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PE3DAY JAN. 2i>, 1878.
Herald Steam Printing House.
rue Herald s:eain rrluting House Is
st surpassed by auy Job Priuting office
i the Pacific Coast, outside or Sau Fran
ico, iv facilities for doing Job work
>w prieos, good work and expedition
ay be rolled upon at this office.
Wk learn from Uen. Stonemau
bat tbe prospects of satisfactory
eglslation on freights ami fares
Iras never better at Bacramento
ban it is to-day. Tbe Railway
Company is thoroughly alarmed;
and, from the energy of its opposi
tion, we may judge of the firmness
of the purpose to redeem the Dem
ocratic pledge for an equitable
freights and fares bill. Tbe Dem
ocratic Board of Transportation
Commissioners have done their
work conscientiously. Should
their several bills be enacted into
law, no State in the Union would
present a railway system so en
tirely under the control of local
legislation as California. As be
tween Railway corporations and
the people tbe principle of " live
and lot live" it the true one. We
are willing to let corporations earn
fair dividends, bnt tho population
whoso servitors they are supposed
to b* should not languish to admit
of this. Wo should like to see our
Paclflo Coizi Railways, for once,
' try tbe plan of gauging what would
bo the affect of a policy which
> should aim strictly at development,
With immediate profit to tbe rail
ways as the secondary idea. How-
OTsr unpromising the result might
be for a few months, we are con
vinced that a year or two of such
a policy, through the stimulated
settlement, growing confidence and
accompanying prosperity of the
State, would pay our Railways
much better than under the pres
ent regime. Then, besides, tbey
would find that discontent had
vanished and that hatred and dis
trust were replaced by universal
good humor. The experiment
would certainly be worth
tbe trial. If the results
should prove to be unsatisfactory
the railways could face the Califor
nia Legislature with infinitely
stronger arguments than are now
available. We are quite willing to
admit that California is a sparsely
settled State, aud that rates both
for fares and freights should be
relatively hlgb. Take, for Instance,
the stretch of couutry between Los
Angeles and Mojave aud Los Au
geles and Yuma, aud compare it
with any equal extent nf country
radiating from New York City.
There are a thousand people who
avail themselves of railway facili
ties on the one to a single person
who dees so ou the other. From
this standpoint tlie position of the
railway people is almost impreg
nable. But there is another view
of the question which should re
ceive a careful consideration. A
tourist or intending settler can
travel first-class from Sau Francis
co to Portland, hy steamer, a dis
tance of 616 miles, for $7 50, while,
by rail, it costs him to go from
San Francisco to Los Augeles, a
distance of considerably less than
five hundred miles, nearly $30.
The question Is, would not the
carry four people
to Southern California, where they
now carry one, if the rates were
half the present schedule? We be
lieve tbey would, and that the set
tlement following on the heels of
such travel would build up a remu
nerative business for the road. If
we cannot get tbe railway compa
nies themselves to try such exper
iments, it is right that they should
be initiated by tlie Legislature.
We should have the satisfaction of
knowing, at least, that we could
take the "back track" if the result
did not confirm the manifesto.
England quite apparently don't
know what to make ofthe Eastern
question. Kussia seems to know
how to settle the matter altogether
without advice from Madame
Britannia. Tlie telegraph advises
us that the British fleet was or
dered to proceed from Besika Bay
to the Dardanelles. Before it had
quite reached the Dardanelles it
was ordered to return to Besika
Bay. This whole episode remark
ably resembles a historical eveut
described by Dryden, In which the
King of France participated. The
lines read:
The King of France, with forty thousuuil
.Marcb'd up tbe kill aud then march,]
down again.
The British lion may rulHe his
mane and emit his loudest roar,
but th* European world evidently
look upon blm as a sort of modern
The people of Loa Angelea have
always taken n warm aud cordial
Interest in the development ot
every portion of what they have
been fondly wout to describe as
their " back couutry." We regret
to say that the signs Just now do
not point to auy remarkable degree
of activity in that portion of it
known as Inyo county. Tbe fact
is that Mono county, and that por
tion of Mono couuty known aa
"Bodie," a place about two hun
dred aud sixty miles]north-west of
Darwin, seem to attract all the
interest, of late. The supplies for
" Bodie " go by way of the Central
Pacific Baiiway, via Beno, so that
If we had succeeded in getting tba
tirf* Angalea aud Independence
Railway built to tbe Cajon, and
bad tunneled through the Cajon
Pass to the edge of the desert, the
iuterprise might not, after all,
hart proved of a very profitable
kind. Now, at least, we would
have found both freighting and
passenger business to aud from
Inyo couuty exceedingly dull. But
one furnance iv ull the ample lim
its of that couuty is running now.
