawn alto
gather, North Dakota being on the list.
A Sunday afternoon "scrap" on Fifth
avenue waa the reported raanlt of a dog
light, atarted by a man looking for
trouble. The aforesaid man 1. f. t., in
tba vernacular of the atreet, got it "pot
all over him."
The Bismarok minietrel show to bava
been given this evening has been poet
poned and the servioee of members of
the Jamssiown orchestra were aooord
ingly dispensed with.
This week the Congregational
ohuruhes of tbe United Statee will cele­
Day." With nghte
marrie and earneat bearte they will com­
memorate ye landing of ye Pilgrims at
Ply month Rook. Tbe ehnrob in this
oity will disonas tbe sabjeot informally
Wadneaday evening.
Will Jonee of Edmonde: We have been
having a fine time in oamp near Williaton
getting a few d«er bat as tbe aeaaon
ia now over we are going to trap and
hunt wolves. They are plenty around
here. (Send The Alert to Williston.
Mast bave the news.
Judge Roee is in Fargo to attend tbe
Judge Dillon banquet and deliver a
brief address. Judge Dillon of New
York repreeented Stutsman oounty in
the aapreme court tax title aait in the
early 80's when a large amount of tax
certificate interest was involved.
Tbs estate of Flora N. Eastman, aunt
of Mrs. F. B. Fsncher, hae been oloeed
in probate ooart. A portion is be­
queathed to the Deaoonneae' Home and
another portion to the Methodiat Epie
eopal Foreign Missionary eooiety of
Chisago. The remainder of the aetata,
goes to the heirs.
Mr. J. J. Delaney is making a trip
through tbe northern part of the etate
and Canada looking after oattle proe
peota and getting aoquainted with the
loading dealers. Tbe Delauey Broe.
have a wide aoquaintanoe in the south­
ern part of this state and in South Dak­
ota. They are intending to enlarge
their field of operations.
It is stated that Chief Engineer Mo
Henry of the Northern Psoiiio recently
made a trip over tbe Sykeston branoh
with tbe view of getting some informa­
tion as to tbe ooet of extending that line
some 20 milee weet. It ia reported that
owing to aeveral fills and broken pieoea
of tbe eurvey the coat would be more
than expected and that tbe extension
would not be built at present.
Wimbledon News: Last Friday night
Mra. Carew, mother of Thomas Carew
and Mrs. Henry LaBraah, died at the
home of tbe latter. She had been in
feeble condition for a long time, being
7ft yean old. Her buaband died four
years ago. Tbe agsd couple came to
Dakota 10 yeara ago from Oeoots, Mioh.,
and locate on a farm near Spintwood
lake. Mra. Carew waa the mother of
18 children, six whom rarvive her. Mrs.
LaBraah with whom ahe was living at
the time of her death, is the yoongeet.
Rheumatism is due to lactic aoid in
tbe blood. Hood's Barsapsrilla neutral
ins tbe acid. and completely ourea the
aches and paina of rheumatism. Be
sure to get Hood's.
Hood's Pilla are easy to take, easy to
operate. Cure indigestion, biliousnees.25o
Jilfheit Honors—World'* Pair,
Gold Modal, Midwinter Pair.
A Pars flaps Craasi el Tartar Pswrfer.
Switchman Dan Cannallsy is having
all kinda of good look—or bad luck as
tbe view may be taken. Aboat a month
ago he waa oaugbt between tbe bnmpera
of cars while making a ooupling in the
yards and layed up for ten days in eon
sequenoe. Today be was pinobed again,
but however, not so hard. Thia time he
was caught in tbe cheat. He was taken
home and the railroad physioian aaya the
injuries are not serious. Mr. Cannaliy
was sttempting the coupling of a stand­
ard oil car to a big box oar at the round
bouss when tbe aooident happened—
about 11 a. m.
