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£ ; * ■ ____ ,
n Printing House.
jam Piloting House Is
any Job Printing otlloe
Eg sal, ontal de of San Fran
a for doing Job work,
t work and expedition
aa at this office.
... Debts.
ylvania Municipal
aa reported a plan
orient of cities. It is
' itcop ■ ablish fire classes of
' ng to size, with a
ter for each class,
olty there is to be a
icilwith two branch
;ive powers, a Mayor
c and seven depart
inipnrtant feature of
'OSitivs prohibition ot
g of money by tbe
or unforeseen emer
gen only on a three
>f the Councils, the
teuii beyond the ter
le fiscal year.— New
ronder that munici
i assuming an over
portancs In Pennsyl
not generally known
debt or Philadelphia
;er, per capita, than
York, of which we
« much, with nothing
is amount of public
sto ahow for it. The
.■ of Pittsburgh is at
| lets-, ncsas large, per capi-
New Yirk, with ab
ing to show for it, ex
cy hydraulic engines,
cumbrous to be re-
Id, and a number of
jublioan politicians,
art of the municipal
>urgb, enormous as it
1,000,000) was rolled
S7O and 1574. During
azation has increased
v fold. The city of
jld call an auction to
off her public proper-
E: municipal debt with
roceeda, and have in
clear, a sum at least
he debt about which
dsomuch. Sheconld
- water system alone,
isc that water rates
a '■■ ' advance beyond the
_ present figures, enough to cancel
bar whole municipal indebtedness,
while bar Central Park w Mild sell
*t auction, lv building lots, for at
least aa much more. Still munici
pal debta area terrible thing, and
they should be incurred cautiously
and sparingly. It is possible, by
roll<ng them up unthinkingly or
corruptly, to extinguish the whole
value of tho property comprised
withiu the corporate limits of a
city, as has been done In the case
of Pittsburgh. Ownership of prop-
I erty, in lhat unfortunate place,
owing to Republican repac
ks ity ' Detwesa tlle years 1870
1874, is now mainly
distinguished by the incident
o' paying a rental in taxes. Few
I municipalities have had an oppor
tunity so favorable as Los Angeles.
Our water system should bo a
source of large profit. We dispense
. .'srVerfor irrigatiou, for which we
receive a money return. Both city
and citizens are the beneficiaries of
this fortunate dispensation. While
we should take all the measures
necessary to get tbe largest return
from this source of Income, we
should see to It that we do not fail
into the extravagant ways of other
municipalities. By a lucky chance,
considering tlie heretofore hap
hazard administration of the city's
"•irs, we have a small municipal
If we had tlio common sense
d it it would not weigh op
ly on our people. As It is
,we have certaiu portions of it
urlug in lump sums, which fact
'his year made the lax im
nvet,i..itly large. We
every effort to reD>edy
We should fund our
Isbt at a reasonable
sit; and then, with
I care as the watch
lty finance- expend
' will notcome back
rich interest, we
v excellent plight
r cities.
ent tits following atro
agrapb, from the Chicago
- the edi'»r of the Los An
'•Al 'i, aud calmly await
■g respoose which must
"Some office desiring
n tbe Southern part of
a propeae to divide the
!»>, veaitb, and erect the
ha" iDto a new 'State '
of tbe scheme is that a
irnia does not furnish
h to go around among
ho canuot get along
i. This la not tbe
he movers assigu,
-on, nevertheless."
i grand mo „uer mis
iiave not the alight
working ourselves
ibout this matter,
and most dellber
' tbe subject we
'selves that
present con
rely too large
for a single
we realize the
'alifornia has
-if having her
a Legislature
cramento and
spiratiou from
•are perfectly
at ciruumstan
• to a division
w; and, conse
sf present de
mends to the re-establlshmant of
a District Court or tbe United
States for the Southern District of
California, and to the granting of
a term or terms of the Supreme
Court of Californis to this section,
with its forum at Los Angeles.
Ws ars pleased to learn that the
Judges of the Supreme Court thstSV
salves sympathize with this de
mand, aud that they are anxious
to escape tbs Summer heats of Sac
ramento by taking refuge in our
orange groves, aud enjoying the
delights of our equable climate.
We heartily urge our representa
tives iv Sacramento to see to it
that this last boon shall be grsuted
to us. Our reliance for tlie ulti
mate creatiou of a State of South
California is on tho chapter of po
litical accidents. We think the
Democratic party is destined to re
turn to power shortly, aud, wheu
it does, finding itself in possession
of the Executive and both I ranches
of tbe National Legislature, it will
show much lees sagacity than its
New England opponents if it
misses the opportunity of creating
new Democratic Commonwealths.
