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1 Herald Steam Printing House.
The Herald meant Prlntloi douse Is
I *t. surpassed bw any Job Printing oßlce
i Paolfle Coast, oulelda or San Fran
a facilities for doing Job work,
'aaa, good work and expedition
ailed a pea at ibis office.
p fares are an exigent de
of tha times. Tho tourist
ending settler who arrives
Francisco finds that he can
jo Loa Angelas, a distance of a
tie over four hundred miles, first
as, on tha steamers, for SIS; and
he travels by rail, Including
eeplng car* aud meals, he finds
.hat the single trip stands him iv
from $28 to $29. On the other
band, he learns that ho can reach
Portland, Oregon, a distance of six
huudred and sixty-one miles, first
class, for $7 50. The odds are dis
astrous to us. While the truth is
that both Oregon and Washington
territory are Infinitely less desira
ble for settlement than Los Ange
les county, the facility for getting
there takea multitudes up north
who, if they had bad the opportunity
to go to Los Angeles at an equal
outlay, would have preferred
Southern California. We hare al
ways sincerely believed that there
, la Mere money to the railway com
pany in half its preseat fares. As
between a fare sohedule of two and
ahalfcsntsand five cents a mile,
we honestly think that there is
;twtce as much money to the rail
way company in the former. It is
Just as easy to oarry forty people in
: a railway coach as ten. The wear
' and tear is bo greater w itU forty
' than with ten, and wo are confi
dent that the forty would be forth
. coming if this enlightened aud
progressive policy weiegiven a fair
trial. We should suppose that the
railway magnates would be the
more amenable to such arguments
because, from the moment an im
migrant is lauded in Oregon, he
Ho longer contributes to their in
come in any shape or manner
Asa Ellis has done his constit
uents a good turn in introducing
into the Assembly his bill provid
ing that two sessions of the Su
preme Court of California shall be
held in Los Angeles. The Supreme
Court of the State of Pennsylvania
holds sessions in Philadelphia, in
the Eastern part of that State, in
Pittsburgh, in the Western part,
and in Hairisbugh, in Central
Pnnnsylvania. The same rule pre
vails in most of the other States,
and it is found to work excellently
ln practice. The United States
District Courts of Pennsylvania
bold sessions in different parts of
that State. The District Judge for
tbe Western District of Pennsylva
nia holds sessions lv Pittsburgh,
Williamsport and Erie. The Judge
'of the Eastern District also visits
different portions of the district
subject to his jurisdiction. The
same rule prevails with regard te
these Courts in other States. What
we need is a District Judge of the
United States for the Southern
District of California. Until such
a Judicial office is created, Judge
I Hoffman should hold a term of his
"court in Southern Califerniuia.
The delay and expense involved in
SK'rto.o ! ii both our State Supreme
Court and the United States Dis
trict Courts having to go hundreds
of miles for a forum in which they
cap.be heard is well-nigh insufler
aule. They often amount to a
practical denial of justice.
Expensive trausportation seems
to be a characteristic of the Pacific
Coast. A correspondent of the San
Francisco Chronicle, writing from
Walla Walla, Washington Terri
tory, says that it coats up there $C
a ton to transport wheat to seaport,
on a narrow gauge railway, a dis
tance of thirty-three miles. This
Is simply infamy. It is a short
sighted policy. It is the old story,
over again, of killing the goose
which lays the golden egg. The
present Legislature of California
can make it impossible that such a
thing should be done iv this State.
As the case stands now,our farmers
cau get their grain to market by
rail, a distance twenty times as
fySat, for less money than it costs
he Washington Territory farmer
| v fransport his thirty-three miles.
~ jfequitable fares an.' freights bill
will give our people a bond from
I fate that they may put in crops
; with the certainty that thsy shall
be abl > to market them advanta
geously. We are glad to be assured
'by our Sacramento correspondent
that our members are at work in
earnest in furthering such a men
THUS far Los Angeles county has
taken the rag from the bush iv the
matter of rainfall, barring no sec
tion of tbe State, "moist couuties"
and all, evea including Shasta,
wilh its one famous record of sev
enty inches in a twelvemonth. Up
• vJUa-tt Saturday the rain record of
couuty—mark that, the
1?y county, par excellence, of the
...itate—was a little more than twice
that of San Josfi, while the rtcord of
Los Augeles county—our own sta
tistics being based on the United
States Signal service Bureau here
—was thrice that of Sau Jose. As
ws stand now, a mapjiincent har
vest Is assured In i tone 'uplo Oos
Angeles valley. T 'y pre
dieted that this would be a year of
copious rains hereabouts, aud we
stick to that prediction. It is a
somewhat notable, If not remarka
ble, circumstanos that the Her-
ald's weather prophecies have
been, in every instanoe, verified te
a hair. At the outset we claimed
the margin of the Apostle John, iv
the Apocalypse, "of a time, and
times and half a time," but our
previsions have been so accurate
that we have not needed this ap
proved license. If we have, iv this
matter, attained almost the flip
pancy of Beecher, we cau at least
plead that we indulge iv it not
from the pulpit hut from an edito
rial tripod. Iv the interest of re
ligion, it is perhaps right that we
should suggest that our liberal
rainfall Is owing to the fact that,
prior to the last heavy ruin,prayers
for rain went up to heaven from all
tbe Roinau Catholic Churches of
tbe diocese of Los Angeles and
Monterey. Whether our ether re
ligious denominations also prayed
for rain we are not yet advised.
