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Cleveland daily leader. ([Cleveland, Ohio]) 1865-1873, June 09, 1866, Morning Edition., Image 4

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SATCKDAY, JU" 9, 1866.
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For Evening Edition New
ee inside. ? :
VFor Morning F.dltlon News
see outrjide.
For Saturday, June 9.
EDITORIAL. The Conn of Mr. Spalding!
The Rule or Bnia Policy of the Johnson Party ;
Political Items ; The Fenian Invasion of Canada ;
The Re-Election or Judge Spalding ; The Record ;
Tbe West Virginia Election; Tbe Herald Ap
plauding ,paldiag'f Kadicaliam; Concerning the
Post 0fflr ; General J. S.Comly ; Colonel 0 Neil ;
Free Trade in Letters ; etc., etc.
ing Up ; Explanatory ; Washington Topic and
Gonip; Boa. J. M. Ashley; Categorical;
Election of Congressmen ; Th, Congressional Con
vention ; etc.
MISCELLAJJEorS. The Dead Ship of Haxps-
wett Poetry ; Th. Bonrganani-EatoB Case ; Par
liamentary Scholarship la America; Cupid and
Mercer on the Pacific Coast ; Blondin Outdone ;
Plowed l'p a Corpsa ; Gen. Barry.
THE NEWS. TerrilVle Rail Road Accident;
Tbe Oil City Fire; Tits Fenian Bnmpas Fall
Accounts; Northern Ohio News; State and Gen
eral News ; Religions Intelligence ; Report nf the
Sabbath School OonTantkv; Th City of Memphis
Disaster ; A Warning to Wool Growers Letter
from Hon. R. P. Spalding ; Crop Items, ets., etc.
FINANCIAL. A Full Xeriew of the Local
Markets; Financial and. Commercial Articles
Cleveland Wholesale Market ; New Tork Cattle
Market, Ac.
TELEGRAPHIC. Pro codings of Congroei ;
General and Special Di.p atchos from all parts of
the country.
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Saturday, Jane S, lfj, iu wrappers ready for
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next ' '
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Shecial MEKnr .c. There will be a specinl
meeting of tha Young People's Christian
Assoriaticrn or the 'West Side on Saturday
evening, June 9th, commencing at S o'clock
proanaely, in the lecture room of West High
Rcicrf buildinr;. Business of much im
pertanea and interest to all will be before
the Association, and H i3 hoped there will
. fall ttiMil.Mi-e.-
' ' "By order of the PresidenL
sir Boocg. D. Baker I Co , 259 Su
perior street, hat received the following new
books: Armadale, by "Wilkin Collins, Tbe
Dove in tbe Eagle's nest, by the author of
the Hear of JRedclyfie, Josh Billings, His
Book. Chandor, Pulpit Pungencies, Kate
Marsten, Hand and Glove, by Miss Ed
wards, A Lif'Vs Lessons, by Mr. Yore, and
several others.
Police 0ooi The following cases wore
disposed of by Judge Abbey yesterday
Drunkenness Abram Ingsn, fl and
costs. (
YagrsmcT' John Ryan, 30 days work
house, KosaGreyson continued to the 1Kb,
150 bail. Robert Oram, discharged.
Fait Driving Minor Ttobin, John Bower,
$1 each aad costs.
Violating Bridge Ordinance Philip
Smith, $5 and costs.
Abusing Family Join McGirk, bald
open to the 11th. --
Destroying Property Wm. Beaton, costs.
Peddling Without Litvense Samuel F.os
enbark, ti and costs.
Disturbance Frederick F.llerb, ti and
costs. "
Continued Cases Assault and Battery
James Wadswell and Willi.ua Harris, con
tinued to the 11th.
Grand Iaareeny Chariea Reed, bound
over to Court of Common Pleas. Bail $1,004.
Obtaining Goods by 2lsa Pretences
Charles Reed, nolled. ' ;
Bad AcCTDtXT. A little "boy nsjned David
Van Camp was drowned naar Cotxter street
Bridge at 1 p. m. yesterday . He was bath
ing in company with another boy, and get
ting beyond his depth, was alrowMd before
any assistance oould be rendered him. He
was nine years of age aad I.: red oear the
rolling mill on the Flat.
Thompson's Coast Piiot"-a. frab. tup
ply at W. P. Baker A Co. 55?. fioDarior
rtrwt. . 7
History of the Scourge in
1832, 1849, 1854.
First Manifestations of the Pestilence
First Manifestations of the Pestilence Its Rise, Progress and Decline
Interesting Incidents
Important Statistics.
Mortality Tables.
Peculiar Features of the Plague.
When the cholera first made its appear
ance in this country, in 1322, Cleveland had
a population of only 1,500 inhabitants. It
was a little incorporated village with a good
harbor and a growing business. John W.
Allen, Esq., now a resident of the city wss
the President of the Corporation.
Without railroads or telegraphs to join
them with the rest of the world, the citi
zens heard of the coming plague only by
rumors of its fearful ravages in the eastern
cities, in Canada, where it first made its
appearance, and along the rivers in the in
terior. These rumors grew more and more
exaggerated as they passed from mouth to
mouth and city to city, and the country at
large was half mad with excitement and
The Press did all in its power to allay tbe
fears of the people, and to induce them to
air.pt means for averting the danger. Mr.
John E. Su John, was the editor of tbe
Herald, and urged forward the work of im
proving the sanitary condition of the town.
John W. Allen and Jndge Barr were active
in calling meetings of the citizens and set
ting on foot measures for cleaning np the
village and preparing for the coining of tbe
dreaded scourge.
The cholera did not make its appearance
until the loth of July, when the Henry Clay
arrived here with several cases on board.
This steamer hud been employed by th
government to transport Gen. Scott and hii
forces np the Lakes to the scene of tbe
Black Hawk War. On the trip up tho chol
era broke out on board and proved very fa
tal, both to soldiers and crew. The troops
were landed at Fort Gratiot, and the steamer
started to return to Buffalo. She first at
tempted to put in at Detroit, but the city au
thorities would not allow her to enter the
harbor, sud, arriving here, she put in
distress, and lay at the West Pier.
No one was allowed to land. The vessel
was hailed and the condition of those on
board ascertained, and supplies furxtiBhed
them by the citizens in order that they
might go on to Buffalo. No one from the
steamer came ashore except Captain Walter
Norton, who quietly left the boat and re
mained in tbe villago at the house of a
A few days after the cholera broke out
" under tbe hill," and several fatal cases
occurred within a few days. The panic
among the citizens was great, and as the
disease made its appearance in other parts
of the city it was sometimes difficult to find
enough who were willing to help bury the
dead. The citizens met and appointed
Health Committees, whose duty it was to
provide nurses and hospitals, and to make
all necessary sanitary regulations.