Texas and California will offer it
its opportunity. It is hardly
necessary for us to say that the few
offices thereby created havo but
little part In the aspirations of
those who favor the creation of a
■ew State. Two new Pacific Coast
Senators, however, would be very
useful to this section, without re
gard to the vulgar, office-holding
| gratification it might afford to
I some of the luckier of our citizens.
We cordially second the senti
ment of "Vox," a correspondent of
the Express, when he suggests that
that able journal should he sus
tained by tho people of Los Ange
les. We believe that the Express
means well, and that it intends to
champion the best interests of Lss
Angeles. But wlion "Vox" pro
ceeds to say that the Express is
the only independent thing iv Los
Angeles he insults the great mass
of our people, aud he ignores the
Tact'hat the Herald is as perfect
' dependent as any paper ever
. -Lushed in this State. The Ex
press believes the Texas Pacific
Railway guarantee has a chance of
passage. We don't, and therefore
we hang no hope, upon it. We be
lieve that, if it passes, Stanford &
Co. will build this end of tlie road,
therefore we are not particularly
s.-'xioua that it should pass. As we
neve" believed that the McFadden
Bros, could accomplish much, we
never said they sould. O-* thing
we have believed in, and that is
that if our people were uuited we
could secure the passage of a fair
freights nnd fares bill. We are rap
idly letting the acceptable time
pass away for making a formidable
demonstration In favor of this just
and legitimate demand of
the people, although, shortly
after the visit of ex-Governor
Brown, we got up a notable dem
onstration in favor of tlie Texas
Pacific guarantee of Tom Scott.
Why this difference, ye frienda of
the people? Some of you will say
tbat you don't think there is v
probability of the passage of such a
measure. Well, there is at least a
chance of the passage of a fares and
freights bill, just aa there is, not
withstanding our incredulity, a
chance ef tbe passage of the Texas
Pacilio guarantee. Why not, there
fore demonstrate aud bloviate in
favor of this, as we did of the other?
Echo answers, "Why?"
We publish in our local columns
a rather long but cleverly written
communication by Mr. H. McLel
lan, the Los Angeles Agent of the
Pacific Coa.it Steamship Company.
Ordinarily, it would take up too
much space to be readily admitted
into our columns, because we do
not specially favor long communi
cations; but as Mr. MoLallan has
tendered it to the Republican, and
that paper, after giving occasion
for it, has declined to publish it,
we regard it as ouly fair that the
Company should obtain a hearing.
It gives its an opportunity of say
ing a word which we have long de
sired to say. A. number of news
papers, which probably do not
mean to do us an injustice, have
taken a delight in representing the
Herald as specially favorable to,
or rather an organ of, tbe Southern
Pacific Railway. This arises from
tbe fact that our attitude to
wards the Railway, and towards
all corporations and public ques
tions, has been conservative. For
good or evil, we find that corpora
tion planted in our midst. It is
powerful for either good or ill to
this community. We endorse
neither the extravagant adulation
ot which it has heeu tbe recipient,
nor what we regard as the equally
extravagant denunciation which
-as been directed against it. We
receive for publishing its schedule
$12 a mouth, neither more nor
less. We think we gi T e value re
ceived for this advertisement. The
fact that it appears lo the Herald
has never caused us to dot a lower
case I, nor omit to cross a lower
case t. That advertisement, and
that only, is tbs sum total of
t.'vj favor this journal, under
its present management, has
ever received from the Southern
Pacific Railway. We sympathize
intensely, and, we think, in an
enlightened manner, with the wel
fare of the people of Lot Angeles.
We have not felt ourselves called
upon to put a chip on our shoulder,
In order tbat that corporation
should knock it off. We believe
that, by united efforts, we might
get an equitable freights and fares
bill, and we are enthusiastically in
favor of that measure. We are
afraid that some of our contempo
raries, in baying tlio moon, by
pursuing (he unattainable, will
fail to give this feasible aud legiti
mate agitatisn the strength which
a united Southern California would
undoubtedly impart to It.
Iftpovlal tJ tlio llerald by tlie Western
Colon Telegraph Company.)
Pacific Coast News.
Hllver aaliic tircll. ■<
San Fbancisco, Jan. Bth.—The
annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Silver King Mining Com
pany was held to-day. The follow
ing trustees were elected for the
.ensuing year: James M. Barney, B.
'A. Barney, George L. Woods, B.
