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15, NO. 120^
icumentary Evidence Dis
poses of "Attack Of War
Record of Independent
Candidate Made by the
Townley Kept Press.
fcismarck, N. D., May 19—That
^William linger,, attorney general.
Republican nominee' lor gover
nor, twice tried to enlist
St during the
war altl%ugh he was exempted
service by virtue ot his state po-
lition, has been made public today
a letter signed by E. P. Keppel,
.formerly third assistant secretary of
j?.War, Washington, D. C.
f,fc: Since the launching of the Langer
|b6om for governor, which culminated
1st Thursday in his being unani
mously nominated at the MinoV Re
sublican convention^ head the tick
et for the anti-Townley forces there
|ias been a persistent, effort to dis
credit him by baseless lies concerning
war record.
The correspondence made public
©day is decidedly interesting. When
he world war broke out William
nger offered to enlist. After tak
the matter up with Judge L- E.
iirdzell, chairman of the draft board
Spd finding out that the war depart,
lent wished all state officials to keei
eir offices and not resign, and aftei
,ving been refused permission to cn-
Langer took up the matter with
•, D. Keppel, assistant secretary of
ir, who also urged .that Langer
i^p on acting as attorney general..
Secretary's Ijetter.
Recently while in Washington try-.
ipg cases for the state before the
s£ijghited States supreme court. Attorney
neral Langer called up Mr. Keppel.
following letter effectually dis
SijfRises of any charges that Langsr did'
ffl&noe do his part in the war:
"The American Red Crosi,"
"Washington, D. C.,
MfT -"April' 19, 1920.
pSfDear Mr. Langer:—
p,. "With reference to your inquiry of
gthis morning, 1 recall receiving the
|ifetter dated August 3, '1918, of which
|you showed'me a carbon copy where
£In the closing paragraph read as fol
lows: I
"'Very likely you know of some
•Solace"where 1 could do something for
fthe government 'at this time. I am
|iyery desirous of going into gome foart.
.of the forces of our government
|if|'where I can do the -most- good, and
|feif you can spare the time 1 would
gjV be exceedingly grateful if you would
1|indicate-"where that is.' Naturally, 1
R,r prefer to see active service, to go to
^'France or Italy'where I can be in-the
Xtrenches and it is immaterial to me
whether I go as a private direct, or
I'first go to an officer's training camp,
e? Should there be an occasioh for wish
(jj-ing to send some fellows to- South
America, China, Africa, or any other
part of the world, I would be glad
to go where
verserit, on a private's
pay, prlvate's ra^k or any other way.
When 1 was iri WaflKin'gton figured
tha^tho wi*r-:, w,dril*d«end in three*
r..jnWilh^lfrriytauc of -tfrtf. Vne^sp^OTB
Were hopeful, bijt JifcH' tUat I woiuld'
not be doing my duty, towards my
country if I did nt»t offer my, serutjces
and 1 do not vritfef -aafcing for/any/
f^vor or any exertion of influence
my behalf, or anything -of that
fr4 1
Offered His
Servicesin Army During the
y, War Secretary's Letter Shows
kind. I simply wish you to indicate e. Duis, of Grand Forks iti the- chair,
where you, knowing me believe I The-first business of .the. morning was
«could do- the 'most good.' the appointment of committees on
"I have no documentary record of credentials, order of business and
your personal visit earlier in the year, I resolutions. After their appoint
but I remember, the Visit and should ments the committees retired to pre
judge that' it took place- about the pare their reports, and the remain
date you mentioned, viz., March 1, fier'- pf the forenoon was devoted to'
1918. I recall alio that during your the Consideration of the initiated Red
visit, I told you thjrt it was probably Flag law and the several referred
best for you to continue your work measures. Addresses explanatory of
as attorney general in North Dakota these bills were made, by J. F. T.
I. tliat if the government felt there was I O'Connor of Grand Forks, Rev.
greater need for you in military serv- jBirchenough of St. Thomas and
ice, it would not hesitate to call you. others.
"On receipt of your letter of. Au- up to th© noon ho.ur there was no
gust 3, I- repliecf on August 19. ex- satisfactory indication as to where
K' pressing my interest in your offer, the choice of the convention for gov
Lbut explaining that*at that time 'artI |ei nor might go.' The support of the
jenlistmenLs and commissions arc held Relegates at-that time was distributed
up until after congress ha« enacted^!