The most rigid orders in regard to
markets were strictly enforced. Melons
and all vegetables and fruits which were
supposed to induce diarrhea were forbidden
to be brought into the city. The press and
pulpit urged the people to aJopt the strict
est rules of diet.
Tbe use of intoxicating drinks was strong
ly denounced, and temperance in all things
was declared to be the only safeguard
against the plague.
The whole thought of the people was di
rected to their diet, habits, and the state cf
their stomachs, and the result was, great
alarm and panic. The symptoms of any
disorder, whether it was neuralgia or diar
rhea, colic or toothache, were taken for
those of the cholera. If sickness befel any
friend or neighbor he was carefully avoided,
and many times those who should have
acted as nurses deserted their friends when
there was really no danger. And doubt
less many died of fright.
Drs. Mills, Long and Mcintosh, prac
tising physicians then, but long since dead,
were untiring in their attendance upon
these cases and did all in their power to al
lay the fears of the panic-stricken popala
The harbor was vigilantly watched and
no vessel allowed to come into port until
ber sanitaryjcondition had been ascertained.
On one occasion a small craft attempted
to make the harbor under cover of the
night. She was hailed, but giving no re
ply, the citizen in their zeal to prevent
her landing fired on her to warn her off.
Morning proved her to be an innocent fish
ing smack, with a crew of the citizens of
the -
The cholera continued unabated, raging
with the mct violence in the vicinity of
the river, for seven or eight weeks and then
disappeared. Ko more cases occurred until
late in October, when a violent, eold north
east storm came on. Ten or twelve men were
taken with the disease and died while the
storm was raging, and when it passed awsy
tne cholera went with it. The whole num
ber of deaths ref orted was between forty
and fifty. These occurred during the hot
months and the day or two of the storm in
In 1S34 the cholera made its appearance,
but it was only ia its milder forms, and of
the cases occurring few resulted fatally.
-no great alarm or panic was occasioned. In
is u came again and in a severe
form. There were many deaths in all parts
of the city. This time it attacked all classes
and all localities.
The vicinity of the river and the more
filthy parts of the city were not visited
more severely than the dry, cleanly and
more aristocratic portions. Houses which
were well ventilated and neatly kept were
not more exempt than the over-crowded
and wretched tenements of the poorest
classes. -
The panic was not so great as in 1S32,
and there was no such exodus of the entire
population as there was from tha cities of
Toledo and Sandusky. The physicians,
clergymen and business men of tbe city re
mained and made every effort to allay the
excitement and quiet the fears of the
a. The city then consisted of only three
WAr,is. A. Seymour,' William Case and
John Gill were appointed a Board of Health.
Some sanitary measures were introduced
and aome part of the city cleansed and
purified, but the system of government was
not so perfect than at now And the work
i not very thoroughly don&f The ju.tu
rally dry and healthy location ofClerelaod
saved it from tha at of Toledo and San-
tofrj , ..... :
A cholera hospital was established in the
Central Block for such cases as could not
have the proper treatment at home.
Of this Dr. Delamater had general super
vision, while Dr. Thayer had immediate
charge and managed it with great skill and
succesB. Few cases which were brought in
in the early stages proved fatal. Dra. De
lamater, Brayton, Meyer, Wheeler and
Cushing, were selected as, the medical coun
cil to the Board of Health. As early as
June 8th, the Board, with the approval of
its physicians, published a circular of their
own and some extracts from the report of a
Board of Physicians in Boston, recommend
ing temperance, regularity and cleanliness
in daily life, and the utmost vigilance of
pnblic officers in the abatement of nuisan
ces. In addition tbe Board congratulated
the city on its unusual degree of health,
and reports the public sanitary measures
June 29th the first acredited cases of chol
era occurred in a building on Vineyard
street, opposite the foundry. Both proved
fatal and the Viilding was immediately va
cated. Within the few days following sev
eral cases were reported by the Board, all
from the lower classes, and many of those
who died were persons of intemperate nao
its. In all the early cases the disease seems to
have been brought on by habits that could
not fail to cause fatal results under any
The weekly report of the city sexton
shows the mortality from eholera as follows:
For the week ending July 7
" " 14
M ti "21
u u a a 23 13
Aug 4
" 11
" 2j
Sept 1
" 8
" li
No cases are reported after Sept. 15th.
This report includes only Cleveland pro
per, which then numbered about li,000
inhabitants. After the middle of beptem
ber the cholera seems to have gradually
disappeared, though cases occasionally
occurred every year until 1S54. Mr. Alex
Seymour, Chairman of the Board of Health
in 1S19, died of cholera in 1350, and there
were1 a few other isolated cases which
In 1S49 the cholera raged with terrible
fatality in the cities of Sandusky and
Toledo. In speaking of the condition of
Sandusky the True Democrat, of August 2;
1849, says: "The terrors of the pestilence
in its fearful malignity, no imagination can
conceive. Sandusky has been like a doom
ed place." A dispatch from Lower San
dusky ol August 1st, says : ' There are only
two hundred neonle left iu town. Tho rest
have fled to the country on account of the
mortality from the cholera in Sandusky."
Up to this time only tiro cases of cholera
had occurred in the former place.
In Sandusky scarcely a thousand re
mained in the city. It was hardly possible
to get a decent burial for the dead. On
Sundays most of tho churches were un
opened and no business of any kind was
done. Fifty deaths a day was not an extra
ordinary number.
July 23th the people telegraphed to
Cleveland for medical aid end Dr. Ackley
and others instantly proceeded to thi
doomed city. Arriving there he tolcgraph
ed for medicine, nurses and more medical
aid. Drs. Beaumont, Sperry and Lauder
dale and a large number of nurses went to
his assistance, taking a stock of medicine
and money contributed by tbe citizens.
The City Council met in special session to
devise measures for tho relief of the stricken
sister city. Money and nurses and medi
cines were sent out ic generous supplies.
Medical aid also came from Cincinnati, a
hospital was established, and as soon as tho
panic subsided the disease yielded and
soon disappeared.
Not one of tho large number of physi
cians and nurses who went on the perilous
mission was touched by the diseaso, while
by their timely assistance hundreds of lives
were saved.