W. Reagan and Wm. H. 800 l he.
George L. Woods was elected Pres
ident, B. A. Barney Vice President,
J. M. Barney Treasurer and W. H.
Boothe Secretary. There was on
hand Deo. 20th, after paying divi
dend, $14,000 in cash and 36,000
pounds of concentrations en route
from Yuma. The total product of
the mine since May last has been
$210,000, witu 91,000 pounds of con
centrations yet to be reduced. These
are valued at about a dollar a
Snn I'rauelsce Court Ilflllll.
San Fbancisco, Jan. Bth.—Wm.
A. Helm, one or the incendiary
agitators who was indicted by the
Grand Jury, surrendered himself
to-day and was released in $3,000
Henry 8. Sprager, late Post
master at Fort Bidwell, has been
convloted iv the United States Cir
cuit Court for embezzling $1,041 of
Government money. He was sen
tenced to pay a line equal to the
amouut abstracted and to be im
prisoned iv the Alameda county
jail for nine months, dating from
the time of his arrest, which leaves
little more than three months to
Ibis morning the case of Fred
rick A. Gibbs, charged with ap
propriating election funds to his
own use, was again culled In the
City Criminal Court. The case was
dismissed by Judge Ferral, who
said, there being no evidence to
sustain tiiis complaint, which
charges supervisor Gibbs with the
conversion aud appropriation ol
public moneys to his own use, the
charge is accordingly dismissed
and defendant discharged.
Don rrnuelscn De l,s Onprrs desil-
Santa Barbara, Jan. Bth.—
Don Francisco De La Guerra, a
member ef one of the first
old Castilian families, died this
"lornitig, aged 60. He was the
leading representative of the Cali
rornians at the Cahusnga Pass con
ference in 1547, between the Amer
ican forces under Col. Fremont and
the Mexican forces under Don
Andres Pico and other officers. H»
successfully advocated tho cessa
tion of hostilities aud acquiescence
in the American occupation. He
was Mayor of Santa Barbara in
1831 and for several years subse
quent. His funeral takes place to
morrow at the old Catholic Mis
sion with imposing religious cere
monies, including a grand requiem
There was aslight shock of earth
quake last night übout 10 o'clock.
Jfnrilarer Arroafeil—Rain.
San Francisco, Jan. Bth.—
Henry W. Grayson was arrested
yesterday in Portland, Oregon, on
a requisition from the G'tveriior of
Kansas on the charge of murder
ing Allen G. Potill In Johnson
county, Kansas, November Ist,
Another general ruiu has visited
the Stato within tlie last twenty
four hours.
Latest Eastern News.
Order to racilisstte ImVeslsnte>l iv
Washington, Jan. Bth.—At tbe
Cabinet meeting to-day it was de
termined that the Secretary or the
Treasury should as soon as practi
cable Invite further subscriptions
to the public loan of four per cent,
bonds and so conduct it "that all
subscribers in all parts of the
United States shall have a free and
easy opportunity to subscrihe to
bonds of any amount, authorized
by law, through National Banks
and bankers of established credit,
and to give every facility allowed
by law to convert postal orders aud
certificates of deposit of United
States notes at the rate of coin for
the payment of bonds. Where
necessary, to sell coin to facilitate
subscriptions and to favor any leg
islation that Congress might see
fit to adopt to promote tbe deposit
of savings for the funding of the
National debt.
A (Hulas; Btock Board a Failure.
Chicago, Jan. Bth.—Most people
here are losing faith in the prospect
for a mining stock board. Last
night's meeting was without actual
results and was adjourned for a
week. It is said that the charao
ters of one or two men who are in
terested in it are enough to con
demn It aud to secure general op
position to its establishments.
O'jfeill, sua Fsulau, Dead.
Omaha, Jan. Bth.-General John
O'Neill, the noted Fenian leader,
whose Illness was mentioned in the
dlspatohes of Sunday, died last
night at 11 o'clock, at Mercy Hos
pital, from the effects of a paralytic
etroke received three mouths ago.
He leaves a wife aud three chil
dren. Arrangements are beiug
made for an imposing funeral.
As the train from St. Louis was
approaching Omaha last night, a
youug Dane was euticed from the
cars at Pacific Junction aud beaten
out of $1000 at top and bottom dice
by gamblers.
Uould'a T.uua;ataa t. Succeed on.
Albany, N. V., Jan. Bth.—The
Evening Journal says that White
law Reld, of the Tribune, Is men
tioned to take the vacaut place of
ex-Governor Dix as Regent of tbe
University and strongly urges his
memorial to JSnqnlro Into Ilajrco*
ASNifnt' ovary Bth.—
Montg/ PUBLIBHE-£rf oUi9 - of
Delegates to-day introduced a res
olution memorializing Congress.