We are occasionally amused at
tbe restiveuess of our people uurler
a temporary back-set. If a failure
of Temple <St Workman's Haul;, a
drouth and a terrible visitation of
small-pox, cannot be relied upon
te beget a (light degree of business
languor, It Is a pretty pass. Ev
erything now is as propitious as
tbe present season. Iv Congress,
Scott and the Central Pacific aro
contestants for legislation of which
we may say, it' cither wins, this
sectieu will be vitalized. If the
Scott guarautee passes (aud we
confess now aa always we have lit
tle belie f in it) the Southern Pa-
Oiflo Railway will lie sold to him
by its present owners, and, if we
don't get rid of monopoly, we shall
at least be ou the direct line of
a transcontinental railway. On
the other hand, if the
Central Pacific wins, the
Southern Pacific will be pushed
forward ut once until it reaches the
Kio Grande, and, ultimately, the
cities of Mexico and Vera Cruz.
Any of these eventualities means
great development iv the region of
which Los Angeles is the center
aud tbe ocean outlet and eutrepot
Wilmington, aud Santa Monica,
as tbey stand to-day, have ample
facilities for transacting all the
business of Southern California and
the interior couutry for the next
twenty years. As ports they are
satisfactory, and pregnant of possi
bilities which should even embrace
the trade of Indus aud of Orme.
Bjkeoetal t* the Herald ky tiie Western
Uulon Telegraph Company.]
Pacific Coast News.
Silver lima; klalpuieat.
Yuma, Jan 15th. —Another ship
ment of 46,000 pounds of very rich
Silver King ore was shipped by
the Southern Pacific Railroad from
here to San Francisco to-day.
Tbe jeeTlialnr* m court.
San Francisco, Jan. 15th.—The
cases of Kearney, Wsllock and
Pickett were culled in the City
Criminal Court to-day. The de
fense moved to examine the Grand
Jury by whom the prisoners had
been Indicted as to the prejudice or
bias that influenced tbem at the
time the indictments were found.
It was alleged that the Grand Jury,
being capitalists, had expressed an
opinion on the subject before tha
session of that body and that it
was disqualified by reason of bias
and prejudice. The grounds for
the motion were not supported by
affidavits and the defense were
given until this evening to procure
Herklagmen's Nomtuallon.
Oakland, Jan. 15.—Ths Work
ingmen last night nominated J.
W. Bones as a candidate for State
Senator (o fill the vacanc/ caused
by the death of Nathan Porter.
Kearney was present and support
ed the nomination in a speech
slightly more abusive than usual,
If anything. The workiugmeu re
fused any compromise with other
parties. Bones Is a carpenter by
trade and is said to have had
some practice as a public speaker.
He stumped Alameda couuty du
ring the Presidential compaigu.
Connection between Alia and Jus.
(lee—nirfrt Flslitrn Walling; to
Ball lv.
Virginia City, Jan. 15th.—Last
evening this city was filled with
rumors of fights in the lower levels
of the Alta and Justice ground. For
tunately they were not true, al
though it is very likely that there
will be trouble when cross-cut No.
2, now bsing run on the 1150 foot
level of Justice is connected with
the south drift of the 1150 foot level
of Alta. This connection has been
momentarily expscted toHbe com
pleted since yesterday morning.
Meantime the fighters of each mine
remain near at hand ou the lower
level. The number of fighters
hired is variously estimated, but it
is generally believed that there are
four en each side. More could not
move to advantage iv the narrow
drifts, and would only be in each
other's way. Sheriff Btslly has made
no move to prevent the hostile
meeting as he would consider the
taking of such a step unwarranted
by law in the abteucs of positive
information; but at the first
tidings of a fight be will march on
the works wilh a posse and held
them until tbe offenders are sur
rendered to them. There is some
talk among the Miners' Unions of
Virginia, Gold Hill and Silver
City to consider the situation and
ominous threats were uttered ou C
strset to-day that if aay single non
combatant is injured ths initiers
will tarn out in a body and hang
every fighter in the neighborhood
of Alta or Justice ground.
Kmlu all over sue ninie.
Ban Krajcctsco, Jan, 15th.—
During the last -4 hours tho en
tire State, *y ' " « ttom, has
„—»» X-.
been visited with a ram storm. In
the vicinity of Sau Francisco bay
there has been from one to three
inches of rain in different localities,
the fall being heaviest to the north
and northwest. No detailed re
ports have been received from the
northern coast, the storm having
prostrated the wires. Sacramento
has received from one aud a half to
two iuolies. lv Salinas and Pajara
valleys about one inch aud three
quarters have fallen. Iv the South
ern coast counties the fall has
varied from half an inch to about
an inch and three quarters in Los
Augeles valley. The rain has been
everywhere accompanied rjy a
strong wind from the south and
southeast which still continues
and though the rain has ceased in
most localities during the after
noon, the indlcatious favor a con
tinuance to-night. The present
storm is considered sullicient to
ensure good crops.
buecuu nutl OtiTMl.'e * Noe—BsßilE,
San Francisco, Jan. loth.—W.
T. Duncan and W. S. Duvall,
charged with felony iv aiding tiie
escape of Duucan and Lewarne,
were belore the Police Court this
morning. They waived examina
tion, but tho prosecution examined
a number of witnessss. Mrs. White's
story, in whose house the fugi
tives were concealed, was much tv
the same effect as that before the
Grand Jury,already published. B.
