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SUNDAY JAN. 6, 1878.
Herald Steam Printing House.
rue Herald Steam Printing House Is
uot surpassed by any Job Printing office
ou tbe Paolno Coast, outside of San Fran
alaoo, In facilities for doing Job work
Law prices, good work and expedition
may be reiteo upon at ibis office.
A Conspiracy's Wall.
Almost every one recalls tbe de
tails of the Presidential conspiracy
which oo'tntsd an old man out of
the Presidency to which the peo
ple and the States elected him, In
order to seat therein a sort of
Americanized Pecksniff or Chad
band who, iv his greediness to ob
tain Mr. Tilden's place, undoubt
edly has attached his sign manual
to certain written agreements, at
present in the possession of the
Messrs. Lamar, Gordon, Proctor
Knott, and other Southern Demo
crats. Mr. Wm. E. Chandler, a
nephew of the " Zachariah " of a
"little blood-letting" notoriety,
supervised that portion of tbe Pres
idential conspiracy which related
to "bull-dosing" the electoral vote
of Florida. Well, William E. has
lately spoksu bis little piece in Ihe
shape of an address to tbe Republi
cans of New Hampshire. He says,
what ye have frequently said In
the Herald, that the Messrs. La
mar, Gordon, etc., have such an
agreement as that we have indi
cated, and he reiterates the well
warn monotone that if Packard was
net elected Governor of Louisiana,
and Chamberlain Governor of
Souln Carolina, Hayes was not
elected President of the United
If we possessed the private ear
of Mr. Wm. E. Chandler, archi
tect of fraud in Florida, etc., by
virtue of deputation from his uncle
Zachariah, a member of Grant's
Cabinet, we would toll him that
he is glviug currency to a twenty
times told tale. We would not
give him a penLy for his informa
tion, for lis Is mouthing whst we
knew long ago—what everybody
not a born idiot knows. When
you give a forty-second rate man,
who mouths "potatoes, prisms aud
prunes" morality, like Hayes, a
chance of cheating a statesman
out of the Presidency to which fee
has been elected by the people, he
will embrace it every lime. It is
true that he will encounter his
Nemesis, but his intellect is gener
ally so feeble that he does not
know that, and he exhibits the
I'Hterlug for
tlie candle,
- ~. -.j k Bjiicuum element in
things mundane which, to our
mind, Incontestably indicates the
existence of a Providence. When j
your Nero hums Homo and fiddles
the while, he does not dream that
he will one day fall over his tomb
and, too pusillanimous to finish
himself, ask his frsedmen to do it.
When a Heliogabalus, fearful of
assassination, frames his ordinary
living apartments with mirrors, so
that he may sea the approach of
an assassin,and thus guard against
assassination, he does not dream
that a mau cowardly enough to
take such precautions would never
have nerve enough to confront and
overcome a robust bravo
who approaches to take his
worthless life. Belisarius, In
tbe heighth of his victories,
never believed that, blind aud
helpless, he would live to crave an
oiolus. Hump • backed Richard
never thought that lie would fall
befi re Richmond on Bosworih
Field, nor did Macbeth think the
wood of Dunsinaue would ever be
put in motion. Iv the moment of
power, frail humanity, unless it is
of a flue cast, is apt to thiuk that
ita ascendancy will endure forever,
but it is as unstable as tho shifting
sands upon which the man built
his bouse in the parable of Christ,
as related by Matthew. The storm
comes and everything is undone.
Every fabric of iusolence and in
justice hitherto, iv the history of
tbe world, has gone down, and tbat
erected by tbe Republican party
ha 9 proven uo exception to the
When Napeleon went down the
old guard stood by him to the last.
The noble Cambronne responded
to the English summons to yield
himself up, "the Guard dies, it
never surrenders.'' But the Repub
lican party, In its day of adversity,
has a different experience. It is
now awakening to the fact that it
has been slaughtered "in the house
of Its friends." The retribution tor
the lost opportunities and the op
pressive insolence of that party
would not bo complete without
such a finale.
Some of our Republican friends
may think wo write bitterly of
their party. Not a whit. We
know human nature, and we
know how much happier they
will be when, under the just and
good - nstured administration of
the Democratic parly, which has
no stilted and extravagant profes
sions, aud which, consequently,
will come pretty near the perform
&v ancs of solemn pledges, they shall
get down fr in their high horse
and find that they can no longer
lavish treasure aud dispose of
bayonets at their plensure. A
great horde of rapacious para
sites will be sadly Incommod
ed, but the people will be ail tbe
better for the change. !