At at a reoent masting of tbe Ladiee'
Relief aooiety and the Ostholio Ladiee'
Relief society held in tbe Oladstons
parlors it waa decided to withdraw from
the Aaaooiated Charitiee aasociation and
resume their work on tbe plsn which
was pursued for fifteen yeara previous to
Dec. *96. While acknowledging tbe
uniform courtesy and kindnaaa extended
by tbe businsss msn's committee tbe
ladiee found, they said in a raaolation
adopted and forwarded to tbe exeoutive
oommittee of the Assooiatsd Charitiee
that much valuable time was consumed
in visiting members of this oommittee.
that it waa not agreeable to intrude at
any and all timas in tbe offioes and
bomee of tbsss gentlemen and that the
manner of diatribotion of relief waa not
in accordance with tbe foundation prin­
cipals of the Ladiea Relief eooiety.
They ssk for a portion of tbe node.
If a small bottle of Shaker Digeetive
Cordial does you no good, don't boy a
large one.
"Prove all things hold fast that whioh
is good." It's not good for everybody,
only for tbe tbin, pale, eick, weak and
weary. For thoee who are etarving for
want of digested food. For thoae who
cannot get fat or atrong, benauae their
atomaobe do not work aa they ought to.
These are the psople, millions of them,
whom Shaker Digestive Cordial will
Food makea strength, muacle, brain,
blood, energy—after it is digested. If
not digsstsd, it will do you no good at
fthaker Digeetive Cordial helps your
atomnwh to digsst your food and curse
indigestion permanently. When you've
tried a small bottle, yon can tell.
Sold by druggists. Trial bottle lOo.
FfomI Dail*.
Miss Belle Ingalls haa returned from
a viait to Boa too.
Henry Veesey left for Minneapolis to
spend a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Soliday of Carrington
left for tbe east lsst nigbt.
Grand Forks oity council decided to
boy tbe eleotrio light plant for 915,000.
B. 8. Ruasell attended tbe Dillon ban­
quet at Fargo, at tbe residence of Judge
Dr. Wink was called to Kenaal today
to attend a oase of pneumonia in the
Stumpke family.
An Alaakan Curio abow is on its way
east over tbe Northern Psoiiio. Among
the attraotiona is a family of esquimaux.
Miss Birdie Teets, who is attending
school at tbe Mayville normal ia visiting
ber friends tbe Misses Alderman and
Irdn screens bave been placed in front
of tbe windows in Agent Spurlings' of­
fice to prevent a possible sneak thief
grabbing at the oaah.
LangdOn Republican: Since Moffet'a
libel suits have been transferred to Mor­
ton oounty tbe burdon of bis song is:
"One More River to CnM."
Attorneys are preparing for tbe Jan­
uary term of the district oourt wbiob be­
gins the third and will probably con­
tinue for two weeks or more.
Lady: It seems to me in studying
people who are doing Christmas shop­
ping that the whole idea of tbe day has
been loat and tbe day itaelf reeolvsd into
a question of price and necessity of giv­
ing presents to save disappointment.
The Mmneapolia Journal argues that
wheat ought to remain steady at present
prices with a great probability of it go­
ing to 91.25 by apring. The stooks are
so greatly depleted that the northwest
must live on what it has left for eight
months or import wheat. Tbe factors
that maydepreea prioea are the Argen­
tine and Ruaaian crops.
Harvey Harris of Bismarok is at tbe
Gladstone. He saya: "The banks in our
town bave over 9400,000 on deposit moet
of it due to stook. Small farmera are
getting a ssotion or so of land, fencing
it in and going more into stock raiaing.
Its a sore living with little risk. Besidss
they raiss grain for bread, vegetables and
poultry and are able to get along all
right. Every thing baa abetter outlook
on the slope."
Fred Gordon: I recently bad tbe
pleasure of meeting an old friend, Albert
E. Thomas of Cooperstown, who is well
esteemed in Griggs oounty. In our ex­
pedition to tbe Hudson Bay and Great
Slave lake in 1892 Thomas was tbe
boldest and braveat hunter in tbe party
and by bis efforts kept us from starving
when robbed by Indians. He waa in tbe
Indian rebellion of 1884-5. He is now
farming in Griggs oounty and thinka it
as profitable a place as be has strook.