In 1854 there was no panic here. People
remained at home and attended to their
ordinary business as if there was no
cholera in the city. Business was some
what affected by the exaggerated reports
which went abroad and deterred people
from the country from coming in for sup
plies. As in 1849, it visited all parts of the
city alike, but was much more severe in
form and more commonly fatal, though the
cases were not so numerous in- proportion
to the population.
There are no accurate or reliable records
ol the number of cases or deaths. It was
deemed inexpedient to report the number
of cases of attack, as unprincipled physi
cians and irregular pactitioners took every
opportunist- to exaggerate the list of
cases under their care, and such reports
would not represent the real exrent of the
disease, and would occasion unnecessary
alarm. The publication of the number of
deaths was determined upon, and for a time
daily reports were made; but the Catholics
refused to give any statistics in legardto in
terments. About 225 interments from
cholera are reported for Woodland City and
West Side cemeteries. This is probably
considerably less than half the fatal
cases. The average number of interments
during the hot weather was from twelve to
fourteen per day. The greatest number
of deaths from cholera in one dav was
The Board of Health was appointed early,
and was composed of Drs. R. C. Hopkins,
President, W. M. Skinner and W. M. Pren
tiss, with James Stacy, Esq., as Health In
spector. All was done by them which could
be done, and the entire absence of all panic
was due in great measure to their efforts'
No public hospital was established, but
great zeal was shown in relieving the poor
and distressed. The first report published
by the Board was dated August Sth. It
states that eight interments from cholera
occurred on the 2nd, and gives the cholera
interments for the four previous days at
thirtv-two. The cholera had been in the
city for many weeks previous to this date,
and the publication of reports was induced
by the exaggerated rumors which went
abroad of the " deaths by scores" here, and
received credence in the country.
On Sept. 16th a final report was made
stating that, although occasional cases were
occurring in the city, they deemed it un
necessary to make any mention of them.
There was no attempt made by the Board,
or by the city authorities, to conceal tbe ex
tent of the ravages of the epidemic, and
great regret was expressed at the refusal of
the Catholic priests to give statistics. In
commenting on the disappearance of the
cholera from the city, tbe True Democrat
says: ,
"The past summer has been a sicklv one
very sickly for our city. Certain classes
tn our midst nave eecapeu, and compara
tively few of those able to take care ot
themselves have suffered. But the new
comers, especially the Irish, have suffered
" The Board ef Health made every effort to
get and give accurate reports, but they were
unable to do it. - .
" Tbe Catholics refused to make returns, or
made those that were so manifestlv incor
rect, that they were rejected. Thus ne full
statistic were presented at any time, of the
real number of deaths in the city.' This
difficulty should be remedy, and th law
should be made to neck every party, relig
ions or otherwise, and compel them to state
the truth, and the whole truth, on the sub
ject. - Wherever th power exists to enicree
uus rigui, it snoana do exerted to prevent
ejaular difficulty hereafter." ,
A tboitfa&d theories, each Will rappnrted
by facts, el th ciSAwj aad origin of (fa
cholera hare been devised, but new expe
rience and fresh facta have disproved them
all, so capricious and seemingly without
law is its coming and going.
Any number of eases can be brought to
prove that the cholera is infectious ; jet in
Paris in 1849, of the great number of physi
cians and medical students who were con
stantly attending eases in the worst form
in the hospitals and among the lowest class
es in the city, not one caught the disease.
It has also been known to break out in
caravans on the deserts, when completely
isolated and far from any habitation of
Along the Ganges in "India, there was a
certain belt of country where tha cholera
was terribly fatal. Two boats, loaded with
troops, had occasion to pass down the ri .er
When they approached this territory the
crews were ordered to row with all possible
speed until tbe infected belt was passed.
At about the same time the cholera broke
out in both boats, and upon comparing re
ports, it was found that it ceased at the
same time and exactly the same number of
esses and deaths occurred on each boat.
The cholera frequently passes down one
side of a street and leaves the other un
Medical men are generally satisfied to
give attention to the more practical matter
ol symptoms and treatment, and even
these are not yet well understood. The
coming season will, doubtless, do more for
the establishment of a perfect system of
treatment than all the previous ones.
Tho history of the cholera shows that
panic and fright are more fruitful sources of
disease than any causes which can be traced
to tbe disease itself. It is the universal
testimony of physicians that the work of
curing the cholera is half accomplished if
the conviction that it must prove fatal is
once removed from tbe minds cf the pa
tients. When Sandusky was without medi
cal aid and men, women and children gave
up in despair, or fled to the country, to be
refused admittance to the barns, even, near
ly every case proved fatal. But as soon ss
Dr. Ackley, and other medical men, in
whose skill the people had confidence, ar
rived there, the disease at once abated.
Troops, during the hot season when most
liable to its attacks, have been entirely free
from it while victorious, but when defeated
and broken in spirit, have been swept away
by thousands.
This case occurred in the practice of our
most eminent physicians. Several mem
bers of a family living a few miles from the
city had died of tho cholera. At the funer
al of her mother a daughter had been taken
with tbe disease and had requested to be
brought here. She had hardly arrived be
fore a sister came also for treatment. The
last one had no symptoms of cholera, but
was thoroughly convinced that she should
not escape it, and nothing could shako her
conviction or remove her terror. Before
morning she was dead and of fright.
Cases are much loss likely to prove fatal
when the patient has the proper nurs
ing and care. In the later stages re
movul is almost certain death. The best
place to meet the cholera is at home. Fa
miliar and accustomed scenes, the pres
once of friends, and above all the advice
and treatment of physicians, whose know!
edge and skill are known, will do much to
avert the awful diseaso and to render its at
tacks less violent and fatal.
Tbe intemperate and dissolute of every
description, the ill-led and ill-clothed, those
who are filthy in person and habits, those
living in over-crowded and ill-ventilated
apartments, those who are enfeebled
broken down by disease or over-work, and
those who are subjected to undue and ex
hausting exposures, aro the fore-doomed
victims of the pestilence.
Regularity and temperance, wholesome
food and comfortable clothing, cleanliness
and sleep, a brave heart and sound philoso
phy, are the best safe-guards.
In regard to the policy of having accn-
rate reports of deaths there can be nodoubt.
Any attempt to conceal will appear, and
rumor always makes matters worse than
they really are. The true policy for the
business and all other interests of thecity is
to get and keep the public confidence by
stating the facts as they are, without any
attempt at concealment.