We regret to observe that the
Expreit, of January Ith, in an ed
itorial article, has taken a view of
the presence of small-pox iv Yuma
which the facts do not sustain.
There has undoubtedly been, main
ly amongst the ludlun population,
some small-pox iv Yuma. In fact,
there has always been more or
less small-pox in Yuma, and it lias
nearly always been confined to the
same class of people. On the first
breaking out of the disease, Dr.
Gale, the Health Officer of the
city of Los Angeles, visited that
place and had a conference with
the Board of Supervisors of Yuma
county, the only body authorized
to act. The Board at once accepted
Dr. Gale's suggestions and the dis
ease was rigidly quarantined. Super
Intendent Hewitt, over three weeks
ago, gave orders to conductors on
the Yuma train to examine pas
sengers before leaving Yuma; and,
if any passenger was, or was taken,
sick, to telegraph him and Dr.
Gale, with tlie view of preventing
any infected person from reaching
our city. Our people can thus rely
upon it that the most thorough and
effectual precautions have been
taken to prevent the disease from
reaching Loa Aiigelet". The Yuma
Sentinel, of last week, in referring
to the eases which had been devel
oped there, stated that they were
of so mild a typo that tiio.se affect
ed do not even have to go to bed.
So much for what might excite
alarm if it were not fully under
stood. Yuma, besides, is nearly
three huudred miles from our city.
We wish to be distinctly under
stood as advocating nil that judi
cious freights and fares legislation
can do to relieve tlie people and
put It out of tlie power of Railway
moiiopolies to oppre.-s tlu-m. We
have no hesitation In sayintr, how
ever, that it Is not fair, in any
sense, to pile upon lhe Souther!
Pacific Railway lhe onus of wbal
we owe to an unprecedented
drouth, to the sflecls of the panic,
which at last told even in Califor
nia, to the failure of the Temple &
Workman Dank and to the small
pox which prevailed here last win
ter. There is un old a 'age about
giving the devil his due, which we
commend to the consideration of a
contemporary when writing of the
Southern Pacific. For our part,
we would not have a single lail In
California taken up, and we deny
the assertion that the Southern
Paeifio Railway has been an un
mixed curse to this section. As to
the bonds, we voluntarily gave
them to the Railway Company,and
if wo don't " eabe" onougli to make
the local taxation of the Company
pay the inteiest of those deben
tures we ought to sell out to some
body who does. Bring the Rail
ways down to their work of servi
tor 9of tha people; but, for heav
en's sake, don't keep eternally
snapping and snarling at them, j
Join iv i good humored effort to
obtaiu the passage of an equitable I
fares and freights bill, or hold
your peace, brother quill!
ispeoisl to tv« Herald hy ttie \Ves:ern
Union Telegraph Company,]
Pacific Coast News.
la.lletuianfts affnlnal Knnruaj- vt hi.
Ban Francisco, Jan. sth.—Sev
eral of the indictmentsfouud by Ihe
Grand Jury were not mentioned in
their report to day, ihe pariic
agalust whom they were found be
ing at liberty. It was ascertained,
however, during tlie afternoon thai
two of them wereagatnst Kearney,
one against Wellock and one
against O'Donnell. At a quarter to
four o'clock Kearney called at the
police station and Inquired if 'tier,
was a wariant out for him. He said
be had seeu a report on a bulletin
board that he was wanted and
thought he would call round and
see what the bail wus. He was told
there were two Indictments and
that the bail wa9 $6,000. Inquiring
i lie name of tlie olllcer who had the
warraut he and Ills friend went
out in search of him. .Shortly after
warrants were served ou liisn aim
the other two. The charges against
Kearney are inching riot, ami con
spiracy. Wellock and O'Donuell
are charged with conspiracy. All
succeeded in furnishing bail and
were released from custody.
The Graud Jury have found an
Indictment against Thomss J.
Dixou, late (Jlerk of the Polic.
Court, charging him with abstract
ing JB.OOO of the Police Court
Latest Eastern News.
Jlnualor Patleratiu*a Cnse,
Chicago, Jan. sth.—The Jour
nal's Washington special say
there is no longer any doubt but
that inHmntious have been made
to Hsnator Patterson that, If he
wishes to avoid heing tried for the
oflenses charged against him iv
South Carolina, he had better re
sign his seat in the Senate Patter
son's son circulates the story thi
morning that his father's he tltb Is
such that he will not bsable to take
his seat in tho Senate for several
weeks. This is Lot true, however,
as his physicians assert positively
that, with proper care, he can at
tend to his official duties within a
sbort time. The .Senator, however,
is desirous of leaving the city far a
few weeks and tbs doctors will nnl
offer any objections to this. A good
many Republicans believe It Is Pat
terson's intention to .resign od the
plea of 111 healtb and allow bis seat
ts bs filled by a Democrat.
