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ftVSfflTrg samoa.
sold $8 ,1^
-'-Wd- irtie. a
i.i_-1^*1^ •lg^rtirtlin-ftf Vl""«rp°i"y"
^nn^iSfowers Also Having
Their Troubles,Says George
B. Winship, Ex-Local Editor
i^deo •]&Winship
To The
of 8out
of the citrus
„!W«lSWHlR-d»rijng..the ne*t, session of
congress the lemon crop of 1922 may
bring living prices, but unless the tar
-ift is. restored lemon production in
h«rnrC$IlfEnia will be a thing of
FtI^- paistV dmv» through the lem
fo ri' dlBtlrtct'pf .Vista a feW days
~,tn«y and found 'OTchards laden with
•'icholcaf^rop. bu| tfone of it was be
plcltfe'd:'. packing houses are
cloeed and, vtMS^^rdlsts vgeneraUy have
fprOIL ^|*hne- will
unpn ^h'e ^nes,' Whtle,
Qthers will
re tlwte- croi^J«iy to thosc who .will
fk afrd,
irnCt io/.the Citrus
.S„fi56t. At i^ajtlbiial! City, who
pjr to^lQurlhg the past sea
lUa'A leiAow have 'sold at At
|ipo'rti(«,at'1«(B» thjCn^ttie cost of
packing and freight to Ncjiw-Tork of
the California product r.'Xiast week
lemons froni Sictty vrerti quoted in
New jXprk and Philadelphia at prices
ranging,from $^0,0 to $2.2B per box.
FreHtht to :. N^W/Tork from Pacific
coast is $l,a5 ,:pey .100 lbs., packing
chjU^^^about 70 cents per
ifhlefiPgifowers can realize at
t' $^f0i |iW:'?bi6x"'there IS nothing in-the.
business'.' for them. Citrus feu it is
perishable- stuff, and unlike the North
•Pakota graln produuct, it cannot be
storM away in elevators for. an in
ffite l^tJuupfiA few. months in a
ii«to^ mtm is all it wlll stand,
ten,, top, it takes about seven years
to' ^create, a fruit-bearing orchard,
during which time the best of care
nust toe given it'. So you can Imagine
dilemma the lemon growers are,
They can't afford to harvest this
S,3rear'«i. fcrop neither can they afford
\to let tlieir orchards go back. It that
ish't .a "between-the-devil-and-deep
sea'*. proposition I don't know what- It
*.' ik
One of my fayprite indoor sports la
to inspect, annually at least, a large
aize wallet containing-^ conglomerate
variety of aecuritiea of doubttj.il valu^
I' f' I,..Jike to look, at "these' mementoes for
'the'humor they' inspire and the mem
ories tl\ay' recal.K During my career
in" Grand I-'orlt^ I dipped into a good
many things outside of the printing
'business. But few stocl'^deals or new
^projects were promoted that did not
Oh'clude nie':among the list of mulct
ed citizens. All the ^slick promotcra
had -to dp'-was to solemnly-asseverate
that their proposition would be a
"good .thing,-for the town," and I fell
for it without, further investigation
and tti£ result is that the old thumb
|]|)jp£njjWa$let referred to is laden with
a stoclj of bonds, deeds, notes, and,
othefvt ^yldehijes of pristine wealth,
that would._jr\ake, me tolerably afflu
ent if .eyen 50 per cent of the par
value of, thes?e papers could be reali*
id. Ten years ago this c9llection of
I supposed wea lth' was catalogued
(^among. my live assets and approxl
jAjately.' KlS,00i In' round" figures. Five
^reard lated? I
"revised those rotund fig-
ed, I fondly'hoped, and we producers,
fij/ would/ receive adequate remuneration
for our sweat. We did not expect
pre-war pieces by any means, but we
'did expect reasonably remuneration.
The returns are alUin, the books bal
anced for the year, and here is the
resi|lt Fruit picked, 1,^20 boxea sold
for *888. Expensc account $1,328
In the hole $440. How is that, for
making* money? Not as .easy and
Juicya's I had arranged for
"two years
ago. s.
