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"T K" "For Salt,'
fW" "Mto." Ac.. as
TIHIND Porkft Book cwit.iainir wion.r. Th
owofr ran bar. it by Brovitie pp'in-Tty and By-tr-E
for ttua adrartuwtueal. koaiM of HI'KTJ
PARR tiw.-.
BOAR DINfi Thr or four ronnc man dosirtna:
bo.rd and room, in private fauiilr can i fc ac-
rom m-TUt.-! .14 1 Murp'n .tr-w. jTtlT-t-
TST BKKASTP1S A gold Bmapin, with
j blue I, fillier at the'. C. H. . rr"t, nn
.ior..t' i.ktat. or North Ontano-st. The tinder
will Ve rrwarJ.-d bj leaving it at the Leidcb Couut-
IttC KOOD. Og43
CTRaYED IO It E WARD Two sows from
O lt3 Eorlti-.t., iVv land ; one small. Dety red.
boat fix rars oM tit ot..er rd and wbite. fio
win be paid icr Information, litre they star te
lounn. Aqggii lei. i'.r.v-'
"VTANTKD An nlrnihHi sleepine ronru. be
l km or n-ar the Post Office preferred. AMr-
I. H., this office. aag4:m
TITANTED At 475 Kuclid uvenne.a Prot-iaot
v K'rl who IB a r H nq wuiict rdu n iruc.
Good wares given aud good rt-ferences miDind.
an z :
BUS INKS MKN WASTE D-0 nalary or
niamiaaion. RffT-nce re.joirwi. Applrioor
aidn H. A. KENDALL, over '2 tDUc xiaare,
Cleveland. O. -ng:3
TrriTirn-tNriini Nrnw Girl or Woe
vV to Sake care of to children. Rtferrncea re
quired. Aprirm '"'""'" 1U'-'
t r vtf n a mvwi f irhmin. Non bnt an
ex tapn-Dr-e-J driver need apply J. G. HI S-
PET, No. 3'7 E pel id avenue. 'r
A WAY A PhjsiciMi who has made a em all fortune
hr htm nrvi Mtirm fr thin Lite l&at ten veara. W'ftlit to
retire, from tl-e attuovauce and tc-sponwihilitif'S
r-rrfsiocu life, with the hopes oi regaining ins
h'-altb, cn-Te to su bin r. nuifoce, wiiicd is oeai aos
C4iin fort able, bavins all DtceasarT acpartenancea.
and pl.itutlr sitnAted. Terms will be made to suit
the purt:hair,a 'd bnt a small seta be repaired
Id bai-.i. An energetic pby-iriaa wiihing to obtain
a good I'K-atloo ran uo so uj malns iarttier tn'jn
t the Lftadi-r offi jr2.':3i
TinxTKi hrv-Trustr man orsoo Mi
T hbita, who are out of employment, will find
It to tti-ir fuirttntaue to call on or addruas G KORC
H LMfTl. Urton. Ohio.
FOR SAI.K KJiinelc Stav. and Barl Hachio-
, 17 try, xmp"iBUa b!ugle 3d iil, H -Bding Uilltt,
. Heading Uoondera and fiauem. lioadiac Jointers.
hiMopU: a".d Stave JmutTe, Juslirmi; ami Cm t'ft
hrtira, vt'f , Ac. AU new. 'Tear own mako and
19 auu int .TimiiMin
cli-ap. Jvu'jmre at lilsv r ropert-st.
prttfirKH FOR WALK De licht open Bog-
jl g) , e.fieiu oinge, new ; ope open uucyy, low
man's aiftke ; one two seat, four scriug. od"d cu
liage, with poln and thills. Lowraan'a make. In-
QTureai liuuiwias. ihi Mipenor-st. aug3;3M
wu. .4.Hii mi A v(Tr frw Mlo their R Uing Mil
ao i Hini Kactorr, situated 2 1 2milebelow 'Pitlfbr.ri'li-vu
the ibio rWer, adjoining the 1'itleburcn
lf..ri -. tLnA Iron ('omDnDT i Works, and a abort d
tan bt l..w t.i- Sup rior Ka.l Slilian l ManrheM'r
Loooniotive V-'orks, and r;in be reached by arcont.
ino t4oti trains on tire Pittbrrgi, Vort Wayne
Clnoag' Kailrad Company, and Manchester street
j car. 'Die mill oompri-es U boiling ftiruaot, 1 scrap
foroa'-e and 1 heating Inrnaces, patent inetzer,
mack miM, slieetmiil, 1-iuch bar mill and 6-iob
rnarc mill, A boilem. one i-iacb cjunder engine,:
tHMt r.roL-H. entii-Mlr new. of suoerior workmanship,
made X'V Mitwrs. Mackintosh, lltmphill A Co , one
ly-inch cylinder encine, n. . for moning h inch
mllL, t bears, lathes, etc., etc.,all in complete running
ord-T. .
Hinze Factory for manfctnnng strap and
htnte,no in aeceful operation.with a coxi trade
demand (orcntir prodoct, cpcity of which rb
-doubldat im-H ex reuse. In connection with the
fc'ity Factory is a comalete nn iime aiiop Hh en'
mnm lt li ivl uir A rill nrH.tr. otc. In ado
tion'lbrrv art twenty-eight dwelling hoosra for
bands, ami one hoim for nianatr-r.
Keal FKTtecotnprwes eight acres of ground, ex
tending fioin P., Ft. W. A 0. R. . track to ttis
Ohio liver, with a river front of 336 lort. A switrs
from the t , . W. A V. K. R. extend o the mill
thmr ith the river, afT 'rJo n"snrpHed facilities for
receiriug coI and metal, and shipping product.
This property being conveuitutly locat-Ml. and
everything about it but a short time tn one, and in
perfect moiling order, is well worthy the attention
of parties wuhuig to eugagu in the iron buiiuss.
For lurther particulars iotinire of
Pit twhurh. Pa.
r twet lcrttioD io the city lor a retml grjeery and
fr Uio or hardware bruineaa. Inquire at 45
ittsbenth ntnet. jy3l:33
FOR ALK A Tery neat and comfortable home,
I mil- from N.-wburgh and & milrs from Cleve
land; 1 trge cottage hnuw; to acre ofUnd.fmit,
Ac. At ply to FoLJAMUK A WILIUMiS, north-asl
corner .scperior and Seneca streets. j3L3:'
FH SALE OIL STILL'S Four good second
hand Mills; Capacity thirteen harreU earh
vet eh ap; may b wen at our Refinery. KCK-
3CFgLLf;iI & AM'RK WS. jyZ.
on Min-riur street extension, 2 1-2 miles Irooi
the Potf orcoe, conflict in of ten acre of land under
cultivation, and watered by a neverluiiog stream.
On the premiiaa area small frame bonne, large barn,
fonr acr-t of vineyard, six aud eifciit years old
wiretrolliH, M a-ppl trees, !2f neach trees, all choic
varietw of graltt'd fruit, differeut kinds of cherry,
dwarf and stand art pear trees, quinct , currants,
br! acr of rt raw berries, and a fine variety of shade
and ornumentiii trevs and shrubberv. rtaid land has
y rods Iront on MMvrior street, and is surceptiM
small ftxpeuw of nA'iuc a ltatiial rural home and
pecunia ily productive to Its owner, f or further
particulars eiyire nf FOUAMBK A WlLfclNS,
J3 Duperior, cor. 8eneca sta. jy7338
FOK SAI-K OIL ACoeloiof P-troenm Born,
tug OU, ai ibe J artery ct V, . J. GC ILI, on Cea-
WANTED AGENTS To sWl the ntw "Patent
Fire and Burglar Alarm." What everybtwiy
needs. CiiU on or aodreas V, C. fiKWARD, at the
New England Hotel. aagi:Xl5
MKN W A NT KD-To solicit and fill orders and
ooll.-ct on aulmcriptkiTiii for first rlw Books and
Kitgraviugs. Kemuneration either salarr or com
imion. Apply to or adiireee G. L. VAN NOR f
WiCK, at the Sartain Gallery of Art, over '25 Mon
' nment dinars, CleTt-land. V. aoel:."
AGENT WANTKO-To aeO the rarrat and
best work n Agriculture erer published. -It
a Farmer's Library," complete in one volume
F.G. A A.O. BOWK, PnblMbera, fcap-rlor -rt
CleveUntf, O. jnnei;34e-W
Tf W b-1 1 he Mtpi wan t . Ootu plete H Ljtory of the
A ar, 'a jrge voitme, Hplendidly lllQHtrated, with
ot i i zs rtratts of Geserala and Untile ncecxa.
T ha uost "kto '.d , lucid, cm plete, auth tic and riia
fcle bljfto prbiiehM. It couwics relii attr
mai tc breo iarrevolnTCss. tB'' fr-r clrcnlars and
7t ns. Addreo JONfcU BHOt. ACJ., MS
TITA NT F D Canvassers to sell andpntap Bar
" ton's Patent Goug Uouw BelL af tin are clear
ing from iy to titjo pr month. Send for circular.
C T. ,ATgsny, On'! Ac-iit. Oraft"i O ap-
1 boaeeadAiiv reeiingat LlB JE M. M1LLAN
fiubu-, No. T Mlcbisan street, L'leveiaud, Ohio.
ra ':55i
Tll,rURT4! RILLlARnS! P 1,1,1-
-JL Aiii!i! I would call th.' attention of l.r-yr-rs
loiny new tmpruVfi I'A i km COMBINATION
CUUUi)$ AMI TABLES, which cannot be sur
passed by any others in tlte world (or clastiritv. cor
n-ctnesa of angles, and durability, which 1 sell at
re ionaote prices, with a tu stocK or i. loThs, rial's,
Ou. and everything coJn td with thr Irvla
Orders by Uiail ntteniiid to at mi factorv, ! Fulton
axr c. ;ew xorcuty. w. u. UBlFrlTU,
M 51 Ai kk AND FA1.1 Tl... d.tr.r.t nr vhri
teachsrs, students, rlenrymen. disabled sohiiers and
ouiers. wtuif'i. niinn tignt and pleasttit. Ad
drtwn B. S. GUKN, Its Superior street, Cl-velaud,
nO Onn wonky - adtanckd-
VtlUA'UU In main to suit at the o',i sua
ad wail-kuown WAGNER'S LOAN OFFIC1.