The best refutation of this is the
ict .that no one has 'put forth a
Sjaim for'$1,000 reward offered by the
|ttorney general to any one .who can
l»rove to a committee of American
egion men,- former boys wounded "jiff*
ction, to be named by State Com*
|Mander C. L. Dawson of Beach, that
^Langer ever committed one single
^unpatriotic. act that hq sent an as
sistant attorney general anywhere at
Ktjio expense of the state to secure ex
emption of his brother, or any other
such charge.
At the beginning of the war, Frank
anger was' in a partnership in Suh
yside. Wash. His partner enlisted,
frank Langer reported for service on
draft call finally secured'a 90-day
eave of absence, straightened tjp his
^usin'ess affairs, Jsold his business for
fte best price obtainable, then enlist
went to*France, saw. action' else
where and was'finally wounded dur
the fighting in the Arftonne for
st. He laid pn the battlefield 24
and was subsequently in the
hospitals in France for five mopths.
Democratic State
fonvditioii At Fargo
J,arg^''N li.,lMay 18 —The North
Jikota -democratic state gonventiop
!r the endorsement »f a state tic,ket
the.' June -ir|maries will -be' held
•e tomorrow, the session being
sheduled tp ppen at 10 a. m.
Princft$il interest centers in the
ibernatorial situation, with. Scott
imeron of IJnton, Dr. L. A. Piatou
ro» J. F. Ti p'ConA.?^ of Grand
and Wesley C. llcDoweil of
rion. mtyt prpminently mentioned
Barton Payne
has be«ji appointed director general
of railroads to succeed Walker D.
Hines. •.••
Baltimore—Samuel D'. Riddle's 3t
year-old Man-O-War won the BreaK
ness historic mile and a furlong race,
at .Pimlico, taking the *23,000 purse.
Washington—Woman suffrage ad
vocates heckled WillH. Hays, repub
lican national chairman, while he
made a speech at a meeting of repub
lican women of the District of Colum-,
London—Government's Irish home
rule bill changed to proviHe for two
senates for northern and southern
Ireland in proposed Irish parliament'.
Ottawa—Elimination of war import
duties and -substitution of luxury tax
es are provided in proposals submitted
to parliament by the finance* minister.
Clfcvel^nd—Representatives of 75
coal companies decided to pool all
their coal and equipment, to overcome
the freight tie-up.
Committees of Credentials,
Orders and' Resolutions
By Staff porrespondent
Fargo, N. D., May. 19.—Resolutions
condemning the present Socialist ad
ministration of the state of North Da
kota and the Socialistic: purposes of
its actions were reported to the Dem
ocratic. convention here today by the
committee on resolutions Of which
S. J. Doyle is chairman.
The resolutions submitted declare
in favor of the', proposed ^ate mill
and elevator providing the Expendit
ure of money for the enterprisa is
limited to-a'reasonable amount, and
no further experiments are begun
until its success is assured, and pro
vide for changes in the ul£s of the
Bank of North Dakota, so as to make
that institution a real 16nd tloan
On- hational aaffirs the proposed
resolutions endorse the Wilson ad
ministration and the peace treaty
with such reservations as will pre
serve its essential, purpose, and con
demn ,the I^odge resolution.
A committee on nom'inatiort of can
'djidates .fQc-governor /has been.. ap,
.poUiW.d-' "lit®"'
this aftefnffon, dr th^g eVeAin'g.
(Herald Special' Service.)
JPiirgo'i May 9.-^-The' Deihdcratic
statev convention convened in the A.
O. t-:' W. halt at 10 A. M., with Geo
the pending legislation with regards piatou of Fargo. Cameron of IJnton
to the draft age.' iand McDowell of Marion. There hAd
"I myself, left for a short'trip to
I.France in October, iftlS, and before
I'tiriy return the armistice had been
fsigned. Yours very truly,
-"F. P. Keppel,
"Former Third Assistant Secretary of landed his attention.
The "Brother" Yarn.
Thfe Townley "kept" -newspaper^
thave recently circulated a tale charg
ing Langer with having attempted
S-tio secure the exemption of his broth
Iter from -niilltary service. i'
ingHiin, Als., Majr 1»."
meetlng.here today
noon- will elect four dslbffates at
rge to the national convention at
ilcago. £lstrict Relegates already
jtv^beeq chosen. Osperal Leonard
.food and Governor Frank Lowden
bt Illinois were paid to be the- most
favored of the candidates, with state
Relegates pledged to (he former claim-
p'Onnnnr of Grand Forks,
,been some discussion of Duis for
governor, ,bil£__he declared that he
was not' seeking the nomination, and
could not tfike it because of .his busi
ness and other1 interests-which de-
Perry of Ellendale remained tho
only person-' in sight for the sena
torial nomination.
of Timber Workers
DestroyeLby Blaze in
Itasca Yesterday.