B. Pinney, a stock broker, seemed
to know a good deal about the ar
rangements for the escape and
the part taken in them by defend
ants, but declined to testify lest he
might criminate himself. He evi
dently knew the whereabouts of
the fugitives until within the last
few days. Capt. Lees knew noth
ing of the whereabouts of the fugi
tives. Mayor Bryant wits called
but could not be fouud.
It rained heavily all last night,
with ths wiud strong from the
southeast and south. It stopped at
about 11 this forenoon aud the
wind hauled around to the south
west, but appearances favor a con
tinuance of the storm, after brief
sunshine. Tha wires of tho West
ern Uuion are dowu in all direc
tions. The few reports received
render it evident that the storm
lias been general and heavy
throughout the State, About two
inches of rain have fallen here
since last evening.
The Rain at San Diego.
San Diego, Jan. 15th.—Have
had a very tine warm rain siuce
Monday night, clearing off at noon
to-day. Fifty-five hundredths of
an luch fell, making a total for the
aeason to date of 6.55 Inches.
Auolher ailver H.lMn~ l*lvltl<.uel.
San Francisco, Jan. 15th.—Sil
ver King has declared a dividend
of half a dollar, payable January
I.eKl.lallve Proceeding,..
Sacramento, Jan. IS Lb, — The
Senate met at 11 o'clock. A mes
sage was received from the Gover
nor annouuoing his approval of tbs
bill providing for tbe construction
of the Casidas Pass road, iv the
county of Ventura; also, two bills
parnaittiug the election of a suc
cessor to Ssnator Porter within ten
days from tho date of tho procla
Deau submitted a concurrent res
olution reciting that large railroad
corporations were practically be
yond the reach of competition aud
urging Congressional legislation to
advocate the policy of governmen
tal ownership of trains on conti
nental railroads. Referred to
Committee ou Corporations.
After a long debate on the policy
of the immediate passage of the
Assembly bill providing for the ex
emption of growing crops from tax
ation, the bill was committed to
the Judiciary Committee for in
Hilboru offered a concurrent res
olution requesting the Congres
sional delegation to advocate leg
islation for abolishing the duty ou
grain bags and the material of
which they are made. Referred
to tho Committee ou Federal Re
The Joint Resolution asking our
members of Congress to obtain an
appropriation for the improvement
of Feather river and te erect a Post
office at MarySvllle, was amended
te include the Sacramento river
and passed.
Assbmbly.—By Anderson, peti
tion of the California Geological
Society for such appropriations as
may bo deemed proper to aid in
an exhibition of the agricultural,
mining ami other resources of Cali
fornia at tbe Paris Exposition.
Referred to Committee on Agricul
Motions aud resolutions: By
Pauley, joint resolution to request
Congressmen of this State to use
their influence to have a reserva
tion for the Cohuilla, San Luis
Rey and Diegueflo Indians, aggre
gating about 3,000, in Sau Diego
county, and have them removed as
soon as possible. Referred to Com
mittee on Federal Relations.
Latest Eastern News.
Washington, Jan. 15.—Senate
—At the expiration of tha morn
ing hour the resolution of
Matthews in regard to the pay
ment, of honds in silver was takeu
up as unfinished business and then
laid aside infermslly that Voorhees
might address tbs Senate on the
resolution submitted by him be
fore tbe holidays, declaring it of
the highost importance that the
financial credit of the Government
be maintained. Matthews, in ex
pressing his willingness to have
his resolution laid aside for the
present, gave notice that he would
ask the Senate to vote on it Monday
next. Voorhees then addressed the
Seuate upon the resolution sub
mitted by him.
Mitchell presented a resolution
in tbe Senate that the Committee
en Indian Allaire be iustructed to
Inquire into the propriety of estab
lishing four ludian reservations to
be called Indian Territories. Oue
to be located iv Colvllle valley, the
s.-cotid .In or west of the Kooky
Mountains, the other two oast or
the Hooky mountains; all the In
dlans-iu the country lobe located
In tbem, except those who desire
to break tribal connections aud
subsist by agriculture, who may
sscure houaesleads on their present
reservations. The reservations or
ludian Territories to have a suita
ble form of government to be es
tablished by Congress, which gov
ernment shall include the right to
be represented In Congress by del
egates te be appointed by the Presi
dent of the United States and
Superintendent, who shall be ex
officio Governor of eucli Territory.
Hoi su—Eiohkhott, of New York,
Introduced a bill providing tbattbs
Preaident be requested to open cor
respondence with the Tien Sing
Government, the English aud
other Governments Interested,
with a view to prohibit or restrict
the emigration of persons known
as Chinese Coolie laborers.
Tbe Northern I'miUo Ballruad.
Washinoton, Jan. 15th.—The
sub-oommittee of tbe House Com
mittee on Pacifle Railroads gave a
hearing to those interested iv tbe
exteusiou of the Northern Paoiiio
Railroad. Tbe company waa rep
resented by Fred Billings, Chair
man of the Executive Committee,
Roberts, Engiueer in Chief, and
Gray, its counsel. Senators Milch
ell und Grover and Representative
Williams, of Oregon, and several
of the Representatives and Dele
gates from the Northwestern States
and Territories were present and
took part iv the proceedings. The
discussion was opened by Billings,
who gave a narrative of tbe origin
and history of the compauy and of
the progress made iv building the
ruad He related the circumstance
of the foreclosure of the mortgages
and of the re-organizatiou of the
company; stated tho legislation
the company vow asked for, being
merely an extension of ten years of
time for the construction aud com
pletion of the road. The company
was willing to oblige itself to com
plete 10J miles a year, and would
probably complete ISO miles. It
was ulso willing to agree to tho re
quirements ot ihe Board of Trade
or Oregon, that the line should be
located on the south side of the Co
lumbia, although the route had
been Surveyed for the north side.
