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•"-•,,iij^»^j^(ji|i| 'h
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Ths Haynes
is oomwg.
George D. Bowe and daughter of, Ad
train are visitors in tt» oily today.
M. P. FrMwan ol Fargo representing
.F. 0. Gardner introducing a new
brand ot oigars among the daalara today.
Loat—A package containing canvas
ooat and vast, shoes, soolis and mitts,
jjfinder will ba rewarded by leaving it at
Deputy Sheriff Burt of Valley Oity
brought Dentist O. H. Getohellto the
asylum for treatment today. Dr. Get
ohell's malady ia due to long eiokneaa.
Hunter and daughter, of Grah­
ams Island came in last.night from
Devils Lake. Miss Hunter will remain
in the oily and attend St. John's acade­
my this year.
United Statea Commissioner Jamee A.
Murphy is in Pleasant View today where
a number of final proofs will be heard
by him. Attorney Knanf has charge of
the oases of which there are fourteen.
The Haynes Palaoe Studio Oar will
in Jamestown Sunday morning,
Ootober 30th, remaining until Sunday,
November 6th, inolneive. Photographs
in all atylss and sizes at $1.00 per dozen
and upwards* See our $1.50 cabinets.
The Minnewaukan Gun olub of Dubu­
que, Iowa, returned from their annual
shooting trip at Minnewaukan last
night They had a big time and got
-everything they wanted in the way of
It is said that the Winston Bros., in
-cutting a new traok through the hills
between this oity end Bismarck, near
Sterling have struck a spring in one of
the outs which is giving them lots of
toother. It is a big spring, requiring a
drain to carry off the water.
Manuel Davis and Robert M. Mo
Arthy were brought before United States
Commissioner J. A. Murphy yesterday
•charged with having sold liquor without
a government ltoenee. They are said to
have sold the liquor to threshing crews
near Oooperstown and were bound over
to the United Statea court.
T. C. Stevens of Toledo left for home
today after spending a oouple of weeks
ahooting with his Dakota friends in the
I- northern part of the oounty and in hills.
Mr. Stevens says that in his lire seasons
of fall shooting he never killed more or
better ducks than this year. Red head,
mallard and canvaa-baok are unusually
General Miller has gone to Hillsboro,
Grand Forks, and Langdon to organize
three new militia companies at those
places. Applications have been received
from oompanies that desire mustering in
and it is dssired by the adjutant gener
al's otHoe to organize tour more oomp­
anies in addition to the eight now at the
front, so there may be a full regiment
-j of twelve oompanies.
The Rev. Charles Whits, editor ot the
Wimbledon News, says: The Halland
oase to oar satisfaction is becoming
threshed out thoroughly and these
affidavits which were so delusive
beooming exploded as the inveetigauon
prooeeds our desire ia to aee our candi­
date freed from all saoh infamous
.scandal, and we unoerely hope to se
his character bettered in every way by
this severe winnowing, and sorntinising
proosss. And if freed from these ohargee
then we shall have great pleasure in
-endorsing him ss our man for State
Superintendent of publio sohools.
Lieutenant Gonklin who is at Bis­
marck has gained 23 pounds on his voy
age home from Manila and will regain
his health eoon. He had typhoid fever
and lung oomplicationa. He ssys thst the
boys generally are in good spirits and
hoped to be ooming home soon al­
though aoms ot them feel more content­
ed than at first. Milk is very soaroe, also
potatoes in Manila. He stopped in Jap­
an at Nagaski and in oompany with a
returning Minnesota volunteer took in
the oity in Japanese oarta. All the boys
were kind and the physioisns did all
they oould for him. Ben Russell is in
chargs of the horses of the regiment.
Capt. Moffet of Co. A. has oharge of the
looal prisoners, is an important offioial.
Over 800 have been !released, many of
them being only held as snspsots. The
joo over their release is affecting. Lt
Conklin formed a good opinon on the
Manila natives but knew little of the in­
surgents The saloon business basal*
ready passed into the hands of Ameri­
cans who expeot to make a great deal of
money with the 15/100 soldiers now in
and around the city.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Have you seen it?
The best thing yet known.
Separates oats from wheat.
Ask J. W. Goodrich about it.
See advertisement of J. W. Goodrioh.
Works like a oharm. Separatee all foul
seeds from your wheat.
John E. Johnson of Pingrse is trans­
acting basinsss in tke oity.
It is again reported that grading on
the N. P.Sykeeton extension has begun.