Seouittos of every kind. tIe : GcW and fii!ver
vva, itauonas, Utt vara. Jweiry, Guci
rti Clsthin. lrr Vk-iilM Wim.r-.rm. Minlnnia
'. rfv.nal property andnrliclescrralco, on the most
awisiory &ero. asKt stncui private, i
tafciianed Wl. N. B. A variety or caredee
W a'ches. J -lev. Guns. etc.. t sale at harsaina.
i ' Loe corner of Wntw ard Saparktr streets, ont
-J f7 W Wtowi rs
Q&AKs (IPX US fit
146 Sop rlor-sl opposite the Weddell
W Morcfaut will m 24 por ore l. bj pur-
anil WILL NOT h. dMi-Mit a.
TtaeoslT to m ror ft to br prorl
C txi!t, wiu a Dr of rooo poctKl wkjt
eu only be nbcained at too old eatftbliahwl and woU
knowaOpMoal Intltota of Mr. SOMJMONSOH'a.
Biwar, at traraWn oiaialof to ba r, Sol.
X Nice let just reciYd ; Oarrera aod Staela.
Dining and Deaert Ki, ., radiUtrlwi!
0LI a ffw more left of oar fWr
Canoe. We Kill aell tin at COST '
oowles a no
Taa Beta jut op d at
TJ1IX ER8Sa-liood tird tkfii
The' Second Rational Bank.
twlgaatetl Bf posltorj for all Futile
Of ALL DENOMINATIIONSat beet market rats.
uurrhaeed at hiirheat nricea.
NT We bar ud sell all cliww of Government
Seen n ties At Market Bates. bot11:k
7-30, 10-40
BoarM aad aold.
Mr DapoaiT. BacaTTBB on r.TOKASLa Tltn.
AjpHita for lb-North American hlojA Line of
HteaBBhipa. Paaaenera ticketed botb to ana
fro Bn men. Sontbampton. Lonaon and H.Tr.
u."tl!I B OLtVtLAKD. O.
wr For Erenlng Edition Sews
see Inside.
For Morning Edition Kewra
see ontHide.
Dallej'a Galranic Hone Sal re Local Hottcc.
Brjant, Stratton A Porrln Local Notice.
Beckvith A BUrliog Feather Doetera.
City of Olerolawi fTotioo to Bnildt ra.
Dr. Bame.7 3 Local Notice.
G. H. Barber Claim Agency.
Bart A Dare Found.
Soldier, Aid Society Free Claim Agency.
339 Pro 8b Hone for Sale.
V. C. Seward Agent, Wanted.
B. B. Carrao Men Wanted.
Fal'er A Ford Sblnglea for Sale.
V.O. Seward Local Notice.
G. L. Van Hortwlck Bniineu Hen Want d.
Lo-t Brea.t Pin.
B. A. Kendall agent! Wanted.
475 Auclid Arenne Girl Wanted.
Jewett A Goodman Cabinet Organ?.
Fplritaal Society Local Votice.
Socodont Local Botice.
Academy of At nc Fakir of Ave
p. H. Boom Wanted.
For Saturday August 4.
EDITORIALS National Testimonial to Wm
Llvyd Garrison ; The European Sit oat too ; Con
cerninf tb Late HeuA tor Lana; Ad Exciting Ju
dicial Contest; What Sort of Delegate will Attend
the Bread and Butternut Convention; Lieutenant
General Sherman ; Whera the Laugh Comes In
The Atlantic Cable; Setting Aside The Teat Oath
The Tennesson Senatoi ship ; Nebraska ; Jeff. Ihms
Agaiii The Account Squared ; The Haasacre of
New Orleans The Johnson State Convention
Atrniversary of the Annj of the Tennessee; An
Arouatfce ; The Tennessee Delegation ; Compli
mentarv Dispatches; Communication With Heart
Content; Political, News and Iten.
LOCAL Attempt of HcConnell to Break Jail
General Hbermsn in Cleveland Incidents of His
Stay Seranade od Escort at His Departure
I'nion of the Old tSeventb Begiment ; K mancipa
tion Celebration by th Colored People; Lake
Shore Grape Growers Convention ; The Coming
Horse Fair ; etc etc.
H0 NEWS KcligioAU Intelligence; Concern
ing Churches in Northern Ohio; Local Event
Crop Prospects ; Personal Items ; State News, and
Matters nd Things of In teres U Transpiring
Northern Ohio Couatiea.
GENEBAL K SWt? Success of the Atlantic
Cable; European News by Steamers' Mails More
About the Battle ofSadowa The Austrian Defeat,
The New Orleans Horror The Louisiana Cenven
tlon Attacked by a Blob Hob Backed by the Po
lice Murder of Union Men Dastardly Policy of
the President Full Details of the Bcign of Terror;
Crop BeporU; Horrible Cruelty of a Vfrgioia Wo
man to Her Negroes ; Confirmations, etc., etc.
TELEGRAPHIC News from Europe Orer the
Atlantic Cable Peace Declared Between Prussia
and Austria Reform Biots In London Dispatch
es of ths Queen to the President, and the Lord
Mayor of London to the Mayor of New Tork
Congratulations and Rejoicings Orer the Success
ft Laying of the Cable Full Particulars of the
Great Enterprise ; General and Special Dis
patches from all parts of the country.
FINANCIAL. A Full Review of the Local
Markets ; Financial and Commercial Articles,
Cleveland Wholesale Market ; New Tork Cattle
Market, Ac.
atsT Single copies of the Weekly Leadek, for
Saturday, Ang 4, 1806, in wrappers, ready for
mailing, can be had at the Leadix Counting Boom
Price live cents.
Furs Silver ware in great variety at
Stltuteb Hog ah's 237 Superior t-
Diamond Jewelry of Exquisite designs
and Unique styles, at
6 vLTESTxa Hogab's 237 Superior SL
Feather Dusters in all sizes, at Beckwith
A Sterling.
Rkhoval. Dr. Ramsey has removed his
office to his residence, 102 Prospect street.
CoMUfR. The Saa Francisco Minstrels
are coming in a few rlnr.
For Bt rrALo. The Pacific leaves Buck's
dock on Sunday noon for Buffalo.
Fo Toi.ido. The Arctic, Capt. PraU,
learea the K. T. C dock for Toledo, this
Throat ai Lmg Cisiasis. Pr. Eamsaj
can be consulted at bin new office, 102 rros-
pect street. .
Kaix. A refreshing rain commenced
about ten o'clock last evening, rendering
ue air delicious! cool and pleasant.
Sekica Street Hill. The long neglected
Seneca street bill it now being graded. The
plows and scrapers were busy upon it.
No. lt2 raricT Street. Dr. Ramsay,
Physician for Bronchial and Pulmonary
Altec lions.
Detroit Boat. The Morning Star is the
regular Detroit boat from the Michigan Cen
tral dock this evening.
For DctKitic. The Tioga, Capt, Sisson,
goes to Dunkirk from the C. & E. dock this
Medicated Inhalatior. Dr. Kamsay,
wnose practice is exclusively confined to
Throat and Lung difficulties, has removed
to 102 Prospect street.
Young men, are you prepared to become
buainea men ? if not, go to Brrant, SLrat-
ton 4 Perrins's Business College, and take a
thorougtooorse of instruction.
N. T. Co.-. Boats. The Buckeye, Captain
McDonald, leaves at 4 p. m. to-day for Oe
densbnrgh. The Young America, Captain
Davis, goes to Chicago at 10 J a. m.
Afcsic Leland'a Band played from the
Court Houjs balony last evening, and
Papworth'a Band played in the West Side
Kirotau Dr. Ramsey has removed his
office to his residence, 102 Prospect street.
Woat Coxrexced. The work of grading
preparatory te paving Superior street, from
the Park to Erie street, was commenced yes
terday morning, The Nicholson pavement
will be put down, the contractors being
Messrs. McNairy, Claflin A Co. .
The VYrATHEB The following meteorolo
gical reoerd is reported for the Leader by
L. H. Solomonson, optician, under the
American :
S8 - M -Thermometer. !8 dezree.
1! M . do 74 do
i-.M do TJ do
The Faris or Ava An Urtttoat
IIi rbcg. Tbe Fakir of Ava" (as an im
poster named Kiggs styles himsolO held
forth at the Academy of Music last evening
to diminutive Audience. The world is
full of Barnumism, and sometimes those
that hnmbue us most please us best : but
no one tolerates a clumsy, bungling per
former having neither merit nor with but
with any quantity of low slang and not
sufficient discernment to know when he
insults his audience. The Fakir of Ava
proior is a gentleman of taste and refine
ment, and a graceful performer of many
surprising tricks, residing in Buffalo. The
"Fakir of Ava" at the Academy of Music
is an awkward impostor, who has no busi
ness with the appellation, but has resorted
to the contemptible trick of claiming the
name and fame of another.
The reputation of the true Fakir of Ava
(Mr. Hughes, of Buffalo) and extensive ad
vertising had the effect of arawing to the
Academy on Thursday night a full and re
spectable audience. Expectation stood on
tip-toe, and a meritorious entertainment
was anticipated ; but we venture the asser
tion that a more thoroughly disgusted au
dience never before left the hall. The
tricks were Billy, transparent and performed
with ten times the awkwardness of a school
boy. Messrs. Riggs A Co. will never hum
bug any of that audience into the Academy
of Music again at fifty cents each. But the
"Fakir" promised better things for last
night an entire change of programme the
hall and the audience were strange he
would do better. So he promised,and njo for
bore makinc anv remarks unon the merit of
his "show." Bit the news of his humbug
spread -over town, and despite his pro
grammes and display, only about one hun
dred and fifty persons were wheedled in.
The same silly tricks were performed by tho
same awkward hands, explained in the
same choice language, as on the evening
previous. He will go through the same pro
gramme this evening. It has ever been our
endeavor to make the local columns of the
Leader reliable ; and though earnestly
solicited to puff this " show," we have de
clined doing so, preferring to put our read
ers on their guard and expose a humbng.
