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jpos iierrtlil.
Survey of the ... Coast Lines.
Tbe United States sloop or war
Tuscarora went iuto commission
yesterday at Mare Island for special
duty connected with tbe survey of
tbe Pacific Coast between here and
Panama. Tbe coast line between
bere and Panama la very imper
fectly aurveyed, and both tbe
charts and Balling directions are
full of errors. The most Important
of these errors is in tbe coast line
of Guatemala and Salvador, tha
western coast being on the exist
ing charts too far to the eastward
and the southern coasts too far to
the northward. From actual ob
servations now pretty well con
firmed, tbo errors range from
twelve to twenty miles, and are
continuous for several hundred
miles. Few, if any, of the reefs,
rooks or outlying dangers are cor
rectly located, and but little of the
currents or the true set of the tides
Is known. At present the navigat
or has to depend ou tbe surveys of
Her Majesty's ship Tartar,
"Maury's sailing Directions"
and on a valuable little
work, "Remarks on the Navi
gation of the-Coast Between San
Francisco aud Panama," by
Captain Parker, of the Pacific
Mail Company. This work, I
however, is only printed for private 1
circulation among the officers of
the Pacific Mall fleet. These au
thorities differ in locating
quite a miinber.ef dangers, notably
the Tartar shoal, on which the
City of San Francisco was
lost. This survey Is the more
important from the fact tbat Punta
Arenas and Realejo are the ouly
ports on tbe Central Ameri
can coast which oan boast of tixec
lighthouse service. Acapulco has
alight which is only lit when a
Pacific Mail steamer is expect
ad, and the light is owned
by the company and lighted at it
expense.— S. F. Post.
Lots for Sale!
— ,)N THE
West Los Angeles
Offers the best opportunity for delightful
homesteads ef any tbat bas ever been of
fered for sale to tbe public.
Onlysufficienty inclined for good draluage
And o: such character that it uever cakes
and Is neither muddy lv Wiuterunrdusty
tm. Bummer.

I. completed and rmmiu; through th. en
tire laud audi now operated successfully
through Park Avenue, 100 leet wide, o en
lug iuto the Agricultural Ground.,
This Is really the West Eud ol our beau
tiful city, with the benefit or HKKMH,
uneonuunlnated by gas or aewer effluvia.
A glance at the elegant mansloag and
fashionable residences new e.ecled and
In course otereotlun muit.all.ry any per
son desiring a hvme that thl. 1. th. olacej
At Ihe office or the Farmeis' A M
chant.' Bank.
Aim, at the oiriee or the Main Sire
and Agricultural Park Railroad.
will give special attention to those seek
ing Information. eesUMf
rroiu * MIUIIUUM JirHl.
" I have triad Urn Pmb vi am imr, and
th* rualt rally sustains your prediction.
It has mad* a new man of aa*, Infused In
to my system new vigor and energy. I
am no longer tremulous and debilitated
as when you last saw me, but stronger,
heartier, and with a larger capacity for
labor—mental and physloal—than st nuv
time during the last uvo years. Sold l>y
all druggists.
Every farmer who owns a good .stock ol
horses, ealll* and theop, and Intends to
keep them through the winter should at
once get a good stock of Sheridan's Cav
alry Coudltlon Powders. On* dollar's
worth will save at least a hair a lou of
A Remraable Cure.
Wist Towsssmd, Vt.,May 11, I*lo.
Messrs. S.W. Fowls A sons.
Gentlemen—Several years since 1 took
a severe cold, which settled on my lungs
where It remained without relaxation. 1
was then ln Massachusetts, and growing
worse aud becoming unabio to altoud lo
mybusluess, 1 returned home and com
meuced searching ln earnest lor some
medicine which would restore uiy lost
health. 1 consulted physicians aud
tried many remedies, but obtained no
help and dally g.ew worse. 1 had a ter
rible cough aud raised a good deal ol
blood. 1 had profuse ulgli I sweuls and
severe pain ln my side. I coutlnuud lv
this state for inoulbs.uud became so weak
tbat It waa with great difficulty 1 could
walk, wheu I waa advised to try Wis i-ah's
ItALSAM or WILD CHkKUV, and, lo
my great Joy I soon louud t..al ibis rem
edy had arrested the Disease. I conllu
ued to use the Balsam to the ettuut oinve
bottles and have, since then experienced
no difficulty of the lungs. I believe the
Balsam saved mylire aad I shall ever hold
11 lv high estimation.
Yours truly,
i, a wis riun,
A Wioa-AvrAKK Youth's I'Arxß.—
For Judicious editing, select and popular
contributors, and sprighly, entertaining
reading,the Yuuth'* Ctompunion, of Boston
has no superior auioug the youth's publi
lyon's Kathaikom makes beautiful
luxuriant, glossy hair; prevents its tall'
Ing out or turning gray, it has stood the
test of 40 years is charmingly perfumed
and has no rival.
Henry K. Bond, of Jefferson, Maine,was
cured otspi ttlng blood, soreness aud weak
ness of the stomach, by the use of John
sou's Anodyne Liniment Internally.
De II al Once!
Persons who havo become thoroughly
cbilled from any cause, may have their
circulation at ouce restored by taking In
to the stomach a teaspoonfulof Johnson's
Anodyne Liniment, mixed In » little cold
water, well sweetened.
"El Molino Farm."
for business a»J educational reasons,
desiring to remove lalo Loi Aupcrles, I
will lease
Including residence aud out-bulldlngs
borses, mules, wagon, harness, agricul
tural Implements, etc., tor ihe term of
The farm consists of A>4 acres, on which
are4o,ooo grape vines, over '2,000 orange
trees, 700 English waluut trees, SOO lemon
and lime trees; also a number ef black:
walnut, pecan, almond, ng, aprloot,
plum, peach, apple, pear trees, bauanas,
etc.; two or three aares of alfalfa, ttfty
acres vaoant arable land, aud
Attached to the residence Is a spacious
baib-reom, supplying hot, cold and
shower baths, liters is also a BILLIARD
ROOM, table aad appurtenances.
