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plans to Use All Legitimate
Means to Defeat Labor's
.. Enemies. /.
Work Will Begirt in Pri
maries and Be Carried to
General Election.
... Washington, 'Feb. :9.—Organised
labor's pronunciation of its entry, into
politics, a call jo "all'lovers of free
dom to marshal their forces in. de
fense of their' rights and. ideals" and
.to all trade unionists and their
friends to unite in defeating those
seeking offlce who are hostile or in
different tothe rights of labor, today
being sent broadcast over the
oountry. •.
The declaration/ -issued officially
.by the American Federation of La
bor, after reciting what it termed
"vain efforts to secure remedial and
.'constructive legislation for the inter
est and welfare of the tollers, de
nounced congress for its "failure to
do ltd duty and its repression of la
"Scorned- by congress, ridiculed
and misrepresented by many mem
bers of both houses," the announcp
ment said, ."the American, labor
^movement finds it necessary' to vlg
orously apply its long and well-estab
lished non-par'tiiah political- pprty.
:t,s-Thie American Federation of L»bor
^announces its determination to apply
ievery ^legitimate means and -all of the
,K' power atits command to- accomplish
-the defeat of labor's enemies who
aspire for public Office, whether they
...be candidates for president, for, con
gress, for state-.legislatures, or any
other office."
The appointment of a national non
partisan 'political committee which
will mobilize the trade. unionist
movement was announced and the
campaign will be started Immediate
ly. «The work will begin in the pri
maries and will be carried through
to the general'- elections. Each
aspirant for office^ will have his rec
ord "analyzed," and'those''regarded
favorable to labor ^111 be BUpported
regardless of party affiliations, while
those antagonistic to labor will be
The labor organisation's declara
tion was adopted at the conference
of trade union representatives here
in December. The conference was
authorized at the liurt "Convention of
the' American Federation of Labor.
Retiew Of/iiitemeW
Rome, Sunday,
il', Nlttl'fi speech, Jflis.. ««.«
Mankato, Minii.
Martin, chief of
'...centiy, gam T]M* AiaMW*®? *Pre6iJ/,-ift
ih ^t^rtal prtotSrTty 'jpi'd- p,6poIp
'Kvi»axto, comnKRitihg ont the- 'pre^
mier'8 address parliament Satur
d#y. :. '.
"We have often observed," tjie
inewspaper continues, that whenever American soldier, has been sentenced
Rignor "Nitti speaks in interviews to fo two- years in prison. Leniency on
foreigners he is more of a nationalist the part of the court was due to the
than v^hen he addrAses the cham- ^act that the motive of the crime was
her.J! jealousy under circumsances in
'I which a French jury usually acquits
the accused.
St.- Paul, Feb. 9.—F. Schaub and G.
Moore of Fort Dodge, lowa, rolled
into fifth pla^e in the two-men event
this forenoon at the ,.. International
Bowling ^association tournament here.
None of .the Omaha contingent
In the sihgles, K. Sciple of Omaha
shot 605, which put him' in fourth
place. Nohe of the- other Omaha or
Fort Dodge individuals, got .close to
the leaders. Fiv6 men 'teams will, roll
Pebi" —Jack
of Mankato,
the. grand jury charges Martin
with failing to retain dertain evidenee
which was taken ." during carnival
week recently, when seven^i gamblerfi
were arrested. It Jir ch«Srea Martin
{ailed to retain seventl ^g&mbling de
li, vices which were 'ooiifiscated. at that
time. i1
Attorney John B*«an for the de
&H feridant asked a continuance, to this
Winona, Minn.,. Feb. 9.^—iVank
KiMrowski. aged 20v possessor of a
.5 9' w«Aden leg and claiming the ^United
•. Stittaf' as his home and Edwin Lee,
of^Tomahawk/ Wis., also- with a'
$ crippled liinb,' are occuping/cells at
th^ city jail today charged with hold
S J:in| lip a local citisen last night. The
pair overlooked & pocketbook con
$7p and .realised nothing for
th0r adventure.