It sets forth that the late Elec
toral bill provided that no decision
of tbe Presidential election under
that act should preclude a judicial
decision of the question. That act
contemplated a decision of the case
submitted. The Electoral Com
mission by the judicial tribunal
provision held Itself incompetent
to inquire whether some of the
State returns were true or false aud
that the President is seated in vir
tue of notoriously fraudulent re
turns, whioh Justioe Strong, whose
vote seated him, has admitted und
as the President himself has ad
mitted by disregarding the returns
iv the matter of the State officers
whose titles were identical with
his own. Whilst the repudiation
of these returns by the incumbent,
for all purposes save his own
elestiou, is an admission that It
was a fraud to use them for that
purpose, tlio motives which in
duced this partial repudiation
greatly aggravates his offence. That
by the published statement of John
Young Brown, which has remained
uncontradicted slr.ee April, 1877,
it appears that this repudiation
was the condition imposed by said
Brown and bis associates, then
holding the balance of power in
the House of Representatives, and
upou which alone the incumbent
would ho allowed to be counted
into office. It was upou these
false returns that this condition
was accepted for the inounibent by
Stanley Matthewi and Charles
Foster, then uud since his closest
frieuds ai.d most authoritative rep
representatives; that Brown aud
his associates had been elected as
adversaries of the incumbent, but
had separated Irom the
great body of their political
associates in the House of Repre
sentatives to carry into effect said
arrangement; that at the time of
entering into it they were the lead
ing advocates of a bill then pend
ing in the House to grant a large
subsidy to the Texas Pacific Rail
road Company, to which the Presi
dent elect was known to be oppos
ed, and it is a just inference that,
whilst they were willing to defeat
his inauguration, for this reason
they could not venture to act with
their political opponents for that
object, if such co-operation in
volved also tho surrender of the
local governments of the States in
question as well as their electoral
votes to their political opponents;
that to remove this obstacle it vus
stipulated iv effect that the incum
bent should treat the returns as
fraudulent asfr. as they affected
the local governments ef said
■states by withdrawing tho United
Statea troope,the presence of whioh
alone, it was knowu, gave them
auy force; that it thus appears
that the constitutional question so
gravely aud elaborately debated iv
Congress, before tho Electoral
Commission and in tbe public press
as the question on which the Pres
idential question hinged and wilh
which the public mind was so leng
exercised, bad no part whatever iv
determining the contest, but that
It was in faot determined by a par
ty of men elected by one party but
openly acting with their oppo
nents in the interest of certain rail
road corporations; that rt tbe
moment that every interest of the
country is greatly prejudiced and
iis most vital interests are put in
jeopardy by suffering the people to
be superceded as the political
power aud substituting for them
such monied organizations as will
pay for defrauding them; that, in
the opinion of your memorialists,
the continued prostration of the
business of the country is largely
due to tne fact lhat the confidence
of the people iv the conduct of
their public officers i- shaken; that
an irresponsible executive admin
istration has been installed which
has not the support of the country
or either of its great political par
ties; that Ibis conflicts with tbe
whole theory of our institutions
and of those of the mother country
whence they were derived; thut to
carry ou as to get possession of the
Government, the incumbent must
seek support from those elected as
bis oupoueuta; tbat this relation is
in itself corrupting is shown by
reason as well as by experience;
tiiat no useful public service can
be rendered by an administration
whose title to power rests on
fraudulent elecliou returns, manu
factured by its own partizaus and
made effectual by an agreement
with the subsidy and jobbing men
of tlie opposing parly; that the
Indispensable first steps to any re
form in the pubiic sorvice is to re
store the Guverumeut to the peo
ple; that it is only by the men who
have been elected by the people
ami who aro free from all entan
gling alliances with tlie jobbing
interests from which all tlie great
abuses have sprung, that any re
form can be effected. Your me
morialists, theretoro, pray that
needful legislation may be adopted
to ascertain judicially who was
elected President at the recent
electiou, and to give effect to tlie
will of the people, aud we will ever
pray, etc.
Blair advocated his memorial,
urging its adoption and reviewing
generally President Hayes's title
to the office.
Leib, Republican, moved to lay
on the table and called for tho ayes
and noes, which resulted—Ayes 13,
noes 54. It was then referred to the
Committee on Federal Halations.
Spoclul Hfeaeaxe on C'blueae in,-
Washington, Jan. Nth.—Presi
dent Hayes kiss definitely deter
mined tv make the Chinese ques
tion the sulject of a special mes
sage to Congress. Jn this message
be will call attention to the pres
ent and prospeotiva evils of unlim
ited Chinese Immigration to this
country and will recommend Con
gress to take such action as in its
wisdom may be most proper and
effective to restrict and regulate
the immigratiou of Mongolians.