Duluth, Minn., May 19.—It is be
lieved last night's heavy rain in north
ern Minnesota put an end to the forest
and brush ID-es. north and weet of
Reports/received today say that fiV-e
in the Swallow and Hopkif holdings,
north of Ely, in grave danger yester
day, was due to the flames getting out
of control of a company crew burning
winter slashings. A thousand acres
yere byrned -over.
A lire started near the holdings of
G. H. Good,, e|Lst of Ely, but was con
trolled. flames wiped out a sheep
ranch on Stony Road,' south of Ely.
The Are spread from land being
cleared. "Twenty-five men .weVe bij
this fire line yesterday. 'I
Near the Itasca-Koochiching county
line. Are destroyed th'e camps of the
ftinnesota Timber and. Cedar com
pany. The sawmill of the Minneapolis
Lumber and Fuel company and its en
tire .summer run of 'logs. near
Northome, were destroyed. The In
ternational Lumber cbmpany has sent
out a force .of guards to,* its. camps in
Koochiching 'coiinty.
Fires near Section &0. have been ex*
That Teacher Suicided
'. .'
Stanley, N. D., May^18 —{JffJclalS
df Mouhtrail county have Conducted
aq extended inqulry intb the case 'of
Miss Sadie Webber, the school teach
ef. whose body was found in. her home
near BlalSdeit. ind are. •satlsAed that
IV is a clear ease of suielde. At the
time hear body was fotifed, relatljres be
Ilevea thfat she 'had met wit)i foul
Ranging From 20 to 50
•'Per Gent.
Om^ha, May 19.—Dealers in auto
mobiles and, dentists today -announced
material reductions in their prices,
while among- the larger department
stores all 'but one had placed tin sale
their entire or greater portion of their
stocks at discounts ranging from 20
to 501 per cent. Several shoe dealers
also announced discounts of one-fifth
of the selling price. One exclusive
ready to wear establishment which is
selling its stock at figures from 30 to
50 per "cent below the market price
in an advertisement advises its cus
tomers to buy at "the absurd discounts
being offered in Omaha and nowhere
else on earth."
Several dentists advertised a 25 per
cent reduction, on all work.
20 Per Cent is General.
Youngstown, Ohio, May 19.—-A re
duction of 20 per cent in price of
nearly all goods was announced today
by one of the large downtown depart
ment stores.
Silk Shirts Hit.
Indianapolis. Ind., May 19.—Silk
shirts.and suits for men are the first
articles of clothing to suffer radical
reductions in Indiana and several
the leading merchants of this city are
offering men's. furnishings today at
from 20 to 30 ,pcr cent below former
St. I«ais Stolres in Line.
St. Louis, Mo., May. 19.—Reductions
in prices of clothing of from 15 to 35
per, cent were announce^ by three of
the larger department stores* here to
day.. Several men's clothing .. stores
announced 33 1-3 per cent reduction
in the price of •suiUi
Meat Prices Drop.
Chicago, May 19.—Chicago, meat
center of the world, is eating meat im
ported from Australia and New Zea
The price of lamb has been forced
down two cents in the Chicago mar
ket, packers say, by large importations
of frozen lamb from the Antipodes.
St. Paul Reduces.
day by sevei
out that whilie they -had made ho gen
eral pfice reduction, "the usual Spring
sales. areton,- with reduced prices-pre
vailing." f'vtti-
Woman To Be Member
01 Crew Of Shamrock
New York, May 19.—A woman will
be a member of a crew in' an Ameri
ca's cup race for the first time in
tory. it was learned today., Mi's.^'W ."
P. Burton, wife of Captain I&r£on,
skipper of the Shamrock IV, has been
appointed by Sir Thbmas Liipton as a
member of the after' guard. of the
Mrs. Burton, who is an. amateur
skipper, won many prizes in regattas
8f the Royal Corinthian Yacht club.
Captain Burton and his wife are ex
pected to arrive in. New York .tomor
row on the streamer Adriatic.