Ou motion of Rice, the further
hearing wae postponed till Satur
day next, arguments in the mean •
timo to be reduced to the form of
briefs, which are to be submlttsd
to the committee.
Nabjecie Ueforu iuo Cablucl.
Washington, Jan. loth.—At the
Cabiuet meeting to-day the subject
of national flnancea was naruastly
considered. It was determined 10
give notice to the Syndicate tbat
the department intends to termin
ate its contract with them. Heore
tary Bherman will immediately
prepare an advertisement for a
popular loan. The Cabinet also
gave attention to the Chinese
question. The President will ad
dress a special message to Congress
ou the subject.
Geo. Williamson will be nomi
nated for Collector of Customs at
New Orleans.
Netler .1 Co.'a i.l .biiiti, a.
New York, Jan. 15th.—Netter
ii: Co. have filed a schedule of their
liabilities, showing them to be
$555,G48, after deducting the good
collaterals now on band. The as
sets are estimated at $25,500.
Among other losses ore Fit/.hugh &
Stuart, $a 3,000; E. Bweet <fc Co.,
$12,808; G. G. Havens & Co., $25,
--000; Davis dcFraelan, $28,914, and
D. Urquhart, of New Orleans, $10,
Mow Yosk 9lnuey Jtfnrnct.
New York, Jan. 15th.—Silver
bars 118) greeubacks, 116} gold;
silver coin discount. Gold
olosed at 2 after selling as low as
H, the lowest since 1882. Money
active at 7; Governments strong;
stocks heavy and lower.
lowa Legislature Ortraulz-.d.
Dcs Moines, Jan. 15tb.—The
uovernor (.delivered his message
to the Assembly to-day. John Y.
Stone was made speaker.
Ihe Seunio Eleetloiie Committee.
Chicaoo, Jan. 15th.—The Jour
nal's Waehiugton special says
tbe Senate Elections Commit
tee to-day diecussed at length with
out disposing of the woman's
suffrage Constitutional amend
ment. A report was drawn up by
Senator Cameron, of Wis., chair
man ef the sub-Cemmlttee on elec
tions, in relation to the condition
ot affairs iv South Carolina during
the last compalgn, including the
Hamburg massacre. It ia not en
tirely satistactory to Senator
Cbristiancy and other Republican
members of the Committee. It is
probable the report will be minified
to meet Christinucy's views and
than be presented.
I'eistfletou Elected leuuter.
Columbus, O.| Jan 15.—(Jan. H.
Pendleton wan elector! United
State* Senator to-day.
Oeuei-nl MeClellnea leaugnrutcil.
Trenton, N. J., Jan. 15.—Gsu
eral McClellau was inaugurated
Governor to day.
When Gen. McClollan had taken
the oath of office of Governor and
delivered his inaugural, which was
frequently applauded, he raturued
to the Executive Chamber, when
th» Veteran Assoiiatio'i of Pnila
delphla pr.-senteJ an addresssigned
hy 20BQ number*. The same party
also presented a Oliver medal made
from a half dollar picked up on the
field of Antletam, The reception
iv the Executive Chamber was at
tended by great crowd*.
Zaeb « fcomller'e Tool Be-ojiuulnted.
Chicaoo, Jan. 15th.—The Times'
Washington special says: That the
President hat surrendered is shown
by his nomination for Postmaster
of Washington of one of the worst
politicians of the Zacli Chandler
school, who has been at the head
of tha system for levying political
contributions on clerks. Chris
tiancy, one of the few men who
stood by the President during his
difficulties with the party, has
vigorously opposed Edmunds.
European Cable News.
Mm lureii-Kuuiu Strug-ale.
London, Jan. loth*—A Times
special says: There are rumors of a
heavy battle near Tartar Bazarjik
between Radetzky and tha Turkish
force falllny; back from Ichtiman.
The reports give victory to both
Uuenej Foelluic In Kuefauil.
London, Jan. 15th. — There is
nothing new about Iho armistioe.
Tha Russians are evidently seeking
first to capture Atlriauople.
The depression here is intensified
by the preparations made to con
centrate a heavy force in the vicin
ity of Constantinople. Troop ships
to and from India are stopped at
Malta and arrangements are being
made to send out all the available
troops from England. Tbe strain
between the peaco and war parties
lv the Cabinet Is great. A move
ment is imminent on tha part of
Germany to obtain tha aeaboard,
under conditions seriously affeoting
Kngland. Soma deeply important
information has just reached this'
country, leading to the conviction
that a warlike policy of Euglaud
in the East would be the forerunner
ef more serious complications
nearer home.
The Pence Ksviii, to, ll„i,ie.
Constantinople, Jan. 11., 0 a.
m.—Server Pasha and Namyk
Pasha, Envoys to negotiate with
the Russian Graud Duke, left to
day for Kezanlik where they are
expected to arrive Thursday. The
Grand Duke Nicholas has inform
ed the Porte that he is Invested
with full powers on questions of
More Tuipcdo ::■->., Ordered.