The farm is most eligibly situated iv I
the FRUIT BELT ofthe
San Gabriel Mission Valley
About eight miles east of Los Angeles
city, and near the Railroad Statloa of
San Gabriel Mission. If not leased,
On advantageous terms, to-wlt: One
third cash, the balance ln one, two, three
aad four years, at 10 percent. Interest per
annum interest, payable semi-annually.
Nos. 10*11 Strclliz Building, Spring St,
S. F. Bulletin and Chronicle copy. e2ltf
Who may be suffering from the effects
>f youthful follies or Indiscretion,
will do well to avail themselves oi
(.his, the greatest boon ever laid at ths
*ltar of suffering humanity. Dst
SPINNEY will guarantee to forfeit
1500 Tor every case ol seminal weakness
or private disease of any kind or char
acter, which he undertakes and taiU
to cure, He would therefore say to
ihe unfortunate sufferer who may
read this notice that you are treadlni
ipou dangerous ground when joy
looser delay in seeking the prope.
remedy for your complaiut. Vol
may be in tbe drat stage; remember
rou are approaching the last. If you
ire bordering upon the last, and art
suffering some or all of Its ill effects,
em em her that if you persist ln pro
:astl nation the time must come when
.he most skillful physician can ren
ter yeu no assistance; when the dooi
tf hope will be closed against you
▼hen no angel of mercy can bring yon
-eilef. In no case bas the Doctor failed
>f success. Then let not despair work
ipon your Imagination, but avail
.'oursetf of tbe beneficial results oi
.its treatment before your case Is be*
ond the reach of medical skiil, oi
jeroro grim death hurries you to a
premature grave. Full course of treat
ment, $25. Seno money by Postoffice
order or Express, wilh mil description
>r case.
Call, or address,
UK. A, B. NriMNET,
janll-lyr No. 11 Kearney St., S. F
Iv the Justices' Court of Los Angeles
Township, in tbe county of Los Angelos,
State of California.
Cahen Bros, at Co., Plaintiff's, vs. Louis
Sommerfleld, Defendant.
The People of the State of California
send greeting to Louis Sommerfleld. De
feodau t.
You are hereby required to ap-
Eear ln an action brought against you
y the above-named plaintiff, In the Jus
tices Court of Los Angeles Township,
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, and to answer before the Justice at
his office ln said township tho com
plaint filed therein, within Aye days
{exclusive of the day of service) after the
service oa you of tbls Summons—tf
served within the Township ln which
tbls action Is brought; or, it served
out or said township, but in said county
within ten days; otherwise, within twen
ty days.
The said action is brought to have and
recover from defendant the sum of 51M.60
gold coin, alleged to be due for shoes sold
and delivered upon defendant's order,
as per,eeniplalnt oa file ln thu utiles.
And you are hereby notified that If yew
fall to so appear and answer the said
complaint as above required, the said
JilalntlsTwill take Judgment against you
or said $IW.W gold coin, together with
Make legal service and duo return
Qlven under my hand this S3d day ol
December, 1177.
Just loe of ths Peace of said Township.
The Leading Paper
Southern California,
Will devote Its columns to fuitherlug tho
, Interests er Los Aageles ctty and county
' and the Southern pot i ion of tho State. It
Is the Intention ofthe publisher to make
A newspaper of the day, complete In all
Its details, and ln every department
Full aid Reliable.
Tbe Editorial Columns will discuss all
live teplosof tboday, while the
By arrangements newly effected, will be
tba fullest and most exhaustive to be
found ln any paper of the State, not be
lug surpassed by those er the SanFraneisco
dallies. The
Local Columns
Will contain a complete resumo ol local
happeulHss and all matters ol borne In
tel est.
DAILY HERALD, by mall, 1 year...tt«ov
•* - 0 months... 6M
•« " ' 3 months... 3s)
Delivered In the City st
Wsekly 1 year by mail WM
" f mouths '■ _ ltt
" t " " - 1M
Joseph D. Lynch,
Geodall, Perkins * Co Agents,
San Francisco.
San Francisco and Los Angeles.
o.f?om © on
Arrive San sii xll <tfl
B Franolsoo. 5 £
g 1 *2JSS?5 N '"
■ Leave SU
9 Monica. £* " " " *"
A »-j Bb
° Leave San j . , j4.
Pedro. S J?
Jg »
• ArilveSJu • j
P Pedro. 5 : - - : • «
& ____ s
a Arrive Sta . j
Monica. § *
g | fi
ll '•ssseV
U Leave San •
Kranclsuo. § - : - = : •
<2 j> -
HIII j I I 1
£ ai ai: cS a
'X - x C /.O x
Both steamers .tap at Pon Harford
iSau Luis Oblipo) for passenger, only,
and Sauta Barbara, Sauta Monica, Sau
Pedro, Anaheim and San Hi. go for pas
sengers and freight. The Senator stops
at san Buenaventura for passengers only.
Trains lo connect with up steamers at
Santa Monica leave Los Angeles al 10:1 a
a.m., Los Angelea time.
Kates of Fare:
(Payable in Oold.)
Los Angeles to San Francisco, cab-
In _ »}» SJ
Steerage ........ ■■■■■■ 10 ™
Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, cabin I 00
Stcarage ,1 ■
Los Angeles to Port Harford, cabin 12 00
Steerage " 00
Through Tloketa to Portland,a
Cabin, ?2S Steerage, $13
Ls& Angeles and San Diego
Jenatorand Orizaba
Leave Santa Moaloa and San Pedro for
Saa Diego, Jan. 1,11,10, 2126, 31, Feb. 6.