Bert Mastin and Matt Culver ot
Eldridge are transacting business in the
oity today.
Several farmers in this vicinity are
with nntbreahed flax. M. D.
Health Failed
No Apprtite, Whole System
Out of Ordtr
Hood's •arsaparllla Make* Mlm
Strong and Wall.
"My husband and myself have both
received great benefit from Hood's Sana*
parllla. Three years ago my husband's
hselth failed. He lost his appetits and
id a tired feeling, and his system was
it of order In every way. He began
taking Hood's Barsaparilla, and It gave
him a good appetite and made him feel
etrong and well." Mas. W. B. PAXXOX,
Youngstown, North Dakota.
I have been for several years past a sat
ferer from indigestion and biliousness.
Hood's Barsaparilla was recommended to
me by my druggist, and after taking one
bottle I felt very much relieved, and I
have not since needed any medicine for
these complaints." If. W. HUTCHINBOH,
Bismarck, North Dakota. Remember
Hood's Sarsaparilla
the best—In(act the One True Blood Purifier.
Sold by all druggists. $1 six for fB.
Hsw\/t*ii Dlllc ere the only pills
It is reported from along the James­
town Northern that only about one
half the grain in the vicinity of Oboron,
Minnewaakon and New Roekford has
been threshed. The men employed on
the threshing machines are beooming
disoonraged and are leaving the oountry
whioh leaven the farmers in a bad
predioament. The greater portion ot
the grain is staoked however and with a
few weeks ot good weather can all be
threshed. A good deal of late sowed
flax is yet unthreehed.
Fargo Argns: Yesterday a young
woman who had been working all eum
mer on a farm arrived in the oity over
the Northern Paoiflo on her way to her
home in Twin Valley, Minn. At the
station she went to the bsggsge room to
open her trunk and had her baggage
oheoks in her parse whioh contained
$185. While she wss getting her coat
out of the trunk, two men who had been
working on the same farm, as she, oame
into the baggage room and talked with
her After they left she missed her
parse and a thorough search was made
for it without auoosss. She reported the
matter to the police and.asked Chief Bow­
ers to locate the men, who had talked
with her. While she was gone from the
depot, Fireman Carpenter and Charley
Branson happened into the baggage
room and saw the purse on the floor be­
tween parcels of baggage, and he picked
it up and gave it to Baggagemanter Jack
man who returned it to the young lady
whose name ia Minnie Johnson, who was
delighted, and believes there are still a
few honest men.
Has the for Probate
In the office of the probate judge it is
important to everyone that final decrees
of court be entered and reoordedduly
in aooord with law. The reoords of the
probate court are very important and it
is generally desired that tney be kept in
good shape. Land matters passing
through the office, and other matters
ordered by the court require proper legal
attention. The settlement of estates
requires a good knowledge of the
probate code, whioh an attorney is beet
qualified to give. The Minnesota law
requires an attorney of reoord to have
oharge of thia offioe. As a oandidate
for the probate judgeship Attorney J, A.
Murphy has qaaliflqfitiona that if eleoted
will give every one the aasnraooe that
the probate reoords will be in good
4 S
nooa 9 fills with Hood's Barsaparilla.
Williams has about 150 aoreeof his own
yet in the field.
Look for datee of the Haynes Studio
Car in this paper.
Scarcely any snow is visible at Fargo.
Tnere was a fall of sleet, snow and rain
whioh quiokly melted.
William Wellman: A good many
farmers got left down towards Mont
pelier on their flax threehing.
It is said that very little snow fell at
Mandan yeeterday but that quite a little
is falling today at that place.
Walter Lyon writes to his father from
San Franoiaco and eays that he is now
able to sit up. He and a number of his
com pan ion a in the hospital were about
to be sent to their homee where they
would be likely to improve more rapidly.
Rev. Miss Fry, evangelist, who has
worked as evangelist in Chioago and
other eastern pointe, has been secured
by the Baptist cburoh to oonduet a
aeriee of evangelistic meetings beginning
about ths middle of November.
Recent copies of Davenport, Ia., papers
speak of a oampaign meeting held at
Eldridge, near Davenport, at which Gov.
Shaw and other speakers look part.