■■•Lan Vf ..<>■ alarkat.
Boston, Jan.slh.—Wool is quiet
and steady. The small stock vow
on hand In tbe principal cenlrsß of
trade is giving strength to the
prevailing feeling. In California
wool the movement for tbs past
week has not been to any extent.
The stock is about 2,000,000 pounds
leas than lust yesr, but there is
considerable fall wool now on the
way. Hales include only 41,000
pounds of spring at ::••<•> • . aud
200,000 pounds full at [email protected]
0rc11... lv Wlieal.
Chicago, Jan. 6th.—On 'Change
the wheat market jumped up
quickly ou Monday aud then a
pretty steady downward movement
lollowed, which ended to-day lv
the lowest prices of tlie week—
about the same as last Saturday.
Ilnyrs'e rollcy Itom n fcc-uiuE
Chicago, Jan. sth. —Tlie Inter-
Ocean recently, under the heading
"Schurz Speaks," prluted a trans
lation of an editorial in the Went
liche Pis', of St. Louis, gchurt's
paper. This publication has caused
considerable eommeut among the
papers in this section and It seems
proper to state lhe main points of
tlie article. It begins thus:
Without a party behind him
the President cannot make his ad
ministration a success, is a theme
upon which tho regular organs ol
both purties are ringing all sorls
uf changes. This is especially a—
»erted by those Republicans win.
would only too gluiily make the
President a mere servant of tbe
party leaders. But these gentle
men Understand neither the limes
nor tbe tasks which the adminis
ration bee itself to accomplish
lhe people have very largely
eiuauidpaled themselves from pat
ty trammels. Why this has been
tone is obvious. On one side the
mischievous and shame!e»s doings
if the spoils-hunting polltlnlaiis,
ibsolutely supreme in Hie control
uf both parties, have deepl)
-hocked all respectable cii izetis,
and they justly refuse longer tn
follow such leaden. On tlie otliei
-lde, party lines have been so
much obliterated, there are so few
leading principles at Isiue, thai
the voter hardly knows what lie
bus must at heart. At such
a time to say that the President oi
ilie whole country must have a
personal party himself, is extreme
ly ridiculous", but these are the
tasks which the administration li 11
set itself and tbat only because it
i« Independent of party considera
tion! aud in syinpaihy with lhe
people Their wishes very clearly
show tlie truth to be exactly the
■ pposlte of ilie assert! ma qu.'teil
hi the beginning. The uriicl.
then states lhat tlirse tuslts, which
are reconciliation, Civil .Service
r< form, regulating the Itnunces by
resumption, emancipation nf irmle
ir.iiu luitn tarift' aud the eO iU'iini
•ul administration of the govern
ment. These tasks nave been set
by tile Republican paity ill all lis
platforms aud by the platform ol
the Democracy, hence Republicans'
who oppose this programme, op
pose their own party and not the
administration. But Repubiicuus
say truly that there are disseutera
from these principles iuside the
party. It is also true that the
Democrats are divided among
themselves. If every one con
cedes this, how can the admin
istration lean ou a party? It
would only leau on one wing of a
party. Thus many Republicans are
civil service reformers, but, they
are also advocates of the silver dol
lar; others aro Infavorof protec
tion, but friends of the South:
.thers are for resumption but op
posed to conciliation and civil ser
vice reform. There is such confu
sion of views, such want of a defi
nite policy, such diaintcgraliou
into antagonistic groups, that tlie
Admiiilsliaiiou could not possibly
accomplish its mission if it were
to consult only the party. Hayes
was elected by tbe skin of bis teelb
and merely by such men us hold
balance of power and who now de
mand that he follow out the pro
gramme. The House is Democratic
and tlie Senate soon will be. Is the
President then, to lean ou a party
which, during the lust years, the
people have persistently mistrust
ed? Gran ism has been unraistaka
bly condemned by the people aud
it would be madness to attempt to
reinstate It. The only hope of
carrying the next Congressional
elections is to convince the people
of tbe United Htatea that the pres
ent Republicanism differs from
Grant's. Do this and popular mis
trust in the North will be allayed;
idlieretita will be won from the
South and the struggle for tlie
Presidency iv 1880 will uot be on
iirely hopeless. It is wonderful
that shrewd, clever men, like
Conkling, Blame and that ilk,
could not have had their eyes
opened by the elections since ](>72
Without tlie Liberal wing they
would have been so badly beaten
last year lhat no vestige of them
would be left. The poison is still
working. Not only Pennsylvania
«nd California, but even Ohio was
nist 1 i-t October and yet we see
these men boldly and impudently
demand that the President shuil
repel the Liberal element and sur
render to I hem BMOlldltiOUi liy.