During the former periods when the
cholera has raged in this country, many of
the cities of tbe land hare become almost
waste places. Men of all classes fled from
thee borders for their lives, and society was
for the lime disorganized. But Cleveland
has been touched so lightly that we might
almost say the pestilence passed us by.
If tho coming hot months prove sickly.
its dry and healthy location, its pure water.
and bracing air, and the thorough cleanli
ness of every pirt, will make it a city of
refuge for the residents of more crowded
Glove Kid. Glove Kid, Highland Boots,
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Superior street
High School verses Young America.
A match game between the Second Nine
of the High School Club and tbe Young
America Club, of Rockwell street, was.
played as appointed Thuarday afternoon
The Forest City Club kindly allowed the
use of theirgrounds. The game commenced
at 3:15, the loung America taking the bat,
Both Clubs played with confidence at the
opening of the game, and the Young Amer
ica boys struggled bravely to the end to
gain the ground they had lost. It was gen
erally conceded that they played very well
for so young a Club, and that they certainly
did not deserve defeat. Mr. Stanley,
catcher, Mr. Eussell, pitcher, and Mr.
Johnson, 3d base, were frequently applaud
ed by tbe members of the opposing Club for
fine playing. Tha game closed at seven
o'clock, leaving tho High School nineteen
ahead. Mr. Wheeler, of the Forest City
Club, performed tbe duties of umpire with
a promptness and impartiality that satisfied
all concerned. The score is given below :
Hia S. BOOL cLt a.
l-ieyers. O. B.
flayers. O. B.
A M Middleberi:er.c.3
4 J Stanley, c.
ti P Williamson, p. 2
5 O Rusaoll, p.
3 S Prentiss, a. ..
4 H Chiaholm, 1st u.
6 I Tbayar, 2d b.
6 H Jobnaon, 3d b.
2 C Wyman, 1. f.
4 C Scott, c. f.
3 C Wjtuau, r. f.
LB Swift, s. a. 5
W BCnietaolm.ljtb :i
W B Scott. lr.. 2d b 4.
J B Lowman, 3d b. 2
B B Jonea, 1. f. :i
C C Curtiss, c. f. 3
C H Rrowuell, r. f. 4
Total 27 :
6 7 8 9 Total
Higb S'jliool
Young America...
0 13
0 S
3 0
Tmpire fr. J. W. Wheelar of Far.Et ri.
Scorers Moaara. W. B. Hose and Wm. Wolcott.
Fly eaten made Hian S. hool rlnh Wll
li&mson, 1 ; Scott, 1 ; Curt ise, 1.
lc-tine America Club Knsaell.3: Juhnaon 1:
-..uicY.a, rrwiiii, , i major, a.
-.... I I. , . r . .. ' '
Children's Goods. Several new and ele-
Sant styles of Ladies', Misses'and Children's
Freedmxe's Edccatiobal Soctetv. The
regular monthly meetin of this benevo
lent association will be held to-morrow
afternoon at .1 o'clock, at the Methodist
Church, Ohio street, Mr. H. N. Rankin, late
teacher among the freed men of Memphis,
and an eye witness of the terrible riot in
that city on the 1st of May, will be present
and address the Society. J. H. Langs ton,
of Leavenworth, Kansas, will also be
present and make a lew remark. Tbe
public are invited to attend.
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Kotice Fie abt cu l Connima Knuu
HotJiE Opsimto. The presence of ersry
member of this Committee is desired at th
Kennard House this Saturday evening at
. yhajrsig, .
The Courts.
V. 8. District Court, Judge" Withey-the
case of James M. Clark, of Ashland, charged
with passing a counterfeit $50 Treasury
notes, was decided yesterday, verdict "not
Boom No. 2, Judge Coffinberry In the
case of Donald Robertson ft al v. the Rail
road companies engaged in building the
new Union Depot, which was begun last
week was decided yesterday. Verdict for
the plaintiff for $1,521 85.
Criminal Branch, Judge Foote The fol
lowing divorce cases had a hearing yester
day : Katharine M. Heitch va. John Heiteh
for divorce and alimony. Charge extreme
cruelty. Divorce granted. Alimony $200.
Maria Barbara Popp vs. John Gottlieb
Popp. Charge of habitual drunkenness.
Decree granted. Alimony $200.
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Acadeht or Music The farewell ben
efit of Miss Reignolds was attended last
night by a large house. Tho evening was
oppressively warm but the interest of tb
performance was sustained to the last.
The leading niece of the evening, " Jessie
Brown, or the Beige of Lucknow" was very
well rendered by the entire company.
The tableaux were especially fine, and the
piece abounds in seance and dramatic el
As Miss Reignolds has appeared often
the character of "Jessie Brown" in th.
leading theatres of the country, and always
with marked success, all theater-goers
looked for a fine piece of acting, and they
were not disappointed. In the splendid
burlesque of " Pochahontaa," which is, by
the way, a great favorite here, ber " Ti
gentle savage " was the best rendering o
the part that we have seen on the Cleveland
stage. The local hits and puns with which
this inimitable burlesque abounds were
well brought out by the company.
"Marion, or the Crimson Track" with
Mis Reynolds as "Marion," and "The
Wanderer, or a Woman Keeps a Secret," as
a closing piece, is announced en the bills for
this evening. This will be the last appear
ance of Miss Reignolds.
On Monday night the favorite and bril
iiant artist Jos. E. Nagle takes a benefit.
Bronze ornaments of various styles '
tbe parlor, at 140 Superior street.
Burt A Dare.
Persoxal. Wm. J. Tait, Esq . the Libra
rian of the Cleveland Library Association
ba just made a flying trip to Buffalo ar.
back, on his own account, to visit tL
library rooms of that place, and has re.
turned well posted in the working of that
very prosperous and popular institution,
He speaks in glowing terms of its librarian,
William Ives, Esq., who spared no pains to
render his visit in every way both profit
able and pleasant Mr. Ives, he informs
us, leaves next week on his second trip to
New York this spring, to select and pur
chase books, an appropriation of another
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Clevelasd Scsdat School Csioh. We
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which is to come off next Monday night at
Brainard'a. Judging from the spirit dis
played in rehearsal, wo think the coneert
will be as good as four hundred well
trained voices can make it The hearts of
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Ahebicax Institute or Hoiieopathv. Our
physicians who attended the Anniversary
of the American Institute of Homeopathy,
held at Pittsburgh, on Wednesday and
Thursday last report a full attendance and
a deeply interesting session. When the In
stitute was founded nineteen years ago it
numbered nine memben, end now it enrolls
three hundred practising physicians, repre
senting nearly every State in the Union.