Tlie President has not yet decided
whether ho will suggest any par
ticular manner for tlie attainment
of those objects, but that at preseut
it seems probable that iie will con
fine himself to a forcible presenta
tion of the necessity for action and
leave for the two Houses of Con
gress the task of devising a proper
remedy, tit is also quite probable
he will direct tlie Secretary
ofState to notify the Chiuese Gov
eminent through the usual diplo
matic channels that some action
ou its part to realriet the immigra
tion of its subjects to thla couuiry,
is likewise considerable but noth-
ing positive in regard to making
such an invitation bas yet been de
termined. Tbe President expects
to have the message ready Tor
transmission to Congress toou after
the re-sesemdling of Congress.
Representative Davis to-day de
livered to tbe President a
monster petition signed by
nearly all tiie prominent
mercantile firms and business
houses of San Francisoo, recom
mending the re • appointment of
Marshal Marcellos. Congressman
Page will to-morrow present a
similar pstitlon in favor uf Mureel
lua'a retention, numerously signed
by residents of Oakland.
The Commissioner of the General
Laud Offloe gives notice that tbe
■an Francltco Puebla laud case
will be closed for argument Febru
ary 6th. It will be taken up for
final consideration ami decision as
soon after that date as tho current
business will penult.
European Cable News
Urftiia Marltei -Vls-oft Crop.
London, Jan. Bth.— Tho Murk
La.ie Express says that sustained
by political apprehensions aud
strengthened by the increased con
suiuptive demand, tlie present po
sition of the wheat trade is strong
and in spite of strong and large ar
rivals of foreign wheat, prices bave
been steadily maintained. Specu
lation is wanting hut a healthy
stimulus has been found lv supply
ing the legiti mate requirements of
millers, who have purchased with
out much reserve at rather higher
prices. Maize remains about tne
same, firm on the spot, owing to
limited supplies and rutlinr easier
oifthe coast under the pressure of
numerous arrivals of cargoes at
ports of call. The market has
raised a little for Spring corn, liut
a slight improvement bath in value
and demand is noted for oats.
The crop returns for the year
1877 show, except hay, that all
crops have been much below tbe
average. The whoat crop has been
tbe most deficient of all, six out of
409 returns representing it as over
the average and no less than :JO9
describing it aa below. According
to the tables it was even a worse
crop than that of 1870, which was
the most dlftleieut crop previously
had during fifteen years. Barley,
too, was the smallest grown within
the same period,
Ib< Hnnlclpol Eleclloul-Ollicr
Paris, Jan. Silt.— lhe triennial
municipal elections were held
throughout France on Sunday last.
Delegates of tbe Municipal Coun
cils will have a preponderating
voice in electing Senators next
year lv Paris. Seventy-three Coun
cilors out of eighty are Republican,
four Conservatives, aud for three
second ballots are necessary. Pre
viously there were ten Conserva
tive Councilors here. In the pro
vincial towns the Republicans were
generally successful. Iv the large
cities the Radicals were mostly
successful. As far as heard from,
the country districts show consid
erable Republican gains.
It is reported that ou the return
of Gambetta from Italy, the com
mittee of eighteen appointed to
watch over the interests of the Re
publicans duriug the recent oris! s,
will be dissolved.
It is also reported that lhe Cou
servativeSenators will endeavor to
elect Buffet President ef the Sen
ate, in order to rebuke Duke d'Au
difTret Pasquier, the present Presi
dent nf that body, for persuading
the Marshal not to ask the Senate
to vote a second dissolution of tlie
Chamber of Deputies. Buffet's
election would increase the alieady
existlug antagonism between the
Senate and Chamber of Doputies;
but tne Republicans and Urlean
lsts, if they net together, can elect
the Duke U'Audiffret Pasquier.
It is state I that President Diaz
has signified the desire of Mexioo
to resume diplomatic relations
with France and participate iv tlie
approaching exhibition.
Tlie Secretary ef War ia reported
as intending to reinstate Labor
dere, dismissed from the army iv
omutctiou with tlie Limoges af
Victor Euinuwel No Bt-tlvr.
Rome, Jau. BLh.— Tho Kiug is no
better. Prlnot Amadous is ex
pected In Borne. Tho King's
daughters, tbe Princess Cloihilde
and the Queen of Portugal will
probably come.