Where has such a political si n ever
been pardoned and veriiy they de
serve to suffer for it. To gather
gradually from the best elements a
party on winch it can lean will be
tbe work of the Ad minis; union,
but the»e men who now talk so
Haughtily aud unreasonably will
heu be blasted forever by
this disnleasure of the people.
They will have bad their reward,
lv the last paragraph, tbe authori
tative assertion aa to what the
President's programme will be,
is thought by some Journals lo be
Inspired aud creates among anti-
Admiuistraiiou Repunlicau papers
much unfavorable criticism. On
the other hind, the friends of the
President say that Scliurz does
not edit the Post, und that the ut
terances of the editorials, even
though they came direct from him,
are in no wise heinous and that tbe
proceedings It suggests would be
acceptable to good citizens every
Hew York Hot.
New York, Jan. 5 —The ground
upon which Judge Pratt, of the
New York Court, dissolved the
temporary injunction and referred
tbe permanent injunction restrain
ing Eugene Kelly & Co. from
presrdug their suits against the
Mariposa Liand and Miuing Com
pany was that the revised statutes
of this State forbid injunctions to
restrain proceedings insults where
on issue has been already joined,
as was the fact ill the suit iv con
nection with which this injunction
was sought. Of course the pro
ceedings against Kelly, for alleged
contempt, fall with the injunction
It looks as if the real purpose of
the temporary lajuullon was a de
lay to gain time, in which the Mar
iposa Company was successful. The
mailer iv issue between them and
Kelly is expected to be tried here
on its merits next March.
Tlie ltonoer fraud develops the
fact that there lias been in consid
erable uso her* a printed Btock note
blank, in which it 19 provided that
the lender shall have the riifht to
r<-hypotliecat« or sell the secur
ities without notice and that 011 a
tender of the amount of the loan
with interest, the lender shall not
be obliged to return the Identical
securities pledged or securities of
the same numbers, but Hlrolar se
curities only. Tlie officials of tl •
Stock Exchange express surprbe
aud assert that they had never sren
such stock notes aud that it wouhl
not be recognized ou exchange. A
wag suggests that tbe new busln. it
be estaolUhfil iv Canada, under
the title of Nelter & Bonner, by
pol he. atois.
Tlie widow of Hicks, who
married the uthsr day to Thus.
Lard, the Si year old millionaire,
is a native of Flshkill, New York,
bat long lived in Virginia. Her
first hu-band was William Henry
Hicks, a retired shipping merchant
here, who was more than thirty
years her senior. His health failing
after his marriMge, 1 >is wife nursed
and Oared for him lv an assiduous
maimer, hardly ever leaving his
side, although her taste for society
and gay life was strong. It is said
'.y those who claim to know,
that Mrs. Hicks some time
-inee Impaired lhe greater portion
or tho fortune left her by her first
husband, and title alone prevented
her marrying into the Brltlih aris
ocrac.v. It was supposed a year
•>r more asio that she would marry
.Minister Sohenok, then at Lon
don. Silo Is still very attractive.
It was sho who not long since re
fused to llirreuuVr her rooms at a
leading Loudon hotel for the use
<f the Queen of Holland, unless
the l .tter would accept them a"
ber guest.
Uoueil Bonner lias added lo bis
stud the Kentucky trotting mare
viand Many, purchased for $lu,()uO.
She is six yearsold and prouuuncrd
i.y experts to be tbe finest animal
that ever left Kentucky.