But" the worst phase of the situa
'-is-^'that"4here- is no Immediate
Jfe^terment of corjdl-.
(PP-fo^some u^ne to come. If a two-,
»centJEij pbund itkriff is placed on I
and rpduced them one-half. Last
j^eaKrtx annudl inBpoction was more
cheerless and hopeless and valueless
than former ones, and again I sifted
the -Wheat from the chaff, and reduc
ed" the figures to $1,000. That slash
to the core struck the bottom since
then there has' been a rebound new
life has been injected into soigct of the
old stuff, and Some of it is "coming
back". fine forn-A Business is Ipok
flng .up again at the 0^ stand.
ft Became a collector of these relics
J., shortly after the. cpmpletion of The
Herald building In 1890. Previous to
that' date my collection was small and
'er4iseli6ctv an^lWiited largely to re
^punwted1 ^firttes^ had signed for
'tfrl^nds g^ln advertising deals dur
of *82 I aequired no end
of town lots in the embryocities .of
Stiqkhey, H^Trisburg. Odessa,. Michi
gan, Mekinock. 'etc.. etc.,. bUP theiy
cost little, aWowtiershlp of them was
~*aoon forgotten.,{% had strained every
1 in my fliiancfal system to com-
Th/. Herald building, and ordit
prudence should have prompted
pie- to go slow.' -But I didn't slow
down a particle. Every solicitation
caught me for something I imagined
that iwould increase the city reve
nue (tome, and In aome way The Her-
would get a' plece of the
had ^rriv-
/t VJ.
the friilt
f* it
mf-hoiww»r r«etfiin' Sorley and and got control of that all claims other than the first: nation it mikes freely with the other me a blook of stock in the Holland-
There may be a million dollars worth
of merchandise loaded in trucks,
hurrying to freight depots and
wharves, stopped dead by the Upraised hand
of this Guardian of the Law.
•. V'
There may be financial giants and
That doesn't matter. The only thil)f£
that does matter is the safety, the: those
welfare of the public—of ev
whether that person has but a few pennic
jingling in his purse or a bank account that
•tea, ,4?^
dependable^ "Best by Test" and never anything else.
I' *v«.
dignitatis of the highest rank fus- It is.the. lirm, upraised hand agsunst
Sing and fanmig luxurious limousine be^ inferior quaUty-against impurity, un
0,186 0
Si^e dis stand- ^.inW^po&y:
and he haa einfie tr^dc a «ue-! posed deal -with this city, dashed my the cockle burrs'of .y
printed In a soft orange shade of ink brought%me ,a serenitj* of mln* and years I didn't pay much attention to btsckoned me I s:
and. folded with e*actltude, Js includ- ]golden reforms that ,haye' aided ma- Great Northern we wer»- not at all paid-.gaiod hard
ed In my patalogue of llve assets. teriatly, in keeping the-' wrinkles out .ihtima|e 'but now am taklng oft my that looked just
I was an exponent of the "live aqd let wlched in between the more impor- sating in my heart. None of them, it a fevorite atrSMO Georgia street, years, daring which a 4 cei
live" principle In all its phases.. The taut. ones, until -the state felr ihe however,' have had any effect^ in re- lepoon In each package was offered as
bee. 7, The Metropolitan Opera House project street railway and .the auditorium storing hair to my baldv pate and The "comeback'^'epoch: referred to, a prise, the company paid 7 per. cent
ppoiritiTjents of the '•I,ded'.,,rt». early In Its inception, and projects were conceived,. and of teeth to my toothless jaws. Among set in early this year when Vece'lved dividends. Put when the spoon bait
from that time on I tumbled into course .1 got into.$& .these .On the the. good thlngi that"I hit in my co- |S50 from a supposed hopeless source, ifas discontinued the dividends ceas
every enterprise conceived
4jErmer are somewhat
.the lemon grower ...