Winona Mlnn.
Mlrd' hundred bajrr
beer valued at 11
was arraigned before Juiige W.t-L. a^liitA^nn'ivr
Cometock in district"fcourt here .this
ipornlng charged wlOi malfeasance ,,thlr»n
of office. The indictment retiirned 9h"rch, Albert
^it Hirr rhariM H^in
b, 9.—Twenty
bif -four per cent
00, was emptied
f, into the sewerB li»ading to the. Missis
sippi river here today The beverage
was the property' of the Park Brew
,'^'i ing company and was on hand when
the brewii^r Of bMr waii stopped 'by
*^r,. the gdvAttMtot.:'TWi{maiMtipn' of
v-%.- the 4$or' was .in charge of John' Bau
man, of this city, -a' representative of
th& internal reveiijM^ ii^lector's de
ft. partment
-y r!-.
HeMngfam JTliil
1 —George Lan«u ry ..
oUdist memtMe of tN«
of ctmmo4 depa
and teiegr4phlc 'comaitutii-
oat|pn between Dragh^da and Dublin
cea^ed for public
QMteral opintoA
don with Sinn I
synchronise with
British. parliament
the cssia-
itar :aieant„tp
ihU^g.of the
Belolt WIst—George Dyer, "aged
103, Beioit's oldest resident, died to
Berlin—The Allied list of war,,
criminals and the covering letter
was handed to Premier Bauer at 8
o'clock Saturday night by M. Demaf1
cilly, the French charge d'afCaires.
Toklo -Bolshevikl uprisings
against the Japanese on' the island of
Sakhalin are reported.'
London—Bolshevik troops hive
entered Odessa,. according to a wire
'froin the' Soviet gov­
ernment at Moscow.
Halifax—The British" steamer
Bradboyne, from New'/York to Cher
bourg, is believed to have foundered
in mid-ocean and some loss of life
is feared, 'according to wireless mes
New York—Herbert Hoover issued
a statement announcing that he l»
not a candidate for the presidential
nomination and that no one is auth
orized to speak for him politically.
Fall River, Mass.—Guy & Spiker
arid Miss Emily Knowles were mar
ried here Sunday:
CJhristiania—Oscar Mathie9en of
Christiania won the world's ice
skating championship from Robert
McLeait of Chicago.
London—Bolshevik forces have
evacuated Latvia,' according to a
statement issued at the.Lettish lega
tion here.
Khartoum, Eastern Sudan—The
airplane owned by the London Times,
which is attempting the Cairo-Cape
ToWn flight, arrived here last eve
ning with three cylinders in bad con
London—The. Soutli African air
plane which left here last week for
Cape Town has reached Solium.
North Africa.
Fargo,, N. D.—The influenza epi
demic in Fango is .believed at an' end
Only eight new .cases, .of influenza, no
new' cases of pneumonia and one
death were reported in 48 hours.
Berlin—The,' advance'guard of a
British battalion, which will be one
of the units of occupation in Danzig,
has arrived in that, city and the last
German troops left yesterday^
Budapest'—Eight hundred new
cases. of influenza are reported daily
and statistics would indicate that the.
malady iq fatal to io per cent of
those stricken.
Marittette—-Lieut. Gojjild .Watson,'
M^iiwft^.^Ied' tbdajr
Nano^ France—A ^Frenchman
convicted here last week of kilHng an
... -v j.garets. He will board the Swedish
turned in impressive scores. The best cruiser Fylgia for a scientific expedi
perfdrmance on the 9 o'clock shift tion to Central America
a TXT _nr% n/l .TV Q^f in ,"1.
was W. Lea:rn. and T. W. Martin,
who rolled 1,045.
Panama-, 'Sunday—Prince William,
second son of King Gustave of Swed
ejn, is expected to arrive here temor
low on the liner Kronprihzessin Mar-
Honolulu, T. H.. Feb. 7.—Se\»enty
flve per cent of the Filipino''' sugar
platation workers on the Oahu plan
tation, who hsfve been an strike, re
turned to work today. Votber plan-"
tationa reported that the^ strikers: are
teturning to work.