It is sasy to ostch a cold and just as
sasy to get rid of it if you oommenoe
early to use One Minute Cough Cure.
It cures coughs, oolda, bronchitis, pneu­
monia and all throat and Inng troubles.
It is plsssant to take, safe to use and
sure to cure. Wonnenberg & Avis.
«, 'Vt
-fif *X*k
', t/ yt
Mra. Mary Bird, Harrisburg, Pa., aaya:
"My child ia worth milliona to uie jet I
would bave loat ber by croup bad I not
invested twenty-five oente in a bottle of
One Minute Cough Cure." It curse
coughs, colds and all throat and long
trooblsih Wonnenberg ft Avis.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Misa Alma Ball ieaiok at home.
Wheat oloeed in Daloth at 93^o.
A. Bennett and wife left for a Michi­
gan trip yeeterday.
Snow ia wanted to liven up trade and
.make good aleighing.
Misa Mand Courtenay baa been aiok
for tbe last ten days, but is now oonva
Any little girl wanting a nice blanket
for doll bed will be aooommodated by
oalling on Chas. Rattinger at tbe Glad
Coanty Treasurer Halstead is taking
in about 91,500 a day in taxss. Tbe first
of tbe penalties on real estate taxse
attaches Jan. 1.
Several churches of tbe oity will give
Christmas trees for tbe children. There
will be trees at the Baptist and Metho­
dist ohurohss and at the convent.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Essterbrook will
epend some three months in Canada tbia
winter and left yesterday. They expect
to visit friends not ssen for come six
Lambert Smith's family wss nearly
aaphyxiated by coal gas early this morn­
ing, Miss Josie being specially affected.
Tbe rooms throughout the house were
filled with gas.
Peter Fried: Our neighborhood is
busy getting reedy for Christmaa. All
the aoboole in the Albion district are
preparing for trees in the school housse.
I hear Ed Albrecbt has a little girl oiti
zen at bis bouse. Cattle are doing well,
running out except nights.
A good many inquiries have been made
as to tbe date of entering judgment in
tbe delinquent taxss to be sold under
tbe Wood bill. Tbe last date of publi­
cation of tbia list was Deo. 2, and the
law givea 80 daya in wbiob to make
The funeral services of John Odvin,
who died of pneumonia following tbe
measles, oooorred at 11 a. m., conduoted
by tbe Salvation army. A ubort servioe
was bsld in front of the Buzzel house
where the deceased died, after wbiob
the body was conveyed to tbe barracks.
Interment was in Highland Home ceme­
A four-year old Arab boy was a pas­
senger on the Jamestown & Northern
train last nigbt, wearing a tag with
directions to send bim to Fargo. He
waa put on tbe train by some Arabian
peddler and was well provided with
lunoh. Being a bright, attractive kid
tbe boys gave bim bis supper at tbe
Gladstone, and he received plenty of at­
The following offioers were eleoted for
the ooming year at tbe meeting of tbe
Catbolir order of Foresters, lsst nigbt.
Chief ranger, 0. A. Klaus vice ohief
ranger, John Flaherty recording ssore
tary, L. B. Kiemeyer financial secretary,
John Curry treasurer, Jamss Norris
trustees, L. Smith, C. B. Buokley, F.
M. Andre spiritual director, Rev. P.
MoPbse senior conductor, G. A. Lieber
junior conductor, J. Bertel outside sen­
tinel, J. L. Maboney inside ssntinei
Joseph Mason.
The statement of the Jamss River
National bank is published elsewhere.
It shows total rssouroes of nearly $±00,
000. Individual deposits subject to
obeck are 8283,928.25, while certificates
of time and demand deposits and certi­
fied obeoka foot op tbe total to 8315,
889.76. This is tbe heaviest statement
the bank has made and shows for one
thins that North Dakota farm produots
of all kinds have been in demand this
year and that the conditions of tbe atate
are very encouraging.