London, Jan 15.—The Russian
Governuieut has ordered 40 more
torpedo boats at Stettin, lo be com
pleted by the middle of April.
Cleopnlrn'a needle Again nl rien.
London, Jan. 15.—The tug An
gela, towiujr the caisson contain
ing the Cleopatra obelisk left Fer*
rol, Spain, at 7 o'clock this morn
It is tho opinion of all who have
seeu Santa Monica in the winter
season, that it is the mosl beauti
ful place lv Southern California.
Its equable climate, ttie maguiQ
ceut sea and mount-tin views, to
gether with Its unequaled bathing
facilities, rentier it it most enjoya
ble resort for tourists and invalids.
M. D. Johnson, at the Santa Mon
ica Hotel, is prepared to accommo
date winter guests lv first class
style. j"
Genuine Joule's ale at McKen
zie'e. ian4-tf
. TUESDAY, Jan. 13.
ii Dreyfus, fcnsbjn c m Dougherty,B Qbl
W O'Brien, Ban Frn J Deßartk Sberb, do
J C Waterman.St Jo A Major, Japan
Dr C KSlocuin.ohio J v Nichols, city
TJUlll.Yuma J Brown, do
properly Trnnereri.
John I" West toC 15 Wright—llo.l3seres
ia Hellman tract, San Pedro raucho;
LoaisDeryis to Arnand Dslgalarrando
—Lot 82 ft front on east side of Alameda
strsst; also, lot In Ybaria tract, on south
ol'Setelostreet; t23»0.
J W Cato to Johu N Kins—lB acres in
Ranchito; |1600.
N c Johnson to Pedro v Velar-Lots R
aud 8, blk 182, Bantu Monica-, tut).
Enoch M Hidden and Clara N Hidden,
his wife, lo Ozro W Child.-Lot 4, blk 87,
East Los Angeles; 91.
Jno O Downey, JnoSOrtOtn and H M
Johnston to Halite X McCnnnell—Lut 12,
blk IS, East Los Angeles; SL
J R McCouuell and Sallio R M.Counell
to J sarlflln-Lot. 12, klk 13, East Los An
geles; S3OO.
Jolin IS Grlttln and H M Johnston to
John SI Downey—Lois 13 and 11, block 21,
East Los Angeies, and lot 10, block 4. Plc
neerßuilding Lot Association ol East Los
Angeles; $1.
Jolin w Downey to John M Urtftln aud
H M JohßStOn— Lot IS, biuck 1, lots 13 aud
14, blk 28, lots 13 tin 1 14, blk 20, East Los
Angeles; $1.
Irving A Dunsmoor to M E Snvdor—
Lot 31, blk 4, Brooklyn tract; 8150.
8C Hubbell to M E Snyder-Lots 1,2,
3 and 4, blk 10, Woolen Mill tract; 8500.
CHANGE liOAltl).
Sab FiiANctscu, Jtiu. ij.
Calll'ernla Alpha lO}.
Coa Va an I B 4 B IS
Gould St 0
Justice IOKjtJUh IZH
Mexican I.'lt, Leeds 2'i
Opkir 4S. , . 4 |Savage 11
JEROME—In this city, Jan. 13th, to the
wife of Wm. Jerome, a son; weight, IOJ{
l~> I X I).
Daatßa Publiataod Gratis; rmiernl
Netlrei, One Dollar.
John Rlehard Worlhlugtou, at Chester,
England, aged 78 years.
Property Transfers.
FKO M J UIISON, 011.1, XT rK All I IISON 's TKA N -
John i" West toe v Wright—llo-12 aorei
in Hellman true!, San Pedro rancbo;
LoalsDervls to AmauJ Daltailavrnndo
—Lot 82 fL front on east side or Alameda
atreet; also, lot In Ybiina tract, on south
ot'tjotelostreet; jat»>.
J W Cato to John N Kins—lB acres iv
Ranchtto; 11600.
N C Johnson to Pedro U WJar-Lots It
and 8, blk lS2,Hnntn Monica-, I 80.
Enoch M Hidden and Clura N Hiddeu,
his wtfe, to Oho \V Uhllds-Lot 4, blk ;):,
East Los Angeles; 81.
Jno Q Downey, Jlio S Griffin and H M
Johnston to bailie It McCounell—l.ot 12,
blk IS, East Let a X-; SI.
J R Mt'Couui'll aud gallic P. M.Contiell
to J • Griffin—Lot 12, elk 13, East Los An
geles; S.'itXl
Jelin Id arlitln and H M Johnston to
John 01 Downey—Lots I* unit H, block 21,
JCast Los Angeies, and lot 10, block 4, Pio
neer Building Lot Association ot East Los
Angeles; $1.
JoliuW Downey to John M (jrlftin nud
H M Johnston—Lot IS, biuck 1, lots 13 ami
14, blk 28, lots 13 nn J 14, »lk 20, East Los
Angelas; $1.
lrTiug A Dunsmoor to 11 E SiiTdcr—
Lot Jt, blk 4, Brooklyn tract; SIGO.
8U Hubbcll to M E anyder-LotK 1,2,
3 and 4, lilk lU, Woolen Mill tract; Sooll.
SAN B*AANotaO9i Jau. 15.