Governor Carroll's (Maryland)
mes-age advising laboring men
against organizing as a distinct
political party iv opposition to
their employers, says that no po
litical piatform can be of any use
to the worklngmau or furnish him
wotk. In a free country like ours
th.' reh.lions ot capital aud labor
must always adjust themselves and
are regulated by conditions which
polllloiani cannot comrol. The
TribuM ßomments on the foregoing
lulls: Toe workingmen are sur.'to
Hod out ttie tiu.ii of this a' so,ill
ume bereufier — after they have
hern used to the further pursuit of
adventures and wa-ted tueir time
and liillsole ill useless, If not law
less, efforts to improve their condi
Discussing the silver bill, the
H'orVd charges ihut Its real purpose
is io deluitt resumption next Jauu
aiy by keeping the question of
gold payments of bonds iv doubt,
and thus preventing refunding or
the MOUrlDg of gold enough to re
sume upon This indirect preven
tion of resumption they expect to
follow by unlimited greenback In
flation und exlravananc national
expenditures, in order to make an
outlet for greenbacks, and, as they
say, start again the wheels of in
Gov, Robinson's nomination of
ex-Attorney General Fairohlld for
Superintendent of Publlo Works is
thought to be Tilden's Hist move
towa d« controlling New York for
bit retiomination to the Presiden
cy, na this would give lhe iarge
canal influence to Tilden. It is
doubted if the Republican Senate
will confirm Fniruhlld who is not
a civil, although a good political
1 rud* niall.tlcs— Illnutrai BUI.
Washington, Jan. &th.—Treas
ury statistics show that during the
eleven months ending November
30th our excess of exports over im
ports was upward of one hundred
and twenty-four million dollars.
In view of the openings abroad for
American products reported by
Consuls, it is thought that the sta.
tlstics for the current year should
■how still better reaulis.
Views on tlie probable fate of
Bland's silvor bill continue con
flicting, though few now dispute
that tlie President will veto it In
Its present form, if not iv any form
which makes silver an unlimited
i'L,al tender. It is Mid, as a result
of a recent Cabinet meeting, that a
new bill will probably be drawn at
the Treasury Department for pre-
S'-titation to the Senate as a com
promise bringing the silver dollar
up to the present value of green
back! and lo malte it a legal lender
to the same extent with United
States Treasury unte*. The Presi
dent desires to avoid a conflict with
Congress on this question and will
work bard to secure a salirfuctory
com promise.
European Cable News.
v .ii- AUuut i:u£it.»tl'a Aliunde.
London, January sth. — This
week's developments have not ma
terially changed England's atti
lude ou tlie Eastern question,
liu-siau sympathizers and the
English frieude nf h.m-i'tterven
lion are greatly cheered by Rus
sia's miuaded lirmuess aud uourte
ay iv her sotui ..fficia! declination
of British mediation between Un
tieing' rents. Without giving just
grounds for offence, she suggests
thai Kuglahd can best promote
peace and switch the Turk off the
mad lodeltruoliou by uolifylliiz the
Forte imine.ii itely that England
does not iuiend lo make active war
in his behalf. This has utterly
failed to urou-u a war spirit
On lhe contrary, lhe Loiidon7 < tme*,
in demanding that lhe uiiutsi>y
shall cease lo have two voices ou
ihe Eastern question, which un
settles trade aud nuance, virtually
counsel* them to take Russia's
hints. It begins to be clearly
seeu (hat nothing is so likely to
compel Russia to occupy Constan
tinople as E,.gland's allowing the
Porte to suppose she will light to
prevent it, aud that, except for
this, Turkey would longslnce have
made terms with the iuvaders.
Indeed, except for that expecta
tion, it is doubtful if war would
have actually heifuu. Peace at any
price short of National dishonor is
evidently tlie rapidly growing sen
timent here. The country cannot
afford to nee dishonor in maintain
ing the sumo neutral attitude which
Germany, Austria, France aud
Italy maintain before mankind.
This is especially true in the pres
ence of tlio modified tone of tlie
Russian press aud the constantly
rspeati-d declarations tbat while
insisting upon direct negotiations
with Turkey, Russia is prepared to
exchange frank aud loyal explan
ations with England as to the in
terests which (hedesire* to protect.
Nobody longer drearu9 of any Rus
sian menace io lhe freedom of (he
Suez Caual.
Burnett Si OlSßteatS,
Landscape Gardeners and
Garden Contractors,
j«tr No. 195 sritixa st.
Land For Sale.
The beat otlVr Ilk 'My ever lo be made
again In thiscoumvt Krora 4UO tobOo acre
of excellent valley and mesa laud, at
irom $10 to 810 per acre. Tills oiT,;ropeu
for a few days only. Apply to
A BEE RANCH, situato.l about seven
miles from Loa iDgeiea, on the Cahuen-
Ka road. There Is a dwelling house on
ihe ranch, a honey house and utiout
worth of bee materials, hives, etc. Ad
d.ess 11. J., Los Aneeles P. 11. jd-lm
Historical chamberi
New Characters!
ADMISSION, : : : : ; 03 CENTS,
Tj all parts of tho House,
No reserved seats.
lii the Probate court,
Of the County of Los Angeles,
State of California.