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our Uses and the exercises will be of deep
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Exaviikd. Margaret Finlay appeared
before Commissioner White for examina
tion yesterday. Her case was adjourned
to Monday. The case of Wm. Brown and
George Webb, arrested on charge of coun
terfeiting, was continued till Wednesday.
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Claims collected without charge. Bee
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A. M.
Atlantic A rut Western
A. A O. W alho.
Lake Shore. Cleveland Ei ie (SI
Oonnoaut A Krie A ion H
PittsbutgL A Wbee UK
Alliance Acoonmodbtion.
ti 10
1 M
4. 15
4 40
Oolumbna T"
Qalion Accouiuicdal vs..
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PitULorgh A W 1icsj1.uk 2 0 8:15
Alliance Arsons .:30
Oolumbna . .....6:0O 3 10 S:30
ualion Aixoii.mod.1 kn... . :3o
Toledo .. :A) t.
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Hetrolt Bot.. 5:00
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noalte tbo Wihiu.-u uonee. maylo
Arrivals at the Principal Hotels for
Arrivals at the Principal Hotels for the last Twenty-Four Hours.
H H Ransom, Corry J W Tyl.r a arf, Warren
a j znarp, At t; Mil a wr, t- rails
H C Crav, Paiocaville W M Garry, Piqna
Mi s Fanny Sill, U Falls A W Lcrvis, Pitt.
W J Powell, lit Lonia K B Dennis, Auburn
E C Adams, city A W Folletl, Granville
F I' Fargelian, rills C Chengars, N Y
A W Hnbert, Homer W Barrett a vrf, Pa
Mrs A Fargahnn, Pitts H D Cbapin, Corry
L Frost. Providence J H Beecaer. Kent
A FBrayal.SteubrnvilleK 11 Parker.Xevr Haven
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any P L bichol a wf, "
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f J Ford, city Mra t B Manrica
n u 11 .1 If" I . . luus.a 1 nrTin. AKTOH
J H Andrewa a vf, N T. J 0 VanfleetjBirningkam
j umcomu,, uoeriiti r a neecher, Dunkirk
J P t'rban, city K . Harris, Wooater
S Keel. NY KB Cliffiret. cil.
J W Kennell t wf.Crest'e B K Johnson. Cherry Ban
C C I'anfield. Wakuiu E Comstork. "
J W Davis, Ashland G W Barker a wfOanton
K a. Booth, a l
S Cutter a wf, NY J Harmon, Rochester
G A Gibbs, city E Stranas, Chicago
C Stonea, Fayette C D Middlebrook, Owe go
N Green, Marlon C L Fox, Jf V
L W Pennell. Boston B J Aiken. Boston
J H Holden, NY II Hnnt, city
J M Holiaao, Panama D A Davis, Chagrin Falls
vw t r.iaer, suuu-.aj a u n on, apriiigneld,
E Jacobs, Pitta L L Phillips, Portsmouth
a n iiitama. ciiv at rnrnaic
J H White, Boston Mra Williams, Enclid
Graham, Colnnibu. Geo Silby, Salem
Mra Bell, San Francisco J E Dav. AlWhenv
H N Freed a I. Fayette C W Brown. Galion
A L Newton. NY' M Peck a wf. W r.in.
j n r.rcivai, im my w n imun, at i
C L GitMon, Cin W S Crawfoid.Youngat'n
u uii.uia a i, i-u r ana need, masa
C W Noble, city D Armatrong.Masaillon
J I Jacobs, Aahland V Shaw, Palmyra
Geo Brown, city A Arundell, N Y
M J Cohen, WeUsville C L Harting, N Y
J Ha, Pbila A W Hobert, Homer.
HeaUer' Celebrated Htousae-b Bit.
PaosFiCT Cottaoe, GtoBsrrow. . C.
April 2, 10C3.
Messrs. Hutitri A Sturm :
Gta&asen It gives me pleasure to add my testl.
saonial to those of others ia favor of yonr excellent
preparation. Several years ef reeidenee on tha
Dank, uf a Son thorn xivar, aad of close applica
tion toll:erary work, had ao thoroughly exhauated
my "nervous ay stem and undermined say health
that I had become a martyr to dyspepsia and ner
vous headache, recurring at abort Intervals, atut
defy ing all known remedies In the Materia Medics.
I had come to tha eoncluaion that nothing bnt a
total change of residence aad pnrwsits wonld re
store nay health, wbee a friend wrnrnsaondo
Hoatetter's Bitters. 1 procured a bottle as an ex
periment; it required bnt one bottle to convince
me that I had found at last tha right com hint, km
of remedies. Tha relief it afforded ana has been
complete. It Is now aosas J tar. sines I Arst triad
Hosteller a outers, ana ic la bnt Just to say that
I have found tbe preparation all that it claim, to
be. It is n standard Family Cordial with a., and
even aa a stimulant wa lik. it better thaa any
thing etae; bnt we asa it in aU narrow., billions
sod dysnepsie oases, from fever down to tff"thsrao.
If what I have now said wiU lead any dyapeptiaor
nervous Invalid to a sure reiaedv.1 ehall have nana
so me good. -1 aaaaala, ajenthrasso, mpectmlly.
Tho chief feature of the financial Intel
ligence from New York to-day, is the con
siderable back step taken by Gold, for which
there seems to ba no sufficient cause differ
ent from what might have operated with
equal lorce upon the market at any time
during the past week. The market opened
this morning at 1 10J, decline of nearly
three per cent fro j tho closiug figures of
yesterday, from which it advanced to 1415,
under the demand lor to-morrow's steamer,
but again declined, the price at three
o'clock, as reported to bankers, being
The tendency of tbe market would thus
seem to be quite decidedly diwnward, and
dealers here are disposed to widen the dif
ference between the buy in; and selling
The New York market for Government
securities opened steady, but was finally
brought into sympathy with gold, and
afternoon dispatches reported a fraction
lower rates on Five-twenties, Ten forties
and Seven-thirties. Sixes of 1331 maintain
their firmness. Dealers here reduced buy
ing rates on .1 2ilj and ,7-30s 1 ; selling un
changed. Should gold continue to fall, a
depression may result to Governments, but
it will only be temporary, and prices will
not vary materially from those now pre
vailing. "We quote closing rates for coin and Gov
ernments in this market as follows :
Bell lag.
102 V2
Silver large..
silver email .
Slies of 161. oouuons 109
Five-twenties ei iiiterest .ini1:
Five-twenties, (18114) " ' 101-J4
Five-twenties, (1866) " " H'H?
