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*WW nana. Odi Utd
jfr-*** A!*****?*1 «*e*la%loa, »a.
FnraHnre Repairs—Will call at
3 home, repair furniture. Phone
-«4. L» Brown.-—-AdV
Vpplf«, Apples. too boxes for
,-ick sale, $2.00 per box from us or
rough your grocer. O. J. Barnes
Yoar Monoy at the FIRST SA.V
OS 3ANK is protected against loss
a state law. Open a checking or
i-vlngs account- with1 -us.
rday evenings.—Adv.
Open ,Sat-
Poppler Music House or Box 21,
irand Forks. Mail orders S5c a copy
•nd postage.—Adv.
•VjusOde"^ ^±layi^H
WaaHed. ••Ken and tiains. (Jirand
ITorks Ice .and Fuel company.—Adv.
O'Conaor Bafrns Stanley O'Con
nor returned Sunday from 8L Paul,
wherc-he has-spent several days on a
business trflpl ''1 0
Goto tO Days—Gilbert Swanson of: 1®®- )*as i,.„_
hompsori was sentenced to 30 days epecting the army recruiting offlet..
harge of having passed1 worthless
uecks amounting to $25 at Thomp
nearly two months, ago.
Real Estate MOTRS—Papers have
con completed whereby John C.
-loe Co. sells for the Lunseth estate,
"ts ix and 12, block 11, Hole's cen
tal addition, the property being a
osidence on Cottonwood St.—-Adv.
Manitoba-U. N. D. Debates—The
•rsonnel. of the two Manitoba uni
-rsity debating teams which will
eet the University of North Dakota
\ims on March 5, have already been
losen. The subject will be: "Re
ived, thatin the United States and
an ada labor Should be compelled to
ubmlt'-its disputes to legally cstab
iahed courts of arbitration."
Oallaghan in ft' Dtiullitn,
of F&rgo^,representing' the Modern
Woodmen^' of America,, is a business
visitor In Qrand Forlis today.
Barnes Co_Adv
ToWboaatt Nay OonOem—I, Ruben
Tweeten, "will not be responsible for
any bills contracted by my wife,
Catherine Tweeten.—Adv.
honest to goodness ability, come to tl*e
M«t oh Thursday night and see the
big Amateur Contest.—Adv.
L*glon .Meet Tuesday—The pro-1 terrational avenue, where he may be
losai to change the name of Grand found with a complete line of paint,
orks post No. 6,. American Legion, wait paper, glass, picture frames,
Now at Fargo—R. R. Ashley, who attending to matters of business,
recently- resigned his position as
manager of the Auto -Supply company Meeting Postponed—The regul\r
of this city, has gone to Fargo where meeting of the local U. C.- T. which
-the win assume his duties as man- was scheduled to be held next Satur
ager of the auto accessory depart- day night, has been postponed on ac
ment of t.he Spauidlng Supply jcom- count of the influenza situktiorr.
pany there. Grand Counsellor J. F. McGrann of
Co. of Fargo, a,series of meetings in
the nature of poorer farming insti
tutes have been arranged, and one
Tractor Institutes—Under the meeting has' been notified of the
auspices of the Spauldlng Tractor change of plans.
discussed- at a regular meet- calcimine, etc. Phone 292-J.—Adv.
°f the post Tuesday night at 8
clock in the. Elks' club rooms. Pythian Meeting—The Pythian
Sisters will hold a regular jfte+ting
"My Anld Scotch Mother" and-The this evening at 8 o'clock in the
est .We Get is Water When We're Knights of Pythias hall. There will
ry, Foley's latest song bits, on sale be initiation of candidates.
aaima frt
J. H-fljambe has movM io (II In-
Gape Sebald Hcre—Capt Max Se:
bald of the Philippine Scouts, who
has.been retired to
ouahlin ^P' we will sell Roman Beauty Apples
-oughlin. He was arrested on tigs
»ick S*le to clean out stock
$,00 per box
direct from us or
through your grocer. O. J.. Barnes
Sold Intewwt—I wish to state that
I have sold my interest in the Royal
Theater to Perry Johnson, and from
this date am not responsible for any
bills.—O. B. Hoimoe.—Adv.