Moorhead,\ Minrf.—Dr. Martin An
4ereon, pastor of the Trinity Luther-
six years.
He has been pastor here
Spokane/ Wash., Feb. 7^—Indict
ments chargfng profiteering were re
turned by a United States grand jury
here this afternoon against the Spo
kane Drygoods Company and the) Cul
bwtson-Grot^-Rankln Company, own
ers of two-of the largest 'department
stores of! this' city,' and I(iU Brothers
Shoe Company, one of the largest shoe
Parls. Feb. 9.—(Havas.)—Georges
Pallain, goventof of the Bank ot
.France* explaining to a meeting of
stockhc^ldeTs the' alarming sltuatibn
with regard to exchange., declared that'
it was caused by the interruptionof
advancea from the pnglish and Amer
ican treasuries, which had thrown the
market oh its own: resources at the
moment the burdens of France be
came heavier through, purchases for
industrial reconstruction.
Le Journal, commenting on M. Pal
Iain's declaration, says the difficult
situation is due to the lack of financial
solidarity on the part of the Allies.
St PaUl,-' Feb. 9.=—Check# for the.
first 2,400 state soldier^' bonuses,
haying been mailed, ne1# lists of. 909
additional claims were b£lng finally
audited today/ Conferences In the
bonus department were heid .to speed
up- the wock so claims may be paid
at the rate of 990 or mori a day. juk
originally, plumed. The rom'a^iing
proceeds "from the first sale. Of $7,
.600,000 «f bonus certificates of- in^
debtedness are, cxpected to bto d^tlv
to the state treasu^r wilhln a
or two, (unrurlng that fthids rill
available to pav claims ftt^.aa
ey are examined and sppr$^*4
to nsgo
Cliristlanla,Feb.-. 9i—RoMirt
us skating championship
to Osca^ Mathieson of
.toda^. tMit $is Ws&M WSafc:
il^ i»e #ro.iif'cottrse in the 10,00ft
meter face was caiised bjMua official
|rfviii|r |Ui "inooi7ect signal at the
enrre. :.t-'
Of "j
ift his ^rint after his mpmsntarr
a a a I
race, when he realised hs was on the
Vrttttg course, exhausted, him. lie-
300,000 Ordered Out After
General Conference in
I Detroit, Mich., Feb.' 9.—A strike of
800,000. menribers of the Brotherhood
of. Maintenance df Way Employes and
Railway Shop Laborer^ was called for
Tuesday, February '17, at a meeting
of the general chairmen ,v of the.
brotherhood here today.
Decision to order a cessation of
work, was announced by Grand Presi
dent Allen E. Barker,., following'ad
vices from Washington that the ne
gotiations with the railroad adminis
tration ./or wage increases offered no
hop^ of a favorable settlement
At. the convention of the brother
hood last September a strike: was
postponed in order that President
Wllsofii might have opportunity to at
tempt to bring about a reduction in
llvinc-ti^osta According to upion offi
cials,, his efforts have been fruitless,.,
Minneapolis, Fdb. 9.—' Er Clark
and Harold Brown, employes In the
office of the Metropolitan Milk com
pkny, were held up and robbed of
9,000-in checks'and cash-belonging
to the company shortly before noon
today in' one of the boldest dstylight
holdup^ ever' staged in Minneapolis.
The'three men-who participated-in.
the holdup made their escape in an
automobile, which they had left
standing' opposite the company's 'of
fices, in front of. which the' robbery
took place.- It is believed' by the
police, the bandits drove In the direc
tion of °St. Paul.
Clark aind Brown were about to
leave in. an automobile to deposit the
money In a local bank when they,
wire held up.