Whenever and Wherever
Diseases of a choleraic type prevail, or
there is cause to apprehend a visit Irora
them,tlie system should batoned, regu
lated and reinforced by a course of Uos
tetter's Stomach Bitters. Hwrfoct Uigos-
Uon and a ret,alar habit of body are ihe
best safeguards against nuch maladies,
and both are secured by this inestimable
tonic and alterative. Tne Bitters are
slso oxtremoly serviceable in remedying
such disorders. If uromptly taken in
bilious colic, dlarrhtea and cholera mor
bus, the disease is tuually frustrated. In
dlarrhcca ease*, it is only necessary lo
restore the tone of tho relaxed bowels,
and this is one of the specific eiTects ot
this madlciue. Wind on the stomach,
heartburn, biliousness, nausea, head
ache and otht-r symptoms of disturb
ance lv the gastric und hepatic regions
are also speedily relieved by this excel
lent remedy, as a family medicine His
invaluable, since It promptly and com
pletely remedies ihpse ailments which
tiro of most, irequent occurrence.
It is tha opinion of all who have
fteen Santa Monica in lhe winter
season, that it is tlie most beauti
fql place iv Southern California.
Its equable climate, the magnifi
cent sea aud mouutaiu view?, to
gether with ils uuequaled bathiug
facilities, render it a most enjoya
ble resort for tourists and invalids.
M. D. Johnson, nt tho Santa Mon
ica Hotel, is prepared to accommo
date Winter cueats iv lirat class
style. j7
The delay in tbe arrival of the
Holiday good* of Dolter & Brad
ley on account of snow ou the Un
ion Paoillo, has inconvenienced
many of their patrons who were
waiting lor articles; but the goods
arrived yesterday and the pri
ces we judge are low enough to
make full ninuiiili for the delay.
They offer many tilings which are
uotouly elegant and ornamental,
but thoroughly useful, and there
fore tho truest economy far Holi
day gifts, and at prices so popular
that you Ml) hardly see thoui with
out buying.
City Bill Paster.
M. Kngel, bill poster and distrib
uter. All kinds of advertising
done at reasonable rales. Controls
all the best and most prominent
bulletin bill boarda. Office, No. i
Mnrkot street. argSlf
I guarantee to sell the best fit
ting anil finest clothing at half the
usual price. H. Übybhstkih,
49 Main street.
Sept. anth-lm.
I keep a full line of Domestic
Dry Goods, which I offer for less
than any other house. \
H. Meybbstbim, i
Sept. M-lra 49 Main street.
A strong, acll. o boy. about H yeais oi l, ,
to if,i mi a trailu. Emiulro Hi Herald preel t
The public are hereby notified that fhe |
partnership orscuaHl'tjr.t Stengel, here*
toforo existing, will be dissolved by mu
tual Onntent. The debts nf tbe llrm will
be paid by Louis .1, Stengel, who alone is
authorized to collect atl bills due said
Los Angeles, Jan. 7, 1878.
Los Auples Council No. 11,
hold a Special Assembly on Wednesday
Evening, nth Inst., for the c.action or
officers and other business. The Compan
ions are urgently to attend.
By order of Tor.', tli.' M.*.
7-3t R. G. CUNNINGHAM, Recorder.
— OF —
4,000 BUDDED ORANGE Oil four
year old stock, ono ami two year
old growlh from bud, of the finest
5,000 four and flvu year old seed
3,000 six and seven year old seed
My Trees are All Healthy
and Thrifty.
Tho public are invited to visit my
pluco. oorner ol Main and Adams streets,
aad Inspect no V trees, which I claim are
as good ascan b? found In the country.
I shall ofTsr tho entire lot BY AUCTION,
On Thursday, Jan, 24th.
Io tho meantime, I will soil at POT
TO M PRICES, In lots to suit purclmiers,
For farther particulars enquire of
E. W. NOYES, Auctioneer,
No. 1 Market street, two doors abovo
Wells, Kargo a Co.
SSs» Persons troubled Willi SO RE EYES
should try Ibis wonderful remedy.
Prtttsi a Schumacher, Apothecaries
From One to Two Thous
and Head,
Apply at this office.
Livery Business For Sale.
The Fashion Stables,
Hrn bracing everything required in a first,
class stable, tl offered for salo on reason
able terms, Mais in a rare opportunity to
lnve«t In a well establish -d livery busi
ness, with a liberal patronage.
dlfi.f MACS/, WILSON st CO.
(from St, Paul, Minnesota,) is how to be
fuuud at
I2ti Main Street,
Next the Marble Yard. Bend aleag your
Furniture, (stoves, Redding. Horses, Bug
gies, Wagons and othermereliandlse you
may hays to dispose of. Auction every
Saturday moi uing at II o'clock precise
ly. Real testate sales also attended to.
For the Holidays!
Having Just returned from San Francis
co with a uasgtiiUttent stock of goods, Is
now prepared u> olT<r the BEST BAR
GAINS ever obtaiuod lv ibis oily, con
sisting of
And a full iiuo of sets of every descrip
tion. Also, a foil line of TABLE CUT
LERY from she best Eastern manuiao
The Old Pioneer Store,
Coraer of Spring and Seventh streets.