Panamint is no more, with a record
of $1,700,000 sunk Irrecoverably.
We heartily hope that we are des
tined to chronicle uo more such un
pleasant developments.
It is noteworthy that tlie fall in
the premium of gold has taken
place in spite of the expected pas
sage of legislation such as is out
lined In the Stanley Matthews
silver resolution. If we were to
credit the New York newspapers,
which are ruu entirely in the inter
est of the bondholding and capital
ist classes, the wreck of matter
and the crash of worlds would be
expected to follow any such legis
lation. Tho fact is that, with sil
ver remonetized, and with thu in
terest ou the Natioual debt paid, at
the option of the Government, iv
silver, investment in United States
bonds, with their comparatively
high rate of interest, is a very en
ticing thing to inhabitants of a
country positively glutted with
money. As compared with Turkish,
Peruvian and the score of other
bonds which have been largely
dealt iv by British capitalists, tbey
are positively nonpareil.
The Associated banks of New
York are beginning to seriously
oontemplate the establishment of
a day ou and after which all their
transactions will be on a gold basis.
The margin between paper money
aud speoie is becoming so small
that suoh action hardly appears to
be premature. What effect tbe
imminent remonetizitlon of silver
will have on such a programme at
this day is a fruitful scheme for
speculation. It seems to us that
there are, for the coming six
month or a year, elements of un
usual fluctuation iv tlie busiuess
affairs of the United States. If,
silver bill and all, the jump
should be made, and we should
prove to have landed gently aud
and without auy perceptible jar, all
the elements of an unusually vigor
ous busiuess revival wuuld exist iv
the United States.
Hydraulic mining will receive
a great impetus iv California this
year, owiug lo the immense quan
tities of snow on the Sierras, thus
guaranteeing abundant water. If
the Stute was able to make a cred
itable exhibit duriug the past year
of drouth, she ought to be able to
roll up a spleudid record the cur
rent year.
The telegraph advises us that the
Eiectiou Committee of the House
have reported in favor of Wiggin
ton as Representative of the Fourth
Congressional District of Califor
nia. Their verdict will doubtless
be ratified by a party vote iv the
lHpociul t<» ilia Herald by the Western
Uuluu Telegraph Company.]
Pacific Coast News.
Km|»rct to tv« Memory of senator
Sacramento, Jan. 28.— Senate.
Senator Murphy of Santa Clara, iv
a fitting speech, paid a just tribute
to the memory of deceased Senator
Angney. Jn conclusion, he offered
a joint resolution for a Committee
of ten—live Senators and five As
semblymen, to attend tbe obsequies
to-morrow (Tuesday), at Gilroy.
Carried. The President appointed
the following on behalf of tbe Sen
ate: Murphy, of Santa Clara,
Montgomery, Flint, Evans aud
Fowler. This was supplemented
by the further resolution that Sen
ators wear the usual badge of
mourning for 30 days and that the
Senate adjourn till Wednesday at
3p. M. Adjourned.
It is understood that uo busiuess
will he transacted iv the Senate ou
Wednesday. The Senate will meet
and adjourn until Thursday at
11 a. n.
Asikmbly. —A message was re
ceived from the Senate announcing
tbe death of Seuator Angney. The
massage was accompanied by tbe
usual resolution. Hanna oflared a
resolution that the Assembly ad
journ till Wednesday as a mark of
respect to the memory of the de
ceased Senator, and that members
attend the funeral at Gllrny.
Adopted. Adjourued.
Decided lAcamet tlie <ir»
San Francisco, January 28th.—
Newton Morgan, one of the poll
tax swindlers, is now serving out a
term in tha State Prison for his
crime. Subsequent to his convic
tion, the city aud oounty of San
Francisco brought an action iv tbe
Nineteenth District Court to re
cover the amount of Morgan's defi
cits as Poll Tax Collector, and cer
tain mining stocks held hy him
were attached to await tlie result of
the suit. Judge Wheeler decided
against tbe city and in favor of
Morgan. An appeal was taken,
and to-day the remittitur was filed,
whereupon it was ordered that
judgment ba entered in favor of
defendant and tbat all property at
tached be released and redelivered
to Morgan or bis attorney.
Latest Eastern news.
Washinoton, Jan. 28.—Shnate
—The morning hour wa* occupied
la tbe presentation of petitions re
monstrating against tha reduction
of certain tariff duties and tba res
toratlon of the lax on tea, coffee,
etc., all of which were referred.