In the matter of tlie estate of Jacob Gray,
A, SA. G r ay, the Executor of tho last
will nnd testament oi Jacob Oray, de
ceased, having tiled his petiilun herein
duly verified, praying f»r an order o
sale ot certaiu pan of ili.-iea! estate vi
s&ld oeoedebt tor the purposes therein
Set fnrlU it is tneiefore or lered hy th'
sa d Court that all per-ou- Lit -rested lv
the M.siate of said defeated appear t-efor.
'he said Probaio t'ouri on Monday, the
4th dan f Fei.ru ry, 1878. a' ten ..'clock
la the forenoon of said day, at the Court
Room of-aid Prubate Curt, at th. Court
..ouse, iv the city an t county of Los
Angples, to show came why an order
sb. uld not be grants.d to stud executor
to sell so much of the real estate of said
deceased at private salo as shall he ne
ces ary; and that a copy of tills order t.e
published four successive wocks lv the
Los Angeles Daily Herald, a newspaper
published and printed in said couuty.
Dated Jan Mb. 1878.
J6td Probate Judge.
Dividend Notice.
The sixth Beml-aunual dividend of Los
Angela* Couuty hank has been declared,
payaole on and after January ?tn, IH7B, as
follows: ro ordinary de.iosi.ora a. the
rale of eight per ceut. i.er annum; to
teim depositors at the rate of t.-n per
cent, per annum; to stockholders at [he
rate of teu per ceut. par auunm.
J5-lw J. M. ELLIOTT, Cashier.
A. CUYAS is no ionger authorized to
make any purchases for the Hlco i<ouse
for my account. C« OA HOT.
January Ist, 1878. juU f
A situation, by a man who Is a good,
rnpid penman, understands driving nnd
taking care tit burses, and Is not afraid
t ■ work nnd is willing to make himself
generally useful. Address V. A. C, Her
ald office. j 4-lw
A canvas milk wagon cover, either on
Main or Klrst street, between the New
York bakery and Wilmington streft.
The tinder will be ult-bly lewurded by
leaving it at the Horald offW. J3 Ut
On the hills.near Bunker Hill Avenue,
a small white Hcotch terrier dog, about
four uaoutns old. The Under will be suit
ably rewarded by leaving ihe same at
Couniy Clerk's otfee dfio-8t
Rooms and Board.
Gentlemen aud their wives and single
geuts eau be nccommodut-ed with board
and large,sunny roums at the KIMBALL
MANSION, i\#W Uigh streut, com nana
lug a charming view oi mouuiaia and
valley. Also, a few table boarders taken
at reasonable rates. lelSit
Enough rooms lot to pny rout. Loca
tion In the city. Address A. B. t Her
ald office. dSO 1 w
"for rent.
ou in. Bainisch tract, Han Pedro lire it.
Rent, 120 per month Apply to
J. mTMELITZ, No. lri'euipla ulotk.
~sTto $1000 to Loan,'
Removed to No. 6 COMMERCIAL BT.
Will advauce on collaterals II te JIMS
on all kinds of iiersonal property, si.oh
as watches, Jewelry, diamonds, ptstola,
guss.oto. Unld, ailvor aud U. S. Car .n.
cv butiKhi and sol J. niltf
To Let.
For aa Invalid, ao finer altuatlou In
Loa Angeles. Address P. O. Sox 1,07.
nil lan
To Lot.
Between Fust aud Irecnnd. Apply ou
tu.i premises or to T. Scally, Ids Downey
Blocs. u23 f
Furnished House For Hale.
A tile, r -slJencc wilh brick collar and
baukwoem. Ai; well famished wiiii black
walnul aud reps ftirnl uro, and every-
Lhlug for bousekr-epiug. Also, a ator*
rooßi 20x49 feet sqvartt.bll enolosed on a
luu feet square, wl'h twenty old orange
trees, and on the main Uiorntighfara of
the clly. Enquire of (j. W. Morgan, No. 4,
Temple Block, Spring street. dtD-lf
t'nrm'Hlied Rooms To Let,
Two i' . i in! furnished front roonaa,
with fire frat.s, wh h two single or dou
hlo beds. Also, single rooms, with or
without, kltohtu. Haifa btock frum the
Pusloaacie. Euqulre at HI tsprtug iil.-eeL.
dxS-lm ~
— OF
Xj O T 53
r ear oiirvus
San Diego Division of the
8. P. R. R.,
Wednesday, Jan'y 23d,
1878, at 11 o'clock A M,
Will leave Ms Angeles at 9 o'o'ock. a.m.