Furniture Repairing—We repair all
kinds of furniture and do ^upholster
ing. We also buy. sell and pack fur
niture artd dishes/ Northwestern Fur
niture Co., 308 So 3rd- Phone 211-W.
—Adv.- j'
B4by Girl Born—Mr. and Mrs. O.
ft. Pingler, 423 North Eighth «l.reet,
are the parents of a baby girl, born
late Saturday. Both Mirs. Pingler
and the new arrival are doing well.
-Notice—Will the party who was $5.75 per Cwt» for S.6 MUK—We
rseen to pick up two abstracts between will pay this prive for all you can
Vur office and the court house, kindly ship to us, or deliver to our door.
I'r-turn same to our ofilco for reward. Abbey Milk company, 904 North Fifth
The H. Bendeke Co.. 316 Kittson ave- street. Grand Forks.
Ir. Headland to Return—Dr. Isaac Neaho Visitors—William Brown
college for the second semester-aa young f*rm«rs of the Neche neighbor
Stinson qiemorial professor of Chris- hood 'lh Pembina county, who h.we
tian missions. He will frive two been spending a few days-at the Twin
courses, one in comparative religions City auto show, stopped off in this
ind another in missions in China. city, tpday for a short visit with nc
quafntances and for the purpose of
Phone 17 ^3W.
T. Headland will return to Wesley and James Symington, prominent ^varm greetings were extended fdr
Fargo, whb ha,d planned' to be at the
will be held in Grand Forks on Feb- fng of trouble. Attempts what is above Mr. Frick had not disguised any gen.
beginning at 10 o'clock inTts strength, pleads no excuse of pos- erous impulse -under the .name of
,|_ __.J
"v.1 Smith nerainRt whom
ruary 23, ...
the morning. Sorlie and Glaserud. sibility. lt therefore completes many,"Mr. Smith," against whom munsn
local distributors have invited the things' vhere he who does not love cent contributions had been recorci
public to attend these-meetings here, wou li iaVn and lie down. ed. Inuring el gat years this un
'known giver had proffered gifts
amounting to Jll.000,000. lie offer
ed to donate another $4,000,000 if a
like amount were subscribed general
ly. The terms having been complied
with, this generous donor to tech
nological science is. announced as
—an asset not included in our statement
showing "Total Assets $3,127,023^32," but
one that we consider priceless.
11 is the tsocci Wijl of our depositors ancf"
their loyalty and faith in this bank &nd its
piinicples—a feeling of confidence engend
ered by 40 y^ars of sound banking practice in
thi^ community.
This priceless asset is the un
derlying reason for the exist-.
ence of the. other three millions
of assets.
The First National Bank
01 Grand Forks^ N. D.
Bankers and .Others 1
Bankers- and btJTers who are in position to
write Life Insurance, can make gqpd m?ney
representing this North Dakota Liife Insur
ance Company.
Our policies are lilierkl liid contain "all the
desirable features offered by larger Insur
ance Conipariiies.
If you are interested, get in toucli ^ith us at
once. Ma.lce, the winter months profitable
-to you. i'
to L1.'
mi HOBTHERU LIFE }l||, C0.»
—,— —1 .a
ri, if i-~yf.r'HrV'Htftais^kcifiiriv" wvVr t'«i k/rr rii.rfagi-. aft
Tfia Town Today
Five winter meetings of the coun
ty farm bureau j)rtll b^ held .during
the -week.- '_ •v
.Government insurance is a. perma
nent propoBltioii,-'according to the R®d
Ijean J. BabCock of the unlver
aitywritee at vist lignite ooal' re
sources in North Dakota
V—' ... -Cutting Association will be resumed oitlaens «of Bast Grand Forks.
jtou Want to see talept. real tdnigKt. Work on the new'buildliig
address, scheduled for next Friday
night in Grand Forks, Is likely.
Income, tax- office is opened^ln the
Federal building.
Monthly report is made by Home
Service .Bureau of the Red Cross.
Preparations are being made for
the Retail Hardware Dealers* Con
tention and Exhibit, which opens
here Wednesday.
H. M. Earl, formerly. of this citjr,
the recruiting nerv
Forks last night in-1dies 'P Banning California.
Supper lit honor of Mlcroba Co,
will be htld Wednesday evening at
Commercial club.