Voorhees presented petitiousof
Citlieus of New Albany, Indiana,
in favor of thu reniouetizutiou of
silver and the repeal of the specie
resumption act. Referred.
The Vice-President laid before
the Senate tho memorial of the
California State Senate relating to
the policy and menus of excluding
Chinese from the United States.
Referred to tlio Committe on For
eign Relations.
Booth presented the petition of
citizens of California opposing any
further legislation to aid tha
Southern Pacillo Railroad.
Anthony, from tho Committee
on Printing, reported favorably the
Hou9e amendment to the bill to
further regulate the purchase of
material for public printing and
binding. The amendment was con
curred iv and the bill passed.
Dorsey, from the Committee on
the District of Columbia, reported
adversely the petition asking for
an investigation regnrtliug the sale
of intoxicating liquors in tlie Dis
trict of Columbia aud the Commit
tee was discharged from its further
Bills introduced: By Ingalls, to
reimburse Kansas, Texas, Ne
braska and Colorado tor expenses
incurred in repelling iuvasiousaud
the suppression of Indian hostili
ties. Keferred.
Morrill argued that to sustain
silver would cost annually one per
cent, for abrasion, while the abra
sion of gold is oue-twentieth of one
percent. It would cost one-four
teeuth more per cent, to coin silver
than gold. To allow duties to be
paid in silver would be grantiug a
heavy boon to foreign industry
without any advantageous equiva
lent. The labor of this country
should be paid in the best money
the world affords. It was advisable
to obtain tbe co-operation of other
leadiug nations in fixing upou a
common ratio of value between
gold and silver before embarking
upon independent and final aotion.
After Morrill closed Wallace got
. the floor for debate to-morrow.
Allison presented a communica
tion from Secretary Schurz regard
lug the removal of the Kickapoo
Indians to the Indian Territory.
, Referred.
■Washington, Jan. 28.—House
—At tbe expiratiouof the morning
hour, Baker, ot Indiana, moved to
suspend the rules and adopt the
anti-subsidy resolution. A motion
to adjourn was immediately inter
jected by Butler aud the vote there
on was taken by yeas and nays.
The motion to adjojru being de
feated, tbe question recurred on
adopting the anti-subsidy resolu
tion and it was adopted. Yeas 179,
nays 83. It provides that, iv tbe
judgment of the House, no subsi
dies in money, bonds, public lauds,
endorsements or by pledge of pub
lic: credit, should be granted or re
newed by Congress to associations
or corporations engaged in or pro
posing to engage lv public or pri
vate enterprises, but that all ap
propriations ought to be limited to
such amount and purposes only as
shall be Imperatively demanded by
the publio service.
Ewlng moved a suspension of the
rules to take from the Speaker's
table aad pass the Senate concur
rent resolution known as the Mat
thews silver resolution.
Garfield moved that tbe House
adjourn and added that bo thought
debate iudispeuaable. He subse
quently withdrew his motion
to adjourn and the vote was
taken en passing the resolu
tion, which resulted, yeas IS9;
nays 79.
Bills: By Lathrop, amending
the act authorizing the refunding
of the National debt and providing
for th* issuing of four per cent,
bonds; by Buokner, to retire ths
circulation ot National Banks and
substituting therefor treasury
Botes receivable for all dues to the
Government, including; customs
duties, and to abolish tbe tax on
banking institutions; by Glover, to
improve and reform civil service
in the Executive Departments; by
Leonard, fixiug the number of
Representatives in Congress at 150;
by Cox, of Ohio, by request, to en
force judgments and decrees of
United States Courts in other dis
tricts and States than those in
which tbey have been rendered;
by Caswell, abolishing tbe tax ou
bank deposits; by Keuna, a joint
resolution relating to tbe repeal of
tbe resumption act and tbe remon
etlzation of silver; by Banning, ta
re-organize the army and reduce
tbe cost of its support.
Yeates presented a resolution
of a meeting of a number
of citizens of North Carolina de
nying the charges made against
tbat State by Lieutenant Wuldron
regarding the wreck of tha stea tu
ship Huron.
The House then adjourned.
A meeting of silver men and re
sumption repealers was announced
to take place immediately after ad
Ariruiiioaia uu lue clilMcse <lnei-
Washington, Jan. 28tb.—The
House Committee ou Education
aud Labor to-day heard further ar
gument* ou the Chinese question.
Representatives Luttrell aud Da
vis, of California, and Wren uf
Nevada, were the speakers. All
were in favor of the restriction of
Mongolian immigration.
Wlaalutou'a Aduiteslou Assured.