TO lOf|®TOla with the Ad- "rtlie
of the northern plant ,.. ... ___ __.v ... ,— ____r_ ._.
i^#^4^ybars ago, readers Qirkholz, Titus and others, weary of that cheerful state Of mind that I had This stock moved oft slj
^WWiwSiomewhat exult- 'Paying bills, dumped that "decadent iondly hoped' for. F4»r a few, years lut having character'and. ..
1 a. institution onto me. iii'd fof two W*Jthe street car dlvlimhaa'.pame with o' It, It soon-'bounded^WMtm.^dv!c^t^.imy original holdlntv, a check 1 the final accounting Is made.
^(MMttku^^rom five acres I"thr*e years I'kept it: goihg'until-the^el|ghtMit.regul|.'rlty.'hut fer the past sears has ilhttr^ilid'for |M. Last week JS. J.I •*.' •,*"
^wditiitMwruit wbich net- P'*®11*118 ®®W to CarrutKand ori:'.fl*e '-vyears..-,-'|pe..haVe 'been- ha*ev.-abo«t the, houttndKfg^ Co. sent me a check for My old wallet has a lean and huh-:
a llttl^^kr $2 200 It was penile. Thlavsale waaa gr^irtliet ttrangera. hoi even ha4 a ep^aklng an Investment, off
the- ground floor. As I broke ieven. in the operation, with- others to bring happi- That was followed by a remittance'of ed, and for the past, eight years "Rye"
promotor. Tom Hennessy's sUte falrVproJeet have nd warries nesg to the. city, was a ptee_block of 160 from another source considered haa ceased to stimulate' mo, The
gas plant came next, I t&nk tban but the other two-haven^t- glven me stock In the Rasmusse^./Bfmls Co. dfeubttiil and then came the liqulda- obmpany is n«w In the hands of a
L'isomewhat exult- bills, dumped that decadent fondly hoped for./ Fora few, years but having character'andli-AWlit^ba^k.^h^^w I waa the'Wlnhe^of 40 peri stockholders will have a look-in *hen
^my ^rlglhial holdlngs. a check
easy money fancied that hav-and was one of mar most'hrH-' acaHukinta^.' As. Mr. -..the"-AUdltort* —Hind It has growntosixteen, repi«V.o^a lot' inMeCormack's addition ah& stirring Incident and .ludicrous
'game 22 per/ceit broflt for the future 'of mining propdaitlons: the Randolph celve the enusure of the Mue .pencil. value. Ah 8 per cent dividend hcvec ^y, and James Twaipley in a deal of paper" has come to he an impor
could be denended'UDon But the fol-
-lowing year When the 1919 croo was 'Lake Superior the Park Rlver Mln- ed with one swipe. I entertained a This stock, is the best that filnds a During C. A. McCann's administration. The secrets of history It divulges
gathered and naid for mv ontimlsm
haflifled there wasn't'a chuckle left Bennett's Silver Horn mine at Net- mortgage interest amounting to $700, nently first-class that it deserves a.on one occasion when control of the! reading. Almost every one of my
I in-me S522 was all I realised after hart, Montana, and otheris. About- might have a future value, but.the drawing-rooiiv compartment all by it- plant seemed to be slipping -frpito 1 varied collecti6n is animate with rem
l& nliMiiE the ptnotisp
aehievenientsl Then iame a lot utn, that was ,among thevflrst to re^ ^enting Rtof-e th«Q |l,dO of pVe-war Which I acquired from Tom Hennes*situations. Tou know that a "scrap
Mining Co., somewhere on Twelve hundred bucks wer« cixpung- fails to.ahow up each recurring year, mnnected with their gas company, tant factor in the MflCalrs ot the .world.
Co., somewhere out wcst Dick faint hope, until recently, that my haven in thq old wallet. It is so eml- of the Plalndealer I helped him out when necessary make Interesting
tlm«i co-opferated with John miggrestion of the Commercial club self but having no fear of contami- him. and subsequently he assigned iniscences of bygone days in Grand
Thorson in'^irjortpige be eliminated from the pro-jsecurities """x* ^-i—1-",— r~
Another-stock' that warms Montana Colonization Co.