Relation of other board members
to George Totten's request that Pres
ident Thomas F. Kane resign raises
interesting question.
Influenza situation in Grand Forks
showB improvement.
Xiocal Commercial club secretary
may attend meeting at Fargo.
Funeral services for R. "J. Haugen
frill be held Tuesday afternoon.
Sale of Mill and Elevator bonds is
considered at meeting of Commercial
club directors- and finance committee.
The co-operation of Commercial
club is asked in Ihterchurch World
Movement session.
Alexandria Feb. 9.—(Havas)-
mer Premier Clemenceau of
by representatives of the authorities
upon his landing here yesterday. Dur
ing a short walk about th© city before
ho left for Cairo, he was given many
(Winnipeg Telegram.)
It was thought that the question of
ths'dentity of the unknown donor of
millions of dolai-s to the Hassachur.
setts Institute' of Technology was an
swered in the claim made at th'e
Frick, thq steel million
death of. Mr,
la4re. that. he: bad been the generoys
NO BURDENS. [giver but almost simultaneously
.... Love feela no burden, thinks noth- came the institute's explanation that
suming ways, .'barely hoard of in his
cominisfand goings in his own city of
'*t^RochesteV. First enteriftg business as
a. bank clerk, he dallied with a cam*
era to' such^'good purpose that 'its
transformation into .the kodak' tyre
ha^s made him one of the'richest men
ii the United States.' But if one of
the- richest, he is one of the least
'bver.400 votes were
George Eastman, of kodak fame and freshmen^ were served during, the
wealth, a simple- bachelor, with unas-. 9Yenln?.r,
The irony of fact! He became rich
through devising a universal form of
that publicity' which ho himself
shuns. It is often so. The famous
actor is nervous in,conversation. The
expert in projectiles is afraid of cock
roaches. The timid looking woman
th.irsta- for public social recognition.
The newspaper man who perpetuates
in print' little beings, courts the se
clusion of anonymity. The publicity
Expert "works behind the scenes His
puppets mince in front. The great
est camera maker*of the day hates
to have tyis photo taken. He gives
his millions by stealth, shy lest he
himself should be brought Into the
glare of pybicity. For that which he
abjures he has paid milions of dol
lars to cultivate tire- taste for and
game of his manufactured articles.
Mr. Eastman's vagary is not alone.
Many other very weaithy men, in the
it S at at pa a it
said to the credit of the rich men of
the states, unostentatiously, have re
turned much of, their riches for the
benefit of education, or of medicine,',
or of some specialized phase of thej
national life. But, as the New Vork
World says, "the fine and distinctive
ly American thing about these and
similar munificent gifts to institutions
of learning is that they represent in
dustry*s contribution to culture. They
are a moral excess profits tax, so to
say, voluntarily levied on the mll-/
Hons amassed in manufacture for the/
benefits of science and the arts." On
the growth of American business de
pends the growth of American col
leges and institutes of research. The
prosperity of the one is more closely
related-to the prpsperity of the other
than may be commonly supposed.
(New York Sun)
Johp Mllliken Park of New Or
leans, affectionately known among his
friends of reform* in Louisiana as
"JohnM.," won th© nomination and
consequently election as governor, in
the\primaries held on Tuesday. In the
north we remember Mr. Parker as
Mr. Roosevelt's companion and guide
ip the canebrakes, and the undaunt
ed progressive candidate for vice
prefident in 1916. Louisiana knows
him as a map who has been pummel
ing the ring, the famous or infamous
New Orleans machine, for a genera
tion and he has beaten It-at last
Municipal government in New Or
leans is the old Tammany system of
Tammany's mdet evil day*. Protected
•toe, taxes wasted, teachers 111 paid,
streets unrepaired*, public* buildings
'neglected, the police and fire depart
ments disorganized—that is only a
'part 'or the shameful.story. Louisiana
was on the road to/bankruptcy. The
country dtetricts arid the "decent citi
zens" of New Orleans have saved her
at last "I am no superman," said Mr.