Patsengeis take the tralP that leaves Los
Augeles for San Pedro at SAi v. if.,
Los Augeles time.
Plans of •learners' cabins at agent'eofllce,
where berths nfay be secured.
And Way Ports.
Frslgbt steamers leave San Franolsco
about every ten days, carrying a'ock,
combustibles, etc.
For Passage or Freight as • Bovo, or
for tickets to aud from
Eastern Cities and Princi
pal European Ports,
Apply toH. MoLELLAN, Local
Agent, Office, No. 66} Main street,
over tbe Commercial Bank, Los
sSe W-affiPsflti
Los Angeles, Yuma, San Diego and
Wilmington Divisions.
Important Chang© of Time
Ou and after Monday, Dee 17th ,U77, and
until further notice, trains will run every
day aa follows:
Wilmington 10:35 A. M. 11:66 a. tf.
Sau Krauulseo 1:15 P. tf. 12:40 p. tf.
" Acoom'datiou 10:85 A. M. 7:80 a.m.
Yuma » 2:25 p. m. 7:00 A. tf.
Wllmiugtou 8:80 " 4:65 P. m.
Sauta Ana 4:00 " 0:10
Uavk- Ahkivk.
Yuma 6:30 p.m. 10:15 a. tf.
Sauta Ana. 0;3Oa. m. 8:50 "
Wilmington 7:45 " 0:10 *
Wilmington 1:00 P, tf. 2:20 p. tf.
San Francisco 4:00 " 1:55 "
*' Acoom'datlon 4:30 " 11:56 a. m.
Trains run dally to Yuma, connecting
with sttamers for Aubrey, Ebrsuborg
and lnlermsdiate landings on tbe Colo
rado about three times per month.
Sleeping cars will be run dally.
TraWswlit be run by Sau Francisco
.lau'l Pass, aud Ticket Agt.
A. JS.TOWNE, Gon'l Sup't.
K. HEWITT. Ass't Sup't.

16th, 1877, train, wlil run dally on
thl, road M follow.:
Lea v. j i
8 P Arrive Lean Arriv.in
Depot S R Depot 8. Mnloa IS. Mnlca
L AUK I. L.. Angel's J I
ISA. M. I»:MA. M. II 8 A.M. |11 A.M.
8.45 P.M.|«:II» P. M. \\2:ia P.M. |4:«» P.M.
On (teamer day. train, will connect
with the P. 0. Steamship Co.'. steamer,
tor Ban Franclaeo and Han Diego. Bee
their advertisement.
al.tr Aaa't sub'i.
books, toys,
fancy Goods,
Musical Instruments,
— Can be found ln
Immense Quantities
Lowest Living Prices
«£ fZ. O «£.)■'■ Per day, at Mom.
90 H V>mmt\J ttempfei worth fl,
free. BniniaCa, Povtlaad, Me.
mar!4d w
AMPMa* 7 ur An.U. o*/k W a
SKT/ftllll"* *"< «>"ua
Oa<OIIU<IC(U.J.IM4C., ».!<*...,*».
" Ml MMOIN**.
IN tbe District Court of tbe Seventieth
■ .Judicial District of tbe mate of (Jall
brnla,lu aud ior tbe couuty of Los Au- !
Frank P. Weeks, Plaintiff, agalust K.
B, Barrett, Detendaut,
Action brought ln tbe District
3ourt of the 17th Judicial District of the
State of California, lv and for tbe County
of Los Angeles, and tbe Complaint tiled
In said couuty of Los Angeles, In the office
jf the Clerk of said Dlstrlot Court.
The people of tbo Htate of California
*end greotlug to E. H. Barrett, defduduht
You are hereby required to appear ln
an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff lv tho District
Court of the Seventeenth Judicial District
of the State of California, tn and for the
county of Los Augeles, and to answer >
tbe complalut tiled t heroin, within ten;
days (exclusive of tbe day of service)
alter tbo service on you of this summons
—if served within this county; or, If served
out of this couuty, but ln this district,
within twenty days ; otherwise, within
forty days—or Judgment by default will
betaken against you, according lo tho
prayer of Maid complaint.
The said uction Is brought, toobtalu a
decreoof thla Court for t hu foreclosure of
a certain mortgage described In the said
complaint, and executed by tbe said de
fendant K. H. Barrett to W. H. Simmons
on the twenty-first day of March, A. D.
1876, to seoure tbe paymsnt of five hun
dred and fifteen ($515 00) dollars ia U. S.
gold coin, whicb said mortgage was on
ih* lTib dayof September, A. D. 1377. du
ly asilgued to said platutllL Frank tf*
Weeks, by Bald W. H. Simmons, that the
premises conveyed by said mortgage
may bs sold, and the proceeds applied to
the payment of said sum of five hundred
aud filteen ($515) dollars, gold coin of the
United States, with lv crest thereon ac
cording to tha terms and lenor of the
promissory note mentioned in complaint
and for 20 per cent, on tho priucipal sum
mentlened in said promissory note, for
attorney's fees provided for in said mort
gage and costs ef i tilt, and in c:iso such
proceeds are uot sufficient to pay the
name,then loobtaln an execution against
said defendant E. M. Barrett, for the bal
ance remaining due. and also that the
said defendant and all persons claiming
by .through or under him may he barred
and foreclosed of all right, title, claim,
Hen, equity of redemption, and In
terest in and to said raoitcaged premis
es, aud for other and further relief, de
ference Is had to complaint for particu
And you are hereby notified that If yeu
fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint aw above required, the said plain
tiffs will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in the said coraolaint.