Capt Marsilliot, of the schooner Eliza Lo.
gan, from Chicago to Buffalo, reports that
on the first night out from the former port,
and while off Waukegan, he heard a cry
for help on his lee beam, coming from
several voices. He immediately hove his
vessel in stayB; shortly after, a boat with
five or six men was discovered on his port
bows, from whom he learned they belonged
to a vessel which lay not far distant, hove
to. This boat's crew represented that
vessel had capsized that night and the
crew were clinging to the wreck. They had
succeeded in rescuing two of thecrew of the
lost vessel, but they were too much fam
ished to give her name. They were in
search of the perishing sailors. Capt M. lay
to until daylight with hie vessel, but saw
nothing of them afterwards. He, however,
discovered portions of a wrecked vessel
floating about in the lake, including th
cabin trunk, with a quantity of shingles.
from which itmay be inferred the lost ves
sel was some lumber craft, which had prob
ably taken on a cargo at some point on Laki
From Laee Scterior. The steamer S.
D. Caldwell, Captain J. M. Lewis, arrived
at half-past five yesterday morning from
Lake Superior. We are indebted to Clerk
Scott for the following items: Left Portagi
July 30th, at 1 P. M. ; arrived at Marquette
at 6 P. M. same day. Left Marquette July
31st at 8 P. M., and arrived at Cleveland at
5:30 A. M , August 3d. Met the steamer
Ironsides off Granite Island. The folio'
ing vessels were loading iron ore at Mar-
quette: Propellers Equinox and Ports
mouth: schooners Ironsides, St. Andrew,
Hazard, New London, Summit, W. S. Lyons,
Milan; bark Marquette; brig Ataunto.
Two brigs and two schooners were win
bound at Waiska Bay. The schooner
Winona was unloading coal 1 1 Detour. The
Caldwell brought down 25 tons of copper
for Garrotson A Co., Cleveland, 515 tons of
iron ore for the Cleveland Iron Minin
Company, a lot of miscellaneous, and
large number of passengers.
The Caldwell will leave on a grand plea
sure excursion around Lake Superior on
Wednesday next. She will visit both
shores and toueh at Superior City.
Artists Arroad. A part of Mr. Eilsler1
dramatic Combination have been playing
in Youngstown the past few nights. The
Register says, "not only were the seats all
filled, but all the standing room was occu
pied." The article then goes on to say that
" on Monday night, Bulwer's romantic
drama, the "Lady of Lyons," with Mr. Lee
as Claude Melnotte'aud Mrs. Dsy as Pauline,
was performed to a crowded house, with th
"Country Cousin" as the afterpiece. On
Tuesday night the bill wts the " Honey
moon" and "Don't Judge by Appearances.'
All these plays have been well and care
fully produced. Mr. Lee and Mrs. Day
the leading roles are uniformly excellent.
Mr. Stephens made a capital "old man.
and the comedian, Mr. Irving, is irresistibly
funny. Miss McKee and Mra. Lee also won
frequent applause, and Mr. Day, Mr. Eilsler
and the other actors are worthy cf praise
The Mr. Eilsler referred to is Mr. Harry
Eilsler, who there made his debut.
To Soldiers. Since tl passage of the
increased pension and bounty laws, private
letters and circulars in great number have
been sent out by claim agents from Wash
ington, Columbus and elsewhere, asking
soldiers to send them their discharges.
claiming to hare superior facilities for col
lecting claims. iany of these men are
wholly unreliable, and none of them have
any greater facilities for obtaining or col
lecting bounties than agents at home. We
advise those having claims to employ agents
at home whom they do know, and pay no
attention to letters or circulars from men
abroad whom they do not know.
Teachers' National Coxvextios. The
National Teachers' Association will meet in
Indianapolis, August 15lh, 16th, and 17th.
In the same place on the loth will meet the
N ational Association of School Superinten
dents, and on the I4th the American Nor
mal School Association. Free return tickets
will be given to members over the Indiana
Central to Columbus, and from Colnmbus to
Pittsburgh over the .'teubenville line,- also
from Indianapolis to Crestline over the
Bellefontaine line. Board at hotels from
r,50 to $2,50 a day... Ladies boarded free.
The meeting will be held in the Baptist
City Railroad Fare. The section of the
new Internal Ke venue law, which took
effect on Wednesday the 1st day of August?
will reduce the fare on the city railroads :
" And whenever the addition to the fare
shall amount only to the fraction of one
cent, any person or company liable to the
tax of two and a half per centum may add
to such fare one cent in lieu of such frac
tion ; and such parson or .-company shall
keep for sale, at convenient points, tickets
in packages of twenty, and multiples of
twenty, to the price of which only an
amount equal to the revenue tax shall be
Cocxty Cosvrxtiox. The Cuyahoga
County Un?on Convention will be held
Garrett's Hal! on the ISth Inst. The follow
ing officers of the county are to be nomi
nated : Judge of ths Court of Common
Pleas, Probate Judge, Clerk of Common
Pleas, Sheriff, Auditor and Commissioner.
The primary meetings for tho election of
delegates will be held in the different
wards and townships on the 16th inst.
Masoxic Coxtrrtiox. A Convention of
Masonic Lodges will be held in Sanduskv
on Wednesday, August 15th. under the di
rection of R. W. Howard Matthews, Deputy
Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, for the
th purpose of instruction in the rituals
and laws of the Order. I
Basb Ball. The return match between
the High School (now Occidental) and Star
Clubs came off on the grounds of the latter
yesterday afternoon. It wili bo remem
bered that in the first match the btar club
was badly beaten. They have picked up
their playing, however, and yesterday beat
their opponents by five runs the score
standing 25 to 20. The Occidentals were,
however, minus the services of three oi
their best men, and this is the only defeat
thev have suffered this eeason. The rubber
game will be played in September. The
following is the
fH,r. tAcldrwlui
ri.yers. O. BFlyer.
J. Kirk wood, 1st b 4
Swift, 24 b
Bark., let b
Partridge, a
Hanna, p
Jone, c f
Boeder, I f
Middlebargli, r f
Williamson, d b
McCat. rl
Rirkwood, s a
Connor, p
DneD, -td b
Parker, c f
Hee.1j, 2d b
LsnghliR, 1 f
1 25
21 20
3d. 4th. 6th. lith. 7th. Total
1st. 2.1
Stnr a O 11 0 0
Occidental 16 2 4 4 3 1
rmpire Mr. Miles, of the Foreat City Clnb,
Kmr.-t Mm.,-. W'nlrnlt and r neocer.
ri.-mchm nixie Murray 4 UU !. Connor
2, Doircan 1 Sar 10. Swift 1, Clark 3, Pa' triage
Jonas 1 Occidental. 0.
Paned Ball. Murray 11. t"ark 10.
Left on Bama A. Kirkwood 1, Duggan 1
dlrbargti 1.
Time of uiue i nours ou mm.
Alpha Delta Phi. The thirty-fifih an
niversary of the Alpha Delta Phi Frater
nity will be celebrated in this city on
Wednesday and Thursday, Augu3t 20th
and 30th, under the direction of the Hud
aon. Ken von and Miami chapters. At the
public meeting on Thursday evening the
annual oration.will be delivered by Rev.
Grosvenor W. Heacock, D. D., of Buffalo, N,
Y.. and the annual poem will be pro-
nnnnced bv Wm. D. Gallaiher, Esq., of
Cincinnati, Ohio. These public exercises
will be followed by a social reunion at the
Kennard House.
A Spicirs or Swixdliss. There is any
amount of swindling going on among the
so-called intelligence agents in this city,
just now a class that have recently mul
tiplied like frogs and toad-stools after a
rain. Their victims are generally poor ser
vant girls, or homeless laborers, whom they
charge several dollars each for procuring
them employment, which generally proves
to have been a false promise on the part of
the agent, in order to extort money from
those who can laast afford to part with it.
TiLL-TtrPER. A colored waiter in Charlie
Flannery's St. Nicholas Dining Rooms,
named Sim Morris, last evening stole about
$30 from the till of the saloon. He was
followed to Pittsburgh Btreet by Mr. John
Flannery where he acknowledged the theft
and promised to refund tho money; but on
being released for that purpose ho ran down
an alley and escaped, after throwing stones
at his pursuers. The police will probably
have arrested him ere this.
Arrived. The steamer Cleveland, of the
Northern Transportation Company's line,
recently sunk off Bar Point, has been sue
cessfully raised, and was brought to this
port yesterday afternoon by the tug Relief.
She was towed into the old river bed, near
Stephens & Presley's marine railroad, pre
senting rather a dilapidated appearance,
though we believe her machinery is in good
order. Her hull will be repaired and a new
cabin built
Left for Tr.xas. The tugs "Superior
and " Ontario" which we mentioned a few
days ago as here,on their way from Buffalo to
Texas, started down the Canal on Monday,
last. Drawing to much water, they were un
able to proceed very far, and returned to
this city. They were here " boxed," and
thus drawing much less water left again
last evening for the port of their destina
Tue Buffalo Horse Fair. Great prepa
rations are being mide in Buffalo for the
Trotting Fair which takes place in that city
on the 14th inst. A number of Cleveland
gentlemen are going. The premiums offered
amount to $10,500, which will be trotted for
by the most celebrated horses of the nation.
including the famous " Dexter," " Patchen
Jr.," "Butler" and "Toronto Chief."
The Fire axd Bcrglar Alarm. Our
friend, V. C. Seward, informs us that the
"Fire and Burglar Alarm," for which he
agent, is meeting with universal approba
tion, and that orders are rapidly coming in.
We predicted that it would "take," and
still think so. No family or business ma
can afford to be without one. Call and see
it to-night at the New England.
Frredxax's Educational Society. The
above society will hold its regular monthly
meeting to-morrow afternoon at 32 o'clock
at the Methodist Church, Ohio street Dr.
J. P. Robinson formerly of the Ohio Leg
islature, will be present and address the
meeting. The pub lie are invited to attend
Miss Seour's Coxcert. Miss M. Louise
Segur, of Brooklyn, N. Y., formerly of this
city, will give a grand consert at Brainard'i
Hall, on the evening of the 14th inst. She
will be assisted by a number of New York
artistes. Her appearance here will be hailed
with delight by her numerous friends in this
Large Receipts. Probably the largest
amount of iron ore ever received at thi
port in one day came in on vessels yester
day about 4.000 tons. Among the vessels
were the Sherman, Minnie Bell, Evelyn
Bates, and John Wheden.
The S. D. Caldwell. This well known
and staunch steamer leaves Garreton
(Vs. dock on Wednesday evening next, on
a grand excursion to Lake Superior. The
fare has been reduced thirty-three per cent
on this trip.