Kaitun'Sxoo, Mich.. of pheumoolti. He'
•was' alT'joffleer lh 'the motorv corps
during the late war.
ed over by Gel
Lerond, will' leave for Upper
this evening: The commissidu' irlll
govern, the provinces and ofganiie
the plebiscite to tfe held there. Col
onel Perclval represents Great Brit
ain on the commission, while Gen-'
eral Blcigliano is the Italian repre
T%e occupation of Upper SUlesM^1
by Allied troops, which began on
January 31, will be completed to
morrow. ..
Fountain City, Wla, Feb. 9.—
home of Ed. Baures, three mlles-'eMt
of this village, was totally destroyed:
by fire this noon. While removing a
stove from the burning building, Dan
Tlel and. Herman Hartman were
seriously burned about the face and
hock and were brought to this place
for Tnedlcal treatment.
St Paul, Minn., Feb. 9.-—War de
partmefit inspections of the Minneso
ta national guard began today. Lieu
tenant Colonel H, D. Seltoiv, 51st in
fantry, Camp Griant, Illinois, arrived
to inspect Adjutant General W. F.
Rhinow .and staff,, and brigade, and
other organizations. Lieut Col. J. irtriy^n by the rtiriii"iMt"week
Burnett, Camp Grant, and Maj. W.'
M., Coffin, Camp Dodge, la., wore ex
pected to. arrive to inspect the artil
lery and infantry regiments.
N. D.*' MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1920.
Grand Rapids, -Mlch., .Feb. 9.—The
Newberry election conspiracy trial
entered its third week today- wlth
presentation of .the c^k 1mt behind
the speed schedule outllned by attor
neys for the prosecutlon who had ex
Ppcted to dispose of at least-twenty
witnesses each day. During the flnit
week Jof introduction of testimony
ohly,Mty withinu were called and
there rwere predictions that the trial
might last ten" weeksv in view of'the
f»ct that approximately 800' are ex
pected to be called to the stand by
The names' of,. "Bernstorff an& von
HamieP" refer to young officers of
those names who were stationed on
the western front..
Several pages are devoted to a re
cital of specific offenses committed
by unknown men, whom £he German
government is expected to reveal.
New York, Feb. 9.-r—Fourty-four
members of the crew of the steam
ship Princess Anne, which h$s been
'&grO'und at Rockaway Poln^v Long
Island, since Thursday, were.takSn
off todisiy by coast guards in surf
boats. The rest of the 'crew, 28 men,
and 32 passengers, were removed
'After the crew had been removed,
the vessel broke in two in a smooth
sea on the bar on which she had been
Washington. Fed. 9".—Herbert
Hoover's statement that he is not a
presidential ,can}idate. was pint into
K^Se^Sd'to mate i«^ch"about"114*
it later. Senator Thomk&^Qeinotital.
man Hayi' committee of 171 bh pbli-
Ojr,-ttie gavel and a'request for 'oMer
from Vice President Marshall
Superior, Wis., Feb. 9.—Jack Car
.nejr,. editor of,-,."The Truth," a radical
paper, of Duliilh, surrendered.hithself
.to the police today, when'1 he found
he 'was wanted on'an indictment re
turned at Chicago. His botids has. not
)een fixed. Carney is now under bond
.on other federal indictmentsi
£^camm4n,. Kan:, Feb. 9.-xlSirehty
ipersonswere injured,- none sertouaiy*,'
itfhen ieveral coaches of a $tl Louis
& San Francisco railroad passenger
traih were derailed near here- today.
Two cars turned over. The injured
were brought here. A. switch partly
open i* said to have caused the
"Why Don't Ton Fellows Take Hooter's Advice And Go To Work?" By MORRIS
'•.•'•••.' VteS/??
Duration of the tHal, However, was
expected to depend largely on the
time consumed by the prosecution,
for def^p«« attorneys have indicated partisan campaign to elect this year
that their. time wilL be. devoted chiefly
to character witnesses, of whom the
fense ha*/ Indicated also that, a num
ber of government witnesses": will be
recalled. T-.