Given under my hand aad the seal ol
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial Dlstrlctof the State of Califoruia,
in and for the county of Los Ang#les
this 7th day of January /in theyearof our
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
IBeal.l A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By JAMES C. KAYH, Deputy Clerk.
C. M. FOSTER, Plaintiff's Attorney.
IN tbe District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial District of the State of Califor
nia, ln and for the county of Los Angeles.
J. M. Griffith 4 Co., Plaintiff.., vs. A. K.
Newnent et ul, Defendants.
Action brought In the District Court of
the Seventeenth Judicial District ofthe
State of California, iv aud for the Couuty
of Los Angeles,and the Complaint filed
tn said County of Los Angeles, In the
office of the Clerk of said District Court.
Tho People of the State of California,
send greeting to A. F. Newneut and W.
E. Howell. Defendants.
You are hereby required to appear In
an action brought against you by the
above named Plamtifl lv the District
Court of the Seventeenth Judicial Dis
trict of tho State ol California, ln and for
the County of Eos Angeles, and to an
swer tbe complaint filed therein, within
ten days (exclusive of the day of service)
aftej the servico on yon of this summons
—if served within this county; or,lf served
out of this county, hut In this District,
within twenty days; otherwise, with
in forty days —or Judgment by de
fault will be taken against you accord
ing to the prayer of said complaint.
The said action is brought to obtalu n
decree of this Court for too foreclosure of
a certain Mechanic's Lien described in
the said complaint, and filed by tho said
plaintiffs in the office of the County Re
corder of Los Augeles couuty, California,
on tho Ist day ol March,A.n.lB77,to secure
the payment of the sum of 8282 93, gold
coin, alleged to be due plaintiffs from de
fendants ior material furnished and used
Ie the construction of a certain building
situated In East Los Angelos, couuty of
Los Angeles, California, In lot 1, blook
38, known as the Tormiuus Homestead
tract, that the premlsos covered by suid
lien may be sold and the proceeds ap
plied to the payment el said sunn of
3SSI OS,gold coin; for tho sum of 875 as an
attorney's fees, and the further sum of 88
the costs and expenses of leaking, fillug
and recording said notico of Hen, all ln
U. S. gold coin, and costs of suit, and lv
case such proceeds are not sufficient to
pay the same, then to obtain an exepu
tlou against said defendants for tho bal
ance remaining due.and also that the said
defendants and all persons claiming by.
through or under them or el tber of them
may bo barrod and foreclosed of all right,
title, claim, lien, equity of redemption,
and interost in and to suid premlsos, and
for other and further relief.
Reference is had to complaint for partic
And you are hereby notified that. If you
fall to appear and answer tbe said Com
plaint, as above required, the said plaln
tliTs will apply to tha Court for the rcuer
demanded In the said complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the District Court of the 17 th Judicial Dis
trict of the State of California, in and for
tho county of Los Angelos, this 18th day
of May, lo'the year' of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred aud itevauty
seven. [heai..]
A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By A. RIMPAU, Deputy Clerk.
THOU A ROSS, Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Notice of Guardian's Sale
of Real Estate.
Notico Ih hereby given Hint in pursu
ance oT an or Jer of the Probate Court of
the county uf Los Angeles, wtate of Cali
fornia, made on ths Bth day of January,
JB7B, In the matter of the estate and guar
dianship of William W. Boswell, Loreua
Bos well and Albert B. Boswell, minors,
the undersigned, ibe guardian of the por
sons and estates of said minors, will sell
at private sale, to the highest bidder, far
cash ln gold coin of the United states,
and subject to confirmation by said Pro
bate Court, on or aftor
All the right, title, interest and estate of
the said miners iv and to all that certain
lot, piece and parcel of land stiuatod
In the said county of Los Angeles, State
of California, particularly dcscribnd us
follows, to wli:
Tbe southeast uuarter of the northwest
quarter of the northwest quarter of sec
tion numbered sixtocn >.i>.\ la township
No. fenr (4) south, range ten \lk))' west of
the San Bernardino Meridian,containing
ten acres,more or less.ieserving I herefrom
for roads a strip of land 20 feet wide ou
the east line of said lot.
Term* and Conditions of Salo—Cash in
gold coin of the Uulted states. Deed ut
expense of purchaser.
Bids or offers may be mado at any
time after the first publication ol this
notice, nnd before the making uf the
Alt bids or LfiVrs must bo In writing,
aud left ut i he office uf Thorn & Boss, At
torneys at, Law, Temple muck, Los An
geles city,or delivered to the undend>nod
personally, or filed tn the office of I lie
Clerk of the Probate Court.
Guardian of the persons and es ales of
Wm. W. Boswell, Loren a bps Wei I and
Albert li. 80-well, minors.
Dated January 16,1878.
JlOpJ Attorneys for UuardLin.
833 Market St., > rw Wa»terBt..
»i» Francisco. S \ Now Yoik,
Importers of ami Wholesale
Dealer* In
Groceries, Provisions,
Wines. Liquors,
Cigars, Tobacco,
OILS, eta., etc
Nos. 9, 11 and 13
alS9m 1
LEG Al*.
Constable's Sale.
By virtuo of an execution Issued out of
Justice 1 . D.Conner's Court, of San Jose
Township, County of Los Augclcu, Mlate ;
of California, dated tho Blstdayui l>e- '
cember, 1877, lv ft certain action wherein 1
Louis Phillips, execuior of the estate ol .