Fo Chicago. The Wenona leaves Buck's
dock at 6 p. m. to-day for Chicago and Mil
waukee. The Wenona on her downward
trip struck a rock off Colchester Point and
sprung a leak, which was repaired at De
Clevelaxd Frralr Semixart. We have
received the Twelfth Annual Catalogue of
the Cloveland Female Seminary, from which
we learn that the Institution during the las
year has been more than ordinarily pros
perous. The Seminary edifice, which i
spaciont and well adapted to the purpose
for which it is vas designated, is located on
Kinsman street, and stands upon a beauti
ful lot ot about six acres, covered in part
by a grove of native oaks. This Institu
tion was founded A. D. 1355, and until tho
5th day of November, 1S63, was owned by
a joint Btock company, composed of citizens
of Cleveland, without regard to church re
The next term at the Cleveland Female
Seminary commences on the 6th of Sep
tember next. The following is a list of the
Faculty of this excellent institution :
S. N. Sanford, A. M. Principal. Natural
Sciences, and Higher Mathematics; Levi
Buttles, A. M t inancial Macs "or. Book
Keeping and Assistant in Natural Sciences;
Rev. Wm. C. French, Chaplain, Christian
Ethics and Sacred History; Prof. Hamilton
L. Smith, Lecturer, on Natural Sciences;
Miss Alice E. Smith, Vice Principal. An
cient History, Mental Philosophy and But
ler s Analogy: Miss ilary r Seymour,
English branches and Alathematics: Miss
Henrietta J. Angier. Physical Culture and
Latin: Miss Jennie R. Moody, Modern His
tory, Mathematics and Botany; Miss M.
Augusta Steele, English Literature and
Composition; Miss Amanda E. Pomeroy,
Grammar, Zoology and Astronomy: Prof. 6.
B. HamliD, Vocal and Instrumental Music;
Miss Maria S. Wright, Vocal and Instru
mental Musc, (second term); Mrs. Eliza
Shepherd, Organ Music: Miss Anna G.
Steele, Instrumental and Vocal Music, (first
term): Mone. C. Valliant, French Lancuaire
and Literature: Madame F. Naats Swain,
German Language and Literature: Signior
S. C. Fayella, Italian Language; Miss Hel
len 8. Humphrey, Drawing and Painting;
Mr. A P. Root, Penmanship: Wm. J. Scott,
M. D. Lecturer, Ad atom v, Phvsiolocv and
Hvgiene; Mrs. Helen M. RWrieht. Matron:
Mnu Susan Evans, Assistant Matron. '
Corplihbxtart. A correspondent writ-
ng from this city to the Field, Turf k
Farm, speaks thus of Cleveland. " But if
you want to see the improvement of carri
age teams, you must look for it at the For
est City, and here you will find it. Our
men of wealth are legitamate gentlemen
who possess the collateral qualifications of
good taste, and with leisure at command for
the exercise of their gifts, and with the
finest driving park in the far West, and
the whole country about the City of Cleve-
ana a deliehtful drive of itself, horse cul
ture has become a ruling passion in our
midst No where else that I know off in
this couulrv. except unon the Blooming-
dale Road or in Central Park, wili you see
such splendid carriage teams as may oe
seen ou Euclid Avenue of a Sunday morn-
ng, at church time, or upon any of our
suburban drives, almost any fine evening
when the footing is good. In all matters of
good taste and progress of this sort, we
win match our City ot Cleveland against
any other town ot seventy-hve thousand
people on this continent."
The Exccrsiox. The steamer Keewee
naw, which gives the excursion to Buffalo
this evening, will arrive here from Detroit
this morning. Everything looks favorable
to the entire success of the excursion.
Mistakr Corrected. A mistake occurred
iu my short notico concerning Randall's
cheese factory at Montville, which,
justice to the parties, you will please cor
rect. I am made to say "two," when
should have been "four," as designating the
J. C. B.
Burns and Scalds, Piles, Cerns, Bunions,
Old Sores, Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, Itch,
Erysipelas, Chilblains, Sore and Inflamed
Eyes, and Pains in the Side and Back, are
certainly cured by Dal ley's Magical Pain
Extractor. Thousands of certificates in the
hands of (he inventor, and open to the in
spection of every one. confirm the above
statement as a fact Try a box. It cannot
barm you, but is certain to do yoa good.
Only twenty-five cents. Sold by all drug
gists and country merchants. jyl3:33d
Soldiers Take Notice D. W. Gage, at
No. 12 Case Block, is the proper map to
prosecute your claims. He has experience
in the business and is perfectly reliableand
responsible. See advertisement in another
column. aug2-340
Gold Tens. A fine assortment of oblique
nd commercial pens and cases, at 140 Su
perior street. (jylS) Burt Dakk-
Just received by Schifl Elsoffer Jt Co., 160
Superior street, (enposite the Wed del
House,) a large assortment in new styles of
ladies dress button?, belt buckles, breast
pins, hair nets. &c, which they offer to the
trade at New York wholesale prices. jy30.
The thing for Summer Complaint is Dr.
Keelcr s Cholera preventive, for sale at J.
J. Vogt & Co's, 32 South Side Monumental
Souare. Office hours, 11 A. M. to 2 P. M..
at the same place for prescribing.
C. J. Keelcr, M. D., Eclectic Physician
Particular attention given to disease of
women and children. All Chronic diseases
successfullv treated. Office hours from 11
A. M. to 2 P. M-, at 32 South Side of Monu
mental Square. Residence East Cleveland.
Ladies' Swiss Watches. A few of very
fine quality, at 140 Superior street. jy 18
. aw a.
Just RceolTeil Army life on the
Border, by Col. Many, wua musxra
tinns itr.re S3, ehakspearc's Dell
motions, bv A. 0. kt'lloi:?, H- 1.
price $1.75. tbe Mormon Prophet,
bv t1. B. Waite; price $2. The Prison
Lifftflf Jijrmon DavU.by hU Fhysi
clan; price S'3. Stormcliffe, a tale of
tbe filchlands; price M...3. Life of
James btephens and a Hhtory ofthe
Kenian Brotherhood ; price ?1. The
Cnitcd States During the Mar, by
ft.u.uste Laneel; price $:..5. Crumbs
from the Round Table, bv Joseph
Barker; price $1. A new supply of
A bummer's Rest, by tiali Hamilton
and all tbe latest publications at
Cobb, Andrews t Co.,
june2G 211 6uperlor-st.
Claims collected without charge. See
advertisement of "Free Claim Agen
cy 99 In another column. may29
ROCKEFELLER In this city on the 3d inst
ijoaie nawara, only cuiia or nm ana Aimira
Rockefeller, agd 17 months.
funeral Sabbath afternoon at 4 o'clock from
their residence, 3'J Cheshire street. Friends of Ihe
Cami y are invited to attend.
IVft-C ' nth it Vlclrlrm.-To prevent
or oooqier disease is a grind achieve ineht; tnd as
safely as bail t and bayonet will destroy, so sure
ly will HO TETTER'S BITTERS prrserve and
prolong life.
This is the mo1, trying p-rlod of the y-ar. The
stamina of t he strongest yields more or less to the
consuming teatpjratara of miditmmer. Vigor
tozes from ev.ry pore. The strength of man
passes away in invisible vap?r, and weaker woman
becomes relaxed and nerveless. It was t me-r
su n a uicnities tnat ilostetter s Bitters were
girtai to society. It is to prevent the evil cinso
qaencei to which an unbraced, depicted, de' ilita
ted organization Is liable, thtt they are recom
mended as a Si mmer Tomc for both sexes. Old
peopladie vt exhaustion every day, who might
hare f ej. H ath at bay lor years to como by an oc
rasional resort to th.o powerful and harmlis vg-
et able stomachic.
riioe-ter.ths of the cemmaaity, rirhaswellas
poor.w. rk continually. If their hands are no
employ tdHh-jir brains are bnsy, an 4 heai work is
as depressing to th vital energies atT mu'cnlar
toil. Bat tone the system with Hostcttor's Bit
ters and the wear and tt-ar of but i nets life will be
comparatively onfelt even in the most oppressive
weather. languor will be experienced, 'or s
fast as thi vital force are fxpended thysiUbe
recruit: dand renewed by this healthful restora
tive. As a summer Invigorant it is indispensabTe
to yonng acid - Id. Sold everywhere. jy30
SPECIAL NOTICES. A Remedy for the Piles--It is a blessing
to tbe snfforing to know that we have an effectual
enre for this truly troublesome disease. Mr. J. P
Hazards, of K4 Second street, Cincinnati, Ohio,
tak great pleasure in informing all who are suf-
ferine with piles, that he used a matt quantity of
ut. o.ncKiana s rue arraoaj, ana it enectea a per
manent core. This seems to be the case with all
who make use of this splendid preparation. It is
manufactured at No. 6 East Fonrth Street, Cincin
Benton A PHnhftTn. ClevHand. . mv:R5
last received ty
We have largely reduced our prices for
Millinery Goods
ii-scn howe,
Mbelesnle and RetxUl IfrngKtMia,
Drills, Sfedlctne, Jberalcals
Toilet and Fancy Article".
Pure Wines nnd Lienors lor Medl-
rlnnl Pnrposea.
PhTSkiana1 Pnwrif.tioni Mnfnllw vrm.
Pncnded. J t 1-8
Good aatrortmeut at -
A broat Weatern tt-.al 88
A. A O. W . Maho. or . s;-2o 3:1K
Lake Shore, OlerolaodA airia ..SJO fcso 4 00 B-.40
Oooneant A Erie A J 3:45
Pittaborg!-. A Wheeling- 8:10 1:40
Alliance Accommodation S:40
Opinions .. 20
Galton Accomodalion..nN
Toidwi 6 35
Detroit Boat
Buffalo Beat ....
9 0C
12:00 M.