Un the day of naie, conveying piissent/er-;
to □ i Ana and ie> uruiug tuem to Los
Angeles In the evening.
Tickets for the Round Trip, 50 c!s.
T<t In tho midst of a rich agricultural
district, wII supplied with waLer by
means of artesian well.", canals aud Irri
gating ditches, ;!■'-, miles t oul beast iif
I.os Avtrelex. The surrounding country
Is i lready thickly tattled up, and lv a
high state of cultivation.
ONE-FOURTH CASH; balance iv six,
t.velveand Mghteon months, with in
ter* st at the rale of onoperoont. per
month on deferred payments. J3td
I/Union copy.
Sheriff's Sale.
ICftrtbA Itrown, P1 atn 11 IT, v«. John Hni j -
rahati etnl., UefWid.-tuts.—seyentatntb
District Court.
an exe.uilon issued out oi the
District Court of tlie Mevf-n
-teetUh Judicial Dlfttitot of the .state
trf California, In u:id fur Los Angeles
county, io m« directed and delivered, on
tn« 3d day of October, A. I>. 1877, for a
Judgment rendered In said Court on the
lltlk day of June, A. D, 1876, In favor of
Ma: in i Brown, plaintiff, and against M.
C. Piummer and J. L. Plummet*, defend
ants, 1 have levied upon and shall ou
At li o'clock neon, proceed to sell
at Lhe Court, ilouse door, lv tha city aud
couuty of Loa Argeles. State of Califor
nia, at p.ihlic auction, to the highest and
bert bidder, (bl easti In U.S. currency and
if- ill coin to satisfy said judgment Ibf
principal, co«ts, lntereataud nll ncornlng
coats, all the right, title and interest of
defend *nts M. 0* Piummer and J. L.
I'.ummer, or either of them, In and to
ttie fol)OWtng do.scribod real estate, to
-■ing tha NB U of Section 23,Townshlp
iH'li range 14 west h. B. M. the above
,rr ii ■ bed real eatata being situate lv the
mi .. Lot Angelee, suitoof Califor
Given under my haatl, atLm Xnjelcs,
Ibis 3.1 or* Noruuiber, \ I>. IST7.
1). W. ALttXANDKK,
n3 ti HhcrliL
The above s *!o Is hereby postponed un
til Monday the Id day of December A.
D. 1877, at 2 o'clock p. m at the same
place. D. YV. A .LIX \NI)EK, Hherlff.
X>ated I. -~ Augeles, Nov. 28, 1877.
The above sale Is hereby post, oned un
til Monday, Di.cembt?r HKh, 1877, at same
hour and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
D itod Los Angeles. Doc. i I, 1877.
The above ia>e \< hereby post.Mined
until SATURDAY, tbo2M day of Dccc . -
ber, A. D 1377, at tbs s;t.nj time aad
D. W. ALEX ANDER, ShorlfT.
Dated at Loi Augeles Dec. 10th, is 77.
The above sal* is hereby postponed un
til Saturday the 2Uth day ol December,
A. D. 1877. at the sam»* time and piacn.
Dated at Los An<ulL Dec. 2.d, 1k77.
The above sale is hereby poßiponed un
til Saturday, January &.b, 1878, at ihe same
time and place.
Dated Los Angeles, l cc 2»tu,18 7.
The above sale is hereby postponed un
til the 12th day of iinuary, A.
D. 1874, at thesame tlmeand place.
Dated Los Ang»-le>, Jan.sih, 1878
Livery Business For Sale.
The Fashion Stables,
Hrabracini: everything required in n first
class stable, I* offered for sale on reason*
able terms. KblsNa rare opportun Ity to
iuve-t In a well establish'd livery busi
ness, with a llbpral patronage,
dlfltf MACi, WILSON & CO.
Near Orange and Santa Ana,
Which wore heretofore reserved by'Glas
selt A Chapman, Are tiow offered rot- sale
Apnly toCAPT.OJLABSELL.In 'Pe-nple
Block. Los Ansolei, or 11. F. PARKER,
uraoge. dlfjtf
notice, Loa \ngelea County bank
wtll not bo open for bil.lnr;-. s~- »atur
aay evening. T. . - ••'»>*""r 1
list , .abler.
<3r FL 3E3 jA.II?
No. 120 Main St., Cardona Block.
— **,
We Offer Our Large Stock of
Clothing, Cent's Furnishing Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and S iocs,
Rubber Goods,etc.:
AT CLE An I.«i] ?ftlS PRICES!