George Blake, deeea-od, ieo<»v.Ted Judg
ment against the Log . n. ilea ImmtgiH.
tlon and Land Co-operul ive Association, ,
on the SUt day of December, l{>77, I have '
levied upou the lo! lowing described
property, to wit:
All tbe right, title, interest, claim aud
demand of ihe Los Augeles Immigration
and Land Co operative Association of,
in nnd to thos j tracts of land known as
the Town of Pomona and the Pomona
tract,containing twenty soven hundred
1*700) acres of land, more or less, said
tracts of land being a portion ofthe Kuu*
cho derail Jose, situated, lying nnd.belng
in tho county of Los Angeles, Htale of
California, and more particularly de
scribed as follows:
Commencing at tbe southwest corner
of land bolonglng to David Stetu, thence
running easterly, follovvlog the souther
ly Un*Of the land bclonglug to tbe heirs
of Ygnaclo Patonaare-*. to the easterly
line of tho Hnncho de San Jose; thence
southerly, fallowing the said easterly
line ot suid rancho, to the southeasterly
corner of the said Pomona tract; thence
westerly, lollowlngthe southerly Hue of
said Pomona tract, to the southwesterly
corner or said tract; thence northerly, fol
lowing the westerly lino of said tract, to
tbe place of beginning; being the right,
title aud interost of said Los Angeles
Immigration and Land C(>*operatlve As
soclatlan held and owned by it on tbe
18th day ot December, 1877.
Notice Is hereby given that ou tho
2511) DAY OF JANUARY, 1878,
At 12o'clock M. of that day, before the
Justice Offlee. at Pomona, county of Los
Antcelcx, 1 will sell all Ihe right, tit lo and
Jutoicstof satJ Los Angelei Immigra
tion and Lnnd Co-opcratlve Association
lv and 'o the above described property,
at publlo auction, for cash ln gold coin,
to the highest and best iddder, to satisfy
said execution and all costs.
Dated at Pomona, the 31st day of De
cember, 1877. I. H. LILLY,
JH-law-Sw Constable.
Constable's Salo.
By virtue of nn execution Issued out of
Justioe L. D. Conner's Court, of Ban Josj
Township,county o( Los Angeles, State
of Caiiiornia,dated the 18th day of De
cember, 1877, ln a certain ease wherein
Thomas J.Emrlck.as plaintiff, recoveiod
Judgment aguinst the Pomona Water
Company, on the 18th day of December,
1877,1 have levied upon the following de
scribed property, to wit;
All the right, title and interest, of, in
and to tbe rights of water developed In
that portion of the San Jose rancho
known as the Palomares Clenegas, In
Los Augeles county, by the Los Angeles
Immigration and Land Co-operative As
sociation, together with the rights of all
future developments ln said clenegas
which tho said Pomona Water Company
acquired by deed from the above named
Los Augeles Immigration and Land Co
operative Association, on or about tho
14th day of March, A. D. 1876, and all
rights iv aud to said clenegas and the de
velopments of water therein since subse
quently acquired, and also the ditches
and rights of way for ditches constructed
and owned by tho said Pomona Wator
Company for the conveyance of the
water or waters arising and flowing In
from aud on said clenegas and to tbe
towu of Pomona and to tbe Pomona
tract of Los Angeles county aforesalu.
The said rights, title and interest of, ln
and to the waters and ditches above de
scribed being the same owned and held
by tho Pomona Water Company ou tho
13th day of December, 1877.
Notice Is hereby given that on the
23d DAY OF JANUARY, 1878,
At 12 o'clock M.of that day ,in frontof Jus
tico's office, Pomona, county of Los Au
golos, I will sell all the right, title and
Interest of said Pomona Water Company
In and to the above descrlbod property,
at public auction, for cash in gold coin to
tho highest aud best bidder, to satisfy
said execution and all costs.
Dated at Pomona, tho 31st day of De
cember, 1877. D, K. LILLY,
J3*law-3w Constable.
United States Land Office.
LOS ANGELES, Doc. 2J, 1877.
PETEU LARSKN—Sir: You are hereby
in.liiicd thai, a bearing will be had at
this office on the 6th day of February,
1873, commencing ut 10 o'clock a. H., up
on the appllcation'of the State of Cali
fornia, ex rel Mrs. J, C. Bowers, to com
plete a title under the stateforthe S- %
N B. U of section 3(1, Township 2 s. K. H
W.,San Bernardino Meridian, At which
time and place you will bo allowed to
oft'ur proofs and cross-examine witnesses
touching your claim to said trap!.
ALI/lIED .1 .\ M km, Register.
J. W. IIAVEKSTICK, Keeelvor.
Sheriff's Sale.
Martha Brown, Plaintiff, <T*. John Han
ruhan et al., Defendants.—seventeenth
District Court,
an uXorutiun lisuod out ot the
District Comt of the Seven
teenth Judicial District of tho state
ot California, in and for Augeles
COHnty, io me directed and delivered,on
the..' day of October, A. D. 1877, for a
Judgment rendered In said Court on thw
13th d»»y of June, A. D. 1876, In favor of
Marti) * IJrown, plaintiff, and against M.
C. Plummet* und .). L. Piuinnier, defcuJ.
auts, 1 have levied upou and sbull on
NOVEMBER, A. D. 1*77,
At 12 o'clook neon, to sell
at the Court House door, lv the city and
county of Los Argelea, .state of Califor
nia, ai public aucUou, to tho highest and
bert bidder, foi cash in U.S. currency and
gold coin to satisfy said Judgmeut for
principal, co-ts, lntorestand all accruing
costs,all the right, title aud luterest ol
defendants M. C. Plummer and J. L.
Plummer, or cither of thnm, iv and to
tho following described real estate, to
Being the NX of Section 23,Townshlp
1 south range 14 west S, B. M. the above
described real estate being situate In the
county uf l,ys Ai)ge!os f State of Califor
Given under my hand, at Los Angelos,
this 3d day of November, A. I). 1877.
n3 td Sheriff.