AtUotlc ft Great Western-, T:2 8:30
A. A G. W., Mario. tSr MH 10:40 t:'2f
LaX 6bro, OVt-ye Krie.5:05 6 . SO fc.O 7:60
OoDDoaat A Krie Accomaw. 10:16
PHMbnrgh A Wheeiiun;. l:6Q 8:35
Alliance Acots,.m. u..w9:30
OolombDi ............ -....:i-J 9:-TO 3: SO 9:30
Tolwla 6.15 Kil fc2S ft .&i
Static 'e 7 ....... MM-.W.M.M. 9rl0
'Vrtroit Boattw. 6:00
Baffale Boat 10;?0
Citizen wfehiiuc conveyance to either of th
acov a rains or bojir. win dc.iimi lorby iacnei
of SteTem Omnibn Line, by leaving their addreM
MtneumcMm (Juice. 160 enperior street, tny-
poute tue wed den uonaa. mar lb
Arrivals at the Principal Hotels for
the last Twenty-Four Hours.
J Strohl, OH City Mrs Strohl
mm Birtlm?!', Conn
H M Kandftll, S Y
IE W Proitb, Pminiala
Mrs Brown, Utica,
J G Chamberlain, Sutonia
n Fnuer, Mt-warK
A Muoier, Pitts
D L Pope. Graisaco
J AiUms, Rich Ik-Id
W S Crawford, Yng t'wn
A V Urahara. lud
A Thotnuv ea burg
a a cinotters,
E L J-tne, Lor log
G F Brown. Warren
C Russell, N:iailion
J Jackson, Boiton
J Edemin. liet
C L Gibion. :.a
E B cty, Tin
H Thorn aon, I 'tiea
W N Perkins, Korwo k J V Far, Warren
E W ltnuadson, do C Howard d?
H Hull brock, Cotnmbns IE L Warren, Rock do rt
P O'' onnors, Yntn tn W Drer. Pitts
J H McLauzhlm, T tin J Franklin, N Y
J M Todd. WVa W Frank. California
Mrs Hinkley. Mantna L Ludlow, Auburn
Stafford, 1'nest n 11 Weils, BUtimore
T F Stafford Aw.YngaVn W A HiRby, city
w n aiavaii, u J J onus tun, Alo
J Spencer, Phila J John, Albany
D W Brwii, Toledo J W Vincent, & Y
X J Lodlows, Cbardon
C D Arms, Yon drs town h CItCoppot. N Y
C Constable, N Y
F II French, St L
Bins 1'arrot. l'ayton
C Parrot do
Mrs Parrot as. do '
J II Norfolk Aw, Bliss
T Wante, N V
C, Norrix, Windsor
W B J ami-son. Vicks
('apt Batter, M O
I Hocking ham, cily
J Butlersl, tit L
OCari. city
OA Koble, Pitts
W L Vance, Kp
K W rjossel.me, Ynpstn
D Herrick, jr, Taiuttbg
A L Smith
A 0 Smith, Toledo
J Harftent, Kochreter
S P Roberts, N Y
T W Tro bridge. Boat
B Sears, W is
B C Patterson. Ga
A A Irewiy, 111
Mrs Keen, Baltijnoro
J G Green, St L
O O Potter Af, N Y
J Io fries, Meadville
G B Cimpbell, Alliancs
N H Slater l, O
Miss Harris, Ky
Bliss Meade, Bliss
L T Palmer, III
II M Sini'h, Orwell
" B Wick, YuUD-t-es
m new.oii, it'QU
MrKlroy, city
L L DeniiDi:. city
K t'nderill, Leavittslrgh
li Matthews, 1'itta
J F Bowen si, Cin'
W It Elder, O
A H Wood raff, Vienna
B W Downey, Akron
II B L'Hommeieu, Ci
Mine L'Hommedinu, do
S S L'Hommedien Aw, do
N P Dand ridge do
T W Fry Aw, lad
AC&ni'dttU. HI
G W tenner, Bucyrus
J White, K Y
Miss Black. Meadvillo
Mtm Mclntoib, do
Mi-9 E do do
W E McClintock, do
J L Smith, TH-laware Horncll,
J llickox, Wis Mrs Schwartz, Wis
T T Juslia. Cin J D Graff, USA
r S Hanford, Ouy Falls V H Andrews, N Y
JS Tod, Little Mountain J W Packard, Chic
Mrs Lewis, Mich A J Harper, Tenn
J 8 Lois Aw. do C E Muneer, Me
J C Linsay. Pitts 1 H Sortwellif, Boston
BC Barney, city W A Uanford, Cy Fal
WL Gaylnrd, Wit D I Grant w. Pa
C Elias, O R J Manfee, Cin
.1 A Garfield w, Hiram u riexotto, H i
Mi Mtofinaker, Mien
G FBritton. St L
W W, Pottard, Ky
Mrs Britton d, do
H W flimemier, Pitta
C Hanford, Cay Falls
W B Higby si, W Va
TS at-r, N Y
F Copcutt. N Y
J H ill ra
S Stimnel, Colnmhtis
J W Glenn, Canada
W P Grepz, Pitts
AB Shcenberj T f, P
II A Kirkbam, N Y
J H Holcomb, S Y
C M Warren, Min Ridge P K Vatimer, IS or walk
T E Bu"I, Wis J W Smith, Dayton
W J Roberts, Buff Mrs Martin, Buff
N J Jackson. Wis C L Hobien, Kent
K K HirrlH As. Wooster H WiMuiao. Sandusky
j jittnibenger, Mo D K Spencer, Windbam
D Hatch, city t; itooner, teTiue
0 N Storrs aw, Orrville H Hoouer, do
BIrs Dean, obvrlin E M VendyAf, Galion
.1 F Lidall Aw, do J dough. Amherst
N P Loom is, Olmsteid J S Lowry, Berlin U'chti
W W Boynton, Klyria O C Kcudrick, K'.llamer
J 11 Dickson l, wel gl'D T i lliam, M Y
V PKUne, Hiram
N H Slater, Williarufield
D D Humeson, do
G Tanney Utss
E 0 Adam. Iud
J WScuter, St L
Mi'S Alden, Iud
J J McCreliao, Akron
D F Hansberger, do
KC Wade, Jefferion
W H Pebbl-r, Nrwalk
Mrs Liston, Iowa Falls
8 H Kingsbury, Boston
J Ki bet am AI, city
S Paitiberger, Mo
J Marshall, Toledo
A T Paige, Peary
H W Burnham, N Y
T J Lagan if, W' ash in
J S King, Warren
i M Henderson, Buff
J Hopkins, Graugr
FRIDAY EVENING August 3, 1866.
Advices to bankers from New York
day reported financial matters in that city
as very quiet, and pending further intelli
gence from Europe there is probably no dis
position to operate. Gold had an uncoin
monly steady market, 14S being tbe gener
ally prevailing figure, at whieh the market
closed. It is held by some of the New
York press that an advance in gold shortly
is probable, and it is also asserted th
strong combinations have been formed for
putting up the price. The Herald says :
"The spirit of the gold market f&vors a rise
owing to the small amount of specie in th
country, the banks of this city having held
on Saturday last only $9,701,540, a triflin
sum in view of the demand for customs
duties and the contingencies we are exposed
to in consequence of a largo portion of our
national debt being held abroad. Our cur
rent importations greatly exceed oar cx
ports, the former having amounted to
S29.2S7 at this port last week, exclusive of
freight and charges, while the exports for
the- week ending yesterday amounted to
only $3,343,670 in currency."
For government securities there was
steady and firm market E&st to-day, no es
sential change having oecurred in any de
nomination of the national securities from
the reported prices of yesterday. The market
was quiet, and until something further is
known as to the status of the foreign mar
kets, it is probable we shall have a dull,
bnt steady market for this class of invest
in mis m&rnet me transactions m gov
ernment securities are on a very moderate
scale, gold bond? being especially dull. The
closing prices for coin and governments
are :
Buy Ins:
..l u
SilTPr large.
Silver sraMl ,.m..Ill
cixesof itiHi, ox. coupons. s
rive-twenties (lPrJ-)...........l(iT1i
Five-twenties, (J&j4).w.ml041.2
Five-twenties. (1363) i, i.
Seven-thirties. (1st series,). wlOri1
feven-thirties, (2d and 3d series lltcj1,
OompoQitd-int. Note, ,0i.lWilvz
Componml-iRt. Notaa, '&-104H.jl(J7
There is nomstorial change to report of the
local money market. There is perhaps
little more movement in the discount line,
the advancing tendency of the petroleum
market having infused more lifo into this
branch of trado, and added to the demand
for currency accommodation lint the wants
of the mercantile community generally
seep on me moderate side. Currency is in
comfortable supply, and good paper
easily negotiated.
Eastern Exchange continues in very lim
ited receipt, and the bankers generally are
steadily reducing Ihoir Eastern balances,
so that the market may bo reported close.
Rates are as previously quoted, par buying
and 1-10 premium selling.
In answer to a communication received
from the cashier ofthe First National Bank.
of Weatport, Connecticut, asking whether
the notes of Etate banks could be forward
ed to brokers or private bankers for the
purpose of being sold without incurring the
liability of the ten per cent, tax imposed
by the act of July 13, 1SH6, the Commis
sioner of Internal Revenue returned an an
swer as follows, under date of July 30th
Sir: I reply to vour letter of the 24th
inst, that if you continue to receive the
notes ot the biate banks after August 1,
i&oo, ana send tnem w vour Aew York cor
respondent (ba-Jt) for the purpose of re
demption only, it will not be considered a
paying out of such notes, within the mean
ing oi section i, act ot March 3, 1S65,
amended Jniy u, ittf. xbe notes in ques
tion must be forwarded for the special and
only viurpose of beine redeemed, as the same
rule would not apply where they are sent
New York or elsewhere for the pur
pose of being told, or to make up balances,
ic. Very respectully, E. A. Rollirs,
The general markets show no improve
ment in business. The demand for floor
from the trade is fair, including the better
grades, for wnich the market is steady and
qnotahly unchanged. Wheat is in very
little demand, and we hoar of nothing do
in? hf winter, few car lot spring ftold
-day si $1,90, decline .of 10c from yes
terday. Corn was steady to-day at 74e Cor
No. 1 mixed, and quiet. No 1 State oaU are
very scarce and wanted. A sale of one
car was made to-day at 50c, bat a higher
figure coald have been easily obtained at
the close. In the Provision line prices re
main unchanged, and a well maintained
demand from the trade is noted. Batter it
firm at previous quotations, with fair
home inquiry. Cheese is very quiet, steady
and unchanged. Eggs steady. High wines
in fair request at unchanged prices. Pe
troleum is advancing, and there is an im
proving demand, chiefly for bonded, Free
continuing rather quiet.