Washinoton, Jan. 28th.—The
following ii th* vote of the House
Committee ou Elections iv tbe
Wiggiuton-Pacheco contest: For
Wiggiuton — Harris, Hpriugar,
Condley, Turney, Cobb, Williams
and Ellis. For Pachoco—Wait
Thoruberg, Price and Hiscock.
The I'lss mil Silling Bnll Across
tbe ■order.
Washington, Jan. 2Sth.—The
Hou. George Q. Cannon, tbe
Mormon delegate in Congress, had
a bearing before the House sub-
Committee on Territories to-day,
io opposition to tba Utah election
bill, giving the people of that Ter
ritory tbe seoret ballot aud disfran
chising polygamists and women.
Cannon d*nled the existence of
the union of stute aud church and
declared tbe demand on Congress
for a frae ballot to be without rea
son iv fact, as those non-Mormons
who are making auch demand are
simply carpet-bagger* aud adven
Dr. Mary Walker protested
agaiust Congressional Interference
with Mormon polygamists on tbe
ground that tbe Utah system of
marriage, from a physiological
standpoint, is an Improvement on
Monogamy and a more enlightened
phase of tbe social evil. Mrs Spen
cer, a strong woman's rights advo
cate, base* her objections to dis
franchising the polygamista in
Utah on the grouud tbat It would
ba in bad taate for tha Congress of
the United States, which she de
clared to be composed iv part of
practical polygamlsts, to interfere
with the Mormorns.
It ii understood tbat tbe comm.li
te* will soon report tbe bill.
Under date of January 26th, Col.
Nelson A. Miles telegraphed to
Gen. Terry that, on Dec. 23d, Sit
ting Bull crossed the b jrder aud is
now, with 500 lodges, ou American
soil. He recommends that a well
equipped force be sent agaiust
him. General Sherman to-day re
ceived a dispatch from Gen. Sheri
dan Btating that the reported cross
ing of Sittiug Bull into United
States territory was not confirmed;
but, should the rumor prove true,
he will at once dispatch troops to
Gon. Miles at Ft. Keogh.
The subscription to the four per
cent, loan to-day aggregated about
$600,000. Eight banks wore to-day
designated as depositories in addi
tion to those already engaged iv
receiving deposits. IKS
Kvmi* ISO Inv Preeiueu; to sis*.
Washington, Jan. 2sth.— The
House to-day passed the Matthews
silver resolution.
Autlrre«u'» Objrcllon tv tbe Panel
New Orleans, Jau. 28th.— Geu.
Anderson thus explains why bl
desires a change of venue aud hii
resistance to the State authorities
My information regarding the
characterof tho panel was such a.s
to convince me that it was organ
ized to convict without reference to
the testimony iv my behalf or the
absence of testimouy against me.
I believe that If 1 had appeared on
Friday last I would have been
tried aud convicted before Satur
day night: not because I am guilty
of the act charged, or that any evi
deuce implicating me in it could
have been found, but because f be
lieve it was so determined anil ar
ranged iv advance. Look, for in
stance, at this list of the names of
the persons composing the panel.
[Here Ueu. Auderson presented a
printed list containing 40 names.]
I have searched tbat list diligently
and cau find on it the name of only
one persou, Mr. Becker.with whom
I have any personal acquaintance,
but lam told and believe it to be
true, that not only does this list
not embrace one single colored
man, but there is uot one Republi
can In it from beginning to end.
Does any fair-minded, impartial
man believe that, before a jury
thus made up, I could have any
nssurauce of an impartial trial.
I am willing to submit to the
impartial judgment of any fair
minded man tbat this studied ex
clusion of Republicans from the
panel is au outrage on every princi
ple of justice aud that it gives me
the right to say that the jury is
organized expressly to convict.
Under these circumstauces my
right of challenge could be of no
avail. I have twelve challenges
and when these are exhausted, the
character of the panel would re
maiujust what it was before. I was
entirely ignoraut of tlie Vernon
Parish matter, the record will show
that I was not present. The Vernon
returns were opened iv the pres
ence of the visiting statesman. The
certified reports of bath parties
show that these returns appear to
have beeu passed over to the clerks
for tabulation without remark and
when they were presented to me
for signature, I signed them as I did
those of every other parish. As a
matter of course I had no idea and
had no reason to suspect that any
alteration bad been made in them.