Large and sunny rooms ta let on reas
on.live tnrms. Board, $ > per wesk.
No bread and water stiet, as some
suppose, but hygslnlc foed, with the
usual regime ooeimen at flrst-clasj prl
vato boarding honsei.
©M lm J. H. A K. L RICE, Prep's.
Large and Small. For Sale,
— AT —
Atprjcea to suit. diet/ 1
Montana Meat Market.
. The best aud tcuderes: iiMialgf
sn the ruarkfct. None bullae SSHBsS.
Primest Beef and Mutton
aver in be found. Note Hie address—Moa- !
•ai. Meat Market, Main Street, Bear
First. Los Aneelea
Evergreen Laundry.
Called for and delivered to any part
of tho city, by
Heed & Phillips, Adams St. j
orders eea be let at Ike beok store of '
Mr. Sam Hellmaa, Serlag St. oistf
With Terms toSuit Everybody. I
On Monday, Jan. 28,1878,
I will at PUBLIC AUCTION, for ac
count of I*. Beaudry, without reserve,
12 Lots in the BEAUDRY TRACT,
18 Lots in the MGTT TRACT,
20 Lots in the Desnoyers Tract,
Among whioh are tbe following specially
desirable lots:
Four lots on the corner of Charily and
Fourth streets;
One lot mm ting ou the west side of Olive
street 1 , between Third and Fourth
Four lots froutlntr, on east side of Bunker
Hill Avenue, between Hecond and
Third streets, near tlie German school
Four lots on tho northwest corner of
Hope and Fourth streets;
Four lots on th" en«t side of Chailiy
street, close to Temple;
One lot on southwest corner of Bunker
Hill Avenue and first street.
WTAII these lots are la geod locations
and commaud splendid: views of the city,
and a*e only n few minutes' w»lk from
the heart of the business portion.
The sale of the above described lots will
taks place on the around, except for tbe
Desnoyers Traat, whioh will take place
at my Auction Rooms, earner of spring
and Court streets, In the evening. Tbe
lotl in this tract being level, the
location can readily be obtained from the
.sale will begin at 10 o'clock a. m. on the
ground, near ttie corner of Temple and
Charity streets, und at7>i o'clock p.m. ut
tho Auction Rooms,on tne following
For lots under 54.0. mentlilv install
ments ef
For lots from 8400 to $500, monthly In
stshmonts of $25;
For lots from S.iOO to $"00, monthly in-
Siallmentsof $no;
And for lots from |700 to $1000, monthly
Installments of $35; und one per cent
per month interest on the unpaid por
tion of the purchase money. #iTF IVE
Conveyances will bo furnished to par
ties desiring to attend the sate.
In case all the lots are not sold the sale
wiil be continued o the following day.
Mniis can be seen aud full particulars
obtained by calling at the offloe of ».
BKAUDKY, No. 81 New Hign street, op
posite Pico Ileus*.
Jesttl Auctioneer.
San Diego Division of the
S. P. R. R. ■
Wednesday, Jan'y 23d,
1878, at 11 o'clock A.M.
Will leave Los Augelos at 9 o'olook a.m.
on the day of sale, conveying passenger*
to Kanta Aba and returning taem to Los
Angeles tn tlie evoulng.
Ticket* for the Round Trip, 50 ots.
Is iv the midst of a rich agricultural
district, well supplied with water by
means of artesian wells, canals and Irri
gating ditches, BS', miles southeast of
Los Angeles. The su/rounding country
Is already thickly sertlefl up, and in a
high Hate of cultivation.
ONE-FOURTH CASH; balance In six,
twelve and eighteen mouths, with In
terest at the rate of one per cent, per
month on deferred payments. J3td
L'Uuion copy,
The best piece of land lv ludiaua Col
ony (Passdeus,) containing
One-half Improve ). Will sell one-lourth,
□ ne-half, or the whole.
For Terms enquire of
On the premises, Thayer A Graham, No.
:oHpiluK street, or A. Kldred, corner of
Fifth nnd Cbtiriiy streets, Los Augeles.
And a fine assortment of CANDIES
alwsys on hand
Tke best COUGH BYKUP yet Intro
duced to the people of this vicinity,
made by the subscriber, cau also be 0r.,,
taln.d. sMs.No. 64 Ht'KINO ST., next
door south or N«w (Ud Fellows' Hail aud
Po,iofHoa, Los Augr.ies, Cal.