j- Pirkor- the'other day, "but "I do take
|'a solemn- pledge to destroy the" sys
tem which the present administration
"idown the thfoats of the
citiiensof Now
.Orleans an 1 the stnte
of Louts!ana if it laltes the balance
of my life to do It"
HHe. will, keep his word. New Or
leajia apd Louisiana will have, a thor
ough housocleantag in the .next four
yearfcjtr." Parker's triumph after io
maAyTyears of Warfare is a notable
triuipRh- for tW ioausp of good gov-
iiyiv,UJtb» purlflefr Xtrvv Or-
iMffli,' and .ilRk-t gallant and unwearied
ohlHttpJon '-..OJC ^mest .^£Qvqinm»n,t,
^ohn Vk- Writer, rntik
day afternoon in favor of the $140.-
... 000 bond issue for the construction of
W. P. Davles spoke on Abraham the new high school building, and
Lincoln at the Methodist church Sun- only 11 votes were cast against it
day night Four hundred fltUkn votw in tall
were cast as evidence of the wide to-
Regular contests of the Caledonian terest taken to the bond matter by the
if... .. ... ..
will be
I fushod to ooropletlon with all possible
Senator Hltam. Johnson is ill w4th speed, and it is: the plan of the board
influenza and a' postponement of his of educaUoti^p have at least one floor
completed in time for occupation by
the grades. in September. Shipments
Of material -are expected to start soon
so that work on the superstructure,
will begin as sobn as weather permits.
.The following funds are now at
hand to finance the structure: $76,000
insurance from the burned school
building $9 0,000 accrued from the
first bond issue, and $140,000 will be
derived from the present issue.
The United States civil service com
mission wilt hold an examination in
East Grand' Forks 'oh March 13,
1920, for candidates for rural car
riers. *Tl\e examinations are to be
held for the purpose of filling posi
tions now vacant of rural carriers
at Beltrami, Crookston, Euclid and
Fosston, and other vacancies that
may later occur on rural routes from
other postofRces in Polk county.
Mrs. Waid Of Mallory
Died Saturday Morning
Mrs. E. & Waid, age 28 years, died
Saturday morning at her home near
Mallory, after a brief illness due to
influenza. She is survived by her
husband and five children.
Mrs. Waid has lived" near Mallory
for the past five years, having come
here with her husband and family
.from Charles City, Iowa. The body
'will, be shipped to Charles City where
burisl will be made some time 4ur*
ihg- the week.
Only Fifty Cases Of
f: Influenza Reported
a"hearty""welcome"'by the""people o'f Partment and about 50 cases in all,
the city.
A few more cases of influenza have
been reported to the city health de-
most of them milrl ones, at present
rxist in this tity, Dr. G. P. Kirk to
day said.
The situation, however, is not con.
sidered sufficiently serious to war
rant the closing- of schools and school
8esgjon3 Win
continue as usual,
The Pepin Frost Proof Radiator
Manufacturing company, located al
114 DeMers avenue, has i, just been
opened for business, a.nd is now prer
pared to repair and manufacture
radiators. The firm was formerly
knoWn as the Aulo Radiator Shop.
A large company of friends gath
ered on Saturday night at the h6me
of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thureen, who
reside north of East Grand Forks,
an'd enjoyed a dancing party. Re-
(New York World.)
Thirty principal countries .of the..
world,^as figured up by the. National',
City bank of New York, and not in-*11'
eluding Russia, have increased their
paper money circulation from $7,250.
000,000 in 1914 to $50,000,000,000 in
last Decembec. This is an increase of
almost 600 per cent.
"The ratio of gold notes in the cen
tral European countries has fallen
from 49.7 in 1914 to 1.7 per cent. In
the Allied countries the ratio has fal
len in the same time' from 76.6 to
17.1 per cent.
Our own note circniation is shown
to have increased'from $1,!»6,O0Q,OO6
in. 1914 tp $4,051,000,000 last Decem
bcir, or. 30X) per cent, while our. ratio
of gold holdings, to notes has fallen
from 99.6 per cent to 52.3 per cent,
Europe generally is thus shown to
be on an inconvertible currency basis.
But the United States, great as has
been its monetary inflation in any
other comparison than with Europe,
is evidently able easily to maintain
In the face of so vast, and un«
emapled an expansion of the. circulat
ing medium, there can be no mystery
about the general rise in prices. This
•will be fourid largely to correspond in
each country to the increase. in the,
currency volume of that country.' And"
when/ price. }s. but the expansion, of
the value of any commodity in. ferpaS
of the actual circulating medium,
whatever it is, the first could noT~well
be otherwise. The way back to lower
prices is by way of reducing this
super-abundance and consequent
cheapness of currency.