California MX! Alpha 10* 4
Gould A 0 IS%
Justice L'lali Mil
Mexieaa 1.11-4 Leeds 'ii
Opalr MMSavage U
JEROME—In tbls city, Jftft. Utb.tO thi
wife or Wm. Jerome, ft sin; weight, h) 1
Daatae PublUtaed Gratis; FuiierM
X •tlrtji. One Dollar.
WORTHINOTON—On January 15, 1878,
John RUhard Worl hlugtou, at Chester,
Kngland, aged 78 years.
iaa»e»aaaae»^e»^^PMa^»aaro»aj g a»,
Sunny Rooms and Board,
Oentteaaei. and their wives and single
gents eaa be aocotumoJalod with board
and fine, large, front, sunny rooms, con
taining all modern conveniences anil
hone comforts, at tbe KIMBALL MAN
SION. Now High street, only one block
from the PeslotUce and Court. House.aad
commands a charming view of mountain
aud valley. JclOtf
Notice tor Publication of Time
for Proving Will, etc.
Ounnty of Los Angeles, j hate Court.
11l the Matter of the Estate of John
C. Ardis, deceased.
Court made this day, notice Is here
by given that Thursday, the gist day of
January, A. D. IS7S. ut 10 o'clock a. K. Ol
said d-»y. at tuo Court room of this Court,
In the city and county 01* I,os Ange
les,hns been appointed for hearing the.ap
piloaUon of John D. Ardls, praying
that a document now 011 11 le in I his court,
purporting to be Ihe last will nnd testa
ment or John 0. Ardls, deceased,
he admitted to probate, and that
letters testamentary he issued there
on to said John D, Ardis, at
which time and place* all persons
Interested therein mayuppcur and ton
test the same.
Jauusry 15, Ufa,
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By E. H. Ovttot, Deputy Clerk. Ilstd
Notice of Guardian's Sale
of Real Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that Itt pursu
ance of tin order of the Probate Court of
Ihe county of Los Angeles, .-state ot Cali
fornia, made on the 8t h day of January,
1878, In the matter of the estate and guar
dianship of William W. Boswell, Lurena
Boswell and Albert B. Boswell, minors,
the underslgnee, ihe guardian of the per
sons and estates of sale minors, wilt sell
at private sale, to tho highest bidder, for
cash ln gold coin of the United .States,
and subject to eonfinntitlou by suid Pro
bate Court, on or after
FEBRUARY, a. D. 1878,
All the right, title, Interest and estato of
the said minors In and to ull that certain
lot, pleee and parcel of land situated
In tho said county of Los Angeles, Stale
or California, particularly described as
follows, to wit:
The southeast quarter ofthe northwest
quarter of tho northwest quarter of sec
tion nesabsred sixteen (10) lv township
No. four (4) south, range ten (10) west of
the San ll.rnardlno Meridian,eoalulnlug
teu acres,more or less.teservlag therefrom
fer roads a strip of lend 3d feet wide on
the oast line of siia lot.
Terms and ' tondttlens of Sale—Cash in
gola coin of the Uuilu.l stules. Deej at
expense of purchaser.
Hid* ot- ofteis esuy he imule nl. uny
time .Iter the tint publication ot tins
notlee, Bud before the making of the
All bids or offers must bo In writing,
aud lelt at the office of 'I hem ,fc Boss, At
torneys ut Law, Temple Black, Los Aa
geles oltv.or delivered te the undersigned
persoently, or filed la the olilee af Ihe
Clerk of the Probate Court.
Guardlaa of Ihe persins and es-ates of
Wm. W. Boswell, Lorena ktosweil aud
Albert B. 1t,.-wen, minors.
Dated January 15, 1878.
HUM Attorney, far Ouardiau.
Turn-Verein Hall,
Capt. Jack Crawford
This afternoon Bind evening. In Hio b-MU*
tiiull realistic drams,
Bf SAM W. SMITH, author of "struck
oil," snpportee. hy the young and
InleuteJ comedioune,
Matinee 60s. | CHILDREN See.
admission. 75c. | Oallery "»oc.
Reserved Seats, 51 —For sals at. Upham
A Hue's. JlO 7t.
— OF —
4,000 BUDDED ORANGE on four
year old stock, one and two year
old growth from bud, of the tin est
5,000 four ami live year old seed
3,000 six ami seven year old seed
My Trees are All Healthy
and Thrifty.
Tho public are Invited to visit my
place, corner ol Main and Adams streets,
and Inspect nil' trees, which 1 claim are
ns stood ascun be found In tho country.
I shall otter the entire lot BY AUCTION,
On Thursday, Jan, 24th,
In the meantime, I wilt sell at BOT
TOM PRICES, In lots lo suit purchasers.
For further particulars enquire of
E. W. NOYES, Auctioneer,
No. 1 Market afreet, two doors above
Wells, Fargo A Co.
J9ld DAVID LEWIS. Owner.
Attention ! Attention !
Tbe undersigned begs leave to an
nounce te customers and dealers ia
trade that eu or about tbe 25th instant,
they will open a full Hue el
Whloh they will sell a; Sau Francisco
EKS. Alt those ia tUat tiue of business
will do well by reserving their orders for
us, if they want to save money.
A. Freeman & Co.,
ICS MAIN sriiKET, Loa Augeles, Cal.