Cleveland Wholesale Market.
FRIDAY EVENING August 3, 1866.
FrelarbtA The following are the rates by Laks
(steam) and Kail from this port to New York and
Hew Tork. Bostoa.
1st T1 -m -,
ll os l 16
37 42X
76 S5
tl to II 16
46 6S
M "
4th "
The westward-toned sates by laka and rail ara
as follows:
let 2d M 4th
daaa. class, claas. claw
To Cleve:od, Tolodoand
u I roi . if w Baa one aso
To -bicago 1 10 SOe 70s 60o
B lottr In good steady demand from the trade.
and unchanged. City made XX red 113,00; do XX
while 116,00; do XX spring I10,SO10,76. Conn-
try brands XX red 10,O12,60, and XX white
Wheat Dull and 10c lower far 8prh.g; nolh
ing doing In winter. Sales 3 cars No. 1 Milwaukee
spring at 11,90.
Cora Quiet and atrady.. Sales a cars No. 1
mixed at 74c.
Oats No. 1 State very scarce, firm and advaoc.
iag. Sale 1 car at 60c ; 2 can Western at 46c.
Bya Quiet and nominal at 85c for Bo. 1.
Barlew Inactive and nominal.
For Firm, and demand fair. Sales r6 bUs
No. 1 City-picked Hess $33,00 ; No. 1 ataas 132,00;
Prime Meea at 130,00.
ar 1 SteWy. Salea 14001ns Olty-rawderad at
in kega and Z2c in tierces ; Country 21c
Hmm I .i i rt ..UMaial- Salea
4310 lbs city Sugar-cure at 24c, caavaeeed.
8bORtidrB Steady at lac lor Citj-cari.
BaeoR Steady at UOc for City cared canvaaeed.
Dried Beef In light atock and firm at ioc.
Beef Firm and iteady at JJ0,U0 for city-packed
Battel In fair demand from the trade, steady
and firm. Sales 25 kegs-choice Western Reserve at
32c ; 28:mc for good W. R. and Central.
Cbeese Quiet and steady at lo17c for com
mon to choice dairy and tactory-made.
fJa-Sa Steady. Salea C bbli at 23c.
If Iftbwinesi In fair demand and ateady at
S2,27:,2S, Salea 40 bbls rye wine, on p. t.
AieofAol Unchanged. Wa quota; 94,624,4,57
for se per coat. Oologae Spirit, M per eant., 4,
C2t3i,67. Huitral Proof Spirits I2,452,50.
JPetrofeaun Firm and advancing, with
improving demand. Sales 1000 bbls bonded, prima
light straw to white, August delivery on care here,
at 35 Vc market closing firm at 3&37c for Au
gust on epst. Free is rather quiet at 65(iS6c
Oils Steady. Quotations for Carbon ara for
trade tots. We quota :
Linseed raw -11 9S I Neatafoot 1 S6
do boil'd 2 0ia I Whala, W. B l 70
Oarbon. 6Tra 68 I Elephant, W. B. 1 70
Ij.nl SI fiOMAl 80 1 Soerm. W
Bank Ml 30 I Straita 1 36
Dried Apples Quiet at 17c and pay for pack
Dried Peatehea Firm. Pared JOo; Cnparad,
halves, 25c ; quarters, 18c.
Laate Flavb In fair demand. Wfe quote r No.
1 Whifmah 18,75 per half bbl ; No. 2 do 13,26 ; Pick-
erel. Mo. 1, 18,0098,25; Trout 17,26; Herring,
Urge, 14,60.
Beans Firm. Sales 150 bn good while 2,00.
Feathers Prim, live geeee held at 85a'J0c
Silt-StMilr at 12,30 for Fine, 20 for Coarse
and Ground Solar.
Tallow 8teady and firm. Held at 10),lle,
Water Jjne In fair demand and firm at
$2,00 for Akron and Oswego.
White Lime In good demand at 11,76 per
bbl for Cleveland and Fremont.
Planter Powell's land plaster firm at $12,0
V :on at Mill. Calcined $4,00 j bM.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market.
[Special to Cleveland Daily Leader.]
PITTSBURGH, August 3—7:15 P. M.
received from tho East. Cruds stocks light, and
holdere demand 14c for bulk ; 19c including bbls,
Prices are advancing at Oil Cily.
Refined active. Sales of Free at 63c. Bonded
salea reach 4100 bbls. Philadelphia delivery Au
gust 20th to Sept. IbI, 43c: November 46c ; Tecem-
bertfc; delivered here free on cars August 37c
September 37c ; December S940c. Market closed
[Special Dispatch to Western Associated Press]
NEW YORK August 2.
The money market remains extremely easy, and
thedimand is not rqual to the supply. Call loans
range at from 4 to 5 per cent., but then is more
GoTemment secari ies were quiet and firm this
art r noon.
Tbe following are the closing quotations
Coupons Five-twenties 'I. 105 (ts 10-
4tt coupons y3 a( ir. ; ;july 7-3us, 104(31,,
The stork market was steady at the lsst open
Doara. A Her ine session prices were sustained,
au tnere teas a lair business oone.
Petroleum stocks, at the second board, are iriren
r.s fallows : Bennehon Kuu, 7UO ; Buchanan Farm,
Ju ; United Stated, 775; Excelsior, S.
Donnicoille.M; tinnnell koU, 110; New Tork
gold, 115; Smith A Farm lee, 9.
The market at the Dry Goods Iicliange was not
naite so rirni.
The foilowiusr were the quotations reported at
the Drv Gtxxls Excbaotre. jobber's prices :
Brown Sheetings iiashaa Extra, attiinch, 21 :
Bamtwkeae a. vik; rarK. 1 i.e.aoc. m r-
ter Mill V, atiincb, iS; Sulmon Falls A, 15; She-
tacket A. wioro, it; ao. o, incn. 1.
SbetiuSBud Shirtiufrs Dl ached Lonsdale, 33;
Munyille Co.. 4 : atasonDHie, iw: norK Bills,
Portsmouth B, 1-; Kd Bnk, t dj.,
18 : iteynids A a, : Tip top, a.
Ticking Pearl Rirer, 56 ; Pembeaton AA, 4ft;
Pc-mbertun &, 'Z- ; Prmberton X,30; PitUAeld,
14 ; Whittenden A, 3-4 i York. 3'J inch, 4i)4 ; do.
32 inch. blxC.
Stripes Amoskeag, ; Athencan, 23 ; Al
bany, 14.
NEW YORK, August 3.
The Comnierciri.'s money article says :
The slicht reaction in stocks rated yesterday
continues ims morning. inre dm oeen a very
prenersl reahripg amootT cliques, and the marvel is
that the prices have not yielded mora. Buyers are
found f r a) stock, offer d. and those who have
teen expecting a turn that would enable th m to
Uke in,atocks at lower prices hare ceea disap
pointed! Price arc not yet high enough to draw
out ny short iuierest, and this fact alone augurs
au export to carry np quotations much n gh r.
The miscellaneous list was slightly off, insy
pmtliy with railroad stocks.
Governments were quiet Due itesdr. Kep-nrts
were current that private dispatene. naq been re
ceived of the qnotaimn 01 &--"s at london vter-
day at Wis, Dut we are nnaow to autnenttcate tbe
rnmor. The report that large orders wjre receiv
ed by the cable yesterday for 5-us appears to have
neen intentcd lur erlect upon tne got premium.
Lai'ge shipments, however, of bands will be made
to-morrow. Quotations were unchanged at the
board except for old 6-20i, which were qnoted at
-lonev contlones very abundant. The- banks
have large idle balances, and are offering, on en 11,
rocnu sums at .. iter cn. , ioi meet omy oral
nary counter-demand. Transactions in discounts
were merely nomioai, 5&t6 per oent. being the
prevailing; rate lor prime names.
Cold is acain wenk. Some of the importers and
bavukers wno are nnaerstooa to oe laraeiy ebort io
rold have made application to the 9ecrotary of the
Treswury to relieve the market, by inaugurating
weesiy saiea oi geio.
New York Market—Aug. 3.
Cotto-) Dull and declining. S rs at 36c for
i:d llinc uplands.
ruH'aV Dnil. Sound low gradea steady, while
inferior an ! huh grades are declining.
cles at 9i,i7(tA.a,w lor extra at ate; wi.io
r!'.ittu lor extra round noop unto , u,tjo,aii ou for
trade raods. Closing quiet.
Whiset Ouiet and nominal. .
Wheat Dall with downward tendency. Bales
of No. .Chicsifo at Xl.W.
Bye Quiet, bales at 10c lor interior western
Baslet Dull.
Bablet Malt Dull.
Coas About le lower.
scales at TJ(dt6"c for unsound; 80asie Cor sound
mixtl western, ctoeing at the inside price; K.'c
for Illinois; t.i : lor cDotce western yetfow.
uats uuu ana aeciininir.
Salea at 4a46o for Chicago; 4!kiSc tar Mil
waukee; ozitiKM: lowa.
Corrss uail.
SrsAB Dull. Sales of Cuba at llll)-.
M OI. ABS ES D 11.
F etbo Ultra Mora active.
Sales at z5'.zbc for crude, nnd 4la43!4e for
renuea in nona.
Pons Heavy and declin'nc.
Bales at $.ll,37fit il,5 for new raeos, closing
Hl,:i7cash; iz'J.MiMKW for old mess; flir.W.
2.,75 for prime. Aleo 8,5.0 bbls new bosss for
beptember and Octobor, Seller s and bojor't op
tion at $:(!,. Vftt.W.
0CEr -oteaay.
Kales at ftlti.Otvaan.00 for new plain meat, and
$Jti,lXHlW for new extra mess.
itur ua .vail ana nominal.
Bacos Dull. Salea of Cumberland cat at loc
Out Meats Firm. Sales at UXft6c tot
shoulders, aad l;.21c for hams.
Labo Firmer. Sales at mic.
Buttbb Dull. . Salea at 'Aumc for Ohio, and
27ra40c for states
Cheese Dull, Sales at 63190.
FasisHTs to IiiTBarooti Firm.
N. Y. Money Market—Aug. 3.
Morrt Steady at 45 per eant.
SrsauRa Iuuhs-Hall and heavy at 107
vols without dectsal ena&ge. opeauiia; aw
148i, acURing l'7-d and eloalnr at 148.