Any design you want artistically
arranged at reasonable prices and
sent' out on a few hoars' notice.
Lodge work a specialty.
Flower Shop
408 Dslliis AWM
Gtrand Vorks Worth Dakota
Pboa* 1M1 Slgkt 1MOW
HuumUctiteg WatiRM
Embroldertag mm) nMUw ,,
«or BeMsts At* Sotk P«—
Foot specialist corns- removed with
out pain |nstant relief to tired and
aching ieet: nails: .bunions treated.
"ii'f Drug Stbrd Tlilrd and iH'Mm
I'Ubne 13M
Dr. GHbert Moskau
MS 191
ttMkwntm litl'WH.
rieet ^. »e«wi 4U «W
ra* rifWrtrfen •»a iih-.i.m
The Store. Accomnwdtiting,
I Many and Varied Are the Ways You Ma^
Economize During Februarym
S 'N,' V-'- 'V"
S- In every department are to be found stocks of merohandiae that are being cleared away t® make f!$j|
room for the New. 8piing materials. Where such is the caae radical reductions have beep made.^ ,g.|^
S Then there are the New Spring Stocks already received which were contracted for months ago.,
S Even on these there is a decided saving for early shoppeers as it is almost impossible to r«plac« ajk,
ij 5 *W\
5 single article without paying a still higher price.t y-' 3$$ 3^
I We Still Have a Number.of
Very )ine suit values at Vi price
$49.75 Velvet Dresses Reduced to
15 Two Toned Taffeta Petticoats i,
$1.00 Model Brassieres, sizes 42 to 50 at
These suits go on sale Monday morning at 9:30 5^
at just ONE-HALF the original selling price. Af
ter Monday, a further reduction of One Dollar
each c.ay will
made Until all arc sold. But there |,
may not be any left Monday night. 5
$89.25 buys a Brown Velour Suit with Genuine 5
Beaver Collar, braided with Soutache braid. Size, 5
36. Formerly priced at $178.50. S
$67.25 buys a Taupe Broad Cloth Suit with Mole
collar fancy silk,lined coat, pleated. Size IB. 5j
Formerly priced at $134.50.
$62.25 buys a Taupe Yelour braided suit, ripple 5i
Coat, with Mole*coll.ir» fancy silk lining. Size 36. 5?
Formerly priced at $124.50.
$39.25 buys a Novelty Tweed Suit, plain silk lined 5
belted coat. .Size 16, or a Burgundy Yelour Suit,
fancy lined, size 18, formerly priced at $78.50.
A Preliminary Presentation 1
of 1920
Spring Millinery
To the many women whose interest now turns to the
New Millinery, this presentation means an occasion 6f js
real advantage. Beautiful Millinery, exclusive crea
lions, possessing that certain distinctive charm always 5
found here for dress and street wear. For motoring,— 5
for travel, for resort wear, and for those who may re- 5
main at home. Developed .of Celophane, of Batavia 2
Cloth, Horse hair, Raffia, Silk, Taffeta or Satin or of
Ribbon and Straw combinations.
Many beautifully embroidered in exquisitely blended
Priced From $8.00 to $35.001
1 Early Buying of the New
Wash Fabrics is Wise Buying
ExperiencedTrimmer Want#
The most fashionable of Spring and Summer Wash
Fabrics ire here in great abundance. From pur point
of view, never have we shown a more complete, and com- 5
prehensive assortment of authentic fashions than we do
now. From your point of view, never have you gotten 5
greater pleasure out of choosing and wearing the new
things than you will gctt from these and never better
satisfaction from a .quality- standpoint, I
Present stocks offer much better opportunities for S
pleasing choic^than you can expect to get later on. For
that reason we ^ay that the early buying of your Spring 2
and Summer wash materials is wise 2
mention a few of the ifaaterials that are to be 2
prominently featured and that will be found in the ward- 2
.robes of the best dressed women, we say— ,•'.
.Voiles, Marquisettes, Organdie^ Crepes,' Tissues I
all of which tan be easily and satisfactorily chosen from
present stocks at popular prices:
$ 3 4 8
5 9 S
-jir -.-

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