I will put Into a cheese and butter Ui-tn
for Aye or ten years, KM acre*, near Los
Angelea uily, if dairymen will put iv ex
perience,skill, l*-sor, management aud
cows, for a lair sham of the profits. Six
teen tous ul alfalfa hay per acre was tho
yield of some of the land this dry year.
▲II the lautt good far alfalfa, corn, bar
ley, punipkiuK and beet?. Call and see
tstb land green with milk-yielding vege
tation, from mere mches hit,h to six feet.
JCvery acre artesian plow land. Wood
abundant. Ai tesian water, cold for milk
ami plentiful, with liver water lor lirijra
tieu. None lived apply wit hunt skill,
capital aud reputation.
Horses Pastured.
Horses, from one to hundreds, will cc
pastured on alfalfa, burr clover and alfll
eria, maturing aud renewing lv spring,
summer, autumn aad winter, uadur pe
rennial irrigation . S*e Mr. Saulsburr,
Main street Pound Yard.
FOR. «ALaC—Pumpkins, barloy hay,
alfalfa hay, headed eatiey, seed barley,
Earl v Rose potatoes aad fat hogs.
J. H. SBIII.L'?,
JaJ-lm Las Angeles City.
Fine Wines & Liquors.
JP Whiskies alrect from Loals.llle,
KenteekT, a specialty. Ueaulae Beolea
and Irish wklsky, English aaa Seeteh
ales ana porter.
Is arevlaeJ with tks pareet WINsjB,
CWAES. b*. BtfffLldM ALE ON
Ponot'H Building;,
Main etroet, aear Ooort, Los Angelea.
Near Orange ana 1 Santa Ana,
Which were heretofore reserved by Glas
sell A Chapman, are aaw offered fer sale
Apply IoCArT.GILAHK.KLL,In Temple
Black, Los Augeles, ar M. K. PARICKR,
Orange. dloll
fSsile <Ulie»p.
Address «. s)., Herald office. J lott
The (Jymnaslic Exerciser, of the Turn*
Verein (Jorinaula will take place every
Tuesday and Friday evening, froai
to 9,' i o'clock.
Roys' Class same evenings Imih * to 8
Ml members will please take particu
lar notice.
11. KOC i*i ANDT. ST UO 11M,
JU Ivy lA'adern.
moved to No. IS Wllmlugloa street,
where she will oat, Bt aad sew up the
waist ofaSresser eacque for one dollar.
Will also go out to cat, St and prspars
work. JlB-lm
<S>l (1 a day at hoaae. Ageeu wanted.
Outfit and terms rree. THtfE A
00.. AugUNta.Maine. mariad.wly
With Terms to Suit Everybody.
On Monday, Jan, 28,1878,
I will sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, for ac
count of P. Beaudry, without reserve, i
12 Lots iv the BEAUDRY TRACT, !
18 Lots in tho MOTT TRACT,
20 Lots in the DesnoysißS Tract,
Among which are tho following special ly
desirable lots:
Pour lotion the corner ot Charity and
Fourth streets;
One lot irontlng on the west side nf Olive
street, between Thir4 and Fourth
Four lots fronting on east side of Buuker
Hilt Avenue, between second and
Third streets, near the Oermnn suhoel
Four lots on tho northwest corner of
Hope aud Fourth streets;
Four lota on the east side ml Charity
al reel, close to Temple;
Cue lot on southwest corner of Bui.ker
Hill Avenue and First Nt.revt.
•wrAll these lots are In good locutions
and consruand splendla views of i he city,
aad are only a few minutes' walk from
the heart of the business portion.
The sale of the above described lots will
take placo ou the ground, except for the
Desnvjran Tract, which will take place
at my Auction Kooms, corner ol S| ■
and Court streets, tn Ihe evening. The
lots la this tract, being lavsl, the
location can readily bo obtained from the
Hale will begin al 10 o'clock a. m. on the
ground, near the corner of Temple and
Charity streets, and at 7'j o'clock p.m. at
the Auction Rooms,ou too following
For lots under t>4oo, ninthly lust ail
ments of $20;
For lots from $400 to |500, monthly In
stallments of 126;
For lots from (AN to $700, inoulhlv in-
And for lots from $700 to $1000, monthly
Installments of $A»; and one percent,
per month Interest on the nnpnld por
tion or the purchase iiiau»v, iMTFI YE
Conveyances will be furnished to par
ties desiring to attend the sale.
Iv case all the hits aie not sold the sale
will be continued ol the following day.
Maps can be seen aud full particulars
obtained by calling at the otUee of P.
BEAUDRY, No. 81 New Hign street, op
posite Pico House.
JeHtd Auctioneer.
T EJ H Brl I XJ ,«4
San Diego Division of the
S. P. R - Ra,
Wednesday, Jan'y 23d,
1878, at 11 o'clock A, Iff,
Will leave Los Angclos at 9 o'clock a. m.
on the day ef sale, conveying passengers
to Bantu Aba aud returning tne in to Lus
Angeles ln the evening.
Tickets for the Round Trip, 50 cts.
Is In the midst of a rich agricultural
district, welt supplied with water by
means of artesian wells, canals and Irri
gating ditches, ay, miles southeast of
Los Angeles. The surrounding country
is already thickly seLtled up, and In a
High state of cultivation.