^^ay"b^Senatar threatened earl^rterd^y mdrrt-
.-V.'/ -v.
ead of National .Grange
Says Organization Will
Not Participate.
Washington, Feb. 9.—Farmers' or
ganizations will not join the Ameri
.can Federation of Labor in its jion-
court"has ruled two^may be wailed for I representative of the National
each of the 135 defendants, t'he de-! Grange, which has 700,000. members.
Mr: Atkeson said today that his or
ganization had decided not to support
organised labor's political activities',
and pointed out that representatives
of the grange, National Farmers'
friends of the trade union move-
according to T. C. Atkeson,
Union, International Farm Congress,
American Farm Bureau Federation,
Farmers' National Congress and Na
tional Milk Producers' Federation,
'recently met here $nd formulated a
platform of principles, but decided
-The of- that individual members should be
Berlin, Saturday, Feb. 7.—•«
flcial list, of men whose extradition allowed to exercise their right of per
is denianded by the Allies .for ,war jscnal preference in voting.
crimps' was received here' tonight, Is The pr«^.?ram fias been sent to
& bulky volume of 220 closely printed every member of congress, Mr. At
Pa^ea ikeson, said, and it may be expected
Field Mars^U von Hindenburg and that farmery win observe the attitude
QeneraljLudendorff are allotted sev-'of legislators on bills affecting their
eral pages on a blanket indictment interests.
for ordering devastations and 'other
alleged breaches of the rules of war
fare. Admiral von Tirpitz is generally
held responsible for naval operations,
chiefly the submarine campaign,
while Dr' von Bethmann-Hollweg is
accused of violating the sovereignty
of Belgium.
"We decided," tytr. Atkeson said,
"that the interests of the farmers and
of organized labor wfere not identical,
in fact were diametrically opposed in
some queptions. The union man
wants shorter hours 'and higher pay,
which means higher prices to the
consumer. A similar attitude on the
rart of the farmers would mean cur
tailment of production of food until
ithe people were so hungry they
would pay exorbitant prices rather
than starve. Instead,, it is our policy
to 'encourage as much work as possi
ble to stimulate production, so that
normal conditions may be restored."
Mr. Atkeson said the opposing in
terests of farmers and organized la-
unions urging, a low price.
boyjie, when she was abandoned off
the coast of Newfoundland, accord
ing .to radio messages received here
Woonsocket, &. D.„ Feb. 9.^-The
entire business section of this place
market ofJohh
ipss is estimated at $50,000.
St. Paul, Feb. 9.—N. J. Holmberg.
st^te commission«r of agriculture, is
appointed 'Minnesota fair price com
missioner by A. -Mitchell Palmer,
United States attorney general, in a
telegram received today at the com
mission offices at the capitol. In
tions as to the duties of fair
Rank Socialist Said
To Be New Manager Of
Williston Newspaper
Willistonr N. D., Feb. The
stockholders of the Williams
County Farmers Press held a
meeting here Saturday. Among
other Items Of business trans
acted it Is said that John Corbett
was removed from his position
as manager and a certain G. J.
Knapp installed in Ills place.
Mr. Knapp is remembered
chiefly as the former editor of a
rank socialist paper which he
ran in Salt Lake City, a sheet
which was forced to suspend
publication by order of the
United States government.
Knapp Is considered to be one of
the most active ted flag artists
in the state.
Score of Persons in Hospital
Are Being Treated For
San Francisco, Feb. 9.—C/nly one
life was known definitely today to
have been lost in a fire that de
stroyed the Berkshire apartment
house at Sutter and Jones streets.
... A
bor had illustrated at the time con- °f the ruined building today I Sharp, Emmett Dozier, Irwin Owyhn
gress fixed a price for wheat, the r?v5aleli
more than
overheated stove, destroyed
v.^y^ests at thfe hotel, as well scores TmenTnd ^men "frankly
the Carlton family, which lived calling on the firemen in the street one couW be l^urtd
jcwer the meat market, escaped in below for help. As no escape for road fa^iliUiw
liieir night clothing. The property them seemed possible, the belief ^id beS by^u^
commissioner are^"expected ""b^ fighting force to the scene. Police ar
mail, it was said, and officers
commission had (no further infoirma
tioii on the subject. Commissioner
Holmberg has been suffering from
influenza for the last ten days, and
although his condition was improved
today, he ls not able to be at his desk.