Stationed at the buying corner? of
nearly a third of a cen
tury, has been a staunch, true guar-
dian of Baking Powder value, the .(Calumet
trade mark, the well known blue and orange
Calumet label with the Indian head.
certainty, unfair dealing and greed
of exc^sive profits. It is the protector of
ee». of. ijU The Normandeii'a certlft- hopcii to the cold.damp grquhd.. .. Wreat Northern Life. My holdings are life in (hat stock but It ralliedylaitar, 3?1* wottohr tl»y' -jjf&f
cateof stock reposes aafely in the old •.••' 5# small, but the returns are enough to and ani-now receiving reguia* ve. Despite the ttfct:4h*£ .iptdu
wallet, hut the record of dividends Not all my lnvceuncnts and aubsld- pay all hty annual dues ttf the varipua/dehds. The f^tes decreed that J,sJktuW Vth»«* Vl'arO ln .dH|Ti^^
Hm no pl&ee in my cash register.! ie« were otfi hapliavafd character, by clvio^ bodies that I still hold member- not acqttite any. Cream of Wheat
Nevertheless, that "pretty certificate'an^ means: I got Into some that ship in at Grand Forks. For several -stock, hut when '^reanM-ofr'BW^^delightto^gaiei^
A lOt or small airairs were sana-i 01 my nuq«. ana tn« warm oiooa pui- «»i 19 «. regular oivmenpu msiie otner "cream" stock. For a" few
A Wt of small affairs' WeVe sahd- of ny face and the warm blood pul- hat to it. Its reigular dividends make other "cream" stock. For
who are not acquainted with Baking
Powder quality—of those who are strivipg to,
nuse j|^id ^ta^dards and reduce food costs.
And it' does protectl It protects be-
but the returns ^re, enough tp-^and an- now |-eceivlng regula^ dt^/bje.
ill iny annual dues to'th» various dends. The fetes decreed that sbfuld Vih$tt)i
bodies that I still hold member- not acqttlte any
In at Grand Forks.—For several stock. but when
S a a a Co.,irecelver, and I am Informed ^that
proceeds of the salejgry aspect, but it bulges with' history
For a long
cause back of every tan of CMumet '|p!l| :fi®glil5
^one. 11t isn't his staf shinyjlut^ pmp^ »fevery _pei^ as weu as tne women
tons or size that ^ive gpwer to|^jpmmands^tl evjery buyer of Calumet the'highest of |01 unlifnit^a gets this pr^
I a
superior^ It highest awards at the
T\ 1 *i 1 I ..-..•L...
utmost of piirity and to. do this at
possible cost to the consumer*
Qduniet lfes no e^—ffd su^ndf^ lt reea^ed highest avmrds at the world's
it was granted highest honors at the P^i^, Exposition, Paris* France. It is sold at a moderate pwfe It contains
oap^rtin|re^it^aaAa«^ be^^|^ys«^aoved by U. S. Food Authorities ^tis-pur&j—
heart la the time there were noalgna Qf.p^iIhjUMPfcNMint^urK ap|UMIJjlttt
,'heart is the time th^re were no «ign» of pe^tihltify ^yent .pure, ^unadql
cuta foir
as,alluring as any
Forks. There is a tragic aspect, to
some'of them, but the majority rep-j
buying public.
Back of every can, are the lag
met Factories—tie largest
powder plants in the world, the most
modernly equipped, the most sam*
tary. Here a corps of food experts, of
chemists and of bakers are constant
ly testing, testing, testing proving
the purity of every mgredient pro*
ing the leavening strength of Cab
inet—proving its economy^-pfotect-W'
ing you against all possibility of an
inferior or an unbe:rfcin leavener fulfilling in
way our every obligation to the
J? levery penny as well as the
tection-^no matter
or when.
"Farmer's 'Hand to Be Felt la
of Congress".—Hllltlboro
Tat, tut, that's no plMe Jbfffe
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