Bakeries Will Soon Be'
ii' JV-? F^- NORTH. DAKOTA'S fl'tesifecfrfcAtfEST NEWSPAPER "WW
Auto Dealers andDentists
Latest Retailers To Join
In the Reduction of Prices
Silk Shirts ai^d Suit$ for Men
First Articles Affected in
Indiana Reductions Are
tndianapolisr Ind, M&y" !®,—Jftec
ommendation that the in'terstate: com?
'merce. commitwion at' once establish
"priority regulations *6r the? shipment
of coal from the mines to -state in
stitutions aiid utilities' In Indiana
would be made by the public service
Commission) John W. McCardle, vice
chairman of. the commission, an
nounced today. This recommendation
was included inthe report' the In
diana commission made to the Com
merce commission
ment That England Has
Violated/ Pledges^
The ferociously cruel blockade of I
Russia is actually maintained, al
though legally non-existent,'while a
stream of goods is flowing into!
St. Paul business estab- Russia.. According to the. Herald
A wholesale millinery concern, .the tional strike as a protest against the
largest' ln the northwest, announced it
would open its doors to retail tgade
and dispose Of a' $1,3^0,000 stock at
prices 50 per cent or
below pre-
vailing retail prices.
One large .men's furnishings, .store,
which operates stores in several cities,
announced a general reduction.., in
price Of ,'15'per-cent. The saihe. cut
London, May 19.—Denunciation of
the Polish attack on Bolshevik Rus
sia- and what is regarded -as Great .,
Britain's complicity in that offensive ')r°p
ln ,SSUed
by saying:
movement is rising rapidly, and labor
Should see that the attack upon Rus
sia is ended." The triennial confer
ence of. the dockers' union sitting at!
Plymouth, has passed by acclamation
M4riced a resolution forbidding Iho loading of
St..Pjau.l, .Minn., May 19,
rice reductions were announced'-to-^» any-more munitions to be usetf"against
Attorney For Field Estate
Trustees Declares Will
Is Proper.
Chicago, iJay 19.—Marshall Field's
purpose in tying up his immense ljor
tune until his grandsons reached 1515
age of/SO was to protect his descend
ants from "leadinB useless lives of
luxury and-idleness," according to At
torney ..John P. Wilson.' representing
the Field estate trustees in the action
brought by Captain1 Marshall Field
111 to obtain poss^ision of. the resi
duary estate at this\time.
Attorneys representing Captain:,
ield have attacked the-will- of the
merchant prince as contrary lo pub
lic policy because it accumulated a
huge foYtune, and have cited the ex-
Carnegie and other
large .part of their^wealth."
number of labor leaders, includ
ing John Robert Clynes, 'William
Brace and William Crooks laborlte
members ofpaHiamen?^emaii-
festo states the attack of Poland on
soviet Russia meana a "prolongation
of war and chaos, the victory of
secret diplomacy and the defeat of
the League of Nations." The British
pvernment is accused of "violating
its pledges by sending munitions to
Poland," the manifesto declaring:
ufras to
.. t,
••The temper of t*e whole, ihbor Application Requests Intra
state Boost Dependent Up
on Interstate Action.
organ ot labor, the question of a na- filed with the North Dakota state
Polish attAck on Russia is being dis
cussed in labor circles.
Delegates Arrive.'
Moscow, May 17.—An impressive
demonstration greeted the, English
trade union delegation upon its arrival
here at jio.on today. Virtually, every
Bismarck. N. D., May 19.—An ap
plication has been prepared to be
railroad commission, asking that in
the event, that the interstate com
merce commission increases freight
rates on interstate business, that a
similar increase be made on intra
state rates.
local union was represented in the interstate, commerce commission the
1'--"--- railrqiSsi tpr rates
say -a rain WessA ry
.. ... tMISWug-typerating costs/
wearipg red arm bands and edekades. North Dakota's freight rat^ situa
ynlOn jOfflclals were in the minority, tion is. compitoaLted by. the fict that
most ,o»^e delegates present being the legislature three years ago passed
f^CTOiT'Aml^railroad workers, a law fixing rates and curbing the
addresses'of welcome by rkilroad commission's powers to
chairman of the Moscow soviet: change them. Those rates have been
and the chairman of the all-Russian held up through the government op
rr®" trades unions, the Brit- eration of the railroads, and the leg
ish delegates aftsured the representa- islation by congress incident to the
lives of Russian workers at the sta- return of/he rail properties to their
tion that English workmen were op- owners. 1
posed to the blockade, of Russia^ in-1
-tervention in this country .and Polish -UFfi CAU CI/^MC
a .^Th'ey :. »A^JiS5cea ... they- WILOUPI OlUnd
*o»ldfi«)»on their rWurrr-" to Bng-
iartd^rlng t'Me pressure Sf' Arganiaed'
labor to bear upon t"he British gov
ernment for the purpose of forcing a
resumption of relations with Russia.