There have been more releases of real
estate mortgages in this county in the last
three months than in any year in tbe
past ten yeara. There bave been 53 re­
leases reoorded in the laat two months
in register of deeds office and
there are probably as many more that
have been released and not reoorded. In
obattle mortgages the releases will run
up into hundreds. In addition to the
recorded indebtedness, msny notes and
private debta have been paid. Machinery
firms bavs collected old debts secured
by mortgages fesring that the law whioh
gives continuous sscurity on orops may
4 H,
A. G. Telloer: I sse that the Windsor
oorreapondent is trying tosay soaBethie£|asQ specially atiiot ia collecting ao
real bad about me in todaya' Capital ip
oonneotion with tba taatcb atolen froas
Bucftwaltera.. I hold a property note on
tbia watch for balanoe unpaid 928.40
with interest at 8 pet oent since 1895. It
waa probably ten days or two weeks af­
ter tbe watoh waa brought in, before I
oould locate the party who bought tbe
watob,and I was in hopes to get tbe note
paid. Until I received pay for tbe note I
have a good claim to tbe watch wbiob ia
in bad oondition, having been stepped
on by a horse. Tbe fellow who works
on "a small soale" did not find the
watoh, as we told lota of people of the
find and also ssnt word to Mrs. Book
waiter about it. I bave no knowledge
whatever as to the identity of the thief,
and if I had, aboald certainly notify tbe
police at once. "You Know" evidently
doee not know what he is talking about.
be repealed. Maohinery oompaniee have
joupl*. Another year of good pricee
Will make a big difference in tbe amount
farmers bave to spend for what is now
needed and wanted, in the farm bouse
and on tbe farm.
Minneanolia Tribune: "Senator Swan
eon," well known throughout tbe north­
west as tbe best Swedish dialectiac in
the oountry, who haa amused hundreda
wuh bis quaint renditions, is to go to
Yukon gold fislda in tbe ooming
apring. "Senator Swanson" in privste
life is known as D. L. Smith, and he
followa tbe trade of a oarpenter in this
city. He will go with a party of four
gentlemen, consiating of Senator Bailey
Fuller and D. E. Hughee of Jamestown,
N. D., and a brother-in-law of tbe latter
who resides at Ssattle, and who baa just
returned from the gold fielde. It is tbe
intention of "Senator Swanaon" to de­
liver a aeries of dialsct entertainmente
at Dawson City and other plaoes in the
mining region, and he expeota to make
more gold in this way than oould be
gained by digging in tbe frozen ground.
Among other eabjecta be will tell tbe
minora all about tbe penla encountered
a hunt for votes in a Minnsaota earn
paign, and beaide bia tale the terrors of
tbe Arctic will fade into insignifioanoe.
Miss Allie Hughes, Norfolk, Vs., was
frightfully burned on the faoeand neok.
Pain waa instantly relieved by DeWitt's
Witch Haiel Salve, whioh healed the
injury without leaving a soar. It is tbe
famous pile remedy. Wonnenberg A
Stockholders of tbe North Dak­
ota National Bank Again
Fargo, Deo. 21, J. A. Han way, agent
for tbe atoekholdeis of tbe defunot North
Dakota National bank, was arrested yes­
terday, charged with misappropriation
offunda belonging to the stockholders
of the defunot bank wbiob were in bis
Judge Amidon baa had the report of
Mr. Hanway in hands for aboot a week
and he did not finish auditing tbe same
antil yesterday morning, when be found
that there was a abortsge of 910,000, for
wbiob Mr. Hanway will bave to account.
Upon hearing the final order of tbe oourt
on tbe matter Mr. Hanway at once ten'
dered hia resignation as agent for tbe
etockbolders, and D. B. Holt waa imme
diately appointed receiver by tbe court
to turn over the assets of the bank to
tbe stockholders
He statee that he came here as agent
for tbe stockholders to save some
of .his own stook. The amount
whioh Mr. Hanway appropriated
or rather misapplied are not known,
but there is one $5,000 item wbiob he
held out ss salary before he took charge
of the affairs that ia charged up against
him. He paid other matters out without
the authority of the oourt.