Also refer to extensive building improve
mente contemplated in Davenport by
that aotive boomer, Hon. J. M. Eldridge,
who has a town named after him in this
Engineer Buokey who lost his arm a
few days ago at Mandan had $1,500 ac­
cident insurance in the Engineers Mutu­
al Insuranoe oompany, whioh is psyable
in oase of a loss of a limb. He will re­
ceive the amount now. The last report
from the Brainerd hospital saya be is
doing as well as oould be reasonably
Officer Russell Halts a Man
Who Tries to Escape
Riohard Deering and Elmer flanoe
arreeted laat night by Offloer
Russell. Deering is charged with having
sold intoxioating liquor to W. D. Ware
field and a bottle ot evidenoe was
secured. Hence was the man arrested
yeeterday for stealing Johnaon's ooat
and was releessd because of insufficient
evidenoe. He aroused the officer's sus­
picions yesterday by trying to eeoape
from Offloer Wink, when arrested on the
ooat stealing oharge. In addition to
having to anawer to a oharge of boot­
legging, Hance ia aoouaed of having
threatened to stab Charles Barrows
with a knife in a quarrel over a jug of
whiaky he alleged Barrows bad stolen
fram him. He talked so loud that Offi­
cer Ruseell heard the quarrel and tried
to capture him. Hank ran and it took
a number of shots from the officer's
revolver to bring bim to a halt. The
jag was found also. Hacce, it is claimed,
kept the booze in his room in the Cot­
tage Home, while Deering, it is said,
peddled the goods around the city.
Hanoe was brought before Justioe Bige
low and, owing to the absence of Attor­
ney Baldwin, their cases were adjourned
until tomorrow morning.
The preliminary hearing of Qoinn
and Clark has also been postponed until
tomorrow morning.
The Weather.
A heavy snow set in Tuesday and,
for this season of the year, has been un­
usually severe. The storm is general all
over the northwest. Last fall there
was some snow in Ootober but not equal
to this storm, lt is soft snow. No one
seems to think it is the freeze np, as no
reoord ot the ground beigg frozen so
that plowing oould not be done in
Ootober is remembered by old timers.
J. W. Goodrioh: Plesse turn to
your files and you will find that Charlie
Avis is a year off on his statements in
regard to the weather for Ootober and
November, 1879. Ootober was a nioe
month while November after the 10th
was cold and bad.
The Alert ilea for 1879 say that up to
November 11th there had been no cold
weather. Painters and plasterers were
busy up to that time. On the 11th it
froze the plows in the ground and our
freighting teams were enowed in at
Limpy Jaok's place. Sleighs had to be
gone after to get the freight out.
The soldier boys who had taken Hood's
Sarsaparda are said to have stood the
long march much better than their com­
panions. This medioine gives strength
and endaranoe.
Pills cure all liver ills. Mailed
for 25 oenta by C. I. Hood & Co Lowell,
How to Vote It Stralfht.
In the printing of offloial ballots for
the eleotion this year, the namea of
oandidatea are arranged in oolumns on
the ballot beaded by the party namea.
Underneath thia party designation and
between the names at ths head ot the
ticket ia a space five-eighths of an inch
"in the oentre of whioh shall be a square
in wLioh the voter by his mark may
declare that he votes for all names
printed in that column." That is, inde­
pendents and democrats, in voting the
ticket straight, need but to mark across
in the square at the top ot the tioket.
Advertised List.
Following is a list of unolaimsd letters
remaining in the postoffioe at James­
town, N. D., for the week ending Oct
Nelson, Mrs. Olivia Nugent, Miss May
Bnrns, Mrs
Baker, Emet
Brady, James
Garness, Miohele
Haney, Martin S
Hoard, Clarenoe
King, Walt
Koob, John
La Clairs, Ed
Lee, Ed
Stable, John
Butty, O
Drisooll, John
Ehrst, John
Lenore, Joe
Moore, Jim Jr.
MoEwsn, Walker
MoGbee, Thos
MoGabey, Arthur E
MoShon, Hugh
Prete, Mioh
Randall, Bert (2)
Rohr, Geo
Ryan, John
MmmmMmmMm 'mmsmmm .KW&
These letters will
Lohr, Geo
Michaels, Joe
Sagerquist, Elmer
be held 21 days,
whioh they will be sent to dead
letter offioe. In oalling for these letters
always say advertised and give date of
this list.
Help Wanted.
Competent and truaty man and woman
can have a good situation on O'Brien
farm 16 miles from Jamestown, 6M from
Spintwood. Apply to
Spiritwood or Jamestown.
For Infanta and Children.
lis KM Yn Han Almjs Basght
Bears the
Signature of
If there is one department of our
state government that needs careful
and close attention more than another,
It Is that of public and school lands.