The application by the railroads
contemplates that the state comjnis
sion shall' consider jointly 'with the
Salt liake City—Nick Cullop, for
mer big league pitcHer who jumped to,
an independent team, returned to Salt, porary adjustment of pay sc'ales for
I«ake City .when an injunction was se-j officers and enlisted men pending per
pnred tb restrain him from playing nianent legislation on the^ubject at
with the independents.
Washington. irfay 19.—President
Wilson today signed the army and
navy pay bill, providing'^for a .tem-
later date.
Speaks on Industrial Unrest
At Meeting of Trust
Marshall Fiel'd's motive, Mr. Wil- ?f„Jnorj IJ11" ^n^r one-quarter
I Captain Field and the late Henry
riwloro in I'^ield, the "opportunity of becoming company of New York. told the S',ver
i^aDOriteS Ueclare in
men among men despite the handicap Jubilee convention of the National
men among men despite the handicap
of a great wealth."
Under the will 'Captain Field will
receive $500,000 at the age of 30 $1,
200,000 at 35 $1,800,000 at 40 and at
45 the accumulated interest, amount
ing to $90,000,000. During the next
five years the estate will pay him
an income of $3,000,000 annually and
on his 50th birtlidaly he will receive
arc joining
Captain Field .in attacking the. will
are Mrs. Nancy Field Tree, widow of
3-year-old^on of Henry Field,
New York, May 19.—An Incomplete
list of direct losses due to strikes in
m9 p]acos thc cost t0
in wiges
at nearly $725,000,000 and to industry jies was about
hU billion dollars, Francis H. Sisson, vice!
»I or i,.,.
costs and increased rents.

Henry Anthony
at more than one and onV-quarter ha)ted by the order of the cou.-t.
The A. Guthrie Company «.f M:n-
day. The chief danger in the present
situation, Mr. Sisson said.. is that the
desirability, of lpw prices as an end ip
itself may be so exaggerating as to
lead to force prices down through
harmful measures, for the control of
The banker spoke at length on in
dustrial unrest, analyzing its effect on
'the country's economic .condition and
blaming strike fevers for high living
increasing rents
and as a result make prices for goods larger portion of the stock was sub
-and services higher." scribed by the farmers and others
Declaring that the United States is
living beyond its means, Mr. Sisson!
Committee^ Report May Be
Put in Final Shape For
Chicago Meeting.
Washington. May. 19.—Revision of
platform suggestions of the special
Republican committee of 171, was
continued here today by a group of
party chiefs, including, the national
chairman. Will E. Hays, and. Repub
lican leaders in congress. The task
of putting the'committee's report into
final form for the Chicago conven
tion, it was said, probably would be
completed during the day.
The report does not touch on some
of the issues which are expected, to
be foremost in the platform, and the
Peace Legislation Will Be
Called For Final Action
On Friday.
Washington. May 19.—Republican
leaders in the house agreed.' today to
accept the peace resolution adopted
by the senate as a substitute for the
house resolution and decided tenta
tively to call it up Friday for final ac
While in the Midst of Peace,
France is Urged by Marshal
Foch fa Prepare For
Germany twiah
Will fie Forced to Keepj TZJZZ
Prepared for Future Wars
With That Country.
Paris, Ma#. "jthat 'Sueed to impotonef
France mpst. In the iqjjj^t.ot peaiw' p^eon, wto able
make preparations for
Whs uttered by Marshal
presldad at the annual meeting of
nto School for army engt
aewstoday.Dlscttsslng^essons ofthe.
Line From Kdinburg to Con*
crete Bought by Gudme'
Co. -it Mortgage Siadei
Plan Jo Scrap Road Bedf
placed in operation in 190$. The I
'n the district to be serve!,
said: "The facts are such as should president of the railway comnany.
arouse us from our comatose state ofi**or
snug contentment, with our present '^e road has been confined to thp'
position and future prospects. grain moving seAon of the year..