N. Y. Stock Market—Aug. 3.
ataVRaawRRT Stoors A shad. Sruer.
U.S. 4-20 coanon.. of 18, '2 HK'i: ao of IW-
. do registered 105l0f,ji; l(l4"s r-i.. r d
6; llOm, 1st aeriea ItH 2d do M1.' 3d do lot.
Tennessee Ss 91,
Stocks Strong.
New York Central lotSi: Hurfene 121: Rradins
112; Cleveland aad Pittaburgh ;!;; rbl apo and
noruiwoiera Jl'j; Co preferrru 07).; Bock
Island 10.
Buffalo Market—Aug. 3
Fuhnb Qniet and unefaanged.
Wrrat Held No. 1 Milwaukee some at S !,('.
Cosa Salea at 8o for Mo. 1.
Oits Salra at .tie for Bo 1 Chicago.
BanLBT Nominal.
Rtr Nominal.
Porr Firm Sales at $71,00.
L.an Sea at J4..2IO.
Wrisrt Nominal at $2 28.
Cabal Fasiora Cull t New Tork : Cora 14c;
aU do. . To Albiay: Corn 12c; oau 7)0.
Toledo Market—Aug. 3.
Flocr. Qniet.
WnSAT ISSSc lower. Sales of sew whit. Mlrh.
gan, new er. p, at 12,40! amber Micbigaa, clop uf
'65. $2,4it; do crop of 'M, $2.40.
Cork Bull and lc lower. Sakja at S3o for No. I
Oats Lower. Bale of No 1 at 42c.
K is-Quiet.
Lars Fbeiohts d)u'l ad nomlml.
Oswego Market—Aug. 3.
Flour TJoclianard. Salea at $!.5o for No 1
spring; $11.00.0)11,50 for red winter; $12,00 for
bile; ,l3,orl,wror aa. paiee, i mil tiarrela.
Whsat Dull. 8aes ordinary whit. Canada at
S2.2&: fair oo at F2 so.
c-orr Held at 73c for Bo l unnois, by soat
Btr Nominal.
Oats Qniet and nominal.
Cakal Axforts Flour 600 bb s; wheat 13,000
LAKSlxroRTS Wheat, 18,000 bushels.
Chicago Market—Aug. 3.
Wheat Op-ned at an advance of 6tf10c No. 1
sallins at $l.iiial.46. bnt cl sing dull at $1,41
jorr Aellva and advaaced lc. Bales at ODUta
W?40 ur No. ; t-l'..vc lor Ho X,
uats uuu. ealea at bx(4vis lor no. i
24i25c for No. 2. '
, AtioHWlBSs rtrm. Bales at $f,23.
Mess Posr $42,50.
Freights active.
Receipts Flour 2000 bbls. ; wheat 8.000 bu.;
corn ST.oiio ba; s.otweete
SHirRERTS rtour 5.U10 bbls.: wheat k.wo au.;
oata bu.
Milwaukee Market—Aug. 3.
Flour Quiet.
Willi-Firm. Palea at $1,61 No. 1.
CoBM Firm Salea at 5Sc.
O.-ra !i.le. at 31o for No. 1.
Ri tiers Hoar 1,100 bbls; wheat 17,000 bush
oata 7.000 bn.h.
SHir-ERT Flour 2100 bbls; wheat 30,000 bush.
Rose & Prentiss' Provision Market.
Hams Sugar cured canvassed $1 ft. 24
SHOULBRRe Sugar-cured Caavaaaed V $ 16
Dried Beep Sugar-cired Canvassed ff) B .
Bacor Or Smoked Sides f) B . 18
Labs Prim. Leaf kettle-rnd'd in bbl. or tres 20
" Prime Leaf kettle-rnd'd in kega $1 lb 21
Pork No. 1 mess f) "J , oo
" Extra clear 34 03
Light - i 30 50
SS"Wn eharga made for parkagea or cartag.
All article, are warranted strictly prima. Orders
or. Its, 144 and 14S Ontario Btreet.
J. V. Painter,
117 Superior street, Cleveland, Ohio
npeeiiy aaa jroreifrai xrnsii;B,
ENTERED..........August 3.
Stmr City ot deTelanti, McKay, Detroit
Prop Atlantic, Wet more, T(t4et1o
Prop Rocket, Wet more, Baffalo
Prop City of Baston, Chapman, Ogte&sbiireh
Prrp Dnbnqne, Mr Lean, Detroit - -
Prop 8 D Caldwell, Lsnis, Honghton, 38 bbls cop
per, oit tons iron ore
Schr Essex, Willisms, ChicsRO, 111,500 ba wheat
Schr Conrad Beid, Barrow. Buffalo
Schr Snowbird, Connolly, B.y City, lumber and
Schr h It Noble, Fuller, Pt Huron, lumber, lath
am sn indies
Schr O J Roeder, Tonnpr, Vscaoaba, iron ore
Schr Radical, Lotte, East Saginaw, lumber
Scow Black Kover, Jrnninrrs, Clinton
Seow tl Bowes, Surles, Iretroit, lumber, shingles
Stmr Momiag SUr, Tifrer Detroit
Stmr I llinou, Sweet, Ontonagon
Prop Rocket, Wetmore, 4reea Bay
Prop City of Boston, Chapman, Chicago
Prop Atlantic, Wetmore, Buffalo
Br Bsrk Three Bells, McGuon, Toronto, coa'
Schr Seaman, Flood. Wyandotte, coal
Sibr Jnlia Smith, Dean, Detroit
Schr Teh-graph, Ailen, Bry City
Schr tien hiel, Colvin. Chicago, coal
Schr John Thursby, Uiintoon, Milwaukee, coal
Br Schr J P Black, He Sua, Goderich, coal
Scow American Eagle, Braman, Saginaw, coal
Stow Mullie, Fargher, Black Hirer .
Scow Mona, Shipman, Keliey's Island
The Cheapest, most Beautiful and
Durable Fence noir In ise
anstCMcttirwsl fcy Cton FeBtce
rrnpsijr of Pmlsif'tsville.
T. W. M0KSB, agent, Sartwell's Block.
braced with iron, set la ornamental iron
posts, which is embedded in a stone foundation,
and the whole is painted with three coats of best
quality of paint and thoroughly sanded with light
colore, sana. 1 tie wood part oi the fence m so con
true ted that it does not toarh the ground, and
there is no place where water can possibly be ab
sorbed. Hence (t wilt last, at the loarcst calcula
tion, 76 years. Ths gates are made upon the most
improved principle, and ara ornamental in the
highest degree. The painted ornaments are ail
iron. By many this fence, when set, Is taken to
b composed entirely of Iron, no airy and substan
tial is it in appearance.
Tha attention of those wishing to Improve the
appearancaoi tneir irons yaras, and tnoso con
templating building, is called to this fence, now
n-ed in front of the dwellings of tho following
gentlemen 01 uiis city :
Peter Thatcher, Ceq., Seneca street.
H. M. ClaAn, Esq , Seneca street.
G. W. Morrill, Keq.t Seneca street.
D. A. Dangler, Esq., Huron street, east of Xri.
Fayette Brown, Esq., Euclid street.
6. H. Bnrt, Esq., a-uclid street.
Mrs. Crowell, corner Superior and Erie streets.
Key. T. II. liawks, Superior street.
H. M. (7h.pin, nq., St. Claif street.
H. 6. Hitchcock, St. Clair street.
A. W. Fairbanks, St. Clair street.
19. T. Wilsriti. St. Clair street.
Mrs. Bend, St. Clair street.
8. C. Porter, Architect, Huron street.
Or. Sapp, Duron street.
H. P. Weddell, Esq.. Euclid avenno.
For further particulars call at my office, over
F oraT's Crockery Store, where aamplo Fences and
drawings can do seen.
may .ft:")- . w . biirms, rVtretit.
Keeps oomtantly rn hand
Fine Groceries & Provisions,
And all articled asnsUy found Id b 11 rot -class
Call Brd Eis ine.
Goods delivered to asi part of the city 1Ym
cnarre. j- m 341,
having lust arrived from Europe, would ii
form tho Ladies and pnblic generally, that he has
bow open for inspection tbe largest and most com
piste stock of HUMAN HA IK GOODS ever offered
them in Cleveland. Handsome Lone Hair,
broutrht especially for tho manulncturlnv at
Ladies will do well to examine this beautiful
nr before purchasing eiev where.
N. B. Many very pretty Head Dr bn.nrhi
direct from Paris tbe very latent fashion in.-w
deeiRiw in Coils, Twists. Bowa, kc.) A nv of 1Kb
aovve a-mu ir woo, an 01 wnica can oe mane out
lowucnewand sraida witnout injury to either.
mw adies tlair iJreaalug tn all tho latent an I
S01ID SILTKS W ABE. Jost recelr
ed from the factory. Bpoons. Forks. mr
iciav, iLaVRap uim, ., mi.
ivx (WWIKS A f?f.
Hair from ftdllng off. rea tores Gray Hair to I
original ostor, ana is asprtor dressing, sor ;
ny UUUlWttJLfta. At 8SOTUCE,
l-ia 1M Ontario sum.
"ss-nv-i acieiaaeftkelaa.
' Wt-ll an. rlnral,l. l .. . .. 1
8-1.., .in.;...,. -L-l 1
CrJld 6" K''lertaBmt,
Tie 1-a.llllC Ui't fvT -b.L ..en,..., 'T-, I
h r u ul lil.TS will bedisuibalrd aaaoni th.e
i'1-erce. ' - 1
Si te.se Kntert-inmenta the FAKIR beatow4F
his li III geneioi.ly, a-d amuses ae wellaaasi
tni.U.s bi. ai-dieiie. with 1 lie meet wonderlu
-.i. wi nn'.i.i nn -ov - ul. nM art!
alleraooa a number of elegant Biblea will bj given
.4 338 J. 8. BRICGS A CO., Proprietors.
n X, tv , u vv d --
JL p. ass
are Bide whiel steamer i-l J- '
KKWKENAW Capt. Albert Stewart,
Leaies Cleveland for Bnfialo on SATURDAY
E-Vr-NINU. Augnst tb, at .o'clock, arriving iu
BofT.loln time to connect with the train for
NIAGARA FALLS. Retum'ni will leave loot of
C mm. ci street, Bonalo, SUNDAY AVKBilNO
at o clo R, arriving In OKve-and asuuday morn
iog, and leave cleve and for Detroit and Lske bu -
prior on Monday .renins. Aa&ruat fith. at 8
Cloed naaeina; Mcuie o Board.
turn, includ.sg meals and bo ths.