Seven-thirties. (1st series, L.101Z
Seven-thirties (2d and 3d eertee)lolJ4
Ten-fortlea, couu,ii so
Compound-tat. Notes, 'b4..107)9U0)(
luuipouud-int. notes, 'boio?)at0iuo
There was quite full demand for loans
at the banks to-day, and in one or two in
stances there was a less ea3y feeling at the
close, but generally there was no complaint
of wantof means to supply fully all needed
Eastern Exchange is quiet. There is only
a very moderate amount making, but the
demand is light, and the situation is rela
tively quite comfortable.
The genera markets remain extremely
quiet. There was an increased demand for
Wheat to-day from millers, but nothing of
an active character. The market was rather
firmer, and nominally Ic better on Mil
waukee spring, owing entirely to the fact
that the stock is almost exhauated, and
Tery Utile is known to be on the way.
Flour move only in light lots, but the mar
ket is steady a to prices. Corn and Oats
are very quiet and unchanged.
In Provisions there waa less doing to day,
but the market ia without change in prices,
and may be reported firm. ;
Produce is quiet. There is still nothing
of moment doing in Butter. . Dealers will
probably begin to take hold some time dur
ing the next ten days. C'-.ees is steady,
and the demand is fair. Eggs are moving
quite freely at 2o(a le. Potatoes aro meet
ing with same demand, but the market is
Fair sales of Highwines are reported to
day at old figures. Petroleum continues
steady and firm, but we hear of very little
doing. ;
Cleveland Wholesale Market
FRIDAY EVENING, June 8, 1866.
Freights The followiug srs the rates by Lake
(steam) and Bail fry this port to New York aad
aoaton :
New York. Boston.
SI on al 16
, tty3 mjc
35 40
70 SO
... SI 15 tl IS
46 S5
1st class-
2d " ..
3d "
4th '
The wastward-bonnd rates by bake and rail are
aa follows:
1st 2d 3d 4th
rlaaa. elaea. class
To Cleveland. Tole to and
Detroit 1 l 8V 6o 46c
To Chicago 1 10 Sue 7uc 60o
Flour Quiet, nnd unchanged. City made fli
6rm at 113,0014,00 for X 1 red, and 15,0uai5,EO
for XX white. Country brands XX red range at
10,S0al2,5O, and XX while U,.VIQ 15,00. Sales
100 bbls XX spring at fU,ro.
Wbeat More active, and firmer for apring-
Sales 16,000 ba No. 1 Milwsnkes spring to arrive
at $2,00 ; 2000 bn do on spot at f 2,05 ; 2 car. do do
at S2.0C ; 1 car No. 2 Shelby red at t2,3o.,
Csrm Quiet. No. 1 held at CSc from stoic.
ejuasa) DnU and unchanged. Sales 2 csrs No,
at 46c front store.
Bye Qniet and steady at 85c from store.
Baarley Inactive and nominal..
Perk-Firm, bnt quiet. No. 1 City Mans
f 11,00; No. 2 Mess M,00; Prims Mess f -7,H0
Latrd Steady. City-rendered 22c In tlaroet sad
23e In kegs ; country-rendered 1920e.
Haaraai Unchanged. City Sugar -cured 23c can
vaasedand 22c nncanvasaed; country cut 19(21o.
Hbonldena Steady. City-cored 15c canvassed
snd 14c uneanvaased ; Oountry-cnred 1314e,
BscSE Held at 18s for clear ; 19c for sugar,
cured nncanvasaed ; 20c for do canvassed. Sales
1100 lbs Country at lf.c.
Mesa BeefIn mod, rate request and steady
at 118,00.
Dried Beef-Stealy at 25c canvassed and 24o
Batter Dull. Cood lo rbolro yellow held at
2833Ac ; common 25c.
Cheese In good demand, steady and firm at
12,9.' for dairy, and 1 5(3 17c Cr factory-nuda.
KtrsTB Steady. Sales 10 bbls at 2fl21c.
IllaThwIaiee Moderate demand. Sales 25 bbls
at $2,22.
Aleobol-Firm. Held at 4,443I,49 for M
per eaat. Cologne SpUita, 8 per cant,, $4,6401,5.
Neutral Proof Spirit. $2,3732,42
Petroleum Firm. Bonded held at 39igt0c
here, free on cars. Freo 6Gfc, The nia'ket is
rather quiet.
Olixateady and firm.
We quote :
Ltnaeed raw.$l 70$
Iff eata foot 31 66
Whale. W. B SI TO
boild 1 75o)-
6"io)0 c
glil 80
Elephant, W. B. 1 TO
Sperm, W n 2 76
htralu... ,,, 1 3
-tail au
Dried Apples Firm nf 1718o and pay for
Dried Peaches Firm. Pared SOo; Dnpared,
halves, 2026e ; quarters, 18c.
Petatoea In fair demand; prices irregular.
Sales srs 1 car Peachblowt in hulk at $1,08 ; 1 car
do do al $1 ,05 ; 2 cars sommoa at 90c.
Lake Flats In good demand and In
No. 1 Whitish $8,50 par half nbl ; No. t do $8,00
Pickerel, No. 1, $8,O0A8,25 ; Tront $7,25: Her
ring, large, $4,60.
Beam Prima white In moderate request
$1,7532,00 per bu.
Bait Held nt $2,30 for tins and $2,36 for
coarse Onondaga ; Saginaw $4,30.
Wetter Lime In fair demand and firm at
$2,00 for Akron and Oawego.
Feathers Prime Urs geess firm at U.
Tsdlttw Quiet. Deld at 10c for city, tc for
country -rendered.
HofMnStcady at 450700 for New fork, Michi
gnn and Ohio.
AtaUt Barley Malt steady at $1,4031,80 is ba,
the outside price for prima No. 1 Canada.
Ale and Porter Wa quota aa follows : Pi
ant Use XX Ale $10,00 ; Stock $13,00314,00 ; Kea-
nett $18,00 s Pais Cream $11,00; Porter $12,0uB)
Planter PoweU'a land plaster firm at $i:,00
on at Mill. Calcined (4.00 bU.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market.
[Special to Cleveland dally LEADER.]
PITTSBURGH, June 8—7:15 P. M.