Additional bodies. A Emmett Danziger,
a score of persons
~Jhe second burned to death. The body that was
CrCW ot
was that
fitwnicr Oxoni&n. p6r- but it vm an haHiv
the wartmcnt ho^. Mapy ofj Qn the heels-ofe the
•5".. "3S2 -i:
^^f«t hung from the Win-.J'^
scores ot
.perspns sl^^to the street. )160 men each and send-them to Lei
nutfrt the windows and ledges ington. The troops were to be com-
many of them were burned
to aeatn. Sixty-two revolvers were taken at
I One olace. A nattack on the troop's
Origin Not Known.
The fire broke out in the' hallway.!
on the third floor how, neither frojicel Lexington, Ky., Feb. 9.-—William
riVtv* flramon -nnuM cav TKa Amf
nor firemen could say. The first alarm
came shortly after midnight and three
others within a few ^minutes had
called almost the city's entire -fire
riving on the scene said more than, a
score of persons, were clinging to
window ledges.
Occupants of the first and second
floors poured from the building, some
clad only in their night dresses, but
many of those on the third floor and
the two others above it were trapped

Three Hundred Soldiere
Protect Colored Man
During Triad Today.
ttk -v
Angry Mob Awaited Out
siufe Court House Sent
ence is Death.
Lexington. Ky„ Feb. 9.—Four pe^
sons were killed and several injure^)
here today when a mob intent upon
lynching William Lockett, a negri^,
who confessed to the murder of 10
year-old Geneva Hardman,' phargeti
the court, house during Lockettf?
trial and was fired upon by police
and state troops.
While the excitement -was at i&
height a jury in the court room con
victed Lockett of first degree murder
and the negro was sentenced to bb
electrocuted March 11.
The prisoner had been
away to a place of safety.
Two women were reported to b*
amohg those shot. vThe clash with
the soldiere held off the mob while
the authorities managed to slip the
negro away to a place of safety.
score of persons are in various hos- I C. Weathers, Mrs. E. T. Cross, James I
pitals, however, suffering from burns Masaevgali.
and injuries. Several of the wounded are expect-
Before'squads of firemen and po-!
ed to
I lice entered the building at daybreak Soldiers and policemen continued
to search for bodies, it. was believed!?11 8uard near the court house fol-
nad been trapped in the upper floors feared by the authorities as soon as
TTaii/ov'•'*r 6 ,of the five-story structure and L°ckett was captured and confessed
t0 the
of an elderly woman, eM.
wa» ndt possible.' Ioot Stores.
Injuries Xot Serious.
cases- reP°rtcd
Uk Send.
Authorities announced,., the follow
ing revised list of dead:
B. F. Carier, Lexington.
John Thomas, Versailles.
L. Mi King, Lexington.
Among those wounded were:
J. W. Stansell, W. J. Rees, Otto
Fred'Sowders,: H.
the shooting. Trouble was
assault and murder of the lit—
K^' FeJ»-
»h. received here by telephone during
of the
injured .ten-I the forenoon said mobs were th*n
favorable Many, cut off from the stores at Lexington in an effort to. ol
fire escapes, 'sought to save their ttiin firearms and had declared th*
lives by jumping either int the firs, intention of securing the negro toy
nets or into f^Yacawt Ibt at jthe rear any. means.
looting pawnshops and hardware*
form two provisional battalions of
fourth floor windows, and from these through which Lockett passed and
a number of .persons' were carried troops were under orders to "shoot
down ladders. Policemen and flreme'n to kill" if an attempt was made t*
carried others from the lowe* floor I reach the prisoner.
down stairways and fire escapes. I Fifty extra police and a sheriff's
An explosion apparently on the I, posse patrolled the strests to keep
fourth floor blew part of the upper' the crowds behind the ropes. i*
wall. j. Long before "the hour set for thto
Within half an hour after the first opening-
alarm the fire had pieced through
The clothing of Mrs. Nash, who is
Martin, the. Axemen, then ritu'
did rescued Miss Jewett
the roof and its glare lighted the enter without flrst being searched fj
Shortly afterward weapons.
streets for blocks.
the roof coltapsed.