Bur sale at office oi
Engl-338 i- ,j ia, RiT,r ,,,,t.
ailliont snmtcr, and must be sees to b sppre-i
ciated. I
PairE or aomimior Drras Circle and Par-K
qaette&Ocenta ; Family Circle 35 ctnta; Ualleryi
25 cents.
at AT IN KR at 2 ockck P. M. Aomisalon to all I
farta ofthe bouse 26 cent,. At the Alalia a this I
Cleveland Br. Sanitary Commission.
No Charge for Services.
TT. Back Pay. Prise koaev. and all aw
Army and Navy Ciaims
rart:ija9 inunsASKO BOUNTY EILL
ar-Apply In person or by letter to
JASPER E. UlLLI413,Ar(.D,,
OMre s) Bank-wt., Room 13, 3d Hoar,
may2:R17 CLEVKLAND, OUill.
fi. M. HAS BSCS,
Lata Lieut. CxH. 107th O. Y. I.
fio. 233 SDperior-Sf., lcvelaad, O.
Authorized Military Claim Aeunt
The law for the rjniliaiition of B. uriii., la
passed. The law for tbe increv. cf Per-eiona is
pasMd. Widows and Or.)ians entitled to the lene
n t of both. A II r l.ima c.ill-rted promptly a: d on
rimaonable terms o. application in nerrva or by
1 tier. Send yoar cei titicnte of r.i'cbargu to G.
H. BARBER, No. 222 So erior street, m l h. will
imatediatelr atnd ion tbe necsity biankato pro
cure y-U' Boatity or incread r-nsion. angt
X TIONAL BOUNTIES to So'da-rs, S. liars and
their Wi'iow., Chil ren and r.r.ats. -
avaT" L w ju.t pa.1 and approved. ,
$50 to SI'O a diti n.l County, and 12 to
$17 per month inc ra,.d Pen-ion.
Rea, Oltlcer. in commi sioo B'ar b 3d, 1.1-, and
disctiai gd after April !HL, are rnlitkd lo
tbreo Bionths' estra pay proper. All prr(er
ca.ms auin.t tlie toterna.-eot proiMculid
promt tlv and thoroughly, ai-lel by a compvteut
AasisTART in Waslii.gten.
SrRv8nd in your d.scbrt;e., re lictes of Pen
siou. and other proper viucl.ers ml pn ofa. 1
will send circnl.r, giring full in'orm tioa and
prepare tbe necessary p Let, to cure tbe latm.
D. W. UAGK, Claim Acia!,
angt No. 12 (We Blo'k, ( level. ud, O.
(RrUbllshed December, 1361 )
UcenseS Army at Xavy rials Agent, -
ear Oonrt Hons, on Pnbllo Sqaara, Cleveland, O.
THE NRVT BOUNTY LAW has passed loth
Houses o: Congrew aad IS NOW A LAW.
The additional Bouslies c llec'ed prrmplly
ana on r. as doable terms. Application may bo
made aa above.
We collect Peo.Ua3, Iuoreaaid P.neions, Boun
ty, Back Pay, rnte aouey and. all other War
Claims t
Land Warraota bonght and sold ; also Core.a
ait. Our Special Agent, resident at WaenlugtoR
D. 0T7 gives peraoa attention to ALL claims Oied
by as.
Oerwn Lanmare irpoken. . aog?: BIT
By virioe of two warrants of ditilraint, I
bve levied on and shall expo for sale at Public
Vendue, according to law, at Brooklyn towuebip,
Cuyahoga county, Ohio, on Wdneady, the 8th
day of august, lS;, at . o ctrck, p. tn., the fol
lowing personal property, to wit : The lea-ehold
interest of Henry C. rniith, in c-rtaiu lavnds leaed
by him of George L,, Chspma", J 11111 ry , ltHki,
described as follows, iiitmly : Ca-ta-tit-ncing at a
point North the fence known as Stratsle's fence,
where it intersects with till ireet, and frvm
tbenc running Easterly up tlte kill to Mr. Morri
son's old line fence, and thesre afeng tha line of
said fence Northerly to a spria ', (runi which Dor
tenback Co. obtain w ter,aodff m thence to al
wrth Bun westerly, follow inc tbe outlet of -ad
spring and from thence slot.-; tho Hse of said run
Southerly to the place of benianintr, and Ibe said
bmitfa A Co. agree te not distusb th purity cf said
spring water, and also said Baaith . egre lo
give roadway along tbe how nf tho creek saoso an
now used, and in considersn ion thereof ag eea to
pay Gorge L. Chapman one hundred and twenty
live dollars per year for the term of two years,
with the privileg of Avo years at ibe same rate.
1 oflce, 1 s)f", 1 lounge, 1 desk, 1 office stovo and
pipe, M chairs, 1 crude oil tack and the building
enclosing the same, 1 barrel house, lglu-Heg house
and apparatus, 1 lot of miaed pai-At, throe ;i3-barrel
oil stills and sheds enclosing the aaoie, 1 engine
and boiler, 1 brickengine houee, 1 tieaiieg house,
3 agitators ami operators th rt-to beiooging, 3
bleaching tanks, 1 potash ket le, & barrels gaso
line, 40 empty demijons, lli crude oil barrels,
planking and bridgiug relongmg to said premise.
1 tar tank aad p pea attached to t) same.
Terms ca.h on day of Sale.
ft C PABSONS, CoUector.
By L. B. bUgeb. Deputy.
Cleveland. July S lWrt. Jy2fi-3.-W
J. mand of a writ of fieri facias, issued to mo
from the Court of Common Pleaa for said County
ot Cuyahora, in the cause of George E. Copeland
and 3niael W. Cope' end, pUi.tifT, and Albert O.
orey and ramuei J. vtalker, defeodants, 1 oavo
levied upse, an I shall exp se to pnblic tale on th
6th day of Angust, A . D. 186, at the hour of two
o'clock, p. m. ef said day, at the South door of tho
tjoanty uourt House In the city of Lis eland, in
said Lou.ty of Cuyahoga, ths following descalbtd
pmperty, t wit :
Ths it. tor-it of said defendant Samuel J. Walker
In a ceil a n lease for ths lands and tenements, to -wit:
Being a part of oriri' ai lot No. 53 in the city of
Cleveland, County of Cn-ahogAaod State of Ohi,
and bonnded wVtr!y by tbe easterly line of Bank
street. Easterly by tbe Easterly line of said
otiarinal lot No. A3; Southerly by a lino drawn
parallel with th? Northerly iii.e ot Superior street,
and 425 feet aad c no inch Northerly therefrom; and
Northerly by a line drawn parallel with tbe South
erly line of at. Clair Btreet. and 90 feet Southerly
therefrom. Said demised premise being 94 feet
3 inches front on the Easterly line of Bank street,
and about five rods deep at Yight angles to said
bald lease runs for 15 years from tbe 224 day of
Jttly, 1862.
Att'ysfor Plaintiiis.
FELIX KlOtA, Sberid Cuyahoga Co , O.
CVvelan , Ohio. July 2. Itwta. jy2fi:.i;w
L Dirtm for toraiehing material, and building a
barn npon tb premises of the Northern Ohio Lu
natic Asy'tim at hew bare, will be received nt th
office of Byron Stautoa," Bupxiatendeat of ad
Asylum, until Monday evcaing, Angust s.
Bids are solicited for materials aud labor separate
ly. Drawings, plans nd specifictiou are ready
for Inspection at Dr Stanton's oflce.
July., lVJy,7 Bec'y Board Trnstecsi
aw-,v M v.. iniillAdW ..
Omct or OnstMissioBEB or Psiimso, 1
Co 1. o hsds, Ohio, July 9. 8M. j
received at tho Offlc of tho Secretarv of State
of the Stateof Ohio, until
Tnf-di.T, the Slntslisy sf Asgsst, 14,
At 12 oK M., forexecniiig thebtate Printing
for tbe period o' two years, and for executing the
State Bin'Mng for tbe period of one Tear, from and
aftf the tint Monday of Novmber next ensuing,
in arrordanco with the provisions of tho act enti
tled an act to provide 1 or t 0 execution and su
pervision of tbe State Printing and Binding,"
passed March 4, lgtiO, the act supplementary
thereto, passed May I, le&L and tho act amenda
tory thereof, paaeed April S, 19M.
Fall printed sptrCiflcations can be had on arm tr
eat 10a to the Secretary of Stato.
Bach prooc-ai must be accompanied by a bond,
exec. ted in due form by tho bidder, with at least
two good and sufficient sureties, saturactry to
tbe Commissioners of Printinr. in the oenal enm
of tea thousand dollars, coditiond for the faiih
fnl performance, pursuant to law of such class.
classes, of the Stte printing as may be ad
judged to him, and for the payment ao liquidates
damages by such bidder to the Stato of aa excess
post ovs-r tbe bid or bids of such bidder which
tho State may becbKged to pay for such work by
reason of tho failure of such bidder to eompleto
his contract; said bond to bo null and void if no
a tract ebail beawarded to him. A'o bd
oompumiedby homd riff bimUmimimed by 6W Com-
A like bond in thenonal sum of live thousand
dollars, must accompany each proposal for fold
ing, stitching or binding.
Cote of bomfe lla blank) win be furni-ljed to
bidders on application to the Secretary of Stato.
la all respects the printing and Binding shall bo
:raied. and tbe bills hereof mnrfe ont. filed.
audited and paid in conformity with tbeprovfoions
the act "To provide for the execution and an-
prrv,skD or the nato Printing and binding,
March v4, 1, and the amrndalory act uf
Apiil . lWrft to which acts leforrnce is hereby
made for such further information as may be de-
Proposals to be aealed t enlorsed on Ihe ont-
aldeof tbeenv.iope, "Proposals for Public Piint
lTr." or Pr.rrssl for Biodinz. as the tw
be, and addrtvMed to the Secretary of State.
W 81. PiflKT SMITH,
Secretary of !tate.
Comptroller of the Trsasury. .
Jyt l:3t Auditor f Mate.

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