The Fidelity and Casualty oompany was
on bis bond for 95,000.
He wss taken before Judge Amidon
last evening and waived examination
was bound over and plaoed under 95,000
bonds, whioh be will perhaps furnish.
Mrs. Stark, Pleasant Ridge, O., saya
'After two doctors gave up my boy to
die, I saved him from oroup by using
One Minute Cough Cure." It is tbe
quiokest and most certain remedy for
ooughs, oolds snd all throat and lung
troubles. Wonnenberg & Avis.
The John W. Pence Lands in
North Dakota Soon For
Probating of the estate ef John W.
Pence, late of Minneapolis, waa closed
Tuesday in Judge Knauf's oourt. The
eatate was one of tbe largeat ever before
tbe oounty court for settlement. Among
tbe property were 16 seotions of land in
Footer oounty, eight in Griggs, six in La
Moure, three lots in Mandsn, four sec­
tions in Riobland oounty and seven seo­
tions in Stutsman, or 27,240 sores, Tbe
will wss admitted to probate in Minne
aotain 1894 and property of a greater
amount distributed there. Several
hundred thousand dollsrs were paid in
The lands in North Dakota are mostly
unimproved and it is said will soon be
sold. McCumber A Bogart, Wahpetoc
are attorneys for the estate in North
Dakota. The lands were bought in tbe
early days for speculation.
There are some ten heirs residing in
tbe Twin Cities, Cslifornia and Ohio.
Tbe final decree in the probate court of
thia oounty on being filed and reoorded
in different counties changes trend of
title to all real estate situated in the
different oounties.
The exooutors of this estate paid $75
to tbe oounty treasurer, as a probate tax
made on assessed valuation of property.
Tbis is to reimburse the oounty for ex­
pense of probate judge, and is tbe
largest probate tax ever paid on any
estate in this oounty and probably in
tbe state.
Mrs. M. B. Ford, Ruddelle, III., suf­
fered for eight years from dyspepeia
and ohronio oonstipstion and was finally
cured by using DeWitt's Little Early
Risers, tbe famous little pills for all
stomach and liver troubles. Wonnen­
berg A Avis.
Poor ajj
.«£ *VW~ -^W^Av*"1' l^lfw ^Wv»
Furthermore, all of tbe transconti­
nental aa well as the western and trunk
lines are parties to the agreement,
which provides for the payment to the
steamship companies of ten. per cent,
commission on all steerage pacsengers
turned over by the latter to the rail­
One of the ticket scalpers' chief
sources of revenue is now cut off, and
the railroads the country over agree
to turn over a "fat" commission of ten
per cent, to the ateamship companies
by virtue of the latter refusing to have
any further dealings with, outside
agents. It meana an end to demorali­
zation and a tightening of the screws
all along the line.
One of the most significant results of
the deal is the decision to adfance im­
migrant fare* from New York and other
seaboard cities, such as Boston, Phila­
delphia, Baltimore and Newport News,
to the west, beginning December 15.
Tbe advance from New York to Chicago
ia from $13 to $15. Boston ia to have a
differential of one dollar, the rate from
that city to Chicago being $14.
It is well known that there is more
profit in the transportation of immi­
grants than any other class of passen­
gers, owing to tbe fact that the poorest
cars are generally used for this service,
and it is unimportant whether the
trains travel rapidly or slowly. The
fact is recalled that a number of years
ago, during a war of rates between
the trunk lines, tbe Pennsylvania rail­
road carried immigrants for one dollar
apiece from New York to Chicago.
The ground) upon which the steam­
ship companies allege they are en­
titled to a commission of ten per cent,
is that most of the steerage passengers
are brought over here through the in­
fluence of their agents in the west
Europe, and consequently the railroad
companies are indebted to the steam­
ship agents for this traffic. It ie in
the power of the steamship companiea
to turn this business over to any nne
railroad, and thus discriminate against
all the others, as they have somettmea
done in tbe past.