The admlnistatlon of that depart­
ment under Land Commissioner Win­
ters was a disgrace to the state. The
present incumbent is probably capa­
ble, but he is employed in the mer­
cantile business in Pembina county,
and rarely can be found at his office
at Bismarck. For the past four years
the department has practically been
run without a head. The state pays
a liberal salary and expects the land
commissioner to give his personal at­
tention to it. hike most of the other
state offices it is run entirely by depu­
ties and clerics. The sojiool money
derived from the rental of lands In
largely frittered away in the expenses
of advertising the leasing of those
lands. It Is the method practiced by
the present administration to sweeten
its party press of the state at the ex
perse of the taxpayers, five thousand
five hundred and sixteen dollars and
twenty-four cents was contributed to
them in the last two years for this
purpose. It keeps the boys in line.
These expenses might have been re­
duced one-half if the advertising were
legally and properly done. To get
good fat bills from their advertising
they have allowed the notices to run
more than the time required by law
and sub-divided the sections into quar­
ters, thereby increasing the space four
times. This is the way the candidates
put up the public funds for their per­
sonal benefit, because some of the Re­
publican papers refuse to get into line
unless paid for doing so. They could
not otherwise have been expected to
fall into line for the railroad ticket.
"*. ,*,- i~•- ?"w ^-wf
1 tV
How the State School Money is
Being Spent For
Thos. Bolton for State Treasurer.
Thomas Bolton of Park River, the
hearty Walsh oounty farmer was in the
oity today making acquaintances. He ia
well known as a practical farmer raiaing
hia own stock and grain and not doing it
by proxy. Mr. Bolton ia a candidate for,
state treasurer on the independent state
ticket. The people oan rely on the fact
that if eleoted there will be no jobs in
the handling of funds and that the school
land money will be kept intact and
added te by every effort poesible instead
ofapent unnecessarily. Mr. Bolton is
known as a level headed busineae man,
an old timer in the Red river valley, who
has the oonfidence of all.
Farmers iu the state ahonld give him
a vote aa well as every man who wants
no speculation in the oonduot ot the
publio funds.
The soiaal oondition of the state
treasury haa been mora or less a matter
of gases work for two years. The
people have not been told how the funds
stand and where the money went for
the heavy taxes that are paid, by fre­
quent publio statements, and why the
delay in payments of bills against the
state. Only from the pressure of a cam­
paign has any information been obtained
and then not from the source it should
oome. All theee things show thst a
state treasurer who tells the public how
their own business is being oondnoted
is needed and Tom Bolton ia known to
be that kind of a man.
Mr. Bolton says in msking his travels
through the state he has met many old
aoquaintanoee of some 20 years standing
who were glad to meet him and to know
that he was running on the state tioket
for treasurer. He is a K. P. and an Odd
Fellow of 25 years standing.
For Connty Auditor.
The voters who want a "tarn about as
fair play," in oounty offioes have several
reasons to give Lewis Neimsyer a vote
at the polls for oounty auditor. He is
well known and stands high as a per­
fectly competent man for the offioe.
Among the business men in Jamestown
he ia known to be a firat class man in
every way. He ia popular with all olaaaes
snd is one of the best citizens of the
oounty. He deaerves recognition.
Thursday's Market —Looal.
No. 1 hard, per bu....
No. 1 northern
No. 2 northern
Oats, per bo
"Belle", per 100 lbs
"Entire Wheat," 100 lbs
"A Patent", per 100 lbe
"Golden Northwest," per 100 lba.
"Home Comfort" 100 lbs
Bran, per ton
Shorts,per ton,
Ground feed, per ton
Ground corn, per ton
11 00
18 00
17 00
Coal (at yards) per ton:
Hard 9 00
Soft 6 00
Lignite 3 00
Wood (at yarde) per cord
Maple and biroh 5 50
Oak 6 00
Tamarack 5 00
Pine slabs 4 00
Potatoee, per bu 35
Butter, fair demand 15 to 20
Eggs, per dozen, good demand 15
Loose, per ton 3 00 to 3 50
ft. '*v
Bif Capitol Expenses.
As a fair sample of the regard the
state officials have for appropriation
laws the expenses for taking care of
the state capitol for the past four
years will furnish a striking example.