I was surprised when the matter
was called to my attention before
tlie Congressional Committee nnd
I testified then that I knew noth
ing about it.
lb i Rt'lumluir Board Trials com
New Okleans, Jan. 28th.—Ke
turniug Board Anderson, Case
nave aud Kminor were brought to
the bar to-day. Counsel for An
dersou filed a motion for a cbauge
of venue, alleging that he could
uot bave a fair trial in this parish,
the prejudice against him having
iucreased in the last few days. The
defense took a bill of exceptions.
The Attorney-General renewed
his motion for a severance in the
trial of the acoused aud said the
State had wished to try the case
of Wells first, but as he was absent
be would move to call up tbe case
of Anderson.
Judge Collum, counsel for the
defense, opposed the motion for
severance, as it would only be det
rimental to the accused, depriving
them of theircombined peremptory
The Court granted the motion
for severance, and the case of the
State vs. Thomas C. Anderson was
fixed fur trial. The impanneling
of the jury then proceeded.
Minister f'osaet'a Returu — Writs
for eJoutenins.
Nkw Orleans, Jan. SBtb.— John
W. Foster, 17. B. Minister to Mex
ico, arrived to-day by steamship
and left for Washington this even
ing. He expects to return to Mex
ico in about two weeks.
Judge Whittaker ordered writs
for contempt to issue against chief
Deputy Marshal Wirzburger and
special agent Tomliuson, made re
turnable at 10 o'clock to-morrow,
for molesting tbe Sheriff in the
arrest of the Returning Hoard.
Keveuue OOlecre Ailaelted.
Atlanta, Jan. 28th.—Four un
known meu yesterday morning at
tacked Deputy U. 8. Marshal Mur
phy and assistants, who had cap
tured three men near tbe city.
Two volleys were fired and a negro
wouuded iv Murphy's party and
two horses shot. The desperadoes
Board <c luvcstlKase,
Chicago, Jan. 28th.— Lieutenant
Qeneral Hberidan has designated
John H. King, of the 9th Infantry,
and Lieut.-Col. W. H. Lewis, of the
19th Infantry, to act in conjunction
with some person to be designated
hy the Governor of Texas, as a
Board to investigate the trouble in
El Paso couuty, Texas.
FrlullusT Prtsi luvencor lleud.
Norfolk, Jan. 28th.—George P.
Gordon, the printing press inventor
died yesterday.
European Cable News.
Ouljr aViiMof CoanJeace.
LoNpoN, Jan. 28th.—Sir Stafford
Northeote said In Parliament this
afternoan tbat no intimation bad
yet been received that the armis
tice was signed. The peace pro
posals were not yet officially
known, but had been communicat
ed as authoritative by Count
Sehouvaloff, tba Russian Ambassa
dor. They are mainly tha same aa
those printed this morning. He
would express no opinion 'which
might be used Tor the guidance of
th* country, but he considers the
terms are of a very sweeping cbar
aot*r of autonomy for Bulgaria
that was uot agreed upon by the
Constantinople Conference. Ad
ministrative autonomy was then
oonceded. Now I hero is provided a
total separation from Turkey, un
der a Prince. Regarding tributa
ries becoming independent, he
would *ay nothing, but it must
raise difficult questions, since it
touches other interests. The in
demnity condition is very elastic.
Hew Russia may elect to take in
demnity and v> hat territory she
may ask, are highly important to
Europe. European concert is
therefore necessary. The under
standing is that the strait may
mean something or nothing, but it
is an European and English lu
tereet. The credit asked for was
not connected with sending a fleet
to the Dardanelles, but Is a pre
liminary mensure that England
may appear at the Congress that
muilassemble with tbe pioperpres
tige. The Government asks for
credit as a vote of confidence so
that it cau still firmly enter the
The Marquis of Hartingtou
asked, eiuce a vote of coutldeuc*
was wanted, that debate tie ad
journed to Tuesday.
Can Enter aa nu All?—l'eaee to be
nlurucil „v riihiiliui Territory.
Pkua, Jan. 28th.—-The Porte per
sisted iv his determination uot to
permit the British fleet to enter
the Dardanelles except as un ally.
England lias informed the Porte
that the fleet must enter without
permission. The Porte entered a
formal protest, which was for
warded to the Plenipotentiaries at
the Russian headquarters, but did
not actually oppose the entry.
Peace will be signed on Russian
the Peace Negotiations.
London, Jan. 28th.— The Times
says that part of the Russian army
will embark at Constantinople for
A special dispatch says the Rus
sian demands will encounter seri
ous opposition from England and
Austria. The latter is opposed to
the retrocession of Ressarabia ami
to any conditions doing more than
to cripple Turkey.
The Cabinet Council on Sunday
determined to persist with the de
maud for a supplementary vote.