/ dW-lm MRS. FRYEt,
a situ. 111 the l
rapid pe v _ . •
takingcT •«>• Ownljr of L
t.i work a Calif
generally — ■
aid Office 3 lhe matter of ; i
"hip ol Will am . t
"II and Albeit B„si
Mj a com .Cent worLV.l''' M.'SE ,
do a 'tiera housework.A 'IAN t r O.
Gran..,, [{cie*. New l.os Ange;. v&'VATk..
suruni t.
Estray. fe, 1 "
Strayed umy place, corner of tJq'C, v".*
and Vignes street, Dec 27th, a brown CX*
white uJW . with both pars cut. OwnTV,;
can get tha *ame by proving
and paying expenses. JB-10t S
Rooms and Board.
Geutlenien and their wives aud single
geuts jau be accommodated with hoard
and large sunny rooms at the KIMBALL
MANSIO -J, High street, comnand
lug a charming view ol mountain and
valley. Also, a few table boarders taken
at reasonable rates. lel6tl
Enough rooms lot to pny rear. k,ocft-
Hon best lv the city. Address A. Is., Her
ald office dDtl lw
Land For Sale.
The beat, offer likely ever lo be niado
again In this county! From Mi to 800 acres
of excellent valley and mesa land, at
Irom till to dlO per acre. This oßsr ope v
for a few days only. Apply to
A HEE RANCH, situated about aeveu
miles from Los \ugeles, oa the Cahuen
garoad. There fj a dwelling house on
ihe ranch, a honey house and about (20-1
worth of bee materials, hives, elo. Ad
dress H. J., Los Angeles P. o. Jl)-lm
$1 to $1000 to Lean,
at thk star loan and broker
Removed to No. « COMMERCIAL ST.
Will advance on collaterals II to Sieve,
on all kinds of personal property, suck
as watches, Jewelry, dlamoads, pistols,
guns, elo. Gold, allver aid U. 8. Carien
oy bought and sold. alltr
To Let.
For an Invalid, no finer situation In
Los Angeles. Address P. O. bos 1.97.
nil lm
FumLshed House For Sale.
A nice rsaldence with brick oellar and
batk-room. Al: well f uml-bed with black
walnut and reps turn! ure, and every
thing for housekeeping. Also, a sturo
rooas 20x49 feet sqvaro, all eacloaed on a
100 feet square, wi>h twenty old oraagc
wees, and ou the main thoroughfare of
the city. BuquireofO. w. Morgan, N0.4,
Temple Block, Sp.logstre; t. dtf-tr
Burn ell & Clements,
Landscape Cardenera and
Garden Contractors,
J«lf No. m SPUING ST.
JS'lw AlnraedaSt., Los Angeles, Cal.
Dividend Notice.
The sixth dividend of Los
Angeles Couutv Hank has been declared,
payable on und after January 7th, 1878, as
follows: To ordinary depositors ai tho
rate of eight percent, per annum; to
term depositors ut thereto of ten per
cent. peramitim; to stockholders at the
rate of ten per cent, per annum .
Jfl-lw J. AL ELLIOTT, Cashier.
A.CUYAS Is no longer authorised to
mako any purchasos for the Pico Houso
for my account. C. CABOT.
January Ist, 1878. Jaltf
10 Cent Parcel Delivery,
M. Rolltscliilil's Cigar Store, at 75
Main St., Downey Block. *
For Sale Cheap.
A Cottage and Lot on Hill
St., Near First,
Commanding a view of the ocean and
valley. The undeasigael will dispose or
the above property, with a view to Im
prove and build on the adjoining lots.
Apply to M. KELLBHBR,
City Surveyor.
Ofllce—No. 1 Temple street. d 27 tf
Near Orange and Santa Ana,
Which were heretofore roeorvtd by Ola*
sell * chapman, are aow offered for sale
Apply IoCAPT.GLASSKLL.In 'Poaaple
Block. LoiAng.les, or M. F, FABKKR,
Oraag.. dlotf
Russian and Electric Baths,
Marced TU.ater.
R. HUGHE*, lv rsturaiug thanks to
the publlo for tbelr liberal patronage,
oaa vita confidence roooaaeaeael his
As the great PURIFIER end EfIitUAL
IZKK of the human body, enabling the
system to throw off Its impurities aad
giving to the lungs one-sixth mere inspi
ration of air than cau bs ontalnei by
breathing, by opening the pores of the
skin and giving full play te the Insensi
ble respiration so nectssary te physical
OVA female tormlautly on hand te
Walton Indies.
Open from I a. m. to 7 r. v. s2Bt/
Turner slrtet, near Jaoksoa's.
LUMBERYARD—WiII deliver tba best
OAK WOOD to every part of the olty,

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