These expense are under the control
of the governor, secretary of state
and auditor dit*ect'y. hence the respon­
sibility for over-rising the law is di­
rectly upon their shoulders. The law
authorized these gentlemen to spend
$7,000 yearly up to July 1, 1897, when
it was increased by the legislature
to $18,000. It is clrflmed by members
of the last legislature that the bill
which was actually agreed upon and
passed was $23,500 for the mainten­
ance of the capitol building for two
years, but the 1)111 was changed by one
of the enrolling clerks at the instiga­
tion of of some one to $30,000. Thia
was possible, as it was a bill that
passed the last night of the session.
Even after perpetratiug this crime tlie
state officials cannot regard their
own law find keep within its limit.
The state treasurer's report shows
that tliey bare iiaid bills for the capi­
tol as follows:
Year ending July
Year ending July
Year endini July
Yeai- ending July
The appropriation for
years was $39,000. This
1. 1895, $10,341.45.
1, IV.* $ic.)07.(4.
1, 1SS.7. $30.85'.79.
1. 1S0S. $24.52!) 23.
these four
beard actu­
ally used $81,729.10. or $42.729.Hi more
than they had any warrant iu law to
do. Such flagrant disregard of our ap­
propriations should be looked into by
the next legislature
War Investigation Commission
Interior Department Told of the Settle­
ment of the Pillager Trouble.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 19.—The following
dispatch from Indian Commissioner
Jones has been received here:
"Secretary of Interior: Held a final
council with the Indians at Bear camp
today. All bnt one will surrender
Wednesday. They will assist the mar­
shal in capturing the renegade. Believe
that the trouble is all over. Have
agreed to attend the court atDuluth
with the prisoners. I am not likely to
to be home for a week."
Killed HU Wife to Relieve Her Suffering*
anil Then Suicided.
FLINT, Mich., Oct. 19.—W. H. Mur­
ray of Clinton, Ia., shot and killed his
wife, Harriet, an incurable inmate of
Oak Grove asylum, located here. Their
bodies were found in a grove, where
they had gone late in the afternoon for a
walk, each shot through the head. In
Mr. Murray's pocket was found a letter
addressed to the physicians in charge of
the institution explaining the reason for
his action. He said that the only way
to relieve his wife from her sufferings
was to kill her, and that as it was
against the law to do so the only thing
he could do was to shoot himself also.
To Investigate Hawaiian Leprosy.
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Oct. 19.—The state
board of health has appointed Dr. C. A.
Buggies, president of the board, to visit
the Hawaiian Islands to learn the extent
of the presence of leprosy and to report
measures to prevent its introduction
into California.
Offers 820,000 Keward.
19.—The Dowager Duchess
of Sutherland has offered a reward of
|20,000 for the recovery of the jewels,
said to be valued at $150,000, which she
lost on board a train bound for Calais
while on her way to London. The jew­
elry includes a necklace valued at
Guards Ketnrn Home.
ST. Louis, Oct. 19.—The guards of
the Thiel detective agency, on duty at
Virden, Ills., have returned to the city
accompanied by Mr. Schumacher, the
superintendent, who was in charge of
the men while there. It is understood
that the armed guards have been with­
drawn, at least for the present.
Beftn the
»The Kind You Haw Always Bought
-ir..^. .-•.
sonville, Fla.
JACKSONTILLE, Fla., Oct. 19.—The
war investigation commission spent the
afternoon inspecting the camps in the
immediate vicinity of Jacksonville. The
commissioners interviewed privates and
officers alike and made personal visits to
the quarters of men and their comman­
ders. They lifted the covers of the com­
missary stores, went through the
kitchens, through the drug stores, in­
spected the apparatus, talked with
physician and nurses and made special
inquiry into the method of conducting
the hospitals. They found the patients
in the hospitals to be apparently well
cared for, and, so far as could be discov­
ered, every one was as contented as sick
men generally are.
General lilanco Accedes to the Beqneit of
the American Commission.
HAVANA, Oct. 19.—During the after­
noon Senor Benitz, secretary of the
Spanish evacuation commission, deliv­
ered to the United States evacuation
commission five notes, four of which
treated of the fortifications of the island
with general information on the sub­
ject. The fifth note stated that Captain
General Blanco formally acceded to the
request of the American commission to
permit free entry of Red Cross supplies
at the ports of Havana, Cardenas, Cien
foegos, Sagua la Grande, Caibarien, Ba
hia Honda and others of less importance.
of tbe Poor Creatures
That Moffett ot Co. A has
Tbe article further says that a woman
was required to pay a judge $300 for re­
lease on tbe oharge of making false tele­
graph stampe, that she waa afterward*
rearrested on that old oharge and it ooat
her 83,000 to get free. |A young contrac­
tor was given six years for getting full
and swearing at a Spanish offiosr. Capt.