The summoning of the Cabinet
Council on Sunday is regarded as
au indication that the political at
mnsphero is not clearing.
Up to nine o'clock last,night the
Porte had not beeu advised ot the
conclusion of an armistice, though
orders were telegraphed to the
Plenipoteutaries ou Friday to ac
cept tlie preliminaries of peace.
The delay causes apprehension
that the armistice may be accom
panied by onerous conditions. The
Russians, Servians, Roumanians
and Mouteuegrius are pushing mil
itary operations with great vigor.
Suleiman Pasha's army contin
ues to embark. Six Egyptian
transports have beeu ordered to
Karota to assist iv the operation.
Up to Saturday evening Safvut
Pasha, acting Minister, persisted
in his refusal to inform Layard,
British Ambassador, of the tei ms
of peace, showing that the Porte
has been pledged to keep thorn
The Atlionlni,* Unite for War.
Athens, January 28.—Warlike
manifestations were renewed on
Sunday hy crowds of people shout
ing outside the residence of the
Minister. The mob was-dispersed
by troops after some shots were fired
Three of tbe rioters were wounded.
The city is now (Suuday night)
quiet. ,
Nuudny's Freiieh Xit 1 , lions
Paris, Jan. 28th.—The nine sup
plementary elect ion j for Deputies
yesterday resulted iv tbe return of
seven Republicans, oue Conserva
tive aud one no choice, making
necessary another ballot.
BUI t rtslluL- A flopuly llinuci llor.
Berlin, Jau. 28.—Bismarck has
been authorized by the Kmperor
to submit to the Federal Council a
bill providing that the Chancellor,
in the event of being prevented
from actiug, may authorize any
member of that Council lo slj>n
laws and decrees requiring tho
Chancellor's signature under the
existing Constitution. The bill is
regared as the first step towards
the appointment of a German Min
ister acting independently of the
Chancellor, but under his leader
ship aud having also a scat in the
Federal Council.
Tronl'l* Apprelieutlfd lv II
IC linuleiau.
Calcutta, Jan. 88th, —A doubt
ful rumor, though transmitted
through official channels, says that
the Ameer of Cabul is massing
troops at Ca.ndauar. This might
mean a menace tp Persia or Kug
land, against botli of whom the
Ameer is hostile. Hitherto, in con
sidering the possibility of a Hus
eian iuvasion of India, Knglishmeu
have been accustomed to look upou
Afghanistan as an ull but invinci
ble barrier between Kuglish terri
tory and Hussiaii aggression,
whereas now, fur all military pur
poses, that barrier has ceased to
"When a girl gets mad and rises
from a fellow's knee," nays an ex
change, " but thinks better of it
and goes hack again, that's what
they cull a relapse." And here we
have been working for dear life to
keepoft'a relapse tinder the im
pression that it was some way re
lated to cholera morbus.
Hy U o*UMt6Bt Kirl, a -situation in a
small j.iku.iv to do general tiouseworli.
Address C. 0., Herald oilice. ji'J-IW
Workingnieu's Club No. 1,
or Los Angeles, will hold a special meet-
I nil at their hall ou TUESDAY EVE
NING, January 29th.
It ii.hsk 11. HUTLER, Secretary.
Hay For Sale.
1200 TO IST S
Primo Baled Barley Hay,
By the bale or ton, at DUPUIf * FItT
NKY'S SI'ABLE, 143 Main street. 7
ear HAY delivered to all parts of the
city. Orders by mall will receirs prompt
attsntloo. J» lw
NOTICE—I. 0. 0. F.
. Lodge No. 36, I. O. (). V . will be he d
at their all hall ou Tneailer iv» J3.li Inst.,
atone o'clock v m All lut-iubers are re.
guested to be present, *n I snjnurning breth.
ran are fraternally Invited tv attend.
By order a. I'IIANK, R s.
Jiuinry Mtb, 1878. ilj-it
1878. 1878.
I. O. O. K.
TUESDAY, JAN. 29th, 1878.
Iv tiouor of this occasion there will be a
Public Proceßßlou.CeremonUa of Ded
ication at the New Mall, mi i
Vail and Supper in the
Evening at
Members of the Ordi r will assemble at
ibe old ball, Downey Block, at 1 o'clock p.m.
where tbe procosslon will be formed and
start at 3 o'clock, sharp.
Tbe ceremonies will be conducted by F. P.
DANN, Most Worthy Grand Master uf this
State, assisted by officers from this city.
Constant Meyer, M E Jackson,
President. Vice-President.
Horace EurdiCk.Sec'y. M Eremer, Treasurer.