To care for those who escaped, History of due.
apartment houses and hotels threw TTie little Hardman girl was foot
open their^ doors. This later delayed murdered by school mates a shot
a canvass of the building's occupants distance from her home last Tue
to determine casualties. The police day, a few minutes after she'had
estimated the occupants of the build- for a nearby school house.
ing to number 150.
l" Escape Barred.
The rear was a mass of flames when
the firemen arrived, barring passage
down the' fire escape there. This is
believed to have accounted for a num
ber of the deaths.
Discussing the origin of the fire.
Fire Chief Layden said:.
"There are many peculiar- angles
connected with it that remain to be
The Berkshire was a five-story brick
building containing 85 apartments. It
was.in section devoted almost en
tirely to apartment houses and hotels,
some of them exclusive.
Woman Discovers flames.'
The first person to discover the fire
appeared to be Mrs. Martha Nash,
who was ,awakened by the noise of
the. flames: She called' her sister, Miss
Fidelia Jewett. in whose .fifth floott.
apartment she \+as a guest and Dr.
Lillian. Martin, occupant of the next
apa$tm$nt The three women started
for the back stairway, but this fire
cut them off.
70 'years old, took fire and Mrs. Nash and pollce quickly djopped back in
formation and trained
was 'Overcome by. smoke.
Miss Jewett who is 65, fainted. Dr.
Martin carried Mra Nash to a win
th 4
J^bc' 9.—-P^roepllbla
toward the regeneratidn of,
France is diown ln r«port^
vsn*ed t« MaWkctu
The mob also looted pawnshop*
one place.
is feared by the authorities.
..A. .. a
Lockett, negro, was cdnvicted to -as
sault and murder of Geneva Hard
roan, 10 year old school girl, and was
sentenced to be electrocuted March
Several persons were wounded,
some reported killed, when troops
.opened Are on a crowd. Fifty meh
stormed the court house door with ii
by the flames. The fire department's Heavy wires and ropes had been
ladders would reach only to -the stretched oh either side of each street
Lockett was brought here on a spe
cial train from the state penitentiary^
at Frankfort
the trial the court hou%s
filled. IJo one wm permitted
girl's body had been dragged into
corn field and her head had
crushed with a stone. The body
•bfcen partly covered with corn stalk.
Within a few minutes posses werifc
formed by residents of the neighbor
hood and a search was instituted for
the murderer. Lockett was suspect
ed and finally was found late th^.
night at a friend's home about si*
miles from the scene, tie was takeit
into custody by a Lexington physician
and his friend, ,to whom he denies
having murdered the girl.
Later, police announced, the negns
confessed to the murder, adding
he "didn't know" why he had kille
the girl. y.-.'
Farmer hads Mob.
Lexington.' Ky.. Feb. 9.—The
"Lot's get him," from a brawny
mer on the outskirts of the crowJ.:'
which was unable to get into
court house to attend Lockett's triaL
started the unsuccessful lynching
Several times the cry was heard ..
among the several hundred men, anaL
with it the crowd turned into a mob%?5J
and began surginr toward the ror*
Steps of the court house.' Soldle
Iruns on the mob, which never
t«ted. j-. '.'-t-.-,,
dowand firemen«parrled both of them General rrijftinafi. In nhinrilsnil
down a fire escape. Directed tr pr3'j the W
ing to the crowi and then fired a
volver lnto^j» a£tr.
Soldiers and .poUoe laU a
If Wirt and a
^ftttted wmy.

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