The above sale Is hereby postpouod un
til Monday tbe 3d day of December A.
D. 1877, at 2 o'clock p. v. Nt the same
place. D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Augolos, Nov. 20, 1577.
The abovo sale Is horeby postponed un
til Monday, December UMi, 1*77, at same
hour and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
D Ued Los Augeles, Dec. 3 1, 1877.
Tbe above sale H hereby postponed
until SATURDAY, the3M day of Decem
ber, A. D. i.ir;, at Mi- 1 and
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated at Los Angeles Dec. loth, 1877.
The abovo sale is heroby postponed un
til Saturday the 20lh day of December,
A. D. 1877, at the same time and plaoe.
D. W, ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Duted at Los Angoles, Deo. 22d t 1877.
The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Saturday , January sth, 1878, at the same
time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER,Sheriff.
Dated Los Augeles.Dec. 29th, 1877.
The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Saturday, the 12th day of January, A.
D. 1878, at thesametimeund pluce.
Dated Los Angeles, Jan. sth, 1878.
The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Saturday, the 10th day of January, 1873,
at the same time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Angelos, Jan. 12th, 1978.
V Private Hotel ou the mesa or table
lauds ol' tbe Hlorra Madro Mountains.
Cllutato unsurpassed for
Summer or Winter Residence.
Commands a charming view of valley
aud mountain, overlooking the San Ga
briel orange groves; is four miles from
railroad and telegraphslatlon; house en
tirely new, lighted by gas, and contains
all modern couvenleuces.
A School for children on thepJoml.es.
For particulars sddiess proprietor, P. O.
Box 1141, Los Angeles.
dpUM i|«u. aMtm., a OovimilOe., OUaafo.
Seventeenth Judicial District of tbe
Stale uf Caiiiornia, lv ami for tho
county of Los Angel**.
Samuel Meyer, plaintiff', aguln>t J.
Cohn, defendant.
Action brought in the District Couit of
the Seventeenth Judicial District of the
Stuteof California, In and for thu county
ol Los Angeles, and (lie coiiipmliu tiled io
said county of Los Angeles, In tbe otrlce
ol Ihe Clerk of suid District Court.
Tbo people of the state of California
send greeting to J. Cohn, deicudaut.
You are hereby required to appearln au
action brought against you by the abovo
named Plaintiff in tbe District Court of
the Seventeenth Judicial District or the
State of California, in and for the County
of Los Angeles, and to answer the com
plaint tiled therein, within ten days (ex
clusive of the day of service) nftor the
servico on you of this summons—lf served
within this County; or. If served out
of this County, but in tbls District, within
twenty days; otherwise, within forty days
—or Judgment by default will be taken
against you, according to the prayer of
said Jomplalnt.
The said action is brought lo recover
Judgment for the sum of S4SS2S, gold
coin, alleged to be duo for goods, wnres
aud merchandise, supplied to defendant
by plaintiff, wilh interest thereon from
15th January, 18/6, at tho rate or ten per
cent, per annum,and for costs of suit.
Reference is had to c plaint for par
And you are hereby notified tbat If you
fail to appear and answer tbo said com
plaint as above required, the said plaintiff
will demand 1 udgmont against you for
said sum of S4HB Iff, gold coin, with Inter
est as abovo mentioned, and costs of
Given under my band aud the seal et
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial District ofthe State of California,
ln and for the county of Los Augeles,
this Istb day ol December, in the year or
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
[*oal I7ih District Court.]
A. \V. POTTS. Clerk.
By W. 11. A.Kinn, Deputy Clerk.
Constable's Salo,
By virtue or an execution issued out of
tbe Justice's Court, of HI Monte Towu
sbip, county or Los Angeles, state of
Calitornfa, dated tbe 22d day or Decem
ber, 1877, in a certain action wherein Si
las Bennett as plaintiff recovered Judg
ment against A. J. Phelps, defendant on
tbe 22d day of December, 1877,1 have lev
ied upon the followingdcscrlbed proper
ty, to-wit:
The NW quarter of Section 18, In Town
1, south of Range 11 West, San Bernardino
Meridian and Base Line, ln tbeCotiuty of
Los Angeles, State of Caiiiornia,
Notice Is hereby glvou, that ou
JANUARY, 1878,
At 10 o'clock a. m. of that day, at Ben
nett's Tavern, EI Monte township, coun
ty of Los Angeles, I will sell all the right,
title aud Interest of said A. J. Phelps In
and to the above descrlbod property, at
Public Auction, for cash ln gold coin, to
tbe highest aid best bidder, to satts-y
said execution and all coals.
Dated at Xl Monte, the 2iih day of De
cember, 1877. B. S. Bryant,
d2.i wtd Constable.
Mortgage Sale.
Harris Newmark, Meyer J. Newmark,
Kaspar Cohn aud Morris A. Newmark
partners comprising the firm of H.
Newmark A Co., Plaintiffs, vs. F, P. K.
Temple et al., Defendants — Seven
teenth District Court.
decree of foreclosure Issued out or
the District Court or the 17th Judicial
District or the State of California, in and
for Los Angeles county, on the 2lst day
of August, A, D. 1877, In the above enti
tled case, und lv favor of Karri* New
mark, Meyer J. Newmaik, Kaaesir
Cohn and Morris A. Newmark, purrnes*
comprising tbe firm of H. Newmark A
Co., plaintiffs, and against P. P. K. Tem
ple, et al., defendants, a certified copy
whereof, duly attested under the seal
of salj court on the 24th day
of August, A. D. 1877, and was delivered to
me ou the 27th day of August, A. D. 1877,
whereby I am comraauded to sell at public
auction, to the highest and host bidder
for cash In U. S. gold coin, the following
aud lv said decree described real estate,
to wit:
All that certain real property lying and
being and situate lv the city
and county of Los Angeles,
state or California, bounded and
described as follows: Bounded by Main,
Spring and Market streets, and belug
tbat piece of property commonly known
as tho "Temple 0100*.''.