The market for Crude Is dull. Becetpta S,00
bbls. aalas light. Crude In bulk 14c ; free on
cars and packs Included, Vfc ; sales 4TU barrels
Smith's Ferry oil in bulk at 14c - r
Salts Banned bonded ea spot at 36c ; 600 bUa
October delivery Philadelphia at 43c ; 600 bbls free
for Angnat delivery aa spot at 58t ; 200 bbls do for
Septambar at 82c ; October inc. a . -, -
kales 100 bbls Tar at M,25. .--J.
MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH OUR MIDNIGHT MARKET REPORT [Special Dispatches to Western Associated Press.]
NEW YORK, June 3.
Gold hu ftatcUatr, but taMtj al 139.
MoneT rontiDUM 6MT at 5d6 per rent, on mU
lOft Ola I
Btvokaerv' ateriiD. doll &t 109.
OorernnMDt McnritlM fir-a ntl la fair' danaatl.
There were coiui(tobl) porehwa of 5-20 thi. P.
:.on iTinan Kcoan.. . . i
The following vera the cfaeiog prtot t ' ' f -
102,; 10-4C coupons 39C Treasury T-3es.teo4.
The stock market gained strength toward the
loaa and prices were generally bettamt tbe second
regular aad last boards. J
To market fnr netroiawmaad ainior vtoeks wss
afi'M and steady st the afteraooa Board. 1
Tb Miowlaer "" pHnetynl Sales-
Bennehoff Bnn 1200; Excelsior 38; Webstar 18;
New lark end Alleghany 470; Shsda Bivar 47;
I'slted States 675. Atlantic and Pacific 400; Dow
nieville 41: Holman Gold 3: Borkv Una. tin
Kipp and Bn. U 140.
The following srs the jobbers' prices reported st
the, Dry Goads Exchange : , . . t , 'r .
Brow a Sheetinge Pacific antra 04; Ao E21- So
H 2.1; Lancaster); Amoakeag A, 24; Atlantic A
24; do-H 23fr Augusta SO; Baugoe 21; Broad
way 21.
bct'ng aad Salrtlag, Bleached BaHoa and
Son2S; Bartlett's 29i Hums 35f; en ,; Hope
19; Jeans zs.
Worsted Braid47ommon Calors 86; B 5S,
Prints Merrimac t 21; do W 82; Pacific 20;
Bithniouc'a la; Spragae'a frocks 21; do fancy 20.
NEW YORK, June 8.
Tha Cowmercial'a money article say a :
Affairs in Walt etreetare dnll. There is little
apeculalive interest in atocks. Tbe chief excep
tion ,i. in Northwestern. Krie i. qniet nnd there
la considerable spernUtif.o on tbe atreet aa to the
probable coarse of Its pries.
Gov.rnu.enu nre rather more active thaa yes
terday and decidedly strong. Price ware tha aaua
as at th. cloae of hneinesa yeaterdsy
Money becomes gradually eeaier, and the rate on
cilia generally 5 K-rcont. B.nk. are getting a
percent, on minor loans, bnt Spar cant, on larger
Foreign Kxchang. dull and wak.
The Post's money article aaya :
The loan market m Very easy and quiet at per
cent. Commercial paper ia scares and waated at
tVa 7Jj percent, for first class aanves.
Governments unusually inactive. 1 ' -'
Bailroad shares are quiet and rnthar kewer. Af
ter the Board New York Central waa quoted at
Erie Beading 109 Later Erin sold
New York Market—June 8.
Sales at 381340c for middling.
Floc-b Dull, heavy and 15a3c lower for cess.
mon gra-le.
Sales at S-l.gOv) Vyr extra stats; $9 039,80
for extra round hoop Ohio, lu,ooaii,8u for siaoa
braad.. Closing dull.
W HiskT-Wulet. Bales at $2"64a27 for west
ern. Wheat Cmnoa grrdea heavy and nominally 2c
loser, wbi.e prists parcels are scare and vary fiisa
No. 1 Milwaukee pail at !2,l6ax,l8 and remain -d.-r
on privat. term..
.,Hl":l'm"T- 8Jf ' (9'' R western snd
$!,22(&il,x6 for Canada.
BBi.cvtioiet. . .
Baslkv Malv Qniet.
t'OBS lii2c lower. Wtth fkir l.i,.le.-H
aJs at 72(jb lor uoeound atw mixed wt
am; 81(a-'c tor aonad do.
Oats New l(g!c lower. .. ;
Salea at 67 &-c tor new western ' whits old
ar awry aenroe and aarnaraag, wilk e!es of Stat
lenorted al SOe.
CorrvE Dull. - " -'
tmaAB Quiet. Sales nt lltsiv for On b.: 12
13c for Poru Bko. ...
Moi.aasas Doll. - 1
Parnouina Dnll. Sales at ft J126Kc for ctndr:
and llis42e for refined in Bond.
Poaa Opened lowor and closer moxafirsa. i
Sales at FSO..-.', :0,6b rir new stent, eloaraa
at $30,, 2 cash; tW.Ztf-t.w for old mcasi
$24,xOQB2i,5u lor prime. Also eanO bet. Mw
mesa .t June, July, and Agut,. aeUec's ana
buyer'e option, at f JoftaeaJl,a,'v
Bear Steady ' "- '
Sales at tit.KVaJI.OO for new phua aaess and
$21,50fj.24,6u for new extra satM. . .
Beta H.ia-r I nchang.J. .St at M,'., 0Uvi4e,0O.
Cut MmTs-SteaJv.
Bales at 12(1: 4-v- for .boulders, and 173
UKc for hams. .
Bacos bull.
Labd Dull aaj heavy. Sale, at HyixVio.
Buma Heavy. Bake at Ja 14.-toi Ohio, and
2&40o tor etate. .
iJaaxaa-Uaiet. salea at SAkt.
FaKiaura To LivaarouL bull and drooping.
N. Y. Money Market—June 8.
Mohst Ey nt C pare. at.
Sliauaa Ei'iunas oKndy. . Bankers' kills
at lo;.fc,llo.
Colo Unsettled, irregnl.r and lower, opening
at lK'X, advancing to 141 V, aud cloeiag al 134.
N. Y. Stock Market—June 8.
tsovxannajrv i Stocks Dnll. f' t
6-to coupons, of lstii, do er li3G lUiv.;
10.40J la.'.,;; 7 30s, 'bird series
Svcsa Steady. . t
:biC4go aad Rock l.laod H1 Chicago and
Northweetetu :l!; do preferred" l Cleveland
A Pittebnran 82; Illinois Central 12C; Michwaa
tkiQtb.ro 7! ; Michigan Central li hV.; Banding
loi'V,: (ne as; hew Ink t.nlral West
ern Union Telgraph SHj.