"It is time indeed for
Joseph Choate to cry out to our peo- rolling-stock being used, although for,
pie,.'America, wake up-—and for God's
sake hurry'." tempt was made to operate regular
train service, and there were oon»
siderable shipments of cement from
the vicinity of Concrete.
is on Ground jtcf.
Begin work When Judge
Kneeshaw Issues Injund-:
A dash by automobile to Pembinii
and a. restraining order issued .by
Judge W. J. Kneeshaw* of the P-em-.
biha (Jistrict court Monday saved. thA
Northern Dakota Railway extending
from Edinburgh to Concrete,
untimely extinction.
The work of tearing up th« track*
'd ties was about to begtn^ whe«o
at Concrete had a crew' of man cm
the ground ready to begin the work.!
of demolition when the .ioourt order
As it is the residents along the'iine
have secured an order whioh prer
vents further attempts to. tear up the
road pending hearing of the casa on
its merits. Their legal interests ere
being looked after by Sveinojurn
JoKnson of Grand Forks and George
Grimson of Langdon.
'fhe Northern Dakota' railway Is a
He urged line 21 miles in length extending
the conservation of our natural re- from Edinburg. Walsh county on' t!
sources as a means of maintaining our Hannah line of the Great Northern
economic position in the world. to Concrete irt Pembina county, paw
"We have heard much about rent ing through the. towns of Gar lar and
profiteers." Mr. Sisson said, "but or- Mountain. It is the only railway
ganized labor either does not realize connection which the people' of Gar-:
or closes its eyes to the fact that every dar, Mountain, and Concrete h&w
time men employed in the building with the rest of the world.
trades go on a strike or shirk at their ijn.
tasks they penalize society—which in-i 7
eludes themselves-—by increasing the: The road was built in 1907 and
cost of building, thus
Thorwaldson of Mouutain ip
time past the operation o/
Great Northern Engines and other*
time after its construction an at-
The company had issiied Sonds fnr,
some $200,000 which were lieJl by1
a Minneapolis concern. These bonds
came due, and the company began
foreclosure proceedings.
Foreclosalre Sole.
Court Order Issaed.'
party leaders expected to continue all I ing order wds issued by the judge,
of this week conferences over
was served Monday on the rail-1
tested planks. road company, the Guthrie 'concern.
Liquor, the J^eague of Nations andjand others interested.
Mexico are among the subjects omit-I As a result' the tracks are still
ted from the committee report and (there.
left out of consideration for the pres-I President Thorwaldson when reach
ent by the conference of leaders... ed by t«yhone froig._Grand t'orss
On all of these subjects, -however, this afternoon stated that a de
data is being prepared it is said, jtermined fight would be ina4" in!
from independent sources, for dis-!the courts to prevent the removal
cussion by the party chiefs between the railroad. He expressed the con
now and convention time.
As a result, a temporary restrain-
I riction that if the line was improved,
'and extended it would be a profit
able investment.
Berlin. May 19.—Thei German waf
criminals on the list recently present
ed the government by the allies hav«
been summoned by the chief imperial
republic prosecutor to appear before,
the 'supreme court at Leipsie between
June 7 and June 20, according to the.
Minnesota: Mostly doady
weather probably with shoves*
tonight or Ttaorsday 'in aootfe
and extreme, east portions ooolcr
Ttuireday and in pasliosi
North Dakota: Generally fab-fe
and somewhat cooler toat/flft-aadm^
,. which, inspired by
up arms in
That on the plea of htstprier/necessityT, t-SS
Germany's neighbors, whether. I thw
to or not. will be forced to'
hup 'krmies and mala stropg a
ow ,ca« Wlf
he con
ttve mllttaHsm aad
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property ~."#aa
other "burners ...
awarded to -the Minneapolis concern
fftr $35,000. 'which planned to scrap
the material-for use elsewhere.
Demolition Attempted.
A crew of'men Was sent. to. Con
crete to begin the' removal of the
ties, rails, etc. from the road bed for
use elsewhere. Their arrival caused
consternation. It was at this time
that the elevator men. merchants,
and other residents, of the towns
along the line woke up to their'
situation. Realising that, the "-bodily
removal of the railroad meant "the
(practical wiping out of tfce three
towns, they got together, obtained
legal assistance, and an attorney was
sent to Pembina in an autoinobile to
confer with Judge Kneeshaw..

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