Uharles Brode and Oscar Macy, Directors.
A L Bath, President. F w Wood, Secretary.
A Frank, If W Bird, B Marx sen. M Lehman.
J RAllon, J B Smith, II I H*uer.
Gbaso Marshal—C. 0. LIPS.
Asi'i Mm chain -X A Prousa, A M Lawrence,
U 1 Uabar. f w Wood, 0 Brodo, U X Sewell
J Schumacher, J M Griffith. HWartenberg
H Stassford, II H urine, J U Allen.
Eugene Meyer, Dan'l Scbeick, I W Hell man,
v itivan, 11 Newmark, Louis Boeder,
AW Edeliuan, H tleinali, E H Niedeckeu
P Alleu, Geo Walter, A W Hutton,
M Koj ton, T Townsley, U Matnetd,
i. II Workman, C V Ilarper.
S H Mott. W A Spalding, C 0 Lips,
X II Buchanan, A L Bath.
II W Bird, M Lehman, B Marxseu,
J B Smith, II X Sewell, Arnold Aroii.
NOHCE-TickoU for Un Ball, including
Supper, for geutlaman and lady $<£.i>o* cau
be had of any member or the committee of
arrangement*. Extra lady's tickets at $ ■
No tickets will be received at the dooruuless
counters tuned by a member of the committee,
and present d by the original holder.
The Board of he Los Angeles Odd Fellows'
Bui dins Association extends a cordial ami
fraternal iuvitatiou to all sojourning brothers
in good standing lv this city and reunty,
and trust that all will Join to in tke this cele
bration worthy of the order. J25-td
Notice to Creditors.
the undersigned, Administrator ot
the estate of Daulel Schmidt,deceased,to
the creditors of, aud all persons having
claims ugalnst the suld deceased,to exhib
it them,with the necessary vouchers,with
iu four mouths after the first publication
ortbls notice, to tbe said Administrator,
at bis office, rem pi a Block,lu tht city of
Los Augeles,or lo Scott & Montgomery,
attorneys at Uw, Anaheim, iv thu coun
ty of Los Augeles.
Dated at Los Angeles, January 28, IS7S.
Administrator of the Estate of Daniel
Schmidt, dscoased. J2S 4w
Great Auction Sale
— OF —
Furniture, Bedding,
No. I if* Mniii Stroot,
Tuesday, Jan. 29th, 1878,
Pacific Coast 8. 8. Co.
On account of the storm, the salllugor
the steamer
For next trip haa been rostpoueJ for
I'atssufflis from Log Auseles for SAN
DIKOiO wll| take tbo train thai leares S.
I. K. It. Co.'a Dope,: (or Wlliulnaton at
3.15 P. M.,WNI)AY, Jan. Z7lh.
Tlioaa for Han Franclaco will tako tha
train from 8. ft K. K. Depot ou morning
of TUKMOAY. Jan. »lh—whether vie
Wilmington or Santa Mouica will he an
nounced hereafter.
H. MoLKLLAN. Aireut.
Loa Angelai, J.. -j. 14,1378. iJV.it
Cheaper than Wood
or Coal!
Los Angeles Gas Co.,
$15.50 PER TON.
Lots for Sale!
—- ' N I'HR
West Los Angeles
Offers Ihe bent opportunity for delightful
bomesloadcj of any tbat bas evor been of
fered for sftle to the public.
OulyHiilHcleuty tuclinoJ for good drainage
Aud ul Huuh uhtirauLer that It uever oakus
aud In neither muddy In Winteruordustj
lv Summer.
U cuiuploted aud ruuiilut£ through the en*
Lire laud and 1 now operated successfully
through Park Avenue. 100 feet wide, 0 cv
iun luto the Agricultural Ground*.
Thin is really lhe West Eu.il ul our beau
tiful city, with the boneut of fcRKSH,
uncoutiiiuliittted hy gas ur sewer efJluvlu.
A glance st the eiegaui mailt, ions and
fashionable residences now CiCcted uud
in course ul erection must satisfy any pwr*
tlesli Ins v liume that this is the ulace,
At the oOlce of iho Farmer*.' A M
chants' Bunk.
Also, at the office of ihe Malt) Sire
aud Agricultural Park Railroad.
wiII give special iittcutlon to those seok-
Itxg Information. sepUtitf
Land for Sale.
165 Acres of Fine Fanning
Dn tba Old LosNietos road, adjoin
ing tba slty limits, for sale.
Apply to T. D. MOTT,
dt7-lra Room 10, Moll's Building.
m& FASHION jgfe
Livery and Sale Stable,
MAIN ST., Opposite Arcadia St.