ONE-FOURTH CASH; balance In six,
twelve and eighteen months, with In
terest at the rate of one percent, per
mouth on deferred payments. j3td
E. W. NOYES, Auctioneer.
The best piece of land iv ludiaua Col
ony (Pasadena,) containing
Oae<half improve L Will sell oue-tourth,
ona-haU, or the whole.
For Terms enquire of
On the premises, Thayer Jk Q rata ana, No.
'."i sprint: sireet, or A. Fldred, corner of
Fifth and Charity •trsstS, Loi Angeles.
«2 j-'J w
Has received a sbi|>Ment of If. A E. W.
BOURBON WHISKY from their agents
DICKBOM, DnWOLF A Co., Baa Fra.els
eo. 1 can reeosaiaeud this Whisky to
purchasers desiring to buy by the Settle
or call.*. dslaa
A M AN AND WIFE—The mun to labor
oa lurtu; the woman to do housework.
F. H. COI.E.M A tl".
Apply to A 1 bert M. Stephens. He Iw
Hy a competent Uerniau of experience,
Wll ii a family,
Kitli r on shares, si.lvi y, or, II small, tho
rent of house for taking care of tree**; or
a homo lv town, tke boarding of the
owner for the rent. Best of references.
Address P.O. box 417. JU>IM
A situation, by a man who li a good,
rapid penman, understands driving and
taking care ol horses, und not afraid
to work aud is trilling to make himself
generally u-'elul. Address V. A. C , Hoi
ald offlce. JMw
Ht rayed to mj placo, corner of Turner
and Vlgiies atreet, Dec. 27th, a brown and
white UJW, wilh both earn cut. owner
cau get the rumo by proving property
aud paying expenses. JB-10t
Enough rooms let to pay r. nt. Loca
Hon best iv tbs oily. Address A. U., Her
ald ottloe. dSUIw
Lund Fur Salt*.
Tbe best ofljr likely ever to bo made
njfatnlii this county 1 Krone 40J lodou acres
o? excellent valley and mesa laud, at
from ltd in fib per acre. This ollVropeu
for a few da vs on Iv. Apply to
A BEE B A NOII, situated about seven
wiles from Los \ngeie*,on the Cahuen
a;a road. There is a dwelling house on
the ranch, a honey house and about $20>
worth of bee materials, hives, etc. Ad
dress 11. J., Los Angeles P. O. Jti-lm
Pasture tor Rent,
Four thouaaue acres excellent pasture
for ealtle er sheep, with ahandant water
at nil aeaiouti, eu the Sun Pasi:iat ranch,
aajoining f*a*a«ana. Kno,ulre et iLe
owner, eu tha ranch.
JlltW .1. CEAIU.
$1 to $1000 to Lvaa,
Removed to No. 0 COMMERCIAL. ST.
Will advance oh collaterals $1 te Siese.
oa all kinds ef personal property, suoh
as watches., Jswelry, diamonds, pistol*,
guvs, etc. i, sliver aad V. H. Cnrien
ay bffUKbt and sold. nil::
Furnished House iV>r Sale.
A nice residence wilh brick cellar and
bath-room. All well furnl-hed with black
walnut and rope furniture, and erery
thiag for housekeeping. Also, a store
room 20x40 feet square, all enclosed en a
100 feet squars, wilh twenty old orange
trees, and ou the maiu thoroughfare of
the city. Enquire of U. W. Morgan, No. 4,
Temple Block, Spring street, d2o-tr
JS-lw Alameda St., Los Angeles, Cal.
tturnell & Clement**,
Landscape Gardeners and
Garden Contractors.
jatr No. l»u SPRING ST.
Dividend Notice. *
The sUtl h semi-annual dividend of Loa
Angeles Couuty Rank has been declared,
payable on and after January 7th, Is7lf, as
follows: To erdinary ' depositors at the
rule ef eight percent, per annum; to
term depositors at the rate of teu pet
cent, per annum; to stockholders at ihe
rate or teu per cent, par annum.
J6-lw J. M. ELLIOTT, Cashier.
A.CUYAH is no longer authorized to
make any purchases for the I'lco Mouse
for my account. C.CAKOT.
January lit, IS7B. JaS-f
10 Cent Parcel Delivery.
M. Uotliacuilit'ii Cigar Store, at 73
Maiu St., Downey Block.
For Sale Cheap.
A Cottaga and Lot on HIM
St., Near First,
Comnsauding a view of tho ocean aud
▼alley. The undersigned wll 1 eUspe.e of
the above properly, with a view lo im
prove and build on the adjoining lots.
Apply to M. KELLEHER,
City Surveyor.
OSico-No. 1 Temple street. d 27 tf
Russian and Electric Baths,
aiUNORBT'SI BUUDINfI. opnoallo
Mersed Theater.
».HVJ.Ili;:i, In retarnlug thanks to
tks public fer their liberal patronage,'
eaa with con.deueo rea.uaaend Bis
As the great PURIFIER end KftU .\ 1.
12BR of the hums body, enabling the
system to throw e>U' its IsapiirltleH and
giving to ths lungs one-sixth mere lnsol
ratlou of air than can hsoatalued by
Breathing, by opening the pores of the
skin and giving full play tn ihe iaseasi
hle respirullea se uecsssury ta physical
SOT A. female eonstanlly on hand lo
waltou lathes.
Open from BA. a tc7 p. m. sMtf
From On«t to Two Thou*
and Head,
Apply at this office.
Turner street, near Jackson's.
OAK WOOD le every part of O
AT 110 A CO

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