Public notice Is hereby given that on
SEPTEMBER, A. D. 1877,
At l j o'clock noon,l will proceed to sell, at
the Court House door, in the city and
county ot Los Angeles, State Qf Califor
nia, at public auction to the highest aud
best bidder, for cash in U. S. gold coin, to
satisfy said decree for principal, attor
ney's fees, costs, Interest and all accru
ing costs, all the right, title and interest
of the defendant F, P. F. Temple, ln and
to all tbe above described real estate
which the said Temple had on the 20th
day of September, 1875, or bas since ac
Given under my hand tbls 38lh day of
August, A. 1). 1877.
au29 td Sheriff.
The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Saturday, the 201h day or October,
A. D. 1877, at the same time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Angalea.seps. 20, 1377. td
The above Hale is hereby postponed un
til Tuesday, tho 20th day of November
A. D. 1877, at the same time and placo.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Ausjeles, Oct. 20th, 1877.
The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Friday the 2jst day of December A. D t
1877, at the same time ami plana.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Augeles, November 20th 1877.
Tbo above sate is hereby postponed un
lit Mondty the 21st day of January, A.D
-1878, at the samd time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER,Sheriff,
Dated Los Angeles Doc. 21,1577.
Probate Court,
Los Angples County, Stato of
It appearing to tbe said Court by tbe
petition tbls day presented and filed by
J. E. (Jrlfllu, administrator of the estate
of Daniel Williams, deceasod, praying for
an order or sale of real ostate, t hat It is
necessary to sell the whole or some por
tion of tho real estate to pay the debts
outstanding against the deceased, and
the debts, expenses aud charges of ad
ministration :
It is thereforo ordered hy the said Coui t
that all persons interested lp the estate
of said deceased, appear before the said
Probate Court on Monday, the mh day
of February, 1878, at 10 o'clock
a. x. of lan day. at the court room
of said probate Court, In tho
city and county of Los Angeles,
to show causo why an order
should not bo granted to tho said Admin
istrator to sell so much of the real estate
of the said deceased as shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order be pub
lished at Ir st lour successive weeks In
the Los Angeles Daily Herald, a newspa
per printed and published In said county.
Dated January 9, 1878.
JlO-4w Probato Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby giveu by the under
slghfld, administrator priih the will an
nex ed of th c es ta te of J apo b
l>, Welser, deoeased, to tbo cred
itors of and ull persons having claims
against thesald decoased.toexblbit them,
with the necessary vouchers, within fonr
mouths after the first publication of tbls
notice, to the Bald administrator at his
office, Kooin No. 31, Tomple Block, lv the
city and county of l.os Angele*.
Dated Dec. is. n, 1877.
Administrator with the will annexed of
tbo Estate of Jacob 1). Welser, de
ceased. dUHw
The public ara hereby notified that (he
partnership of ScbaefTer <fc Stengel, here
tofore oalstlnir, I, dissolved by mu
tual consent. The debts of tbe firm will
be paid by Louis J. Stengel, who alone le
authorized to oolloct all bills due said
Los Angeles, Jan. 7.1878.
IN the District Cout : or the Seventeenth
Judicial District, ofthe State ofCef
tiornla. in and for the County of Los An -
Harriet Leviston, Plain tiff, against
t bas. J. Shepherd. L.JuiluiMir.Uor, et a'
I) fen^anis.
Action brought iv t c District i'ourt uf
tbe Seventeenth jttti clal District or tbe
Stato of Calirornla, I and for the County
of L«>s Augeles, audi« Complaint filed
lv said Couuty of lo* Augoles, lv the
olllco ofthe Clerk off- id District Court.
The People oi tb» State or California
again send greeting o Chas. J. Shep
herd, Administrate of the estate ©i
Henry Talbot, dccc cd. lCllsaboth Mil
ler, Henry A. Miller, .funnel Jones Tal
bot.Jostah Talbot, nl Talbot, Jackson
Talbot, Charles Tall Roweua Talbot
Carroll Talbot, Ii ichel Clark, John
Clark, Maria Sanders, Joseph Sanders,
Mary J. Mor*r:iu, P. Morgan, Aud Kllza
Wadkiu, A. ,'adkiu aud Dora Talbot,
You nro hereby required to appear In
an action brought against you by tho
above nan d plaintiff In the District
Court of tl. i Seventeenth J udlclal District
of the State of California, in and for tbe
county of J ns Angeles, and to answer tin*
complaint led therein, within ten days
(exclusive -->f the day of servtoe) after tno
servico on jou of this summons—if served
within thin county; or, If served out of
this county, but In tbls District, within
twenty days; otherwise, within forty
days —or judgment by default will bo
taken aga' Ist you, according to the prayer
of said coi.iplaint.
The said action Is brought to obtain
a decree of this court for the foreclosure
a certain mortgage described ln the said
complaint, and executed by the said
Henry Talbot on the third day of July,
A. D. 1875, to secure tbe payment of a
certain promissory note uf even date
made by Honry Talbot to HarrietcLe
vlston.ro - X3OU 00 dollars, U. S. gold com,
with Interest at the rate ol \% per cent,
per montb, compounded Monthly from
the 4th day of July, 1876; tbat the prem
ises conveyed by said mortgage may be
sold, and the proceeds appi led to tbe pay
ment ot the said note of $300 00 dollar*,
gold coin, with interest au mentioned in
complaint, and 150 attorney's
fees; costs of suit; and also
that the said defendants and all persons
claiming by, through or under
tbem or cither of them, may
be barred and foreclosed of all right, ti
tle, claim, lien, equity or redemption and
Interest In and to said mortgaged prem
ises, and for other and further relief.