Philadelphia housekeeper tells this
etory in the Record of that city: "We
had at one time in our employ a very
green young woman. This young wom­
an also came to ua through an intelli­
gence office. She showed her in­
telligence on the first day of her serv­
ioe in our family. She was told to go
out In the yard and take down tha
clothesline, which was stretched among
a half-doaen posts set up for that pur­
pose. She was at the job for so long a
time that we began to wonder what on.
earth waa the matter with her. We
went out to see what she was doing,
and there we found her working away
vigorously with a spade. She had al­
ready dug up three of the posts, and:
had almost completed the work on a
fourth when we found her. She didn't
stay with us long."
OAb- TOXtxA.
Th» fte
Catarrh and Bronehlal Trouble
Nad no Appetite-Now Better In
•very Way-A Delicate Child.
"Some time since 1 took sudden cold
and could not get rid of it. Being subject
tocstarrband bronchial trouble I coughed
terribly. I lost my sppetite and grew
poor and weak and I did not feel like
work. I began taking Hood's Ssrsspa
rilla. In a abort time the cough disap­
peared, I slept well, had a good appetite
and I was better in every wsy. Lsst
spring I wss not feeling well, 1 bad no ap­
petite and no strength. 1 resorted to
Hood's Saraaparilla and soon felt more
like work. My little nephew wss a deli­
cate child and had a humor which trou­
bled him so he could not rest at night.
He has taken a few bottles of Hood's 8ar
sspsrilla and now he has a good appetite
and is sble to sleep." Misa ABBIB J.
FKBEMAIT, South Duxbory, Mass.
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. 9L
are the best after-dinner
flOOU 8 rillS pills, aid digestion, vs.
to Regulate Immigrant and Steam
boat Faroe.
AgNMatal EatoNi late Be
twee* At*
iMtle Lla«s lallrsats That
Is Far Heteklas Seatlpere
Hit a Bait Blaw.
The agreement which baa been aa*
tered into between, the railroad* and
Atlantic ateamahip lines for the regular
tion of immigrant farea is the moat far
reaching of all combinations of tha
kind that were ever organized in thia
In the firat place, it takes in not ocly
all of tbe transatlantic ateamahip com­
panies, but the coastwiae lines extend­
ing aa far south aa the Gulf of Mexico
and north to Halifax, thereby render­
ing it impossible for rates to be de­
moralized so far aa the ocean' companiea
are concerned.
Land Office at K.»rjfo. N. D., I
Dec. 20th, 1897.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler hat tiled noticed of his intention
to make live year final proof in support of his
claim, and secure Anal entry thereof, and
that said proof will be made before H. G.
Procter, clerk of tlie district court, at James­
town, N. D., on January 31st, 18M, viz:
H. E. No. 1*980 for the NeX of Sec. 12, Twp.
140 N, K. 6f W, Stutsman county, N. D.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz:
Hugh Bole, Harley Anderson. Fritz Stook,
Henry Zacher all of Eldrldge, N. D.
Death of an Estimable,
and Mother. M:
Mra. Oraoe Peadriy, aged 66 died yee»
terday aboot noon at ber farm reeidenea
eeven milee from this oity. Mrs. Pea
dray bad been eeriouely aiok two weeke
but for tbe laat three years bad aot baea
strong or entirely well. Her dieeaaa
waa of tbe kidoeye.
Her husband, Joboeoo Pendray, died
about two yean ago. Mr. and Mra.
Peodray oame to Dakota from northern
Michigan in tbe apring of 1880, ooming
to Michigan from England in 1872. Mr.
Pendray opened a farai in this oounty,
taking up a bomeetead end tree olaia
and farmed tbe land until bis death. He
was one of tbe earliest settlers and wall
known in tbe ooonty. The death of hia
estimable wife, as was that of Mr. Pea
dray, will be greatly regretted by a wide
cirole of friends.
Mrs. Pendray leaves tire children,
Thomas, Biohard and Johnson Peodray,
Mra. B. Q. Dunlap and Mrs. John Vaa
derheuvel, all residing in tbia oooatj.