I Having ptlrrbMtd most of th" above named goods FOR CASH In tbe EASTERN"
MARKET We a o enabled to B*ll Lo our customers and tbs nubile In general for tho
same prices that nn lvhutiis nays to pny who buy i lies *>ods In Sau Franott-co.
Call snd S* c lor yourselves and It will tonvl cc y • tbst we mean BUSIHKf-'S.
Our stock Is conipUle, and no one desiring to any DM U g i out unsultea,
Jc " Henry Susskind.
We are In Receipt of a Consignment of German Goods
Suitable for tho Holiday Trade, Consisting of
We Represent ROGERS BROS, and Meriden Britannia
Ware, and Guarantee Every Artiole.
tS'A oordial Invitation to all to INSPECT OUR STOCKW
Meyberg Bros.
No. 1 Commercial St., Los Angeles,
Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Powder, Shot, Caps,
Cartridges, Wads, Fishing Tackle,
And everything- pertuinlug to SPOKESMEN'S UOODS. Have on hand tha large.t
nnd heal stock or BitKEOH-LOADING BHOTUUNS, RIFLES and PISTOL* in
Southern California, which wo will .ell at price, to suit th. times.
Agents for tlie new HALLAKD HIFLBS, the BEST sua CHEAPEST OUN In th.
Repairing none by Practical Workmen & Guaranteed.
I will put into » d butter firm
for flVHor ten years, - » ' ea » near
Autre I ms clry, If dalryul'-v j 7 "! put lv ex
perience, skill, labor, management and
cows, fur a fair sbare of the profits. Blx
teen tons of alfalfa hay per acie was the
y.ehi of some of the Und this dry year.
Ail the laud food tor nlial/a, corn, bar
ley, pumpkin* nnd beets. Call and see
in* land green with miltc-.Ylt>l ling vge
tation, trotn mere inciios high In six feel.
Kvery aero aitestan plow land. Wood
abundant. Ai tesian water, cold fur milk
and plentiful, with :iv«r water for irriga
tion. Noue need apply without skill,
capital aud reputation.
Horsos Pastured.
Horses, from one to hundreds, will bo
pastured on alialfa. burr ciover a d alfll
erl-i, raa'uring nnd renewing lv spring,
summer, autumn aud winter, under pe
rennial Irrigation . S; v Mr. Haulbbury,
Main street Pound Yard.
FOR SALE—Pumpkins, barley bay,
alfalfa bay, headed barley, seed barley,
Early Rose potatoes and fat hogs.
jaS-lm La? Angeles City.
For Sale Cheap.
A Cottage and Lot on Hill
St., Near First,
Commanding a view of tee ooean and
valley. Tbe undersigned will dispose of
lhe SOOT, property, wiHi a view to im
prove and build un tlie adjoining lots.
Apply to M. X i.i.i JSHBR,
City Surveyor.
OfJieo-No. I Temple street. U27 tf
Russian and Electric Baths,
Meroed Theater.
It HUGHES, in returning thank, to
the public for their liberal patron
can with confidence recommend h'
As the great PURIFIER end KQUA U
IZKRof the hum in body, eaabllug the i
system to throw off its Impurities aad
glvlpg to the lungs one-sixth mare la»pi
ratio.i of air than oan beoetalnei by
breathing, by opening the pores of tha 1
-kin and giving full play ta the Inssnsi
ble respiration so necessary to physloal
wa tenoaio constantly on hand to
wan ou ladies.
Open from s a. h. to 7 r. x. s29lt
Sliier Sewing Macliiiiß Office
Will b > r moved to
BEODE'3 BTJ ILDIN'J, No. 127 Spring «t„
Next door to ruruvirelll Uall. Tha auhseri
uer respectfully -v lolis all who are In need
ut a goo i, r' I.bl Sawing Machine to rail
nn<i gtve uur* * lrial, and be convinced that
'.he bUf ris uperior ro all others. Alio
dealers In -il i i wist Thread. Machine Nee
dles, oil, Attr, li nea>s, etc. lien tiring dona
by experienced workmon In tho very beHt
pOßsllile manner.
W. H. TTJTHILL, Agent,
* 3t Lo. Angelas, Cal.
Land for Sale.
165 Acres of Fine Farming
On tbe Old LisNletos road, a;ljolu-
Ihg the city limits, for sale.
Apply to T. I>. 140TT,
(137 1m Room 111, Mott'. Building.
Turner street, near Jackion'a.
LUMBER YARD- Will deliver the boat
O AX WOOD io .very part of tk. olty,
AT $10 A COBD. • ,
10 Cent Parcel Delivery.
No. f
s*r r

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