Reference is had to complaint for partic
And you are hereby notified that If you
fail to appearand answer tbe said com
plaint as above required, the said plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the relief de
manded In said complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
ihe District Court of tbe Seventeenth
Judicial District of ths State of California,
lv and for the county or l.os Angeles, this
13th day of December, in the yearof our
Lord, one thousand eight hundred, and
seventy* seven. [Seal. I
A. W, POTTS. Clerk.
By JAMES C. KAYS, Deputy Clerk.
Tkantum A Brooks, Attorneys for Plain
tiffs. d2B 2n%
11l the Probate Court*
Of the County of Los Ant'oU",
State of California,
Iv the mutter ofthe estate ol Jacob Gray,
A. S. Giay, the Executor of tho last
will and testament of Jacob Gray, de
ceased, havlug filed bis petition herein
duly verified, praylug for an order of
sale ol certain part of the real estato of
said decedent for tbe purposes therein
sat forth, It Is therefore ordered by the
said Court that all persons interested in
tbe estate of said deseased appear before
Ihe said Probate Court on Monday, tbe
4th dan of February, 1878, nt. ten o'clock
ln the forenoon of said day, at tbo Court
Room or said Probate Court, at thi Court
House, tn the city and county of Los
Angples, tn show oause why an order
sh ,uld not be granted to said executor
to soil so much of tho real estate of «ald
deceased at private sale as shall be ne
cessary; and that a copy of this order ho
publlshod four successive weeks In the
Los A ngeles Dally florald, a newspaper
published aud printed lv saldoouuiy '
Dated Jan. sth, 1878.
JUtd Probate Judgo.
Notice to Creditors.
J3| the undersigned, Adiniuistratoruf
the estate of Amma White, deceased, to
the creditors of, and all persons having
claims against the said deceased,to ex hi li
lt tin in,with the necessary vouchers,wit v
lv ten months after tbe first publication
of tbls notice, to the said Administrator,
at lils office. Koom No. 31 .Temple Block,
In the city and county of Los Augeles.
Dated Dec. 18th, 1877.
Administrator of tbe Estate of Amma
White, deceased. delO 4w
Los Angeles Oil Company.
Location of Principal Plaoe of Business,
Lo* Augeles, California—Location of
Works, Ventura County, California.
Notico Is hereby given tutt st a meet
ing of the Directors ol this company held
ou the 3i day of Jaunary, 1878, an as
sessment { No. 2; of twenty - five
cents pe r share was levied upon tne cap
ital stock ol the company, puyable Im
mediately. In U. S. gold coin, fo the Sea
rotary, at room No. 10, Downey Block. *■
Any stock upon which this assess
ment remains unpaid op the 16th
of Feb-uary, 1878, will bp delta*
quent and advertised for sale atpubllo
auction; and unless payment is made be
fore will be sold on the 15th day of
March, 1878. to pay tho delinquent as*
sessment, together with ousts of advertis
ing and expenses of sale.
By order ot tbr Board of Dlrootois.
WM J. NEKLY, Secretary,
No. 15 Downey Bloclc.
Los Angelos, Jan. 7th, 1878. J8 4w
AU person* are hereby cautioned aad
framed not to purchase either ol the fo; ■
lowing described promissory notes, cxc
cuted bj-ine in fayor of A. Lv Bush. Jyj
One dated July So'h, ISTT, for $400 In U\
S. gold coin, with interest at the rate of
one per cent, per month from the Ist day
ofSeptemb r, 1877, duo March Ist. 1878.
One dated July 35th, 1877, for 83 000 lv U.
S. gold coin, with Interest at the rate ot
one percent, per month from September
Ist, 1877, due two years from date.
One dated August ltd, 1877, for 8400 In U.
S. gold coin.wlth interest at one per cent,
per month from the Ist day of Septembor.
1877; due July 23ih, 1870.
Toe entire consideration for whloh said
notes were given having failed and salo
notes having been obtained fromme "by
said Bush by means of false representa
tion**, 1 do not intend io pay any part of
eilhui ut LUf* said notes.
San RernafdlAO. Cal., Nov. 21, 1877.
v I'd-0 m
Dissolution o! Co-Partnership.
Tho Arm heretofore existing under the
namoand st> lo of Macv, "Wilson ds Co.,
doing business at tbe Fashion Livery
Stable, in the city of Los Angeles, Stata,
of California, Ih dissolved by mutual?
consent, Oscar Macy having (his day sold
all bis Interest In said concern to Messrs.
John Wilson and Robert A. Young, who
will pay all debts and collect all moneys
due said firm. 1 1 -
116 4w ROB'TA. YOUNU.
Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 14.1878.
Notite for Publication of Time
for Proving wiii, «tc,
County uf Los Angelus. J bulu Court.
11l the Matter of tbo Estate of John
C. Ardis, deceased.
Court made tbls day, notice Is here
by given that Thursday, the 81st day tn
January, A. 11. 1878. at 10 o'clock A. h. ot
said day, at the Court room of this Com;
lv the city and county Of Lou AUC<
les,has,beon appointed for hearing the
plication of John D. Ardls, prßA'tdg
that a document now on file In this court,
purporting to be Ihe last will and testa
meat of John C. Ardls, deceased,
be admitted to probate, and tbut
letters testamentary be Issued there
on to said John D. Ardls, vi
which time and place all pe,soni
Interested therein may appear and jqu
test the samo.
January 15,1878.
A. W. POTTS, Clerk
liy E. H. Owen, Deputy Clerk. I isi

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