There are also two step sone, Jamaa
Peodray of this eoanty, and John Fee
dray of Oakaloosa, Ia. also two step
daughters, Mrs. Jamss Rogers of Oalu
met, Miolk, aad John Honey of Albany,
New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Pendray were membsrs
of tbs Methodist Episcopal ahuroh for
over 30 years.
Tbe funeral will be held at 1 p. m. at
tbe Metbodiet oburcb and the bnrial at
Highland Home cemetery.
Death From Measles.
Tbeaudden and unexpected death of
John Odvin aged 21 yeara occurred at D.
EL Buszle'e reeideooe on Sixth avenue,
Monday. The deoeaeed had suffered
from sn attack of meealee whioh termi­
nated in pneumonia. Hia parente reside in
Norway and he has been employed with
A. Langsetb ss tailor, for aome time.
Tbe foneral will beheld tomorrow under
tbe auspioes of tbe Salvation Army and
I. O. O. T. both of whioh aooietiss he
waa a member.,
Getting in Shape to Enjoy
Benefits—Extended Pro
The Jameetown Literay Society is the
name of tbe orgsnization perfected at
tbe residence of Attorney 8. E. Ells­
worth Saturday evening. A constitu­
tion and by-lawa were adopted and B. 8.
Russell elected president Jesss Bug.
ster, vioe president Mrs. D. B. MoLain,
recording secretary Mrs. 8. A. Archi­
bald, corresponding secretary Obss. T.
Hills, treasurer. Nominal dues for tba
pcrobsee of books of reference sn pro­
vided. Meetings will be held the fliet
and third Tburedays of eaoh month tha
first meeting will be held Jan. 5th, at tha
residenoeof Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Allen.
The club bss a membership of 28.
A plan of study is to be determined
upon by tbe executive committee—tba
offioers named—but for the present tba
society will stud/ The World in tbe
Fifteenth Century, vory interesting
period. At tbe first meeting Spam will
be considered and brief papers or ad­
dresses presented as follows:
Spain—Its looation, extent, govern­
ment, general situation, etc., by O. U.
Schmidt oauses of its growth and great­
ness, Mrs. Kate Paunce the people,
their origin and condition, Mrs. 8. E.
Ellsworth tbe Moors, Dr. D. B. MoLain
Ferdinand and Isabella, Mrs. H. B.
Allen. Tbe following two meetings will
probably continne tbe eubjsot and will
include tbe beginning of tbe Reforma­
tion, the state of scientific knowledge,
inventions, art, language and literature*
Thursday's Markets—Looal.
No. 1 hard, per bu 78-
No. 1 northern 77
No. 2 northern 73
No. 3 northern 68
No. 4 northern 64
Rejected 58
Flax 98.
"Belle", per 100 lbs 2 98
••Entire Wheat," 100 lbs 2 9S
"A Patent", per 100 lbs..
"Golden Northwest," per
"Home Comfort" 140 lbs
"A Patent", per 100 lbs..
"Golden Northwest," per
"Home Comfort" 140 lbs
8 .• v.,'
2 80
"A Patent", per 100 lbs..
"Golden Northwest," per
"Home Comfort" 140 lbs 2 10
Bran, per ton 10 OO jtlfl
Shorts, per ton 12 00
Ground feed, per ton 17 00 ''lis
Screenings, per ton 8 00
Coal (at yards) per ton:
Soft 6 00
Lignite 3 00
Wood (at yards) per cord
Maple and birch 6 50
Loose, per ton ...14 to 5 Ofr
Potatoes, per bu 30
Oats, perbu 30
Dulnth markets:
1 Hard
1 Nor
Obioago olose:
Deo wheat
F, Baldwin, Attorney for Claimant.
First Pub. Dec. 23,1987.
100 lbs. 2 50
Hard 9 00
Tamarack 5 00 .. 1'
4 00
Batter, fair demand .... 15 to 20
Eggs, per dozen, gcod demand 20
...14 to 5 Ofr
When bilious or eoetive. eat a
oandy oethartio,oure guaranteed.

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