Moffett released the first day 17 women
and 51 men, the eeoond day 101 men,
tbe third 118, the fourth 150. Hundreds
of oases have not been taken up. The
prisoners regard Moffet as a sort of
Savior and follow him olosely begging
to have their oases heard. Thousands
wsit st the prison gates to olshn thsir
relstivee snd Moffet givee them stalk
whioh is trsnslatsd.^There are 2,900 pris­
oners. The oostodisns of tbe prison are
ssid to hsve kept it olean and food and
water have been good.
They Don't Know.
A well known republican traveling
man in North Dakota speaking of pol­
itics yeeterday, ss noted sround tbe
state says: "There is no enthusissm
smong the republicans of tbe stste for
the state tioket. They eeem to think the
national administration is all right and
beoause of that, many naturally will
think tbe state administration is entitled
to some credit, who would not say so
did tbey know tbe tbe facte. If tbey
understood the situation regarding the
tioket and tbe methods that have been
used they would turn down the tioket
this trip and think they were as good re­
publicans as ever. As it is a great
many will vote the Holmes tioket believ­
ing they oan get a better deal in state
matters by doing so."
Hsny People Killed and Injured Near
lSarnet, Kug.
LONDON, Oct. 19.—A terrible railway
accident occurred on the Great Central
railway near Barnet, about 17 miles
north of London. An express train go­
ing at the rate of a mile a minute came
into collision with a freight train that
was switching across the track at Bar
net Junction. The express pulled up a
complete wreck. Nine dead and thir­
teen seriously injured have been recov­
ered from the wreckage and there are
others under the debris.
Wreck on the Fosston Branch.
WEST SUPERIOR, Wis., Oct. 19.—En­
gineer Hurley, Fireman George Dewatt
and Brakeman Arthur Smith were seri­
ously injured at New Duluth, on the
Fosston branch of the Great Northern
railroad, by an ore train running away
and crashing into a switch train. Two
locomotives and 50 cars were piled in a
mass of debris.
Four Killed by an Explosion.
REAPING, Pa., Oct. 19.—Four men
were killed by the explosion of a Wil­
mington and Northern freight engine at
Joanna station. The dead are: Will-
and Harry Huydam, conductor. "5:j
'f ir -3-,
of tbe San
writing under date
of 8ept. 1, saya:
Captain W. Moffett, of A Company
of the Firet North Dakota regiment is
tbe new American governor of tbe looal
priaone and pohoe stations, and in hia
line of duty be has been investigating
tbe ease of every individual prisoner
under his oharge. He has been iwirttd
by Sandioo, Aguinaldo'e personal repre­
sentative in Manila, and tbe latter, al­
ready familiar with most of tbe politioal
cases has been invaluable in determining
the meritorious ones.
Later Moffett succeeded in finding
many commitment papers and tbe pris­
on records, and these, as a rule, showed
tbe courts, accusations and sentences.
He began first at Bilibad, and for a
starter took up the oases of the twenty
eight women held there. Something of
tbe nature of his work on the first day
may be gained from the fact that he re*
leased eeventeen of tbe women. The
first six women whose casee he examined
belonged to one political group. They
were arrested on the Island of Negraa
on uly 11,1889, for resisting the arms
of Spain. They were not tried,but upon
tbe simple order of the then Captain
General were brought to the prison.
There ihey have been for nearly ten
years, perhape forgotten, for no attention
was ever paid to their cases. One o(
the women oame to the prison with a
babe in her arms, and that child, now a
sturdy boy of ten years, plays about the
prison yard. He was never outside tbe
gatee until Captain Moffett showed bim
the way. To another of the women a
ohild was born after her incarceration,
and that child too, had his first step into
the outer world when Moffett freed him.
It is improbable that these six weak
women could have offered any very seri­
ous resistance to the arms of Spain, and
yet tbey have been buried for the best
years of their livea in a Spanisn dun­
geon. One falters for language to cor­
rectly picture such injustice. Another
of tbe women was a bent old creature of
60 years, who wss arreeted in 1890 for
reeistance to the armed forces of Spain.
She wss the owner of a tract of wood­
land in one of tbe provinces, and tbe
government, without any knowledge
upon her part, sold the right to out tbe
standing timber. She rightfully objected
aud wee promptly arristed. Her prop­
erty, valued at 810,000, was confiscated.
She wss released eight years after in­
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