Horses nnd Carriages, fslngle or Double,
md Uaddle Horses kept ronstantly on
mud for tbo accommodation of tbe pub
ic. Horses Boarded by tbe day, week or
nonthut reasonable rates. Conveyances
urnished for private or public occasions
it the shortest notice and upon as reas.
ouuble terms as at an r
First Class Establishment
In Southern California.
Ja2«r WILSON di YOUNG, drop's.
50,C00 Orange Trees,
AT FROM 110 to 120 per 100.
Speolmen trees cm be seen at the Auc
tion House of W. H. NORTHCRAFT.
cornercf pnn,; and Market streets, or
by visiting the Nursery, within ton min
utes* drive ol the Court House. J25-lm
f R o I rer day, at bene
<7»«J (-. «3>4" Ssjnples worth il,
free. Simon A Co., Portland, Me. ■
marled w
In consequence of the detention of ibe
steamer Otizibn, which leaves San Fran
el co on Ihw 2'Hh lust., my stock ol
Doers, Windows, Sashes, Blinds,
Paints, Oils, Glass, Moldings,
Mirrors, etc.,
Will not arrive before the Ist of Fwbru
ary. ihe opening of my well selected
stock In that line wilt Ue on the sth of
next month.
I also wish lo cill the attention of the
public at large, that, lv consequence of
the withdrawal of Mr. A. Freeman, 1 wdl
carry outhe business myself under ths
name and style of "If. Heyman."
The entire stock was selected with
great cure and bought for cash only,
i his will enable me to sell al the lowest
possible figures. }t*U M. HBYMAN,
Largest Auction House In
the City!
Two doors East of Old Stand, on COURT
ST., opposite Court House.
OmT REGULAR SALE on Saturdays
will commence at \Q% o'clock a. h. Spe
cial Sales made at auy time.
HORSES. WAGONS, and all kinds of
goods bought uud sold.
Jalfitf H. It. BROWN.
— OF —
4,000 BUDDED ORANGE ou four
year old stock, one anil two year
old growth from bud, of tbe finest
5,000 four and live year old seed
li,ooo six and seven year old secd
My Trees are All Healthy
and Thrifty.
The poblic are luvlled to visit my
place, corner ol Main and Adams streets,
and luspect m y trees, which I claim are
as good ascan be fouud In the country.
I shall oflor the entire lot BY AUCTION,
On Thursday, Jan. 31st,
In tho meantime, I wilt sell at BOT
TOM PhICES, lv lots to suit purchasers.
For further particulars enquire of
K. \V. NOYES, Auctioneer,
No, I Market street, two doors above
Wells, Fargo A Co.
J9td DAVID LEWIS. Owner.
"El Molino Farm."
For bUHhitMi aud educational roa«oiifl
desiring lv remove iuti* LuJ ]
will lease
Inoludiug ret,.douce and out-buildings
horses, mule*, wagou, harness, agrioul
tural Implements, eto., for the term of
Tbe farm consists of 204 acres, on which
are4o.ooo grape vines, over 'J,ooo orange
trees, 700 English waluut trees, 900 lemon
and lime trees; also a number of black
walnut, pecan, almond, fig, aprleoL,
plum, peaoh, apple, pear trees, bauauas,
etc.; twoor three acres of alfalfa, dfty
acres vacant uruble land, uud
Attached to the resldeuco Is a sp/aolons
bath-room, supplying hot, ou', i awi
shower paiii ■. Thors is also a BILiLI.-VH't
Hp,OM, table uud appurtenance's/?
** '* " 7
The farm Is most eligibly situated lv
tbp FRUIT BELT ofthe 1
San Gabriel Mission* Valley
About eight miles oust of Px,s Augeles
city. Jin.l near lhe KsllrosAl btattou o
aun utturlel Mlsslou. 11' Ml leaseil,
On advantageous tonus, to-wlt: Oae
thlrd rush, tbe balanoe lv ou., two, tbree
aiM four years, at It) percent, iv teres t psr
annum Interest, payable semi-annually.
Nos. 10* 11 Strellti Building, Bpring *t.
». v - Bulletin and Chronicle oopy. oilif
Has facilities for doing JOB
WORK not equaled in South
ern California. Power and
Job Presses run by steam se
cure promptness and moder
ate prices. Give this office
a call and secure work at San
Francisco Prices and of a San
Francisco finish and style.
10 Cent Parcel Delivery.
M. Rothschild's Cigar Store, at 75
Maiu (St., Downey Blook.

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