Buffalo Market—June 8.
Floub Unchanged. - 5 .
Wheat tinier. -
Coan Dal1. Bake at doc for No. I mixed. ..
Oats t'nll. a'j. 1 ihicego held at sac.
Bablbv Nominal.
Bvx Xo 1 at (i.oo. . .
Peas Nominal. ... ,
Mxes Pubs S-il.Oi.
Labd Firm. Sale, at 23.-. , .
Wen-XT $V7- ' '
Paovutioas Vnchaop.d.
Canat, Fasiaerra To N.w Fork : Wh.et 1V,
corn 12VS; oats sc.
Caxal Expobts Wheat 3,3:7" In-b; arh US,
5w, oate 47,4 i. , . t .
Buffalo Market—June 8. Rose & Prentiss' Provision Market
following are th. rates chat! by aa
Hams Sugar-cur.! premium ham. k
OaNVAAesn Haai. " ' ft
Daixn Bear a fo.
SBOOinESS Sugar-cared IV
' ' CauvaeatA. .
Baook Or Smoked Side. - AV
Lir Ftiiii,a) Likttttlti'Jua bUaar tn
Pr ia, Lrkt9ttliv-irDi $1 ia .asU 4 Ik.
Poa Nx 1 tuou ft MJ jvi txj
Extra eltw f Url 31
" L I tit "kaadAl mt mmm ;2$ (Al
MTMo extra charge made for packagea ar awl
age to rallroasl depots or boat. All rtiiee
warrMsred ttr.ct.y prbaa, aatteqval fc aaytbsiAA, m
Iba&tata. Oiiai prooiptlT Ailed.
firm 111 144 ! 141 irntKrio trtutl.
J. V. Painter,
IU Superior street, lievelaaJ, ftalo
Kpeeie sua at FarelsTsi Lxcstaaffe.
PORT OF CLE V 14 U. - '
iNTKESD .Jcwr 8.
Stmr City of CleTeland, McKay, Detroit 1 '
Stmr Trswler, Rice. Marine, .15 m ft lombcr, 11 m
Lath -Prep
Badger State, Gebhard. BulTalo 3 " 4 ,1
Prop Gr unite State, Bishop, Toledo
Prop City of Bofctoa, 7hepuiaD, Ogdnsbiirgh
Prop Saliua, Brown, East Sitiaw, m ft Iqb
ber, luOiaaliiDgW
Prop Etmira, Thoru, Dattkirk
rkbr Ljftiiis iiMii, Batlaio
9chr k-ninia, lienatagar, AUooae - '
Bou-ge Ontaiio, Itackratb, Uaj City, W m 1 IfOf-
bur, 50 m atartia
Bcrge lieDoati, Jcnija. a.( Sigin, S?5 ta ft
lumber, 60 m lath
Tug W B C-tttlr-, Uackott, Siaaw . .. L ' .
Stmr MoruinjHt,t Vigor, Dotctiit :
Stmr Illincis, Swoet, Superior
rrop t oioDist, :jitli, lletrott -Prop
Blmira, Thorn, DnitjkJrk ' -
Prop 01 ly of BcMion, ( hapwan, Ckicagi
Prop t.rwiii'e Stat, Piihop, OvJeiajbarh
Prop Badget State. (lebhard, t hictgo
Schr E P Byereve, McUaUw, ieuw . i a
Schr Lj-.lia EatoD, K niUc. -TO tuua tfcal
Schr N C FordT J haw, Saittatr, - 2
Scow Antrican iagl, Crania a, By t"ity,M,vtoD
ooal .
Scow Gran 'File, VHm, SijIbw ' ' : - j
Soew Sea Bird, Gervaf, Detroit, ltaeda
Scow J A McUonald, Swart, Bowaa
rtarga Kenosha, Jennln, satinaw
Bsirge Ontario, Backravth, tttiajriaaw- -
Tag W B C'astla, Hacket, baaioaw -' ' ' " :
twba A. CIUUr.Matiagtr B. B. t3ary .TrranV-n
PaiL'Bsor Abaifliioa. Dress t?ircla ao4 Par
AOsHU, 50 cMtt ; Bearred Seats to Brrm U.-rta, 7 .
cents ; Paimly Circle, 60 cents; Gallery, Mils
Private BoxtM, iaad id ; binU Stsatt tl PrtTa
Bozea, I1.U0.
uoors open m t-vu. uorcaja rtws at i:atw
Golored Dtrssna wilK nuier no circaaMtssAeea. fc
permittd to Kcnpy seats In ttny ttadr pordoao
the bone, save l bo Sailer, admtssio 96 cents
Last VijfBt t I he Eorafenwnt 0 lbs Cbaraaiaf
Aciretjs : i
When she will sppoar ia COMEDY and TJBAHA.
Miee Beiguolde' new Cram of . .
Or, Ike f riravaea Trark.
To conclude with the Comedy of tha '
-. wosDEAV.-f ;r:;;:4
Or. Wotasaa Keosa a Stent.
Monday BeneBt of Mr. Jos. B. KAfilX a her.
b prodnc taaraat ptay ad K.saiasn .i.
several novenn in preparatioe. .
Kellej's Islaud and Put-In-Baj.
rpHI Splendid Steamers
X LAO LA IsELLB, Captain.; T""
John Spaldinr, will leave nor - - '
Dock MONCAT, Jan 11th. at ew...
o'clock p. sa., en a gTsad Plsssara and Fiahiac
xcarsion as tne lalans.
Will arnveat KelLy't Island early thefcllowlnar
morning and spend to dsy ia fishing and pUaanre
seeking, and return In tha evening, v
State rooces and meals will ba fnrnlsbed. 'and
.Sort made to add to th pleas are of exrnr
aoatsis. - -
A Baa string baud will be aboard. -- '
For mrtbar particulars apply to
loS and 171 Biver C
. ITaaer aha JLraction of
K5.T. E. PERKINS, of Kew, York,
- aw"- Will Betwrdat ,
BrilBird' Hall, XoitTajastJ le$.
aaj ATemags, t ane 11 aatt IS,
Coatmancing at i o'esotr. Soars an atT.'ckx-x.
Adsaiaalon 26 oents. Tickets for sals a. Brain,
ard'a and th Book Stores generally.
Be. Over SH0 children will a fog, and the proceeds
th. Coneert, var th xpstntes, go to tha Chtv
land 8. 8. Cnioa. .
rTAIl I2g3lfi Sort Catwp

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